Undercovers (2010): Season 1, Episode 7 - Assassin - full transcript

Steven, Samantha and Leo get orders from Shaw to take on a mission in Lima, Peru where an assassination plot has been orchestrated against president-elect Alberto Loya. When Samantha gets too emotionally invested, she puts the whole mission at stake and her own life in danger. Elsewhere, Lizzy caters a party for Samantha's college friend and also discovers a connection with an unlikely source.


Buenos dias, Peru!


Hey, I thought
you were coming in early.

I'm sorry, honey.
I did go to the gym

and the Farmers' Market.

Then I had a thing
for the Fentin-Brown wedding.

A thing? I thought
that wedding was a month ago.

Exactly a month.

Mark wanted to make Bob
breakfast in bed

for their anniversary,

so I talked him through
the frittata.

Have I ever told you
that you get

way too emotionally
involved with your clients?

Yes. All the time.

But it's hard not to care
for the people you cook for.

It's really not that hard.

Um...There is
a client in the office.

She came through
the back entrance

and made herself
very comfortable.

Jennifer Anthony.
She said she knows you, Sam.

Jennifer Anthony?




Ah. It's like time
stood still,

and so did your ass.


This is Steven, my husband.

Hey, nice to meet you.
This is Jennifer.

We went to Yale together.

Nice to meet you!

So Jennifer,
it's really great to see you,

but I assume you want
to hire us for something.

I just got a job in L.A.
anchoring the local news,

and I'm throwing
a little party to celebrate.

And when I heard
you became a cook here,

I knew I had to use you.

Actually, I'm a Chef.

She's also pretty brilliant.

No argument from me.

She was quite the star
in J school.


She was the only person
Professor Schilling recommended

for the News Corps internship
in Hong Kong.

He must have freaked
when you quit.

I heard he left Yale.

He did.

Actually, he died
a few years ago...

In a car accident.

Sam, we gotta go.

Nice to meet you.
So sorry, Jennifer.

We have another meeting.

But my sister Lizzy will take
great care of you--I promise.


Are you familiar
with Victor Guzman?

He's one of the most
elusive hit men in the world.

Not anymore.

Several days ago,
the Agency completed

an eight-month operation

and captured Guzman
in Santiago, Chile.

That's pretty impressive.

I'll pass that along.

Guzman's capture is secret,
and he has begun to talk.

After some persuasion,

he admitted that he had
recently gotten a new contract.

His assignment was to
assassinate this man--

Alberto Loya,
President-Elect of Peru.

Won by a landslide

by promising to take back Peru
for the people.

The U.S. needs this man
in power.

His death would result
in political chaos,

so we're getting involved.

Did Guzman say
who ordered the hit?

He didn't know.

He was hired by a broker.
Mikhail Ivanov.

So Guzman was hired by Ivanov

and Ivanov was hired
by whoever wants Loya dead.

So we have no idea
who's behind this.

Could be Loya's
closest advisor.

Could be someone
within the peruvian government.

So we can't go in as CIA.

The agency's position is

we must keep our involvement
in this secret

until we know more.

You will travel to Peru
first thing in the morning,

get in to see Loya,
find out what you can.

We need to make sure
this man stays alive.

Hey, where'd you get that?

Wow, is that the new one
with the locator beacon?

It's just
a regular bracelet.

From my old Professor.

He gave it to me
before I left for Hong Kong.

I'd forgotten about it
till Jennifer brought him up.

So Sammy really was
teacher's pet, huh?

Schilling was different.

He had this passion
that was just inspiring.

He made you feel like
anyone could change the world

if they tried hard enough.

Well, he sounds
pretty amazing.

He was.

On my first assignment
in Hong Kong,

I made so many
rookie mistakes.

But when I called
and told Schilling,

all he said was, "tell me
all the things you did right."

And when I did,
I felt better.

That's the kind of man
he was.

Always supportive,
always proud of me.

I just wonder if...
I don't know.

If he'd still be proud of me.

Are you kidding me?

You're an amazing chef
and superspy.

Who can beat that?

Okay. There's a press event
in Lima tomorrow afternoon.

Every reporter gets an
exclusive ten minutes with Loya.

He tries to make himself

for anyone who wants to talk,
which is kind of amazing.

Hoyt's working on getting

and an interview slot for me.

It seems like the best way
of getting time with Loya.

So you get in to see him.
Then what?

