Unforgettable (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 16 - Heartbreak - full transcript

A murder victim is found in the middle of a ballpark. The victim is a bank manager involved with a robbery at his bank, while his girlfriend reports he is a good, clean guy to Carrie.

You can feel
the history, can't you?

More than I can
feel my toes.

I'm freezing.

There's the
section I work.

Ike Davis tossed me
his batting glove once

week before he
got called up.


Can't we just take
your stupid picture already?

I'd rather do
this opening day

on the JumboTron,

but I can't wait.

Mona, will you marry me?

Is that a yes?


Hey, Steve.


You're a
sound sleeper.

Yeah, well, um...

I-I had an eventful night.


God, you are beautiful.

I, uh, ever tell you that?

All the time, actually.

You told me that
when we were having

espresso last night.

And then
about two times

when we kissed,
and then,

gosh, a whole bunch of times

when we, uh...
when you, um...

Man, that's embarrassing.

It was really...
it was great, though.

What? What's the matter?


I really like you.

Wait, is that
a bad... What?

Is that a tragedy?

Yeah, I don't know.

What do you think?

I think you think too much.



in 20 minutes,
as soon as I can.

No, I'm on my way.

All right, bye.

You're crazy.

I got to work.

The dead never sleep.

All right, well,
see you later.

No, I'll be working.

I'll see you at work.


I'm going.


We got a John Doe.

Mid-30s, Caucasian.

"Take Me Out to
the Ball Game"?

You just had to see it
for yourself,

How often does an M.E. get
a body at center field?

Yeah? You a fan?

I love the hidden
rhythms of the game,

the timeless contest

reflecting our own
eternal youth,

not to mention the
players' asses

in those tight

Who found the body?

Groundskeeper brought
his girlfriend

out here to

How'd that
work out for him?

Well, nobody
does the ring

in the butterscotch
pudding thing anymore.

It worked
for Ginny.

Hey, security guard finished
the last of his rounds

just after 7:30
last night.

Your vic has broken just about
every bone in his body.

His ribs, both
his femurs.

This guy's a mess.

- Beaten to death?
- No.

Wounds aren't consistent
with a beating.

He's suffered
a blunt-force trauma

from a violent impact
of some kind.

Violent impact
with what?

There's no
footprints or drag marks.

He wasn't dumped here.

My preliminary assessment
for cause of death

would be a fall
from a significant height.

So where'd he fall from?

Say it ain't so, Jo.

I think this guy fell
from a plane.

S01 Ep16 - Heartbreak

Stadium security says their footage
shows nobody coming or going

from 8:00 at night till
8:00 in the morning.

No, that would be...

consistent with Webster's
plane theory, right?

Did you get any
sleep last night?

Yeah, I got
tons of sleep.

I went to bed pretty early.

We missed you.

Bunch of us were over
at the Third Rail.

Yeah? I was pretty...


I'm going to go get myself
a cup of coffee

and wake myself up.

- Sure.
- All right.

All right,
I'm thinking stowaways hide

in the wheel wells of planes,

fall out at takeoff or landing.

Stowaway has to get
on the tarmac first.

See if TSA reports
any security breaches.

Okay, Webster puts
time of death

between 11:00 p.m.
and 3:00 a.m.

She's also found
some localized bruising

at the base of the skull

that's not
from the fall.

He was hit before he went out.

Doesn't sound like a stowaway.

Where are we with an I.D.
on this guy?

Just waiting for a
missing persons report to pop.

We're running prints.

We're searching
for surgical implants,

dental records,
anything unique.

How about the plane?

Yeah, Tanya's on
the FAA radar images

of what flights
were over the stadium.



I got to go
handle something.

Look, this guy's
got to have a name.

It's going to be a lot easier
to figure out

what happened to him
when we know it.

These arrows show air traffic
over the stadium last night

around the vic's
estimated time of death.

From their transponders,
I can identify 136

and cargo flights,

18 private planes
and six helicopters.

Great, so that should
narrow it down.

Well, not so much.

Some of the smaller planes
don't always have transponders,

so you can see them
on the radar,

but it takes longer
to identify them.

Hey, Carrie,

can I ask,
did Roe mention anything

to you this morning
about last night?

- No.
- 'Cause we went out.

And I have a feeling it
was Roe's first time.

- He did really well...
- Okay, Tanya, I don't think

you really want to
be talking to me.

- I thought he would be nervous.
- I don't really think I should...

Can we talk about the radar?

