Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 15 - The Following Sea - full transcript

During a murder trial in which a real estate mogul is accused of killing his wife, a key witness disappears. Carrie and Al must find the witness and solve the case within 48 hours, or all charges against the defendant will be dismissed.

(ship horn blows)

(seagulls cawing)

Hey there.

Do you see this women around?

(indistinct conversation)

ROE: Hey, sir,
just a moment of your time?

I'm looking for
Kate Jordan.

NEWS ANCHOR: Okay, City Island in the news
again today,

as the Joe Hagan murder trial
continues in Queens.

Our own Anne Austin is there.

That's right, Jim.

They've broken for lunch
here at court.

As you know, City Island
real-estate mogul Joe Hagan

stands accused of murdering
his wife, Nora,

while boating off the coast of
Long Island in August of 2010.

Queens homicide detective,
Al Burns,

was on the stand first today.

Wait a second, I think
we have something, Jim.

That's District Attorney
Mark Adams.

Mark, how do you think
it went in there today?

We've got a ways to go, Anne,

but I'm confident this jury
will do the right thing.

Mr. Feldman, Mr. Hagan,

what do you think
of the State's case?

- Any word on Kate?
- Not yet.

But I got my team all over it.
We need her, Al.

I can't afford to
lose another witness.

If Kate can't give us Hagan
threatening his wife...

We don't stand
a chance, I know.

We're gonna find her.

Certain individuals seized
on this tragedy to...

Are you talking about the
District Attorney's office?

I'm talking about him.

Lieutenant, what are you
trying to do to me?

You know I never laid
a hand on my wife.

I loved her; I couldn't,
and you know that.

- So, why are you lying?
- Joe, Joe...

Ask him right now
why is he lying.

You killed your
wife, Joe Hagan.

You pushed her off your boat,
and you watched her drown.

Our witness, Kate Jordan,

has specifically flown in
from Cleveland to testify

that Joe Hagan had a history
of physically attacking

- and threatening his wife.
- That's not true!

We believe the jury

will reach its own conclusions.

FELDMAN: Well, happily, for
the citizens of New York,

what you believe
is immaterial.

Let's go, Joe.

Your guys who
were prepping her,

any sense
something was up?

She was nervous.

They put it down to trial jitters.
That's it.

FELDMAN: Now, Joe Hagan is a
beloved resident of City Island.

He lost his wife
in a terrible accident...

Kate Jordan.

Find her, Lieutenant.

NINA: Excuse me,
have you seen this woman?

Hey, excuse me, ma'am,
you seen this woman by chance?

Kate Jordan?
Happen to know her?

Maybe you saw her?

- No?
- NINA: Nothing at all?

Are you sure?

- No.
- ROE: Seen Kate Jordan?


Excuse me, sir,
name's Kate Jordan,

she used to work
around here.

Never heard of her.

Hey! I'm asking you
a question, pal.

Have you seen Kate Jordan?

Today's the day
she testifies, all right?

So, go check at court.


You should be on TV;
anybody ever tell you that?

you are.

Not my finest performance, huh?

Nah, you were great.

- That guy's a thug.
- What are you doing here?

I don't know, came to cheer you
up, see if I could lend a hand.


You got a witness
in your pocket?

No, I'm just happy to see you.

They haven't found her yet?

And no one
on the island's talking.

Kate spent her whole life
with those people,

it's like she never existed.

What the hell does Hagan
have on them anyway?

Guy owns the place.

Nobody makes a buck
on City Island,

Joe Hagan doesn't take his cut.

Money buys silence,
money buys love.

It's been going on
for years.

My first month on the job,

we found a floater
up by the Throgs Neck,

17-year-old girl,

evidence of sexual assault.

She was seen leaving a club

with Hagan earlier in the night.

Tons of witnesses,
nobody came forward.

M.E. said possible suicide.

That's what I had
to tell the mom.

Yeah, so enough is enough.

Yeah, enough is enough.

(phone rings)

Sir, can I see some ID?

Oh, back in court.

Maybe Adams
can buy us some time.


How exactly is she missing,
Mr. Adams?

We're not sure, Your Honor.

Kate Jordan came into town

obviously intending to testify;
something has happened.

We're just asking for a little
time to figure out what that is.

Come on, Mark,
you lost a witness.

That's not anyone's
fault but yours.

Yeah, where exactly was
your client last night?


