Underbelly (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 6 - Road to Nowhere - full transcript

Further surveillance has Sean telling a bodybuilder associate Michael Christiansen that "the job was too good to pass up", while showing him a photograph. Gary and Glen have no choice but ...

Dickhead alert...

Permission to come abort?

Oh, mate, your ears
must be burning.

Oh, yeah?

We were just talking about
how Decker

takes care of all your problems.


If there's anyone who can
put me away for a long time,

it's you, mate.

Just remember, it was your car.

You were the last one
seen with Falconer alive.

We did it.
Did what?

Killed Falconer. Me and Muzz.

Decker was
one of the kidnappers.

We also have a sufficiency of
evidence hearing scheduled.

We might have enough to arrest

Anthony, Andrew and Decker
on conspiracy.

Fine - service the Falconer brief
from Gangs,

but let's have those arrests, eh?

Dokic's evidence
corroborates O'Rourke's,

but it's all circumstantial.

You need to ID this Decker guy,
then you can make arrests.

SONG: # It's a jungle out there

♪ It's a jungle out there

♪ It's a jungle out there. ♪

Have a great day.
You too.

Oh, hon?

Don't forget that the reception
place needs that deposit today.

I'm onto it.

I love you.
You too.

Decker -
cold-blooded killer,

gun for hire
and casual Phys Ed teacher.

Anthony Perish's go-to man
was preoccupied

delivering his girlfriend
a fairytale wedding,

and fairytales don't come cheap.

This is a stick-up!
Open the till.

Give me all your money. Move!

Pick it up!
That's all there is.

It's early. Please.

He had no idea
he had recently become

Gary Jubelin's number one
person of interest.

G'day, mate.

- Good day?
- Yeaah...

Had the kids eating out of palm of my hand.

They're so lucky to have
a teacher like you - so dedicated.

What's this?
Isn't it gorgeous?

What am I looking at?

The flowers. Real butterflies.

Isn't it beautiful?

Looks like a dream
come true, babe.

Nothing's too good for my girl.

Gang Squad,
Detective Sergeant Browne.

The Terry Falconer
murder investigation

was again pushed to the backburner

while Tim Browne and Gary Jubelin
attended other matters.

Gary had picked up the threads
of an old, unsolved homicide

he had first investigated
back in the '90s -

the murder of three
Indigenous kids in Bowraville.

In typical fashion,
he refused to give up on it.

Because should these matters
have been solved?

Yes, they should have.

And could they have
been solved? Yes, they could have.

We all know who done it!

Alright, OK,
but listen, listen.

Unfortunately, knowing and having
the proof to get a conviction

can be two very different things.

But believe me, I do understand
your pain and your anger.

Alright? I am a father
as well as a policeman.

And I made you a promise before,
and I gave you my word

and I have no intention
of backing away from that.

Come on!
No intention!

I will not let this matter rest
until justice is done.

Nice speech. So, what happens now?

You just get in your car
and drive off into the sunset?

That wasn't the plan, no.

Do you really believe a black life
is worth as much as white one?

Yes, I do.
I'm not gonna let this go.

Alright. Tracy Shepherd.

Gary Jubelin.

You a local girl?
No, mate.

I'm just a blow-in like you.

I come from the Territory.

You're a long way from home.
I go where I'm needed.

So, what do you do here?
Just work with the community.

Can I buy you a coffee, Gary?
I don't drink coffee.

You can twist my arm with
a green tea, though.


Gary Jubelin
and Tracy Shepherd

stayed up all that first night,

talking, arguing,
solving the problems of the world.

Within weeks, they were in
a committed relationship.

Anthony 'Rooster' Perish's
paranoia had eased.

Months had passed without
evidence of police activity,

and he'd resumed full-scale
drug manufacturing.

One 44-gallon drum
of precursor chemicals

could produce 200,000 ecstasy tablets

with a street value of $8 million.

Life, once again, was sweet.

And Anthony John Michael Perish
was rolling in it.

Younger brother Andrew, however,
was still out in the cold

for his sin of bringing
the dog, Frank O'Rourke,

into the company's inner sanctum.

For Undies, life wasn't exactly
a box of chocolates.

