Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 3, Episode 13 - D.O.A. - full transcript

Carrie and Al prevent the poisoning of a US Senator, but in the process Carrie is poisoned with a toxin that affects her memory.

(techno-dance music playing)
¶ Get up, get up, get up ¶
¶ Yeah ¶
¶ Wake up, wake up, wake up ¶
¶ Mmm... ¶
¶ Ooh-ooh ¶
¶ Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh... ¶
Senator, um, as I've been saying--
we're here for your protection.
And, as I have been saying--
I appreciate all the attention,
but I don't believe I'm in any danger.
Can I ask now, Granddad?
You bet, Haley.
And you tell me if you think she's fooling.
Go ahead, honey.
Okay, June 3, 2003.
June 3, 2003, was a Tuesday.
George Bush landed in Egypt.
The baseball player Sammy Sosa was thrown out of a game
for having cork in his bat.
And, let me guess-- you were born.
You're right.
(laughs) She's right.
How'd you do that?
Well, Haley, I have a very special gift--
(whispers): I remember everything.
Yeah, you might want to remember your job.
Oh. Just saying.
Okay. All right.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Senator, Interpol and the NYPD are convinced
you are a potential assassination target.
Because why? I went to some silly conference?
Hell, I only went for the skiing, you know.
And it rained just about every day.
Three other people who attended the Davos Conference...
have been poisoned. Two died.
And Interpol believes the killer has entered the United States.
We just want to keep you safe.
Right, Carrie?
Yes. Right.
We just want to keep you safe.
Well, that is very kind of you,
but I've been in public life for 30 years--
I'm tougher than I look.
Believe me, my man Nolan can handle
whatever situation arises.
Plus, I got that mean-looking fellow
the festival's providing me gratis.
Sir, we're talking about a professional assassin.
We don't know how he delivers the poison,
but we know he does it under cover of large crowds.
You can do whatever it is you think you have to do
since your dynamo partner here Aw.
has so graciously entertained my granddaughter.
(laughs) Well, let's do this then, yeah? Okay.
We're ready for you, Senator.
Uh... Let me help you, sir. Thank you.
You know, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
You think I was just playing, but I had a whole master plan.
And, look at that, it worked. Mission accomplished.
How'd you know it was her birthday?
I'm brilliant. Hmm.
Jay, we're on the move. What's your situation?
Well, place is really filling up.
It's clear from here.
(reporters shouting questions)
I wish I knew what we were looking for.
Interpol and Homeland don't know much more.
Whoever these guys are, they move like shadows.
(reporters shouting questions)
¶ ¶
(cheering, chattering)
Ah, Senator Carlyle.
I'm Murphy Cloonan. So pleased you could make it.
So, this is the check I'll be presenting
on behalf of your foundation.
Fine, fine.
Is there anything in particular you'd like me to say
in your introduction?
Nope, just make it quick.
I'll cover the other side. All right.
Let's do it. Okay.
All right.
Murray-- anything out of the ordinary, abort.
No "wait and see." We make the call.
It's all good.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it is my great honor and pleasure
to bring to the stage now a former member of the Senate,
a true captain of business,
the guiding light of the Carlyle Foundation,
and an all-around great American--
Senator Thomas Carlyle.
Thank you.
Thank you. You're too kind.
Let me help you sir.
Thank you.
CARRIE: Al, the water level.
(crowd exclaims)
(woman screams)
(tray clattering)
Hey, you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
(horn blares)
(gasps) (tires screeching)
Oh, my...
JAY: Okay, our dead suspect is Nikos Hastis--
low-level operative out of Cyprus,
rumored to have ties to "Revolutionary Struggle,"
a terrorist group.
How'd he get in the country?
Came here on a work visa. Now apparently this guy's done private security jobs
all over the world. Speaking of security--
we found the security guard he switched out at the festival,
throat cut, in a Dumpster.
How does all this sync up with the previous attacks?
Well, both Jean-Marc Keller, a Swiss banker,
and Gustave Bauchau, Belgian manufacturing big shot,
attended the Davos Economic Conference,
along with Senator Carlyle.