Innuendo aside, Your Honor,

I would ask that jeopardy attach

and that this case be
declared a mistrial.

Your Honor, the State
is asking for two days.

Lieutenant Burns is directing our
efforts to locate Ms. Jordan.

How about it, Lieutenant?

Do you think you have a shot?

Absolutely, we'll find her.

You're right.

Your client has a right
to his day in court.

But the interests
of justice will not be harmed

in granting a two-day recess.

That's all you get, guys.

48 hours,

enough time for me to get through
season four of Mad Men.

Now go.

CARRIE: Okay, thanks.

I'll let him know.
Yeah, bye.

- Hey.
- We got 48 hours.

All right, well,
we may not need it.

Nina just found
Kate's hotel.

(knocking on door)

(shower running)

Kate, it's Al Burns.

(key lock beeping)

(water stops)

Well, the shower's been running,
but I don't think she got in it.

The towels haven't been touched.

No ID, no wallet or keys.

You smell that?

Certainly not chloroform.

Angel Mist.

That's, like,
$200 a bottle perfume.

Nice stuff.

Guys, Jordan's rental car
left the garage at 11:44.

But this is interesting.

Manager says an emergency door
to the garage from the street

was tripped last night
around 15 minutes before.

They know if it was
coming or going?


So, she checks in,

runs a shower,
then disappears.

Yeah, so she got spooked,

or she got grabbed.

Or both.

You really don't thint that is
a case without her testimony?

The problem's always been,

we can't be sure what
happened on that boat.

And the only
other person on board,

Hagan's pal Clancy Watts,

is gonna back up Hagan's
version of the events.

Which is exactly why Kate
Jordan is so critical.

Her testimony is that three
days before the murder,

she witnessed Hagan
hit his wife

and specifically threaten
to throw her into the river.

Yeah, yeah...
That's violence, and
an actual death threat.

Yeah, lots of guys say they're
going to kill their wives,

but how were you guys
gonna prove

that he actually
went through with it?


Excuse me?

Well, more precisely,
current patterns.


D.A.'s office prepared
this for trial.

It's a 3-D representation
of what we think

happened the night
of the murder.

Avatar, it's not, but I think

it gives Tintin
a run for the money.

Hagan says he invited Nora out
for a romantic cruise.

Clancy Watts
comes along to crew.

Watts says at 9:30,
Nora went top side

to get some fresh air after
too much champagne.

Watts and Hagan start up
a poker game down in the cabin.

Hagan says he checked on
Nora every 15 minutes.

Watts will testify he could hear
Hagan talking to her until 10:15

when Hagan went
to check and then came

running back down to
tell him Nora was gone.

They called the Coast Guard.

They start searching.

The only problem,
we know that she

went over 30 minutes
before Hagan said.

How'd you figure?

Like I said.

Current patterns.

If she'd gone over
when they claimed,

she'd have drifted
up into the Sound.

Instead, she washed up
on the lovely shores of Queens.

Plus, there's the matter
of the deck railing.

Nora Hagan was five foot two.

The railing on the deck, came up
to four inches below her chin.

There's no way you
go over that by accident.

But with a little help...

Okay, so then why didn't
just show this to the jury?

Judge ruled it inadmissible.

She said that it
was too prejudicial.

Which is why
we need Kate Jordan.

I found it.

You found what?

The original forensic file
for the Nora Hagan murder.

I didn't know you
were looking for it.

Detective Wells asked me.

Oh, she did, huh?
I did.

I appreciate it,
but right now,

the priority is Kate Jordan.

What happens if we can't
find Kate Jordan?

If the judge doesn't dismiss,

we'll go ahead
with what we have.

Lieutenant, what you have

and two-fifty will get
you on the E train.

So, you're gonna re-examine

all the old forensics and
come up with a new case in...

44 hours?

What, you want it faster?

Wow, you're really good.

We already know
what's in this file.

No evidence Hagan
drugged his wife,

some bruising
on Nora's arms

but not enough to positively
say they struggled.

Not very helpful.

Then it can't hurt
if we take a look at it again.

Excuse me, but it can hurt.

We've already filed
our forensics evidence

with the court.

If you come up
with any new conclusions

that damage our case
even a little bit,

we got to turn that over
to the defense.

with all due respect,

if Kate Jordan doesn't show up,

your case is already damaged,
and not just a little.

All right, knock
yourself out.

But listen, no more

tag teams, you two.


