Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 3, Episode 8 - The Island - full transcript

Carrie and Al's investigation into the death of a college dropout takes a surprising turn when they discover he had been living in an off-the-grid community on an abandoned island near Manhattan.

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Come on, where are you?
(speaking Mandarin)
(both laughing)
(speaking Mandarin)
(conversing in Mandarin)
(screams, speaks Mandarin)
(onlookers murmuring, talking)
(speaking Mandarin)
I'm taking you down this time, Carrie.
A boy can dream, Sean.
Remember, you promised if I beat you this time, I get a kiss.
Today, Barry, you get a kiss anyway.
What about me?
Do I get a kiss, too?
You know, Quinton, a rain check.
About ten years, okay?
All right, what's it gonna be, boys?
Bishop to D3.
Uh-huh. Knight to F6.
Okay. Even with you incredible memory,
there's a lot of boards with a lot of moves.
You can't win.
Pawn to G5.
My memory is more than incredible, Barry.
It's perfect, which is why I remember
the same Budapest Gambit October 14 of last year.
Are you ready?
Quinton... Rook to C1.
Sean... Queen to F7.
Barry... Queen to H5.
Surrender and keep dreaming.
(cell phone ringing) Oh, thank you very much!
Don't look so sad. Carrie Wells!
Still undefeated!
Hey, Al.
Two Chinese tourists found the body when it washed up on shore.
They called it in, but not before posting
a video of the whole thing on Facebook.
(groans) The mayor brought us in to control spin.
Who is he?
No I.D. Kid didn't have a wallet on him.
Hey, Jo.
Hey, there.
Okay. Male, early 20s.
Looks like a single gunshot wound to the back of the head.
Been in the water maybe eight to ten hours,
according to rigor.
I'm estimating the time of death to be around midnight,
but I'll know more when I get back to the lab.
I've seen him before.
On a flyer.
His name is Sam Miller.
He was reported missing last week.
Looks like we found him.
I just got off this endless conference call
with the Tourist Board.
Good Lord, those people can chat.
I assume they want this wrapped up quickly?
They want this wrapped up yesterday.
What do we know so far?
Sam Miller was 22,
an environmental studies major at Denton University,
by all accounts a good kid, good grades. No criminal record.
And according to his school records,
Sam lived with his parents
Bruce and Shelly Miller,
up in Throggs Neck, in the Bronx.
At least up until a month ago, when he dropped out of school
and pretty much out of sight.
The kid left home-- no forwarding address,
no way to contact him.
He only took his cell phone with him.
After his mother didn't hear from him for three weeks,
she filed a missing persons report.
What mother waits three weeks
to file a missing persons report?
Hmm. What do we know
about this family? Well, Sam's dad owns
three supermarkets
between Castle Hill and Hunt's Point. He also has one hell of a temper.
In the past six months, patrol's responded
to the apartment four times
after neighbors heard them all fighting. No charges were filed.
We need to find out what was going on in that house
and why it took so long to report him missing.
All right, keep me apprised. The FBI I can handle.
But the Tourist Board, they're...
they're just mean.
(quiet laughter)
We're very sorry for your loss.
CARRIE: Mrs. Miller, you took a while
before you filed a missing persons report on Sam.
Any reason for that?
He took off about a month ago.
Sam was in college.
He'd go off the grid from time to time-- a week,
ten days wasn't out of the ordinary, but...
once it became a few weeks without a phone call,
that's when I knew something was wrong. Mr. Miller,
we're trying to piece together what happened
so I have to ask:
On a few occasions,
your neighbors heard you fighting with Sam
loud enough they had to call the police?
What does that have to do with who killed my boy?
Would you mind if I took a look around Sam's bedroom?
Well, anything I could learn about Sam might help.
(sniffling) (voice breaking): I'm sorry.
(sniffling): This is all just so hard.
I can't imagine what you must be going through.
Was Sam depressed?
Uh, he had OCD. Oh.
But it was under control for a while now.
Detective Wells, I know that
my husband may seem a bit gruff.
He and Sam fought, but you have to know
that Bruce loved Sam very much.