Both of them died very uncomfortably.
No positive I.D. of the toxins used.
There were thousands of people at that conference.
Still, it's the only link we got so far.
But it's the same M.O.--
poison, big crowd to cover the identity of the killer,
and by the time these guys found out they were dosed,
it was too late to do anything about it.
Let's see if we can track Nikos's movements
and tie him to the prior murders.
And let's find out how he was spending his time in New York.
I want to make sure he didn't offer a bottle of water
to anyone else before we caught up to him.
You got it.
Hey. Oh, hi.
Nice work this morning.
Next time I need a body guard, I'm calling you.
Next time? Wha...?
Was there ever a time?
Oh, long time ago.
I was teaching a seminar at Columbia,
and I had the nephew of a certain Uruguayan dictator
in my class... Ooh, did someone try to kill him?
No! No, no, no.
Nothing like that.
He was absent all the time.
Tanked the final. I had to give him a "D."
So, he tried to kill you?
No, but his uncle was pretty mad.
You probably dashed his hopes
of ever going to medical school.
(laughing): Hardly-- it was the culinary arts school.
It was "The Essentials of Puff Pastry."
I let him take a make-up.
He made an incredible rustico lecesse.
Got a B-minus.
He's now running a four-star restaurant in Montevideo.
Oh, wow. His uncle sent me
an amazing bottle of Grappamiel.
Hmm. Speaking of which, you look hung over.
Well, I'm... I'm not.
Where are we... on the water bottle?
I found definite traces of aconite,
otherwise known as wolfsbane.
It presents in a fever and slight nausea.
And just when you think you're ready to go to the hospital,
after about 24 hours-- boom, you're dead.
Complete systems failure.
Hard to come by? Very.
The extraction process is highly complex, so...
your guy must have had
a pretty sophisticated knowledge of chemistry.
That's what's bothering me.
Nikos Hastis was a career thug, not a brilliant chemist.
So, you're thinking there's someone else out there?
Yeah, I do.
AL: I talked to the desk clerk, not much.
Nikos checked in a couple days ago,
registered under his own name-- pretty ballsy.
Yeah, he never expected to get caught.
Hmm. This is weird.
"Koban Imports."
Looks like he had these uniforms made outside the country.
Fake papers.
But where's the chemistry equipment?
According to Webster,
the wolfsbane required elaborate preparation.
Maybe he had a lab somewhere else.
Al, I'm with Carrie.
This just doesn't feel like our guy.
(phone beeps)
Jay-- do me a favor?
What you got on Koban Imports?
Hold on one second, Al.
All right, it looks like they're over in Long Island City.
Been in business since 1995.
Owners are Elizabeth and Eric Koban.
Says here they live on the premises as well.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second.
This is a little weird, Al.
I just got an EMS alert.
Ambulance has been dispatched to that location.
(phone beeps)
Murray, let's go.
(indistinct radio transmission)
I-I couldn't get her to wake up.
How could this happen?
I-I don't understand.
Liz was stressed about something,
so, she wanted to relax while I finished dinner.
Any idea what was bothering her?
I mean, times are hard right now.
We were having trouble making ends meet.
But things seemed to be getting a little better.
She, uh, poured a glass of wine,
and went into the living room.
How long before you checked on her?
About 45 minutes?
I thought she was just asleep.
I did everything I could-- I called 911.
The ambulance came, they said they couldn't do anything.
That bottle of wine, you said it was delivered?
From the wine store.
It came just like that, with a ribbon
and a thank you card-- no name.
I don't understand-- what does that have to do...
Do you know what time it was delivered? About 4:00.
Would someone please tell me what's going on?
After Nikos was dead.
Mr. Koban, we think your wife may have been poisoned.
You recognize this man?
I don't understand-- why would someone want to kill my wife?
We don't know, but we're gonna find out.
(scoffs) Diabolical.
He took a hypodermic needle,
injected the poison through the cork.
There's no way that hole could be seen by the naked eye.
What kind of poison did he use?
A venom-- tetrodotoxin.
