Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 3, Episode 9 - Admissions - full transcript

The murder of a CEO leads Carrie and Al to dig into the secrets of students and faculty at an elite prep school where the victim's child attended.

Excuse me.

Excuse me. Coming through.

Look out. Look out.

Let's go. Let's go.

Come on, hurry. Hurry up.

All right, let's go, cross.

Cut them off. Cut them off.

All right, come on, give me the card.

Give me the clue card. Excuse me, please.

All right, people, come on.

Whoops, sorry. Sorry, sir.

Sorry. On a scavenger hunt.

All right, all right.

We're looking for a... Hans Von Aachen,

16th century,

German painter.

All right. Born 1552.

1550, Paul, right here.
It's an access code.

All right.


Let's go.

Spread out. Spread out. Take the left.

The painting's called "St.
George and The Dragon."

So we're looking for
St. George or a dragon.

Nothing here!

Dragon. Dragon. Dragon.

- Over here! Right here! Look here!
- Dragon. Dragon. Dragon...

All right. All right.

What's that? What's that? Right there.

- He's got it! It's over here!
- Look, the final clue...

Right in it's mouth.

Oh, man, that's terrible.

- Check that out!
- That's awful!

Definitely gonna slow us down.

- So, here's the deal.
- Okay.

I'm gonna do some combinations...

Kicks, punches, jabs...

Some elbows.

You have to repeat it back to me perfectly.

- Can't miss a beat.
- Okay.

Now, if you do screw up...

You got to drop and give me ten push-ups.

That's what we're doing today.

That's a totally one-sided
deal that I would never accept.

How about this?

How about you show me a combination

and if I repeat it perfectly, mm-hmm.

You drop and give me 50.

50. Yeah, okay.

- I'm in the mood for that.
- All right, you good?

Let's do it. Deal. Let's do it.

Come on.



- Fifty.
- Very...

- Okay.
- Nice.

I surrender.

- Good.
- That wa... that was impressive.

Looks like you got the
workout of your life, huh?

- Yeah. And you didn't miss a single punch.
- No.

- I guess I underestimated my opponent.
- Well...

- Great, great job.
- That was...

Dangerous thing to do.

- Yeah.
- You know?

Well, you know, hey, maybe I should, um...

Maybe I should get to
know my opponent better.

Maybe, some, some dinner.


- Oh, uh...
- Whatever, I mean...

I gotta... Uh...

I'll see you next week.

Hey, Al. What's up?

The body was found

right under where the last clue was

in the scavenger hunt for charity.

Victim is Jebediah Cosgrove,

of Cosgrove Strategies,

worth over a billion dollars.

His company sponsors the scavenger hunt.

Hey, Jo.

What happened?

Victim was shot five times.

Still had his wallet. Only
thing missing is his phone.

What is that?

What, a footprint?

The killers?

Well, based on the congealing of the blood,

I'd say this footprint was
made way after the killing.

Who called it in?

This jerk over here.

He stepped over the body to get the clue...

and then he called it in.

Excuse me.


You were part of the scavenger hunt?

Yeah. Won the scavenger hunt.

You won the scavenger hunt?

Wow! How about that?

He won the scavenger hunt.

- Let me see your boots.
- My boots?

Yeah, those $2,000 Peruvian suede boots

that you used to step over a dead body

to win the scavenger hunt.

Take his boots.

- Uh... no.
- Uh, yeah.

No, no, no, no. No,
you can't take my boots.

Bag 'em.

Okay, this is insane.

I came back here to talk to you guys.

You think I killed Jeb Cosgrove?

Look, I got video to back it up.

I gotta get to work, okay?

My driver's waiting.

Why don't you have your driver meet you

at One Police Plaza? Take him.

Guys like that are gonna
run the country's finances,

I'm gonna keep my money under my mattress.

A guy as rich as Cosgrove...

we follow the money.

It's all about the $1 billion.

We are looking at the
footage of the scavenger hunt.

Calsgrove Strategies donates
some million bucks to charity

in the name of the winning team.

Every team, by rule,

has to record every second of the game.

News flash: Wall Street guys cheat.