And he never got violent with him or anything like that?
Parents know how heated those fights can get,
but Bruce would never hurt Sam.
We're not making any accusations.
I can't believe this. We're just trying to find out
what you argued about.
What every parent argues about with their kid:
what the hell Sam's gonna do with his life.
The neighbors... what they heard...
Bruce has had a short fuse lately.
What with his employees
wanting to unionize the market.
Where were you around midnight last night?
Oh, you son of a bitch!
You know, I was with my wife, at home,
worrying about my son.
How dare you accuse me of anything!
Look, I argued with Sam because I loved him.
I would never have hurt him.
It's gotten really scary.
These union people, they put dead rats at our door.
They broke into your building?
A little over a month ago.
That's right around the time Sam left, right?
And you hadn't spoken to him since?
No. You don't think they hurt my son, do you?
I don't know.
But I'm gonna find out.
Hey. Oh, hi.
Here's what I've got:
I pulled a .38-caliber round from his frontal lobe.
The point of entry was at the base of the skull,
passed through the basal ganglia.
He died instantly. So Sam was shot
and then tossed in the river. I'm betting whoever killed Sam
was hoping his body would get swept out into the ocean.
Makes sense. Mmm.
This tox screen came back clean, except for his OCD meds.
His T-cells were up-- he probably had a cold.
He looks like a sweet kid.
WEBSTER: It's such a shame.
We're not gonna back down.
I got one message for Miller:
a union united will never be divided.
Guy's name is Ray Pulaski. He's been head of the GSWUA
for the past three years. Guy knows how to work a picket line.
And he's been effective.
Pulaski's been unionizing supermarkets borough by borough.
He started off in Queens with a few grocery stores
in Astoria, and now he's hitting the Bronx.
Does he have a record? Not so much
a record, but he likes to stir the pot.
On at least two separate occasions this year,
NYPD had to respond to an altercation
at one of his protests. According to Sam's mother,
Pulaski's guys left some dead rats at their front door
a month ago to send 'em a message.
Maybe Pulaski went after Sam
to make sure they heard that message loud and clear.
What are you busting my balls for? You guys are cops.
What would your lives be like without a union protecting you?
Hmm. Can you account for your whereabouts
for the past 48 hours? Sure, I can.
I been working three different picket lines nonstop.
I haven't seen my own family in two days.
You kept up your picket even after Miller's only son
was murdered? Hey, no rest for the weary, right?
I'm guessing you got witnesses to back your story? Yeah.
Those hardworking Americans over there,
fighting to make a decent wage.
People might think unions are dead,
but they got another thing coming.
You want to explain the rodents you deposited
at the Millers' door?
It was a stunt.
Morale can sag on a picket line.
I had to rally the troops.
You might want to start by buying 'em some pizza.
We subpoenaed Sam's cell records.
You called Sam at least eight times
since your protest started.
Hey, the kid knew what side to be on.
He knew his dad was wrong.
Sam was helping you?
Who do you think let us in to drop off the rats?
He was giving us inside information on his dad.
Look, Sam was a good kid.
He cared about the everyday worker
and what we're fighting for.
But maybe his dad found out,
because Sam stopped cooperating a few weeks back
and I never heard from him since.
Now listen, doll, unless you're gonna arrest me,
I got a picket to get back to.
First thing, pull the news footage
just to make sure about his alibi,
but we got to get Miller back in.
Shelley already alibied him.
We gotta get Miller alone so he can't intimidate his wife.
Then we'll see how long that alibi stands up. Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
Damn it.
So, no luck with that union guy Pulaski?
Well, aside from the cops
breaking up some scuffles at his protests,
all he's got are a couple citations
for obstructing traffic.
Well, maybe I'll get lucky with the dad.
You know...
I still don't get how you wait three weeks
to report your kid missing.
Oh, come on, Murray, Sam's in college.
When I was in school, I'd go a month
without talking to my parents.
I can't imagine not knowing where Maia is for that long.
Your daughter's nine years old.
Let's revisit this in ten years.
No, trust me, I will now.
You know what?
You probably would.
