Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 2, Episode 8 - Awakening - full transcript

Barbie realizes Don knows more about the dome than he is letting on when he asks him to help get a message to Julia. Back in Chester's Mill, Big Jim appoints himself sheriff of the town.

A few weeks ago, an invisible
dome crashed down

on Chester's Mill, cutting us
off from the rest of the world.

Why the dome is here or
what mysteries lie ahead,

we still don't know.

Every day it tests our limits,

bringing out the best and the worst in us.

Some say we'll be stuck here forever,

but we will never stop
fighting to find a way out.

Julia, let go of the rope!

I got you.

Julia, I can't hold it!

(Julia screams)

JOE: What if the dome dug it,

and that cliff and Barbie going down there

was all part of the dome's plan?

A plan for what?

I waited outside that school,

I saw you leave with Barbie.

He never left,

so where is he?

And do not...

lie to me again.

Barbie's dead.

You need to see this.

I think it's a playground.


NORRIE: The Obelisk.



SAM: There's something you should know:

Melanie's alive.


Oh, my God, it is you.

Hi, Dad.

I need to get a message
to somebody on the inside.


It doesn't matter.

Obviously it does, or you wouldn't be here.

(Big Jim panting)


(car door closes)

You're up early.

Comes with the new job.

I wanted to give you that.

What's this for?


I-I found a bunch of them

in the closet at the station,

I just wanted to give them out to...

you know, key people

at key locations.

So, I'm a "Key" person?

You're our resident scientist.


And... who do I call if someone, say, uh...

breaks into my house?

I'm sorry about that.

I really am. I...

I-I-I-I can't explain it.

I-I just...

I got overzealous.


That's what you call it, huh?

I really am sorry.

So, you're planning on
keeping that star, huh?


The dome hasn't treated those
who wear it too kindly.

(scoffs) I know.

It's just, I-I-I feel like the...

the dome has something else

in store for me.

I've just been too lucky

to ignore it any longer, you know?

This "New"

Big Jim...

you're serious?

I'm trying to be.

(clicks tongue)

Well, keep that on channel two

and just give me a call

if you have any problems.



Thank you.

You're welcome.

(keyboard clicking)

(knocking on door)

Hey, morning, Dale.


You, uh...

figured out a way

to get me to the dome yet?

(sighs): That's a pretty tall order, son,

but I'm still working on it.

But I can get an e-mail
to Julia if you want.

You can do that?

I made some calls to my
friends in the military.

Days ago, when the dome went white

and then cleared again...

the signal was able to get through.

But then they firewalled it.

Yeah, but they'll drop it for me.

Privilege has its perks.

Yep. (sighs)

Why don't you write down
what you want to say

and where you want to send it.


(clicks pen)


"Julia, I love you.

"We'll see each other soon.

All it takes is a leap of faith"?

(sighs) Yeah. I'm just trying
to keep her spirits up.

And this is the address
you want to send it to:

"ScarecrowJoe"? Is that hers?

No. It's a, that's a kid
that she's friends with.

He's... kind of a computer nerd,

but he's got the best chance of

seeing anything come through.

Julia must be pretty special

to have so many people looking out for her.

Thank you, Dad.

Am I in focus yet?

Is there enough light?

Why are you trying to break your neck?

First rule of show business:

got to open big.


Welcome to my vlog.

Video blog. Is there, like, a

Chester's Mill film festival

- sometime soon?
- No.

No. It's so everybody
will know what it's like

living inside this stupid dome.

Even though we can't post it,

because we don't have
a Wi-Fi signal anymore.

Maybe somebody will find it one day,

long after we're gone.

Joe, don't say that.

- Well, it could happen.
- Yeah, I know,

but you don't have to be so morbid about it.

Oh, because that's what you do.

Just tell me where we're going.

We're going to the tunnel
underneath the school.

And the cliff.

That connects to a playground.

Yeah. Which is super weird.

But you're with me, right?

- Yeah. I'm with you.
- Okay, great.

As long as you don't do
any more gymnastics moves

while we're down there.


(phone beeping)

What was that?

It was my phone.


Oh, my God.

The signal's back and there's an e-mail.

You need to eat, Julia.

I can't.

I was up all night thinking about Barbie.