I have already combed through

18 hours of footage from De Klerk's team.

Which clears them as murders,
but not as human beings.

I still have 161 other teams

to scour through and once I'm done,

I would love to be
considered for detective.

I'm 100% in favor of that.

Scour away, Investigator.

When the CEO of a $30
billion company gets murdered;

it makes this a three-migraine day for me.


Any news on Cosgrove's missing phone?

It's got to be turned
on before I can track it.

What do you have on the family?

Uh, Camille Cosgrove...

Second wife.

Second wife? What's the
story with the first wife?

She died 16 years ago.

Natural causes; Not suspicious.

If there wasn't a prenup,

second wife's worth a good
part of the billion dollars.

That's a ton of motive right there.

Cosgrove had a son, Marshall,
from his first marriage.

He stands to inherit as well.

Yeah, but why kill the golden goose?

You know what's worth more than a billion?

$30 billion.

Who takes over Cosgrove Strategies?

That would be me.

So, Mr. Powels...

Cameron, please. First
names and handshakes here.

Aw, that's catchy.

That was Jeb's philosophy; taught me a lot.

Sounds like you were close.

We weren't just close,

he was my best friend.

I loved the man.

In 20 years, I only saw him mad once...

at a broker he found bending the rules.

Do you have a name for that broker?



Jeb really loved this view.

So, you're the, uh...

controlling partner now, huh?

Reluctantly, but yes.

Can I ask where were you last night?

You mean, did I kill the only man

who ever gave me a second chance?

I was here...

helping to run the
scavenger hunt all night...

on camera, I'm sure.

We're gonna need that video.

Take whatever you like.

How about rival firms

or business deals that went sour?

Jeb didn't make enemies.

$30 billion investment bank and no enemies?

I don't buy it.

Do you know why the
market fell this morning?

Because everybody respected Jeb.

How about the much younger second wife?

Camille? She's lovely.

And they seem to be

happy with their arrangement.


When it comes to the corporation

or our financial positions...

I'm the guy to speak to.

But about Jeb's personal life...

you'll need to speak to Camille.

He warned us, that the bubble

was about to burst, but did anybody listen?

No, they called him chicken little.

And then the sky fell.

And afterwards...

Did he ever say, "I told you so"?

No, not Jeb.

If there were more Jeb Cosgroves,

the financial crisis
would never have happened.

He proved that you didn't
have to be horrible...

I'll interview the pretty widow.

Of course you will.

I'll take the son.

And he never once called me "Mr. Hibbert."

It was always "John." First names...

and handshakes.

To Jeb.

To Jeb.

Well, there's your pretty widow.

But about Jeb's personal life...

You need to speak to Camille.

Remember that arrangement
Powels was telling us about?


That's the guy.

How do you know?

Oh, I just know.

Go get her.

Excuse me.

Hey. Um...

Could you tell me where I'd find

Marshall Cosgrove?

He's on the rooftop terrace.

- There?
- Mm-hmm.


Hey, Marshall?


I'm Carrie Wells, I'm, uh...

I'm here to help find out

what happened to your dad.

You mind if I sit?


Mrs. Cosgrove?


First names, got it.

Lieutenant Al Burns.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

Are you investigating who killed Jeb?


I know this is a difficult time,

but I do have a few questions,

if that's okay?

Anything to help.


I'm sorry. And you are?

Robert Chavez.

Lieutenant Al Burns.

And your relation to the family?

Camille's boyfriend.

I wasn't aware you and
your husband were separated.

We weren't.

Was Mr. Cosgrove... Jeb...

aware you were seeing someone else?

Of course.

Jeb and I had an open marriage.

Everyone here knows about it.


some are uncomfortable with it.

I know our lifestyle seems strange,

especially in this context, Al,

but it has nothing to do with Jeb's murder.

Were you and Jeb close?

I know where you're going with this.

But I date Camille.

Jeb had his own girlfriends
through the years,

and Jeb, his girlfriends,
Camille and I, we...

we'd all vacation together.

This isn't a new relationship.

We've been together for seven years.

Seven years.