What are those?

I thought I'd go back,

take a look at the people
who knew Kate Jordan.

Who's she?

Gwen Turning.

She was a roommate
before Kate went to Ohio.

She was not very cooperative
first time through,

so maybe worth
another look.

That's what I had
to tell the mom.

So, yeah...

enough is enough.

(phone rings)

Back in court.

Maybe Adams
can buy us some time.

She was at the courthouse.

She went up to a guy,
average looking,

sandy hair, charcoal gray suit.

One of these two?


Well, that is Clancy Watts.

He was the other person
on the boat the night Nora died.

(no audio)

I couldn't really hear
what they were saying,

but I think she was asking him

if he knew
where Kate Jordan was.

Why did she think he knew?

Good question.

(siren chirps)

Hi, Gwen.

I don't got anything
to say to you, Lieutenant.

I went to Kate's
hotel. She's gone.

We think Hagan's involved.

Oh, my God.

I cannot be
talking to you.

If Mr. Hagan hears about
it, I'll lose my job.

Why do you think I followed you
all the way out

to Arthur Avenue
so no one would see us?

Come on, Gwen.
Help me out here.

I don't know where she is.

I thought she was going
to be there this morning.

But you thought
Clancy Watts would know.

You asked him
at court this morning.

They were friends
before Nora died.

I don't know.

I thought maybe she might
have been in touch with him.

Look, I got a doctor's
appointment, all right?

I got to get going.
Gwen, I'm not

asking you to help me get Hagan.

I know you can't do that.

But you lived with Kate
for three years.

I know you want me to find her,
make sure she's okay.

All right, she called me
last week, right?

She told me she's coming
into town for the trial.


She said she was going
to change her testimony.

Change it?
Change it how?

I don't know. I didn't ask.
I don't want to know.

What did you think she meant--

she was going
to testify for Hagan?

I swear, I don't know.

She tell anybody else?

She didn't say.

Think sheI don't know.gh, right?

Thanks for your help, Gwen.


(engine starts)

So, you don't know

anything, Mr. Watts?
About Kate Jordan, no.

Any idea where
she might be?

Look, guys, I appreciate
that you're looking for her,

but you do realize
I'm testifying for Joe Hagan

in all this.
Oh, yeah.

We got that, but doesn't mean
you're not a decent guy

who'd want to help find a woman
who went missing yesterday.

Look, I barely know Kate Jordan,

so, no, I have no idea
where she is.

Well, it's just
a funny thing,

then, huh? 'Cause
Gwen Turning seems

to think you two are friends.

(seagull cawing)

Sorry I can't be
of any more help to you guys.


Ah, now, there goes
a guy with more to say.

Uh-huh. You get anything?

Yeah, let's see.

Ten of Hagan's employees refused
to talk to me.

Eight threw profanity
in my general direction.

Oh, and a kindly elderly woman
told me Joe Hagan is a saint,

and I should burn in hell
for suggesting otherwise.


You got that kind of face.


AL (on video):
I'm Lieutenant Al Burns,

and I'm interviewing Kate Jordan
on August 14, 2010.

So, did the D.A.'s office
know anything

about Kate
changing her testimony?

She never
notified them.

It's the right thing to do...

Huh. All right,
what are we looking for?

You tell me.

Where do you work?

At Joe Hagan's showroom
in the office.

You know, she's
younger than I thought.

She turned 24
when we were prepping.

Three years. Mr. Hagan hired me
when I graduated from BCC.

How well did you know
Nora Hagan?

Not too well.

I'd see her around the office
now and then.

And what did you see
the Tuesday before she died?

It was late,

and I heard an argument.

It was Joe...

It was Mr. and Mrs. Hagan.

They were in Mr. Hagan's office.

What was the argument about?

I can see why
she makes a good witness.

She's brave going up
against Hagan.

And against
the people in town.

I'm not sure exactly,

but Mrs. Hagan called him
a liar, and he hit her.

She got a lot of grief when
she agreed to testify for us.

Ended up moving off the island,
eventually out of state.

You saw him hit her?

No, but I heard it.

She started to cry.

And when she came out after,

she was... she was... she was
holding her hand over her eye,

you know, like-like this.

Mm-hmm. And what happened
after he hit her?

She told him
she was gonna leave him,

and then he said if she tried,

he'd make sure
they found her body

at the bottom
of the East River.

