Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 2, Episode 1 - Bigtime - full transcript

The second season begins with Carrie and Al joining the Major Crimes Section of the NYPD to work the city's highest-profile cases. Their first investigation is a child kidnapping that makes Carrie wonder if a move from Queens to Manhattan was the right one for her.

All right, we
got a hostage situation.

The place is a private storage
facility for high-end art.

We got three guys inside.

We're looking at a minimum
of nine hostages.

We believe one of the bad guys
is posing as a hostage.

Which one?

You know, posing?

That's a, that's a tough word.

What do you think, Al?

I think we better make
some determinations soon

or we could lose
a lot of people.

Did you do your homework?

Oh, yeah.
Here we go.

Move, move, move!

Get in there.

Open that door.

One here, one here!

Down now!

Get down!


You, back up!

All the way back.

Everything's gonna be all right.

I want everybody to stay down.

All right.

You're done. Drop the gun.

Get up.

Give me your hands.

All clear.
All clear.

Nice job, everybody. Good work.

That was nice.

Not bad. We beat our
old record by 25 seconds.

What do we get,

a gold star in our homework
books or something?

Ah, you probably
filled yours up already.

Okay, seriously, though,

don't you ever question
the value of these things?

I mean, honestly,
when was the last time

we had a hostage
standoff in Queens?

What about the
convenience store, 31st Ave?

- They're the ones.
- Yes.

Right? The old lady
who wouldn't leave

until they fixed
the slushy machine.

- That's right.
- Besides that.

That was touch and go. Come on.

Unforgettable 02x01
Original Air Date July 28, 2013

All right, let's just go
over it one more time.

I told you, it
was a phone call.

Guy calling himself Deputy
something-or-other says

he wants to see us
at One City Towers.

Please tell me you took care
of those parking tickets.

I brought the receipts
right here just in case.


Wow, what kind of
cops live here?

Not our kind of cops.

Lieutenant Burns.

Eliot Delson,
Special Deputy to the Mayor.

Nice to meet you.

And you must be Carrie Wells.

Yes, actually.

- You have questions.
- Let me guess.

You have answers.

Nothing but.


Welcome to the Major Crimes
Section of the NYPD.

I've heard of it.

- You have?
- You haven't?

Not like I read Police
and Security News

every morning
with my cornflakes.

Maybe you should.

You handle big stuff,
citywide stuff,

extra jurisdictional.


How about something
I don't know?

Have either of you ever heard
of Ari Sonnenland?

I have.
He's a developer, a big one.

Sunny Meadows Complex
in Elizabeth, New Jersey,

the Sterling Tower
in the Navy Yards,

and his brother is a beekeeper.

I have no idea how I know that.
Yes, I do.

Well. What you don't know is that his
daughter was kidnapped

this morning in Central Park.

We're not sure, but we believe
this might not be

an isolated incident, but one
in a series of kidnappings

targeting affluent families
on the East Coast.

Central Park. Last I checked,

we don't have one of those
in Queens.

Look, it's pretty simple.

The word's out on you guys.

A 92% solve rate?

You're the top of the class.

So that's why you were there
this morning.

What was that, a final exam?

Yes, I remember you.

I liked the yellow tie better,

by the way.

Uh, I spilled tzatziki on it.

There's a lesson in that:
Never eat a gyro unwrapped.

As for the exam,

I'm pleased to report
you passed with flying colors.

Thanks in part to that
astonishing memory of yours.

What about our cases?

Our real cases?

Taken care of...
while you're working with us.

And this case is very real.

Lara Sonnenland is 11 years old.

She's the starting sweeper
for the Darby Diggers.

She has a cat named Maisie.
She needs your help.

I promised you answers.

Now, I, uh, I'm not sure

what your setup is like
in Queens, but...

I know guys who work
Major Crimes.

They never described
anything like this.

What'd you do, raid a Best Buy?

As I persuasively explained
to the mayor,

after 9/11, the feds descended
on this city

with all their fancy toys.

CIA, Department of
Homeland Security,

all here to take care of us.

Well, it's time we took care
of New York ourselves

like we used to.

So, five months later,
a little more persuasion, and

toys of our own and

the authority to use 'em.

Anything big goes down between
Fort Lee, Block Island,

and Stamford, Connecticut,
it's mine.