Excuse me for asking,
but why even be married?

Because I love my husband very much.

Our marriage meant something.

I also love Robert.

Is this really a good time

to be questioning a widow?

At her husband's memorial?

There's never a good time, Mr. Chavez.

You know,

I understand a couple

trying to spice up their
relationship, but...

What did you get out of the deal?

I got this beautiful woman.

I got two best friends.


And love.

And all this.

Look, I'm an educator...

and I know how this sounds, but yes,

I was able to live a lifestyle that was...

far beyond my means.

Were you two together last night?

Yes, Camille and I spent the
night together at the Waldorf.

If everybody was so cool
with the arrangement...

Why check into a hotel?

Plenty of room here.

We adults all understood the situation.

But it wasn't as easy on Marshall.

Camille and Mr. Chavez
called it an open marriage.

Their friends think it's weird,

but they're all dating other people

at the same time, too.

Do you think it's weird?

I'm kind of used to it.

You know, but now,

it's like I'm left with a stepmother

and Mr. Chavez.


You keep calling him Mr. Chavez.

That seems kind of formal.

It would weird to call him Robert at home.

At school, it has to be Mr. Chavez.

Wait, I'm sorry... he works at your school?

Yeah, he's the vice principal.

Dad got him the job there.

Let me get this straight:

You, um...

your dad got

your stepmother's boyfriend a job

at the school that you go to?

Wow, they didn't make
it easy on you, did they?

You were with your dad last night, right?


It was just him and me,

until he left for the scavenger hunt.

Anything happen before he left?

Anything unusual... ?

Well, there was this thing with Doc.


My favorite teacher, Doc Reid.

Or he was my favorite.

What happened?


Uh, Doc gave me a bad recommendation

on my college application.

My dad was angry and wanted
to know what Doc's deal was.

So... he invited him over.

What happened?

I couldn't hear anything, but...

My dad seemed pissed afterwards.

I mean, you don't think Doc... ?

I don't know.

But I'm gonna find out, okay?

37th Prep.

No, I don't think that should be a problem.

- I see, but...
- We're here to see Dr. Reid.

Uh, just a minute.

Hold on one moment.

You on the list?

Nope, don't look like

Doc Reid has any guests on the list. Uh...

How about you make an exception for us?

Down the hall,

to the right.

Thank you.

Hey, Al, Powels' alibi holds up.

He was at the office the whole
night of the scavenger hunt.

He's a rich guy. Could've hired a hit man.

He could've, so I'll keep digging.

Oh, and check this: The boyfriend,

Chavez, was telling the truth.

Two bartenders, a bar-back

and two waitresses at
the Waldorf all confirm

that Chavez and Camille
were watching the Mets game

at the hotel bar all night long.

All right, thanks.

Mets game?

Thought opening up your marriage

was supposed to be sexy.

You know, for someone
who's never been married,

you have an awful lot of
opinions about open marriages.

Well, I won't be vacationing

with you and your secret service guy,

- I can tell you that.
- Well, that's 'cause you know

how those secret service guys

can really rock a Speedo.

He seems like the type
that would wear a Speedo.


Dr. Reid?


He's dead.


Looks like Doc had a guest after all.

Yes, of course, Mr. Mayor.

The... the Cosgrove case

is a priority over here. It...

No, it is the... I'm sorry,

it is the priority.

That is what I meant to say.

I... I understand,

which is why I am personally handling

every facet of this investigation.


At this time, we believe

the killing at 37th Prep was related.

Uh, the victim, Reid,

seems to have known Cosgrove's son, uh...

Mare... Marshall.

Uh, he apparently taught the boy...

uh, in physics.

Well, of course I realize

how important the... the
school is to the city.

And yes, I understand

how worried the parents must be.


As a matter of fact, I did know

that Jeffrey Tollison's
kids were at 37th Prep.

They are wonderful boys... and a girl.

Uh, seventh and ninth grade.

They are great kids.

Yes. As a matter of fact,

we do have a person of interest.

He is an assistant

principal at the school.

Chavez... his name is Robert Chavez.

Uh, he's been at Prep for six years.

