Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 3, Episode 10 - Fire and Ice - full transcript

Carrie and Al investigate a series of bombings in a Manhattan neighborhood, which may be the work of Muslim terrorists targeting moderate Muslims.


(indistinct chatter)

(indistinct chatter)

♫ ♫

COMPUTER VOICE: First stage.

(dance music playing)

(song ends)

(applause) Number one.

Every single time.

Because you cheat.
How do I cheat?

You pick the same song
every single time.

You just mad because I kicked your
ass, like, 50 times in a row.

Because it was the same song.
"Waa, waa, same song."

I need some real competition.
Anybody dare to challenge the king?

I will.

You serious, lady?

You may want to watch how this
is done a few times.

No, no, that's all right.
One time is all I need.

Hold this.

Don't let him pick
the same song.

Oh, that's okay,
I like his song.

(dance music playing)

COMPUTER VOICE: First stage.

You ready?

Oh, I don't need a screen.

WOMAN: No way. No way.

(song ends)

(whooping, applause)

Want to go again?

Come on.

He's out.

So you heading out?

Yeah, Maya's got
a summer school open house.

Lot of construction paper suns
and moons, huh?

More like composting strategies

and micro-investment
lemonade stands.

(phone rings)

Oh, here she is now.

Hi, honey.


Maya, what?
Slow down.

Jay, something's happened.
Bring up the news.

(people clamoring)

(reporter speaks indistinctly)

Okay, okay.

I'm-I'm on my way, all right?

It's gonna be okay.

Okay. She heard two blasts

and then the sirens;
it's close to our place.

What do you think?
Methane? Gas leak?

Those two are on the same side
of the street

with the building in between.
(explosion, people screaming)

And that one was
across the street.

This isn't a gas leak.

We got a bomber.

MURRAY: Oh, my God.


(car alarms wailing)

(siren chirps)

Lieutenant Morse,
we need access to this location.

What you need to do is not die.

When my guys give the all clear,
then it's yours.

With all due respect,
your guys are walking

all over stuff
that might be important.

More than likely, you'll be
walking on our evidence.

You know, we actually train
the bomb squad in this city.

Watch your back.

You were saying.

That's fire department.

Look, detectives,
I've got three detonated devices

and God knows how many
waiting to go off.

I'm taking every precaution.

All clear!

That what we're waiting for.

My guys tell me it's some
sort of insurance office.

The bomb ignites a fire, fire
causes most of the damage.

At detonation temperatures,

almost everything
becomes flammable.


I'm guessing that's not an
advertisement for lower rates.

We'll get a translator on that.

Look, obviously my guys

are gonna do
a more thorough analysis,

but I think it's safe to say

we got a small device,
probably a pipe bomb.

CARRIE: Triggered remotely using

a cell phone or a walkie set
to a specific frequency.

MORSE: Exactly. Which is why no
one's using cell phones or walkies,

as per the NYPD Patrol Guide.

Yeah, all right, fine.

I'll leave you two experts
to your business.

The NYPD Patrol Guide?

Yeah. Nice.

ELIOT: Right now we're
in the lead here

because we're on the ground,

but now I got to
loop in the Feds,

and to stay in the
lead, it'd be nice

to have something to show them.

Okay, Jackson Heights.

Population about 108,000.

Mostly middle-class Latino
and a significant

South Asian population.

Now, so far,
we've got nothing obvious

linking the three
target locations.

One's an insurance agency,
another's a community center.

Last one's a barbershop.

All businesses were closed,
so aside

from a few people
getting cut from debris,

no serious injuries
or fatalities.

Well, most businesses
in the neighborhood

were closed
for the Muslim holiday.

We got lucky.
What about the bombs?

JAY: Bomb squad forensic guys
are still working through it,

(phone rings) but it's
looking like small IEDs.

No sign of times detonators.

put the commissioner through.

All right, keep me informed.
Hey, Commissioner...

Hey. We get anything
on that phrase on the wall?

Ran it through
a quick translation program,

and it says something
like, "Whoever strays,

we'll make them eat fire."