What is that supposed to mean?
Nothing, no-- I don't know. I'm just saying that I'm sure Maia loves the fact
that you bring her snack to school
every single day... in a purple lunch box.
(Jay laughing)
She likes orange slices and provolone.
And it has to stay cool.
Of course it does.
All the time.
So, what, I'm a helicopter mom now?
No, I wouldn't say that. I think you're more like a... a bulldozer mom.
Oh, God.
Better still, steamroller mom.
(both laughing)
That's funny.
And I was gonna offer you an animal cracker.
- Whoop... - Oh...
When did you find out Sam was helping Pulaski?
I already told you, I had no idea Sam was giving them information.
Sam was undermining everything you worked for.
You seriously think I'd kill my own son?
The man who put him in rehab three times,
even though Sam was hell-bent
on killing himself with those drugs?
Sam was a drug addict?
It started when he was 17.
Prescription drugs, mostly.
We kept it quiet.
His mother and I have sacrificed... so much.
But we'd do anything to help Sam.
He started abusing oxycodone in order
to self-medicate his OCD.
You have no idea how horrible that addiction is.
Each time Sam went through withdrawal
he-he couldn't think straight, and it...
it nearly killed his mother.
But Sam's blood work was clean.
There was no oxy in his system.
It may not have been in his system when he died.
Sam was using again.
It was that damn protest group
he got involved with in college.
What protest group?
Stand Up To The System.
They're... "Occupy Wall Street" types.
He changed after he met them.
Became agitated.
The fights your neighbors heard?
Were they about this group?
They turned my own son against me.
My family has been through... so much.
Those deadbeats killed my son,
whether they pulled the trigger or not.
Millers are sticking to their story
and Pulaski checks out, as well.
What have you got?
I was just checking out Sam's protest group,
and according to the message boards,
some of the members grew their own weed
out on these remote islands, just off the Bronx.
They say which ones? No.
Message boards were shut down two months ago.
Group was disbanded after the leader was arrested
for possession with intent to distribute.
What if Sam kept growing weed on these islands?
I mean, we know dealers
far more dangerous than these kids
use these islands as a way station for their product.
You're thinking Sam crossed dealers
who were protecting their own turf.
Show me the islands. All right.
Well... Okay, these three islands
are directly in the current pattern
upriver from where we found Sam's body,
I don't recognize any of them.
Wards Island had the first bridge crossing into Manhattan.
South Brother Island,
the little one there-- that's where Jacob Ruppert,
early owner of the Yankees, had a summer house.
I guess I'll take Bizarre Trivia for 500, Alex.
AL: And North Brother Island
is where Typhoid Mary was quarantined for 30 years.
Typhoid Mary?
Sam was reading up on Typhoid Mary.
Tell me more about North Brother Island.
AL: It's deserted now.
Nobody's lived there since the '60s.
Now it's a bird sanctuary for herons.
JAY: Sounds like the perfect place
to grow weed without being noticed.
And the perfect place... To get away with murder.
You drive a boat better than you drive a car.
I'll take that as a compliment.
CARRIE: This place is kind of... spooky, huh?
I heard it was haunted.
What? Yeah.
Back in the 1800s, when this place
was filled with quarantined patients,
they used to ship the bodies
back to Port Morris from this very spot.
What are you doing?
Well, I'm talking... What are you doing?
No, I'm making conversation. No, you're not. You're trying...
You're not mak... you're trying to freak me out.
Oh, you're spooked. You know what? You're spooked. I'm not spooked, I'm focused.
We've got a case... Ooh...
Want to talk about spooked?
Uh, Saranac Lake, August 23, 2000.
A bird flew into our room... It was a bat. "It was a bat."
It was a very large bat. "Ooh! There's a bat in our room!
Can you let anything go? My God!"
You screamed like a little girl, didn't you?
Well, guess what? I bet there's a lot of bats on this island.
Who's spooked now? (grumbles)
(birds chirping)
CARRIE: Scared of bats...
and giant bugs crawling up in your suit...
Just think--
once, this whole place was teeming with people.
Yeah, contaminated people.