I don't know.

All I have to do

in convince the next
president of Peru

to tell a total stranger
which one of his enemies

would want to assassinate him.


I'm about to check in.

Everything looks good,
Mrs. Agent Bloom.

Or...Should I say Edna?

Edna? What? That's the best
name you could come up with?

Had a babysitter
named Edna once.

Oh, lord.

She smelled like lilacs
dipped in honey.


Edna Karter
from the Kirkway News Agency.

Is something wrong?

Is...Something wrong?

You don't seem to be
on the list.

Hoyt, what the hell's
going on?

- You cleared the name, right?
- Yeah, yeah.


Here you are.

I didn't know it was
Karter with a "K."

Karter with a "k"?

That's how my babysitter
spelled it.

Wow. Really?

I can see why
that's a problem now.


I haven't seen you
around here before.

I'm sorry.
That sounded like a line.

- I swear it wasn't.
- Oh, yeah, it was.

You know what else is a line?
"I swear that wasn't a line."

Clearly a line.

I should write
this stuff down.

I'm Matthew Hunt.
I freelance for the AP.

Edna Karter.

First time meeting Loya?

Yes. I usually work
in Asia,

but I got this assignment

to get some dirt
on the new President.

But it seems like he's a Saint
in politician's clothing.

No enemies.
No story.

Trust me.

There's always an enemy.

You just have to be
the first person to find him.

Edna Karter?
Señora Edna Karter, por favor.

I'm up.

Good luck.

My early days.

To remind me
why I chose politics.

And why was that?

To help people.
To make a difference.

I've always felt that

anyone can change the world.

I agree...Mr. President.

Not Mr. president just yet.

So what can I answer for you,
Miss Karter?

Okay, Mrs. Agent Bloom,
the diversion is on its way.

We haven't seen
a response like this

to a Presidential Candidate
in years.

What do you attribute that to?
The Peruvian people.

They're ready for
a different way of doing things.

Go. Ms. Karter and I
will be fine.

You need to leave now,

or security
will escort you out.

I've been covering this campaign

since the beginning.
My name is Robert Storm.

Canadian Press Agency.
Check again!

I do not need to check again.

Is this 'cause
I'm from Canada, huh?

I'm not going anywhere.

Who's in charge of security

I'm Robert freakin' Storm!

Who's in charge of security?

I am.



Okay, who's next
in charge of security?

Your life is in danger.
What are you talking about?

I know what this must
sound like

but I've been working
on a story,

and a reliable source claims
this is a credible threat.

I'm a politician.
There are many threats.

That's what my security detail
is for.

I'm not sure
you can trust them.

I can trust them
with my life.

So if you have no other
questions and you have no proof,

I think you should leave now.

Please, I know I'm asking
you to take a risk and trust me,

but you'd be taking
a bigger risk not trusting me.

You said you wanted
to change the world.

You can't do it
as a dead man.

And why do you so badly
feel the need to save me?

Because I know about you.

Who you are,
what you stand for.

I know you must be
a good man and...

You remind me of another
good man I used to know.

Actually, you remind me
of someone as well...

My daughter.

Both very stubborn.

Of course,
she's only five years old.

I'm sorry, but--
but do you have any idea

who would want to do
something like this to you?

My platform
has upset many people.

Then would you consider

your public appearances

until the threat
has been contained?

Absolutely not.

I am many things, Ms. Karter.
A coward is not one of them.

The interview is over.

It was nice to meet you.

And don't worry.
Everything will work itself out.

Good day.

Loya doesn't know anything.

He's not gonna change his mind.
He's a strong man.

about what he believes in.

It's actually inspiring.

You're doing it.

You're getting
emotionally invested.

I am not.
I heard you talking to him.

He's not your Professor, Sam.

He only reminds of you Schilling

because Schilling
is on your brain.

But this is a mission.
I know that.

- So what now?
- I'll stay here in Lima,

see if I can find someone
in Loya's inner circle

and get close to him or her.

Preferably her.

I have an idea.

- Definitely risky.
- I'm good with risky.

Ivanov lives on top of
a nightclub he owns in Rio.

We should pay him a visit.

the assassination broker.

I know who he is, Hoyt.

But he's not gonna
tell us who hired him.

- He probably doesn't even know.
- You're right.

But what's the best way
to stop an assassination?

To become the assassin.