Then he got really into it.

This is too much information.

He kept, like,
harmonizing and...

What, did you... I'm sorry.

Wait a second.

What are we talking
about here?


A bunch of us went out
last night to a club,

and Roe and I did a,
uh, pretty awesome

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart."

Anyway, I thought he
might have mentioned...

- He didn't.
- Nope, nothing.

Can we just focus
back on the radar?

Yep, here we go.

There are eight flights
without transponders.

But the thing is,

you have to file
a flight plan

through the FAA,
so I should be able

to identify all these for you
in the next couple of hours.

- Thank you.
- You should come singing.


- Never going to happen.
- You're a soprano?

Good luck with that.

- Got it.
- All right.

There's no airports

with any missing workers
or security breaches.

It's probably not
a stowaway.

Figured as much.

Webster makes this a murder.

What's up?

Got a call from the 116.

Spence was over there.

My son, Spence?

What's he doing there?

What'd he do?

He and some buddies
dined and ditched

at a place over on Stillman.

That punk.

I'm going to ground him
for life... again.

Wait, I don't get it...
he-he calls you?

Would you have called your dad
in that situation?

Owner agreed to
drop charges

in exchange for a new paint job.

Nothing goes on Spence's record.

Yeah, thanks.

It's like he's trying
to stick it to me or something.

- I...
- Hey.

Got it.

Positive I.D.
on our victim's prints.

Jason Kubiak, 35,
apartment over on Hillside.

He's a bank manager
out at Cold Spring Harbor.

- Bank manager?
- Yeah.

That's what I was thinking.

But local police report
no alarms or unusual activity.

They drove by...
place was locked up.

Bank manager
can turn off alarms.

Better double-check.


He has a wife, Amanda,
died three years ago.

Not finding another
next of kin.

Run his credit cards,
his cell phone.

Let's try to track
his movements yesterday.

I'll get out to his apartment.

Is this Jason Kubiak's


I-I'm sorry. Who are you?


And you are?

Sarah Green.

I'm Jason's girlfriend.

Did you mind if we come in
for a second, talk to you?

Is it Jason?

When was the last time
you saw him?

Yesterday morning,
when he left for work.

Last night was our
three-month anniversary.

I wanted to celebrate.

You had plans?


He was going to text me

the name of the

I never heard from him.

You weren't worried?

Things were moving
so fast between us,

I... I was afraid
he'd been scared off.

My God. I can't
believe this is happening.

How did you, uh...
how did you guys meet?


This survivors blog.

Jason wrote such beautiful words

about his wife.

I lost someone, too,
about five years ago.

It's kind of everything

to find someone who
understands, you know?


Hey, I ran Jason's
credit cards.

There's a $150 charge
last night

at a restaurant, Chez Antoine.

- Fancy, fancy.
- I don't get it.

According to Al, the girlfriend
says they didn't go out.

So who's he dropping
that kind of dough on?

And the plot thickens.

Webster found red metallic paint

surrounding the laceration
on Jason's skull.

She's thinking
fire extinguisher,

which are required on airplanes.

So maybe we find the plane,
we find the murder weapon.

Nobody shows and
they still charge you $150

just to hold
the table.

Why didn't he show?

Well, maybe he looked at the
menu prices and wised up.

You know, you just
don't appreciate

the value of
a romantic dinner.

Excuse me.
What about that time

I took you to Windover's
in Syracuse?

Windover's in Syracuse.

No, that was
very romantic.

Although the duck was overdone
and the vodka was watered down.

Cost me a week's pay; this
is the gratitude I get?

I remember being
very grateful.

Well, I was very...

Those are pollen stains.

Al, Jason had those exact
same stains on his jacket.

Worth a shot.

This footage is from a
security camera on that street.

Turns out, Jason did buy
flowers for his big date.

Okay, obviously,
they're arguing about something.

It looks like he's gonna
walk away, then he comes back.

Then he sees something
in the backseat, and he gets in.

What is
in the back seat of that van?

Let's get a BOLO
out on that van.

I looked at his financials;
he's got no money, no family.

So, why do you kidnap him?

Only one reason I know
you kidnap a bank manager.

There's no way that anyone's

been in here
since closing yesterday.

I appreciate your concern,
but as you can see,

the vault is still sealed,
and the alarm is still armed.

It's an old
vault, right?

- No dual lock?
- No.

But this one lock has
over 100 million combinations

and an alarm that trips if even
one digit is input incorrectly.

You can open it alone?

