Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 3, Episode 7 - Throwing Shade - full transcript

Carrie and Al investigate when Elliot's old friend is found dead after a charity event they had all attended. Elliot has trouble in his marriage, and old secrets come out about his "3 amigos" days as a young employee of the mayor's office.

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(indistinct conversations)


Stop playing with your collar.

This new shirt is too tight...
I can't breathe.

Can you fit
your finger in there?

Well, then, it's not too tight.

What, did you memorize
some Esquire article?

(sighs): No.
Six months,

assistant floor manager at
Tuxedo World, Albuquerque, 2007.

No way, come on.

View your tuxedo as an
investment, that will guide you

through formal events
for years to come.

Shall I go on?


Carrie Wells, Al Burns.

(sighs) Right here.

Great. Please fill out
a name tag.

You got a pen?

Uh... sorry.

Someone must've grabbed it
and run off.

Oh, well, we're cops,
we'll find them and arrest them.

Oh, you don't have to do that.

I got it.

Too cool for a name tag?

Yeah. I'm too cool
for a name tag.

Name tags are designed to make

other people feel comfortable,

so they can
come up and talk to you.

I want everyone to feel
really uncomfortable,

so that they don't
talk to me at all.

Nice dress.

You know, you act like you don't
like these charity things

Eliot invites us to, but I
think secretly, you love them.

You know what I love?

Ooh... are these little
sandwichy things.


ELIOT: Carrie, Al, I'm so
glad you could make it.

I would like to introduce
you to my wife Shelby.

It is a pleasure
to finally meet you.


Eliot's told me
so much about you.

All good things, I hope.

Glowing reviews.

Really! ELIOT: One of the many
things I love about Shelby:

discretion is a quality
she holds in high regard.

(anxious laugh)

Well, not the only trait
I've had to acquire

being married for 15 years.

MAN: Shelby and Eliot.
ELIOT: There he is.

Well, now the party
can really begin.


Lieutenant Al Burns.

Detective Carrie Wells.

I'd like you to meet

Manhattan Borough President
Robert Bright.

Well, it's an honor to have you.

You're boss and I go way back.

Yeah, we were
once called "young punks"

in the mayor's office,
back in the day.

Wow, "punk" is not a word I
would associate with Eliot.

I have pictures.

Where's O'Bannon?

I haven't seen him.

Oh, my loyal Chief of Staff
is already working the floor.

It's all hands on deck,
till the primary.

Oh, if I haven't said:
Bob's running for mayor.

Yeah, I've heard:
"For a brighter future."


Couldn't resist it, right?

Excuse me.

Bob... Debby Ellenson
from the Times

Wants five minutes
and they're gonna need you

up on the dais
pretty soon.
Okay, thanks.

So, uh, remind me to
show you those photos later.

Diamond stud, left ear.

Won't you just go.

It was the '90s, all right?

Aah, there's O'Bannon.

Um, if you'll excuse me.

AL: Your husband can work
a room, that's for sure.

Yes, he can.

It was a pleasure
to meet you two.

The reviews really are glowing;
I didn't just say that.

Way to go, Eliot.


So, you got no one
to talk to, O'Bannon?

It's good to see you, Eliot.

It's been a while.

I know, I know.

Hey, I'm-I'm sorry about,
uh, lunch last month,

like, the office
kind of blew up on me.

I get it.

You're a busy man these days.

Yeah, yeah.
You, too.

How's the campaign going?

Is Bright totally
insufferable yet?

It's, uh... Long hours,
lots of handshakes.

He lives for it.

As many of you know,
I'm Marcia Harrison,

co-chair for today's event.

MARCIA: This organization
means a great deal

You okay? To the City of New York...

I'm fine, just, uh... just been
thinking about some stuff.

You know what? I'll call you.

We'll catch up.

Yeah, yeah, let's do that.

Okay, enough from me.

It's my honor
to introduce to you

my co-chair
for today's festivities,

Manhattan Borough President

and currently a candidate
for something, I hear...


Mr. Robert Bright.

Thank you, Marcia

and thank you, all,
for being here.

Listen, I'm not one to

count my chickens
before they hatch, but...

once they do hatch, I do plan
to ask them for their votes.


