Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 3, Episode 19 - Top Ten Civilian Encounters - full transcript

It can happen to anyone at anytime; a close encounter with a UFO. Citizens all over the world have been reporting incidents with alarming increase. We are counting down the top ten civilian close encounters of all time.

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[narrator] It can happen to anyone
at any time.

A close encounter with a UFO.

Citizens all over the world
have been reporting incidents

with alarming increase.

With so many types of unexplained events,

experts have come up
with four main categories of sightings.

UFO sightings are usually categorized

on a scale of close encounters.

[narrator] But while
government authorities

usually step in to investigate,

they often keep their findings
to themselves.

Ordinary citizens may be much closer
to the truth.

From mass sightings in the sky
to probes inside the body,

we are counting down the top ten
civilian close encounters of all time

on Unsealed: Alien Files.

A global effort has begun.

Secret files hidden
from the public for decades,

detailing every UFO accounts

are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth
behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secrets
on planet Earth.

We are counting down the top ten
civilian close encounters of all time.

A close encounter of the first kind

is when you have a witness
or multiple witnesses

seeing a craft in the sky.

[narrator] Unsealed case file number ten:
the Phoenix Lights.

Phoenix, Arizona. March 1997.

Residents watch in wonder

as a dazzling array of lights

appears in the evening sky.

They are far away to the north

and seem to hang motionless in the air.

Near the Nevada border,

onlookers report a massive V-shaped UFO,

lined with lights
racing south across the sky.

Thousands watch
as it crosses a 300-mile stretch

from Phoenix to Tucson.

The next morning,
the Phoenix Lights are a front-page story,

receiving national coverage in America.

Experts consider the incident

to be one of the largest
urban mass sightings in history.

Generally, you only have
one visual piece of evidence to analyze.

With the case of the Phoenix Lights,

you have multiple angles,
multiple cameras, multiple witnesses.

That was all real.

[narrator] Unsealed case file number nine:
Kenneth Arnold's Flying Saucers.

June 24, 1947.

Pilot Kenneth Arnold
is flying a search and rescue mission

over the cascade mountains

when he sees nine convex-shaped UFOs,

flying at supersonic speed.

Arnold explains his encounter
to the press,

describing the UFOs
as flying like a saucer would

if you skipped it across the water.

The image captures the imagination
of a reporter for the Chicago Sun,

and the term flying saucer
enters the modern lexicon.

To this day, the cascades are considered

one of the world's premier UFO hot spots,

prompting both NORAD and SETI

to maintain bases in the area.

Unsealed case file number eight:
the Belgian wave.

Eupen, Belgium. November 29, 1989.

Two police officers
patrolling the countryside

spot a blinding light coming from a field.

Arriving on the scene,

they witness an enormous black triangle
hovering silently overhead.

Blazing lights emanate
from each of the 3 corners,

while a single blood-red beacon
blinks on and off at its heart.

The men look on in astonishment

as the UFO begins moving silently
toward the nearby town.

They immediately set out in pursuit.

Arriving in Eupen, they are among dozens
who watch spellbound

as it hangs motionless above the town
for over 30 minutes.

By the end of the night,

an estimated 1,500 people
will report a UFO encounter

in one of history's
biggest mass sightings.

Over the next two years,

the nation will experience

an unending wave
of black triangle sightings

that leave authorities
scrambling for answers.

On several occasions, F-16 fighters
are ordered to intercept the objects,

but each time they attempt
to lock onto the triangles

with their targeting systems,

they mysteriously malfunction,

only to switch back on
after the objects are out of range.

By the time the wave
comes to an end in 1991,

some 13,000 people
claim to have seen a UFO.

Skeptics declare the black triangles

to be American stealth aircraft
on routine maneuvers.

But after analyzing radar reports,

even the Air Force
flatly denies these allegations.

They knew the objects were there,
and yet they weren't ours.

So the big question is, whose were they?

[narrator] The Belgian UFO wave

remains one of the most
extensively documented series

of encounters on record.

We are counting down the top ten

most compelling
civilian close encounters of all time.