The thing is,
and this is the scary part,

you see that sword there?

That same symbol showed up

near all the locations a
few days prior to the bombings.

MURRAY: Some kind of warning?
Could be.

I've been combing
through surveillance footage,

looking for the guy who made the
marks, but I got nothing yet.

I don't have anything useful.
Shadow here,

blur there, still working on it.

Jay, stop.

That woman.

Right there.

All clear!

That's what we're waiting for.

That woman's on the bomb squad.

She was at the first location.

Is she in any other photos?


There she is again.

AL: Why the hell's
a bomb squad officer

casing locations
that haven't been hit yet?

(beeps) Got a match.

Name's Aisha Conway.

She's a veteran.

Served in the first Gulf War.

Went back in 2007
with the Army 717th

Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Company based out of Baghdad.

Two tours, got an
honorable discharge

when she received
cranial injuries.

She was in a Humvee that got
directly hit by an IED.

Two soldiers riding
with her were killed.

You got anything
on the incident?

Look familiar?



Carrie Walls, NYPD Major Crimes.

Is Aisha here? Uh, yeah, she is,

but she's busy at the moment.

Oh, uh, can I come in, Megan?

It is Megan, isn't it?
Megan Doyle?

Uh, yeah, but you mind
telling me what this is about?

You know, I-I really need
to speak to Aisha.

Okay, well,
she's in the back working.

I'll get her.

Is it okay if... No.

Just hold on.

Who is it, Megan?

Carrie Wells.


Can we talk?

(door closes) Sure.

What do you want to talk about?

The bombings.

I saw you
at the insurance office.


Place was shredded.

PVC pipe, Double Extra,
about yea big.

I'm guessing maybe
three or four tubes.

More bang for your buck.

Wow, that is impressive,
putting it together so fast.

Not really.

I've been around.

And like I say, I'm just
guessing at this point.

Are you?

Look, what are you doing here?

I'm sure Lieutenant Morse

has already filled you in
on what we know.

Yeah, most of it.

The thing is he hasn't
really explained to us

what you were doing
at the bomb sites

days before the bombings.

I was... doing exactly
what you're doing now.

Trying to identify our bomber.

I... saw something I
thought I recognized,

and it scared me.

The black sword.

Symbol of the group that
attacked you in Iraq, right?

Now that's impressive.

Eh. Look, you want to talk

about today's bombings,
I'd love to.

First I want
to show you something.

This is what
I've been working on.


What do you do in here?

I build bombs.

And then I take them apart.

Not real bombs, of
course, but almost.

The mechanisms, timers,
detonators, every ingredient

the bomber chooses
is a little insight.

A little psych profile.

Kind of pipe they use, the
way they wrap the wire,

is the device command-detonated,

a timed device or a
collapsing circuit?

All of these things are the
fingerprints of your bomber.

What about today's bomber?

You got their fingerprints?

I thought I did when I first saw
the warnings go up.

The black sword is the symbol
of Saif al-Saliheen,

"The Sword of the Righteous."

They mark the neighborhoods
they're about to strike

to warn their friends and spread
fear among everyone else.

Here. This was taken
in Baqubah in 2008.

The slogan's their signature.

It's how they take credit
after the bombings.

You think they're responsible?

Like I said, I did.

Until I saw the slogan
that was written on the wall

at the insurance office.

Al... AL: I'm
guessing that's not

an advertisement
for lower rates.


Right, because they're
not the same, are they?

There's a dot right here.

And the slogan on the wall
at the insurance office

didn't have one.

The one in Iraq translates
to, "Whosoever strays,

we shall make him taste fire."

When there's no dot,
this totally

changes the meaning of the word.

This says, "Whoever clinks,

we shall make him taste fire."

No one who actually knows Arabic

would ever make that mistake.

You think someone's
trying to make it look like

"Sword of the Righteous."

At each site,
there are small errors.

Look, this one is
from the barbershop.

You see that mark?

This makes the word plural
when it should be singular.

I don't think this guy can
read what he's writing.

Why haven't you told
Lieutenant Morse about this?

Some grammar mistakes in Arabic?

