Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Red Door - full transcript

Barbie, Sam, Pauline, Lyle and Hunter try to evade Don and his forces and find a way back to Chester's Mill, while Junior and Melanie hide the egg from Julia and Big Jim.

A few weeks ago, an
invisible dome crashed down

on Chester's Mill, cutting us
off from the rest of the world.

Why the dome is here or
what mysteries lie ahead,

we still don't know.

Every day it tests our limits,

bringing out the best and the worst in us.

Some say we'll be stuck here forever,

but we will never stop
fighting to find a way out.


You killed a 19-year-old
girl that your nephew loved!

I had to!

I need to get a message
to someone on the inside.

Why don't you write
down what you want to say

and where you want to send it.

"So get the egg and bring it with you."

Oh, my God, he did change it.

- Now do you believe me?
- What does my dad want with the egg?

- No one can know about Barbie.
- You're worried about Big Jim.

Without Barbie, there's
no telling what he'll do.

- Barbie sent you another e-mail.
- He's alive.

- MELANIE: So you're gonna jump?
- JULIA: No, he doesn't want me to.

Don't Jump!

Leave him alone! Barbie!

Where am I?


Perfectly safe.

As long as you talk.

I'm happy to.

My one phone call.

We're not the police.

Or the military.

You got black uniforms, no insignias...

no flag of origin. That's a
violation of Geneva Convention.

Says the man who was caught trespassing

in a restricted security
zone with false credentials.

Okay, so

charge me or let me go.

National Defense Authorization Act says

I don't have to charge you or release you.

- I'm not a terrorist.
- Prove it.

Tell me why you went
to the dome last night.

Go to hell.

We've had our eye on you.

Dale Barbara, Special Forces.

So you know it all.

I don't know what else you need from me.

How'd you get out of Chester's Mill?

I want the exact route.

"Don't jump," you said.

Why'd you tell that woman,
Julia Shumway, not to jump?

What do you care how or why I got out?

'Cause you're so gung ho to
save everyone on the inside?

What the hell have you
done to help any of us?

You're going to cooperate.

Including getting Ms. Shumway
to hand over that power source.

So this is about that.

You admit you know what it is.

Well, yeah.

I just think that you want something

you're never gonna get.

(Grunts, coughs)

Hold that thought, smart guy.

Good morning, Julia.

Hey, Jim.

Enjoying your first day as sheriff?

Oh, yeah, having a blast.

Never a shortage of trouble these days.

Speaking of which, I was
driving by and I noticed that...

you got some company again out there.

Haven't seen guards this close in weeks.

Any idea what they're doing there?


So you haven't seen anything odd lately?

Outside the dome?

I'm as stumped as you are.

(Indistinct radio transmission)

Well, if you do see anything unusual,

just give me a call on
that walkie I gave you.

Must be hard getting a sense of closure.

What do you mean?

I mean not getting a chance to bury Barbie.

When my wife died, the accident was severe.

There was no viewing.
It was a closed casket.

Anyways... what I'm trying to say is

if you want me to organize a team

to help recover the body...

give you a chance to say good-bye...

Well, that's kind of
you, but I wouldn't want

to put anyone else in danger.

That's what Barbie was doing for Sam,

and look how that turned out.

If you change your mind,

give the sheriff a holler.

Will do.

Do you think he knows?

About Barbie being alive?

He was asking a lot of questions.

Exactly why we have to
keep this to ourselves

until we know he's okay.

He might send another e-mail.

Doubt they'll let him.

Maybe the guys who took Barbie

are the same ones who want the egg.

How would they even know about it?

Better question is, what would
they do if they got a hold of it?

Well, you wouldn't give the egg to them.

We'll protect it, right?

Until I know Barbie's safe,

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Let's get back to the
school on the off chance

he does get another e-mail through.

That's a good idea.

Listen, I'm gonna head back to the station

and keep an eye on my dad.

Why red? Why a door?

You know, i-in the Old Testament,

the Israelites would paint

their doors red with the blood of lambs

as a symbol of sacrifice so
that the angel of vengeance

would pass them by.

Oh, you're just full of
happy stories, aren't you?

Sam, give him a break. Art theory 101...

a door always symbolizes
a way in somewhere.

Hey, look... the locker, right?

In the school?

I went through that to
get out of Chester's Mill.

So, this door

could be a way back in... wherever it is.

