Underbelly (2008–2013): Season 5, Episode 5 - Troubleshooting - full transcript

Of course paranoid Anthony notices the heat and, ironically, it's the ensuing harassment he heaps on Robbie about not talking to the cops that leads Robbie to agree to making a statement ...

You're cool if I just leave?

Yeah, you done a good job, mate.

You bloody little beauty!

Two choices: 1. Let him run
while we keep on building

a brief strong enough
to put him away,

or 2. Pick him up on an unrelated
charge, put him on hold.

Let the dog off. Muzz!

Get on the ground!
Get on the ground!

Drop it!
Get down!

Anthony Perish?

Federal Organised Crime Authority.

You're holding a summons.

We cannot over-emphasise
the importance of our Informant X.

That's Frank O'Rourke?

We can't afford Perish to know
he's given us a statement.

Do you know a man named
Frank Xavier O'Rourke?

Don't think so, no.

Jesus F...

You wanna do a life sentence
on account of Terry Falconer?

Tink's gotta go, mate,

'cause without him,
Tuno's got nothing.

Tuno's not exactly...
it's not exactly dead.

Brownie'll take carriage
of the Falconer matter

while he's...he's doing other stuff.

That's the other news.
I'm rotating you out of Homicide.


SONG: # It's a jungle out there

♪ It's a jungle out there

♪ It's a jungle out there. ♪

MAN: You know,
I'm not supposed to do this,

but... I have brand-new floor mats
in my office,

still in the packet, OK?

So, what if I throw those in

with the three years free car wash?

Then would you be happy
to close the deal?

OK, yeah.

Thank you so much.
Hey, um, just head inside.

And I'll be right in
with the paperwork.

- Lovely. Thank you so much.
- Ok. No problem.

G'day, mate.

Seen something you like
or just taking a look?

This one been in an accident?

Uh, well, there's
no chassis damage, mate.

There's definitely been
a repaint on that panel,

but that could just be
from the car being keyed.

You looking for yourself,
for someone else?

What are you asking
for the Merc in the corner?

Uh...do you wanna take a look?
It's a beautiful car.

Nah, I said, "What's it going for?"

OK, well, it's a 1980 convertible,

pristine condition.

Couldn't let it go for less than 20.

Yeah, alright.


Sorry, I didn't catch your name.
I'm Ben Dokic.

I'm the owner here.
Steve Wilson.

Congratulations, Steve.

You know, you and I,
we just set a record

for the world's
fastest car deal.

Oh, is that right?
That is right, yeah.

Hey, you wanna come inside?
We can sort out the deposit.

You want a cup of tea? Coffee?
Would you like a beer, Steve?

No, I'll have to take
a raincheck on the beer, mate.

There you go.
Is that gonna work for you?

Cheers, Steve.
Sweet as.

Sweet as.

Thanks, Steve.
See ya.

Despite his 1992
drug charges being withdrawn,

Anthony Perish was
still feeling the heat.

He didn't know Strike Force Tuno
had been put on hold.

He was convinced
he was their prime suspect

for the murder of Terry Falconer.

Buying a Saab?


And if someone as staunch as biker
Frank O'Rourke had talked to Tuno,

what was stopping others?

Just because you're paranoid,

it doesn't mean
they're not after you.

G'day, mate.

Meet us at the pub around the corner.
OK. Cool.

I need you to pull in Decker.

Find out if those ballbags
at FOCA have summonsed him as well.

MUZZ: You reckon
it might be a problem?

Well, if Frank can turn...

G'day. Ben Dokic.

Hey, you know, if you guys
had given me your address,

I could have dropped it off
at your house.

Well, if I'd given you me address,
I would have had to fuckin' kill ya.


I'll, uh...I'll get us a round.

He's a clown.

He doesn't dress like one, but.

Oi, Decker's the one
I'm worried about.

And he took me gun.

Where you goin'?

I saved you a seat.

Do I know you?

But, uh, I can show you
the time of your life,

so what does it matter, eh?

Gotta get back to work.

You fucking cockblocker.

She is very friendly.

Here we go, guys. Oh, almost forgot.

Your new car.

