Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 2, Episode 3 - Day of the Jackie - full transcript

Carrie and Al are unable to discern why a businessman was murdered in his hotel room until it's discovered that his death was collateral damage in a larger plot to assassinate a diplomat.

Mr. Dirkson,

I believe congratulations
are in order.

Yeah, we closed this afternoon.

Your friends at Lambrex
had me send a little

something up to your room.

Oh, nice.

Anything else I can help you
with this evening?

I'm all set,
but thank you, Robert.


You're back early.

Who are you?

I'm Jackie.

Well, Jackie,
it's nice to meet you,

but I think you're
in the wrong room.

I'm in the right room...
trust me.

Quite a "little something."

Why don't you give me a hand
with the zipper.

♪ I want you close, I want you

♪ I won't treat you
like you're typical... ♪


- Hi, Carrie. The usual?
- Yes.

Diesel fuel,

four shots, five sugars.

Very nice. You remembered.

Yeah, thanks to you
and my new little system,

I never forget an order anymore.

Oh, really? What's that?

Oh, wow. Wow!

- See? That's you.
- Ah... nice.

That one's sure to pick you up
on a Monday, and I bet this might, too.

- How about the first caller...
- Gentlemen, start your engines.

Oh. Here, keep the...

To name Billboard's number one song
from January 17, 1998 will win

- Wait, wait, wait.
- a free skydiving lesson for two.

Oh, we already got someone.
Hello, caller.

Yes! "Truly Madly Deeply,"
Savage Garden.

I hope you're ready to jump out
of a perfectly good airplane,

- because that's right!
- Oh!

Skydiving? Me?

Yeah. Come on.

You are the one
who said you wanted

- to face your fears.
- I never said that.

Yes, you did.
November 7, 2012.

It was a Wednesday.

We were having lunch at Misai
Sake House on Northern Boulevard.

Okay, I said it,
but I was referring

to eating raw sea urchin,

not jumping out of an airplane.

Al, you need
to face your fears.

Just jump.

Morning, guys.

Hey, Jay.

Victim's name is Paul Dirkson.

Maid found him dead in his room
this morning, strangled.

Webster's already upstairs.

No sign of forced entry.

Figure either Dirkson let his
killer in or someone had a key.

Any witnesses?

Nah. Nothing so far.

Hey, Jo.

Hi. Waste of a perfectly good
silk tie if you ask me.

You got a time of death
for us, Jo?

Uh, yeah, according to rigor,

between 8:00 and 10:00
last night.

He missing any valuables?

Mm-hmm. His watch is gone,
his wallet is gone.

His cell phone's
over on the table.

Sounds like a robbery
gone wrong.

Jay, you got a glove?

Put a fraud alert out
on his credit cards.

Hey, Carrie, we got
the hotel manager.


Mr. Dirkson checked in
three days ago.

He was from Philadelphia.

Ran a F ortune 500 hedge fund.

He was in town overseeing

a considerable
telecommunications merger.

Anything unusual come up
during his stay?

He and his colleagues were out
most of the time.

Someone accessed this room,
so we'll have to take a look

at hotel security tapes.

I'm sorry.

There are none.

We have cameras in the lobby

and key card readers
on every door,

but, uh, no surveillance
up in the towers.

The towers?

Our premium floors.

The St. Laurent caters
to an elite clientele...


Some of whom wish to
remain out of the public eye.

Their privacy is sacred to us.

Of course.

Could you get me a list

of the St. Laurent's employees?

Not a problem.

Detectives, how long do you
expect to tie up the suite?

As long as it takes.

It's just that, uh...
let me be blunt.

There are seven conventions
in the city right now.

That suite goes
for $5,200 a night.


One of his guests is found
murdered in a hotel suite,

and all he cares about
is flipping the room.

Guess Paul Dirkson
should've stayed

in the City of Brotherly Love.

Unforgettable 02x03
Day of The Jackie
Origianlly Aired August 11, 2013

Alright. I got a timeline for
our victim, Dirkson.

Housekeeping delivered

strawberries and
champagne at 8:30 P.M.

According to his pals,
Dirkson isn't feeling well,

he leaves dinner early,

gets back to the hotel at 9:35.

In between, at 9:06,
someone swipes his key card.

Well, then that's our guy.

Problem is, we looked at
lobby security footage

from that evening,
everyone's accounted for.

