Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 20 - Alien Achilles Heel - full transcript

Many believe aliens are already here on Earth. But why are they here? Are aliens planning an all-out attack on planet Earth? And if they are, is there any way we can fight back?

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[narrator] Many believe aliens
are already here on Earth.

But why are they here?

To travel across the galaxy,

their technology must be light years
ahead of our own.

The same goes for their weapons.

If extraterrestrials decide
to target our planet,

the result would be nothing
short of Armageddon.

Are aliens planning an all-out
attack on planet Earth?

And if they are,
is there any way we can fight back?

There's an old saying in the military,

train hard, fight easy.

It is prudent, however unlikely
you think a scenario is,

to prepare for it, to plan for it,
and to train for it.

[narrator] Join us as we investigate

the terrifying capabilities
of alien weapons

and reveal how humanity can fight back

in the final battle for planet Earth

on Unsealed: Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth behind
these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

Baia Do Sul, Brazil.

October 18th, 1977.

Claudomira Paixao is awakened
by a strange green light

shining through her window.

She watches in terror
as a creature like a man

suddenly appears in her room

holding what she describe to be
a device like a pistol.

The creature fires at Paixao,
inflicting searing pain.

The beam renders her motionless,

and needle-like instruments
pierce her skin

to collect a sample of her blood.

It's just one of a series of attacks

that hit northern Brazil
from late 1977 to mid-1978,

now known as the Colares incident.

Thirty-five people are treated
for radiation burns.

Two die within 24 hours of being injured.

The attacks cause mass panic
across the region.

The Brazilian military allegedly launches
a series of sorties,

but their weapons are useless
against the UFOs.

Weeks later, the UFOs disappear.

The Brazilian wave is a terrifying
demonstration of alien domination,

but it's not the first time
we have appeared powerless

against alien invaders.

Unsealed case file:
the Battle of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, California.
February 24th, 1942.

Only three months after
the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor,

a UFO appears in the night sky
over Los Angeles.

The military quickly went into action.

They tried to figure out
what the object was.

They lit it up with their spotlights.

They couldn't figure it out, and they
ultimately started firing upon the object.

After thousands of rounds
being fired at it,

they never were able to damage it.

[narrator] But just as quickly
as it appeared,

the craft travels down the coast

and vanishes into the night,
leaving the city In a state of panic.

According to reports,
the Battle of Los Angeles

leaves American officials scrambling
for a way to combat this new threat.

This is the first time that, uh,

our own defense force denied,
uh, anything to do with a UFO.

In other words, the first time that
a cover-up started to go into place.

[narrator] By the early 1950s,
many experts considered the US military

to have evidence that aliens exist
in the form of downed spacecraft

and the retrieval of alien bodies.

The post-war years would see
the advent of the jet age,

the development of the atomic bomb,

and a quantum leap in humanity's ability
to defend its skies.

Many believe these advances
came from rear-engineering

hand-me-down alien technology.

But how would these new super weapons fare
in an alien confrontation?

Unsealed case file:
the Tehran Incident.

Tehran, Iran.
September 19th, 1976.

Eyewitnesses report a strange light
in the sky over the nation's capital.

The Imperial Iranian Air Force
sends a fighter jet to investigate.

But as the jet reaches
the strange diamond-shaped UFO,

its instrument panel fails.

When the jet dives away from the UFO,

the instrument panel
mysteriously turns back on.

Moments later, a second fighter jet
is scrambled to investigate.

As the F-4 Phantom crew
was approaching the object,

a second UFO actually appeared
out of the first one,

and actually shot straight towards
the incoming F-4 Phantom jet.

Now, the pilot thought this was
some kind of, uh, offensive maneuver.

Maybe it was a missile
of some kind, a weapon.

So he actually goes to arm
his AIM-4 missile and fire back.

As he goes to arm his missile,
he decides to fire.

And the minute that he goes
to press the button,

everything shuts down,

all the weapons controls,
all of his communications.

[narrator] If aliens invade,
do we have any way to fight back?