She's a glamour.
Oh, sweet.

I'll go find Decker, will I?

For the car.

You like speed?

Anthony had just
found himself a new playmate.

I guess that's what bored, rich,
mischievous gangsters do

to fill in their days.

What do you feel like?

Feel like a red or a white?

Yeah, maybe a white.

Just, uh, pick a nice one, babe.

Just gotta make a quick call.

You look like
a stick of spearmint gum.

What are you doing here?

Our mate wants to see ya.
What for?

I didn't ask.

Look, I just can't disappear again.
I've got a new life now. I...

I hereby quit the company.

Well, you can quit when you're dead.

Oh, and he wants his gun back.

The rules of
the underworld may seem strange

to the honest citizen.

If you know a man
is up to serious badness

and you choose
to distance yourself from him,

he'll naturally assume
you've turned informant -

you're "dogging" him -

and he'll come after you.

Mate! Long time no see.

New wheels.

Where's me gun?

Is it loaded?


Stop looking so worried, then.

Now, about the money you owe me.

Oh, mate, happy to pay it back
any way I can.

That's what I like to hear.

Come on, mate.
You look like you need a drink.

See, the trick is
to isolate their objections.

So, if they say to you, "Oh,
you know, it's only got one key"

or "The tyres are a bit bald,"

you say, "OK, so, apart from
the bald tyres and the one key,

"is there anything else stopping us
doing business today?"

You know, car salesmen, notoriously
good at picking up chicks.

It's having the gift
of the gab, mate.

Is that right, eh?

100 bucks says
you can't get 'em over here.


So, someone's been talking, mate...

..about Falconer.

Mate, you know
me and my boys are staunch.

No, it's not just the cops.
It's FOCA.

What's FOCA?

They're like cops, with more power.

Spook people into talking
with a two-year jail term.

Shit. So, what, someone's
given 'em a statement?

Yeah, Frank O'Rourke.

He's a bloody lunatic,
so it's not much.

But the last thing I need
is someone filling in the gaps, eh?

If there's anyone who could
put me away for a long time,

it's you, mate.

Just remember. It was your car.

You were the last one
seen with Falconer alive.

Hey, I hope you guys don't mind
if Shannon, Kate and Lisa join us.

No, course not. G'day, ladies.


So, maybe we should take this party

somewhere, uh,
a little more private?

Yeah, youse girls got any plans
for the weekend?

No, not really.

Good. Are youse three sisters?

You got a problem
with the clubs in Sydney?

What - you got a problem with
the clubs on the Gold Coast?

How are ya, mate?
All good?

All good, yeah.

Hey, he knows the owner?
He IS the owner.

Anthony Perish laundered
his massive drug profits

through clubs and pubs up and down
the Queensland coast.

So, what is it you do again?

You could say I fix problems.

OK. Could you be
a little more specific?

I work in security.

So you're a bouncer?

Man, you must have to deal with
a lot of shitheads

in your line of work.

Look, when Rooster
has a problem, I fix it.





Our mate.

What, you mean Steve?

Oh, mate, your ears must be burning.
Oh, yeah?

We were just talkin' about

how Decker takes care of
all your problems.


Boy, am I gonna be
in the doghouse when I get home.

No, Jodes and I take turns.

You know, she stays home with Blakey
and I get the nights off,

and then I look after Blake,
she has a girls' night out.

You ever go out together?
Not if I wanna have fun.

Fair call.

Oh, ho, ho!

Missy Higgins!

It's my fiancee's.

It's your fiancee's.

You have no idea
who you're talking to, mate.

Alright, Tarzan.

And watch what you say
around our mate.

Last person who crossed him
ended up in pieces.

I kidnapped the bloke. Saw it happen.

Well, what do you mean, pieces?

I mean they had to
fish him out of the river

in seven different bags.

Look, I just tell you this
as a warning, alright?

You get in too deep with him,
you'll never get out.

You mad at me?

Oh, babe, it was only supposed
to be a night out.

It's a really important client...

You've been gone all weekend
with your phone off.

Yeah, I sent you a text.


What do you have to tell me?
What do you mean?