When I went off the cliff,

I woke up in some kids' playground.

That's exactly what happened to me.

Did you see a red door at the playground?

Didn't notice.

So, if this door does
lead to Chester's Mill,

it could be a way for me to get Junior

and bring him back here.

Are you gonna bring Jim back, too?

I can't think about that right
now. Let's go to the playground

and see if there's a red door there.

Where you been, James?

Just... making rounds.

See all that activity outside the dome?

Fellas in black?

Yeah, I did.

I saw someone else, too, last night

on the other side.



He's alive.

Did you know?

Yeah, Dad. I did.

Well, thank you for
being honest with me, son.

Now, I need you to keep
being honest with me.

There's something I want you to show me.

You got two minutes.

Dale, are you okay?

Oh, what... you mean
aside from the bracelets

and the luxury accommodations?

How did you get in here?

I pulled every string I have.

So then pull a few more and get me out.

Dale, I run

an energy company.

The friends I have sit in offices in D.C.

These other people, they're...

they're something else.

But you don't know who?


After the failed missile strike
on the dome a couple weeks ago,

they caught hell from congress, the media.

Probably just trying to distance
themselves from the situation.

So they hired private contractors.

Kind of how the government
hired you to handle

all the communication to the dome.

So, tell me... who changed
my message to Julia?

Was that you or was that them?

I tried to get it through.

But they caught me and
they strong-armed me.

In order to send your message to Julia,

they insisted that we add
the bit about the egg...

Dad! Stop!

All right? Enough. No more lies!

Son, I want you out of those cuffs.

The only way there's a ghost
chance of that happening is

you have to convince
Julia to bring the egg.

It's the only thing that's valuable enough

to trade for your release.

I can't help you.

You're still so damn stubborn.

I just hope it doesn't end
up getting us both killed.

(Door opens)

Time's up.

You tried, sir.

And you're not trying

hard enough.

What's the point of owning a security firm

if it can't secure a damn thing?

It won't be long before the military

really does find out
about the power source.


by any means necessary?

Whatever it takes.

Looks like there's no end to it.

This is how Barbie got out, huh?

Hard to believe.

You can't explain it, Dad.

You just have to accept it.

Take it on faith.


It was everything your mother

said before she died.

Everything I thought was so crazy.

Maybe it's all starting to make sense now.

- And you never believed her.
- Well, I couldn't.

Till now.

With all this staring me in the face.

I just wish I could apologize.

For doubting her.

I guess we'd both give
anything to see her again, huh?


you said the dome chose you.

That it had a plan for you.

This is it.

It's my job

to lead the people of this town to freedom.

You said Barbie jumped here, right?


But last night, outside the dome,

when he saw Julia, he told her not to jump.

He say why?


She thinks that the guys

who dragged him off want the egg.

The egg?

I thought she got rid of that thing.

She tried to.

The thing kind of has a mind of its own.

And you all think

it powers the dome.

That's the-the working theory, right?


I bet that's why those guards are back.

Where is it now?

I don't know.

Well, as the only two
lawmen left in this town,

we'd better track it down.

Downloaded from

Every day of the third
grade, James would beg me

to take him to the playground after school.

Turns out there was
this little blonde there.

Angie McAlister.

He was infatuated with her.

One day, he was showing off for her,

he got in a tire swing just like

that one, and he wound it tight

and he was spinning...

There's the red door.

We're not alone.

I'll try drawing off
the one with the tablet.

You take the other one.

Meet me back at the stone
structure in the park

when you lose them.

(Children talking, laughing)

No grown-ups!

(Knocking at door)

You wanted to see me, sir?

We need to send another message.

Into the dome?

I... thought you said
it was too conspicuous.

I thought you understood

you do what I say.

Or your next stop will
be whatever dark hole

the feds throw punks who
commit corporate espionage.

Yes, sir.

Should we meet back at the office?

My computer

has a remote interface.

Do it from here.



How long do we have to do this for?

There's not even a signal.

Just these old e-mails.

As long as Julia wants us to.


What if something bad's happened to Barbie?

Joe, don't say that.

I mean, maybe we should jump.

After all, he got out.

And last night he said
it's not safe out there.

Do we just stay here forever, then?

At some point, "not safe" out there

might be better than "not safe" in here.

- Anything?
- Not yet.


"Hounds of Diana."

Someone with that weird
name posted on my Twitter.

Open that e-mail.