Yeah, the outer
vault door, yes.

This inner cage, which gives you
access to the money

and the boxes,
can only be opened by a manager.

That's not possible.

Okay, the perps turned off
the front entryway alarm here,

using a code
all employees have.

They then got inside the bank
using Jason's key card.

What about
the vault?

Jason's personal access code
turned off the alarm,

and then his key
opened the inner cage.

They were in at 10:31,
out by 11:57.

Got a 110,000 in cash,

opened almost a dozen
safe deposit boxes.

It's bring
your felon to work day.

Hey, Spence.

Nina, Roe, Al.

Sit here, work on your paper,
stay out of trouble.

Sounds super terrific.

Don't push me, Spence.

Get a chair
in the conference room.

Ginny had to work; we don't want
to leave him alone.

He's welcome
here anytime.

Might as well put his
prints in the system

while he's
here, right?

Come on.

Okay, this was, uh,
10:31 last night.


Come on.

Doesn't look like
Jason's resisting.

Well, maybe they threatened him.

That's it. They shut
off the surveillance.

I don't know, based on that,

all things equal, I'm liking
Jason as the inside man here.

Come on, he's squeaky clean,
no record.

What, you wake up one morning
and say, "I'm gonna rob a bank"?

His wife died.
Sometimes personal tragedy

- makes you rethink things.
- Yeah, new girlfriend with

champagne tastes make
you rethink things.

The feds can worry
about the bank robbery,

we're solving Jason's murder.

And right now,
I'm gonna say that guy

is our number
one suspect.

Okay, so I did a search
of video cameras

facing the stadium
operating in our time frame,

and I found a Channel 10
thermal camera

on the Rikers Island Bridge.

Okay, now,

this is not pleasant.

However, we can now time-lock
the event at 1:17 a.m.

I've got one private plane
on the radar

that would be over the stadium
at the time we need it to be.

Now, there's not a transponder,
but I did narrow

the point of departure
for that plane to Islip Airport.

Great work.
Nina, Roe, get out there.


Hey, we're all
going out tomorrow,

same place,
if you want to come.

I-I don't know.

I think I got to rest the pipes,
you know.

I'll let you know.



That's the van from
the flower shop.

Excuse me.
Excuse me.

Hi, I'm-I'm looking
for the Barker Hangar.

I thought this
was it, but...


Man, I don't know nothing
about a bank robbery.

So why'd you run?

'Cause you looked like cops.

I've got some financial issues

with the ex.

Okay, okay.
Tell us about the van.

There's nothing to tell.

Belongs to a dude who rents
the space for his 182.

Gives me 40 bucks
to wash it down every few weeks.

- That's it.
- Got a name?

Mark something. I don't know.

Anyone here might know
when he took the plane out?

I do.

Last night around 1:00.

I was here working on a Skyhawk
that had to get out this morning.

Did you see this guy with him?

Didn't notice.

I was on the other
side of the hangar.

Couldn't see their faces.


Exactly how many were there?


You got a description
of this third guy?

Not really, man.

Like I said, I-I...
I couldn't see much.

I'm sorry.

Okay, so we got Jason,
the guy in the bank,

and, what, now a third person?

Van was reported stolen
two months ago

in Virginia; it
was wiped clean.

Hangar space was rented
under a fake company name,

but we did get the tail number.

Sent out a BOLO
to all the airports

within 600 miles of here.

Well, I got Sarah,
the girlfriend, coming in.

I just want to see
what she thinks about

Jason being involved
in a bank robbery.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey. Wh-What?

You got a visitor.

You know what,
I'll be right back.

Excuse me for a second. Hey.

How you doing?

We're kind of
in the middle...

What's he doing here?

Maybe he's got a tip
on Jimmy Hoffa,

Friendly bunch of guys
in there,

- Yeah, well...
- Which one's Al?

Probably the one who
was looking at you

like he wants
to kill you.

- Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
- Yeah.

Must be hard for you.


You know, being seen with me.

My family,
the whole mob thing.

No, I told you I don't
care about that.

Well, why'd you
run me out of there

- like the building was on fire?
- I didn't run you out of there...

You, of all people,
I thought it wouldn't matter

- what my name was.
- It doesn't.

I mean, do I have to acknowledge
that you are who you are

and I am who I am,
which is a cop?

Yes, but I don't...
What's going on?

Steve, really, I mean,
things have been great.

We've been hanging out
for, what, a month.

And unless my memory's
serving me incorrectly,

which it never does,
last night was amazing, so...