A close encounter of the second kind

is when not only
do you have the visual sighting,

but you have
physical evidence left behind.

[narrator] Unsealed case file
number seven: the Cash Landrum Incidents.

Dayton, Texas. December 29, 1980.

Betty Cash, Vicky Landrum,
and Landrum's grandson Colby

are driving at night,
when, out of nowhere,

a bright diamond-shaped object
hovers over the car.

The two women stop and get out
for a better view,

only to step inside
a wall of blazing heat

emanating from the object.

Suddenly a group of two dozen
unmarked helicopters

appear in the air overhead,

but before they can intercept the UFO,

it disappears into the night.

In the days that follow,
both women begin to feel ill.

They show signs
of what appears to be severe sunburn,

and begin to experience hair loss.

Two weeks after the incident,
Betty cash is admitted to hospital.

She has developed skin cancer.

She will survive the disease,

but the terrifying experience
will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Doctors suspect
all three occupants of the car

were exposed to a strange form
of ionizing radiation.

Unsealed case file number six:
the Dalnegorsk incident.

Dalnegorsk, Russia. January 29, 1986.

Residents of this small mining town
on the Soviet Union's pacific coast

watch in disbelief as a red sphere

hurtles across the night sky

before crashing into a mountainside.

A crowd gathers at the point of impact.

There, they discover a smoking crater

surrounded by a wide area
covered by a strange black film.

On close inspection,
the film contains strange metallic beads.

Three Soviet academic centers
and 11 research institutes

analyzed the objects from this UFO crash.

The distance between atoms is different
from ordinary iron in this material.

Radar cannot be reflected
from the material.

Elements in the material may disappear,

and new ones appear after heating.

One piece apparently
disappeared completely

in front of four witnesses.

[narrator] A declassified
1989 report states that

Soviet scientists are convinced
the object...


The Dalnegorsk incident
contains such compelling evidence

it has been referred
to as the Russian Roswell.

Unsealed case file number five:
Colares Island.

1977, Colares Island, Northern Brazil.

A violent wave of UFO attacks
blasts mysterious beams of lights

down on an unsuspecting small town.

Thirty-five people are treated for
injuries that resemble radiation burns.

Two of them die within 24 hours.

Panic spreads quickly
throughout the region.

Villagers stay awake through the night,

banging pots and burning bonfires

to keep the menacing lights away.

The Brazilian military
launches an investigation.

Over 200 UFOs are reported
over a four-month period.

The victims are interviewed
about their ordeals,

but the attacks leave officials baffled.

Noted ufologist Jacques Vallee,

launches his own investigation
into the Colares encounters.

He concludes the mysterious light was,

in fact, "a complex combination
of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation,"

and that many of the injuries

were consistent with the effects
of high-powered pulsed microwaves.

A.J. Gevaerd, the Brazilian Director
of Mufon, discusses the Colares incident

at the 2013 citizen hearing
in Washington, D.C.

Now, the situation went so intense

that the community leaders

went to the Governor
of the State of Para

to ask that something is done about it.

And the government asked
the Brazilian Air Force

to start the investigation
to give answers to the population.

There was already,
and this is in the documents,

there was already a knowledge

that there was an intelligence
beyond that phenomenon,

and that phenomenon was not earthly.

[narrator] Our countdown continues

of the top ten civilian
close encounters of all time.

Visual sightings of UFOs
and their alleged physical effects

often strike fear in the hearts
of all who witness them.

But a close encounter of the third kind

takes many to a frightening,
otherworldly level.

A close encounter of the third kind

is when you not only have
the visual sighting, evidence left behind,

but you also see occupants
either in or around the UFO.

[narrator] Unsealed case file number four:
the Solway Firth spaceman.

Cumbria, England. May 23, 1964.

Firefighter Jim Templeton is on a day trip
with his five-year-old daughter.

The two stop near the village
of Burgh by Sands,

where Templeton decides
to take a few snapshots.

But after developing the photos,

Templeton is shocked
to see what appears

to be an astronaut in a space suit

looming in the background
behind his daughter.