- (Computer beeps)
- H-Hey, we just got a new e-mail.

It's strange.

Before, when the Wi-Fi signal was live,

a few e-mails came through.

Makes me think whoever's sending
this is controlling the signal.

Open it.

No text.

It's just a video link.

- For you, from Aktaion Energy.
- (Computer beeps)

DON: Julia.

My name's Don Barbara.

I'm Dale's father.

I think you know him as "Barbie."

- That voice...
- I'm sure you're concerned about him.

I know that voice.

DON: He's currently in custody

and, true to his nature,

he's not cooperating.

Now, I don't mean to be curt,

but we don't have much time.

The people who are holding him...

they want the power source

that you've discovered.

I understand you call it "the egg"?

They want to study it, understand it.

It might even hold a key

to getting all of you out from under there.

It's the only thing I know I
can trade for Dale's release.

If you don't, I...

I don't know what they may do to him.

So please,


It's an unfortunate way to meet the woman

who means so much to my son.




What are you gonna do?


how about we pick things up

where we left off?

And Daddy's not here
to protect you anymore.


It's not really a fair fight.


Those are overrated.



- (Panting)
- So...

Oh, God...

You're gonna get Ms. Shumway
to deliver the egg to us.

Yeah. Yeah...

(Slurred): Just as long...

Can't hear you, Barbara.

as you

kiss my ass.


(Barbie panting)

(Door slams)

When were you gonna tell me?

I've never liked fishing, Jim.

About Barbie.

What about Barbie?

I saw him last night, outside the dome.

Barbie's alive?

Oh, you telling me Julia didn't tell you?

As closely as you've been
working together lately?


I had no idea.

So she lied to you, too?


If there was a way out,

Julia wouldn't keep it from the town.

She would to save Barbie.

The guards caught him and dragged him off.

Someone out there is playing
hardball to get this egg.

What egg?

You really are in the
dark here, aren't you?

It's some kind of

energy source.

The kids say it, uh, it generates the dome.

They've been protecting it with Julia.

I thought you could locate
this thing, you know?

Build a...

egg detector or something,

you know? As a scientist.

Figure it out.

I think there's a way to find it

that's more reliable than
copper wire and duct tape.


No. No, no.

No, he's part of the problem.

Well, he trusts me.

I can poke around.

He might let us in on their secret.

All right, go ahead.

See if you can get him to
show you where this thing is.

LYLE: What are you doing?

Oh, thank God.

- Did you lose the guy?
- Yeah, I guess.

I mean, uh, for now.

That red door lead anywhere?

The playground may be the way in;

it is not the way out.

Pauline, what are you doing?


It's starting, Lyle.

This is how my visions start.

In mud?

Cloud shapes...

I see symbols everywhere I turn, anything.

And now it's in the form of a spiral.

- What's that mean?
- I don't know.

Maybe something bad about
going to Chester's Mill.


I thought that was your idea.

I'm not saying we shouldn't go.

We have to.

There's just something

about this spiral...

I don't know, it scares me.

No, you don't need to be afraid.

Pauline, we're together.

Lyle, honestly,

- I have to...
- Never mind.

Forget I said it.

Hey, did you find anything?

Nah, dead end.

We should keep moving.
Those guys probably ID'd us,

and I don't think it's safe
to go back to your apartment.

I know a safe place we can stay.

MELANIE: Who knows

who any of these people are?

We can't just give them the egg!

Barbie's life could be at stake.

But he told you

it's not safe out there!

Since when do you even have a vote?

JOE: Don't you want to get out, Melanie?

Look, if we give them the
egg, then we can all escape.

I could see my parents again.

Please, Julia.

You've always said that the
dome is here to protect us.

It didn't protect my mom.

Or my sister.

Melanie, I know what I said.

But maybe the cliffs, the tunnels...

they're all the dome's way of telling us

something new.

That we need to leave.

- Or send the egg over.
- No.

I died once for the egg

and then it brought me back.

I don't know why, but I feel in my heart

that we have to keep it with us.

Okay, so your feeling's more important

than keeping Barbie alive

and getting the rest of
us out of this awful place?

You don't know what you're talking about.


What are you doing here?

I know.

Barbie's alive.

The egg.

Everything you've been keeping from me.

Well, eavesdropping will do that.

Actually, Big Jim told me.

He knows?

And he wants the egg.

No, Jim having it would be a disaster.