Julia, you'll never believe this.

He's right, I barely did.

Believe what?

Okay, so, we were at the
school filming a vlog...

I-I know, I know there's no
way to send them out,

but I, I still make
them so people will know.

Out of nowhere,

this Wi-Fi signal came back and...

Barbie sent you an e-mail.

- What?
- Can you believe it?

We thought he was dead

and now he could be alive.

And he sent me an e-mail?

Well, he sent it to me, but

it was for you.

(sighs) "Julia, I love you.

"We'll see each other soon.

"All it takes is a leap of faith.

"So get the egg and bring it with you.


Why aren't you more excited?

Yeah. Going over that cliff

must be the way out of Chester's Mill.

How do we even know that it's him?

He doesn't say anything to prove that it is.

Where the hell is he?

The egg showed us Zenith last night.

Maybe that's where the cliff leads.

NORRIE: Julia, why are you doubting this?

I would be doing cartwheels if I was you.

Joe, can we send a reply?

I don't know if the signal's
still up at the school.

As soon as we got it, we ran here.

Okay. Let's go.

(wheelchair squeaking)

It's in the cards. It's in the cards.

It's in the cards.

It's in the cards.

Yesterday he was saying
"Melanie" over and over again.

It's in the cards.

Today, "it's in the cards""

- It's in the cards.
- What does it mean?

Good luck finding out.

Uh... are you going somewhere?


No, you cannot leave!

Pauline, I got out of Chester's Mill.

This is my chance to start my life over.

You can come with me.

No, not until I get Junior out.

We have got to go in there and help him.

What? You're crazy.

Don't call me that.

What I mean is,

I don't know how I got here.

One minute I'm next to a cliff

underneath Chester's Mill and the next,

I'm lying in a playground here.

I looked around for a door,
a passageway... nothing.

Well, if you got out,
there's got to be a way in.

Maybe he knows.

Lyle doesn't even know his own name.

But he got through like you did.

And there are doctors here
that are helping patients

with a new drug; it's experimental.

I asked them to try it on Lyle,

but they said he doesn't fit the protocol.

- So, end of story.
- You're an EMT,

you can find a way to give it to him.


I know you love Junior.

We have got to get him out.

(birds chirping, children giggling)

Hey, what are you doing?


I'm wondering the same thing myself.

Nah, I'm just waiting here,

hoping a friend shows up to meet me.

(computer beeping)

(keyboard and mouse clicking)

(keyboard clicking)

Is that...?

(keyboard rapidly clicking)


(clicking continues)

(keyboard and mouse rapidly clicking)

(softly chuckles)

(whispers): Got you.

Downloaded from

Is this your first time tailing someone?

- Actually, yeah.
- Yeah, it shows.

Who are you?

All that matters is who you are:
Dale Barbara,

born July 17, 1979;
third in your class at Zenith High;

joined the Army November 2005,

captain, 5th Group, Special Forces...

You got the wrong guy.

You also just escaped from the dome.

Man, I don't know what the
hell you're talking about.

If I know you were under there,

you can be damn sure other people know, too.

Like who?

Your dad.

What's he got to do with this?

He doctored your e-mail to Julia.

Told her to bring the egg when
she took her leap of faith.

Tell me who the hell you are.

Look, would you ease up?

I'm a friend.

I don't have any.

You need one.

Well, it ain't gonna be you.

Well, I'd think twice about
heading back to that playground.

There are eyes everywhere in this city.

How do you know about that e-mail?

Let me show you.

Did you find a signal yet?


But this is where you were
when the e-mail came through?

Yeah, right about here.

Well, right about here or right here?

You have to know exactly, Joe!

Y-Yeah, right here.

But... the signal's gone.

I'm sorry.

Yeah. Me, too.

The man I love is dead.

I watched him go over that cliff.
And now I'm just supposed to believe

- that he's somehow alive?
- He said to take a leap of faith.

That must mean it's safe for
you to jump off that cliff.

I don't even know that it's him.

If it is, I'll do whatever he wants.

You'd even take the egg?

I'd jump in a second.

I'd do anything to see my parents,

let 'em know I'm okay.

Tell 'em about Angie.

Joe, we all want to get out of here.

Just listen to Julia.

We have to get an e-mail back.