Hey, do you want to head up
the pub when you're done?

I could really go a beer.
Yeah, I'd like that.

What are you doing?!

I need $60 for some new sports shoes.

I just bought her new trainers.
Yeah, I know.

They're dangling from
the powerlines in Johnson Street.


Some bloody little snot
chucked them up there.

You're weak as piss. Why don't
you do something about it?


Dad didn't mean that. Did you, Dad?

Just take the money.

It's been tough.

Well, then maybe you should ask...

I'm not asking Rooster
for anything. Alright?

It's just not gonna happen.

I've got a plan, though.
Got money coming in.

I'm gonna be alright,
I'm gonna support this family.

Trust me.

Once again,
Gary Jubelin's efforts

to close the Bowraville murders

hit a brick wall.

He had no choice
but to return to Sydney.

He would never give up
on Bowraville,

but for now, the case
remained an open wound.

- Gary Jubelin.
- Hey, it's me.

We've had a nibble
for the reward on Falconer.

It might have legs.
I'm just getting home.

You want me to handle it solo?
No, I'll come in.

There was a $100,000 reward

on the heads of
Terry Falconer's murderers.

Perhaps Gary and Tim
were about to get lucky.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

No. That's fine.

I won't be long, OK? I promise.

Gives me a chance to look through
your personal stuff.

- See ya.
- Bye.

William Albert Strong?

Detectives Browne and Jubelin.
Come in, quick.

That the money?

That's not how it works, William.

$100.000, right?
That's right.

Paid for by the government
when we get a conviction.

Oh, Jesus!
So you wanna tell us what you know?

I work security - pubs, clubs.

Some of the guys there
like to brag.

You know, "My dick's
bigger than yours."

Now, I go out with some of
the guys, Skits and Vito,

and this one bloke - Simmo.

You got the muscle, but I am
the superior fighting machine.

Is that right?

I've got the brains,
I've got the skill set.

I can fuckin' kill a man
with a pencil.

I reckon you're full of shit, mate.

Ask Terry Falconer that.
Yeah, right.

We snatched him in broad daylight.

- I'm trying!
- Aagggh!

My brothers in arms here
were the extraction team.

For fuck's sake, Decker, you
want the whole world to know?

He called him "Decker"?

Skits, Craig Bottin, did, yeah.

But you just called him 'Simmo'.

Decker, Simmo, it's the same guy.

Names are names.
No, they're not.

Now, do you know the real name
of this Decker character?

Just give us a sec, um...



Yeah, that's him. Simms.

You're sure?
'Cause you don't sound sure.

No, no, no, no, not Simms.



Simpson, yeah.

Simpson. I'm sure.
And what's his first name?

Bob. Barry.


I can't remember.


That's the name on the land title
of Perish's Mudgee property.

We ran it, got nothing,
thought it was just an alias.

Crazy motherfucker.

Reckons they took Falconer
up to a shed up north.

Now, I believed him.

Reckons he also put a cap
in that bro at JB's.

That was me too, tiny cock.

So, shove that
up your big, black arse.

So there you go -
Falconer, JB's hit.

Not bad, eh?

Thanks, Will.

This is it. We get Brett
Simpson, we've got Decker.

Decker can give us Perish.
This is it, Gaz.

You know, by memory, there's DNA
on file from the JB's shooting.

They found a glove.
Yeah, you're right.

With no match on the database.

We need to find this Simpson,
get a DNA sample

without tipping our hand.

Thought you'd given up
them cancer sticks.


Look, I'm sorry, mate.
I should have sent you an invite.

Yeah. Figured me invite
must have got lost in the mail.

Yeah, must have.

Oh, look, great to see you.
Thanks very much for coming.

Mate, wouldn't have
missed it for quids.


Here's the lady now. Show time.

Nice day for it, but.

Good luck, eh?

Oi. Got another job for you soon.

So, don't go away.

Getting the DNA sample

was an all-too-rare
stroke of good luck -

or so it seemed at the time.


We now know who
Anthony Perish's attack dog is.

Decker is Brett Simpson.
Go on.

And we've got reliable
information linking him

to Terry Falconer's
abduction and murder.