Oh, where is that champagne
when you need it?

There you go.

(glasses clink) Thank you.

See? All done and plenty
of daylight left. Yes!

What do you
want to do?
I don't know.

How about we go get
some real food?

(siren wailing)
Pretzel dog
from Monte's?

A pret... really?

Have you seen
the way I'm dressed?

(tires screech)

Hold that thought.

Folks, NYPD. Clear the way.

(indistinct conversation)

(indistinct radio communication)

That's Dave O'Bannon.

Okay, so, I found three wounds,
two of them superficial:

One to the left hand,
one to the wrist,

probably defending himself.

The one on his neck slashed
his carotid artery;

probably would have
bled out in minutes.

Time of death?
It's preliminary,

but the temperature would
indicate maybe an hour ago.

That would place the murder
around 3:00 p.m.

I'll know more
when I get back to the lab.

How's he doing?

Mostly on the phone
with Dave's wife;

arrangements and stuff.

The Three Amigos.

Dave, Eliot and Bright,

that's what we called them
back in the '90s.

If you wanted anything
from City Hall,

you had to go through them.

It was not fun.

I'm sorry, Detectives.

Mr. Bright had to cancel his
campaign event for tonight.

But he had some constituent
meetings in his office.

So, he'll be available
to talk with you ASAP.

Anything I can do.

This is awful.

I'll let you know

as soon as I have
more information.
Thank you.

Yeah, of course.

Yep. (clears throat)

Love to the kids.

(sighs) It's Dave's wife, Gina.

Their son's in Spain,

but their daughter Kara's
coming in from Kenyon

tonight... Oh, my God.

Shelby's gonna be devastated.

Eliot, is there anything
you can tell us

that might help us solve this?

I-I didn't see him that much.

I, um... I canceled lunch last
month for no good reason.

I did talk to him,
uh, before the speeches.

He had a few, but, uh...

that was standard operating
for Dave.

He did, though, seem...
kind of preoccupied.

(sighs): I don't know, 25
years, you know... it's, uh,

he was best man at my wedding.

He and Brighty flipped for it.

Eliot, if you need to take some time...
Yeah, I don't...

(sighing): I don't know
how much good I can do here.

I just, uh... We're gonna
find who did this.

You know that, don't you?

I do.



Okay. Thanks.

Hey, so, there's no signs
of forced entry...

both the door
and the lock are intact.

What about hotel employees
with keycards?

Yeah, I already ran down
anyone who would've

legitimately had access
to this room.

The ones who weren't working
the event on the roof

at the time of death
have alibis.

So Dave knows his killer,
lets him in?

That'd be my guess.

AL: All right, get whatever
security footage the hotel has.

I want to know everyone who
even walked by this room today.


Al, take a look at this Sterno.

Something was burned in here.

We should have CSU bag it.

AL: No sign of his keys, but
his wallet is right here.

This wasn't about money.

Well, it was about something.

There were a lot of people
at the fund-raiser.

A lot of powerful people.

And those powerful people
are now our suspects.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

No one can believe it.

How's Eliot doing?

Okay, considering.

Yeah. The crazy thing is,
I keep...

looking around for Dave to calm
everyone down.

We just have a couple
of questions, and a copy
of the guest list

from today's event
would be helpful.

Of course. Don, uh, could you
pull a copy of the guest list

from the Clean Air thing
for the detectives here?

Sure thing.

(jaunty ringtone plays)
Oh, I'm sorry.

One second.


Wonderful. Just have it
delivered to the house.

Thank you.
Something like this happens,

hard to give a damn
about a-a rug delivery.

So, you had some questions.

Yeah, we wanted to get a sense
of Dave in the workplace,

you know, how he was
with his coworkers.

Were there any issues
you might want to tell us about?

The guy ran
a very friendly ship... just...

calm, calm, calm.

That was his thing.

Which, you know, is surprising,
given where he came from.

What do you mean?
I don't
know how much

Eliot told you about us, but we
were kind of an unlikely trio.

I was Upper East Side
all the way.

Dalton, Princeton.

Eliot got ahead
by his brains, right?

But Dave, he was a street kid.