It may be a long shot,

but Ivanov doesn't know
Guzman's been captured.

So we just have to put
the word out on the street

that there's a new
assassin in town.

♪ Undercovers 1x07 ♪
Original Air Date on November 3, 2010

♪ ♪

♪ dance ♪

♪ or die
die die die ♪

♪ ♪

♪ she's playing dumb
all the time ♪

♪ just to keep it fun ♪

♪ to get you like ah,
careful, amigo ♪

♪ she's talkin' and walkin'
just to work you up ♪

♪ she'd die for your love
but your love's only mine, boy ♪

♪ sigo tranquila ♪

♪ ♪

The apartment's empty.

Ivanov's in his office,
and he's not doing the books.

That is one hot woman.

Who knew assassination brokers
did so well with the ladies?

Okay. That's enough.

So do you think Brazilian women

are the hottest women
on the planet too?

I read that in Esquire.

You don't really think
I'm gonna answer that, do you?

Have you ever gone out
with a Brazilian woman?

Well, it depends
how you define "gone out."

- Avoiding!
- Not avoiding.

Nice! Hold on.
Look at that.

He's got a wall safe.

Fingerprint biometrics
and a code.


I'm so jealous
you can do that.

Just put a handheld
computer in there.

We have to look.

May have some info
on the Loya hit.

I think he's headed to you.

♪ ♪

Hoyt, are you there?


I am here and on it.

Keep an eye out
for Ivanov.

♪ ♪

He's here.

Do not lose him.
We're on the move.

♪ La la la la la la ♪

♪ la la la la la oh ♪

♪ you know, I've never
felt like this before ♪

♪ la la la la la la
la la la la la la oh ♪

♪ this feels like ♪

♪ so real ♪
♪ oh oh ♪

♪ I'm obsessive when just
one thought of you comes up ♪

♪ and I'm aggressive, just
one thought of close enough ♪

♪ 'cause every moment gone
you know I miss you ♪

♪ I'm the question, and you're
of course the answer ♪

Got the prints.

I'm headed
to Ivanov's office.

Be careful, sweetie.

Mrs. Agent Bloom,
we have a problem.

Ivanov is on the move.
Destination unknown.

Mayday, mayday.

♪ ♪

Everyone can put
their guns away.

You're a vodka man, right?
And who the hell are you?

I'm here on business.
We have no business together.

Not yet.
That's what I'm here to discuss.

can apply downstairs.

That's not what
I had in mind.

That gun belonged
to Yuri Petrovich.

Took me off the streets
when I was 17.

Trained me at his compound
in Krakov.

Taught me
everything I know.

Yuri said you used to do
business together.

Told me to look you up

when I was ready
to take my career forward.

I don't hire strangers.

Marcus. Now we're not
strangers anymore.

And then there's this.

Where did you get this?

Off Guzman's dead body.

I knew you were handling
the Loya contract.

So I thought, hmm...

Let's make sure
there's a vacancy.

Guzman was your best guy.

And I'm better than anybody
you could even think of.

Be at Cafe Dos,
8:30 tomorrow morning.


If I'm interested,
someone will approach.

If not, don't ever
show your face again...

Or I'll kill you.

Ivanov has no idea

Yuri Petrovich has been in
the Agency's pocket for years?

None. And if Ivanov calls,

Petrovich has been told
to confirm my story.

Nice job taking care
of that, Hoyt.

That means a lot
coming from you, sir.

So if you can maybe say it
again to my cell phone

for a keepsake,
that'd be amazing.

And we are rolling.

Whenever you're ready.
And go!

Action. Go.

You know what?
We'll do it later.

I'll remember the phrasing.
So do we have anything

off the drive that Sam hacked
from Ivanov's safe?

Yes, indeed.
These photos right here.

San Martin Square,
Lima, Peru.

Site of Loya's inauguration
in two days.

That confirms the when
and where of the assassination.

So if we can get Ivanov
to hire me,

we control the how.

And we can control the how.

Cafe Dos. 8:30.

You guys see anyone?
No one yet.

You think Ivanov
was playing you?


Here he comes.

That's just a waiter.

I didn't order any tea.

I wonder what type of tea
you send an assassin.

I bet it's darjeeling.

It worked.

Ivanov checked my story
with Petrovich.

I just need to do
one more thing,

and the Loya job is mine.

Great. What is it?
A test to prove I'm bona fide.

