Unsealed: Alien Files (2012–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Bedroom Invaders - full transcript

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Have looked to the heavens
and studied nature

In an effort to understand
our place in the universe.

But one elusive question

Are we alone?
>> people have seen UFOs.

People have even seen

But to communicate
with an alien,

That would ultimately be
the key to unlocking

The secrets of life
in the universe.

>> some believe we have been
receiving extraterrestrial

Messages for millennia.
Recent evidence may reveal

Signs of alien life
attempting to communicate.

Are they good will ambassadors,
or masters of war?

And are we even capable
of understanding?

Join us, as we expose
what may be the most devastating

Alien messages for all mankind,
on "Unsealed alien files."

A global effort has begun.
Secret files hidden from

The public for decades,
detailing every ufo account,

Are now available to the public.
We are about to uncover

The truth behind
these classified documents.

Find out what the government
doesn't want you to know.

"Unsealed alien files,"
exposing the biggest secrets

On planet earth.
Colorado Springs, Colorado,

Nikola Tesla,

One of the pioneers
of modern electricity

Tests a device he hopes will
harness the power of lightning

Produced by a thunderstorm.

The machine is receiving radio
signals as he tracks the storm,

In an attempt to better
understand weather patterns.

Suddenly, a bizarre series
of signals are received

By Tesla's machine.
Allegedly, the signals

Are no longer
static-covered blips.

Two voices
speaking in a strange language

Become audible.
Tesla described the event as:

"one planet greeting another."
at the time of Tesla's

Signal interception,
the world was no stranger

To ufo activity.
In 1896, there was a rash

Of reported sightings
in the los angeles area.

>> this happened years
before lax was ever a dream.

Human flight had not even
taken place yet.

Whatever was in the skies
above our heads

Was absolutely unexplainable.
>> the signals received

By Nikola Tesla's machine
are thought to be the earliest

Recorded communication
with an alien intelligence

In the mechanical age.
Did tesla accidentally

Communicate with aliens?
Those first signals laid

The groundwork for an obsession
that has haunted humanity

Ever since.
The largest and most complex

Attempt to communicate
with extraterrestrial life

Began in the 1960s.
Named SETI,

Search for extraterrestrial

The organization was funded
by the american government

Until 1995.
From their radio telescope

At the arecibo station,
in puerto rico,

SETI broadcasts its signal,
reaching 25,000 light years

Into deep space.
>> when we decide to send

A message to the heavens
in hopes to communicate

With an alien civilization,
binary code was decided

By scientists,
because it really is that

Universal language.
So, when we sent the "Arecibo

Message" to the heavens,
we gave details about

Where we were in the universe,
uh, what our human dna was like

And some other details
about who we are as humanity.

It was the most powerful message
we've ever sent.

>> along with the arecibo
message, nasa launches

4 probes, carrying earthly

An unusual course of action
for an agency that reportedly

Denies the existence of aliens.
Soon after, voyager 1 and 2

Are also launched,
carrying 12-inch gold records,

Containing greetings
in earth languages

And information
on human civilization.

The messages have been sent,
but are experts really prepared

For an answer?
Unsealed case file:

"the wow signal."
ohio state university,

August 15, 1977.
SETI is shocked to receive

A brief burst of radio waves
at 11:16 pm.

The signal is recorded at 30
times louder than naturally

Occurring deep space signals.
It is tracked for 72 seconds

Before it disappears.
The unexpected burst of sound

From space is so rare,
the message is dubbed

"the WOW signal,"
by one of the technicians

On duty that day.
The wow signal was dismissed

As an anomaly.
The fact that it never occurred

Again led many to believe
it may have been simple

Equipment malfunction
or human error.

But recent evidence suggests
a constant signal is unlikely

To occur.
The amount of energy

Required to beam the signal
would be immense,

Which is exactly why SETI
now sends bursts,

Like the wow signal
back into space.

But has there been another
signal since the one in 1977,

Or has SETI been in constant
contact with alien life forms

Ever since?
In 1997, SETI discovered

Another extraterrestrial

It was tracked for over
13 hours, until an official

Statement was released,
stating the signal

Was a european satellite.
But was that really the case?