Puffer fish. Yeah.
I know my sushi.
A much faster-acting poison than the others.
I finally contacted the M.E.'s in Switzerland and Belgium,
he used dimethylmercury in one, and polonium in the other.
That's quite an arsenal, huh?
Hmm... Elizabeth Koban... had nothing to do with Davos.
No, but she did help him, um...
...import the uniforms, right? So... Are you okay?
I... I'm feeling a little off. (laughs)
You look awful.
Oh, Carrie. You're burning up.
How long have you felt this way?
I started feeling... crappy this afternoon,
and it feels like... It feels like it's getting worse.
Since the chase.
Since the chase.
Carrie, is it possible you were poisoned?
Okay, so what do we do?
WEBSTER: Well, as Dr. Miller was saying--
we have to find out how she was poisoned.
Exactly, the surest path to saving your life is finding
the person who poisoned you and identifying the toxins he used.
Okay, then let's get going.
You can't work your own case. You need rest.
I'm too pissed off to rest.
Besides, weirdly, I feel fine right now.
Detective Wells, depending on the poison and the dosage,
you'll feel strong, and then weak,
and then strong again;
but, untreated, this process will continue on and off
until, well, without warning,
you'll experience complete systemic shutdown.
Wow. Well, that doesn't sound like much fun, does it?
You know what? While I'm still feeling strong,
I'm gonna head out and save my life, okay?
Thanks for racing over, Phil. Carrie, where do you think you're going?
To catch my murderer.
I told her she needs to be in a hospital. Carrie,
Dr. Miller is the head of toxicology at Mt. Sinai.
If he believes you should be admitted,
you should be admitted.
Oh, really? So, you want me to just (everyone talking at once) lay in a hospital bed and die?
I'm going to die anyway, so I may as well go out while...
(everyone talking at once) Shut up and just listen...
With all due respect,
knowing her the way I do, the way we all do,
there's no way she's staying in a hospital bed right now. Right.
You need to be under a doctor's close supervision.
Oh. Joanne Webster's a doctor.
Not a "doctor" doctor, more of a dead person's doctor.
But a doctor nonetheless, and I like her.
And she makes me laugh.
Will you supervise me?
I'm working this.
Let me do it-- you can't risk it.
Listen to me. Listen to me, okay?
If you'd been poisoned,
and you had maybe less than two days to live,
who would you want working the case?
You. And you.
You and me together, we can solve anything, right?
And if we work fast enough, then-then we can solve this.
I'll let you know if it gets to be too much, I promise.
But right now, we're the only chance I've got, Al.
What do you have?
Okay, so back at the Bureau, my team had numerous cases
where victims belonged to several overlapping groups.
So, we developed our own algorithm to narrow the focus,
which I kind of borrowed on the way out. It's pretty cool.
I'm sure it is, but we already know the connection--
the Davos Conference.
Yeah, I thought so, too.
But then we widened our search.
And we located five other
unexplained, sudden deaths-- all potential poisonings.
Shimon Furst, Israeli banker--
died last year in a Tel Aviv hospital.
Next we've got Roland Mercure, French real estate mogul--
died six months ago.
And Nigel Adams,
presumed victim of a cardiac infection
three months ago in London.
Thing is, none of these guys were at Davos.
But they were, along with our other victims,
investors in... Linear Oil Systems.
It's a small international refinery.
They were in the news for a pipeline spill
in Nigeria two years ago.
Destroyed thousands of acres.
Every one of our victims, plus these three guys,
helped finance that project.
Davos isn't the connection.
Linear Oil Systems is.
And Carrie and Elizabeth Koban just got in the way.
Carrie was right on Nikos's tail, I get bringing her down.
But why Koban?
He used her to bring in those security uniforms.
Maybe she got nosey.
All right, get on Koban Imports--
bank statements, business receipts, everything.
He killed her for a reason, let's find out what it was.
And I want to know more about that oil spill.
Something bad like that happens,
it creates a lot of resentment and motive.
Your heart rate is still elevated,
your white blood cells are through the roof.