We have to make sure it's Barbie.

There's no signal.


Maybe we can get him a note.

If that cliff is really the way out of here,

he will be waiting wherever it leads.

Like a message in a bottle.

With a question

that only he can answer.

So figure out what you want to say to him.

Art room. Judy's having a seizure.

She needs help.

This is a police-only area.

Whatever councilmen do, they do upstairs.

I'm no longer a councilman.

You're joking.

If I was joking,
one of us would be laughing.

Isn't being sheriff a little
low on the totem pole for you?

Look, protection of this town

has always been my first priority.

Now that Barbie's gone,
someone has to wear the star.

I just, uh,

hope I can live up to it.

Still a politician at heart.

No, I'm not.

Things are different.

The dome has revealed it has plans for me.

So now you think

the dome speaks to people?

I'm sorry I didn't believe
you when you said it, son.

I-If I'd understood, you know, everything,

maybe I could've even protected Angie.

- Don't use her to sell me on this.
- Look, I'm just saying,

I have made mistakes.

I should've put my trust in
family first and foremost.

I should've trusted you, son.

REBECCA: Big Jim, you there?

Yeah, Rebecca. What?

Not sure exactly,

but we got a problem at the Sweetbriar.

Police need to see this.

Okay, be right there.

Why don't you hold down the fort

while I go check this out.

Why don't I come with you,

show the department's
new employee the ropes.

After you.

What can we do for you?

What's going on, Rebecca?

I went to check on the windmill,

and someone had cut it down.

I kept searching for it and...

found it here.


Who the hell would destroy this thing?

Especially after it saved
us all from choking to death

a few days ago.

I guess someone's trying
to send me a message.

Not everything's about you, Dad.

- Well, it's got to mean something.
- (walkie chirps)

- Hello, Police? - Uh, yeah,
it's Junior. What's-what's going on?

There's a fire at Maple and Thornton.
We need help.

Be there in a sec.

- You in, Barbie?
- Yeah, I'm in.

And, hey, if this is a setup,
you're gonna have

a hell of a time picking up
your teeth with broken fingers.

I get it... you're tough.

Just get to his computer
and put in the jump drive.

It's password-protected.

Put in the jump drive.

All right, house security makes
their rounds every two minutes.

How long is this gonna take?

About that long. I take it

you're not in gardening.

Technically, I'm in computing.

But don't worry. I fight

the good fight. Now open a browser

and go to HoundsofDiana.com.

Haven't I seen that graffiti around town?

Well, it's my Web site to tell
the world it's being lied to

about the dome.

Okay, I'm there.

- And you see that box up top?
- Uh-huh.

Type in the code "Dromas."


I-I think I might've screwed something up.


Go ahead and take the jump out.
I'll take it from here.

(keys clacking)

Here's the real e-mail Your father sent her.

"Julia, I love you.
We'll see each other soon.

"All it takes is a leap of faith.

"So get the egg

and bring it with you."

Oh, my God.

- He did change it.
- Now do you believe me?

What does my dad want with the egg?

- Yeah, what is that thing?
- I can't let Julia jump.

What are you doing?

It's not every day

I get a backstage pass

- like this.
- No, no. That's it.

I-I've got everything that I needed.

- Relax, Barbie.
- We're done.

Get out of there.

- What the hell?
- DON: I could ask you the same thing.

Hey, Dad.

Stall him.

Son, what are you doing in here?

Nothing. I was just trying to
check my e-mail,

see if Julia replied, but...

- I couldn't log in.
- Well,

she wouldn't have replied.

Yeah, no, I know, with the...

military firewall. But...

I don't know, I was just hoping
there was a chance.

Aw, look at this.

This photo. I love this photo of Mom.

But where-where was this taken?

At the lake house.

- On our anniversary.
- Right.

Come on. Come on.

Yeah, see?

Like I said,

wouldn't let me log in.

I just wish there was a way I
could get her another message.

(sighs) Dale.

I need you to come with me.

I was stepping out to get
some supplies for the diner

and spotted the car wild with fire.

Thank God you gave me this walkie.

Yeah, you did a good job, Andrea.

Thanks. We'll take it from here.

REBECCA: People in this town are losing it.

Or someone's on a vandalism spree.

