Undercovers (2010): Season 1, Episode 8 - Crashed - full transcript

When a plane disappears off the radar and its pilot is nowhere to be found, it's up to Steven and Samantha to locate the man and the dangerous bomb he has with him. Traveling to Russia, the Blooms team with Hoyt and meet with some unexpected challenges and a wounded comrade in their quest to complete their dangerous mission. Meanwhile, Shaw wonders how long he has before the Blooms become suspicious of his underlying motives and Lizzy takes charge with a client.

We're ready for you now.

Colonel Freedman...

Wait...What time is it?

What's going on?

We just need
to run a few tests.


Routine for all pilots.

It--it shouldn't take long.

Just relax, Colonel Korman

you' fine, just fine.
Don't worry.

Let's take him deeper.



Let's begin.
We don't have a lot of time.

- Scalpel.
- Scalpel.

Pulse ox negative.

Colonel Joseph Korman?

I'm Airman Burr.

We just finalized your flight
plan and mission parameters.

We need you to sign here.

Thank you.
I'll be right there.

You okay, sir?


I'm fine. Let's go.

She doing it again?

Oh yeah, total stress case.

In serious and scary
do-it-herself mode.

She ask for any help at all?

Course not.

I don't even know
why we do this dinner.

Diane Cresswell drives you crazy
every year.

Yes, Diane's horrible,
but she pays well

and refers even better.

And this will be
our fourth year in a row.

All right, let me
help you out here.

You don't have to do everything.

I'm fine.

It's easier this way.

Okay, it's all yours.

But if that, uh, burning smell
is any indication,

it seems like you need help now.

Ah, who doesn't love the smell

of burnt croutons
in the morning?

Why does he always know
the worst time to show up?

Colonel Joseph Korman

has worked with the Agency

Decorated Air Force
Stealth pilot.

Flew out of our base
at Incirlik, Turkey

and hasn't been
heard from since.

What was his mission?

Flying an F-35
Stealth aircraft solo

to deliver important cargo
to a classified airbase.

Then his aircraft went
off course and disappeared

over the woods near the Caucasus
Mountains several hours ago.

Just over Chechnya.

We haven't received any
reports of a crash.

No emergency beacon

and no contact
from Colonel Korman.

So what now?

We have to find out
if he's alive.

And equally important,

we cannot allow
stealth technology

to fall into the wrong hands.

These forests are just crawling

with members of the Chechen
Separatist Movement,

just looking to start another
fight with the Russians.

So you want us to find
the plane and destroy it

before anyone can get there?

Isn't there military nearby
who can do that?


There is, however,
an additional twist

that adds to the urgency

and the national security
implications of this mission.

I'm guessing the cargo
on the plane

wasn't just a fruit basket.

You would be guessing

It's a recently developed
next generation

fuel air explosive device.

F.A.E. Bomb?

Small, man-portable,
and highly volatile.

We can't even let people know

that we have developed
this weapon.

Given the operational success
you enjoyed

in the Balkans, Mr. Bloom,

and the skills that you've
demonstrated at a location

much too sensitive
to reveal here, Mrs. Bloom,

CIA management feels
that you two

are uniquely qualified
for this mission.

So we need to go
to the forests of Chechnya,

find and destroy
a stealth plane

which may or may not
have crashed,

find a pilot
who may or may not be dead,

then retrieve a weapon
we can't admit exists

while dodging Chechen rebels.

Pretty well sums it up.

Don't worry,
I can handle Diane Cresswell.

But I don't want you
to be stressed out.

I don't want you
to be stressed out.

Ha ha, okay.

I know that you have issues
with delegating,

but seriously,
I can do this.

You don't have a choice
anyway, Sam.

It's not like you can run
the party from San Francisco.

Let me just give you
a list of things to do.

And be careful.

Diane can be demanding,
condescending, and difficult.

It's not a problem.

I work with Lance,

Uh, not for the next
three days, you don't.

My family's in town,
so good luck.

And if you have
any questions--

don't call!

Okay, here we go.

We exit the train in Ingushetia,
which borders Chechnya.

Now, the plan is to meet
a local asset

who'll guide us
through the backwoods

where we can sneak in country.

Although we'll need some rubles
to grease the skids

if you know
what I'm talking about.

I never know
what you're talking about.

That's fair, 'cause I don't
make sense, and it's weird.

Talking about bribery.

Former Soviet Republic style.