Nobody's gonna accept that.

I need to examine
what's left of the bombs.

Saif al-Saliheen had a recipe.

If it's them,
I'll be able to tell.

I think it's safe to
say we're looking at

a small device.
Maybe a pipe bomb.

CARRIE: This mouse pad...
I saw one exactly like it

in the insurance office.

Really? You're sure?

Yeah, 100%.

I... have a very unusual memory.

I-I don't forget things.

I seem been having
the same problem myself.

Will you keep us looped in?

You, I will.

You know... part of me
doesn't want those memories

of what happened over there
to ever go away.

They're terrible, but
sometimes I think

they're what keeps me going.

Yeah, I... I kind of
know what you mean.


Yeah, across the street.

Uh, City Hall Restaurant.

Same building.

Delivery guys
never get it right.

Just one sec.

Yeah, that's the one.

All right. Thanks.

May I help you?

We're looking for
the owner, Bilal Ali?

That's me.

AL: Mr. Ali, we'd
like to talk to you.

We give those mouse pads away

to our friends
and best customers.

It's a way to say thank you.

How many would you say
you've given away?

Maybe 20.

What does this have to do
with the bombings?

We found one of these
at each of the bomb sites.

What are you saying?

That more of my friends
could be targets?

Who would have access
to your business records,

besides yourself?
Other employees?

Everyone who works here
knows everything.

It is no secret
who my friends are.

We're family.

I stay in business
because people are loyal.

You don't need business records
to know that.

Your store is the only link
to the bombings right now.

It would be really helpful if
we could see those records.


REPORTER: This video which was
just released to the media

purports to show a member

of the militant Muslim
fundamentalist group

known as the
"Sword of the Righteous,"

who are claiming responsibility

for the bombings
in Jackson Heights.

(distorted): Yesterday we began.

Today we continue.

You insolent merchants,

you shopkeepers who parade
your filth under the open sky,

tomorrow we will rain a
cleansing fire upon your homes.

We will not stop until the
fallen are swept away.

We will not stop until
your streets are clean.

♫ ♫


Excuse me, what assurances
can you can give the people

of Jackson Heights
about their safety?

As of this moment,
a joint task force,

including Major Crimes,
Homeland Security, the FBI

and the NYPD Bomb Squad
is working 24 hours a day

to protect the citizens
of Jackson Heights

and all of New York City.

We will find the person
or persons responsible

and bring them to justice.
What do we know about

this Sword of the Righteous,
the group claiming credit

for the video? Is this
al-Qaeda-- if not, who are they?

As of this moment,
we cannot confirm

that Sword of the Righteous
is involved.

Are they just
going after Muslims?

Today's targets were all
Muslim-owned businesses,

but, simply put, we do not have

enough information to draw
any conclusions at this time.

As we learn more, we will, of
course, share that with you.

Let me just say right now

that what we need is for
every citizen of this city

to look out for
every other citizen.

You see something
suspicious, you report it.

And together, we will
get through this

just as we always have. Thanks.

(reporters clamoring)

We doing autopsies in here now?

Oh, goodness, no.

We're building a fort.


Wow, that's great, Maya.

We needed one of those.

Eliot said it was okay.
She was a little scared,

she didn't want me to go
to work this morning.

So Joanne's keeping
an eye on her.

Aunt Jo's gonna let me
dissect a heart later.

Oh, well.

Any volunteers?

I suggested using Eliot's,

but we'd have to
find it first, so...

All right, baby, I'll see you.


What am I supposed
to do with this?

Okay, I was trying
to hide it from Maya.

Jo got her some kids' makeup, and
I don't want to encourage that,

You know, little girls... Not a problem.
Not a problem. What do we got?

Okay. Homeland sent over what they
have on the Sword of the Righteous.

The group primarily targets
fellow Muslims.

Ones that they think have
fallen from the true faith.

Operations have mostly been
limited to the Middle East,

but last year they were
suspected of being part

of the plot to hit a number
of moderate mosques in Paris.

Which is consistent
with the three targets here.

They're all businesses owned
by moderate Muslim families.