Kate, is there anything else
you can tell me

that relates
to Nora Hagan's murder?

Do you see anything?


Here, give me that for a sec.

(tape rewinding)

Kate, is there anything else
you can tell me

that relates
to Nora Hagan's murder?


Right there.
See that? Now, why

does she take so long
to answer you

when you ask her
if there's anything else?

I was wondering
that, too.


Got the rundown
on the hotel phone.

Kate did call Clancy Watts
yesterday afternoon around 3:00.

Nice of him

to mention that to Mike and Roe.

Yeah. Perhaps
more importantly,

she got a call herself later,
only seven minutes before

the emergency door got tripped
at the hotel garage.

We know from who?

Burner cell.
Trying to track it.

Nice work.

I want Clancy Watts in the box.

This guy's in it
up to his eyeballs.

Clancy and Hagan have been
friends since high school.

He makes his living
running Hagan's marina.

Now, if he's willing to lie
under oath about Hagan's wife,

he's not gonna give us anything
about Kate Jordan.

I can get him to talk.

He's a witness, Al.

We can't have him showing up
with a black eye.

I didn't mean that.

Whatever you meant,

I think I may have
a better idea.

Alright, look,

Clancy is not gonna talk to us.

There's no way
it's gonna happen.

Maybe he'll talk
to someone else.

Oh, there's that
tone again.
What tone?

The one with which you propose

the half-baked idea
which makes no sense

to anyone but you,
which could easily get us

both fired, but no matter what
I say, you go and do it anyway.

That tone.

I'm not familiar with that tone.

There it is again.

Be careful!

(seagull cawing)

(boat engine purring)


I got her here.


There you go.

You can tie it off
on the back there.


I'm glad you guys weren't closed
for the season.

I would have drifted
all the way to Italy.

Happy to help.

Clancy Watts.

Hannah Ashworth.

Nice to meet you.

Welcome to City Island.

You good
back there?

Yeah, fine.

All right, I'll meet
up in the office.

All right. Thank you.

(seagull cawing)

The buyer was insistent

I get her to Newport
as soon as possible.

He wants to re-bed
the deck, the whole deck,

before the start of the season.

Where you up from?

Hilton Head.

I figured even with weather,

it'd take me about a week,
I'd still make

my dentist appointment
next Tuesday, no problem.

But with all that play
in the wheel,

can't really ignore it.

Yeah, no fun drifting into
a shipping lane. (laughs)

Yeah, it's probably
just your, uh...

your head gears are worn.

Well, maybe just remove
a shim or two,

you know, eliminate
some of the slack.

He can have his guy replace
the whole pedestal.

So, you been on the island
a long time?

Oh, I grew up here, so,
uh, yeah, basically since

- I could walk.
- Oh, yeah? Good people?

Yeah. Mostly.


Thanks. So, I guess
I'll just sleep

on the boat until she's
ready if that's okay?

Yeah. I'll get you some
juice for your heater.


Anywhere good
to eat around here?

Ah, food's one thing we got.

It's a little walk down
the avenue, though.

If you want something closer,

there's a deli across the street
makes a pretty good sandwich.

Great. Thank you for you help.
I appreciate it.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

(phone ringing)


Ahoy there, Ahab.

How are things?

Apparently, my head gear's
a little worn.

I could have told you that.

What about Clancy?

Well, I talked to him a little.

I'm not sure what,

but the guy's definitely
got something

on his mind, that's for sure.

Just be careful, okay?

Hey, careful is my middle name.

How about you?

Any luck on Kate's phone?

Still haven't located it.

Tanya's doing her magic,
but no luck yet.

Hey, I was just looking for you.

Well, finding me at
my desk does make it

a bit less of an
achievement, huh?

Which doesn't mean I don't think
you're not excellent

at finding
things, generally.

It's sort of your job.

Okay, so, I've been using
your girl Kate's cell phone data

to pinpoint her
movements last night.

I can track her
from the airport to the hotel.

Late afternoon, she went
somewhere in Queens.

I'm still working on
figuring out where.

Then it looks like she returned
to the hotel for a few hours.

And then, she moved north

through a tower here,
here and here.

Looks like she's driving
along the Belt Parkway.

Yeah, that's what
I was thinking,

but then her cell phone went
offline around midnight.



Exactly. That was...

That was my poof gesture.

There's a tower here.
She either took

the battery
out of her cell phone

before she got within
a mile of the tower,

or she never got
within a mile of it.