(sighs) Your body is fighting this,
but any strenuous activity is just gonna make things worse.
Carrie, you know I'm not mushy, but you matter to me.
I want you to take care of yourself.
Then help me fight, okay?
Let's just...
We gotta figure this out. We gotta-we gotta...
walk it through and figure it out, all right?
(sighs) I was chasing Nikos Hastis.
Somehow I must have gotten poisoned...
during the chase.
But the question is when.
And how.
I just... The first moment...
could have been when I knocked the water bottle
out of Carlyle's hand.
But that water never touched me.
There were so many people there, I just...
If Nikos did have a partner,
and he was in the crowd...
Is it possible he stuck me with a needle, some kind of needle?
If he was trained in the Balkans,
they-they sometimes use tiny needles in pens,
so... yeah, it's possible.
All right, wait a second. There were these, um...
...curtains, these big, heavy, black curtains.
And they were covered in dust. He made a point of pulling them down on top of me.
And I was choking on the dust, but then he would have...
He would have had to have prepared them in advance, right?
Yeah, and airborne toxins are not really this guy's thing.
Wait a second.
There was a cleaning guy that came out of nowhere.
Hey. You okay?
I-I slipped, and I fell.
Maybe something got on me?
Was there a smell? Anything unusual.
Yeah, there... like a-a... burning smell.
Sulfur. Yeah.
That could be it.
What did he look like?
I know I looked at him, but...
...I don't think I saw his face.
I-I don't, I don't think I've got what we need.
It could be just enough.
It's waterborne, sulfur-based.
It's a good start.
So, where are we on that maintenance guy?
Do I have a milk mustache on my face?
Because I keep telling my guy, Jerry,
to make my cappuccino dry, but he makes it wet with extra foam.
So, Jay, the maintenance guy.
Uh, yeah. Sure. Sorry.
All right, listen.
I know I'm a zombie, but I don't smell, yet, do I?
We're all just concerned, that's all.
I know, I'm concerned, too. But I just...
Well, you look so sad.
Let's just get this out, okay?
There's something you want to tell me, Jay.
Just go ahead. What?
I don't want you to die.
'Cause you still owe me that 50 bucks
from fantasy football last year.
Well, I-I don't want to die, either, because...
I still haven't taught you how to count cards.
Right. And on the maintenance guy--
the venue's got no record of anyone working the festival.
We're still on it.
CARRIE: All right. Hey.
So, I was going over the financial records
for Koban Imports.
They've been struggling.
But it turns out they got two rather large deposits
in the past month.
Both cash, just under $10,000--
so it wasn't reported to the IRS.
You think they came from Nikos?
Yeah, but that seems like way too much money
for fake security uniforms, huh?
But not for something a little more lethal.
JAY: And if our guy still needs that something back...
I had a couple of unis hang out to keep an eye on things.
We need to get over there.
WOMAN: 911. Lieutenant Burns, Major Crimes, requesting a 10-13.
Officer shot at 1216 163rd Street.
(phone beeps)
(running footsteps)
(car door closing)
(engine starting)
(tires squealing)
There was a car right here.
A rental. You got the plate?
Uh, I-I-I didn't... I didn't see it.
Yeah, you did.
You looked right at it when we came in.
It was red, four-door.
You got anything?
The make and model?
I-I can't remember.
Business was closed for obvious reasons.
Eric Koban was at the funeral home,
making arrangements for Elizabeth.
So, the killer returns to get reloaded,
or clear out his stash, and finds our guys.
Koban confirmed that his wife mentioned leasing these lockers,
but she didn't say to whom, and no paperwork was filled out.
Strictly a cash under-the-table offer, I imagine.
And then she opens one, doesn't like what she finds,
confronts him.
And that's what gets her killed.
When I catch this guy, there's no telling
what I'm gonna do to him.
Hmm. Check with the CSUs
one last time-- see if they turned up anything else.
You got it.
Jo, what do we got?
Oh, a Pandora's box of poisons, illegal chemicals.
There are two boxes of spiders in there.
This guy really liked to mix things up.
Can any of this help Carrie?
