Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Alien Messages - full transcript

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NARRATOR: Close encounters.

There's no telling where
or when they will happen.

But of all the possible scenarios,

none is more terrifying
than the one we're

unaware of until

it's too late.

Home is where we are supposed
to feel most secure,

but it's also
where we are most vulnerable,

as sleep provides the perfect

opportunity for

aliens to strike.

A typical alien abduction

usually occurs at night.

The victim is sound asleep
in their bed.

NARRATOR: Each year, hundreds report
alien intruders.

How do they enter our homes undetected?

And what do they want?

Join us as dreams turn
into nightmares when

reports of bedroom

invaders are unsealed.

Secret files hidden from the public
for decades

detailing every UFO account
are now available to the public.

We are about to uncover the truth

behind these classified documents.

Find out what the government doesn't
want you to know.

Unsealed Alien Files,

exposing the biggest

secrets on planet earth.

Ulster County, Upstate New York,

December 26, 1985.

Author Whitley Strieber is spending

the holidays in his forest cabin

with family and friends.

At approximately 8:30 p.m., Strieber activates
the cabin's alarm system

and retires for the evening.

In the middle of the night,

he is awakened by a strange sound.

Rising to investigate, Strieber is shocked

to see an alien enter the room.

At that moment, he loses consciousness.

The next thing Strieber remembers is

waking in the woods not far from
the cabin.

He has no recollection of what has

transpired since rising from his bed
to face the alien.

Haunted by the incident,
Strieber undergoes regressive hypnosis

to recover the memories
of those lost hours.

The results are shocking.

Strieber recalls floating up
and out of his

bedroom into a UFO hovering

somewhere above the cabin.

On board, he was subjected to

a series of torturous medical procedures.

One saw a long needle

inserted into his brain.

In the end, Strieber's therapist

attributes his alien abduction

memories to a form of epilepsy

known to induce vivid and often

bizarre hallucinations.

But the author utterly rejects
the theory.

He is convinced that everything he saw

and experienced was real.

Strieber goes on to
write a bestselling book

about his ordeal and learns
that his experience,

while extraordinary,

was hardly unique.

Just four years later,

a 1991 poll estimates that some

four million Americans have experienced
a similar close encounter.

The roper poll states that
most of those abducted claim

they were taken in the dead of night.

They all remember being
completely immobilized,

removed from their car or beds,

and transported to a UFO.

There they recall hospital
operating rooms,

bright lights,

and huge-eyed alien beings.

Physical procedures are performed while

they lie upon examination tables

naked, frightened,

and paralyzed.

It's a sinister pattern.

But why do aliens
target the bedroom?

Is it merely a means of taking

victims by surprise?

Or does the secret lie
in the state of sleep itself?

Humans are pretty vulnerable
when they sleep.

Your eyes are shut
and you're not paying

attention to what or
who is around you.

Your brain doesn't necessarily process 100%.

A lot of times you may incorporate
that into your dreams.

Other times, you just don't
even process it.

Victims of bedroom abduction

almost invariably question

whether the experience was truly

real or just a dream.

Is this why aliens
target our bedrooms at night?

Does the state of
sleep offer the perfect cover

for abducting humans?

Or is something else at work?

Author Whitley Strieber
claims that he was

abducted by aliens fromthe bedroom
of his cabin in Upstate New York.

From the blinding light to

the feeling of helpless paralysis,

his account bears all the hallmarks
of bedroom invasion.

It's a terrifying experience

that's been shared
by thousands of others.

Mark Rowtly of England is another victim
of bedroom invasion.

Suddenly, out of the blue,

I woke up at 3:00 in the morning

terrified, panic-stricken, paralyzed.

I knew exactly what was going on.

Three entities were in the room.

I could see all around the room.

I was completely coherent,

completely awake, just immobile.

With fear? I don't know.

Whether they did something
to make me immobile, I don't know.

Rowtly lies helpless as one

of the entities crosses the room.

All else I remember is some

kind of thing then drilled into my ear.

And that was it.

I was awake.
It was 8:00 in the morning.

That was it.

There was that missing time.