You're still not seeing the pattern?

First they hit the windmill that I put up.

Now under a sign for my dealership.

They torch a car.

A car that I sold.

You've sold two-thirds of the cars in town.

- It's not a coincidence, son.
- Technically, two events

are a coincidence.
It takes three to make a pattern.

Well, I'm not gonna wait till
that's my head on a platter.

This is the only lead we got. Follow it.

I haven't been here in a while.

The company's grown a lot.

I haven't been entirely truthful with you.


The message you had me send to Julia.

It went to her but not
through the military.

It came from here.

Aktaion Energy has other divisions.

Satellite imaging, telecommunications.

You're a government contractor.

After the dome came down,

we were hired to monitor radiation levels.

But we were the first to discover a way

to get a Wi-Fi signal into the dome.

Which you then shared with
your friends in the military.

For a healthy profit.

But we kept a backdoor as a way
to be able to use it ourselves.

- That can't be legal.
- No, which is why

it was a huge risk for
us to send that message.

And the one we're about to send.

Oh. He's not here.

Yes, I am, sir.

Oh. Well, Hunter May, meet my son, Dale.

How are you?

Nice to meet you.

- (clears throat) Uh, likewise.
- Hunter, we need you

to work your magic,
send one more message into the dome.

Dale will dictate it to you.

All righty.


Well, fire when ready.

(keys clacking)

What did you decide to ask him?

If he remembers who he caught
going through his stuff at home

a few days ago.

That was me.

And only the three of us know about it.


Wrap your note around this.

What is this?

It's a paperweight Big Jim used
to give out with every used car.

My dad hated it almost as much
as the lemon Jim sold him.

It'll take your note straight through

whatever the hell is down there,

and it'll also prove to
Barbie that it's actually

from Chester's Mill.

All right.

Next stop...



(phone chimes)


wait... the signal's back.

Barbie sent you another e-mail.

"Julia, hang in there.

"Whenever you get scared,

"just remember the first time we kissed

"at the dome by

"Joe's house, at sunset,
the stars coming out.

"I can't wait to hold you there again.

Love, Your Stray."

He's alive.

Quick, let's write something back.

The signal's lost.

It doesn't matter...

he's alive.

So you're gonna jump?

No. He doesn't want me to.

He wants to meet face-to-face.

How do you know that?

He proved it was him

by signing it "Your Stray."

I called him that once.

The thing about the first kiss?

Wrong place, wrong time...

wrong weather.

"At the dome by Joe's house,

at sunset, the stars coming out."

Yeah, it was actually in
the middle of town,

late at night, in the pouring rain.

Hmm. The dude does have
some romance in him.

But why be so mysterious?

Maybe he has to be. Maybe wherever he is,

someone's watching him.

It's worth a shot going out there.

I'm going alone.

- But we want to see him.
- And we should be with you.

I know, but we don't know if it's safe.

It's just something I need to do by myself.

(softly groaning) I'm still
not sure we should do this.

Sam, I know it's a risk ,

but I have to find out

if he knows a way back into Chester's Mill.


But if he has a bad reaction,

or I don't get the dosage exactly right...

This is no way for anyone to live.


But don't get a good lather with it

if it's that dry,
and it won't raise the beard.

All right, pal.

If the soap's dry

and you-you won't get a lather

and you raise that beard, you...
It's not gonna...

not gonna be clean.

I'm gonna give you a little
something to help you out.

Mona don't want to use...

Uh, Mona don't want to use...

If you...


That hurt.

Now what?

Now we wait.


Dude, this is getting old.

- Why didn't you say you worked for my dad?
- Yo, baby steps.

You're wound kind of tight. (grunts)

- Did he know you found me earlier?
- No. That's between us.

I swear.

How long you worked here?

Ever since they caught me
sneaking into their server

two years ago, finding out stuff
they didn't want anyone to know.

So they co-opted you.

It was that or get tossed to the feds.

So now I'm on the payroll,
securing their system

against people like me. Hey,

since we're opening up,

how the hell did you get out of that dome?

And you never answered my question...
why is your old man

- obsessed with that egg?
- Hey, shh.

You talk way too much.

You say you're my friend, right?

- Yeah, man.
- Yeah.