'Cause I need something here, Jo.
Yes, actually it can.
Whatever was used on Carrie
is almost definitely in one of
those boxes. Plus the fact
that we now know it was a neurotoxin.
Because of her memory?
Yeah, bad news for her, but it might just be
the thing that saves her life.
I need you to tell me the truth.
What's about to happen?
Neurotoxins attack the brain.
Each one does it differently.
She's obviously weaker, plus the memory loss,
which is particularly cruel in her case.
She may have seizures.
But there's no way to predict any of this stuff.
We need to do something for her.
Well, I will take care of what's in there.
You just make sure that she slows down
and maybe the poison will slow down, too.
(indistinct radio transmission)
Hey. You all right?
What if, um... what if I just pulled the car out
and we drove away?
Pick up a bottle of wine. (giggles)
Get that bread you like, with the cheese.
We could head down to the water and... Pretend.
Yeah. Maybe.
That'd be nice.
Let someone else be cops for a while. Oh...
You've done enough.
Give Jo time to find the antidote,
let us all take over.
What if she doesn't?
What if she doesn't find an antidote?
And anyway, when have I ever slowed down?
I'm not slowing down.
One of two things is gonna happen here.
I'm gonna keep going,
until, to quote that incredibly optimistic Dr. Miller,
I either drop dead or I'm gonna solve this.
I've never really been scared of anything in my...
in my whole life, but this?
I am scared of this.
I'm not scared of dying.
I'm scared of losing my memory.
Because without it, I... Carrie...
you are so much more than your gift.
Don't you know that?
(engine starts)
Tell me you got something.
I think I do.
Take a look, Al.
Okay, so you know how we think
Nikos was targeting Linear Oil Systems and their investors
because of the oil spill?
Right? I've been sifting through
CCTV footage from their offices.
Turns out there was
a "Save Nigeria" rally right in front
of the office about a month ago.
Guess who I found?
The guy standing to the left of Nikos
is a Nigerian national.
His name is Goodacre Oyenusi.
Now, apparently, this guy's a notorious operator.
Specializes in fake passports, immigration papers...
just like the ones Nikos had in his hotel room.
He likes to spend his days hanging around
this Nigerian restaurant called Moin Moin.
Shoot the address to my phone.
Nice work, Jay!
(bell jingles)
You feeling all right?
Never better. You don't look so hot.
Oh, yeah, well, that's the crappy
fluorescent lighting in here.
AL: What about our deal?
You're supposed to tell me when you don't feel good.
You know, I-I-I think I'm losing my memory
and I don't really recall that.
Yeah, that's convenient.
CARRIE: You see what I'm seeing?
AL: Yeah, that's Oyenusi.
Thinking the softer approach is better here.
Yeah. I completely agree.
Police! Don't move!
I dare you to test me. I dare you.
Sit your ass down and stay there.
Al... behind that curtain.
I'm guessing it's not the Wizard of Oz.
How's the soup?
Tasty. Huh.
AL: All right, let's see.
We got fake driver's licenses,
birth certificates from Qatar,
blank social security cards...
That has nothing to do with me.
Show me your pockets. Now!
Oh, look at that.
An expired work visa for Carmen Naji.
I don't know anything about that.
Let's go.
What do you know of Ogoniland?
But I know you're a coward.
You don't know me.
You know nothing about me.
ELIOT: Ah, she looks terrible.
I'm not liking this.
Not at all.
If a giant U.S. corporation
came in and destroyed my family and my home,
I'd want to do something about it.
Like murder?
If you want to confess, I got a pen.
Write this down:
If I could, I would strangle you and all the others
who come to my country and seduce my people
with money and false promises.
You're not a patriot.
You think you are, but you're not.
You're a crook.
You sell fake documents, you prey on poor people...
you're sick.
If you're looking for "sick,"
look in the mirror.
You are a disease.
A poison.
What did you say?
Did you do this to me?
Al... I'm on it.
There are always your kind... My kind?
Secret police who don't wear uniforms,
who hide behind names like "corporate protection"
and "security forces."