Which is why I came to warn you.

He sent me to find out
where it is and report back,

but I can't do that.

Julia, I know you don't trust me.

It's probably with good
reason, but the truth is

I'm like you.

I just want to save the town.

So you can waste time trying
to make your mind up about me,

or you can accept my help.

Either way,

things are going to get worse around here.


TREVOR: Hunter, got some visitors for you.


I was kind of surprised to get your call.

We just need a safe place to stay.

Are you okay?

I haven't talked to you in a week.

- I was starting to get worried.
- Yeah, I've been lying low myself.

A lot of developments with the dome.

Uh, you want to fill us in?

This is Hunter; he was my best student

when I taught art at Zenith High.

And this other computer gentleman?


Uh, another of the Hounds of Diana.

Our Web site's

kind of an underground
news source for everything

the government doesn't want
people to know about the dome.

Hunter, we got an incoming.

Is that one of the guys
from the playground?

- Is there a back door?
- Only the front one.

It's okay, Trevor.

It's kind of his way of saying hello.

What the hell?

Did you get to the dome yesterday?

Oh, you son of a bitch!


Who are you?

HUNTER: She's a friend of mine.

Pauline Verdreaux.

Pauline Rennie?

What do you want with my brother?

It's okay, Barbie.

I would've run a while
ago if I was going to.

That doesn't make you any less guilty.

- Guilty of what?
- Your brother's a murderer.

He killed Angie McAlister.

(Indistinct radio transmission)


(Brakes squeal)


(Indistinct radio transmissions)






That's Angie's place.

I know exactly where that's at.

Did you kill Angie?

Your journal made it seem

like those four kids were
somehow making it happen.

Angie, her brother Joe,

Norrie and Junior.

Tell me...

you did not touch a hair on his head.

Of course not, Pauline.


Oh, my God.


That's why we have to go there.

Don't you see?

You killed that girl
because of what I drew.

We have to go to Chester's
Mill to atone for our sins

or we will never find peace,

no matter where we run to.

You look a little banged up, Mr. Barbara.

You rub somebody the wrong way?

You might say that.

- What is that for?
- Hey, relax.

This isn't for your brother.

- Not yet.
- I'm not running, Barbie.

I'm going back to Chester's Mill.

- We all are.
- What?

- I have to get James out.
- Oh, is that right?

Well, I got to get everyone out.

Question is, how do you even get back in?

Pauline did another drawing.

It may be a way back in.

No, I'm sorry. These drawings have led

- to some pretty awful stuff.
- But it doesn't change

the fact that my sister's
drawings have always been right.

HUNTER: We won't have to go far.

An image search found
possibilities in town.

I've got all the red doors here in Zenith.

(Computer beeps)

Personally, I'm thinking

the storage space, but
if we're really digging

into the space-time of it all,

the colonial's got that whole Narnia spin.

You said that

you saw this in a vision?

They always mean something.

I think that door is the
way back into the dome.

Hunter, we need addresses.

No, you don't.

I know where this is.

I grew up there.

Junior, where are you taking it?

I can't keep the egg

at Angie's apartment anymore.

It's not safe there.

What do you mean?

I told my dad about it.

- Why?
- I don't know. He's done a lot

of good for Chester's Mill,

and the moment I told him about it...

You knew you shouldn't have?

I know a lot of people don't trust him,

but I'm still trying to believe in him.

As messed up as it all is,

I still think he was a good father once.

I understand, but not all fathers

can be who you want them to be.

What are you doing here, Melanie?


Your dad's not the only one
with a reason to take the egg.

I've had faith in Julia this whole time.

I-I still try to have it,

but I don't know anymore.

I think her priorities have shifted.

Barbie is more important to her now.

So she's gonna trade the egg for him?

Isn't that what you would
do for the people you love?

Things that seem reckless to everyone else?

Not everyone gets that.

Not everyone's been in love.

Do you want to protect
it with me from now on?

I know a place where we can keep it safe.

What did you do with it?

- BIG JIM: Do with what?
- I went to Angie's apartment,

and now the egg is gone.

I think you knew it was there.

Looks like we both got skunked.

Come on.

You know me well enough by
now to tell when I'm lying.

Because the exception is so rare.

Well, I can't really get mad

at Rebecca for flapping her lips at you.

Everybody wants that damn thing.

But I'm trying to protect

the town, not just Barbie.


What does he have to do with this?