From another one of
your top-shelf informants.


Who any decent, law-abiding
juror is gonna look at

and think, what, "serial killer",
"thug", "gangbanger"?

They're gonna look at him, Howard,

and they're gonna listen,
hear his testimony

and know that Anthony Perish
and Decker committed

the most heinous of crimes,

the type of crimes
that deserve the kind of justice

a guilty verdict can deliver.

Do we have a signed statement?
Not yet.

Our source wants relocation
for himself and his family.

Course he does.

And we're waiting for
a positive DNA match

linking Decker to JB's shooting.

Which was also
at the behest of Perish?

Very likely, yes.

What do you want, Gary?
You know what I want, Howard.

I want Strike Force Tuno
back up and running.

And I want enough manpower
so my sergeant doesn't have to

go out on the weekend
with his own fucking camera

and do surveillance.

And I want to catch
these pricks, Howard,

and hold them accountable
for what they've done.

I understand your frustration,

but the reality is
right now, the cupboard's bare.

Got anything else?

They killed a guy,
they chopped him into pieces

and then dumped him
in the fucking river.

You'd think it'd be a priority
to get them off the streets.

So, go over their heads.
Go higher up.

If it was my superior
stopping me from doing my job...

That's not how things are done
in the cops, Trace.

Why not?

Because you piss the wrong people off
in there and you get nowhere.


What about a jump to the left?

You know, your mates at
the federal organised crime thingy.

Oh, the Crime Authority, really?

Well, why not?
You have a relationship.

Yeah, based on mutual distrust
and loathing.

- Forget it.
- So what?

You told me that
all they care about

is the money -
the proceeds from crime.

They're not cops, Gaz,
they're bureaucrats,

and Perish is made of millions.

So, suck it up. Be nice.
What have you got to lose, huh?

- What?
- What?

Right, give it here.
Give what here?

You're gonna do us both
a favour right now, Gary.

Call them. Do it. Right now.

- Really? Just like that?
- Enough! Call it!

Go and call them.

- OK, I will then.
- Good.

Alright, now, Brett Simpson,
aka "Decker",

he's our best chance
of getting to Anthony Perish.

We get Perish for murder,
you get his assets.

And given the quantities of meth
he's been moving,

we're talking millions.

What do you think?
It's just hearsay so far.

Anthony Perish
went to Decker's wedding.

That's not hearsay.
Got any audio on this?

Do we know what they're discussing?

So, it could be the footy,
the weather, anything.

We don't have your resources.
That's why I'm here.

I tell you what, Gary,
if this DNA comes back positive

and we've got some real evidence,

you'll have our backing.

Strike Force Tuno might not be
a dead duck after all.

Thought you said
you could cook this shit.

- I can.
- Well, where's the whizz?

Andy, are you in there?


Just... One sec, one sec.

Yeah, unlock the door,
I've gotta talk to you.


My fuckin' credit card
keeps getting declined.

Well, I told you to scale back.

And I told you, Andy,
to go and ask Rooster.

I'm not asking Rooster.
Then I will.

No, you won't.
He scares the shit out of you.

Now piss off and let me work.

What are you doing in there, anyway?
It fucking stinks.

I'm cooking fertiliser.

Yeah, like that's gonna
make us a small fortune.

I'm doing the best
that I can, alright?

Why don't you stand on a street
corner and flog your skanky twat

and see how much money
you bring home?

You dickhead!

What are you smiling at?

Get back to work
or I'll have your balls.



You fuck up again
and I'll kill you.


I've got the lab results back

on the DNA test
from Decker's cigarette.

- And?
- It's a negative.

Not a match for the DNA on
the glove from the JB's shooting.

Well, how can it not be a match?

- You sure it was his cigarette?
- Yes.

I saw him drop it and stub it out.
It was his cigarette.

- Then how?
- I dunno.

Maybe Little Willy's
just blowing smoke up our arse

or Decker's bullshitting him.


There is one other option.

Lab says given the sample size
and the time frame,

there's the slight possibility
of a false negative.

Meaning what?

Could order another test
from another lab.

And what's the downside of that?

It's a long shot, it'll take
more time and cost over a grand.