Prominent ufologist,
dr. Steven Greer,

Believes otherwise.
Greer stated in a 2006

Interview, "they have had
numerous extraterrestrial

Signals. The signals were so
numerous that they began to

Have their systems externally
jammed by some sort of human

Agency that did not want them
to continue receiving

Those signals."
what government agency

Could possibly be responsible
for covering up a message

From an alien world?
And what would they stand

To gain from keeping
the public in the dark?

Communication with alien
intelligence has become

An obsession for many
in the ufo community.

Answering the question,
"are we alone?"

Is paramount to many
ufo investigations.

But one answer
may have already arrived.

Unsealed case file:
"Rendlesham forest."

Early in the morning
of 27 December, 1980,

Two United States air force
security patrolmen saw unusual

Lights outside the back gates
at RAF Woodbridge.

Sergeants John Burroughs
and Jim Penniston investigate.

They discover a strange, glowing
craft on the forest floor,

Covered in bizarre writing.
>> the air around the object

Was electrified.
It was like dancing

On our skin and our clothes.
At that point in time, I knew

It wasn't an aircraft crash.
I knew I had an unknown object

In front of me.
>> Penniston is compelled

To reach out and touch
the symbols, etched into

The side of the craft.
A decision that would change

His life, forever.
>> I took my hand and ran them

Over the bottom symbols,
all the way across.

It felt like going from
the smoothness of the, uh,

Metal, to like feeling
sandpaper on each of them.

Out of all the glyphs,
there was one that was larger

Than all the other ones,
and so I decided to go ahead,

And touch that one.
When I touched that symbol,

I had an explosion of--
of white light,

Uh, where I couldn't see,
I was blinded.

And I, uh, started seeing
ones and zeroes, flashing.

They were like inside my, uh,
mind's eye.

>> the two sergeants
report the incident

And describe how the ufo
vanished into the night sky.

Some time later,
Penniston transcribes

The message that was burned
into his brain.

Computers were in their infancy
at the time Penniston received

This telepathic message.
It would be years before

He would finally realize
the ones and zeroes

Were a common computer language
that could be translated.

Binary code.
>> in 2012, I was given 6 pages

From Jim Penniston's notebook.
They contained binary,

And I was asked to see
if there was a message

Contained inside.
So, I was skeptical I'd find

Anything in these binary
notebook pages, but I started

Typing the ones and zeroes
into my computer, running them

Through my translator, and I was
shocked to find a short message.

>> once decoded,
the penniston message reads:

"exploration of humanity
for continuous

Planetary advance."
>> a chill ran down my spine.

I was honestly not expecting
to find anything in the binary.

And here was what appeared to be
a message that would've come

From aliens,
if they were trying

To communicate with us.
>> coordinates

Also accompanied the message.
They indicate a location off

The coast of Ireland known as,
"High Brazil."

The site of a legendary
sunken island,

Similar to the lost continent
of Atlantis.

The island still exists,
but now lies more than

2,000 feet below
the ocean surface.

Did Penniston receive
a direct telepathic message

From the alien craft?
And what is the significance

Of the sunken island
that lies off Ireland's coast?

Experts are still wrestling
with these questions today.

But not all messages
from extraterrestrial sources

Are as cryptic
as the Rendlesham incident.

Some are displayed
for all the world to see.

Crop circles have fascinated
experts since they were first

Noticed in the 1970s.
Over 26 countries reported more

Than 10,000 crop circles,
toward the end

Of the 20th century.
They appeared quickly

And mysteriously,
in often very intricate

Patterns and designs.
What are these geometric

Patterns trying to tell us?
Famous russian cosmonaut,

Marina Popovich,
and her scientist colleagues,

Victoria Popova
and Lydia Andrianova,

Believe they have decoded
the crop circle's message.

Their translation reveals
a chilling warning to humanity

Of impending disaster.
They claim the circles speak

Of the impact man has had
on the biosphere,

And the catastrophic effects
on the earth's magnetic field

Is reaching a critical point.
They believe the circles

Can tell us how we can escape
this fate.

>> are crop circles
apocalyptic warnings?

Messages captured
by radio telescopes

And alarming warnings
in deciphered crop circles

May be signs of alien life.
Are extraterrestrials

Trying to reach out to us,
and why have they come

To us now?
The technological leaps

Made by geniuses like
Nikola Tesla, in the late 1800s,

Were only the beginning.
Our scientific advancement

Is moving at an alarming pace
and shows no signs of slowing.