I have to be back here
in eight hours.


To kill someone.

Here you go,
Mr. Agent Bloom.

Your target
is Martine Redondo,

45. Lives on Sao Geraldo

on the shoe store
on Gon Calves Dias.

A shoe store?
I mean, mostly shoes.

What else?
Uh, maybe underwear.

Why do you think Ivanov
wants Redondo dead?

I doubt it's random.

Gotta be a loose end
he wants me to tie up.

Hold the espadrilles,

Redondo used to go by
the name Miguel Silva.

Formerly an accountant.
Yep. If I were to guess,

he probably did some work
for him at some point.

Maybe he was embezzling
Ivanov's money.

And now Ivanov
is settling the score.

You have enough time?
I've done more with less.

And if this gets us closer
to saving Loya,

I'll do whatever I have to
to make that happen.


Because it's the job,

not because
I'm emotionally invested.


Hey, we do have a plan,

I mean, we're not actually
gonna kill this guy, are we?

Hoyt, what's with
the police?

Increased response
to gang robberies, sir.

There was a huge article
in Newsweek.

I can send you
the link if you want.

No, I'm good.
Where's Redondo?

Closing up shop
as we speak.

I gotta go.

He's headed West
on Gon Calves Dias

towards Cafe Dos.

Coming to you,
Mrs. Agent Bloom.

He's the one
in the Italian loafers.


Oh! I'm sorry!

Let me just--
it's okay.

Thank you.
I speak English.

Thank you.
I am so lost.

I feel like I've been walking
in a circle for two hours.

I'm looking for
the Central Terminal?

I can show you.

Oh, you don't have to.
It's okay.

I'm headed there now.
Come. I'll show you.

- This way.
- Thanks.


Central Terminal.
Right over there.

Thank you so much.

I'd still be wandering around
if it wasn't for you.

No problem.

Can I at least...
Buy you a drink?

To say thank you?


Who doesn't have time
for a quick drink

with a beautiful lady?


They're in.

Hoyt, where the hell
is Redondo?

We only got three minutes,

and Ivanov clearly
is a stickler for punctuality.

He just came out of
the restroom

and he's on his way now.

Got him.


Was that enough for you?

I'm done proving myself.
You can hire me or don't.

Even though Yuri
vouched for you,

I had to be sure.

Be in San Marcus Square
in Lima on Sunday

for the Loya job.

We're clear.

Wow! That mask was hot.

Leo, you cut it
kinda close there.

I had to pee.

Wow. Where are you going?

The Presidential Palace.
There's a party.

I have to talk to Loya again.

We have less than 24 hours
before the inauguration.

Shaw notified
Peruvian Intelligence

there was a plot
against Loya...

Without directly mentioning us
being here, of course.

He says it would be political
trespassing if they know.

At least we control
the trigger.

Today. I'm worried
what'll happen

after you don't pull
the trigger.

We have to find out
who's behind this.

He just wants to help people.

He's a good man.
Yep. He is a good man.

That still doesn't
make him your Professor.

So you need to stop

before it affects
how you do your job.

Weak minibar.

Remind me to talk to Shaw
about that.


Anyhoo, in all the mask-wearing

I forgot to mention

I hooked up with a mega-babe
when I was here, man.

Said babe happened to be
a member

of Loya's administrative

who just sent me a rather
interesting email.

Don't share your email
with us.

Oh, come on, Stevie. Relax.
I'm a classy guy.

I will obviously skip
the graphic parts

and go right to the speech--

boom--that I asked for.

Loya's inauguration speech?
That's the one.

The same speech in which
he reveals for the first time

he's giving all oil pipeline
usage rights

to a Peruvian Company, I.G.H.,

and he's kicking out
the current controlling company,

Despina Oil--

his first step to take back Peru
for the people.

That pipeline is huge.

Despina Oil's stock value
will plummet.

This could be
a disaster for them.

Yeah, I think we just found
some enemies of the state

to check out.
We find a Despina connection,

maybe we find out
who ordered the hit.

You guys work on Despina.

Edna Karter's going
to the preinauguration party.

How's the story coming?

What story?

I barely have a hundred words.

And only ten of those
are worth anything.

I know the feeling.

Maybe there'll be something
in the speech to write about.

Who knows?
He's promising a lot of changes.

It's my sister.

Excuse me.


Sam, your friend Jennifer
is driving me crazy.