And he has no recollection
of any such figure from that day.

Templeton takes the photo
to a local newspaper, and, within hours,

the image is appearing in publications
all over the world.

But the figure does not appear
to be wearing

any space suit of the era.

Is this the first evidence
of an alien being caught on film?

[Pope] Nowadays we're used to the idea
that it's easy to fake a photograph.

Back in 1964,
it was a very different story.

Indeed, authorities at Kodak,
who made the film,

were sent this and were asked,
is this a fake?

They came back and said no,

we see no evidence of any trickery here.

[narrator] In fact,
the image is so credible

that Kodak offers
a lifetime supply of film

to anyone who can debunk
or otherwise explain the image.

That prize has never been claimed.

Unsealed case file number three:
the Zamora incident.

Socorro, New Mexico. April 24, 1964.

Police officer Lonnie Zamora
is chasing a speeding car

when he spots a strange flame
bursting into the sky.

It's followed by a deafening roar.

Fearing an explosion,
Zamora abandons his highway pursuit

and sets out
into the desert to investigate.

There he will have
an extraordinary close encounter

in one of the best documented
UFO sightings in history.

Zamora spots a large metallic object

that at first glance
appears to be an overturned car,

but, on closer examination,

Zamora states it was "like aluminum...
and shaped like a letter 'O.'"

Standing next to it are two small figures

that he at first takes to be small adults
or possibly children.

Zamora gets out of his car
to question the mysterious pair.

Suddenly he's startled by
the same deafening roar

from minutes earlier.

A flame bursts from beneath the object,
lifting it into the air.

It passes over his head,
and disappears into the distance.

Because of his police training,

Lonnie Zamora provides the FBI

with one of the most
detailed descriptions of a UFO on record.

The agents are impressed by his sincerity,

yet they cannot explain his observations.

We are counting down the top ten

most compelling civilian
close encounters of all time.

It's one thing to see something
that cannot be explained,

but some witnesses
experience an encounter

many people find difficult to comprehend.

A close encounter of the fourth kind

is when the witness describes
a abduction of some kind,

where the extraterrestrials actually
come down and take the witness,

and then they become a victim.

[narrator] Unsealed case file number two:
Ted Davenport.

Alamogordo, New Mexico. 1975.

Sixteen-year-old Ted Davenport
is on a solo backpacking trip

in the nearby wilderness.

At night, he leaves his tent

and is astonished to see
a group of small humanoid beings.

He blacks out.

Five years later, he is in the navy.

When he is badly injured
and sent for emergency medical treatment,

an MRI reveals a metallic
implant in his brain.

Doctors refused to remove it.

Davenport claims
that aliens use the implant

to control not only his brain,

but the brains of the doctors
who treat him, as well.

Many experts believe
that if we are being monitored,

it may be the least of our problems.

We have come to
the number-one close encounter

that points to the heart
of the extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Unsealed case file number one:
Travis Walton.

Arizona, November 5. 1975.

Travis Walton is working on
a logging crew in an Arizona forest.

After his shift ends,

the crew are driving back to camp,

when a bright light is spotted
just off the road.

As the crew approaches,

a large silver disk
can be seen as the source

of the blinding white light.

Walton and his fellow workers
stop to investigate.

Walton allegedly blacks out,

and disappears into the lights of the UFO.

When I regained consciousness,

I was on board of this, uh--
apparently on board this spacecraft.

And, uh,

the first type of creature I saw
was about five feet tall.

They, uh, were very white-looking.

Their skin was very pale and

they--they didn't have any hair
on their heads,

and they had enormous eyes.

[narrator] Travis was found several miles
from the site of the abduction,

and could only recall
a few hours of his close encounter.

But even more disturbing
is that five days had passed.

Shortly after, he and his crew
underwent a polygraph test.

They were asked...


All answered yes.

Can aliens manipulate the very
fabric of time and space?

And if so, could rising reports
of global close encounters

only serve to highlight how vulnerable

the human race is
to extraterrestrial domination?

This is Unsealed: Alien Files,

exposing the biggest secret
on planet Earth.