Right, okay, so the stealth
plane signal

is encrypted
on a jumping frequency,

which I can hopefully pick up on

once we get a little bit closer.

So the idea is,
we follow the tracker,

we find the plane,

find the F.A.E. Bomb...
Find Korman.

This guy's got
a spotless record.

Good pilot, wife,
two kids.

He's like a poster child
for serving your country.


Hey, have you guys done this
sort of thing before?

Because I'm more of
a student of nature,

definitely not a lover.

I'm talking about
heavy allergies,

top to bottom, front to back.

All of this gets red.

And I'm not a fan of dirt.

I did stuff like this
in the Balkans.

Balkans! Ye-ye-yeah, that's
one of my favorites of yours.

What about you,
Mrs. Agent Bloom?

I'm actually not allowed
to mention it out loud.

Not here.

I would take offense at that,
but I have a feeling

I need to jump, like,
four levels of clearance

just to ask
what you're talking about.

You're really
not gonna tell me?

Excuse me.

Do you think it looks like rain?

No, the forecast
is for sun.

That's good news.

You got a ride for us?

We are definitely moving
in the right direction.

I found the frequency

carrying the signal
from the plane's beacon.

I just need to triangulate
on the exact location.

What's the matter?


No checkpoint.

So let's go the other way

The other way has mines.

I can point which way,
but I cannot take you there.

Very dangerous.


Maybe I can take you that way.


Hey, those mines,
they're diffused, right?

I mean, we're not literally

walking into a minefield,
are we?

Don't worry,
I have solution.

He has solution.

What's that?


Whoa, no.
Is that a rat?

Because it kinda looks
like a rat.

Yeah, you know what, just tell
me when it's gone, then.

Because honestly, I have
an issue with rodents.

They freak me out--
squirrels, chipmunks, coyotes--

although technically,
they aren't rodents,

but honestly, animated or real,
they scare me.

This rat you will love.

Randy's a mine-sniffing rat.

Will help us.

He calls it Randy.

Where do you even buy
a mine-sniffing rat?

It genetically engineered?
Is it trained?

Do you take it
from a circus?

Hoyt, enough about the rat,

I assure you,
this is safe procedure.

This way.

♪ Undercovers 1x08 ♪
Original Air Date on November 10, 2010

Oh, man, that's not good.

Hoyt, do not panic.

I'm not panicked.
You're panicked, okay?

I mean, our guide's boots

probably still have his feet
in them, but--

Don't move!

We are in a minefield, okay?

Okay, can I panic now?

Unless you he a bomb
in your backpack,

you can relax.

That's what's beeping.

The beacon.
Yeah, yeah, the beacon.

Okay, we're locked
on the plane's beacon.

The good news is
the signal's getting stronger.

The bad news is

we need to cross the minefield
to get there,

with Chechen rebels probably
closing in on that explosion.

You're really bringing
the room down.

Okay, just give me a minute
to figure this out.

We're gonna follow
the dry creekbed.

Actually, I'm not so sure
that's such a good idea, honey.

Why not?

Any mine would've
rusted through by now.

Actually, the Russians
switched to plastic mines

in 2001.

I'm going with Mrs. Agent
Bloom on this one.

What do you got?

How old do you think
those shrubs are?

Those are rhododendron

and to reach maturity
at this altitude,

probably at least 15-20 years.

Just because I'm not
a fan of nature

doesn't mean
I can't appreciate it.

The point is, they were here

before the Russian invasion
of Chechnya.

Which means no land mines
could've been planted there.

To avoid the mines,

all we have to do is move
from plant to plant.


His band is about
to explode.

That's what all drummers say.

No, they're really good,
I'm telling you.

I don't wanna pry,
but doesn't AA recommend

waiting before dating?

Chad and I are not dating.

We are just hanging out.

- And kissing.
- Oh, man.

You're not Samantha.

No, uh...
She's not here.

I'm Lizzie, Samantha's sister.

Oh, sorry, um...

You must be Diane Cresswell.

Uh, I'm actually
running your party.

Okay, you'll have to do,
I guess.

I have some small changes.

I want to change the format from
buffet to sit-down.

I need a more intimate feel
this year.

Last year, I felt like I was
on the Love Boat.

Um, I also just found out

my star donor has become
a pescatarian,

so we gotta change the main
course from lamb to fish.

Mrs. Cresswell, you do realize

that the event is 24 hours out?

We've already marinated
100 legs of lamb.

That's not really
my problem, is it?


Uh, okay, I can handle this.