And we end up
with the same result.

- Cupboard's bare, Brownie.
- So...?

So, get the test.

You've already ordered
the test, haven't you?


Hey, I've got the kids
this weekend.

- Mm?
- You up for that?

I'd love to meet your kids.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Well, I'll organise
something fun, then.


I've got some white boxes
in their room.

I'll move them tomorrow,
you won't have to lift a finger.

Oh, I love it
when you talk all domestic.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Come here.

Oh, no, let it ring.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- What?

I don't know where it is. What?

Trace, Trace, Trace, Trace, Trace.

Hello? Hello.

Shh, Trace. Trace.


Alright. Alright.

- I've gotta go in.
- Go.

I thought you'd want to hear this.

Picked it up on a telephone
intercept about an hour ago.

The first voice is Decker.

OK, so we're involved.

Hey, prick,
I'm on my fucking honeymoon.

You away?
Who's that?

Mobile's registered to
a Mr Donald Duck.

The call came from Surry Hills.

No, dickhead,
but the kid's at her mum's.

This could be my last fuckfest
before my bitch drops.

Add "romantic" to his CV.

Oh, mate, this one's
way too good to pass up.

What do you reckon?

It could be anything.

Given Decker's form,
my money would be on a hit.

Yeah, we think so too.

OK, meet you at the Parkway,

under the frog, tomorrow at 1:00.

OK, so at the moment we're thinking

somewhere on the Wakehurst Parkway,

and the "frog" being rhyming slang

for the road,
as in "frog and toad" -

so maybe a bridge
or somewhere with access.

We've got a team out there
at the moment,

looking for possible locations.

I know it's a bit of
a stretch, but...

..have you got any better ideas?

Do you want to share?

I drive past
this way every day,

and so would Decker
on his way to town.

So sometimes
a "frog" is just a frog.

Hopefully, Brownie.

If I'm wrong,
FOCA have got a dozen teams

between Balgowlah
and Narrabeen Lakes.

Oh, for those sort of resources.

Here we go.

Which they won't need,
'cause that's Decker.

I don't recognise
the gorilla.

That's Vito Russo.

That's the target.

Oh, well, you're dead, fucker.

I believe you'll be needing
a bit of that. Is that right?

That's the down payment.

Well, what do we do?

Stay on Decker.

Believing a contract hit
could happen at any time,

Gary and Tim had no choice but
to cancel the rest of their day

and continue close surveillance
on Decker.

- Hey, you travelling?
- No, not yet.

- I thought I'd make pasta.
- Oh, yeah, pasta's great.

I've still got a couple of boxes
I need to move from the spare.

I'll look after them
and I'll make the kids' beds too.

Sorry, I'm just a little
caught up here at the moment.

The kids are riding their bikes over,
so they'll be there about 6:00.

That's alright.
You just do what you need to do.

- and get here when you can.
- OK, thanks, Trace.

Trace is gonna meet the kids.

We need to get a surveillance
team here to take over.

What's in the bag?

- Who's the driver?
- Don't know.

Gaz, what do you wanna do?

Go, go, go.

This is Detective Inspector
Gary Jubelin.

I need you to run
a rego check for me.

It's "Alpha", "Alpha", "Zulu",
"1", "1", "Alpha".

You sure about that?

Righto, thanks.

It's registered to a "Mr Smith"
from Smith Street, Smithfield.

Zero points for imagination.

Decker and his mysterious
companion were headed north.

How far north was anyone's guess.

So the hit is on?
Yeah, we think so.

Pull them over. We'll get them
on firearms and conspiracy.

And lose our best chance of
getting to Perish?

I'm sending back-up.
What's your present position?

Uh, hello?

Uh, Howard?

Howard, you're cutting up.

Mate, there's bad reception here.
I can't hear you. Howard!

"Firearms offences", my arse.

Bad look, though,
if someone ends up dead.

Especially if it's one of us.

Keep it together, Brownie.

- Bottle of wine and some ice-cream.
- What?

- If you're stopping at the shops.
- Uh, I'm afraid not, sweetie.

I think I'm gonna be a little
later than I expected.