Ours. And, hey, now yours.

Lara Sonnenland.

Carrie, Al,
anything I can do for you,

you know where to find me.


I don't recall
agreeing to all this.

Oh, I do... we didn't.

Wouldn't matter.

Eliot's not an asker,
he's a teller.

In fact, he told me
to catch you guys up

on the Sonnenland kidnapping.
How you doing? I'm Jay.

In addition,
I'm gonna be your guide

to the wonders
of the operations center.

Just 'cause I'm Asian,
they assume

I know all about computers
and stuff.

Which you don't.

No, actually I do.

Worked for a while
for a little company

in Redmond:
Internet security, scareware.

But I missed New York.

Anyways, uh, this
is the crime scene.

You can almost read
the license plate.

Want to read the license plate?

No, that's okay.


So, Lara Sonnenland, on her way

to a soccer game
on the Upper East Side.

Kidnappers created
some kind of diversion

to get the car
onto a service road.

Bang-bang, they shoot
the driver, snatch the kid,

and exit the park, we believe,

on the north side
in an as-yet-unknown vehicle.

Driver's listed as critical
at Mount Sinai.

What about security video
from inside the park?

Al, we're looking,

but there are a lot of ways to
blend in and hide, even from us.

Eliot mentioned
other kidnappings.

Two of them, actually.

Brookline, Mass, 2011,
and Westport, Connecticut.

That was just nine months ago.

May I introduce
Cherie Rollins-Murray,

the Cherie Rollins-Murray,
late of the FBI?

Just Murray, please.
It's less of a workout.

So, uh, Brookline, Westport.

What makes you think
it's the same guys?

East Coast targets,
same M.O.: time of day,

- street diversion.
- You I.D. anyone?

This is all we have.

From the last one in Westport.

Birdwatcher inadvertently shot

what we eventually learned
was their hideout.

The Westport case

ended badly.

The victim's family relied on

a professional hostage

guy named Paulson.

Said he could do a better
job than the Bureau.

Imagine that.

Huh. Well, he didn't.

Something went wrong
at the money drop.

The kidnappers panicked
and pulled out.

But first they
killed the child.

His name was Ethan.
He was nine years old.

What went wrong?

According to agents on the
scene, Paulson screwed up.

You said they
handled it privately.

Why were there agents
at the drop?

Well, I wasn't there.

But the Bureau handles
these things by the book.

Well, maybe the book needs
to be rewritten.

I got all the forensics from
Brookline and from Westport.

Plus about a half a gig
of high-res photos

from the Central Park
crime scene.

I'll do a little 3-D stitch and
make you a virtual walk-through.

I'd like to do
an actual walk-through.

You know, like, in my body.

Our CSU has been
all over that scene.

Well, you know,
maybe they missed something.

You know, Frederick Law Olmsted

actually designed
these hills and gullies

to be out of sight
from the surrounding landscape.

He probably didn't have
this in mind.

Fan of the park, Jay?

Fan of the city.

Yeah, me, too.

Pretty fancy school bus.

Ari Sonnenland... not a
guy who flies commercial.

What about the mother?

Alison Sonnenland,
née Schoenfeld.

Former corporate attorney.
Lara's their only child.



The Sonnenlands
are ready to talk.

We're not accusing you, sir.

Well, I'd appreciate
you modulating your tone.

My wife and I are
in no mood to be harassed.

Mr. Sonnenland,

the last thing we want to do

is make this any more
difficult for you.

We're merely trying
to determine

the identity of the people
who took your daughter.

So if there are
any business associates,

rivals who might want
to hurt you...

Of course there are people
that want to hurt me.

My entire life is competition,

I bid on projects. If I'm lucky,
I-I get them, I win.

Which means someone else loses.

Look, I understand how confusing

and difficult this must be for both of you.
I don't know why

we're having this conversation!

I have K&R insurance,
a lot of it.

The company pays off,
we get Lara back.

We don't care who took her.

We just want her back.

I promise you we will do

everything we can
to bring Lara home,

but we have to work together.

Since they haven't contacted
you, we're at an advantage.

We can set up a trap-and-trace
on your phone.

Isn't that dangerous?
Wouldn't they know?

No. They'll have no idea
we're listening in.

Please let us help you.

All right.
Whatever you say.

Just get her back.

He loves her very much.