That's why they picked them.

What about these wall slogans?

Also consistent
with other al-Qaeda

factions. Make sure
people know who did it.

Carrie thinks there are
inconsistencies in the slogans

used in today's bombings.
Could be a misdirect.

I don't know, Al. I mean,
if it walks like a duck,

quacks like a duck... Yeah,
well, according to Carrie,

it doesn't spell like a duck.

Look, the press is all over me

on this
Sword of the Righteous group.

So until we have more,
they're our best lead.

And while you're
at it, can someone

explain to me how whoever it is

is moving around that neighborhood
planting bombs without

being seen?

MAN: All the doors were

locked. I'm sure of it.
I have the only set

of keys and I never forget them.

Anything strange happen lately?

Any threats?


Look... I run a continuing
education center.

I have cooking classes.
I'm not political. These people,

they're crazy. They claim to
be so religious, so devout.

They say they're all about
God, but they're egotists.

They give Islam a bad name.

At this point, Mr. Khan, we
don't know who's responsible.

...as per the NYPD Patrol Guide.

MORSE: All right, fine. I'll leave
you two experts to your business.

Al. Yeah?

There's glass embedded
low on the wall here,

just like at the
insurance office.

From the force of the blast.


No, there shouldn't
be glass here.

It would have to be lying here
before the blast

in order to be embedded
into the wall.

He broke the window to get in.

That's why the glass
was here before.

You think he could have
climbed down from the roof?

Fire escape doesn't go
all the way up to the roof.

He had to come in
from the alley.

But the alley's gated,
and according to Jay,

there's no one
on the video surveillance

going in or going out.

All the trash gets taken
out to the curb.

Nobody ever comes back here
anymore. (short laugh)

Y'all are lucky I was even
able to find the key.

These marks look fresh.



CARRIE Oh, I hope not.

(quick chuckle)

Ladies first.

You're always such a gentleman.


It's a subway service tunnel.
Jay's sending me a map.

It's used to move equipment,
evacuate passengers,

that kind of thing.

Who has access down here?

Anyone who works for the MTA,

Con Ed guys,
maintenance personnel.


Oh, very funny.
What? Do you know

that there are 8.5 million rats
in the subway system alone?

You're not getting to me.
I don't have a thing about rats.

You don't have a thing about rats?
Really? Mm-mm.

Because I remember
a very interesting incident

with some church ladies,
you and a garbage bag.

That was a decade ago, okay?

Okay, I did, at one point,
harbor an irrational

fear of rodents.

But people change, all right?

They face their fears, and
in facing them, overcome them.



Oh. I'm sorry.

Not fair. Sorry.

(grunts) Hey.

Somehow I'm guessing
you're gonna tell me

you didn't know
this was here, huh?

This has got to be a mistake.

Look, someone from this store
was using that ladder

to access those tunnels.
That's how the bomber was able

to move around
without being noticed.

I never left
the store yesterday.

You can check the cameras.

All right, what about your employees?
What are you

talking about?
That's impossible.

I know them all.

(talking indistinctly)

One of the guys isn't here.

Uh, tall... mid-30s, green eyes.


He didn't come in today.

I called his house, no answer.

Does he have access
to this store after-hours?

Yeah. I gave him a key to
come in and do the inventory.

I'm gonna need a photo of him.

I'm gonna need
all his information--

employment application,
everything you've got.

I need it... Of course. Carrie?

There might be another bomb
two blocks away.

We need to evacuate.

We got to go.

(sirens wailing in distance)

Robot couldn't get a
look inside the bag.

I want a visual only.
In and out.

Just find out
what we got going on here.

You ready? Good.

Be safe.


♫ ♫

Yeah, across the street.

City Hall Restaurant.

Same building.




What's...? Carrie!

Hey, hey! I'm right here.
He's getting more sophisticated.

He wants people to die.

(phone ringing) It's Jay.

Hey. Carrie?

Samir Bensaidi isn't
who he says he is.

He's actually Jean-Luc Augustin.
Born in Paris.

Fell in with
the wrong crowd early on.