We both know Barbie's alive.

Those men have him,

and you were gonna give them that egg

to set him free.

It's a pretty big risk.

Well, I don't expect you to understand.

Big Jim Rennie doesn't know what it's like

to love anyone other than himself.

Oh, yeah?

You try telling your boy

that his mom's not gonna be
taking him to the park anymore

after school.

In fact, she won't be coming home.


I'm sure losing Pauline was
incredibly hard for both of you.

I loved my wife more than you'll ever know.

And I'd give anything to have her back.


Why do you want the egg?

To save this town.

Or maybe it's just another power play.

Turns out you don't know me
as well as I thought you did.

And you couldn't get anything out of him?


Mm-hmm. Any word from the tail?

Actually two blocks away, he doubled back

and, well... he lost them.


You said this would work.

That he would lead us somewhere related

to where he came out.

I'm trying to reacquire his whereabouts

- as fast as possible.
- (Ringing)

And I got a message from
our field team saying...

- Shut up.
- Dad, I got out.

I need your help.

Damn it.

BARBIE: Dad, I got out. I need your help.

Where's the red door?

It's on a root cellar
in the backyard. Come on.

A root cellar? What the hell is that?

Leftover from Prohibition.

Weird coincidence, don't
you think? The way back

to Chester's Mill being
on your family's property?

LYLE: If you still believe in coincidence,

you're not paying attention.

Come on.

TREVOR: Look, man, some guy

just gave me ten bucks
to come ring the buzzer

- and play that for you.
- He's a decoy!

Get him the hell out of here!

Have the grounds searched now.

We may have a breach. Search the property.

That's mine.

From the day it was painted.

All right, come on.

All right, let's go, let's go.

- Uh...
- Come on, we got to go.

What's wrong?

- I don't know. I...
- MAN: Over here!

Okay, either you go or you get caught.

It's your choice.

That tunnel that led us from
Chester's Mill was hidden

behind a locker or something.

Is that it?

That wasn't there before.

Help me move some of these.

All right.

Let's go.

Come on.

Ah, ah, ah, ah!

Look, I appreciate all
your help getting us here.

But I'm telling you, you
don't want to do this.

I-I got nobody here except Pauline.

And you think your dad's
gonna give me a promotion

if he catches me?

All right, go.

(Knocks) What are you looking for?

Oh, hey, kiddo.

I'm just looking for
some of your mom's things.

Things to take with us?

"Take with us"?

Please don't leave me here with my dad.

Aw, James.

Your dad's gonna take good care of you.

Don't worry about that.

The way he took good care of Mom?

I'm sorry, buddy, I-I...

I can't take you with me.

Then Mom lied.

About what?

She said you were going to save me one day.

I-I was hoping that was today.

Now it'll be there forever.

So, one day you'll see
it and remember how little

you used to be.

Will you come back before I grow big?

I hope so.

Why are you only here today?

I don't know.

But my mom wanted me to meet you.

And I'll see you again one day.


What the hell?

We're back somehow.

Where's the others?


I don't know about this, Lyle!





This is where it began.

And this is where it ends.

For all of us.

I don't understand.

Tell me what you mean.

Hey! You guys okay?

Yeah. Where's Lyle?

He was ahead of me.

Oh, my God, what if he didn't make it?

Come on.


Like, coming through...

did any of you guys see stuff?

- I couldn't see crap.
- I did.

Like a memory.

Mine was like a premonition.

Lyle should've been there, but he wasn't.

You stay here and wait for him.

Where are you going?

To get my son.

BARBIE: I'm gonna go find Julia.

Everybody needs to keep
a low profile, all right?

Anyone in this town sees that we're back,

and it's gonna cause chaos.

Once I come up with a plan, I'll find you.


Stay out of trouble.

Lay low.

I'm coming with you.

- I want to see Junior.
- No.

I have to do this alone.

You need to stay here
and find Lyle, please.

Now that we're back, whatever's
gonna happen, we need Lyle.

I can't believe I made it through.

Now I'm really here in Chester's Mill.

Buckle up, kid.

It's about to get a lot weirder.

No better place to hide

than right under my dad's nose.

It's so peaceful down here.

We should get going.

Can we just...

lie here for a little while?

Enjoy the peacefulness?

It would help me feel less alone.

(Door creaks)

(Door slams)

(Quiet laugh)

(Footsteps approaching)


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