How much later?
You might have to eat on your own.

- You OK?
Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

I'm just in the middle of something.
I'll keep you posted.

- Alright, be careful.
- Always.

Where is this bastard going?

Hi. I'm Tracy.

Your dad's running
a little bit late, but come in.

SONG: # I've got my rum
and I've got my tequila

♪ I've got somewhere to be-ah

♪ I've got my rum
and I've got my tequila

♪ I've got somewhere
to be-ah, yeah

♪ Shiny black glasses
and those FBI shoes

♪ Make me an offer,
I've got nothing to lose

♪ Shiny black glasses
and those FBI shoes

♪ Make me an offer,
I've got nothing to lose... ♪

♪ Double-breasted pockets
and an axe in the shed

♪ A pair of Asian twins
lying in my bed

♪ Double-breasted pockets
and an axe in the shed

♪ A pair of Asian twins
sleeping in my bed, yeah... ♪

What did we miss?

Hey, hey, hey, yeah, yeah...

SONG: # The wheel of fortune's
turning out tricks

♪ The chicken's laying eggs
but there ain't no chicks

♪ The wheel of fortune's
turning out tricks

♪ The chicken's laying eggs
but there ain't no chicks

♪ I've got my rum
and I've got my tequila

♪ I've got somewhere to be-ah. ♪

Here we go. My special spag bol.

I don't eat dead animals.

- I'm vegetarian.
- Oh.


Just give me a minute.

- Scrambled eggs.
- Don't eat eggs either.

Right, you didn't think
to mention that

before I cooked them?

- Cheese on toast.
- No.

- Tuna.
- Fish have feelings too.

Don't worry about her.
She's always a pain in the bum.

- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.

- Well, I'm not.
- No, no, no, it's OK.

We'll find something you like.

- Hey.
- Hey, how's it going?

Oh, good. We're just watching
telly and eating chocolates.

Happiness is.

At this rate, I'm not gonna
be home until morning.

But I promise I'll make it up
to everyone tomorrow.

Gaz, don't worry about it.
We're fine.

Guys, say goodnight
to your dad.

'Night, Dad.
'Night, Dad.

'Night, Dad.
Goodnight. I love you.

I love you too, mate.

Decker and the mystery
driver stopped at 4 more pubs

as they continued their journey
up the coast,

each one a potential hit,

each one frustratingly uneventful.

You right, Brownie?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm alright.

Want me to drive for a while?
No, no, I'm good.

This Decker's mate,
"Mr Smith from Smithfield",

maybe he's the key to all this.

Why don't we pull him over
and ask him?

We could do that.

Ballina Police. Sergeant Manelli.

Sergeant Manelli,

this is Detective Inspector
Gary Jubelin from Gang Squad.

I need you to do
a stop-and-search for me.

Yeah, I suppose we could
help you boys out.

Wonderful, wonderful.

Look, Sergeant Manelli,
another thing -

might be a good idea
to wear Kevlar vests.

You're not joking, are you?
I'm afraid not, no.

Good evening, gentlemen -
you've been stopped

for the purpose of
a roadside breathalyser test.

Licence please, driver.

Licence, please?

Blow into the machine, please.

Alright, you're done.

Just under the limit, sir.
Have a safe trip.

- How did you go?
- Queensland licence holder.

- One Nicholas Green.
- And do you know him?

"Green"'s an alias - his real
name's some unpronounceable

Ruski Sonofabitchivic or something.

He's a nasty, evil little fucker.

Russian mafia, according to
Brisbane City CIB.

Alright. Thanks, Sergeant Manelli.

Russian mafia, Brownie.

State border dead ahead.

Should let the banana benders
know we're here.

Professional courtesy.

We'll just tell them we're following

an armed hit man
and his Russian mafia mate.

Maybe if we phrase it
a bit differently.

Let's just keep it simple, Brownie.


Looks like they're gonna knock
someone, we'll make a move.

It's my call, Brownie.

Reaching the Gold Coast,
Decker and Mr Green hit the clubs

and, fuelled by alcohol
and Bolivian marching powder,

partied all through the night.

Daddy will be home soon.
You be a good boy for Mum.