He, uh, apparently has had
some sort of relationship

with, uh, Jeb Cosgrove's wife, Camille.

No... no, I am not judging, Sir.

I would never judge someone

who's been so generous to your campaign.


Yes, I will.

I will keep you informed.

Thank you.

His Honor's all over me on this one.

Ballistics reports indicate

both men were killed with
the same .380 handgun.

Webster puts time of death

at the school between 5:00 and 5:30.

Big school like that, students and teachers

are still roaming the hallways, right?

We have security video.

Whoever walked into
Doc's office at that time

is probably our killer.

Hey, guys, we got a closed door mystery.

The hall camera recorded back
to two hours before the murder.

No one walked into Doc Reid's room.

- You got any good news?
- I do, but there's some more bad.

Which do you want first?

Never do the good first, please.

Well, the rest of the bad news

is that Doc Reid's hard drive...

Completely destroyed.

So the good news is that

you miraculously recovered
all the information?

Not that good. Let's call
it encouraging, though.

So, computer peripherals,

like the keyboard and mouse,

they have their own data storage.

If the killer used the computer

before he smashed it,

I might be able to locate

a record of what he was doing

or what he erased.

You know, the killer sure knows

a hell of a lot about his victims.

He knew exactly where
Cosgrove was going to be

during the scavenger hunt, and somehow,

he was lying in wait in Doc Reid's office?

And no one noticed him go in?

Or he was noticed,

but it wasn't unusual,
because he works there.

Where is Robert Chavez right now?

Jay says the Mets game ended early enough

for Chavez to leave the hotel

and make it downtown to kill Cosgrove.

Okay, let's say he did kill Cosgrove.

We still don't know if he killed Doc.

Or how he got in his office

without those security cameras seeing him.

I'm gonna go check it out, okay?

I'm gonna talk to Chavez.

You think I killed Doc?

Timeline fits. You could have killed him

and made it back for Cosgrove's memorial.

Wait a minute.

Isn't it part of your
job to establish a motive?

He wrote Marshall, your best friend

and benefactor's son, a bad recommendation.

Yeah, sure, I was surprised Doc did that.

- Maybe angry?
- Yeah, I was angry.

But I wouldn't kill Doc for that.

Why didn't you just go and write

a glowing recommendation yourself?

Hey, believe me, I offered to,

but Jeb refused to let me.

He thought that it was an unfair advantage.

It was... it was a conflict of interest.

He and his money really
pulled the choke collar, huh?

Must've been frustrating.

Oh, my God. Hold on, Al.

You also think that I
murdered my best friend?


You were sick of sharing her.

Wow, I get it.

You're judging me.

I'm gonna look deep into your life.

I find out you own a handgun,

you're going away.

You know what? Please, dig into it.

I help run a school

and I'm a member of four
anti-handgun organizations.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Al,

we have grief counselors to
hire and parents to reassure.

It's "Lieutenant Burns."

I've had it with the "first
name and handshakes," all right?

Hey. Figure out the mystery?

I'm working on it.

- How about Chavez?
- Working on it.

- So, Mr. Powels...
- Cameron, please.

First names and handshakes here.


I've seen that girl before.

She was working at Cosgrove's
office and she goes to this school,

which means she has a
connection to both victims.

Excuse me...


Hey! Hey!

I'll cut her off!


M... move!

Hey! You!

Did you see a girl come around that corner?

- No one else is in here but me and you.
- I'm going to ask you again.

Did you see a pretty girl,

hair braided to the side,

black-rimmed glasses,
come around that corner?

I think the more important question is

who is the pretty lady
standing in front of me?

The lady who's gonna throw your ass in jail

if you don't answer my question... now.

Uh, it sounds like Kendell Wilson,

but I didn't... I didn't see her.

You didn't see her?

- All right.
- Where'd she go?

- You didn't see her?
- No.


It's like she just... disappeared.

She was...

Wait a second.

Al, earlier,

a girl passed me in the hallway, right?

And then a minute later, she appeared

from the opposite direction

without ever passing me by again.

Maybe she took a different entrance.

There are no other entrances.