Well, now you're gonna
get a chance to prove that.

You're gonna get me to the dome.

The place where the National Guard

- shoots trespassers on sight?
- Yeah.

And you're gonna do it or
the military's gonna find out

that you've been breaking
through their firewall.

Barbie, certain things are
more difficult to accomplish

- than others.
- Like my dad said, work your magic.

So, what... you're just gonna hole up here

till we catch whoever did this?

No. I'm not lying low for anyone.

So, who do you think could be mad at you?

- This could take a while.
- Well...

not gonna lie to you.

Some people in this town
aren't my biggest fans.

- Well, there's Roger Lopez.
- Mm-hmm.

When the windmill went up, he was

not happy that I wouldn't
let him run the show.

There's Tom Tilden,

pissed 'cause we used
his pigs for the flu virus.

Eyeballed me pretty hard
at Barbie's memorial.

And there's Phil Bushey.

Who's lying in the clinic with
a gunshot wound to his chest.

More likely it's Terry Donahue.

Or his brother Al.

Neither one of them ever really liked me.

And there's, uh, there's Larry McCall.

Yeah. Right before the dome
came down, he was, uh,

really in my face about repo-ing his car.

That can't be everyone.

- Well, it's a start.
- Great.

You talk to those people

and we'll talk to these.


Just crazier by the day, huh?


Michael Bryant.

Aktaion radiation specialist.

That's me.

Thumb scan.


Now you're clear.

Thank you.

Be safe, sir.

Will do.

Excuse me.

How far is it to the dome?

16 klicks.

But a civilian like you needs an escort

- to go anywhere.
- Yeah, of course.

What-What unit are you guys with?

Stick to your science.

(truck engine starts)


Did the Rapture come?

This is Heaven, huh?

No, Lyle. (soft laugh)

You're not dead. You're alive.

My God, how'd you get in Chester's Mill?

We're not there. We're in Zenith.

You got out of the dome two days ago.

And Sam got here yesterday.


Nice seeing you, too.

Oh. I... I dreamed I was falling.

Just falling and falling.

Feel like my head cracked.

That's what you get when
you jump off a cliff,

thinking it'd bring the Rapture.

How did I survive?

W-Where am I?

You're in a hospital.

You haven't been yourself

- the last few days.
- A hospital?

- Uh-uh. No.
- Okay,

Lyle, Lyle, Lyle, calm down.

- Lyle.
- I can't be here.

- Somewhere we can take him?
- Yeah, yeah.

I got to go. Yeah, let's go.

(siren wails, stops)

Sorry to be so dramatic.

Saw you driving by, wanted to check in.

Sorry to hear about Barbie.
How you dealing?

I'm dealing.

Wanted to give you this.

It's, uh, part of my new safety initiative.

You sheriff now?

Yeah, I sure am.

Busy first day, too.

Where you headed?

Joe's house.

Wasn't that destroyed?

Yeah, he thinks there might
be some food we can salvage.

And I had to get out of the house.


Well, be careful up there in all that mess.

Thanks for the kind words.

(jet flies overhead)

Okay, I hate this.

Yeah, me too.
We're the ones who got the e-mail.

Yeah, and found the signal first.

Well, this is different.


- It's about Barbie.
- He's our friend, too.

I met him before anyone.

Well, it's about Barbie and Julia.

Oh. Yeah.

By the way, who knew Barbie was so mushy?

That e-mail he sent her...

It's called being romantic.

Boys just don't get it.

Oh, right, I'm talking to two girls

who probably loved The Notebook.

What's The Notebook?

Oh, my God.

Here we go.

That e-mail that Barbie sent
Julia was in code to get her

to come to the outside of
the dome by your house.

Yeah. So?

So, someone must have been
watching his every move.

Yeah, exactly.

Is he even gonna be able to get back?

He'll have to travel past
the military's perimeter,

and then travel who knows
how far to the dome wall.

There's a lot of room for error.

I just wish there was something we could do.

I hate feeling so useless.

Feeling better?

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Yeah, I think, uh-huh.

Thank you. You, too.

Well, now you're back,
which means I'm out of here.

What? No, you can't leave.

I kept my end of the bargain.

I still need your help.

The three of us need to
go to Chester's Mill.