That's because he didn't come
through the lobby.

I ran background checks
on all the hotel employees.

Turns out the concierge got
fired from his last job in L.A.

For tipping off the paparazzi to
when celebrities were arriving.

And after I explained
to him accessory

to murder's a little more serious
than pissing off Kim Kardashian,

he admitted to setting up
guys at the back door,

which, as it turns out, is how
the beautiful people check in.

You're thinking,
if a photographer

was out there last night,

maybe he caught our guy
coming in the back way.

Someone was there.

Our concierge tipped his pal

that Megan Fox was arriving
yesterday evening.

Guy sat out there shooting
for 4½ hours.

You get all the photos?

No, not yet. They're actually
owned by his magazine.

The editor's giving me
the runaround. But don't worry,

- I'll get 'em.
- Well, you should

loop Eliot in.
He'll know who to call.

Like I said, I'll get 'em.

Did you ever wonder how
a big, strapping guy like this

could be strangled
without any defensive wounds?

He was drugged.

Mm. Drugged to death.

He was poisoned.

See the injection site?

Strangulation was
an afterthought.

The agent that they used
was tomexide.

It's a genetically engineered

that hospitals use
in minute doses

to induce comas in patients.

Anything above
two micrograms is fatal.

This poor guy never knew
what hit him.

All right,
so here's the question:

Why do you strangle someone
who's already dead?

To make it look
like a crime of passion.

Using tomexide is anything
but passionate.

No, to take down a guy like
this, you need some expertise.

Maybe a trained killer.

50 bucks for two
hours, 60 for three.

Flat screen,

six channels of porn.

Theme rooms will run you more.

Whatever has the most privacy.

Two nights.

You got contraband in there?

Uh, just a joint. For insomnia.

Harley's a retired police dog.

Yeah, it's, uh,
old habits die hard, huh?

Oh, no! Careful!

He tried to bite off

someone's finger last month.

Hey, you ain't a cop, are you?

Thank you.



Thank you.


Well, that was fast.

The room was formally released,
what, two hours ago?

Yeah, well, for $5,200 a night,

they'd better be fast.

Okay, so Dirkson entered
the room at 9:30,

put his phone here.

He ends up dead, and the
place is turned upside down.

The tomexide would've
dropped him instantly.

So there was no struggle.

The mess was all
for our benefit,

to make it look like a robbery.

And if we think
it's a robbery-homicide,

maybe we miss the poison.

Or maybe we miss something else.

Last time we were alone in
a hotel room was in Syracuse.

That dive motel.

That's not right.

Okay, maybe it wasn't
technically a dive.

We did have our own bathroom.

No, there's
something wrong here.

Hey, Carrie, got
the hotel manager.

These kind of hotels,

they usually organize the
amenities in the exact same way,

- right?
- You're asking me?

The last time we were here,
all this was different.

The dock was here, right?

The headphones were here,

the magazines were over here.

The maid had already done
turndown service

before Dirkson arrived.

If these amenities had been
out of order,

she would've rearranged them.
So, why would...?


- Give you a hand?
- Yep.

Always a gentleman.



You got a light?

Well, thank you very much.

There's something wedged down
in here right by the air duct.



Got it.
Got it.


What is...?

What the...?

What the hell is that?

It's a mobile data
extraction device.

CIA and military use
them to secretly access

data from
a suspect's cell phone.

if it's on your phone,

this baby can copy
and transmit it.

We recovered Dirkson's phone
at the scene.

If someone wanted the data,

why not just take
the damn phone?

Because they weren't interested

in what was on his phone.

Photos from inside
the ceiling vent.

Note the sensor?

It's aimed in
an upward direction.

In this case,
directly into the room

above Dirkson's.

Dirkson got back early,
surprised someone planting that.

He wasn't the target;
his room was.


- You said that thing can transmit data?
- Yeah.

To a remote device,
most likely a computer.

Any way you can track down
an IP address?

Well, I could,
but I'd have to back-trace

every signal that pinged
off the hotel's wi-fi.

I mean, we're talking thousands,
tens of thousands of signals.

How about you start with signals
from the last couple days?


So I cross-referenced the drug

that killed Dirkson
with the data extraction device

in the Interpol database.

I found a group that used both.

Alpha Five.

A covert, paramilitary unit
from the former Soviet Union.