For an object to strategically shut down

certain controls of another aircraft,
that's something we don't have.

Sure, we can do an EMP pulse and destroy
every electronic in a certain radius,

but not strategically
from one craft to another.

[narrator] Many experts believe
that hostile aliens

may be planning a large-scale attack
on planet Earth.

And according to reports,

their spacecraft may be impervious
to conventional weapons.

Can anything be done
to counter such an attack?

The answer may lie
in a declassified US government memo.

Quantico, Virginia. April 2011.

The FBI's web site is slammed by traffic

viewing a 60-year-old memo addressed
to former director J. Edgar Hoover.

It was written by Guy Hottel,

a former special agent in charge
of the FBI's Washington field office.

Written in 1950,

he records an eyewitness account in 1947

that many believe changed the course
of human history.

The recovery of flying saucers
crashed in the New Mexico desert.

In the memo, Hottel states...


Unsealed case file:
the Roswell Incident.

[man] July 8th, 1947.
The army air force has announced

that a flying disk has been found
and is now in the possession of the army.

The announcement is a bombshell.

America has recovered an alien spacecraft.

The story quickly becomes
international news.

But the military is caught off guard
by the intense media scrutiny

and scrambles to divert
the world's attention.

Shortly after the military said that
they had captured flying saucer,

they completely rebutted their own story

and said that it was nothing more
than a weather balloon.

[narrator] The Roswell incident continues
to compel UFO investigators today.

But one question is often overlooked.

What caused the reported crash
in the first place?

The answer may lie in the Hottel memo

and hold the key to our survival.

The Guy Hottel memo states...


Can it be possible?

Could radar actually bring down a UFO?

Radar works by painting
an object with a wave,

and the wave bounces back,
and that's how you know what the shape is,

and where it's going, how high it is.

[narrator] Radar uses radio waves
and electromagnetic fields

to pinpoint an aircraft's position
in the sky.

It's standard technology today,

but in the 1940s
radar was in its infancy.

There were multiple reports
of the microwaves

and other electromagnetic fields
from faulty towers injuring operators

and dangerously disrupting
the flight controls of aircraft.

Many experts now believe

the Roswell crash may have been caused
by a malfunctioning electromagnetic field

from beyond the fence
top-secret Air Force radar.

In the decades that followed,

some are convinced

that top-secret government research
and development programs

have been underway to produce
electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, weaponry

to combat an alien invasion.

But even if we are capable of downing
a UFO with high-tech weapons,

there's no guarantee
there won't be survivors

ready to fight to the death.

What new dangers might they pose?

And do we have the means to fight back?

Aliens may be preparing
to invade planet Earth.

According to some experts,
we may have developed top-secret weapons

to blast their warships from the sky.

But if they manage to land troops,
could planet Earth withstand an assault

by an alien fighting force?

Varginha, Brazil.
January 20th, 1996.

Three women witness a small figure

stumbling through the streets
in the early morning hours.

But on closer inspection,
it doesn't look human.

The women run away, terrified,

but not before getting
a good look at the creature.

They describe it as five feet tall

with brown skin, a large head,
and red eyes.

Two days later, a similar creature
is discovered dead in the streets

and is quickly retrieved
by Brazilian security forces.

Over the next three weeks
they allegedly capture

seven more of the otherworldly creatures.

A security officer, uh...

allegedly came across one of these beings,
and it was injured.

So they, uh, they took this,
uh, being allegedly to a hospital,

and it died there.

[narrator] The incidents
receive international coverage.

Experts speculate that a UFO
had crashed nearby,

and the fugitive aliens
were surviving members of the crew.

But in 2013, Brazilian ufologist,
A. J. Gevaerd,

spoke about the incident

at the citizen hearing on disclosure
in Washington, DC,

leading experts to speculate that perhaps
the creatures are not what they seem.

[Gevaerd] A alien spacecraft crashed,

and at least two creatures were captured

and offered no resistance to its capture.

But they died right after
they were captured.