And it's not like this is Hogwarts.

They're not walking around
wearing cloaks of invisibility.

Somehow, these kids are passing
through this school undetected.

If you're right, that's how Doc's killer

got in without being seen.

We have to check and see

if Kendell Wilson is
the girl from Cosgrove's.

I'm gonna try to figure
out how these students

are just disappearing into the walls.

I'll track down Kendell Wilson.

Check this out... Doc
Reid got his PhD from MIT,

and he happens to be on the board.

That wrote the S. A.T.'s.

According to school records,
he only made $70,000 a year.

That must've pissed him off.

Maybe enough that he
sold S.A.T. answer keys.

Well, if he did, he's doing
it wrong, 'cause I can't find

a penny more than his
salary in his financials.

How does Kendell Wilson fit?

Well, she scored perfect S.A.T.'s.

And get this...

she's not an intern.

At 16 years old, she's
a part-time employee

at Cosgrove strategies, and
she makes more than enough money

to pay for her own schooling
at over $50,000 a year.

I don't get it. Cosgrove paid her

a bunch of money to work part-time,

and she ends up with
perfect scores from Doc?

Could've aced the S.A.T.'s. It's possible.

Okay, so the connection
between Cosgrove's murder

and Doc is... ?

Kendell Wilson.

Who has the keys to this closet?

Uh, the janitors, the principal and me.

Any of the the students?

- Uh, no.
- You sure about that?



Maintenance tunnels.

They run all over the school.

I need you to take me to the storage closet

in Doc Reid's office.

Let's go.

You want me to go down there with you?

No, I'm good. Thanks.

Oh, remember me?

I'm one of the cops you
ran from at school today.

Excuse me, Officer.

Don't you need a warrant or something

to question a minor?

It's Lieutenant. And no.

It's okay, Aunt Vicki.

I didn't know leaving a public
place was against the law.

Kendell, watch your tone.

I am watching my tone.

I'm going for sarcastic indifference.

Boy, you're a lucky one, huh?

On most days.

Is Kendell in trouble?

No, no one's in trouble, Miss.

We just, uh, want to talk.

You're at Cosgrove Strategies?

She's an intern there.

"An intern"? Really?

Mr. Cosgrove personally recruited her.

Found out what a talented
computer programmer she is.

Did he?

I was under the impression
you were an employee.

No. No. Just... just... just an intern.

Kendell, would you like
to discuss this in private?

Yeah. Yeah, actually
that would, that be great.

Kendell, are you sure? Your mom and dad

would want me to be with you.

No. No. I... I think it's okay.

She'll be all right.

Excuse me?




Oh, come on, don't bust me!

It was just a cigarette! You can check!

I'm not interested in
busting you for cigarettes.

Who knows about these tunnels?

- Most students, uh, seniors.
- You again?

Really? Have you ever seen
any teachers down here?

Are you kidding me? I only come down here

because they never would, all
right? You skinned my knee.

Oh, don't be such a baby, Wyatt Stromer,

441 Sutton Place, apartment 10B.

- I know where you live.
- Yeah, you, uh,

you want to give me a lift
home? My mom's making quinoa.

- Maybe she can make you... no?
- No.

So, no to dinner?

- No to dinner.
- Okay.

Go home to your mommy.
This is a crime scene.

So, you're one of Cosgrove's employees?

Uh, just after-school work.

Whoa, wait a minute, wait.

Cosgrove paid you enough money

to cover your tuition

for just after-school work?

So, why are you hiding it from your aunt?


you're 16.

Even if you loved him...

Oh, God! No, no, no! Uh, no.

S... sorry, it's just...
He wasn't like that at all.

He was... r... really
cool and... and respectful.

You need to tell me the
truth about what's going on.

Two people are dead.

You're connected to both of them.

I hacked Mr. Cosgrove's servers

to prove that he needed a security update.

So you prove you can hack
into Cosgrove's company,

so that he gives you a job?


That's classic white hat strategy, Kendell.

Problem is you got to wear a black hat

before you can put on the white hat...

Hey. What'd you find out?

I knew there was an answer
to this riddle. Listen:

There are steam tunnels running
directly underneath the school.