If you messing around with
some cheap skank, tell me now,

not in six months time,
when you're feeling all depressed

and expect me
to make you feel better.

When are you gonna let that go?
When you stop making it an issue.

Hi, Dad.
Hey, look at you, Blakey.

How'd you get so dirty?

Playing in the mud.
Oh, yeah?

What's that you got?
A Ferrari.

Yeah? Reckon we've got
some of those at work?

Yeah, do ya?

We'll try to. Should we clean you up?

Should we clean you up?

Should we clean you up?


Oh, fuck. Fuck.

Oi, someone's poisoned me dog.

Yeah, she's eating like a horse,

dragging her arse
all over the carpet.

Someone's been in me house
and poisoned her.

Maybe she's got worms.
Oh, you reckon?

Well, who's gonna break into
your house and poison your dog?

I mean, did they take anything?


..get me some
bloody anti-wormer, then.

Alright, 'bye.

Fuckin' idiot.

Yeah, night.
See ya.

See ya.

G'day, mate.

Oh, Steve, mate.
What are you doing here?

You, uh, always close up on your own?
Yeah, mainly.


What were you and Decker
talking about the other night?


Hey, hey, hey.

He tell you anything memorable?
Hey, no. Hey, mate, what's happened?

Nah, nothin'. It's all good.

Let's go to the pub, eh?

Come on, mate. You're me wingman.

How's work? Is it all good?


Yeah, you could open
more nightclubs.

But maybe there's
another market to exploit.

You could buy a restaurant
or a winery.

You know, diversify.
Yeah, a winery sounds good.

Well, I spent last Easter
up at Mudgee.

Really good cab sav and shiraz.
You like red?

Did you say Mudgee?
Yeah, not too far from Sydney.

Why Mudgee?

It's nice.
No, no, why really?

I don't know. 'Cause I've
been there. Just came to me.

How'd you know
I got a property up at Mudgee?

I didn't.

You been in me house, have ya?
Looked through me stuff?

How else would ya fuckin' know?
Look, mate.

I don't know what you're talking
about. It's just a coincidence.

You're not playing with
a full deck, are ya, mate?

You know I'm not.

Oh, mate, you are
too much fuckin' fun.


Mmm. My round, alright?

What the fuck you lookin' at?

You had eyes on Perish?

Where's he holed up now?

We don't know. He's a master
of anti-surveillance.

This bloke, Ben Dokic -

used-car salesman
with no criminal record,

no links to drugs, bikies.

What's he doing with Perish
if he's a cleanskin?

He seems pretty subservient.

Maybe he was one of
the Falconer kidnappers.

Bit of a long shot.

Well, we're bringing him in
for a chat, so that's something.

Meanwhile, what have you guys got?

How about I serve the summons,
suss the guy out?

Fine. Less work for us.

And I'm bringing Inspector
Jubelin to the hearing.

Oh, "Angriest Man Alive".

Terrence Falconer?

Look, I've never even heard of
a Terrence Falconer, Mr, uh...

Browne. Detective Sergeant Browne.

Mr Dokic, I wouldn't be here unless
I thought you could help in some way.

What would I know?
I'm just a car salesman.

Well, if you think
there's someone else

we should be talking to,
I'm all ears.


Jesus fuckin' Christ.


Boy, are these shoes killing me.

Mwah! Got just about everything
on the list, though.

Hey, what's wrong?

Nothin' at all.

I didn't know anything about the whole Falconer thing

until you guys
summonsed me here.

You never had cause
to talk with Anthony Perish

about the abduction
of Terry Falconer, his murder

and the disposal of his remains?

He told me his name
was Steve Wilson.

An alias?

But doesn't the fact that Mr Wilson
paid up-front, in cash,

for a $20,000 vehicle

suggest a certain level
of criminality to you?

I sold him a car. We had a beer.

Whatever he's done, he didn't
tell me anything about it.

He's shittin' himself.
He knows something.

Reckon we can bounce him?

Let's see what happens
after this first.

If we ever find one,
we'll kill ya.

So, they didn't ask about Decker?

No, they just kept asking
about Falconer -

who killed him, what I knew.

Well, what do you know?
Just what I've read online.