You're all the same.
Security forces don't...
I saw him.
I saw his face.
AL: Take it easy.
CARRIE: What happened?
You fainted. EMTs gave you something to stabilize your blood pressure.
How do you feel?
Uh... I feel like an idiot.
For fainting.
Where's Goodacre?
Being booked on forgery and fraud.
He's a crook, but he's not our guy.
How long was I out?
About ten minutes.
I was going to put Triscuits on your forehead,
like at New Year's that time.
Um... We gotta... we-we gotta get going,
because I-I... I saw his face.
You remember the guy?
Yeah, I saw his face.
Something Goodacre said, I... I saw him
when I was chasing Nikos.
I know I saw him.
Oh... It's okay.
No, no, no, no, it's not okay.
It's not okay, because I...
I saw him and I can't remember him.
And that thing you just said about Triscuits at New Year's,
I don't even know what you're talking about.
I don't remember it.
Carrie... it's gonna be okay.
AL: What?
Extremely rare.
Amazonian hunters tip their arrows in it.
Our guy must have had it on the cart.
I put Dr. Miller on it and I think
we've come up with an antidote.
This is good. WEBSTER: We have no idea
how much of that stuff you absorbed.
And the poison is so rare... Ooh, that's a big needle.
Yeah. Ooh, okay. Okay.
Ah... Ow. Ow.
CARRIE: How long till it takes to work? An hour,
maybe two, but there really is no data
on the antidote, so... you may feel worse before you feel better.
If I wake up tomorrow, we know it worked, right?
AL: Carrie.
I don't care if we catch him.
I do.
No more jokes, no more dodges,
no more walking out of rooms.
I lost you before, for nine years.
All this: the job, the city...
...all of it.
If you're not in it, it's meaningless.
Please... let me take you to the hospital.
At least until we know the antidote is working.
I have to know I did my best for you.
You've always done your best for me.
And taking me to the hospital won't prove that.
Hey, guys.
You want a room, or, uh... you want to catch a killer?
Hmm... Since your memory's gotten a little shaky,
I've been trying to come up with my own version of what you do.
So I went back to the Goodacre interview,
and I looked at what motivated you
to turn and head for the door.
You guys were talking about
private military contractors.
So I did a search of PMC's in that region
of Nigeria during the time of the oil spill.
This is what I found.
It's Custom Forces!
I-I saw a...
No, I can't remember.
They were in charge of the security
on the Linear Oil Systems Nigerian project.
Look who's on their board.
AL: So, all our victims
were on Custom Forces' board of directors.
Exactly. And besides Senator Carlyle,
there's only one member that's still alive.
AL: The Honorable Logan Sale, retired.
JAY: This guy's the chairman
of the board, and he only comes to town
and goes to his office one day out of the month.
And it's today.
My arm is killing me.
That a symptom?
No. Did you see the size of that needle?
MAN: I understand your concern.
You bet I was worried.
Everybody in our circle is. No offense.
But we're running out of time on this.
I need you to tell us everything you know
about the Custom Forces board.
Rarely meets.
Nothing controversial in the work we do.
Except for the Linear Oil Systems disaster, right?
That wasn't our problem.
Hmm? We protect
sensitive locations all over the world.
We neither condemn nor condone
what goes on in those locations.
Now I think I'm gonna be sick.
This is why we keep the work we do hidden.
It's misunderstood.
Are you okay?
Um... yeah.
I just need to get some water or something.
Uh... do you...?
Where's the ladies' room?
To the right as you go out the door.
AL: Excuse me.
I'm going with you.
No, Al. Come on.
I think I'm old enough to go pee-pee by myself.
Not like this you're not.
All right, listen. This isn't Cavanaugh's.
And it's not a Tuesday night.
You remember Cavanaugh's?
I do.
After Truth or Dare, we, uh,
we went to the bathroom and we made out.
Boy, we really... we really made out.
It's working! The antidote. (laughs)
What day was it?
Um... (grunts)
It was summer? Mm... I'm going with you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
June 13, 2000.
We forgot to lock the bathroom door.