We didn't think
that we'd have children.

I understand.

Alison, do you think I could
take a look at Lara's bedroom?

To get to know her a little?

It might help.


It's so pretty.

Yeah, she picked out
the pattern herself.

I have no design sense at all.

Me either.

That's recent.

Those are her friends
from school.

Oh. Well, that's quite
the collection.

Oh, all the girls have those.

You mind?

No, of course not.

Alison, why didn't you tell me

- they'd contacted you?
-- What?

The first thing they'd do
to let you know they had Lara

would be to send you
something of hers.

This was on her backpack.

There's mud

all over it.

It won't be hard to prove
it's from the park.

Don't make me waste
precious time.

It's her favorite.

That's why I-I put it back
on the shelf.

She-She'll want it
when she comes home.

They sent a package with a note.

I told her.

Alison, they said
they'd kill her.

No, she's right.

I trust her more
than I trust them.

I hope to hell you're right.

She is.


All set.

I don't trust the dad.

That's okay;
He doesn't trust us.

You okay with all this?

I mean, of all cases, right?

She's practically the same age
your sister, Rachel, was.

What are the odds, right?

I'm fine.

I'll be more fine
when we bring Lara home,

but I am, I'm fine.

All right.

Here we go.


You received our little package?

These guys know
what they're doing.

Call is being matrix-routed
through multiple cell towers.

Just like Westport.

Yeah, but last time
we weren't listening.

Let me talk to Lara, please.

Just let me talk to her.

In good time.


- Again, know that you must not involve
- Getting close.

the police in any way

if you want to see
your daughter alive.

We won't; I-I understand.
We won't.

Say it again.

Just a few more seconds.

I will not involve the police

in any way.


- Please put her on.
- Sometime between 2:00

And 3:00 this afternoon,

you will receive another call
with our demands.


We couldn't trace it.

No I.D.

You have nothing?

We have his voice,

and there's one man
who knows that voice.

Jack Paulson.

That was the
Katherine Simpson case,

out on the Island.

Lovely girl.

She went missing from a beach
in Sag Harbor.

they're into everything.

Wanted a billion dollars.

Too many movies.

I got 'em down to a cool mil.

Wowed 'em with my knowledge
of Tirana.

- Smart.
- Well, I read travel books

to put myself to sleep.

I look at postcards.

Um, Peptomol.

I get this acid now.

It's an unfortunate side effect

of being permanently unemployed.

Mr. Paulson, we understand
the insurance company

you worked for let you go
after the Westport kidnapping?

Four days I worked those guys.

Finally set up a drop,
secure location,

good access, piece of cake.

The damn Bureau had
my phones monitored.

They went in early
and they blew it up.

This is a business built

on reputation,

and you guys destroyed mine.

We weren't involved
in the Westport case.

So, feds, state, local,
it's all the same.

Your business is
catching bad guys.

Mine is saving people
from bad guys.

We're not the same, believe me.

Why should I believe you?

Because we're not afraid
to ask for your help.

And you need my help why?

In good time.

Again, know that you must not

involve the police in any way

if you want to see
your daughter alive.

I understand.

Say it again.

It's from
the Sonnenland kidnapping.

Is that the man
you did business with

in Westport?

Oh, yeah, yeah, that's him.

I'd never forget that voice.

They're calling back within
the hour to arrange the drop.

Can you be there?

Jack, listen to me.

The feds screwed up,
and a little boy died.

With your help,
Lara doesn't have to.

Yeah, Jay?

Hey, they're calling again.

It's them.

Can you patch it through?

Sure, just keep
your phone on mute.

Please don't hurt her.

You wanted to talk to her?

You want to talk to your daddy?

- Daddy?
- Lara?

Daddy, please.

Lara, honey.

That's enough.

Listen very carefully.

You will put $5 million in cash

in a duffel bag
and place it on a chair

beside the table near the
backpacks at Gansevoort Plaza

at exactly 3:35 p.m. tomorrow.

After the bag is retrieved,

an olive green gypsy cab
will pull up

to the southeast corner
of Gansevoort and Greenwich,

plate number T038191C.

Your daughter will be
in that cab.

Any attempts at interference
by the police,

and she will die.

Do you understand?

Yes, I understand.

Say good-bye, Lara.

Good-bye, Daddy.