Just saw Cruella Cresswell.

Looks like I picked
the right time

to take a few days off, huh?

Actually, I need you
to do me a favor.

You know the cute fish guy
who has a crush on you?


Well, you need to get us

100 pounds of striped bass
by tomorrow morning.

I will owe you one, okay?


Okay, slow down.

Are we in some sort of race
nobody told me about?

Because I'm not wearing
the right shoes.

There it is.

Korman's plane.

Hold on.

What do you see,
Agent Bloom?

This is
an IGQ 6000 parachute.

Korman must've ejected from
the plane before it crashed.

So he's probably still alive.

We need to find the F.A.E.
before we go looking for him.

A missing state-of-the-art bomb

is way more important
than a missing pilot.

Okay, we got
a slight problem.

This is the safety mount
for the F.A.E.,

and it is empty.

So, we have no Korman,
no F.A.E.,

and a stealth plane
that crashed.

If the Chechens
saw the plane crash,

they're definitely looking
for Korman.

He's probably on the run,

trying to find a safe place
to hide.

Hey, you guys,
look what I found!

Satellite beacon.

You never know when one of these
might come in handy.

Whoa, check this out.

This kind of damage
only comes from a weapon.

Wait, so someone
shot him down?

Portable surface-to-air

But he was in a stealth plane.

Who would do that?
Who could do that?

You can't just shoot down
a stealth plane.

Not unless you knew
he was coming.

So an American pilot takes off
from a Turkish Air Base,

goes off course,
gets shot down

by a shoulder-fired missile
in Chechnya,

ejects before he crashes,

and then maybe comes back
to retrieve the F.A.E.?

Unless somebody else
got there first.

But Korman has nowhere to go
around here.

He could be running around

with a bomb that could take out
a city block.

We need to find him.

We have about ten minutes
until the smoke tells

anyone in the area exactly
how to get on our trail,

and about five seconds
until the fuel explodes.

What is it?


If you look at my resume,

I probably could've been
of some help out here.

I'm good for now.

My resume's very impressive.

It is.
I almost had it laminated.

Going in as international
aid workers.

Nice call, Mr. Bloom.

What makes you think
Korman was here?

'Cause it's the end
of the trail.

And this is probably
the only town for miles.

Assalamu alaikum.

Assalamu alaikum.

What are you,
running for mayor?

Trying to find anybody that
may be friendly to an American.

Though if I was
bleeding profusely,

I doubt my first stop
would be to go shopping.

Hold on,
I got someone.

He's our guy.

Either he's taking care of
Korman, or he knows who is.

He told you all that
in two seconds?

No, his IWC pilot watch did.

There's no way
a pilot like Korman

would've let that kid take his
watch off his wrist.

Maybe he traded it with the
kid for somewhere to stay.

So let's follow him home
and find out.

Here he comes.

What do you think's
in the bag?

Probably food.

He left it there.

You think Korman's inside?

Only one way
to find out.

You think we scared him off?

Maybe this is
the wrong place.

It's all right, Korman.

You can come down.
We're Americans.

I honestly don't know.

You don't know
why you altered course?

I swear, I--

I took off
like I normally do,

and then I started
to feel weird, and...

Then I was off course,

and there was a missile lock
on my plane.

Why would someone fire
a missile at you?

It's Chechnya.
Who knows why?

But you were
in a stealth plane.

I can't explain it either.

I just--I know that there were
people tracking me,

and I wasn't gonna stick around
to find out who,

so I ran.

But they--they're out there.
I know they are.

That's who I thought you were.
That's why I hid.

And then I paid that kid
with my watch and some cash

so he'd let me hide in here.

I'm sterilizing the knife
so I can cauterize your wound.

We have no choice if we want
to stop the bleeding.

Are you sure you don't want me
to just make a tourniquet

so we can get the hell
out of here?

A tourniquet won't hold.

And I've done this before.


In the place that's too
classified to mention, I bet.


And once in the kitchen

to cut through a frozen
ice cream cake.

Hey guys, look what I found.

It's the F.A.E.


Can you believe that this
thing could kill

hundreds and hundreds
of people?


Be careful.

I should--I should probably
put it down, yeah.

You left the part about
the F.A.E. out of your story.

I didn't know
you knew about it.

I told you,
I didn't know who to trust.

Hoyt, call Shaw, tell him
we got Korman and the F.A.E.

And we need somebody
to get us out of here.

I'm on it.

I'll be back in a flash.