Yeah, Valentine Ave.,
off Grand Concourse; he...

started as an errand boy
for Koch when he was 21.
Eliot mentioned

Dave was upset
at the fund-raiser.

Do you have any idea why?

Eliot said that?

That's funny.

I remember thinking he was
a little distracted lately, too,

just a feeling I got, you know?

The past few weeks, he'd get
up in the middle of meetings

to take personal calls.

Never did that before.


(phone ringing)


I, uh, got everyone
waiting for a statement.

So... Thank you.
We're good for now.

Thanks, guys.

Uh, Don will get you
that invite list

(phone chimes) on your way out.


Dave's wife can see us now.

He's just too slick.

His dear friend is murdered,

what, a few hours ago and he's
already back here working it.

Well, someone's got
to rally the troops.

(sighs) I think we should
check his alibi.

And then, this is
the three of them

with the councilman, I think,

dedicating some memorial
in the park.

God, Bob looks so young.

I remember Dave forgot his tie.

Eliot lent him
that one, I think.
AL: Gina...

was your husband particularly
upset about anything recently?

Either at work
or in his personal life?


He... he was a little down

with both of the kids
being away, but...

we were gonna do some traveling
after the election.

Maybe even moving someplace
a little warmer.

He wasn't planning to stay
with Bright if he won?

(chuckles, sniffles)

The whole power thing
never meant too much to Dave.

That's more Bob.

And Eliot.

Dave just liked helping
out his friend.

He thought Bright
would make a good mayor.

You agree?

Yeah, you know...

at that level you gotta
make a lot of compromises.

The higher you go,
the harder they get.

At least,
I know Dave felt that way.

Were there any compromises
in particular that bothered him?


But I could tell
something was on his mind.

When he was in a bad mood,

he would take out
this map of California,

and start looking at
towns out in the desert.

(crying): I saw a lot of the
desert these past few weeks.


Thank you.

And if you think
of anything else...

(low, indistinct talking)

I'm sorry, um, the man in...

in the photo on the right-hand
side, with your husband?

Who-who is that?

Oh, Dec McCauley.

Declan, he's a, he's a
friend from back in the day.

He and Dave hauled trash with
the Brooklyn Hauling Association

when Dave was
just out of high school.

Wow, that's rough work.


But Dave always said it was
the best job he ever had.

(cell phone ringing)

Oh... excuse me.

Dave's sister.

He was at the fund-raiser.


Doesn't seem like
his kind of thing.

No. No, it doesn't.

Declan McCauley, president of
the BHA for the past two years.

And by Brooklyn
Hauling Association,

what we're
really talking about here

is the Irish Mob.

Now, officially,
the BHA controls

most of the private
trash-hauling contracts

in Brooklyn and the Bronx.

He wasn't on the guest list,
so what was he doing there?

Maybe the McCauleys
are looking to get their hooks

into power brokers at the event?

And they figure...

they could use Dave
to make the introductions.

Dave O'Bannon is no
friend of the Mob.

As far as you know.

I know Dave. Okay, but, right
now, a reputed Mob boss

is our best lead
in the investigation

of his murder. I think we
should follow that lead.

Of course. You're right.

We're here to talk
about Dave O'Bannon.

Heartbreaking is what that is.

We're hoping you could
tell us what went on

between the two of you
at that fund-raiser.

Nothing went on.

He invited me and I went.

You got a copy
of that invitation?

'Cause you're not
on the guest list.

So, stuff falls through
the cracks, I guess.

I'll tell you what...
I'll look for it.
You and Dave

have been friendly for
a number of years.

Is that right?

Since he was a kid.

Came to work
for my uncle in 1986.

And you stayed in
touch ever since?

I'd see him at family things.

You know, talked
to him at the holidays.

Stuff like that.

And that was it?

You want a bite?

It's tough to get a nice,
dry-aged rib eye these days.

You know where it's really hard
to get a dry-aged rib eye?

Dannemora State Prison.

Mr. McCauley,

everyone knows the Brooklyn
Hauling Association

owns half the private
trash contracts

in the five boroughs,
and that you keep

those contract prices down
by discouraging landlords

from asking for more.

Thing is, what some
call "discouraging,"

the law calls extortion,
bribery and felonious assault.

Now, we may look the
other way, because hey,

somebody's picking up
our garbage.