And then became an explosive
expert for various outfits.

Now, he deals mostly
in high-end theft--

art museums, casinos,
private collections.

An-any connections to terrorism,
Al-Qaeda, anything like that?

Well, nothing that I can find,
but it doesn't mean that he

couldn't have been radicalized
somewhere along the way.

So, what is he--
a terrorist or a thief?

Mr. Ali hired him
six months ago.

Said he was
the perfect employee.

All right, do you have an address?

Got a dead end on that one.
It's a P.O. box.

But some of the employees
we spoke to said he used

public transportation,
so we're checking camera footage

from the nearest subway,
bus stops.

Maybe we can figure out
which way he was headed.

Check hardware stores,
building supplies.

Anything that you can think of
where he might be getting PVC.

He's got to be getting
his supply somewhere.

You got it.

Augustin is our guy, but I
don't think he's a terrorist.

He's setting off bombs, Carrie.

Okay, but Aisha's right.

The whole Muslim fanatic
profile doesn't fit.

I think he's hiding behind that.

Been a while since I've
played hide-and-seek,

but the idea, if I remember,
is not to be found.

Augustin's guaranteed that
half the law enforcement

on the east coast
is looking for him.

Well, maybe that's the point.

"All war is based on deception."

Who said that?

Well, I did just now.
Yeah, but who made it up?

What-what? You think I'm not
capable of making that up?

Come on.

Sun Tzu.

Who's that?

Su-Sun Tzu? Art-Art of War?

Sorry. Oh, no.

That's okay. It's just...

well, the-the idea is
that he wants us to think

he's a terrorist
to hide his true motive.

Let's say Augustin's
really just a thief.

And maybe he couldn't
get to his real target

without the panic and diversion
of a fake terrorist attack.

See? I like that.

"When the enemy is relaxed,
make them toil.

"And when full, starve them.

When settled, make them move."
Sun Tzu.

I thought you said... Yeah,
"deception" -- remember?

(both chuckle)

So Augustin's trying
to create a panic

to divert attention away
from his real plan,

which is probably
some kind of heist.

But what? And from where?

And how much more of a diversion
will he need?

He's shown he's willing
to kill people now.

JAY: Guys, I got it
on my second try.

The PVC pipe our bomber used
was pretty specific stuff,

Schedule 80. It's got

extra thick walls, one and
three-eighths inches in diameter.

I found this place,
Carter's Hardware

on Duane Street and Church,
that stocks this stuff.

Owner ID'd Augustin.

Said he bought a case
of it, precut.

How long ago did he pick it up?
A week ago.

Owner asked him
if he wanted it delivered.

Augustin said no.
He don't trust delivery guys.

He'd carry it out himself.

Yeah, across the street.

City Hall Restaurant.

Same building.

Delivery guys
never get it right.

Just one second.

He was on the phone when we
met him ordering something.

I think he may have been
ordering for himself.

And I've got an address.

AL: We're ready to go in.

ELIOT: I want you to wait
until the Bomb Squad

gets there.
They're wrapping up a sweep

on, uh, Roosevelt Avenue.
They can be there in an hour.

There's no time.

No, he could've easily rigged

the apartment.
Let me get you some backup.

Listen, we'll be extra careful.

I promise.

Carrie. Carrie, d...
(sighs, mutters)

Have you seen Murray's daughter?
Conference room.

I looked in there... I promise.

Hey, you.

I saw on TV
there was another bomb.

Yeah, there was.

I'm scared about my mom.

I know.

Hey, is there room for two
under there?

Oh, Maya.

I love what you've
done with this place.

Magenta is just so au courant,
you know?

(sighs) You see so many forts
these days in browns or...

clay red, which is so redundant,
you know?

It's pink.

Pink. Magenta. Fuchsia.

They're all the same.

Why can't those off-reds
just get along?

Thanks for checking on me, Jo.

I'll be fine.

I know.

You want to know what I do
when I get scared?

Does it involve... dead people?


Could you tell me next time?

I certainly can.

Your mom's gonna be fine.

I promise.

Wait. Wait.