I'm not gonna lie to you.

This is really gonna hurt.

All right,
help me sit him up.

We gotta get him up
so we can get out of here.

I'm sure there's other people
following his trail.

Steven, what's this?

Some kind of neck injury.
Come on.

This is weird.
It's not like a neck injury.

It's a little raised,
like a bite.

Let's wake him up.
Hey, get up!

Did I wake you, sir?

Agent Hoyt, it is all right.

I only need four hours sleep
at night.

Now, what's going on?

That is amazing.

I mean, even when you
were a kid?

Hey, were you ever actually
a kid?

Agent Hoyt, do you have
something to report?

Yeah, I do, sorry about that.

We found Korman, the F.A.E.,
and the plane,

and destroyed the plane.

We need a way out of here.

I will send you the
coordinates to safe l.Z.

An extraction team
will pick you up.

Fantastic, thank you, sir.

Sleep tight.

Not that you need to.

You know.

Turn around.

What was that?
You think it was Hoyt?

That's not Hoyt's gun.


Oh, no.

The Chechen kid must've done
something--let's go.

Welcome to Chechnya,
Colonel Korman.

Colonel Joseph Korman.

I heard your plane
was shot down.

We are glad
you're still alive.

I have something for you.

The Chechen separatists
thank you.

We can now give the Russians
quite a surprise.

Let's go.

- This is Shaw.
- It's Hoyt.

I've been shot,

and the Blooms have been taken
by Chechen rebels.

I'm fine, still moving,
just shot in the arm.

What the hell happened?

I thought the mission
was complete.

It was.

And then the Chechens
came out of nowhere.

They probably have
the F.A.E. by now.

I'm going after them.

No, you will not,
Agent Hoyt,

I can have boots on the ground
in under four hours.

The Blooms will be dead
in four hours.



Damn it!

I need more help.

How are we gonna prepare
100 bass without the bass?

We can get everything prepared

and assembly line it
once the fish gets here.

Which is now.
The bass has arrived.

Everybody can relax.

Are there other crates?

There can't be 100 bass
in there.

This is it.

What the hell?

Oh, this is not good.

We should call Samantha,
she'll know what to do.

No, absolutely not! No!

If we call her,
she will be convinced

that she has to do everything
around here herself.

I'll call the fish place.

And I will call Lance and tell
him to get his ass in here.

This is his screw-up,
and he's gonna fix it.

You're not being serious,
are you?

I'm just saying
it's a possibility.

You've heard the rumors, Steven.

What about that thing
on his neck?

That could've been a gland
for all you know.

A welt on the neck
isn't always a sign

for a black ops program
to control people's minds.

That's science fiction, okay?

Korman was telling the truth.

He believed what he was saying.

He didn't know anything.

How do you explain him walking
over to the Chechen

and handing him the F.A.E.?

I don't know.

Maybe this is bigger
than it looks.

We can discuss this later.

We gotta figure out how the hell
we're gonna get out of here.

Oh, and about that place
too classified to speak of,

if there was anything useful

now's the time to bring it up.

I won't tell Shaw
you told me.


I was in Sudan.

Undercover with the Janjaweed
for three months.

Compartmented mission.

I saw a lot of things
I'll never forget,

things I couldn't
stop happening

without exposing who I was.

I was making some real progress,
and then my cover was blown.

What happened?

An inside source gave me up.

They threw me in a cell,

said they were gonna torture me.

I was all alone.

No idea how I was gonna get out.

I could've died,
and no one would've known.

I had to figure something out.

What did you do?

I found some chemicals
in a closet.

When the guard came in
to torture me,

I threw the chemicals
in his face.

When his knees hit the ground,

I knocked him out,

used the chemicals to start
a fire and escaped.

I barely made it out alive.

I guess it had a pretty big
effect on me.

Well, you're not alone here.

You got your husband
and partner with you.

So you don't have to do it
all on your own anymore.

If we're getting out of here,

we're doing it together.

That's why we came back, right?

Okay, let's figure out
what to do.

You have done a good job
for my people.

Thank you.

You'll need this.

The remote to start
the timer.

You have to be within 50 feet
to initiate it.

Korman's a traitor.

Thank you.

It's not every day
an American understands

what we fight for here.

Now you are free to go.

When you're ready,
one of my men

will set you off
on an escape route.

Thank you.
I'll be ready in ten minutes.

There's a lot of activity
going on out there.

I'm sure they'll be coming in
here any second.