Next time they stop for juice,
we should pick up some deodorant.

Mm. You stink, Brownie.

Someone snoring last night,
or was it the dog?

- Hey, where are you?
- Surfers Paradise.

So you won't be joining us
for breakfast, then.

Trace, look, I'm sorry.

- Tracy?
- It's OK.

- I know you'd be here if you could.
- I would. You know I would.

I'll call back when the kids
are up. I just wanted to...

- No, they're up.
- They're up? How'd you manage that?

You know, ice cubes
on the soles of their feet.

Look, I'll just get 'em for you.

It's your dad. He wants to talk.
There you go.

After another day
visiting pubs and brothels,

Decker and Green arrived in Brisbane.

They freshened up, hooked up
with a couple of hookers

and hit the town.

I'm gonna eat too, Brownie.
What do you want?

What they're having.

Burger with the lot,
chips and a Coke.

Well, it's got all the food groups.

- Call me if they make a move.
- Yep.


Gary Jubelin.

Tell me you're on your way back
with two offenders in custody.

Well, if I did that, Howard,
it wouldn't be entirely true.

- Which bit wouldn't be true?
- Pretty much all of it.

Where are you?

- We're in Brisbane.
- Brisbane?

The good news is no-one's been
killed - us, them or persons unknown.

You've crossed State jurisdiction.
You have informed the locals?

We'll do that
when and if it's required.

Gary, this has the potential
to blow up in your face,

which I'm prepared to live with,

but it also has the potential
to blow up in my face,

which I am NOT
prepared to live with.

- I'm just doing my job, Howard.
- Bullshit.

Your job requires you...

My job requires me to find
the bad guys and put them away,

not give them a slap on the wrist
for fuckin' "firearm offences"!

I want you back
on home turf now, tonight!

- Understood?
- Listen to me, Howard.

There's no place I'd rather be
than home with my family.

So, what are you ordering us to do?

Are you ordering us
to stop this operation,

knowing that if we do, someone's
probably gonna get murdered?!

I will inform the locals
of your presence

and apologise for
the lack of courtesy.

Thank you very much, Howard.

Don't think this is the end of
the matter, Gary. It is not.

Fuck me.

- So, what happened?
- They ordered dessert.

Here you are.
Oh, thanks. I'm starving.

Sorry, Gaz, what is this?
Sushi and a water.

I ordered a burger,
chips and a Coke.

Yeah, well, I couldn't
find one, could I?

Are you kidding? The Strip
is crawling with greasy spoons.

If that's what you wanted,
Brownie, go get it yourself.

I don't do raw fish.
Hurry up and eat, you sook.

I do understand
your pain and your anger.

Do you really believe a black life
is worth as much as a white one?

Yes, I do.

- Need to use the bathroom?
- No, I'm good.

Anthony Perish
had to be behind Decker's mission,

Gary was certain of it.

Perish was somehow calling the shots.

But what exactly was the mission?

- Hello?
- Camille, it's Gary Jubelin.

- Boss.
- I'm sorry to call you so late.

No, no, that's OK.
I was just... That's OK.

Look, I know tomorrow's
Sunday, Camille,

and I know you're no longer
part of Tuno, um...

What do you want me to do?

The next day
was more of the same -

more clubs, more pubs and more
brothels in and around Brisbane.

Here we go.

Why don't we end all this -
just...shoot 'em?

Yeah, I'll ring Howard,
and tell him what we're doing.

"It was an accident."

Then, late on Sunday afternoon,

things finally came to a head.

- Camille.
- I ran those searches you wanted.

Licensees are all clean
and legitimate.

The actual owners of the hotels
could be another story.

What's that mean?

Well, they're all owned by
different shelf companies.

Each has only
one or two directors.

Some of them look suss.

Holy shit. It's Perish.

He's handing him the bag.
It's a bag drop.


Sorry, sir?

Thanks, Camille. Good job.

Alright. Glad to help...I think.

Oh, and, uh, wish Brownie
a happy birthday for me.

- And when's that?
- Today.

Alright, thanks. I owe you one.


So Perish owns a share
of all those properties,

under different aliases.

He takes a regular cut of profits.