For a bad-ass cop, you seem a little jumpy.
I am so not jumpy.
(sudden snap, bird screeches) What was that?
Sometimes a bird sanctuary
is just a bird sanctuary.
(quiet chuckle)
Wait a minute, something's different.
JAY: Sounds like the perfect place
to grow weed without being noticed.
You know, your birds are pretty handy with woodwork.
Police. Don't move. Show me your hands.
I told you, we're not growing pot out here.
No, but you are trespassing on government property.
What's your name?
Jordan Davis.
Eyes to the wall, Jordan.
I'm just saying... And shut your mouth.
No weapons, no drugs. They're clean.
All right, listen, what are you doing here?
Minimizing our ecological footprint.
Moved out here about a month ago.
Been living off the land.
See, society has been destroying this Earth at an insane rate.
People consume far more than they need.
WOMAN: Please don't turn us in, we're not
hurting anyone.
We only hid from you because we thought
you were park rangers.
Hey, Jordan, I couldn't find the...
What's going on?
You went to Denton College with Sam Miller, didn't you?
Is everything okay?
I can't believe he's dead.
You and Sam were close, yeah?
Sam and I took
Environmental Health together and...
since the first day, it felt like...
like we knew each other, you know?
That we could trust each other,
even though we had just met.
I haven't been able to trust many people
in my life, so... (coughing)
Listen, I know how hard this
must be for you. And I want you
to know no one here is gonna get in any trouble, okay?
Mm-hmm. I gotta ask you:
was Sam or any of you guys growing weed on this island?
God, n-no. We... We don't allow drugs here,
no weapons, no temptations of any kind. That's...
That's how we look out for each other and stay clean.
You all had drug problems?
Well, not everyone, but...
none of us really have a home to go back to, so...
Look, we weren't doing anything illegal.
I promise.
I can show you our gardens.
We use these tunnels as a shortcut.
This way.
Watch your step.
Be careful, there's a big
hole here. Stay close to the wall.
This is like an obstacle course, huh?
It's like a maze.
It can get really confusing in here, but you get used to it.
(wry laugh)
Wait... No, it's... it's this one.
Sorry, there's so many doors, I always forget.
Uh, stay to the right. Ah. Okay.
Wow, this is incredible.
LOUISA: Sam was working on purifying our water.
He was in charge of our garden.
That's why he took our boat
back to the city-- he was gonna pick up
his last paycheck and get some seeds.
Wait a second.
Sam left the island?
Yesterday. Alone?
He said he'd only be gone for a couple of hours, but...
Louisa, did Sam have a problem with anyone on the island?
Any issues that you know about?
No, they respected him.
We really just gonna leave these kids here?
Well, most of them don't have anywhere else to go, Al.
I mean, what are we gonna do?
They can't live here.
Listen, we have more important things to do
than bust a bunch of kids for trespassing, okay?
Come on.
You left them squatting on North Brother Island?
Think of it as camping.
Or what you've read about camping.
I'll have you know I hiked the entire Inca Trail
to the top of Machu Picchu. That's walking, not camping.
You two are seriously debating this right now?
Sam's girlfriend, Louisa, told us Sam went alone
back to Manhattan yesterday afternoon to get supplies.
We know he never made it back to the island
and was killed around midnight.
Those kids couldn't have killed Sam.
They couldn't even get off the island,
'cause Sam had their only boat.
And you and Carrie believe their story?
Jay's looking for the boat to confirm it,
but, yes, we do. All right.
Finding Sam's killer
is our priority, but, make no mistake,
we will revisit this--
both the camping and the squatting.
Hey, guys.
NYPD found a Zodiac
tied off the dock at Barretto Point Park.
Park rangers didn't recognize the boat, thought it was stolen
so they called it in. Turns out
the boat's owned by Jordan Davis,
but he never reported it stolen.
That's one of the kids on the island. MURRAY: Mm-hmm.
Were Sam's prints on the boat?
Well, we got a couple of partials, but check this out.
Ran facial recognition, got a positive hit on Sam.
This was taken at 4:00 p.m. the day Sam was killed.