I'm ready if you are.

You wanna go over it
one more time?

- It was my plan, Steven.
- No, it wasn't.

- Fine, it was our plan.
- Exactly.

- Hoyt!
- At your service.

And oh yeah, Korman's a traitor.

- Yeah, we know.
- What happened to your arm?

Oh, this?

Nothing much.
Just got shot. By a gun.

That's usually how that works.
Are you okay?

I'm not gonna lie to you,
Mrs. Agent Bloom.

It doesn't tickle.

But luckily,
the bullet didn't lodge.

How long you been here?

Long enough
to see the Chechens

put the F.A.E. on that Hummer.

Korman just gave them the remote
to set it off.

How do we find out where the
hummer is going with the F.A.E.?

The Chechen leader's in there.

Very presidential.

Unbelievable posture.

Hoyt, do you still have
the beacon tracker

from the stealth plane?
Of course I do.

I don't throw anything out.

I still have those roses
I gave you in Madrid.

Let me see the cell phone.


Korman's leaving.
I'm going after him.

You deal with tracking
the F.A.E.

Okay, okay, they're leaving.

Is there something I can help
you look for,

because I have 15/20 vision,
which is kind of like a gift,

and a curse, seeing so much
so clearly.

Got it.

Of course!

All-state quarterback
your senior year.

- And junior year.
- And junior year.

Yeah, and junior year.

I'm ready.


What the hell happened?

That guy just
came out of nowhere

and executed Korman.

He could've killed me if he
wanted, but he didn't.

Probably saw me coming.

Well, thanks to Agent Bloom's
magnificent arm,

the beacon's tracker
is working again.

We should get going though,
before we lose the signal.



Forget about it, Sam,
come on.

The Chechen leader's Hummer's
already two miles away.

Look, we can't worry
about this guy right now.

We gotta get
the F.A.E.

Right there.

That's the Chechen rebel leader.

In the charcoal gray
pinstripe suit.

He's obviously invited
to the wedding.

Who's getting married?

This is the second wedding
of Olev Kozak,

Russian Deputy Prime Minister,
age 55.

Now, apparently,

his bride was seeded third
at Wimbledon this year.

And I'm not talking
the seniors division.

She's super young--

- We get it Hoyt.
- Mmkay, yeah.

The guest list includes
Russian military brass,

local party officials,

members of the official
Chechen government,

which is unofficially run
by the Russians, you name it.

And if I were a Chechen rebel
looking to make a statement,

this is definitely
where I'd come.

We need a way inside.


You feel like
putting on an apron

and helping me cater a party?

Thought you'd never ask.

I don't know what happened
with the fish.

Michael must've found out
Jeffrey was interested in me,

and then screwed us
with the sardines.

Forget about it.
We've got the right fish.

Everything is packed
and ready to go.

All is good.

There you are.
Good thing I caught you.

It turns out my major donor
won't be attending after all.

And lamb just sounds better.

We still have
six hours to go

and you still have
the legs of lamb, right?

Great. Thanks, Lucy.

It's Lizzy.

And you know what?

It's too late
to make anymore changes.

We have worked our asses off
for you.

You--you can't just come in here

and treat us like garbage.

You're having the fish

And your guests
are having the fish tonight.

And you are gonna like it.

Fish will be fine.

Sam is gonna be
so proud of you.

No, no, she can never hear
about any of this, ever.

She will freak out.

God, I hope Lizzy's surviving
the Cresswell party.

I'd take Chechen rebels
over Diane Cresswell

any day of the week.

So what do you want me to do
with these caterers?

You might as well kill us.

That's what the Deputy
Prime Minister will do

when his wedding is destroyed.

Calm down, all right?

Nobody's getting killed,

and nobody's destroying

We work with nightmare clients
all the time.

Yeah, but all of our customers
are 100% satisfied.

Keep an eye on 'em.

Sam and I are gonna search the
party for the F.A.E.

And watch out
for our Chechen friend.

I doubt he'll stick around once
that thing is set to explode.


This reminds me
of the party we did--

at the opera singer's house.

Ooh, some nice-looking spread.

Hey, is there any way
you could put together

a little to-go plate for me?

I mean they must have caviar,

That travels well.

You guys want anything?

This cake is huge.

Forget about the caviar.

Small slice of cake.

Rolled fondant icing,

five tiers,


Five tiers.

I heard you.
Five tiers.

That's a lot of tiers.

Could you take one of those
tiers for me?

I mean, who would notice?