I'm saying we should hire him.

Look, Paulson has gone up

against these guys before;
he knows their moves.

That gives him an expertise
that none of us have.

A little boy died.
That is expertise

I can do without.

The feds were running a
three-ring circus in Westport.

If they'd listened
to Paulson...

He lost a child.

There's a lot of baggage
that goes with that.

You have an opinion on this
or are you just keeping score?

There's no question Jack Paulson
was the best K&R guy out there,

and I know he wants
these guys pretty bad.

That is the last thing we need

is a loose cannon
running around.

Rolling around.


I have Carrie up by two.

Yeah, fine.

We'll run him as a consultant.

Thank you.

Now, what are you two

actually doing?

Besides hiring other people
to do your work for you?

We were actually thinking
about hiring another person

to do our work for us.

You're not easy to like,
you know that?

We just want to
get a fresh pair

of eyes on the forensics
from the other kidnappings,

and there's an M.E. we worked
with in Queens,

- Don't say Joanne Webster.
- Joanne Webster.

Great minds.


she literally got herself
thrown off the island.

She was expelled as chief medical office...

I wasn't expelled, Ellie,
I was promoted.

Hello, Joanne.


You had a few
less formal names for me

when you sold me out
to the city council.

I didn't sell you out;
You did that yourself

when you called the mayor
a corporate toady.

- It's just an opinion.
- It was an opinion

until you expressed it
to New York One,

and then it became
a Post headline.

So you guys know each other.
That's great.

Yeah, I met Ellie when
he was working at City Hall.

You had the dry cleaning
and lunch run.

I was 23 years old.

Well, you've certainly grown up.

Well, one of us has.

That's true.

How's your prostate?

Okay, why don't we get to work?

Drop location is that table.

First on the left
with no umbrella.

In addition to cameras,
FBI will have spotters

in adjoining buildings

and in unmarked delivery trucks
parked adjacent.

I'd nix the delivery trucks.

Well, these guys do
their homework.

Anything off schedule,
we're blown.

Well, there won't be
any trucks there

that aren't supposed
to be there.

We do our homework, too.

What's she doing?

What she does.

You never know what
will be important later.

Your guys are gonna blow it

just like in Westport.

- Come on, you don't know that.
- Yes, I do.

You want my advice?
Pay the money, be done with it.

So, what, they can go
off, kidnap someone else?

And why shouldn't they?

We've guaranteed their success.

Now you sound like one of them.

I don't think you are.

You were right
about the forensics

of the previous kidnapping.

Not so thorough, right?

Well, that's being polite,
which I almost never am.

Ethan Kandel, the boy
who died in Westport...

the M.E. up there indicated

strychnine was the
cause of death,

but generally, when there's
a kidnapping of minors,

you find tranquilizers.

So I took another look
at the chem analysis.

Well, see for yourself.

Looks like a poodle.

Oh, it is a poodle. Sorry.

My niece's birthday.

That is an alkaloid molecule

almost identical to strychnine,

Curare? As in poisoned arrows
and blow darts?

Curare in small doses

can be a very powerful sedative.

It's quite popular
amongst the criminal class

in certain Amazonian countries.

Nice work, Jo.

So, what in God's name are you
and Al doing with Eliot Delson?

I don't know.

He called.

It's mostly Al; it's not me.

Bright lights, big city.

You know?
I was gonna say,

"Been there, done that,"

but this is quite a setup.


What is your take on Eliot?

Oh, Eliot's okay,

as long as you realize
it's never about you.

He has his sights set

way down the road,

and Major Crimes, you, me,

we're just stepping stones.

To what?

Brighter light, bigger city.

I don't think Eliot knows.

You ever miss it?

The bright lights?

Oh, sure.

But bright lights tend
to cast long shadows.


Thank you, sensei.

Wax on, wax off.

See you later.


Now, I heard a rumor
that you may have linked

our bad guys to South America?


Like possibly maybe
Colombia, South America?

Possibly possibly.

What do you got?

Good morning, by the way.

- Good morning.
- Okay.

So, uh, I checked all the
electronic surveillance reports

from the Westport kidnapping.

A lot of back and forth
by our bad guys

but all on untraceable
burner cells.

We got a program that can
I.D. the actual phones.

And it seems a bunch
of 'em were purchased

three months before the
kidnapping in a place called

Leticia, Colombia.