They died, and nobody could explain

how were their morphology,
how they function.

[narrator] The Virginia incident
raises many questions

about our knowledge of alien beings
and how they are vulnerable.

Did they die from complications
of a UFO crash?

Or did they die from being unable
to breathe our atmosphere?

Are aliens as difficult to
destroy as their UFOs,

and do they have a weakness
we can exploit

in the event of a mass invasion
of planet Earth?

Unsealed case file:
the Stringfield files.

Leonard Stringfield was
one of the 20th century's

foremost experts
on extraterrestrial phenomena.

In the late 1960s,
Stringfield was selected to serve

as the early warning coordinator
for the Condon Committee,

A comprehensive study of UFO activity
in American skies

organized by the United States Air Force.

But behind the scenes,

Stringfield was conducting
his own exhaustive investigation.

He compiled dozens of interviews
and written accounts

from physicians and forensic examiners

producing the most comprehensive study
of alien physiology ever produced.

One file in particular stands out.

UFO crash/retrieval syndrome
status report two.

In it, Stringfield reports the findings
of an anonymous surgeon

who claimed to have conducted an autopsy

on an extraterrestrial in the early 1950s.

His account provides
one of the most detailed descriptions

of an alien being on record.

He recalls the specimen measuring
just over four feet in height,

with an over-sized head.

Its face is humanoid,
but lacks eyelids and earlobes,

and its mouth is little more than a slit.

Further examination reveals
the creature has no sex organs.

The most shocking surprise comes

when the doctor examines
the alien's brain.

The most important thing
was the huge brain, um,

a four-lobed brain that could
communicate directly with the craft

that it was navigating.

[narrator] But its unique
four-lobed structure

and absence of key human-like
physiological attributes

leads some experts to consider

extraterrestrials may lack
the most fundamental of all human traits,


How do you fight an army of creatures
that may have no fear of death?

Does humanity stand any chance
in the event of an alien invasion?

What if aliens invaded planet Earth?

Could we defend ourselves
against beings possessing

advanced technology in a final,
terrifying battle?

There should be a contingency plan
for alien contact and for alien invasion.

[narrator] Top-secret reports
indicate that alien spaceships

may be vulnerable
to electromagnetic pulses.

But once downed,
how could we fight them on the ground?

According to one remarkable account,
humanity may yet have a chance

when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

August 1979.

Phil Schneider is an army engineer

working with a unit assigned
to construct a series of tunnels

to the southwest of the Archuleta Mesa
in New Mexico.

I was lowered down
in the basket of one of these holes.

[narrator] At the bottom,
he is shocked to see a seven-foot alien

and beyond it, many more conducting
operations in an underground base.

A firefight erupts.

When the dust settles,

the cavern is littered
with alien and human dead.

All I remember is that
he just kind of waved his hand

in front of his chest, and the next thing
I know this blue beam hit me

and just literally opened
me up like a fish.

And burned my fingers right off of me.

And it was some form of electrical force

because the-- Kind of like hit--
Being hit by a lightning bolt.

Burned all my toenails off of me.

The bullet crispy-crittered my left foot.

Schneider is one of the lucky ones

and survives the firefight.

But in one of the most compelling
revelations of a close encounter,

he reveals a possible alien Achilles heel.

Yes, they're mortal, and they do die.

[narrator] Could this be the secret
that allows the world's military

to successfully defend the Earth
against an alien invasion?

Less than a year after he goes
public with his story,

Phil Schneider is found dead
in his apartment.

Officially, his death is ruled a suicide,
but many believe he was murdered

for being the man who knew too much.

Why does the government allegedly
not want the public to know

about alien vulnerabilities?

Phil Schneider leaves the world
with an ominous warning.

There's a war underneath there,

and I'm talking dead serious.

It's been going on since that time.

Since late August of 1979,
our military, the Russian military,

basically the militaries of the world

have been in constant conflict
with the outer space alien.

[narrator] What if the final battle
for Earth has already secretly started...

and the world doesn't even know
it has begun?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.