All right, so,
she could be between

- here and here.
- Exactly.

Nice job, T.

That was my, um...

...nice job gesture.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

You called?
Where's Wells?

Um, she's working undercover,
so she asked me to see

- if I could help.
- And you are?

The one who hates it when
people don't remember her name.


Do you swim, Detective?

Never learned.

The Talmud says,
a parent's

most important job is to teach
their children to swim.

Literally or figuratively?

I'm a good swimmer.

In a pool, two miles.

Open water,
a little over a mile.

Nora Hagan was from a fishing
dynasty on City Island,

so, undoubtedly, she could swim.

And according to the autopsy,

she was much more fit than I.


with summer waters
and favorable currents,

she never make it to the shore.

How come?

There another
Talmud story coming?


The gas chromatography
tox results are in.

She did have tropane
alkaloids in her system.

The old M.E. who--

not to cast aspersions-- was
a moron, indicated scopolamine.

Seasickness meds.
Common stuff.

Yeah, that does seem
a little strange

for a woman who spends
her whole life on the water.

Indeed. So,

I want you to sign this request
giving me the opportunity

to run a very different
and very expensive test.

I should probably ask
the lieutenant.

Or you could swim.

(quiet laugh)

(indistinct radio transmission)

(music playing,
indistinct chatter)

Pros and cons,
Billy B.?

Yeah, you know,
so I can make a decision

about whether to stay
with Claire Anne

because honestly, she's
breaking my heart, and, look,

lot more cons
than pros.

We did try
to warn you, Billy.


Hey, what's
up, Clance?


we've been over every
inch of this place.

There's no sign
of Kate or her car.

Either Tanya got
the data wrong or...

What's that right there?

Is that what
I think it is?

Get a crane
and some divers.


Hey. Fancy meeting you here.

Hey, what's up?

You were right,
by the way.

City Island has
the best food ever.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Um, how's it going
with the boat?

Any news?

Oh, uh, actually I spoke with
a shop out in Port Washington.

They have
the gears we need.

- Great.
- They're gonna send 'em out.

- Probably be here tomorrow.
- Excellent.

Hey, um, can I
get you a...?

Oh, thanks,
a club soda.

Oh, club soda.

Hitting the hard
stuff, right?

You smell that?

Angel Mist.

That's, like,
$200 a bottle.

Angel Mist.

Excuse me?

The perfume.

It's, uh-- wow, it
kind of suits you.


No, um, it's, uh--
must be a friend of mine's.

A girl friend of yours,
I'm assuming.

Uh... it's over.


(indistinct chatter)

(indistinct radio transmission)

(phone ringing)



(line ringing)

(phone ringing)
Oh, I'm so sorry to interrupt.

It's my dad calling.

Do you mind?

- Oh, please take it.
- Okay, thank you.

Hey, Dad, how's it going?

What's going on?

Listen, Gwen Turning said that Kate
Jordan and Clancy were friends, right?

- Yeah.
- Well, I'm telling you right now,

they were more than friends.

He's got her perfume
all over his sweatshirt.

Well, whatever they were,
i's over.

She's dead.


Okay, so here's my theory.

Kate Jordan comes into town,

Hagan gets his buddy Clancy
to be the bait, he gets her

out of her hotel room,
they take a drive,

end of Kate Jordan.

Well, I took another run
at Gwen the ex-roommate.

She admitted Kate and Clancy had
a pretty heavy affair

before Nora Hagan was murdered.

She said they broke up
'cause Clancy wasn't happy

that Kate was gonna be
a witness against Hagan.

Well, of course Gwen never
mentioned any of this to Al.

Yeah, well, for
what it's worth,

she says she kept quiet
'cause she still thinks

that Clancy's a good guy,
that he would never hurt Kate.

He's not a good guy,
he's a scumbag.

We got two murdered women.

Clancy Watts is dead center
both times.

He was on that boat,
he lied to save Hagan's ass,

and now he's killed for him.

What'd you hear from the
D.A.'s office about the trial?

Nothing good unless we
got something real to tie

Hagan with Kate Jordan's death.

MIKE: Even if the judge
lets 'em go forward

with the trial,
there's no jury's going

to convict
with what we got left.

Doesn't matter.

I want Hagan and Watts
for Kate Jordan's murder.

She was brave enough
to stand up to him.

We can't let him win.

Al, Kate Jordan's death
hasn't broken in the press.