- And that's it? That's all there is?
- That's all there is.

It's not much of
a birthday present, is it?

No, it's alright.

Well, happy birthday, Brownie.
Let's go home.

I don't know
where your dad's got to,

but you guys ride home safe, OK?

- We will.
- Ah. Speak of the devil.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

- Missed you, Daddy.
- Missed you too, sweetie.

Did you catch the bad guys, Dad?

- No, not yet, mate.
- You will.

Yeah, we will.

Get you guys home, eh?
Your mum will be shouting at me.

No, she won't.

I promise I'll make it up
to both of you next time, OK?

It was OK, Dad.
We had...we had an OK time.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.


Alright, jump on your bikes.

- See ya.
- See ya.

Watch the road, mate.

- They're great kids.
- They are great kids.

- You look dog-tired.
- I'm rooted.

Hey, I had a look at your case work
for the Bowraville killings.

Hope you don't mind.

No, it's not classified.

You know, I know what happened

but I never actually saw...

I don't know how you do your job.

But I am so glad
you're out there, doing it.

After the disappointments
of the weekend,

Gary Jubelin finally
got some good news.

Decker's second DNA test
came back a positive match

to evidence on file from
the JB's Bar & Grill shooting.

It was all the encouragement
Police Command needed.

Welcome to Strikeforce Tuno 2.

Our primary aim remains the same -

that's for the arrest and the
conviction of those responsible

for the murder of Terry Falconer.

And as always, things aren't
that straightforward.

We're still reasonably confident
that Decker's been hired for a hit,

using these two dickheads here,

who we've identified as "Vito Russo"
and "Michael Christiansen",

as intermediaries.

Now, preventing this hit is currently
our number one priority.

On the last two mornings,
Russo and Christiansen

have hooked up outside this gym.

Steroid World.

They could be talking about the
weather or football. But I doubt it.

Hopefully, tomorrow, they'll
meet up again and we'll find out.

We've got warrants to put bugs
in that car park.

What about TIs?

These guys are changing
their phones too often.

Alright? We've done tower dumps.
Camille's into that.

But I wouldn't hold your breath.

For the moment, we continue to
surveil these three suspects.

We get the LDs ready for tomorrow.

Anyone got any questions?

That's it.

Sorry, Gaz, just heard about this.
What's our strategy?

We go big? I can get us
in the weekend papers.

Not this time. This time,
we adopt a zero profile.

Yeah, but I think
the public deserves to know...

Look, if we spook Perish,
he's gonna disappear.

- I can't have that happen.
- Right.

So, there's not really much
for me to do, then.

What I want you to do
is field the calls from the press

and you deny Tuno 2 even exists.

- Can you do that for me?
- I worked with Rupert.

- I can do denial.
- OK, thanks, Kyles.

Just had a call from Drugs.
I'll leave you to it.

They got intel on a meth lab
run by Andrew Perish.

You mean "ANTHONY Perish"?

It seems little brother's
gone out on his own.

They're ready to move
but they don't wanna stuff up

anything we've got going.

No, tell them to take him down.


Police! Get down!

Come on.
Come here, mate.

You fucking piece of shit!

Oh, fuck! This is so fucking...

Andrew Perish was arrested
in a textbook bust;

his dreams of becoming
his own man - up in smoke.

They trashed this joint too.

Fucking pigs.
Made a mess of the place.

They said Andy was making drugs.

Yeah, I heard. That's why I'm here.

- But it can't be true, can it?
- No, of course not.

It's all bullshit.

- What am I gonna tell the kids?
- You don't tell them nothing, alright?

I want you to go see him
as soon as you can.

No, I want you to take it, Loz.


And ask him if there's another dog
we should be worried about.


- And ask him if it was Tuno.
- Tuna?

"Tuno". He'll know
what that means. Alright?


Alright? It's gonna be OK.

Thanks, Rooster.

I'll call you tomorrow.

Come on. We're going for a drive.

- Hello.
- Hello, stranger.

Christ, that was a long day.

Did you get everything you want?

I never get everything I want.

Still, you had a big win.

You should be happy.

I did have "a win". It's good.

It's good.

I'm gonna kill that fucker.

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