Maybe we just leave it at that.

You said it, you're a cop,

and in your world, my family
name puts me on the wrong side.

And I got a feeling

this isn't going to end well
for either of us.



I don't remember you
transferring to Organized Crime.

Very mature.

Couldn't resist.

Well, I just got dumped.



Hey. Jo came through
for us again.

DNA under Jason's fingernails
comes back to a Mark Payne.

Mechanic at the airport
confirms that's our pilot.

Best part,

Payne's done two stints
at Hazelton for bank robbery.

All right, run down every
known associate of Payne's.

One of them's got to be the third
guy or can point us to him.

You got it, boss.


I'm looking for,
um, Lieutenant Burns.


Yes, hello.
I'm Victor Cushman.

I was told to come by
regarding the safe deposit box.

Mr. Cushman, thanks
for coming in.

You can join the
others in here.

Thank you.


Shouldn't you be
writing your history paper?

Want to take me to the
shooting range instead?

Really? You want to go
to the shooting range?

Hey, he's not
bothering you, is he?

What? No.

I never consider
questions about

the origins of the
Continental Congress a problem.


Sarah Green's downstairs.

All right.

So, you... feel like talking?

If you mean about yesterday,
there's nothing else to say.

We were hungry,
didn't have any money.

It was stupid.

Well, I... I didn't mean
about that.

Then what?

Well, you know, it's just...

it seems like it's been
a long time since we talked.

I talked to you this morning.

You know what I mean.

Just about stuff at home
and how you're feeling.

Dad, we never talked
about stuff like that.

No, no, we would take th-that
old ball Uncle Ryan gave us

and we would go out
to the park

and we'd throw it
and-and... and we'd talk.

Look, I really gotta
finish this paper.

Yeah, I know.

Go on.

I've never seen him.

Did he kill Jason?

The bank Jason worked at
was robbed last night.

Now, this guy, he was
there with Jason,

but we don't know if Jason was
coerced or if he was in on it.

In on it?

That's crazy.

You seem so sure.

It's just, he wasn't
that kind of man.

What kind of man was he?




I'm not.

I didn't know
guys like Jason existed.

Last weekend, we went
horseback riding.

He'd never been in his life, but
he knew I loved it, so we went.

He was terrified.

Sarah, I know this is hard.

Are you okay?


It's just, um...

It's not fair,

is it?


You know, um,

when I was a girl, my dad left

a, uh, a cigarette
burning in my room.

Why he was smoking
in my room...

That's how I got...


Jason made me feel good
about myself.

That's the kind of man he was.


Would you excuse me
for a moment?


We got a possible
location on Payne.

Roe tracked a delivery to Payne

to this address
three weeks ago.

Belongs to his uncle.

Mark Payne!


He's dead.

This is Lieutenant Burns, NYPD.

I was involved in a shooting
at 126 Frederick Street.

One perp down;
need an ambulance at this address.

Sarah was here.

This is her tea.

It's just...

It's not fair, is it?

You can say it.

I got played.

Uniforms went to Jason's place,
but there was no sign of Sarah.

We sent a BOLO out.

You know, we surprised her when
we showed up to Jason's place.

She was clearing out her stuff.

Hey, found a bunch
of files upstairs.

They've got notes on security
systems, police patrols...

They've even got recon photos
from inside the bank.

Looks like they spent months

researching and planning
this robbery.

Found a file on Jason.

It's all there...
his favorite restaurants,

his routines; they've even
got his wife's obituary.

She targets Jason,
who's grieving for his wife

so she can get access
to the vault.

Pretty harsh.

Don't forget the part

where he gets thrown out
of a plane.

We still don't know
if he went along willingly.

Hey, love will make you
do stupid things.

Listen. Wh-Wh-Where
did you hear about that?

- From Kiki, Elton.
- Yeah?

I think I may know
why Jason went along.

These photos make her
look like a hostage.

Maybe in the end, they figured
the photos weren't enough.

My guess, they had Sarah tied up
in the back of that van.

That's what Jason was looking at
on the video.

Either way, she betrayed him.

Hey. At least she didn't get
away with all the money.

Unis found a bunch
of cash upstairs.

But if you get away in a plane
that nobody can track,

why do you end up
right back here?

Photos make it seem like
they're planning another job.

Maybe this isn't about the cash.

Maybe this is
about something else.

Let's take another look
at those safety deposit boxes they hit.

Might have
caught a break.