But that could change very fast.


The BHA and Dave,
we did things old-school.

We had an arrangement.

I see a contract comes available

in the city, I contact Dave,
he makes some calls.

That's the way business has been
run for 150 years in this city.

You were paying him
to steer contracts your way?

Paying him?


O'Bannon never took
a dime in his life.

I mean, not a turkey
for this guy on Christmas.

It wasn't about the money.

It was about taking care
of family.

Which is why bailing on me
made no sense.

So, he wanted
out of this arrangement?

He told me it was over.

I had to start
bidding jobs public

like some punk or something.
I didn't know what was going on.

So I went there today
to talk to him.

I mean, I know
the guy a long time.

He was in his head going on
about tough choices,

doing the right thing.

Honestly, I figured
it was the booze talking,

so I heard him out and I left.

Dave was like my kid brother...
I'd never touch him.

The fact is
I got an alibi anyway.

After I left the hotel,
I went to my niece's school.

They're doing Riverdance.

One thing, though, Detectives.

If Dave O'Bannon was working
other handshake arrangements

around town with construction,
heat and air, whatever,

and he came over all born-again
virtuous like he done with me?

I can guarantee you those folks

would not show
similar restraint.


Hi, Jo.
(clears throat)

I was just leaving.

Did you... find
out anything new?

Not really.

Except, uh, however he sustained

that wound to his carotid
is definitely what killed him.

Oh, and this might
be interesting.

I found makeup on Dave's thumb.


I don't know what kind.

I'll send it out to be analyzed.

They'll figure it out.

Also, I found
some partial prints

in the room, but there were
no matches in the system.

I, um, heard from Carrie

there was some unusual substance
in a can of Sterno?

That's a long shot.

But we sent it to the lab,

see if they can
retrieve anything.

He was a good man.

Yeah, he was.

I'm sorry, Eliot.

I took a look at the
trash-hauling deals

Dave O'Bannon was backing
out of with his pal Declan.

They're for a couple of these
skinny skyscrapers

being built around Central Park.

They're pretty controversial
because they've been approved

despite the shade they're gonna
throw across the park.

There's been a lot of press.


I've never heard of it.

It's an online
news service focusing

mostly on muckraking
in New York City.

They've been running a series
of critical articles

on all these buildings.

Uh, cost overruns, union
corruptions, falsified

environmental records.
Wait a second.

That woman.


Pam Lisotta. I know her.

That's a pretty obscure blog.

No, she was at the fund-raiser.

She was waitressing.

Well, maybe it's a second job.

I mean, how much money
can you make

working for a political blog?

No, I read the staff list
that Bright gave us.

There was no Pam Lisotta
on that list.

She must've come in
under a different name.

The question is why?

Fine, I used a friend's
I.D. who caters

at the Filmont to
get into the event.

Dave O'Bannon's phone records
indicate seven incoming calls

all from an unknown burner cell.

Do you want to save us the time
of linking that phone to you?

(groans) Okay.

I was trying to get to him
That's true.

It-it was for a series
I'm writing.

On the skyscrapers
around Central Park?

I believe the process
of awarding building rights

is being short-circuited.

Someone in city government
is taking money

from developers
to award construction deals.

And one of Bright's duties
as Manhattan borough president

is to oversee the awarding
of major construction contracts.

You bet it is. And one
of Bright's major donors,

Marcia Harrison,
just happens to be in line

for several of those deals.

So you think Bright's
using his influence

as borough president
to throw contracts her way?

And in exchange, she makes
significant contributions

to Bright's mayoral campaign.

The problem is I had no proof.

I needed a money trail,
smoking gun.

I thought Dave O'Bannon
might have one.

Hold on, Dave was actively
working to get Bright elected.

Why would he help you?

At first, he wouldn't.

But I finally got him to look
around a little on his own.

When he called back,
he seemed shocked.

He said he'd found something.

He was willing to
share it with me.

He sent me a text.

Well, burn note.

I took a screen shot.

"Tomorrow, 10:00 a.m.,
Penn Station.

I'll have what you need."

But then... I think
he lost his nerve

because he stopped
returning my phone calls.

So, you snuck into
the fund-raiser to confront him?