He took that boat alone.
Well, that is definitely Sam,
which means Louisa's story checks out.
All right, so we need to retrace his steps
from when he got to Manhattan to when he was killed.
Louisa told us
he was on his way to pick up his final paycheck
so he could buy seeds. Okay, according
to Sam's work history, his last known job
was at a clinical research lab run out of Denton
by a Dr. Paul Hughes.
I'll see if Dr. Hughes can fit you in,
but he's been in meetings with Mazurtech executives
all morning. Oh, I think he'll fit us in.
Mazurtech funds all of his research.
Excuse me, Dr. Hughes. Uh, these detectives are here to see you.
Oh, please, please come in. We were just wrapping up.
It's good to see you again, Paul. Yeah.
Good afternoon.
What can I do for you, Detectives?
Detective Wells, I'm Lieutenant Burns.
We're investigating the murder of Sam Miller.
I understand he worked here.
Yes. I-I heard what happened on the news.
I-I'm still in shock.
Sam was a wonderful young man.
About two days ago, he came by to pick up
his final paycheck.
HUGHES: That can't be. I haven't seen Sam since he quit
a month ago.
Uh... Yep. As you can see, he was paid in full.
Have you had any contact
with Sam in the last few weeks?
HUGHES: No. I tried calling a few times, but he never returned.
I spoke with his father once, but Mr. Miller said
it was a family matter and I should mind my own business,
so... What did Sam do in the lab?
Data entry, mostly.
I'm an infectious disease specialist,
and Sam compiled the results of my research.
Sam loved science,
figuring out how the world works,
which is why I knew that there was something
very wrong when he left.
How so? I've been Sam's advisor
since he was a freshman.
I probably shouldn't say anything, but...
Sam had a problem with prescription medication.
We know about the stints in rehab.
I cure diseases, but I had no cure for Sam's addiction.
He fought so hard to stay clean
but, uh, not always successfully, I'm afraid.
I offered to help him, but Sam wouldn't let me.
Sam wouldn't let anyone help him.
Okay. Thank you.
If-if there's anything more that I can do,
please just let me know.
So let's say Sam fell off the wagon. Right.
What, do you think that's the reason he lied to Louisa
about why he came back to Manhattan?
They all want to stay clean, Sam couldn't.
So he makes up an excuse to get a fix.
Jay, pull up a list from the NITRO computer.
Everyone arrested for dealing drugs near Denton University
in the past year.
You're thinking a drug deal gone wrong?
Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one.
Thank you, oh, wise one.
Jay. Okay, we got Annie Cox, age 29.
Currently serving six months in the Tombs
for possession with intent to distribute.
Lamar Deaton, A.K.A. Sandman,
35-- just finished court-ordered rehab.
Lives with his mother in Queens.
And this next gem, Eddie Codd, 31.
Multiple possession charges.
His last W-2 is from Miller's Grocery
on Jerome Ave. That's Sam's father's market.
Eddie Codd?
Police. We'd like to talk to you.
Why do they always run?
Try to keep up, old man!
Who you calling old?
AL: Cut him off!
Come on, come on.
Took you long enough.
What? How 'bout my tackle?
You see that? Not bad
for a guy who only shaves once a week.
What? Oh, I get it. Because I called you old back there?
And it's twice a week, by the way.
Come on.
EDDIE: I swear I didn't kill Sam.
Hadn't seen him in weeks. Didn't even know he was dead.
You're lying. We know you sold to Sam the night he died.
That's not true.
Okay, fine.
Kid came by around 9:00, but I didn't sell him anything.
So you did see him. Yeah.
(over speaker): I mean, Sam was tripping out.
Said he needed something for his nerves, you know?
But he didn't have any money.
I'm not a charity.
What was he tripping out about? Who knows?
You know? He was on his cell,
screaming at some doctor,
saying how the guy screwed him over.
I figured that the doc didn't give him the meds he wanted,
so that's why he came to see me.
Look, all I know is that the kid was going nuts
and he needed to chill.
This is the way I see it:
you were the last person to see Sam alive.