It's a disturbingly
familiar scenario,

a vulnerable victim,

paralysis, intense pain, and hours,

often days, of missing time.

But despite the seriousness
of these claims,

the scientific community

refuses to investigate them.

They instead attribute the bedroom

invasion phenomenon to sleep paralysis

a temporary physical
condition that can occur when

entering or emerging from sleep.

The victim suddenly discovers

they are unable to move.

The state often induces

a feeling of helplessness

that can quickly escalate

into sheer terror.

Could the victims of

bedroom abduction simply be
experiencing sleep paralysis?

Are the thousands
of reports of alien intruders

the fevered

visions of terrified minds?

If so, how can sleep paralysis

account for the striking
similarities among

thousands of abduction reports?

The common element to virtually all bedroom

invasions is the blinding light

that precedes

the alien's arrival.

But what is its purpose?

Is it a means of gaining access to
the victim's bedroom?

Or is it a means of

paralyzing the victim?

Whitley Strieber claims
his wife slept through

the entire ordeal

despite the presence of the

light and his physical removal

from the bed.

How did she not wake up?

When people report their
abduction experiences,

they can say that it
happened at night

and oftentimes there'll be
someone laying next to them

who doesn't remember anything.

It could be that these ETs have

a way of really isolating who
they want and really just

freezing or suppressing anyone

that they don't want to be
involved in this particular experience.

Does the light simultaneously

render some unconscious

while removing others to

a nearby UFO?

Many experts believe that
bedroom abductees don't really

go anywhere at all.

They believe the
bright light shifts them

into a dimension beyond
the realm of human perception.

We see the universe
in three dimensions,

height, width, and depth.

And we experience

the passage of a fourth dimension,

being time.

But the world's top physicist
estimates there may be

as many as 11 different dimensions,

and their existence

may soon be confirmed.

Unsealed case file, Alien Dimensions.

Recently released reports have revealed

that scientists working at CERN's Large
Hadron Collider in Switzerland

are actively looking
for evidence that the universe

contains more than four dimensions.

They suggest that the existence of

extra dimensions could explain

some puzzling properties
of the universe.

Atoms are smashed together at velocities

approaching the speed of light.

The fallout from these
collisions is beginning to

reveal the greatest secrets of our universe
and within five years,

we might actually encounter
these extra dimensions beyond

the realm of human perception.

Many ufologists believe that
extraterrestrials already

possess the ability to shift
between dimensions.

They also believe that
victims of bedroom invasion

aren't taken to a spaceship,

they are in fact shifted into
a dimension beyond

the three we are

able to perceive.

And this is why Strieber's wife

remained sound asleep

throughout his ordeal.

Strieber claims that

he awakened in the woods not far
from his cabin.

But is it possible he
made his way outside

in dazed pursuit of a UFO that
was never really there?

Are bedroom invasions the work of

aliens traveling between dimensions?

Are what the UFO victims claim to
see really just illusions?

Millions of Americans may have been

the victims of alien
bedroom invasion.

But their claims are
difficult to confirm because

virtually all abductees
are either alone,

or their potential witnesses are rendered

mysteriously unconscious.

Some experts believe the victims

aren't taken to a UFO at all,

but rather shifted into
a different dimension.

One account, however, offers compelling
evidence to the contrary

and may reveal

a previously unknown human element

behind the bedroom

invasion phenomenon.

Unsealed case file,
The Linda Cortile abduction.

New York City, November 30, 1989.

Around 3:15 a.m., two security officers

transporting a foreign dignitary

spot a large glowing object

hovering near a high-rise
apartment building.

They quickly realize it is a UFO

making a bold appearance above
the New York skyline.

Shocking as it is,

nothing can prepare them
for what they see next.

The UFO blasts a beam of blue light at
the building's 12th floor.

Figures emerge, floating through

the beam up to

the waiting craft.

The last is a young woman.

The two officers don't realize it
at the time, but they are

witnessing a textbook bedroom

invasion in progress.

The woman in question
later identifies

herself as Linda Cortile.

She later claims
that there were in fact

five aliens in her apartment

that night and that two remained

behind while she was taken

to the waiting craft.