Yeah. But I never
had the chance.

How do we know that once
Dave stopped cooperating,

you didn't just go
to his room and make him?

I worked the whole party.
There was a supervisor

from hell who wouldn't
let me out of his sight.

You can talk to him.
I was loading out

when the cops found Dave's body.

So, maybe Marcia Harrison
got wind

that Dave was gonna blow
the whistle on that whole

cash for contract scheme she was
running with Robert Bright?

Well, it's a motive.

Plus, she was
at the fund-raiser,

so she had access
to Dave's hotel room.

Hold on...
we're talking about accusing

one of the top real estate
developers in this city

of fraud and possibly murder?

Not to mention
implicating the man

who may be the next
mayor of New York.

We need more than just
the word of a blogger.

There's nothing
on Dave's work computers.

But I say we find
whatever he was gonna hand over

to Lisotta today at Penn
Station, we got our proof.

Maybe it's still at Penn Station
in a locker.

His keys were missing.

No sign of his keys.
His wallet is right here.

This wasn't about money.

Is there a storage locker
near Penn Station

that has the word "Pete" in it?

I don't know... Pete's Storage,
Pete's... something.

Pete's Storage and Packing.

It's on 36th Street
between 8th and 9th.


No, we got cameras
that cover the cashier,

but not back here...
it's not that kind of place.

What kind of place is it?

(laughs) Look, honestly,

in the property
retention business,

you get what you pay for.

Hey, you getting
evicted tomorrow,

you need a place to
store your crap?

You come to me.
But Fort Knox we're not.

And if you could
afford Fort Knox,

you wouldn't be
getting evicted, right?

So, what kind of security
do you have in this place?

MAN: Well, our clients get a
code to get in the hallway

and a lock for the unit...
that's about it.

I would say the system
is fairly secure.

With an emphasis on "fairly."

No luck on the
storage locker, I hear?

Nope. But I'm reviewing exterior
security footage from the area,

hoping someone familiar pops up.

You get any results back
on the makeup

Webster found on the body?

Oh, yeah.
As a matter of fact,

some fancy French stuff
called JYB.

Cost 500 bucks an
ounce or something.



JYB, it's from Belgium.


So, we know someone entered
the hallway at Pete's Storage

using the key code at 5:12 p.m.

They cleared out Dave's locker.

There wasn't even anyone else
in the building on Sunday.

And whatever was in that locker
has got to implicate Bright.

Al, do you have a second?


Listen, I know I said
I was gonna stay out of this,

but this is all
pretty thin, isn't it?

No, I don't think so.

We know Dave was gonna
turn over the documents,

and we know the documents
were taken from Dave's locker.

Actually, we don't, strictly
speaking, know any of that.

For the sake of your career
and for the careers

of everyone in this section,

if you plan on accusing
David O'Bannon,

Robert Bright and Marcia
Harrison of being involved

in a scandal of this magnitude,

you're gonna need a lot more
than an online blogger

and an empty locker.

A lot more.

You guys got to see this.

You can imagine my distress when Mr.
O'Bannon, a member

of the Borough President's

approached me offering
to procure building contracts

for me if I would contribute
to Robert Bright's campaign.

He told me that
the Borough President himself

was not aware of this offer,
but that if I agreed,

he would raise
the plan with him.

I, of course, told Mr. O'Bannon
I would have no part of it

and immediately contacted
Bob Bright. Bob?

BRIGHT: Dave O'Bannon
was a longtime friend

and, as Ms. Harrison
mentioned, a trusted aide.

But after my own
internal investigation,

it appears that he was
attempting to sell the power

and influence
of my office for money.

I want to assure
the people of New York

that Dave O'Bannon was
doing so on his own,

and for his own good.

I welcome a full investigation
by the Manhattan DA

into this matter,
but, for now, I'm...

I'm heartbroken
by this betrayal.

(tires screeching)

You're a jackass, you know that?

How could you sell
Dave out?

You know he couldn't possibly
have done what you said.

Okay, you think I want
to believe it?

He was our friend, Eliot.

I-I looked after him,
I took him with me for years.

You took him? He... He
brought you up, he made you.

Yeah, well...

I've been carrying him
for the last 18 months.