Now, i-if Clancy thinks
that we don't know yet,

we might be able
to get him in here.

Let's try it.

Hi, David.

Thanks for coming
in, Clancy.

FELDMAN: You said you wanted
to clarify certain aspects

of Mr. Watts'
original statements?

That's right, specifically
why Mr. Watts never indicated

that he had
a personal relationship

with Kate Jordan.

I don't understand.

Were you romantically
involved with Kate Jordan?

You don't have
to answer that.

That's right,
you don't,

but unless you want us to bring
it up on cross-examination,

in which case it'll become part
of the very public record,

might want to deal with it now.

Look, Kate and I have known
each other for a long time.

All right,
she used to work

her high school summers
at the marina.

You two get together
back then?

I was too old for her back then.

She wasn't interested in me.

At least not until
after you were married, right?

Look, things between Kate and I
ended over a year ago.

But she's back in town
for the Hagan trial.

Did you see her
while she's here?

You know where
she's staying?

Yeah, as a matter of fact,
I did.

I dropped by her hotel.

What'd you two kids talk about?

FELDMAN: You're straying
pretty far afield here.

Things didn't end great
between us.

I had always wanted
to say I was sorry, so

I figured it was better
to do in person.

Did you see Kate Jordan again
after you left her hotel room?

Wait a minute, you guys
don't think I had anything

to do with her going missing?

She's not
missing, Clancy.

She was murdered.


Okay, let's go.

She's... she's dead?
No, not another word.

Let's go, Clancy.

I said let's go.

(door opens)

- Did you see that?
- Yeah.

I don't think he
knew she was dead.

I don't agree. If he killed her,
he was expecting the trap.

No, I'm telling you,
Al, he is for real.

What do you think?

It's really tough to tell.

If he's sick enough to kill
his old girlfriend like that,

then we're talking
about some kind of sociopath.

Guys, I think
he's genuine, I do.

We already know
he lied for Hagan.

Not necessarily.

I read Clancy's testimony.

Now, he didn't give
Hagan a full alibi.

All he said is, he heard Hagan
talking to his wife on the deck.

He could be duped
by Hagan, too.

This is one of
Hagan's best friends.
(phone rings)

You think he's in the clear,
then prove it to me.

Ah, it's the D.A.

I'm sure Feldman walked
right out of here

to call the judge to tell
him our witness is dead.

Listen to me,
if I'm right

and Clancy is in the dark
about Hagan,

then he's just now
figuring out

that Hagan murdered
his old girlfriend.

So Clancy might just give us
Mr. Joe Hagan on a platter.

I'm going back.

All right.

Where are you going?

To get your proof.

Due back in court
in one hour.

If we don't want the
Nora Hagan case to go away,

we'd better come up
with something.


(clears throat)

What can I do for you?

I just came by

to see how we're doing
with the boat.

Uh, we got the part in
a couple hours ago,

so we should be able
to get it squared away

by, uh,

end of the day tomorrow.

Tomorrow, wow.

Guess I'm headed back
to the clam shack.

Yeah, well,
that's the best I can do.

Hey, I was just kidding.


I love clams.




I know this is none
of my business,

but are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

The girl?

The one who
smelled so good?

Is that why you...?

You talk to her?

(clears throat)

I tried.

Well, you can
always try again.

It's never too late, right?

Yeah, it's definitely too late.

You know, I believe, uh...

that no matter what's happened
in the past,

if you do the right thing now,

it can make a big difference.

(Hagan clears throat)

Hey, Clancy.

Who's this?

I'm a customer.

Clancy's helping me out
with my boat.

Oh, that doesn't tell me
who you are.

What's your name?

Hannah Ashworth.

CLANCY: I'm just
fixing her boat, Joe.

You were sailing?

Yeah, that's what
they pay me to do.

They pay you to sail?

In this weather
they pay me a lot.

I was actually hoping
to get out today

before the wind kicks up,
but, uh...

boat's not ready yet,


Well, good luck,
there's a storm coming.

You're not going anywhere.

I'll have to figure out
something to do.

That shouldn't
be too hard.

I can give you a
couple of ideas.

I'm sure you can.

CLANCY: I'll, uh, let you know.

Okay, great.

I'll talk to you soon.
Nice to meet you.


HAGAN: You don't answer
your phone anymore?

I've been trying
to get in touch with you.