They got a clean set of
prints off that teapot.

Let's run 'em.

I'm not surprised to hear
Sarah's in trouble.

She's always been a
challenging daughter.

Here. In and out of nearly every
private school in Manhattan.

Cheating, truancy, stealing,

even rumor she had an
affair with a dean.

On her 18th birthday,
she dropped

out of school and left home
to find her destiny.

What did her father
say about all that?

You mean my ex-husband?

He had nothing to say.

He was long gone.

Really? Wh-What was he like?

The most extraordinary
gentleman I ever met.

And a colossal scoundrel.

Not a fit father
for a young girl.

But Sarah adored him, and

she was never the
same once he left.

Tell me about the fire.

At the hotel?

No. Sh-She told me her father
had been smoking in her room,

and-and a fire had started;
she showed me the scars.

She told me those came
from a hotel fire.

Okay. Wh-When was this?

It's about five years ago.

She was in Europe with her
husband when it happened.

She's married?

Was. To an older
gentleman, of course.

He's Polish or Swiss
or one of those.

I never met him.

I probably have
him in here.

Wh-Wh-When did
this marriage end?

Well, shortly after the fire.

The monster left Sarah
recovering in the hospital.


That's him.

That's the one.

Hello. I'm Victor Cushman.

I was told to come by
regarding my safe deposit box.

Interpol has never heard
of Victor Cushman,

but they have heard
of Adam Gruen,

and he is a person of interest
in a string of bank robberies

across Europe from 2002 to 2005.

He used a private plane
as his getaway vehicle

and was associated
with a young female accomplice.

Check this out.

Six years ago, apparently,
the duo grabbed

close to two million in diamonds

from a resort safe
outside of Basel.

A week later, a small plane

registered to Gruen crashed
at the base of the Alps.

Gruen got away
with the diamonds,

but his suspected

was trapped in the wreckage
and badly burned.

Austrian government couldn't
make a strong enough case

without the jewels,
so they had to release her.


So this is about revenge.

He left her to burn so he could
get away with the diamonds.

She wants 'em back.

So maybe the diamonds
are in the safe deposit box.

She hits a bunch of them
so he doesn't think it's her?

No, I don't think the diamonds
were in there.

I saw his face
when he opened that box.

He looked... relieved.

What was he relieved about?

There was a key.

Guy locks away a key?
What's that about?

What? The key to the diamonds?


I mean, he looked really
happy that key was in there.

If that's what they're after,
then why is the key still there?

All right. There were 86 minutes
they were in that bank

that we couldn't account for,

What if they copied the key?

Right. So th-they take
the money, hit the other boxes.

Cushman thinks
it's a normal robbery.

But... but still,
th-the key to what?

Can you look up a place called
Dye & Norwood?

They were staking it out,
I think, from those photos.

Yeah, I-I know this place.

It's a state-of-the-art storage
facility for the super-rich.

Paintings, furniture...

Guy's a Rockefeller.
Who knew?

I-I know some cops
who moonlight there.

It's very hi-tech.
It's impossible to jack.

Unless you have a key.

Yep, got it.

It's uptown.

It's open Monday to Friday
and appointment only.

That's why
they copied the key.

They couldn't get in
until today.

Opened at 10:00 a.m.

That was 15 minutes ago.

Hey! Police!


She's gone!

I was too late.

So you don't have any idea
where Sarah is?

- No. Why should I?
- That's a good point.

I mean, after all, you
did leave her to die

in a burning plane
five years ago.

What did you do?

Ditch her, so you wouldn't
have to share your score?

It's ridiculous.

That was an accident;
I would never hurt Sarah.

Yeah, but you
didn't help her either.

You took the diamonds,
left her there to die.

Listen to me, Detective.

I've been alone since
the moment I abandoned her,

and I've regretted that moment
more than any in my life.

What I had with Sarah
was unique, and-and...

and I loved her.

And I would do anything
to say that to her face-to-face.

You know what I think?

I think you got your
ass handed to you

by the little
American girl,

and the reason you're
not serving her up to us

on a platter is because
she has your diamonds,

and you want them back.

You don't have anything on me.

We don't, but Interpol does.

I can't even pronounce half
the places where you're wanted,

Victor, but you are wanted

You know, extradition is a
complicated process, Victor.

I mean, who knows,
you dance with us,

maybe we can talk to the D.A.

He'll keep you here instead of
sending you to some country,

where they're not going to
treat you nearly as nice.

Where is she?

I... don't... know.