One of them leads

right into a storage
closet in Doc Reid's office.

So the killer could've
used the tunnels to get

in and out of Reid's
office completely unnoticed.

As far as I can tell, it's mostly used

by students, you know, trying to hide stuff

they don't want the faculty to see.

You think a student killed Reid?

CSU's are processing it now.

I'll let you know what they find.

I'm talking to someone right now

who might be able to connect the dots.

I'll get back to you.

Okay. Bye.


I need you to come with us.

Come on.

You seriously think

I could've killed someone?!

I'm going to be sick.

Not in the car.

But you have to believe me, okay?

All I did was hack some people's computers.


You hacked more than Cosgrove?

Uh... eh, Mr. Cosgrove asked me

to hack Doc Reid's computer.

He said he did something wrong at school.

You worked for Cosgrove,

you hacked into Doc Reid's computer.

You know how to disappear in
those tunnels at the school.

- You know about those?
- We know about everything!

- So you better start telling us the truth.
- I am, I swear, okay?

Why would I kill Mr. Cosgrove?

He was paying for my education, okay?

I would be ruining my whole life.

Why did Cosgrove ask you
to hack in the first place?

Was it because of the bad recommendation

that Doc gave Marshall?

He said that Doc Reid was cheating,

but he wanted solid proof

that he was selling S.A.T. answers before

he confronted him...

He didn't want to falsely accuse Doc.

Where were you the night
of the scavenger hunt?

Working at the office.

I'm sure I'm on the security tape.

Wouldn't put it past a hacker
like you to doctor the footage.

Hey. How could I get a
text from Mr. Cosgrove?

- Oh, my God.
- Hand it over.

- Oh, my God... Aunt Vicki...
Get the phone, get the phone.

What does it say?

"Give me everything you stole

from Doc's computer. I have your aunt.


Oh, my God... Aunt Vicki.

"McCarren Park, two hours. No cops."

McCarren Park, two hours.

I'll try to track down Cosgrove's phone.

Oh, my God... Aunt Vicki.
What are we gonna do?

Let's get our undercover people into place

in McCarren Park. If the kidnapper's good,

they'll probably give Kendell
a second location when she

gets to the park. They're gonna
want to make sure she's alone.

What did you take from Doc's computer?

Financial spreadsheets,

account numbers, no names.

And then you sent that to Cosgrove?

Kind of. I mean, the dude's
really bad with tech...

An old guy, you know?...
So, uh, he likes to have

a hard copy, and I gave it to
him on the day that he died.

Oh, my God, oh, my God, is it
my fault that he got killed,

because I gave him
those files on the day...

You texted Cosgrove.

That's how the kidnappers know

you have a digital copy.

So, we just give them my flash drive,

and then this is all over, right?

No, that would put your
aunt in worse danger.

Whoever has her doesn't want to trade.

Then why did they take her?

They want your copy of the file.

But also they want you.

You looked at the spreadsheets,
that makes you a witness.

They've already killed two witnesses.

But my aunt saw the kidnappers' faces!

- They could kill her! Oh, my God, they're gonna...
- She's gonna be okay.

She's gonna be okay. Listen to me.

They need her safe and sound

till they get you.

And they're not getting you.

Can't track the phone.

They put the SIM card in a
burner cell that's untraceable.

All right, so we do it the hard way.

You give me the flash drive

and we'll use it as a bargaining chip.

I don't have it.

Kendell, an hour and 58
minutes. Where is it?!

It's in my locker at school.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Al, I'm telling you
there's no flash drive here.

Check again. We need the flash drive

to save Kendell's aunt.

Wait a second...

Marshall? Hey.

I'm Carrie Wells. I'm here to help

figure out what happened to your dad.

I know where the flash drive is.

- I'm heading to Marshall Cosgrove's.
- Wait.

Why Marshall?

- I didn't know he had it.
- You could've at least

mentioned he was a possibility.

So, what? You two were a thing?

No, I mean, we're not even dating.

He likes to keep it a secret. I'm, like,

his side slice or whatever.
It's not a big deal.