After the cold war,

these guys went private,

working out of Romania mostly.

Strictly mercenary.

When was their last operation?

Um, January 2013.

An Al-Qaeda

in Vienna made the mistake

of stopping at a pastry shop
for some marzipan.

This is all that's left of him.


Dirkson was just
collateral damage.

Alpha five takes down
bigger prey.


Who are they really hunting?

This is about the man
who was killed

in the room below me, isn't it?

That's right.
Just tying up some loose ends.

Ms. Hall, we understand
you've been staying

at the St. Laurent all week?

I'm a buyer for Neiman Marcus.

We have meetings in New York
several times a year.

I'll get it.

Has anyone else been
staying here with you?

- Any friends or family?
- No. Just me.

My husband stayed
back in Chicago with the kids.


We believe someone tried
to hack into your cell phone.

My cell phone?

Why would anyone
be interested in my phone?

Your room service receipts
for the past week.

What the hell are you doing?

That's private.

Dinner for two, champagne...

Double Swedish massage,

adult movies.

Maybe it wasn't your phone
they were after.

- Okay. What gives you the right...
- We are not

the morality police, Ms. Hall.

We're simply trying
to solve a murder.

His name's Kevin Purcell.

We met three years ago
in Chicago.

He's been here with me.

Was he here last night?

Look, we're both married.

And Kevin is

a press attaché
with the U.N.

He could get fired for this.

Press attaché?

Who is he assigned to?

Right now he's with a political
activist from West Africa.

I'm sorry, I forget his name.

Uh, Kevin said he's up
for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Dr. Okoro Dimka.

Yes. That's him.

Dimka is a real hero
in West Africa.

He's the first person to take on
the diamond monopolies.

Wanted to spread the wealth,
and the profits.

I'm guessing there
were enough of those

to hire the services
of Alpha Five.

Mm-hmm. He's been
a target before.

His house was
bombed last winter.

Two of his guards were killed.

Looks like his trouble has
followed him to Manhattan.

Can I help you?

Hey, I just
thought maybe, uh...

I could help you
with the joint you mentioned.

Whoa, what's...
What's all that?

Oh, nothing.

Just assembling
a long-range sniper rifle.

You're what?

Chill out.

It's a toy for my nephew.




Hey, you know,
maybe I could use the company.

I'll get a lighter.

All right.

I've been shot at,

I've been imprisoned
and tortured.

And yet I'm still here.

We understand that,

but now you're a
guest in our city,

and your safety
is in our hands.

Sir, whoever's
behind this already knows

your entire schedule
for the week.

How is this possible?

Your press attaché.

Someone hacked his BlackBerry

while he was staying
at a hotel.

I see.

Well... what do you propose?

We would like you to cancel
your public appearances.

That will not be possible.

True reform cannot occur

in West Africa
unless our message is heard.

With all due
respect, doctor,

nobody's gonna
hear your message

if you're not around
to deliver it.

We can move everything
on your itinerary

to a secure, private location.

I'm sorry.

These people want me
to live in fear.

I will not.

Dr. Dimka, the work you've
done to unite the people

of West Africa
is extraordinary.

You've had a huge impact.

You've changed lives.

So you're familiar with my work?


Yes, of course.

Then you are aware
that my speech

at Hudson University

will be seen around the world.


I'll not cancel the event.

I will, however,

agree to move everything else.

Not because I'm afraid,
but because

I want to see
my grandchildren grow up

in a new Africa.

Told you I'd get 'em.

Paparazzi photos from the hotel

the night Dirkson was killed.

Got to love those
old school ties.

Thought that magazine editor
wasn't budging.

Well, he wasn't,

but it just so happens
me and his kid

went to prep school together.

And we were both on the
tennis team, so...

Hold on.
You went to prep school?

As a matter of fact, yeah.

Where I also had the chance

to help a classmate of mine

pass his philosophy of art
final in our junior year.

Though I'd rather not say how.

Hold on.

You were on the tennis team?

So, all we got to do

is run 'em up against
the Alpha five photos,

maybe we have a match.

Yeah. Impressive.


So aren't you gonna say, "Hold
on, philosophy of art final?"

As a matter of fact, I wasn't.

But now that you mention it...


Those are the latest

from Russian State Security.

Excuse me, ladies.


Okay, here we go.