Wow. I'm impressed.

- Thank you.
- I'd be really impressed

if you were tracking the rest of
the phones from that same lot.

Well, you said
they bought a bunch.


Maybe they held on to a few.

Good idea.

- I have 'em occasionally.
- Hey, listen,

um, uh, I just want to say,

you know, now that, you know,
we've worked together for a day,

I think it's really freaking
cool, your whole memory thing.

- Aw.
- Yeah, I read about it.

- Yeah? Thanks.
- So...

You mind if I...?

Oh, fine, go ahead. Okay, yeah.
Okay, how about, uh,

I don't know, August 23, 1999?

August 23, 1999.

It was a Monday.

Sunrise was at 6:19 a.m.

The first case
of West Nile Virus was reported

in New York City.

I had lunch at Buster's.

Turkey club and French fries...
it was good.

And the Yankees beat
the Rangers 21 to 3.

Ouch... oh!

And it was Eve's birthday.

My sister?
How'd you know that?

It's on your desk.

Oh, yeah, yeah, oh, right.

No, I always forget.
I never do.

I just got word...
we're on for the drop.

Dad's on the move.

Dad's in place.

Copy. We see it.

Everyone hold.

3:35... prize is in place.

Both teams hold
until prize is acquired.

How long does this take?

Not long.

When they go,

we move on the bag
and your daughter.

Hold on. Possible incoming.

Green gypsy cab
heading north on Greenwich.

It's too early.

They said that they were
gonna grab the bag first.

Hold for verification
on the cab.

Anyone got eyes?

Got the plates... T038191C.

What the hell's it doing here?

Hold on.

Okay, people, this is it.

Ready to go.

Drop location is that table.

First on the left
with no umbrella.

On my count.

In five...

Al, that guy was there yesterday
with his family.

He's not part of this.
...four, three...

Al, I'm telling you,

he's not our guy.
Hold. Repeat all hold.


Honey, would you go pay
for this?

Lady's good.

3:40... five minutes
since the drop.

They wouldn't wait this long.
He's right.

Something's wrong.
Okay, close it out.


All go.
All go, go!

Get out of the car!

Get out!

Pop the trunk.

Right here, right here.

What'd I do?

We don't have the girl.
Repeat, we don't have Lara.

But I didn't do anything.
Spread your legs.

I just drove over here.

What'd I do?

We said no cops.

You screw with us again,

the girl dies.

Nothing on the cab driver.

Guy was hired from a pay
phone, stolen credit card.

Big surprise.

How about you?

It's just, I...

I'm trying to find
something, anything.

Background noises, a train.
I got nothing.

We'll catch a break.

How's this?
Something on the dad.

Friend of mine

at Justice told me on the QT,

Sonnenland's company,
Meridian, has been

under investigation for months.

Seems he overextended himself
after the crash of '07,

ended up leveraged to the hilt.

He's broke.

Six months ago

he pulled out of a project

he was putting
together in Moscow.

A state-of-the-art mall

called Cosmos Park.

I know that.

Alison, they said
they'd kill her.

There was a working model
of it on his desk.

Well, if Sonnenland is getting
back into Cosmos Park,

he's got to be getting
the cash from somewhere.

$5 million in K&R money
would be a good start.

What are you suggesting?

Can you explain
how you're suddenly

back in play with Cosmos Park?

Well, that's none
of your business.

We, and the Justice
Department by the way,

are curious to know how you
got the funds to move forward.

You have over $5 million

in K&R insurance...
isn't that right?

So you've come up here
to accuse me

of kidnapping my own daughter?

Mr. Sonnenland, it's not
gonna be hard to track

your e-mails and phone records.

Now, if there's
a legitimate explanation,

we're happy to hear it.

You want to know
how I got back into Cosmos?

I am getting a loan.

On the side

from some people I met

in Moscow.

I assume you have
a record of this?

Yes, I have a record of it.

And phone numbers and addresses.

So why don't you take
a look at that

and get the hell out of my life?

I'm calling Len Foster
in the mayor's office.

You people are useless.

You can expect to hear
from my lawyer.

Can't wait.

Maybe his Russian loan sharks
grabbed Lara.

Murray's trying
to verify the transaction.

I don't know. Maybe.