CLANCY: Yeah, I know.
We got to talk, Joe.

HAGAN: Well, that's why
I'm standing here.

CLANCY: No, you know
what I mean.

HAGAN: No, I don't know
what you mean.

CLANCY: The cops told me
about Kate.

Yeah, I heard about that.

I'm sorry,
that's a tough one.

Joe, we've known
each other for 35 years.

You have got to level
with me here.

What do you mean, level
with you, Clance?

They're trying
to take me down.

You know that that's
how they play it!

No, I don't know that, Joe,
that's the problem here!

Look, I got to go to
the courthouse, right,

but we will talk
later, I promise.

Okay, Clance?

I'm going over to work
on Billy's boat at 7:00.

You meet me there.

You can count on it.

All right, I think

I know how Kate Jordan planned
to change her testimony.

Tanya dried out the GPS
from her rental car.

Tracks back to a lawyer
on Gunhill Road

named Ari Lowenstein.

She went to see him the minute
she got off the plane.

Apparently she was worried

her new testimony
could land her in jail.

What was the testimony?

Ready for this? Hagan had her
falsifying accounting documents.

Oh, fantastic.

Yeah, Mr. Beloved was Mr. Crook.

Big man had big money problems.

He was stealing from
his employees' pension fund.

That's what Kate was afraid
to tell us in her deposition.

She didn't want
to get in trouble.

She mention Nora Hagan knowing
anything about this?

Yeah, she did.

Apparently the wife knew
all about it

and that's why she was
threatening to divorce Hagan.

So she wasn't just
gonna leave him.

She was going to expose him
for stealing.

Best part?

Kate gave Lowenstein copies
of the documents to hold.

He gave me a set.

All right, I need you to get
'em to the courthouse ASAP.

On my way.

Without Kate Jordan's testimony,
the prosecution

is unable to make
even a prima facie showing

that my client is responsible
for his wife's death.

We therefore move

for the dismissal
of all charges.

JUDGE: Mr. Adams?

Your Honor, Kate Jordan would've
provided clear evidence of motive.

The NYPD has uncovered new evidence which
Kate Jordan intended to introduce;

documents providing
clear proof of motive.

Do you have these documents?

Not yet, Your Honor.

Have you at least
seen these documents?

- No, I have not.
- FELDMAN: So...

we're waiting on documents
no one has seen,

allegedly from a witness we
can no longer cross-examine?

They're grasping at
straws, Your Honor.

Give me a break.

The key witness against this
man has just been murdered.

How is it in the
State's interest...

JUDGE: Mr. Adams, do you have any proof
that the defendant was responsible?

Then in the matter of The State
of New York v. Joe Hagan

we have no choice but to dismiss
the charges against Joseph Hagan.

Jeopardy has
been attached.

Mr. Hagan is a free man.

Please inform
your client.

Where are we on Kate Jordan?

Okay, still waiting on
Webster's blood work;

CSU's going over every
inch of the vehicle;

also checking patrol car videos,

see if anyone
caught the car

on the Belt Parkway
the night of the murder.

Sorry about not getting
there today, boss.

There was some accident
on the Queensboro...

That's okay.

Judge was gonna
ding us anyway without Jordan.

Get those documents
over to the D.A.

Might get us a warrant
to search Hagan's marina.

You okay?


Win some, lose some, right?

What is that?
Like "easy come, easy go"?

Not now, Mike.

(imitates echoing words):
"People say-say-say...

I've had a bad break-break..."
What are you, Lou Gehrig?

We worked 18 months
to put that creep away.

Right now he's having
a double Jameson's

and laughing
at us, so yeah,

I feel like crap!
You happy?

Al, we're gonna get this guy.

I think I can help.

I ran some fancy new tests
on Nora Hagan's blood work.

My predecessor
indicated scopolamine,

put it up
to seasickness medications,

but there was
something else there.

A highly potent,
semisynthetic opioid.

Which makes for
a nasty combination.

Loss of motor control,

blackouts, grand mal seizures.

Nora Hagan drowned
because she couldn't move.

MIKE: Well, I don't know
if you heard, but, uh,

the Nora Hagan case
is kind of over.

Yeah, maybe if you
had something on...

Kate Jordan.

I believe I do.

And I'll excuse
that shared look of dismay

between the two of you
as you're trying to figure out

how to let the old gal and her
tired old forensics down easy

as some sort of
critical male bonding.