She's a nightmare.

She can't decide
what she wants,

how many people are coming,

whether the cake should
say Jen or Jennifer.

Just stay calm, Lizzy.

I'm trying, but I'm sorry.

I do not understand how you two
were such good friends.

We weren't.

We just had a Professor
in common, that's all.

Can I just fire her?

I gotta go.
Good luck.


Miss Karter.

You know
you should not be here.

You still working
on that story?

Yes. And I think
I know more about

the threat against your life.

Just hear me out, sir.

The N.I.S.
has contacted me.

They're aware
of the threats as well.

So please,
if you don't mind.

It has to do with your plans
for the pipeline.

Someone at Despina
or someone related to Despina

has to be behind this.

- Despina?
- Yes.

I'm not actually
a reporter.


What are you doing here?

Hey Cortez...

Your stunt just cost you
your press credentials.

If any of my men
see you in the square tomorrow,

you will be arrested
or worse--got it?

I got it.

We got it.
Who's that?

That's the guy that was
hitting on you, right, Hunt?

Yes. But he wasn't
hitting on me.

Just see what you can find out
about Despina.

I know I messed up
with Guzman.

Now this guy.

I came to Lima to help you.
I know people here.

I can even do the job
myself if I--

Ma'am, take a look at this.

I finally hacked into
Despina's database.

I'm still working through
all the executives,

but I did find this.
A group photo.

Is it from
some sort of retreat?

Exactly. The Despina group
ten years ago

at some resort, right?

But check this out.


Used to be Despina's
Head of Security.

Ran detail for the pipeline.

Whoa, whoa, no, no, wait!

You stay here and we'll notify
Agent Bloom and Nash.

I have to warn Loya.
Ma'am, you can't go out there.

Cortez will be looking for you.

Tell Steven what you
found out.

I'm not letting
a good man get killed again.

All right. I'm in place
for the final call from Ivanov.

Hoyt's all set to trace it.

You ready out there, Leo?

I'm assuming
that's rhetorical.

I need you to scan
for sharpshooters.

Loya's people don't know I'm
up here playing make-believe.

If they spot me,
they'll arrest me.

Or worse.

I guess you'd better
stay hidden then, huh?

Thanks for the advice.

That's why I am here.

Call coming in.

You ready?
Yes. Yeah.

And it looks like Cortez
is our guy.

He was the head of security
at Despina.

In place
and have the package.


Now, listen to me
and listen carefully.

Who's this?
I'm only dealing with Ivanov.

had a prior engagement.

You're working
directly for me now.

Do you have a problem
with that?

Not as long
as I still get paid.

Deal's a deal.

I'll be in touch
with final instructions.


I got a partial hit.

The caller is definitely
in the square.

- It's gotta be Cortez.
- It's not Cortez.

- You sure?
- That was the client,

and I saw Cortez
while I was on the phone.

It wasn't him
making the call.

Unless he's a great
ventriloquist, I am sure.

Keep looking.
Oh, and, um...

Mrs. Agent Bloom is out there
trying to warn Loya.

What? Hoyt, I told you
to keep her in the van!

Listen, I tried,
but she's a force of nature.

You can't control her.

She's also not thinking
straight right now.

She said she didn't
want to let a good man

get killed again,
whatever that means.

Go and look for Samantha

before she gets herself killed.

I'm on it.

You don't understand,
you have to--

I am sorry, Ms. Karter!

No press credentials,
no entrance.

Do I need to call
Chief Cortez?

Cortez is the problem!

Oh, you need to leave
right now.





Not finding her, Stevie.

Keep looking.
I know her.

She's not gonna stop
until she gets to Loya.

Sounds like you got
a good lead on a story.

Care to share?
Loya's in danger.

There's gonna be
an assassination attempt.

I need to get to him now.

Whoa, whoa, just slow down.
Okay? Slow down.

I need to warn him
right now.

Okay. I think I can get you
near Loya and away from Cortez.

Follow me.

What the hell?

Not yet.

I'll find her, Stevie.
I promise.

You're never gonna
believe this,

but the reporter that was
hitting on Mrs. Agent Bloom

is part of the family
that owns Despina Oil.

Matt Hunt.

It's him.
I don't believe in coincidence.

Loya! Loya!

Loya! Loya! Loya!

Loya! Loya! Loya!


Buenos dias, Peru!