Just give me a second.
What are you gonna do?

Oh, I don't really need to
powder my nose, but thank you.


We're waiting
for the Bomb Squad.

No. You got any more powder?
Throw it again.

I got this.

If you make a mistake, we're dead.
No, no.

I won't make a mistake.

I hope. (chuckles)

Here I go.

Oh! Ah. (exhales)

I got this.

You got any more powder?

It's all gone.

Oh. Well, then this is
as far as I can go.

What do you see?

Uh... well, I see a bunch
of photos, most of them

from the Jackson Heights target

and then a bunch that I don't...
I don't recognize.

Anything else?

Yeah. A... rental agreement for...
a QuikAuto.

It's for a van.

Car bomb.


All right, I'm coming back.

Be careful.

Don't worry, Al.

I won't blow us up.

JAY: QuikAuto hooked
me up to the GPS data

from Augustin's rental car.

Now, there's no signal,
so he could be

in a tunnel, parking garage--
it's hard to tell.

Did they give you access
to his GPS history?

They sure did.

Where's he been this past week?

Not many places but it looks
like there are a lot of trips,

maybe about eight of them,
to one particular spot.

On 111th and 47th Ave.

Hall of Science.

What's on exhibit?


You're gonna love this.

"A World of Precious Gems."

He's not blowing that up. I
think we just found his target.

(sirens wailing)

(tires squeal)

Let's lock it down. Give
me a perimeter right here.

Did you clear the building?

We didn't have to.
We've been closing early.

With all these bombs, uh,

most of the guards are
helping out elsewhere. Okay.

Have you seen anything suspicious
in the last couple hours?

(phone ringing) No, it's been quiet.
There's nothing.

Yeah, Murray. It's like I told
your colleague on the phone,

we're not being robbed.

Got it. We're on our way.

Murray found his rental car.

Parked outside of a school
a half-mile away.

There's a bomb in it.
What about the kids?

All still inside.

Guys, we're out of here!

Come on. We got to go. No.

MAN: We're moving out! What?

He has been coming here
over and over.

There's a reason.
We're just... We're missing it.

We can come back to this.

Go. I'll be all right.

(sirens whooping)

(sirens wailing)

What do you see? Well,
I see some photos,

some of them from
the Jackson Heights targets.

That view.

Augustin had pictures
of this exact view

in his apartment right here.

Al, he's not targeting
the museum.

He's targeting
those buildings right there.

He was scoping
his approaches and getaways.

It's an industrial park

built in '97 at the end
of the tech boom.

Warehouses, manufacturing.

Jay couldn't get
me specific clients.

Lot of government types,

looks like.
The guard shack is empty.

That's not a good sign.

I called for backup, but
we're sealed off out here

'cause of the car bomb--
no one in or out.

Oh, we can handle it.

Yeah, every time you say
that, I end up with stitches.

You know, guys with scars
are very, very sexy.

If you're right, there's
something valuable enough

in here for Augustin
to go through all this trouble.

Let's find out what it is.

What's a bomb squad
truck doing here?

We need access to this location.

What you need to do is not die.

When my guys give the all-clear,
then it's yours.

Something's not right, Al. Should
have a precinct number on it, right?

AL: That's Augustin.

Move the truck.
(truck engine starts)

Jay, I don't care about redacted
names and government protocols.

I need to know what happens

in this building--
building number eight.

Hold on.

Okay, guys, looks like the
entire building is leased

by Allied Superconductor.

Now, they are major suppliers
of tech

to the Defense Department--
circuit boards,

missile guidance systems,
but that's just the half of it.

All right, they've been
in the news recently

for fighting off hackers
from China and North Korea.

So our guy's taking
the direct route.

On-the-ground theft.

Guys, this is a huge score.

Allied makes
cutting-edge stuff--

toys you and I have never
heard of and maybe never will.

And depending on what
they're cooking up over there,

it could be worth billions
on the black market.

A little more than
some rhinestone tiaras.

Hold on. There's something else
you should know.

The building
you're about to enter

has Level Four safety status.

Which means?