With a little bit of luck
and some commonality

of facial features,
we should nail this guy.

We're scanning everyone

who came in the back way.

Come on, come on, come on.

Got him.

Got her.

Wow, it's a woman.

What? No, not that
a woman can't...

You know...
Right? Right?

Former Lieutenant
Jacqueline Mikhailova.

Goes by Jackie M.

I didn't mean that women
can't be assassins, I...

Apparently, this one
can be anything she wants.

Silent combat techniques,

biochemical toxicology.

All that,
and she still has time

to help the kids
with the homework.

Interpol considers
her a person of interest

in eight assassinations in
the last two years alone.

Let's not make it nine.

When she was 14,

her entire family was murdered
by Chechen separatists.

Six months later,
she joined Alpha Five.

Looks like she made her
first kill when she was 17.

Just a kid.


She's got an actual M.O.

The vast majority
of her victims

were killed in small,
everyday locations.

Laundromats, restaurants...

Easier to control
the environment.

I don't think she's gonna risk
the awards ceremony.

Too many variables.

Well, we've moved
everything else

to Gracie Mansion, so...

Except Jackie doesn't know that.


Absolutely not. No.

Eliot, when we signed on here,

you pretty much gave us
carte blanche

to run our own operation.

You said, "I'll always
have your backs.

You're empowered to get
results, whatever it takes."

Well, it's funny,
I don't recall saying that.

It was July 22.

- Raining out...
- Yeah. Right.


Do you ever...
you know...

- get tired of it?
- Yeah.

Once I did.

October 10, 2012.

We were at dinner.

It was a Thursday,
if I'm not mistaken.

- You two should go on Letterman.
- Listen.

Jackie thinks Dimka is having
lunch with his biographer

at the Third Street Café
tomorrow in the Village.

All we have to do
is plant some undercovers

- and she shows up.
- Yes,

but in order
for that plan to work,

the restaurant has to be
open to the public.

You'd be endangering
innocent civilians.

She already killed Paul Dirkson.

This might be our one shot
to flush her out.

We'll have armed agents
posing as wait staff.

Place will be 100% controlled.

It's a hell of a lot easier

than securing a thousand-seat
auditorium, don't you think?

I think... maybe Jimmy Kimmel.

All right, go. Go.

Thank you.

Two subjects
approaching the front door.

Couple right behind them.

Dimka's a dignified man, Dennis.

Stop slouching.

Very nice. Thank you.

Hi, can I get you guys anything?

Two dry cappuccinos.

Bunch of hipsters coming in.

May I have a menu, please?

Two dry cappuccinos.

You call this dry?

Dry is no milk.

Just foam.

Is this your first day
on the job or what?

I'm so sorry about that.

Let me take care of it
for you. Excuse me.

Thank you.

That's her.

That's her! That's her!
That's her!

Hey, hey, hey!
Hey, hey!

- Hey, hey, hey!
- Oh, my God!

He's having a heart attack!

Somebody please, uh, help him.

He's having a heart attack!

Someone get a doctor!

Come on!


Hey. Any luck?

It's like Jackie just vanished.

We got traffic cams on
Commerce, on Bedford.


She must've known our coverage
patterns beforehand.


Might want to save
some of that admiration

for the EMTs.

Turns out the undercover she
poisoned is gonna be okay.

They had an antidote on hand.

Really dodged a bullet
on that one.

Can't count on Dimka
being so lucky.

We got to find Jackie
before his award ceremony.

This might help.

Finally finished the back-trace

on the St. Laurent Hotel's
wi-fi system.

Turns out the device
you found in Dirkson's room

was transmitting
a signal to an IP address

in your old
stomping ground, Queens.

The Luxury Sweets Motel.

Yeah, we did a vice bust there
a few years ago.

Not a lot of luxury
and there wasn't a suite

within five miles of the place.

Plus, I heard
they got a special rate

for international assassins.

Let's find out. Call for backup.

Carrie and I'll meet them there.

No lights, no sirens.

You got it.

Local cops have eyes on
the room and report no movement.

- Stand by.
- Right. We'll be waiting.


ESU should be here any minute.

I don't know.

So, that song contest
you won on the radio.

What was the winning tune?

You want to talk
about that now?

Yeah, why not?

Uh, "Truly Madly Deeply"
by Savage Garden.

Hmm, don't know it.