What the hell for?

No, no. Pauline, it's terrible there.

I have to get my son out.

And I think there are answers there for us.

Answers to what?

To what's been going on
for the last 25 years.

The dome is connected to what happened

- that night with Melanie.
- You don't know if

that's true. She came back from the dead,

for God's sake.

And we may be the only
hope of getting people out.

When you came back,
you were mumbling "Melanie"

over and over again.

And then you started saying,
"It's in the cards."


I don't know.

SAM: Well, great.

Then all of this was for nothing.

No, it's not for nothing.

It means something. "It's in the cards""

Yeah. No. The cards.

I had the cards.

When I went over the cliff,
I had the postcards with me.

Tom Tilden.

Junior Rennie.

Next time you see your dad,

you tell him to go to hell for me.

You seem angry.

Hell, yes. Almost every pig

I got is dead, thanks to Big Jim and her.

We didn't infect them with the flu.


But you two want to kill everyone.

And then word gets out that me
and my pigs are responsible.

People hate my guts now.

Where were you today, Tom?

- None of your damn business.
- No, actually, it is.

You want to know where I've been?

At sunup, I was at Toot Danver's place,

delivering incubators I don't need anymore.

By 10:00, I was at the Cullin farm,

trading my mother's heirloom
quilts for food to feed my kids.

REBECCA: And all these people

will confirm you were there?

Why wouldn't they?

Now I'm pawning this generator

off on Burt Bailey for
whatever he'll give me for it.

You know, I used to admire your old man.

Now I wouldn't spit on
him if he was on fire.

(quietly): Okay.

You want to go check out his alibis?

Yeah, we'd probably better,

though I have a feeling he didn't do it.

- Still, lot of hate for Big Jim in everyone
we've talked to. - Yeah.

We'd better check on him.

Dad, it's me.

Are you there? You have any luck?

Not yet, Junior. It's gonna take a while.


Dad, where are you?

Dad, answer me!

Where are you?

Is this your doing?

You cut us off from the rest of the world,

turn us against each other.

Now you trick me into believing
that Barbie is coming back?

Is that what you're doing?

- Phil, what are you...?
- Doing here?

Let's just say I'm not supposed
to be out of the clinic.

And I'm guessing that this is
against doctor's wishes, too.

Hmm. Oh, no.

You won't be needing that anymore.

That what this is about?

Your not being Sheriff anymore?

'Cause it was Julia and
Barbie that fired you, not me.

Oh, come on, everybody
knows that nothing happens

in Chester's Mill without the
hidden hand of Big Jim Rennie.

If that were true,
my hand would be hidden in your chest,

ripping your damn heart out.

You got me to do the dirty work

for your plan to burn up the people's food.

I was by your side, Jim.

And I took a bullet for you.

I almost died because I trusted you.

Well, I got the same problem, Phil.

Putting my trust in the wrong people.

Luckily, today...

I found someone I could.

(Phil grunting)

Key's in the back pocket! Okay.

- Okay.
- Come on.


(Rebecca and Phil grunting)

(Big Jim grunting)

(Phil grunts)

Come on. Get it.

(Junior gasps)




(Big Jim sighs)

- You okay?
- Yeah. (sighs)

Guess we can work together now.

- (sniffles)
- I guess we can.

Give me the keys.

Take the lady home, I'll take care of Phil.

- You sure?
- Good job.


Come on, Phil.

Get up.

Get in there.

We're never getting out of here alive.

Yeah, we all got problems.

These are the events that Pauline foresaw

in the order that I got them.

Yeah. Yeah, but this isn't the
order in which they happened.

First the dome came down.

Then the missile strike.

Then came the red rain.

And the Obelisk.

Yeah, but that's here in Zenith.

And this is the last card I got.

So, these postcards don't really

tell us anything we don't know.

There's nothing that comes next.

Wait, wait, wait.

The Obelisk wasn't the
last postcard that I drew.

There was one more, but the dome came down

before I could send it.

Red door.

Why'd you draw this, Pauline?

I don't know...

but we'd better find it.

(crickets chirping)


(helicopter blades whirring)

Get away from him!

Take your hands...

Don't jump!

Off of him!

Leave him alone!


Don't jump!


(Barbie grunts)




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