Which means, the whole place
is filled with aluminum dust

from the microscopic polishing
that they do.

Okay? Any spark--
static electricity,

let alone the muzzle flash
from a gun,

and you will be blown sky high.


MAN: Come on, let's go. Move it.

Load these up quickly.
One more pass, then we're done.


We got to get those people out.

I'll take them,
you follow the others?

Oh, I'm gonna do
more than follow.

No gunfire. I remember.

You three with me.

Don't move.




(Al panting)

(men speaking nearby)


(man crying out)

(man grunting, electronic chirp)

(man sighs)

Carrie, there's a bomb.

Go get Augustin.
I got this. Just go.

(engine revving)

(bomb beeping)



(tires squealing)



AISHA: I build bombs, and
then I take them apart.



AISHA: Every ingredient the bomber
chooses is a little insight,

a little psych profile.

Deception, remember?

That's too easy.



Another timer.

You think you're so clever.

All these things are
the fingerprints to your bomb.

Now just do it in reverse.

Just pull the timer?

Disconnect the igniter?

Here goes.

(rapid beeping)

Oh, boy.


(distant siren wailing)


(handcuffs clicking)

How the hell
did you dismantle it?

Because I had
a really good teacher.

I watched you build that bomb
in your basement,

and, um, I just, you know,
remembered it.

What about the dummy timer?

I never said anything
about that.

Yes, you did. "Every ingredient

our bomber uses is
a little psych profile."

And this guy was
all about deception.

Huh. All right.

When do I get to wear the cool
green suit with the helmet?


Maybe the suit?
No way the helmet.

What do you mean, no way the helmet?
No. You know what?

I can get you a little cap.
A cap. (laughs)

With a T-shirt
that says "bomb squad."

Okay, that's not gonna fly.
You know...

I want the helmet.
I earned the helmet.

The T-shirts are nice!



Wow. Hi.

Hi, Mom.

Watch out. Oh.

You're sitting
on my operating room.

Oh. (laughs)

You got a lot of cool stuff
down here.


I wanted
to bring down a scalpel,

but Jo said it was too sharp.


All right, boo, it
is time to go home.

What do you say to that?

Suppose... I don't want to.

Hey. Hey, we got
the bad guy, huh?

Come on. Everything's
gonna be okay, boo.

You used to say that
about Daddy.

But he died.



Yeah, he did, didn't he?

And things were
definitely not okay, hmm?

Do you know what I
loved most about Daddy?

That he was so brave?

He was so, so brave.


He... he had this
very special gift

for always making the world
seem like a good place.

He made people feel safe.

Oh, God, he made
me feel so safe.

Which is why I wanted
to come here, you know,

so that I could help
everyone else in this city

feel just the same way.

(whispering): I can't make all
the scary things go away.


But look at me.


I promise... I will
always be here

to get through it with you.


When you say "here,"

do you mean... in this fort?


No, Maya, you cannot build
a fort in our living room.



Come on, let's go home
and talk about it, huh?

(sniffles) Okay, let's go.

(chuckles softly)



Oh, you got gifts.


Murray's a good mom.

Yeah, she is.

Sometimes I get tired of going
home to an empty apartment.

Know what I mean?

I do.

Maybe you should get yourself
a pussy cat.

They're warm, they curl up
next to you in bed.

I could. I still think the place
would feel kind of lonely.

It's about... companionship.

The human touch.

You know,
if you want companionship,

you should learn how to dance.

I'm a great dancer.
You love dancing.

You're not a great dancer.
They're two different things.

I am a pretty good dancer,
and you know it.

You want to see good dancing?

I got some moves,
and I learned them today.

Let's see how good you are.

Don't get scared.


That's a style of dancing
I'm unaware of, but, uh,

let's see. Just like...

(laughing) Like a...
thing and then a thing.

Wow. Right?

What are you laughing at?

That's not what you did?

(laughing) You know what?

Having a great memory doesn't
make you a great dancer.

Maybe I just need
a better teacher.

You want the human touch, Al?

(hits his chest)
There's your human touch.

Let's get a drink.

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