Something was going on.
You would've known if you'd

checked in on him
from time to time.

He was dirty.

There's evidence.
Lots of evidence.

Your guys would've found it.

What would you do
in my position?

I would've made damn sure I was
right before I went public.

I am sure.

Look, we always knew
Dave was street.

We dressed him up,
he looked the part,

but deep down, who knows?

Sometimes people just go back
to being who they are. Bob.

We really are
running behind.
All right.

I'm sorry, Eliot.

What'd you get
from Marcia Harrison?

She handed over everything.

Full access to her financials,
independent audit

of all her dealings,
complete calendar.

She was upstairs at the time
of O'Bannon's murder.

She couldn't be cleaner.

Bright, too.
Turned over his financials

and his alibi is airtight.
Okay, we know

Dave O'Bannon was involved
in some kind of corruption.

Lisotta says he was
trying to come clean.

And someone didn't want that.

Same person who
knew about the locker.

I want the names of
everyone Dave O'Bannon

had contact with
in the last few weeks

leading up to his murder.
I'm guessing

our killer's in that group.
Names, Jay.

I'm on it, boss.

You get very far
tracking O'Bannon?

I'm combing through
closed circuit footage,

trying to fill in the
last month of his life...

restaurants, clubs.

Traced a credit card receipt
last week to this place.

Jeffrey's, over on 49th St.

Yeah, I know it.
Looks like we got nothing

on O'Bannon going inside,

but maybe he entered
through the back.

Now... that's the time
from the receipt.

I'm waiting to see
if there's anybody

who has ties to the skyscrapers

or the trash contracts who
might have been going in or out.

Can you...
So far, I got nothing.

Can you widen out right
there, at the curb?

The car?


Holy smokes, that's a classic.

They stopped making 'em in '74.

See? I told you, boss...
disco killed everything.

You want to take a look
at the plate?

I can enhance it.
No, no, thanks.

I'm all right.

Hey, Al, you got a minute?

Look, I, uh... I don't know
what to do about this thing.

What's the matter?

Look, I totally get why Eliot's

really invested
in this particular case,

but I just found out
he logged into my computer

through a back-door program
and downloaded

all the files related
to the O'Bannon case.

I know he's our boss, but...
seems kind of weird, right?

Yeah, it does.
And there's a couple
other things,

you know, questions
he's been asking. I mean...

Is there something going on
I should know about?

I sure hope not.


What's going on?

Jay just told me
about the files.

Easy, Burns, it's nothing.
I just thought it would be best

if I kept a low profile on this.

Low profile? Given your
personal involvement here,

you should have no profile.

This isn't about you.

It is not about
the investigation.

It is a personal matter.

If it's about Dave O'Bannon,
it is about the investigation.

Are you covering for him?

Covering for...?


Al, Dave was... having
an affair with my wife.


That little patch
of makeup Webster found on him?

That $500-an-ounce one?

The reason I know
it's from Belgium

is because I bought it
for Shelby

the last time I was in Brussels.

That doesn't prove anything.

It's an exclusive brand.

It's not even
sold in the U.S.

Then I see her car
parked outside

of a restaurant that I know
Dave's eating in.

They're friends,
they're having lunch...
Well, he came in

the back door.
He probably left the same way.

It's funny, huh?

The Aspen Conference last March.

Shelby was presenting for her
environmental do-gooder group.

She stays at the Twelve Tree...

that sour little hotel
in the woods?

Dave O'Bannon had a room
three doors down.

And on and on and
wearily on, it goes.

Receipts of Dave's
that Jay's been tracking.

They match times
Shelby told me she was...

meeting friends or getting
her hair done or all the...

usual excuses.


I'm sorry.

Well, she'll have information
on O'Bannon's state of mind.

Maybe he bared his soul
along with everything else.

I suppose you'll
need to talk to her.

I think you need to talk to her.

You wouldn't understand.

What don't I understand?
Come on, Shelby.

Lay it on me.
What possible reason

could I have given you
for having an affair

with one of my closest friends?

I never slept with Dave.

Aspen? Hmm?


I know about Aspen.

I... Dave just...
He happened to be there.

And I'm glad he was.

Secret rendezvous at Jeffrey's?