How much you want to bet if we tossed your apartment
right now, we'd find it full of pharmaceuticals
you are not supposed to have?
Guy like you... Two prior convictions.
I couldn't have been the last one to see Sam.
You know, come to think of it, Sam said
he was gonna hook up with someone later that night.
"Come to think of it."
How convenient for you.
No, it's true. Said he had a big meet by 29th and 1st.
Figured he was scoring some meds,
since it's right by that hospital.
Which hospital?
I mean, the dude seemed anxious.
What did Sam do in the lab?
HUGHES: Data entry, mostly.
I'm an infectious disease specialist.
I want to know what Hughes is hiding.
He said he didn't see Sam-- I think he did.
He's lying. Let's find out why.
CARRIE: We'll clear it.
(phone keypad beeping)
I need CSU on scene at Denton University,
the Virus Lab. DOA.
Possible suicide.
There were two canisters in here, and they're missing.
One of them had a biohazard label.
Hughes was an infectious disease specialist,
so what the hell was in those canisters?
He was working on a vaccine
for something called an auroraevirus.
Jay, what can you tell us about the auroraevirus?
Wow, this virus is pretty brutal.
There was a lethal outbreak in Ecuador in 2005.
It's not airborne, but if you eat or drink the virus,
you'll have flu-like symptoms-- cough, fever--
until the virus kills you in about ten days.
No known cure.
We gotta find those canisters.
AL: All right, listen up.
We got to move quickly. If that virus gets in the water supply,
we could be facing a huge epidemic.
We got a ballistics match on Hughes's gun.
The same gun that shot Sam. We found Hughes's car in the faculty parking lot. Let me guess,
it had traces of Sam's blood. Uh-huh.
So Hughes kills his own student, then he kills himself.
Or someone kills Hughes and steals the virus.
I'm tracking down everyone who had authorized access to the lab.
Al, security cameras were shut down in Hughes' office.
We still have no eyes on who went to the lab
and took the virus. There has to be video
of the hallways. Still waiting
for the university to send it over. Get 'em to speed it up!
Come on! Let's go.
CARRIE: Jo, Sam had cold symptoms when he was killed, right?
Is it possible it was something else?
I was just coming to find you.
Sam's final blood work came back, and it wasn't a cold.
The auroraevirus. Hughes's research only reached the animal testing phase.
The FDA just recently denied him approval
for human testing.
So how did Sam get infected?
Let's take a look at what the police pulled from Hughes's lab.
Let's see. Test results, student evaluations...
(sighs) farming catalogues...
Wait. Wait, enlarge those catalogues. Yeah.
The irrigation system.
Listen to me, Sam wanted
to purify the water on the island, right?
Let's say he went to Hughes for help.
That gives Hughes the perfect opportunity.
Sam brings back the virus,
thinking it's something to purify the water.
Why would Hughes do that? He specializes in curing
infectious diseases, not spreading them.
You said it yourself--
the FDA wouldn't approve human trials.
He needed to find his very own human lab rats.
Right? He needed to do that to test his vaccine.
He had to get them sick first, so he could cure them.
He wanted to be Edward Jenner.
Who? Edward Jenner is credited with curing smallpox,
but in order to do that, he infected healthy children
to prove his vaccine.
We don't know how many children died as a result.
Oh, my God. (phone rings)
Okay, I'm on my way.
Hey, Jay, what do you got? Oh.
Hey, Carrie. So here's the security video
from the university hallway. Now, the video starts
at the time Hughes' lab cameras went down.
There. The viral canisters have to be in his backpack-- right there.
That's the guy from Mazurtech.
He's the one who's been overseeing Hughes'
research grants.
(typing) Mazurtech... Guy's name is
Wendell Kuryak, president of Mazurtech Pharmaceuticals.
They specialize in developing vaccines
for diseases throughout the world.
Or at least they used to.
Recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization.
If Mazurtech was having financial trouble
and if his company put a lot
of money into that vaccine, the next thing would be to test it, right?
And who better to test it on
than isolated, off-grid kids on an island?
Which means Kuryak and Hughes are working together.
I think Hughes used Sam.