"Side slice"?


Oh, boy.

Look, when this is all
done, we're gonna have

a talk about how you need to be treated.

Like you even know anything about it.

Oh, I know, I know. I was 16 once.

- Yeah, a long time ago.
- Hey, easy with that.

Okay, you're not my dad.

I am not your dad. You're right.

Why does Marshall have the flash drive?

I help him with his homework sometimes.

Ah, you do his homework. You
put it on the flash drive.

He takes it from your locker.

You help him cheat.


We got four teams in place

around McCarren Park.

And two undercover spotters.

Any sign of the victim?

Nothing yet.

But Al is probably right.

This is just the initial location.

Kendell arrives, the kidnappers give her

a second, more secure location
to meet for the exchange.

- Or kill them both.
- Yeah.

Why doesn't Kendell live with her parents?

Are... are they deceased?


They're in Buffalo.

It's a blue collar couple.

Nurse and bookkeeper sacrificed everything

to send Kendell down here so she could

get the best education.

Ah, I feel for them.

They try to do their best
they can for their daughter,

and she ends up over her head at 37th Prep.

Don't tell me you have a
compassionate side, Eliot.

I understand what she's
going through, that's all.

You do?


I was once the scholarship kid

at the fancy private school.

- Come on.
- What?

You don't see it?

No. It's just, it's not...

I mean, Eliot Delson.

"Delson," uh, was the name

of a landlord in Southwest Ireland.

My great-grandfather borrowed it

along with some silverware
when he fled to America.


My dad runs a diner

on Sunrise Highway, out in Suffolk.

My mom is an eighth-grade English teacher.

I did not know that.

Neither did my Prep school
friends, until they did,

and then they weren't my friends anymore.

So, yeah. Compassion.

We did not share this moment.


What are you doing here?

I need Kendell's flash drive.

Kendell? Marshall, you told me

- you weren't hanging out with her.
- I'm sorry,

- I'm sorry, what's your name?
- Lacey Chambers.

Shut up, Lacey.

For one minute.

I need the flash drive

and I need it now.

- Now!
- I...

All right. You'll be safe with her.

Please save my Aunt Vicki.

That's what we're gonna do.

- Thanks.
- Hey, Al.

Here's what's on the flash drive.

Offshore bank account
belonging to Doc Reid.

- A private school teacher with an offshore account?
- Exactly.

I thought it was a big deal
when my history teacher,

Mr. Cignarella, bought a used Camaro.

Bet he didn't have the
S.A.T. answer keys, though.

Wait a second.

A million dollar deposit?

Does seem like a lot,

even for perfect S.A.T. scores, right?

But it's not enough to buy scores.

You gotta open up a spot.

Doc's bad recommendation

- knocked Marshall out.
- Wait a second.

So a single bad recommendation

can get a kid knocked out?

A single bad anything,
for a place like Harvard.

But wait a second.

How did Cosgrove and Marshall

even find out what Reid said about him?

That's stuff's private.

No, by law, you can't restrict that info

from students and parents.

All right. We find out

who made the million-dollar deposit,

we find out who killed
Cosgrove and Doc Reid.

Well, it's just a numbered account

from some shell corporation.

Oshanski Industries, LLC.


To Jeb!


Jay, can you get images of all the seniors

who got into Ivy League schools?

That one. Right there.

Derrick Hibbert, middle initial "O."

He was at the memorial service.

And how much do you want to bet that

that "O" stands for Oshanski?

Jay, check the gun registry.

There's a handgun,

a Walther .380

registered to a John Hibbert.

And he never once called me "Mr. Hibbert."

I was always "John."

John Hibbert.

He was also at Cosgrove's memorial.

And he happens to be

Derrick's father, and he
also graduated from 37th Prep.

Then he knows about the tunnels.

Jay... I'll get you your warrant.


Vicki Wilson!

What the hell is going on?
Get your hands off of me.

- Where is she?
- Where's who?

- Where is she?
- All clear!

- No sign of the hostage.
- Where's Vicki Wilson?

Who's Vicki Wilson?

What is going on?

Well, if she's not here, where is she?