We had drinks. How did your
makeup get on his hand?

We found it.

It's a little
forensic thing we do.

This is why, you know.

We don't know each other
anymore, Eliot.

I mean, you don't know me.

No, I don't.

Fine, what... you... want
us to go back to Sharon?

Because I'm pretty sure
she's gonna say

cheating on your husband
is not the way to...

I never slept with Dave!


That afternoon, at the fund-raiser...
I, uh...

I went early to talk to him.

I had made up my mind
to leave you.

I cried, but I knew
I had to do it.

Dave talked me out of it.

He took my face in his hands...

and told me what a loving,
wonderful man you are.

And that you deserved
a second chance.


So... there's your answer to the little...
forensic thing.

What's my answer?

That's what I want to know.

She never spoke with Dave
about his business dealings or

anything else, for that matter.

I guess he was just
a shoulder to cry on.

Eliot, I'm sorry.

Yeah, me too.

Hey, boss, uh, is this a bad time?
It's terrible. Come in.

Okay. I got the analysis
back of the ash

in the Sterno can,
from the crime scene.

Turns out it was
a piece of paper.

We also found some
adhesive and some ink.

A sticker of some kind.

(Carrie chuckles)

Like from a name tag you might
wear at, say, a fundraiser?

Could be. Sure.

Excuse me.

Bob, Debby Ellenson just wants

five minutes, and they're gonna
need you up on the dais.

I'm sorry, Detectives.

Mr. Bright had to cancel a
campaign event for tonight.

But he had some constituent
meetings at the office,

so he'll be available
to talk with you ASAP.

It was a name tag.
Bright's aide, Amanda Temple.

She had one name tag on
before Dave was murdered

and a completely
different one after.

What do we know about her?

Campaign advisor Bright
brought in from Chicago.

Fixer type.

Reputation for hardball.

AL: So to
protect Bright,

she plays hardball,
she kills Dave,

then she realizes
she lost her name tag,

makes herself a new one.

Jay, did the analysis indicate

what kind of ink was
used on that name tag?

Yeah. It's, uh...
Ink's from a fountain pen.

Something fancy
called a Montegrappa.

I think I'm saying it right.

I'm sorry.
What are you doing?

Oh, hi, Amanda.

Is this your car?

Yes. What is this, Detective?

Illinois plates. You've been in
the state for over six months,

and you should've gotten
new plates by now.

You have to be kidding me.

What, they have you handing out
tickets now?

It's, like, budget cuts,
you know?

(chuckles, groans)

Here we go.

Sign this, please.

Can I have the pen?
I'm sorry.

Don't take it personally. It's
just that I loan people my pens

to sign these.
I've lost, like, 100.

I got to draw the line
somewhere, you know?

Fine. Whatever.


Wow. Is-is that a Montegrappa?

Yeah. You know, they make
their own ink for their pens.

Very unique.

Thanks for the education.

We done here?


We're just beginning.

The ink from your pen
is a perfect match

to the sample we
have in evidence.

Doesn't conclusively place me
in the hotel room.

Once we checked your prints
against the partials

we picked up,
it got pretty conclusive.

Plus, the cut to Dave's throat

was messy... my guess is,
once we test your clothes

for blood... There's
a big difference
I wasn't...

between murder one and
manslaughter, Amanda.

We know you killed him.
Help me out here,

so I can help you.

It was an accident.

I didn't go there to hurt him.

Things, they just got out
of hand, I swear.

What happened?

O'Bannon and I
set everything up.

We were going
to approach Marcia Harrison.

And then he just changed
his mind.
So you go

to his room at the hotel
to change it back.

But he was furious and...
he'd been drinking and...

said that I was what was wrong
with politics today.

Told me he'd been talking
to some reporter.

When I tried to calm him down,
he came at me.

So you cut his throat in self-defense?
I was scared.

He was threatening me. I...
picked up the knife.

I tried to keep him back,

and the next thing I know,
he's on the ground.

I didn't mean to kill him.

What did Bright know?


I told him
that I had spoken to Dave

but that he was fine
when I left the room.

Then what was in those files you
took from Dave's storage locker?

What files?

I don't know anything
about a locker.