I wish I did.

You can do better than that.

Come on.

Where could she be?

We have a deal?

Like I said, we'll
talk to the D.A.


Well, she, I think, would
be waiting a few hours...

that's what we always did... and
then she will just... fly away.


Sarah can fly a plane?

Of course she can fly.

I mean, she's...

she's one of the best pilots
I've ever worked with.

Listen, if Sarah can fly
her way out of here,

we got to find that plane.

We've already checked
every airport on the East Coast.

That plane's gone.

Wait a second.
There were stencils

with paint on them
at the safe house.

She changed
the plane's tail number.

Nina, get Tanya in here.

We're going to run
some new tail numbers

- and find that plane.
- Got it.

Hey. Prints from the
plane just came back.

We got Sarah's

She said the
plan was always

to dump Jason's body
out of the plane.

She even admits
to whacking him

with the fire

to make it easier.

Real piece of work.

Give me a second with her, okay?

Hello again.

That was a, uh...

pretty rough story
you just told.

Guess so.

Make a guy fall
in love with you,

use him to rob a bank,

then push him
out of a plane.

Got to be pretty
cold-blooded for that.

If you say so.

Thing is, I don't think
you're that person.

You don't know me.

No, I don't.

What I do know

is that you were in love
with Victor Cushman,

that he promised
to love you,

protect you,
take care of you.

What I understand is the pain

you must have felt
when he left you to die.

That calls
for revenge, right?

Even if it means
taking an innocent man

like Jason and conning him.

But I don't think
that you're a killer.

I am.

Mark Payne's fingerprints

were all over
that fire extinguisher.

- Not yours.
- I killed him.

- That was the plan.
- You were flying

the plane, Sarah.
How could you have killed him?

It's not possible.

I don't think
you ever

expected Jason to die.

I don't think
you wanted him to die.

Now, Mark, maybe he didn't
want to split it three ways.

Maybe he was jealous

of the relationship
between the two of you.

Everything you told me,

it wasn't entirely a lie,
was it?

Look, it's time
to tell the truth, okay?

It's over.

Do this
for yourself.

Do it for Jason.

Just tell me what happened.

We were going to hold him

out in Jersey for a few days,

just let him go after
I'd gotten the diamonds.

We only used the plane

because Mark was afraid
someone made the van.

It was so fast.

We were still

I was starting to tell Jason

about Victor,
about the diamonds,

and I heard this awful sound.

I turned, and...

Mark hit him again.

Mark said we couldn't
be found with him.

I was just trying
to control the plane,

and that's when Mark
pushed him out.

But it's my fault.

It's my fault he's dead.

You going to be
going home soon?

I can grab the subway.

Wha...? I-I...
I got some work, but...

But... no, that's fine.

So did you get
the bad guy?

Yeah. Yeah, we did.

How about you?

Get those Articles
of Confederation written?

How'd you know about that?

Hey, I was in
the tenth grade once.

It was a long time ago.

You know, I, um...

I actually have
some time now.

If you still want to talk.


But... you know what?


I have an idea.



Hey. What are you
doing here?

Look, I'm an idiot.

Yeah. And?

I've really missed you.

It's only been 29 hours.

Well, 29 hours,
56 minutes

and... I don't know
how many seconds.

How could you
have possibly missed me?

Look, I'm really
sorry I...

I'm sorry I
freaked like that.

After you left yesterday,
I'm thinking,

"Don't be a sap, Steve.

"How's this going
to end,

"She's a cop,
and your dad

played bocce with
John Gotti."

So, then, I thought I'd
run up to the precinct.

To prove yourself right.

Yeah, I guess.

Or make you
prove it for me.

And I played perfectly
into the part.

You had every
right to be angry.

I shouldn't come up
here like that.

I shouldn't have run you
out of the building

like it was on fire.


Well, you know
what they say.

"Greater powers than
we can contradict

hath thwarted
our intents."

Romeo and Juliet.

You know, that's...
no, it's good.

I actually, um...

I was Lady Capulet
in the fifth grade.

Mercutio, Merrick
Junior High.

So are you comparing, um,

our situation
to Romeo and Juliet?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Well, you know, their
story didn't end so well.

Well, in my school, it did.

We rewrote the ending.

- Yeah? So there's hope.
- Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, they lived
happily ever after.

Hey. Nice job today, T.


I'm sorry.

Well, maybe you can, uh,
make it up to me.

What'd you have in mind?

Make me an offer I can't refuse.