Either way, you know his next
call's not to his lawyer.

He's gonna have his buddy
at City Hall

put us on the first boat
to Queens.

Hey, maybe that's not
such a bad thing.

Carrie, are you not

seeing the opportunity here?

Look. Look around, all right?

It's the big time.

If we deliver here,

you see the kinds
of cases they handle,

the resources...

I don't care about
the big time, Al.

I don't care about
their resources.

I have all the resources
I need right here.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I, uh...

This case...


Of all cases, right?

I had finally decided

to make my peace with the fact

that I might never know

who murdered my sister.

It's been 28 years.

I told myself it's time
to put it to bed.

Give it a rest.

But now we're here
with this case

with little Lara.

Al, I'm afraid...

to let my sister go.

How could you think...?

You of all people?

You could never let her go.

Let's bring Lara home.

- Hey, um...
- What?

Just so you know, I already
think you're the big time.

- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

Ambitious Al?


like Ambitious Al.

- Well, that would be a first.
- It worked.

Your idea about the cell phones,
it worked.

I ran the numbers

of the entire shipment
of phones

against cell calls made
in the New York City metro area

around the time of the
Sonnenland kidnapping.

And check this.

Several of the phones
were used in Brooklyn

a week before the kidnapping.

And they stopped suddenly,
but there they were.

Where's there?

Triangulating off
of cell towers,

I got it down

to a 150-foot radius
in Sunset Park.

- I think we got 'em.
- Tell Eliot we're on our way.

And tell Paulson
to meet us there.

Go, go, go.

Go left.




I got a body in here.

Got a body.

I got two more.

Who do we have here?

Can you unzip
those bags, please?

Don't worry.

They don't mind.

All right, you heard her.

What appears to be
an entrance wound

in the frontal bone

directly above the left
suborbital process.

Massive discoloration
of the flesh... wow.

Wait a second.

Birdwatcher inadvertently shot

what we eventually learned
was their hideout.

The Westport case...

Oh, my God.

These are
the Westport kidnappers.

How do you know?

I recognize the tattoo.

Jo, how long has
this guy been dead?

Oh, at least five
days, maybe a week.

If we haven't been dealing
with these guys,

who have we been dealing with?

Someone who's gone
to an awful lot of trouble

to make us think that we have.

Is that the man you did
business with in Westport?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's him.

I know that voice anywhere.

You want my advice?

Pay the money
and be done with it.

Jack Paulson.

Okay, thanks.

Murray's over
at Paulson's office.

He's gone. No sign of Lara.

You think he was in this
from the beginning?

I don't know how I missed it.
It's the perfect plan:

Two birds with one stone.

Paulson takes out
the Westport kidnappers

and collects $5 million
from Sonnenland.

Three birds.
He also gets back at the cops

- who ruined his career.
- The thing is,

he's got to know, we find
the bodies, we figure it out.

So, bye-bye, Jack.

Yeah, Jay, what's up?

Okay, the girl's father's

on the move. He left his house
around 45 minutes ago.

Took his car over to a car wash
on 10th Ave.

- All right, thanks.
- Wait a second.

What's the name of the car wash?

Uh, place called Easy Clean...
Tenth Ave and 24th.

He's dropping the ransom money.

Paulson's back on plan.
Listen to me.

When we brought him in...
when I brought him in...

all he had to do was make sure
things went south at the drop.

Then he goes to Sonnenland,

convinces him to let him make
the drop himself.

Okay, thanks. Bye.

According to the manager,
Sonnenland came in an hour ago,

got a basic wash,
then left a bag off,

gave the guy a 20
to hold it for Jack Paulson.

Paulson called ten minutes ago,

said he's on his way to get it.

On his way out of the country.

Jay's been on Paulson's
credit cards,

said he just purchased
a ticket to Honduras.

What happens to the girl?

Why don't we ask him?


Owner's worried
about his lost business.

Yeah, well, tell
him we're cops.

We'll buy a lot
of air fresheners.

He's not talking.

Any attempts at
interference by the police,

and she will die.

He'll talk to me.

Let's go.

Where's Lara?

I told you, I want a lawyer.

You don't deserve a lawyer.
Where's Lara?

I have no idea.

Why were you headed to JFK?

Who says I was?

The ticket in your pocket.

You found out we were on to you,
you panicked, and you ran.