He was kidnapped
by three men from his work.

They found his body in a river.

And that he'd been dismembered.

Yeah, we sawed him to pieces.

So, they were asking you
who did it, like they didn't know?


Look, mate, having cops come round
work, it's bad for business.

What'd you tell 'em about me?

That I knew you as Steve Wilson.
That I sold you a car.

That we had beers together.
That's all.

Yeah, alright.
Go on, get outta here.

Go on, piss off.

Why do you make all these problems?

Oh, we'll put eyes on him, alright.

Come on, Blakey. We'll let Dad
read the paper in peace, hey?


"Absence makes the heart
grow fonder", right?

See ya, Blakey.

Ben Dokic.

Hey, you bastard.

It's Decker.

G'day, mate. How are ya?

Hey, come down to Lavender Bay Cafe.

I'm here.

Oh, you're there, are you?

G'day, mate. How are ya?

G'day, fellas.

This place any good?

Yeah, good coffee.
Oh, yeah?

Was that your wife?

Guys, I didn't tell them anything,
and I'm not going to.

Yeah, I reckon you're lyin'.

What do you reckon, Decker?

Can't you look us in the eye?

Shall we tell him?

Yeah, let's tell him.

We did it.
Did what?

Killed Falconer. Me and Muzz.

That's bullshit.

Decker was one of the kidnappers.

And you bought the van.

No, I didn't.
No, I think you did.

No? What's this?

Looks like a receipt
for a van to me.

Have you been in my office?

Say you killed Falconer.

Say it.

Yeah, I killed Terry Falconer.

Oh, mate!

That must feel pretty good,
getting that off your chest, eh?

Or, uh, I don't know,
maybe you're feeling

a bit down about it,
a bit depressed, eh?

You ever thought about suicide?


You know, just...just ending it all?

Throwing yourself
in front of a train.

Guys, I don't even know anything.

Say, "I'm thinking about
jumping in front of a train."

Fuckin' say it.

"I'm thinking about jumping
in front of a train."

Wasn't so hard now, was it?

Eggs are getting cold.

So, you reckon
this Dokic guy's worth chasing?

I mean, we pull him into FOCA again,
we might get the same dumb response.

Yeah, but we don't have
any other leads, do we?

I think there's potential.
It's an interesting dynamic.

He's his mate and he's shit-scared
of him. There's potential here.

Best way to get him to talk is put
an even bigger scare into him.

What's worse than
chopping him up? Sarcasm?

Don't be a smart-arse, Brownie.
I get enough of that at Chatswood.

Full force of the law
is all I'm saying.

It's a bloody big stick.

Or we continue with your method -
"softly, softly".

You're barking up
the wrong tree, mate.

Another summons.

We'd like you to come in again.

We can look after you,

if that's what
you're worried about, Ben.

You keep saying
you hardly know Perish.

That you only just met him.
Yeah, I did.

Then why are you protecting him?

This prick, he wouldn't shout
if a shark bit him.

And now you expect me to...

He's got no morals, no humanity.

Gotta stand for something.

Our mate wants a word.

Yeah, look, just throw 'em
one of them, um...

Muzz, what's that red fish called?


That's it, one of them.
A red herring.

Tell 'em, uh...I don't know,

a crew from Adelaide
killed Falconer.

That's perjury.

Then go to jail if you have to.

I haven't done anything wrong.

Ohh, look who doesn't
wanna do a line anymore.

Oh, fuck, what a wuss.

Come on, Muzz.

This party's shithouse.

You're staying right here.

Hey, Ben?


Yeah, I can't wait

to get your sweet, warm blood
all over me hands.

You hear me?!
Look, what are you doing?

Think you can fuck me, eh?
I'm not fucking with you.

Please. Please!
I won't say anything.

You fuckin' got that right, mate.

We're particularly
interested in finding out

who kidnapped Terry Falconer.

Perish made the order,
but who were the three men?

How should I know?

You haven't the faintest idea?
No, sorry.

Might I remind you of the penalty
for contempt of the Authority?

I'm here,
I'm answering your questions,

at risk to my fucking life!

I can't tell you what I don't know.