Bribing him to get your son, Derrick,

into an Ivy League school.

Cosgrove found out,

he confronted you and you killed him.

I didn't shoot Jeb.

This says you did, and with this gun.

Then you killed Doc Reid,

because he could tie you
to the Cosgrove murder.

If there were more Jeb Cosgroves,

the financial crisis
would never have happened.

First names and handshakes. To Jeb!

To Jeb.

We've got it all wrong.

Don't we?

Derrick did all of this, not you.

He tracked Cosgrove down the night

of the scavenger hunt and he killed him

to save you from a bribery scandal.

And then he killed Doc to cover his tracks.

He told you what he'd done to Cosgrove

the night of the memorial, didn't he?

Now he's got Vicki
Wilson in his crosshairs,

and we've got 17 minutes to find her.

You need to hear me.

This is a hostage
situation with a murderer.

The cops will do whatever it
takes to save that hostage,

which means using deadly force on your son.

Shoot first.

That's the order.

It's your turn to protect
him, John. Talk to me.

He took my gun.

He used it.

Where is he?

I don't know.

I've been looking for him,
waiting for him to call.

Promise me you'll help Derrick.


We'll do our best.

You know what to say.

It's okay. Answer it.

Aunt Vicki?

I am fine.

Where... where are you?

Kendell, are you at McCarren Park?

Yeah. Yeah, I am.

You need to take a selfie to prove it.

Uh, okay. Hold on.

We cloned your phone earlier.

Thanks to your photo library, the cloud

and Google Images, we've got this.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

Okay. Uh... should I text it to you now?


Okay. Now... now what?

Now... go to the alley

behind the East River
ferry with the flash drive.


Text another picture when you get there.

Aunt Vicki? Aunt Vicki?


Kendell, don't... !

You guys, you get all that?

Carrie's already looking
at a map of the area.

We'll call you back as soon as we know.

Kayak Rentals.

First names and handshakes.

To Jeb!

To Jeb!

Derrick's on the crew team.


What are these buildings along the shore?

We're here to see Dr. Reid.

You on the list?

How about you make an exception for us?

Robinson boathouse.

That's where the 37th Prep

crew team store their shells.

He's really good.

Him? He's the best.

Don't tell him... or
anyone... that I said that.

Cross my heart.

Derrick, drop the gun, right now!

I told your father you wouldn't die today.

If you don't drop that gun,

there's on one way this ends, okay?

None of you understand!

My great-grandfather,

grandfather, father...

all went to Ivys.

And I'm supposed to go to an Ivy, too.

I can't let my dad down.

Put the gun down, Derrick.

Your father loves you.

He wants you to live.

It's over, Derrick.

Oh, Aunt Vicki... you're okay.

I'm all right, Kendell.

Do you need anything else
from me, Detective Burns?

Nope. You've given your report.

You're free to go.

I... I really don't know how to thank you.

Oh, that's the easy part.

I mean... cure cancer.

Go to Mars.

Do great things with your big brain.

And stop with the side slice, will you?

Okay, "dad," I get it.

Ah, there's that sarcastic
indifference I love.

Who are you thinking about?

You really want to know?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

- If we ever got married...
- Whoa...

Okay, you know, settle
down. It's hypothetical.

Okay, all right. If we ever got married,

would you be into an open marriage?

No. Aw...

Absolutely not.

- Why do you ask?
- No reason.

I know why, because you want...

You want Mr. Secret
Service Guy on the side.

You're obsessed with him.

No. You're the one talking

about him wearing a Speedo.

It was not a Speedo,

and you're just jealous.

No, I'm not jealous.

I'm just a little busier than he is.

Thing is, he's...

He's got time to go to the gym,

that's good for him.

I'm too busy, all right?

You look great in a Speedo, too, Al.

I've never had a Speedo on in my life.

August 23,

1999, we were on the beach that day.

You came down in your tiny little Speedo...

It's called a James Bond square cut, okay?

Listen, you looked...

Very sexy.

I have it all right up here.

You are buying the drinks tonight.

Remember that bikini I wore?

It's right here.

What color was it?