Is there extraterrestrial
concern about our scientific

If so, are they seeking to take

Control of all human life?
What might be their long-term

Plans for earth?
The answer may be found

In a disturbing set of rules,
etched into one of the most

Mysterious stone monuments
in America.

Unsealed case file:
"the Georgia guidestones."

These guidelines have proven
extremely controversial,

Causing speculation and mystery
that go far beyond

Northeast Georgia.
They were built by human hands,

But were they designed
with an alien agenda in mind?

Commissioned by a man
using the alias R.C. Christian,

In 1979, the Georgia guidestones
still stand outside

Elbert county, Georgia,
90 miles east of Atlanta.

Inscribed on the massive stones
are messages for humanity:

"let these be guidestones
to an age of reason."

Many of the writings
speak of living in harmony

With the earth and each other.
But further inscriptions

Depict an age of reason
that is based

On an ominous agenda.
"guide reproduction wisely."

"unite humanity with a living
new language."

"maintain humanity
under 500 million,

In perpetual balance
with nature."

The current population
of the earth is over 7 billion.

Does this "age of reason"
begin with a massive genocide

To limit the earth's population
to 500 million?

>> one of the assumptions
about an alien invasion

Of planet earth is--
it's very basic.

If you are going to invade
a place,

Why would you wreck the place
you are going to invade, right?

So, why would you bomb something
to rubble, using lasers,

Use photon bombs, use whatever
exotic weapons you want to use,

To simply wipe the planet out?
Why do that?

This is a planet you want.
Why destroy it?

What's the point?
>> some experts believe

The best method to destroy
large swaths

Of the earth's population
would be by an alien plague.

>> simply bombard the planet
in various areas with meteors

With objects from outer space
in which--which you know

Would decompose upon entering
the earth's atmosphere

And release certain kinds
of gases and kill segments

Of the population.
>> similar to Stonehenge,

The Georgia guidestones
are aligned with the stars.

Are the stones alignment
to the heavens

An alien message
warning humanity?

While many experts have been
looking out into the universe

To find possible messages
of alien design,

Some scientists have been
drilling down

Into the very fabric of life's
building blocks.

Researchers in Kazakhstan
decoded what they believe

Is a message embedded
in our very DNA.

A recent online news article
reports scientists who claim

That human DNA is ordered
so precisely that it reveals

An ensemble of arithmetical
and ideographical patterns

Of symbolic language,
which leads them to conclude,

That humans may have been
invented outside

The solar system.
They refer to this discovery as:

"a biological SETI."
the mathematical code

In human DNA cannot be explained
by evolution.

We are living,
breathing vessels,

For some kind of alien message.
This evidence suggests

The very building blocks
of life on earth originated

Or were designed
from outside our solar system.

>> alien/human hybridization
is when extraterrestrials

Have taken human DNA
and somehow been able

To pair it with their own,
in order to procreate.

Because a lot of these beings
are sterile.

>> is planet earth part
of a larger galactic agenda

Beyond the current scope
of scientific understanding?

>> we have these sacred texts,
you know, the Bible, the Torah,

the Koran, and in those,
we have representations

Of things that are extremely

Mixed in with all
of the cultural traditions

Of indigenous populations
and large civilizations,

Like Sumeria.
We have an unbroken record

Of some sort of contact
from beyond the stars,

From the very beginning
of humanity.

Humans have received messages

From extraterrestrials
since the dawn of time.

But shocking new evidence
suggests what many modern

Ufologists have been

An alien message that might be
the final piece of the puzzle.

Recent revelations
of Kazakhstan scientists

Illustrate that our genetic
structure defies

A natural explanation.
Is the very biological mechanism

Of our evolution merely a path,
designed by an alien hand?

>> so, one theory is that
e.T./human encounters began when

E.T.S themselves manipulated the
DNA of 3 early hominids.

And they manipulated it
to create a structure,

Because they were creating
a race of people who would--

Going to do their bidding,
the use of tools,

And the use of language.
>> if we have been designed,

Is it possible
the very environment we occupy

is also a construct?
Is humanity part machine?

Or are we simply inside one?
Some experts believe our entire

Universe might exist in a kind
of biological hard-drive,

and that earth
and all life on it...

Is nothing more
than a sophisticated,

software program.

This is "Unsealed Alien Files,"
exposing the biggest secret

On planet earth.

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