Let me present to you

that your dead witness,
Kate Jordan,

had the same drugs
in her system.

And... in the same

We have found Joe Hagan's
murderous cocktail of choice.

Go get him.

Wh-Where did she come from?

(phone rings)

CARRIE: Listen, I heard
about the dismissal.

I'm sorry.

Yeah. Thanks.

Yeah, I finally ran into Hagan.

I can just picture the smug look

on his face when
he found out he got off.

Yeah, I got to picture it, too,
'cause he never came to court.

What do you mean?

I heard him telling Clancy
he was on his way there.

Nah, never showed.
And they weren't waiting

for him, either,
far as I could tell.

Wait a second, Al.

- What?
- The only reason Hagan...

would lie to Clancy like that

is if he was planning
to do something to him.

So you're still thinking
Clancy's in the clear?

No, I know
Clancy's in the clear.

He didn't kill Kate.

Hagan did that all by himself.

But Clancy
knows that now, right?

So Hagan's gonna go after him.

All right, where is Clancy now?
We'll get over there.

That's the thing,
I don't know. He said

he was gonna help a guy with
his boat, a-a Billy something.

There are a lot of boats

in that marina.

Nina, pull up Hagan's marina.

HAGAN: I got to go to
the courthouse now, all right?

I promise I will
talk to you later.

I'm going over to look
at Billy's boat at 7:00.

Pros and cons, Billy B.?

I'm trying to make a decision

about whether
to stay with Claire Anne?

'Cause honestly,

she's breaking my heart.

It's not his girlfriend.


Claire Anne!

I thought it was his girlfriend!

Whose girlfriend?

- Billy B.!
- You lost me.

Can you get to a computer?

Pull up a map of the marina.

Yeah, yeah, we're
there, we're there.

Look for a Billy B.,

William B.,
something with a boat,

a boat called the Claire Anne.

A boat called the Claire Anne.

(keyboard clacking)

AL: We got a Claire Anne
registered to a William Barlow.

Yes! That's got to be it!

Slip 78, pier 3, south
side of the marina.

I love you!
I'm on my way!

Carrie, wait for backup.

(water flowing)

(Carrie panting)

This is Queens Homicide.
I need a 10-85.

I'm at the marina in...

City Island, pier 3,
on the Claire Anne.

We're on board.

Put a rush on the bus, okay?


Stay with me, Clancy.

you got here just in time.

And the cold water
slowed his heart rate,

kept him alive.

Looks like you were right.

(shivering): So, we should get
a statement from him, right?

Soon as he can talk.

Yeah. And a blood test.
Odds are the hospital's

gonna find the same mix
of drugs in Clancy's system

as Webster found
in Nora and Kate's.

You were right
about that, too.
It's hard being perfect.

And if we start looking
around Hagan's place,

what are the chances
we find some of those drugs?

I would say about
a hundred percent.

(indistinct chatter, laughing)

You sure he's here?

I'm sure.

Lt.Al Burns.

We're looking
for Joseph Hagan.

(chatter quiets)

Yeah, Burns.

You didn't hear the judge?

This is over.

I didn't kill
my wife, okay?

You'd think
two years,

two years you ruined
my life, okay?

I think it's enough.
He's a good man.

Why don't you just
leave him alone!

Leave him alone?

What about Nora Hagan
and Kate Jordan?

Hey, hey, hey,

Kate Jordan was a liar.

No. Joe Hagan's the liar.

Kate Jordan
found out the truth.

Hagan was raiding the pension
funds of his own employees

to pay his
gambling debts.

- That's not true.
- It is true.

And Nora Hagan
knew it, too.

And for that,
Joe Hagan killed them both.

Hey, come on, man,
he's our friend.

Clancy Watts was
your friend, right?

Joe tried to
kill him today.

He's not your friend.

He needs you
more than you need him.

And he needs you
to look the other way.

But you don't have to.

You can do what
Nora and Kate were gonna do.

You can look him in the eye
and tell him "no more."

Joseph Hagan,
you're under arrest

for the murder of Kate Jordan

and the attempted murder
of Clancy Watts.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say or do can
and will be used against you

in a court of law.

- Wow. Nice speech.
- Thanks.

- Hmm.
- And thanks for your help.


- It was a little Jimmy Stewart.
- So Jimmy Stewart.

But I think Jimmy
Stewart's really sexy.

Shut up and let's get a beer.
You're buying.