It's just one tier.
There are so many of 'em.

Russian wedding cakes are only
supposed to have three tiers.


There's something going on
with this cake.

I think I know where
the F.A.E. is.

Wait, you think?


And we are so fired
if I'm wrong.

What's going on there, babe?

I got the F.A.E.

I see our friend
from Chechnya.

Steven, it just started
counting down.

Hoyt, the Chechen's coming

He's looking to get away.

You want me to ask
for help?

I'm asking for it.


I'm gonna help Samantha.
You take care of the Chechen.

This thing is crazy

I would say it was brilliant if
it wasn't about to kill us.

So what do you say
we take this brilliant thing

and get the hell out of here?

Take it where?

You did see that helicopter
outside, right?

Tell me how to disarm
the F.A.E. now.

I couldn't tell you
even if I wanted to.

I didn't make it.

Americans did.

I get far enough away
in the chopper,

I could throw the F.A.E.
in the water.

I don't care
what you do with it,

but we are doing it together.

Good, 'cause if we can't get
to the water in time,

you're gonna have
to disarm this thing.

We have four minutes, Steven.

I'm going as fast
as I can, babe.

We're about five minutes
from the sea.

Any progress?

I've got
to get the cover off

to figure out
how to diffuse it.

You diffused the bomb
at the Stockholm summit,

this should
be a piece of cake.


Come on, babe.


It looks like
there's something

built in for protection.
What do you mean?

An altimeter
with a safety mechanism.

It stops the F.A.E. from
accidentally going off

while being
transported on a plane.

It looks like
this won't detonate

if we're above 3,000 feet.

We're only at 1,100 feet.

We have two minutes.
Hold on!

2,000 feet!
Hold on.

Almost there.

We got it!


We're at 3,000 feet.

The timer stopped!
It worked!

I'll get us over the water

so we can
drop it into the ocean.

There it is,
the Caspian Sea.

- Ready?
- Uh-huh.


Whoa, whew!

How about some props
for your husband

for even being able
to fly one of these things?

I can admit
I'm impressed.

Right back at you.

Losing the F.A.E.

would not have
been our first choice.

But then...

the circumstances...

Yeah, I'm sorry,
we exploded your bomb.

We thought that preventing
an international incident

would be good enough.

Yes, American technology

a Chechen attack on half
the Russian leadership

would have
been a disaster

of unspeakable magnide.

Plus, the Russians are
thrilled that Agent Hoyt

captured a rebel leader

for hundreds of deaths.

So...Good job all around.

I have passed on our thanks,
by the way, to Agent Hoyt,

who is in Washington
having his shoulder treated.

And what about Korman?

As far as we can tell,
it was simple,

he just went private
and made a deal.

And the man
who killed him?

We believe
the Russians had an Agent

who hacked into flight plan.

And although they deny it,
we think they sent someone

to down the plane
and kill Korman.

That doesn't explain
what happened with me.

And what, pray tell,
happened with you?

After that man shot Korman,
I looked right at him.

At his gun.

If he was
really a Russian Agent,

why didn't he just shoot me?

There's still a lot

of unanswered questions
here, Shaw.

That's the beauty of
life, Agents Bloom.

Not every question
has an answer.

- Hey, guys.
- Lizzy.

I can't believe he
knows my name.

So how was
the Cresswell dinner?

Oh, uh, huge success.

It couldn't have
gone better.


Yeah, she did fire us,


I had to put my foot down

about all the changes
she was making.


but I am sorry about...

Losing the job for
next year.


you did hear
what I just said, right?


We never have to work
for that woman again.

Thank you.


You were right,
you know?

With Shaw.

Of course I was right.


About what?
This mission.

There are a lot
of unanswered questions.

Let me guess.
Like Korman?

Yes, like Korman.

The way he was acting,
that thing on his neck,

that guy killing him.

Something's just not right
about the whole thing.

I noticed you didn't mention
any of that to Shaw.


I'm not sure
how much I trust Shaw.

There's gotta be another angle
to Korman's death.

I just haven't
figured it out yet.

Well, knowing you,

I'm sure you'll find out.

asking more questions.

But you're
not giving them answers.

No, sir.

But as I predicted,
they are getting closer.

We can't hold them off

I understand.

Thank you.

We'll discuss it
and decide how to proceed.

If there's
something else going on

that I should know about...

that would help me,

now would be a good time.

I'll tell you when and
what you need to know, Mr. Shaw.

Good evening.