He's not protecting him
out of loyalty.

He knows what they're capable of
and he's genuinely packing shit.

Have you spoken to him
about police protection?

Both times I've seen him.
Right, we'll give him a deadline.

Tell him the offer
won't be on the table forever.

I don't know what's going on with
you these days, I really don't.



Muzz! Oi, Muzz!

What's up?
Oh, fuck. Oh, Jesus!

Someone's been in here,
poisoning Heidi again. Look.

Oh, fuck, it's disgusting.

Open up!

- It's Undies.
- Rooster!


What's this I hear about some mate
of yours talking to FOCA, huh?

Some...some cleanskin?

Someone's poisoned
me bloody dog again.

- Is it Decker?
- Why would he poison her, eh?

Nobody poisoned
your fuckin' dog.


I gave it a laxative,
just, you know, as a joke.

Fuck, Undies! Fuck!

You weren't just born stupid.
You stayed that way.

Yeah, well, I'm not the one
bragging to some car salesman

about doing Falconer, huh?

Hey, who told you that?

Look, we can't get to Tink, alright?

And this mate of yours,
he's not connected,

so use him to send a message
to Tink and to Decker.

Cops are watching him.
I'm not saying YOU do it.

I'm saying we need
to deal with this guy,

this used-car salesman.

Yeah, Undies might be right.

And what better way for, uh, Decker
to prove he's staunch, eh?

So, what's it gonna be, Tahns?

Pirates? Or gay cowboys?

You're the one who says
we never watch movies anymore.

Tell your wife you're goin' out.

Uh, babe, a mate
from work's got a flat tyre.

Be back in a bit, alright?


He gets home around 6:00.
Let's take him out to dinner.

You want the steak
medium rare or well done?


Yeah, hey, babe. It's me.

Yeah, no, it's been a big day.

Yeah, no, I already
picked up the cake.


OK, see you soon.

Yeah, I love you too. Bye.

Sorry, baby. Bloody Murph
didn't have a spare tyre, so...

Won't be too much longer.

Love you too.

Decker wasn't happy.

All he wanted was to get home
to his warm bed.

Besides, he couldn't be sure

Ben Dokic was even coming home
that night.

So, he came up with plan B.

Never let Anthony Perish say
Decker lacked initiative.

Come on, Blakey, bath time.

You said dessert first.

Alright, 10 more minutes till Dad
gets home, but that's it, OK?

Ah! Look who lost his keys again.


Fucking Decker.


SONG: # As the night falls

♪ I lie awake for hours

♪ And it won't stop

♪ This buzzing in my eardrums

♪ Like a nightmare

♪ That I cannot seem to wake from

♪ And I recall

♪ There's nothing left here
for us... ♪

♪ We lost control

♪ In the end

♪ It falls apart

♪ In the end

♪ It breaks my heart

♪ In the end

♪ What we've become

♪ In the end

♪ In the end

♪ In the end. ♪

We can arrange
protection for you,

but we have to know
what information you have first.

Witness protection,
it's a lot of paperwork...

Anthony admitted to me
he killed Falconer.

I know who
one of the kidnappers is.

You check the security footage
for the cafe at Lavender Bay.

You'll see him.

And I know about
his property in Mudgee.

So, he reckons Decker
was one of the kidnappers?

He could have had a hand
in the disposal of the body too,

but he doesn't know for sure.

And is Decker his real surname?
He reckons it's just a nickname.

What about Perish's confession?
It was here, at the cafe.

Anthony and Decker were laughing
about having killed Falconer

and how they were gonna
set Ben up for it.

"I killed Terry Falconer." Say it.

Yeah, "I killed Terry Falconer".

Say: "I'm thinking about
jumping in front of a train."

Fuckin' say it.

"I'm thinking about jumping
in front of a train".

Ben reckons Anthony's going
to Mudgee tomorrow.

You reckon we can get surveillance?

Oi! Come here.

What's your name?
Glen Morfoot.

You wanna get out of
the office, Glen Morfoot?


What's Camille doing these days?
I saw her downstairs last week.

- She's in the building, definitely.
- Well, go get her, Brownie.