What? Yes, you do.

We danced to it.

So, we danced to it once, I...

- Oh, wow.
- You know...

Maybe if you sing it.

No way. No.

Yeah, just sing a little.

"Face your fears," right?

Face my fears? Fine.

I'll sing it
if you go skydiving.

- All right, deal.
- Really?

- Yeah.
- Oh.

And we danced to it
three times.

Four, actually.

All right, let's hear it.

Come on.

Come on.



♪ I'll be your dream,
I'll be your wish ♪

♪ I'll be your fantasy ♪

♪ I'll be your hope,
I'll be your love ♪

♪ be everything

♪ that you need.

You do remember.

Of course I remember.


Perfect timing...
they're here.

Let's go.

Go, go.

Bathroom clear!

Looks like she left in a hurry.


Hey, did we find the desk clerk

who checked her in?

Name's Larry Yablonski.

Manager says he hasn't
seen him since yesterday.

Well, let's find him.

Oh, and, uh...
get CSU here.

Have them go over
the room, okay?

And... then have them
go over it again.

Eliot's at the university.

He wants us there
for the security walk-through.


So all the manholes are
secured, mailboxes removed,

abandoned vehicles towed?


And call Lieutenant Branson.

Make sure they have
no police uniforms missing.

Oh, by the looks on your faces,

I take it you're not
bearing good news?

She was gone
before we got there.

Can't catch a break.

Anyway, on to plan "B."
Floor plans.

We'll take a walk-through,
get you up to speed.

When do I get one of those?

You just got out of Queens
for God's sake.


Looks like we got your hotel
clerk Yablonski.

Patrol out of the 1-4
found him in a dumpster.

Single shot between the eyes.

This lady of yours covers
her tracks, that's for sure.

Yes, she does, doesn't she?

Carrie, how much would you bid

on a silver inlaid
cat food dish?

Oh, I-I didn't know
you had a cat.

- I don't.
- Oh.

Well, then I think
you're good right there.


Jo, you had any unusual
deaths in the past 24 hours?

Carrie, they're
all unusual deaths.

We come into the world in the
dullest, most uniform of ways,

but our exits are like...

Forensic snowflakes.

Aw, yeah, your students

at the new school must
really eat that up.

"Poetry From The Slab"
over-registers every year.


What unusual thing
can I do for you?

Well, Jackie... she eliminates
anyone who gets in her way.

So I'm thinking maybe
she ran into another...


Well, it's been pretty dull

around here, homicide-wise.

Not that I mind.

Okay, this guy was whacked

by his son because he wouldn't

let him go to a rave.

And yet he let him play
with a .30-06.

Go figure.

This guy...

male, single gunshot wound

to the head, Queens.

We're assuming, uh...

A robbery of some sort... single
gunshot wound to the head.

Where in Queens?

Uh... Flushing.

Does it say where he worked?


Black Kitty Cyber Café,
Roosevelt Avenue.

Looks like she left in a hurry.

Jackie was there at the café.

The assassin?

Yes. Thank you, Jo.


I still can't believe
Zach's gone.

I mean, I just saw him
two days ago.

He looked so happy
and together.

Can you think of anyone
who'd want to hurt him?

No, everybody loved Zach.

We used to call him
the Mayor of Flushing.

He and his boyfriend were
gonna get married next month.

You recognize this woman?

Yeah. Yeah, she came in
a couple of times.

Did you ever see Zach
talking to her?

Zach talked to everyone.

Um, last time she came in,
she hung out on that computer

over there in the corner.
I remember 'cause

she made this big stink
about wanting privacy.

- You mind if we take a look?
- Yeah, go for it.

Any luck, she left something
behind in the trash.

Yeah, I think these places empty
the trash after every session.

Okay. Let's try

- the search history.
- I think they strip

the search history, too.

They strip the cache?

- What?
- Ah,

something you don't know about.

My nephew got busted

last month for looking
at porn because

he forgot to clear the cache
on the family computer.

Not a mistake
that you would make.


We just have to find

what was accessed on Wednesday.

Here we go.

Tuesday, Wednesday.


That's the performing
arts center

at Hudson University.

Press clearance list

for Dimka's speech.

Jackie's going as...

A journalist.

World peace really packs 'em in.

Yeah, Justin Bieber's
got nothing on this guy.