Onboard, she was subjected to

invasive medical procedures similar
to those reported by other abductees.

The two security
officers report the incident

anonymously to a noted ufologist
Budd Hopkins.

But they aren't

the only witnesses.

Reportedly, traffic came
to a standstill on

the Brooklyn Bridge as people
watched in disbelief.

The sheer number of eyewitness accounts

threatens to break the story worldwide.

Hopkins calls the Cortile case...

The presence of aliens on earth
is on the verge

of being accepted
by the general public.

It's a potentially historic
moment that will draw

fire from the biggest UFO
skeptic of his time.

Journalist Philip J. Klass was a controversial
figure in the world of UFO investigation.

From the early 1960s
to his death in 2005,

he investigated hundreds
of UFO claims,

earning him the nickname...

A lifelong skeptic,

Klass worked tirelessly to
debunk UFO claims.

In a taped interview about
the mass UFO sighting,

Klass questions whether
the two security officers

even existed and states that not one
witness saw it dive

into the east river,

as Linda Cortile reported.

It's a sharp denial of
multiple eyewitness accounts,

but it overlooks one
all-important fact,

Linda Cortile never claimed to have

seen the UFO dive into the river.

That observation was made
by the two security officers.

Why would one of the world's
most respected UFO investigators

play fast and loose with the facts
surrounding the Linda Cortile abduction?

Was it a simple case of oversight,

or was the evidence so compelling

that Klass saw a need
to deny at any cost?

While Philip J. Klass
was all too eager to speak out

on the Linda Cortile case,

one man remains

conspicuously silent.

He is the foreign
dignitary being transported

by the two security officers.

Ufologist Budd Hopkins
claims the man was in fact

Javier Perez de Cuellar,

then secretary general
of the United Nations.

A public statement regarding the incident

from a leader of his stature

might forever dispel any doubts

the public might have about the presence
of aliens on earth.

But to this day, de Cuellar remains

silent on the incident.

Are world authorities keeping
vital information from the public?

In the 1990s, Hopkins claimed that

aliens were in fact attempting

to take control of humanity,

one victim at a time, in a silent war
against planet earth.

He believed they were receiving help

from the planet's highest authorities

to keep their activities secret.

The government's attempts at
controlling this information

should make us very afraid.

But perhaps our greatest fears

will be realized when they no longer

have any control at all.

Bedroom invasions continue to this day,

and there's no sign of them stopping.

But how do they do it,

and are these abductions sanctioned

by our own government

for reasons they refuse

to disclose?

Many theories exist,

but the most terrifying may have
its origins in a secret

government military complex in New Mexico,

deep beneath the

surface of the earth.

The Dulce Base is an alleged
military complex

inside the Archuleta Mesa in
Northern Dulce, New Mexico.

There's no guard towers,

no tanks outside.

The conspiracy says that there is a base
deep within this mountain

that not only our United States

military operates in,

but after a deal that we've made with aliens,

allegedly they are there, too,

conducting whatever operations
they are inside Archuleta Mesa.

Many experts believe that

thousands of humans have been abducted
and brought to the

Dulce Base for


It is reported to have seven levels,

each more horrifying

than the last.

On level four, the experiments

allegedly focus on
hypnosis and telepathy.

But experts believe it's the experiments
involving brain waves

usually active when we sleep

that are the most sinister.

What if experimental researchers

could tap human brain waves

while we are awake,

essentially creating a door

through which we could easily be controlled?

A recent study by
neuroscientist Norman S. Don

points to a terrifying conclusion.

Don measured the
brain waves of subjects

who had all claimed
to have been abducted

or had close encounters

with a UFO,

and the results were shocking.

In all cases,

abductees were able to achieve
non-ordinary or trance-like

states during a waking state,

something they were not able to do
prior to being abducted.

Can close encounters with aliens

change the way our

brains function?

If so, Don may have uncovered
the primary reason

aliens are abducting humans

in record numbers.

Are aliens abducting humans
so they can

access our minds and control us
while we are awake?

And could this be the ultimate weapon?

Free will would cease to exist,

and an alien agenda

would become our own.

This is Unsealed Alien Files,

exposing the biggest

secret on planet earth.

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