Where's Lara?!

Jack, your guys?

They know we brought you in.

When you don't show,

they're going to assume
you gave them up

and they are going to kill
that little girl!

So that's it?

You're just gonna let her die?

I saw your face
when you heard her voice.

- You bought that?
- Yes.

No, I figured I'd go along
for the ride,

maybe put a couple bucks
in my pocket,

get back in the game.

Oh, so it's just business?

If it was just business, why
do you have a signed David Ortiz

ball on your desk
that once belonged

to a poor, murdered little boy?

Those bodies we found...

the real Westport kidnappers...
that was you.

You wanted justice for
Ethan Kandel's murder...

because that is your business,
that's what you do.

You save people
from the bad guys.

Only this time,

you are the bad guy.


I know you never intended
for Lara to get hurt.

How are you going to live
with yourself if she dies?

It's too late.

It's never too late.

I was supposed to be there
a half an hour ago.

She may be dead already.

If there's even the slightest
chance that she's still alive,

we have to help her.

Jack, please.

I could use some Peptomol.

Buy you a case when we're done.

Something tells me
I won't need it then.

Hey, Wells,
this make me a good guy again?

Maybe so.

Fair enough.

Where's Dubio?

He went to get the car.
Where the hell were you?

Oh, it was that damn E train.

First, it's late,
then they pull it from service.

Swear to God, I thought
I was gonna kill somebody.

Yeah, you're 47 minutes late.
They make you swim?

Oh, come on now.
You know I can walk on water.

Here, make yourself busy.

Count that. It's all there.

Hey, sweetheart,
we are going home.

He's with her. Yes!

All units stand by.


What are you doing?

We're done here.
I'm taking her out.

That's not what we said, Jack.

We go together in the car.

Well, sometimes
plans change, Don.

Look, I promised the father,
okay? You can hold on

to my share if you want.

For an hour.

Don't forget
I know where you live.

I said leave her alone, Jack.

What's the matter with you?

I just made you a rich man.

Something's not right.

Give me the girl.

They're not buying it.
We got to move.

All units move in. Go! Go!

What is the big deal? I told you
I'll meet you in Jersey.

I said bring the girl over
here. Come here, sweetheart.

Where's my dad?

- It's okay.
- Don!

Bring her over here!



Hey! Come here, sweetie.


Come here.


She's secure.

Hold on. They're coming.
They're coming.

You're okay now,
sweetie, all right?



Jack, she's gonna be okay.

There they are.

Go, go.


Thank you both.

- Hey.
- Hmm?

You did that.

Oh. No,

we did that.

There you are.

Great job today.

In fact, the mayor just called

with a similar observation.

How nice of him.

I hope
you're gonna stick around.

Thanks, but we
really got to get back.

Okay, about that.

I-I do have something
I'd like to show you.

What do you think?

Too close?

I could move them apart
a little.

from what I understand,

you two are used
to close quarters.


You're quite amazing,
you know that?

What-What was all this,
another test?

Save the little girl,
get the fancy new job?

Hardly. I put your transfers through
two days ago.

You can't do that. Can he?


I'm hiring you to work
on the highest profile crimes

in the greatest city on Earth.

And we report to you?

Only to me and hardly even that.

I'm mostly here
to cover your backs.

While we cover your ass?

Just so you know,
about 17 people

way up the food chain

all called and demanded
I back you off Ari Sonnenland.

Did I?

So just take the damn job.

Besides, those two

like working with you.

And that is a first.

What about Webster?


Fine, but if she calls me
Ellie again,

I'm-I'm gonna ship her off
to Ronkonkoma...

wherever the hell that is.

Look, I know I've been acting

like this is some kind
of dream job,

but if it's not your dream...

I can't believe
I'm gonna say this,

but... I want to stay.

You do?


Listen, when you dragged me
back into all

of this in Queens,

you told me I was ready
to be a cop again.

I hadn't seen you in nine years.
I would have said anything.

You were right.
I am ready.

Lara showed me that.
I didn't become a cop

just to solve
my sister's murder.

I became a cop
because she was murdered.

I wanted to keep people
from suffering like I did.

And Rachel?

Well, you were right
about that, too.

I got her.

Wow, I can't remember
when I've been so right.

I can't remember either.


Well, what do we got here?


Nice chair.