And it didn't matter. No.
All right.
I'm gonna go by myself.
Okay. Hey?
You sure you don't want some company?
Maybe after this is over.
It's a date.
SALE: You know, now that you bring it up, there was one thing
tied to the Nigerian operation that was odd.
We had to fire our top supervisor in the field.
And he didn't take it very well.
August Kincaid, former CIA.
Old-school spook, full of himself, but very effective.
He just lost control one too many times,
especially in and around the Nigerian situation,
so we had to fire him.
He was belligerent and upset.
The-the job was his entire life.
It was like we took everything from him.
Not healthy.
So this isn't about an oil spill or Nigeria at all.
This is about a guy with a grudge.
A very dangerous guy with a grudge.
(door opens)
Um... how you doing?
I'm good. I'm fine. Thanks.
You know you're in the men's room, right? Yeah.
Didn't make it to the ladies' room. Sorry.
Little hung over?
No. No.
Something you ate?
Listen, I'm a... sandwich vendor on this floor.
I got a bottle of seltzer in my cooler.
I don't think seltzer's gonna fix what I got.
But thanks. (clears throat)
You know?
You look familiar.
Uh... Have we met?
I don't think so. No.
No, I'm-I'm pretty sure.
I mean, a lady like you makes an impression.
Are you hitting on me while I'm about to throw up
in a sink in a men's bathroom?
Are you really...? Are-are you hitting on me?
Come on, man, that's... Sorry.
At least let me get you a bottle of water.
I'm really, I'm fine.
No problem at all.
Important to keep yourself hydrated.
Ooh. Number one cure for what ails you.
Hey... You okay?
Hey, you okay?
(laughs) Oh, come on now.
You're playing me? In your condition?
Bad luck for you.
I didn't mean to dose you, but what could I do?
You should've let my partner go.
(both grunting)
You're done, Kincaid.
Who are you?
Carrie. It's me-- Al.
Got you. (laughs)
(siren wailing)
(indistinct announcement over intercom)
So, they are gonna keep you overnight.
Just to be sure. Aw!
That sucks!
They don't even have Jell-O.
"Jell-O"? (laughs): Yeah.
It's a long story. Well, the short version
is that when I was a girl, my mom had appendicitis,
they put her in the hospital, and every night
they would give her these, you know,
these little packages of Jell-O.
And I would steal them. And I would eat them.
And basically it became a lifelong craving.
Mm-hmm. I never knew that about you.
Well... some of the most sacred memories,
it takes a while to reveal them even to the person you love.
(guitar plays "Blackbird")
You know, with kisses like that
I'm really glad I didn't lose my memory.
Because I will be able to play that in my head
over and over.
¶ Blackbird singing in the dead of night... ¶
No, no, what are you still doing here?
We're headed over to Alonzo's.
Just updating some new protocols. Jay,
we caught an international assassin and Carrie
is still alive. You can go home early today.
You talk to Al? How's she doing?
She's doing good.
That was a close one, huh, boss?
Close enough for a beer.
On me.
Hold on-- foreign or domestic?
Let's go.
Okay. (yawns)
That's foreign and domestic?
'Cause a beer is a different thing.
Excuse me, I'm looking for Detective Wells.
Uh, well, I'm her boss.
How can I help you? Oh,
pleased to meet you. Eddie Martin.
I'm her husband.
(short laugh)
Look what I got. (gasps)
No, no, where'd you get this?
I told 'em I got a girl upstairs needs her Jell-O ASAP.
I pulled the badge.
You did not. Did you?
I did not. I went across the street to the deli.
You're very sweet, you know that?
Well, I didn't want the moment to slip away.
Moment's not going anywhere.
To the moments.
All of them.
(plastic clacks)
(phone vibrates)
Want to see this? Choking on Jell-O?
Can't choke, here... No...
You... will you do one shot of it?
¶ Take these broken wings and learn to fly ¶
What do you mean... No, you got to suck it.
¶ All your life ¶
¶ You were only waiting for this moment to arise ¶
¶ You were only waiting for this moment to arise... ¶
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