(door opens)

I don't get it.
She confessed to killing Dave,

but when I pressed her
about the information he had,

she pulled the plug. She's
calling her lawyer right now.

She didn't implicate
anybody else?

Not Marcia Harrison
or Bob Bright.

She says it was just her
and Dave.

She'll go down for this,
probably manslaughter

and some corruption charge.
But it ends with her.

Oh. Here's the star
of the show.

REPORTER: Mr. Bright.
Mr. Bright. Are we to believe

you knew nothing about what
was going on in your office?

There was clearly a group
inside my staff

that worked covertly to use
the influence of this office

(jaunty ringtone plays)
to their benefit. I'm sorry.

That's all I know right now.

(reporters clamoring)

(jaunty ringtone plays)
Oh, I'm sorry.

One second.

Yes. Wonderful. Just have
it delivered to the house.

(phone ringing)

I, uh, got everyone
waiting for a statement.

That ringtone.

I know where the files are.

Okay, listen, when we went
to Bright's office,

he got a call, right?
He said it was about a rug.

It was Amanda.
She was calling him

about the documents
being delivered.

The times match up.
We were there at the same time

somebody got
into Dave's storage locker.

She had just gotten the stuff
from his locker.

That's what was being delivered
to his house.

The files.


Why are you doing this?

Look, whatever it is
you think you're looking for,

it won't stick.

You just... You're burning

a bridge here,
a bridge that can still lead

to our dream.

Me in the mayor's office.
You, police commissioner.

We can still live
that dream... we will.

Think of the good
we can do for this town.

Yeah... what about
what we can do for Amanda?

You knew about the skyscraper
deal... everything...

That's why
she's protecting you, right?

So once you become mayor,
you can repay the favor.

It's enough, Bob.
It's enough.

Dave had nothing to
do with it, did he?

You know what's gonna happen,

Eliot, don't you?

Yeah, I know.

I don't care.

You don't care?

October 18, 1998?


OFFICER: Found this in
the hall closet.

Open it up.

Eliot... Don't
destroy everything.

Cuff him.


Yeah. Say good-bye
to Major Crimes, your friends...


(exhales) CARRIE: Eliot,
what happened in 1998?

I used to blame it
on us being young.

But now I'm thinking...
that's just who we are.

We were... interns... me, Bright
and Dave... for a senator.

Doesn't matter who.

He loved us.

He gave us that atrocious
nickname, the Three Amigos.

Anyway, one night, uh, I get
a call, 4:00 in the morning.

He's in Hell's Kitchen
and something's gone wrong.

We go down and... find him in
a room there with a, um...

well, with a girl who had...
been careless with her opiates.

She fell asleep, never woke up.

He didn't know what to do.

We did.

We made sure
nobody knew he was there.

And going forward, whenever
we needed a favor... (sighs)

well, the senator was there
for us.

That was a long time ago.

Doesn't seem that way to me.

You headed home, Eliot?

Mm-mm. Not just yet.

Figured I'd savor
my last few moments here.

It's not gonna go that way.

No one's gonna believe
anything Bright says.

Not after this.

I don't know.
I wish I had your faith.

You don't need faith.

You got me.

And my buddy Declan.
What's he doing here?

October 18, 1998.
You don't remember?


Well, Declan here
definitely remembers.

Tell him, Dec.
My family's

had the hauling contract
for Yankee Stadium

going on 40 years.

They gave us all a bunch of
tickets to the first... Second.

Second game of the World Series.

I invited Dave.
He brought you along as well.

Yeah, but I-I never went.
Sure, you did.

There were 15 of us.

We stayed
till the very last out.

We went back to my place.

Everybody remembers
how excited you were.

What else?

DECLAN: It was such
a special night...

you kept your ticket stub.

What a thoughtful gift.

You got a pretty good memory.

It's what I'm known for.

That's funny. Me, too.

Thank you.

It's what Dave
would have wanted.


What you doing sitting out here?

Just waiting for you.


I feel so bad for Dave.

Seeing how far Bright
was willing to go, it...

must've made him
question everything.

Only it was too late for him.

What is that?

Uh, that's, uh, peach blueberry.

From Sweet Creations
in Nashville?

I had to, uh, pull
a few strings.

Course you did.




Don't go.

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