And, so, a couple of
bright-eyed, bushy-tailed cops

were sent off
to the wine country undercover,

in the hope of locating
Australia's most wanted man.

Like trying to find a needle
in a haystack.

Do you recognise this man?
Has he ever stayed here?

Could be using
the name Steve Wilson.


By the way, do you need
a credit card to check in?

Oh, cash does speak most languages.

I don't think so. I'm sorry.


Any chance of booking
a couple of rooms for tonight?

Just wait your turn
and I'll see.

Hi, do you have
your driver's licence?

Oh, sorry.
Oh, that's alright.

Bit stiff, are we?

Long drive. I keep telling him
he needs to do Pilates.

You here for the wineries?

Yeah, yeah.

If you make it to Crosshairs,
this one's a beauty.

Uh, are youse guys in line?

Uh, yeah, yep. Uh, we were hoping
to book a room for tonight.


Do you accept all credit cards?

You're brave not booking ahead
in the school holidays.

Oh, it was
a spur-of-the-moment thing.

I thought you lot were trained
to do covert surveillance.

I mean, isn't that what they teach
down in the academy these days?

I don't think he twigged.
We were so embarrassed.

He probably just thought
it was a dirty weekend.

Anyway, next morning, we waited
till he left and we followed him.

I hope you didn't rear-end him.
No, boss.

But the concreter almost did.

He was leading a concrete truck,
but 10 minutes out of town,

they turned onto a dirt road
and we had to pull back.

So you lost him?

Don't know where he went?
The concreter does.

We waited till he came back
the other way and waved him down.

Apparently, Perish has got
a property out here somewhere.

Nothing on it except
a concrete slab and an excavator.

We're thinking there's
a cavity underneath the slab.

When the concreter backed his
truck up, it started sinking

and Perish yelled at him
to move forward.

Reckons he's got
a water tank under there.

Alright, so he's building
a new drug lab.

And do we know who owns the property?
Not yet.

Alright, well, whatever
he's up to, it's early days.

Alright? So, we need to get in now
and set up surveillance.

Oh, we didn't see Perish leave.

He could still be there.
Well, I don't care.

This is a golden opportunity.

We're not waiting for
a written fuckin' invitation.

Right? We run into him,
we've got no choice.

Alright? We take him down.

You know, uh...

..they, uh, haven't opened
Dokic's shop since...

Yeah. Imagine losing your wife
and child like that, eh?

What's the world coming to?

How was Mudgee?

You know, I don't know
about the place.

Got a strange vibe.

Got some bloody good vino
while I was there, but.

Oh, yeah?

What'd you pick up?

A cheeky merlot?

Bloody oath.

Mudgee hasn't
exactly delivered yet.

So, having engaged
surveillance, tactical,

one of our Polairs
and an X-ray machine,

you found exactly nothing at Mudgee?

No guns, no drugs?

No, I've got surveillance
at Perish's new set-up point,

which he knows nothing about,

and where I'm confident
we'll make an arrest.

Yeah, about that -
we're re-allocating

the Terry Falconer brief
to a new OIC in Homicide.

Well, you can't do that, Howard,

'cause our witnesses
won't trust anyone else.

We also have a sufficiency
of evidence hearing scheduled.

We might have enough to arrest
Anthony, Andrew and Decker

on conspiracy.


Service the Falconer brief
from Gangs,

but let's have those arrests, eh?

"A sufficiency of evidence hearing"?

That's the first
I've heard about that, Brownie.

Me too. I better
start making some calls.

No shit.

I'm sorry, but it's not enough.

Dokic's evidence
corroborates O'Rourke's,

but it's all circumstantial.

You need to ID this Decker guy.
Then you can make arrests.

Thank you.

Gary Jubelin
had finally got

his long-awaited transfer out of
Chatswood and back to Major Crime,

where he and Tim Browne were both
assigned to the Gangs Squad.

They promised themselves that
some day soon,

they would relaunch Strike Force Tuno

and bring Anthony John Michael Perish
to justice.

But first, they had
to identify and locate

Anthony's lethal accomplice -

the man known as Decker.

SONG: # In the end. #