We've positively I.D.'d

17 female journalists
on the press list.

All are accounted for but one.

Her name's Andrea Weston,
with the Post.

- You go to her place?
- Yeah, she's not there.

Not answering her
cell phone either.

All right. So Jackie's
coming as Andrea Weston.

Ah, don't worry.

Genghis Khan couldn't
get through here.

Take it.

What's up, Jay?

Hey, CSU just
got done processing

that motel room in Queens.

Even though the place
looks like a frat house,

there's not a single print,
hair, DNA sample

- to be found.
- What?

CSU tech called it flawless.

Well, not exactly flawless.
I mean, she left

that wrapper there
that led us to

the inter... net café that...

Wait a minute.

She planted that wrapper.

She wanted me to find the café,

the computer, the list
of journalists, all of it.

She... she was counting on it.

I don't understand.

Why would she give away
her plan?

Because it's not her plan.

She's here.

I got to go.

Dimka! Dimka!

Dimka! Dimka! Dimka! Dimka!

I was supposed to be here
a half hour ago,

but someone slashed my tires.

It's not her.
We got the real Andrea Weston.

Jackie set us up.

Yeah, I know.

You do?

Well, you could've told me.
Where are you?

I am in the auditorium, Al.

All right, let me know
if you see anything.

I'm gonna secure the perimeter.

Al, I think I got something.

I'm heading up
to the catwalk to check it out.


Carrie, repeat.

Carrie, you're breaking up.
I can't hear you.

Dimka! Dimka! Dimka!

And now,
it's my honor and pleasure

to introduce the man himself,

Dr. Okoro Dimka.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Thank you very, very, very much.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.

Please sit down.

My friends,

you are very kind.

I'd like to thank you all

for the great privilege

of being invited here today.

Get Dimka off the stage.

Target is in the building.

And there is...
Mr. Dimka, come with me.

I was hoping
never to see you again.


You know the drill.

Drop your weapon.

It's ceramic.


I'll be sure to add it
to my steak set.

If you taught your undercovers
how to make better cappuccino,

you could've avoided
all this trouble.

- And a few lives, right?
- Mm.

It's all about preparation.

That's the key.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

How do you say
"go to hell" in Russian?


As I said, preparation.

No! No, no, no, no, no!


No, no, no, no.

Damn it!

She's dead.

You okay?

Yeah. Dimka?

He's fine.
We're all fine.

Come here, boy.
Come here. Hey.

Oh, you lost your partner, huh?

All right.

There you go.
There you go.

Al, that dog was lying dead
a half hour ago.

I saw him.

It's a genetically
engineered pharmaceutical

that hospitals use

in minute doses
to induce comas in patients.

She couldn't bring herself
to kill the dog,

so she gave him a small dose.

Enough to knock him out.

Hey, give me your radio.
Can you take this dog?

- Oh, my God.
- Central,

emergency message.

I need that ambulance
that just took off.


10-1, urgent. Call your command.


10-1, urgent. Call your command.

Do you copy?

10-1, acknowledge.

What's your location?

Do you copy?

♪ I'm growing like a seed ♪

♪ rain's been falling on me ♪

♪ I've been covered in cold... ♪

Dimka's safely on a plane

back to West Africa.

- He extends his thanks.
- Well, tell him

to keep his head down; We still
can't raise that ambulance.

Got units and air patrol
out looking.

You know how rare it is to stop
an Alpha Five operation?

So, what, round one
to the good guys?

My guess,

if Jackie's alive,

she'll think twice
before coming back our way.

I hope so.

In fact, I'm counting on it.

Good work, both of you.


Okay, thanks.

♪ Yes, I can feel

♪ feel it all...

We found the ambulance.
No trace of Jackie.

Why am I not surprised?

I should've seen this coming.

FBI's got it out nationally.
We'll get her.

Maybe not.

TSA out at Kennedy
just sent us this.

From a gate at
Bolivian Airlines.

Flight to Bogotá

six hours ago.

Okay, great.
We can interdict the flight.

It landed 50 minutes ago.

She's gone.

There's got to be a way.

Al, we can't just let her go.

You saved Dimka.

That's what matters.

Tell that to her next victim.

♪ I'm looking to the sky ♪

♪ and I'll be listening
to the stars ♪

♪ and maybe thinking of you,
and wondering where you are. ♪