Hoyt. Trace it.

On it, sir.

Ready for final instructions.

Just like you were ready
to shoot that shoemaker in Rio?

That was very clever.

Let's see what a good shot
you are for real this time.

When Loya says,
"I want to take Peru back,"

that's when you kill him.

And if I don't?

Well, that's simple.

If Loya doesn't die,
someone else does.

I believe you know her
as Edna Karter.

Your partner...

He'd better take that shot.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Well, let's see,
if he doesn't do it,

I guess I'm gonna have to
kill two people today.

Could you get any more
on his location this time?

I'm on it now, sir.

There is a lot of interference.

Humor me.
Tell me the truth.

Well, I, uh...

I actually am a reporter.

And you work for Despina?

Yeah. Yeah,
you could say that.

My family owns it.

Anyway, this wasn't how we
wanted to play this, you know.

Loya's the one that gave us
the ultimatum--

share the pipeline profits
more equitably with the country

or he'd revoke
our usage rights.

And you chose
to have him killed.

Yes. We need him killed.

We'll get our man in
as president,

and all will be right again.

I mean, this is hundreds
of millions of dollars

you're talking about.

- You'll get caught.
- Really?

By who? Hmm?

You'll be dead.

And I'll be the hero
who found the fake reporter

who killed the President.

And after that stunt
you pulled last night

to sneak in to see Loya,

I'm sure Cortez
will back me up on that one.

So you and Cortez
are in this together.

Cortez? No.

He left the company years ago
to work for Loya.

His mistake.

Come on, come on.

Come on, come on.

Hunt is calling
from a building

on the southwest corner
of the square.

I've got a visual on Hunt.

He's got Sam in the tower

in the southwest corner
of the square.

Got it.

Come on, come on.



You were right.
There always is an enemy.

Good luck with everything.

I don't know what
you did today,

but something tells me
I'm alive because of you.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Despina had a deal
with the old regime.

When they tried to buy Loya off
with the same deal,

he wouldn't bite.
What about Hunt?

He's been arrested
for attempted murder

and three of his family
members for conspiracy.

Despina's rights were revoked,
but more importantly

the Peruvian economy is stable
with Loya firmly in office.

Or, more importantly,
we saved a good man's life.

Whatever floats your boat.

Ah. Time for
my Thai massage.

Would you pass the news
on to Agent Nash,

since, for some reason, he felt
this meeting was optional?

Will do.

And then Jennifer
made a toast to herself

about herself
for the next 20 minutes.

- She sounds fantastic.
- Mm-hmm.

But it sounds like
you pulled it off.

I did, actually.

What is it that you do
for the hotel exactly?

Oh, public relations.

I am a people person,
you know.

- Oh, right.
- Mind if I...?

No. Hey!

Mom's home.

Missed you
at the meeting, Leo.

My bad.
I thought we were meeting here.

how'd it go with Jennifer?

Oh, your little sis rocked it.
Yeah, I kinda did, actually.

Jennifer's not that bad.

Oh, no, she was horrible.
But I totally overcharged her.

Oh, nice.
Gimme some.

Good for you.

I'll talk to Leo, okay?
I promise.

And I'll talk to Lizzy.

How 'bout we take a break
from Lizzy and Leo?


You will talk to him,


So what was going on
in Peru?


You told Hoyt you didn't want
to let a good man die again.

Were you talking about

We don't talk about
the past, Steven.


I...Am not going anywhere.

Okay. But this is big.

I've been wanting
to tell you for a while.

It's about why
I left the Agency.

Was it about Schilling?

He wasn't just
my Professor at Yale.

He was the one that recruited
me to the Agency

and then left school
to mentor me in the field.

He died five years ago.

- It was my fault.
- What are you talking about?

The last mission
that I had was with him,

a routine meet in Tel Aviv.

But something went wrong,

and I ended up
in the wrong place,

or he did.

It's still not clear.

But by the time I got there...

A car bomb had exploded,

and he was dead.

I'm sorry, babe.

Schilling's death
really shook me.

You couldn't have stopped it.

That's why I guess
I was trying so hard with Loya.

I--it felt like a second chance
to save Schilling.

Crazy, I know.

So what was he like?

He was brilliant.

And funny.

A little skeptical
of you, though.

Said I could do better.

Well, I guess he wasn't right
about everything then, was he?

No, he wasn't.

Thanks for being here.