I think he tricked him into contaminating
the water supply on the island.
I think Sam found out,
confronted Hughes, Hughes killed him.
Then, conveniently, Hughes kills himself.
The virus and the vaccine are missing,
which leaves Kuryak. His company's reputation--
everything-- is riding on proving he has the cure.
Where's Kuryak right now? I'll ping his cell.
Got a GPS signal. He's in the East River.
Why's he going back to the island?
He's going to clean up what's left of his mess.
Kuryak is on the island.
Assume he's armed and dangerous.
OFFICERS: Go! Move! Move!
(groaning) Stay back!
You gotta trust me.
You gotta believe me.
I'm here to help. Shut up!
Shut up! But, no, look, when I found out what that maniac Hughes was doing--
using Sam to try and poison you kids...
You're lying. Sam would never hurt us. I had to do something.
AL: Kuryak, stop! Give it up!
They're trying to poison us! Louisa, run.
Al, she's got the vaccine and the virus.
AL: Don't let him go.
He's lying about Hughes. He's in on it!
AL: All right, stay with them. Stay with them.
Louisa, come back! That medicine can help you!
Louisa! Louisa, wait!
AL: I can't see a thing.
CARRIE: Wait a second.
LOUISA: Watch your step.
Just stay with me, Al. Come this way.
Be careful. There's a big hole here. Stay close to the wall.
It's right here.
Stay up against the wall, okay?
This place is like a maze. Stay with me.
She's headed for the garden.
Wait. No, it's... it's this way.
Stay to the right.
(quietly): I got it.
CARRIE: Louisa... Stay back.
I'm just here to help, okay?
No, I have to destroy the poison.
No, no, no, look...
Stay back! Look, look... I am. Look at me.
That's not poison. What you have-- right there--
is a cure that can save you and your friends. No.
You're just like everyone else.
Why are you trying to hurt us?
I'm not trying to hurt you.
Look at me.
Louisa, I'm not like everyone else.
I'm not.
You can trust me.
No... Why should I trust you?
Because you and me, we're... we're a lot alike.
Listen, I know what it's like
to feel alone and different.
I do.
I mean, I think you're brave.
I wish I'd been brave enough to find my own island to live on.
But they killed Sam.
Yes, they killed Sam.
Don't let them kill you, too.
Sam would want you to live.
Louisa, look at me. Look at me.
I promise you that what you're holding in your hands
is a cure that can save you and your friends.
Please trust me. (sobbing)
Please help us.
WEBSTER: Her viral levels
plummeted once we started treatment.
Louisa and her friends are going to make
a full recovery within weeks.
That's great.
WEBSTER: It's ironic, really.
The antiviral worked,
but Hughes and Kuryak will never see
the fruits of their labor.
You coming?
I'm gonna hang out here for a bit.
How are you feeling?
A little sore, I guess. But okay.
Is everyone else... Everyone's gonna be okay.
It's gonna work out fine.
You know, you were really brave back there.
You kept your word.
You saved us.
I like to think Sam saved you.
If he hadn't left the island
and tried to figure out what was going on,
we would never have found you, you know?
Sam's watching out for you.
He always did.
Get some rest, okay?
AL: Hey. The CDC has the canister with the virus.
It's completely contained.
Great. What about Kuryak?
He's lawyered up, but it's not gonna do him any good.
Gunshot residue on his fingers matches Hughes' gun.
Kuryak shot him and made it look like a suicide.
He's going away for a long time. Best news of all,
I don't have to deal with the Tourist Board anymore. Oh, well,
it's good to see you've got your priorities straight, Eliot.
Eye on the prize.
Nothing. What?
Well... What is it? Oh, I was just thinking--
if I were heading to a deserted island,
I'd take you.
That's sweet. Well, 'cause you'd be able to remember all the stuff
I'd need to survive.
You're like a walking Swiss Army knife.
Well, that's not... so sweet.
But, you know, if I...
was headed to a deserted island,
I'd take something warm. Yeah?
'Cause at nighttime it can get cold and I would need to...
heat up.
I'd take matches.
To make a fire. You know?
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