Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 1, Episode 9 - The Fourth Hand - full transcript

Julia takes Barbie into the woods to show him the mini-dome but it has vanished. A search through the woods yields little information. After Barbie and Sheriff Esquivel arrest a drug user, they first hear of a new drug, rapture. Jim arrives home and finds Maxine, the head of the drug operation, waiting for him. She was in Chester's Mill the day the dome appeared and has been lying low ever since. It turns out Barbie knows her as well. Big Jim wants to disarm everyone in the town. Junior visits Angie at the diner but she collapses and says 'the pink stars are falling'. Angie starts to think Junior's comments about not being well may have some merit. When Joe, Angie and Norrie finally locate the mini-dome and the egg, they also realize the assistance of a fourth person will be required.

Chester's Mill is a place like any other.

At least it used to be,

until we were cut off from the rest
of the world by a mysterious dome.

Invisible, indestructible
and completely inescapable.

We're trapped.

We don't know
where it came from or why it's here,

but now that we're all trapped
under the dome together,

none of our secrets are safe.

Yesterday, Norrie and I,

we found this egg
with its own little dome around it.

The monarch will be crowned.

You don't wanna make an enemy of me,

There's two sides to that coin, Jim.

What do you think of when I say,
"The monarch will be crowned"?

What are you talking about?

I wish I knew.

It's not much further.

You said it's an egg?

With its own little mini-dome around it?

Yes. You've only asked me 20 times.

Well, you gotta admit,
it sounds kind of out there.

Yeah. I guess I wouldn't believe it
if I hadn't seen it.

And Joe thinks that this thing
could be what's powering the dome?

Yeah, he just didn't know how.

- You ever been to a planetarium?
- Once, in high school. Why?

Well, maybe that egg
is projecting the dome around us

the same way a planetarium projector
surrounds you with stars.

Well, you're gonna get to test
that theory, because here it is.

I don't see an egg.

I am not crazy.

It was clearly right here.

Where'd it go?

Barbie, you around?

Yeah, Linda. Go ahead.

Shots fired on Greenway Street.
Need you here now.

I'm on my way.

I should go help.

I have to find this thing.

When you do, come find me.

Norrie, there's only one rule
when it comes to catching a chicken.

Which is?

It ain't easy.

Yeah, but you have to kill it.

I think they're kind of cute.

Okay, so when your apparition told Julia
that the monarch will be crowned,

what do you think that means?

Guess somebody in here
gets to be king.

Or it could have something to do
with those monarch butterflies

that were outside the dome
three days ago.

Well, we should go back out
to that mini-dome,

see if we can get your apparition
to explain himself.

After we catch dinner. Uhn!

Good morning.

Very good, judging by that smile.

Well, things are looking up
in this town.

Yeah, I heard
Barbie got the water flowing again.

A lot of Chester's Millers
made that happen.

And I just hammered out a food deal
with our farmers.

We barter goods and services
for vegetables, meat.

Good, because I wanna
keep this place open.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I know I can't run it
as good as Rose did.

Probably can't offer more than
one or two items a day.

- But I think it's important.
- Ah.

So from waitress to manager
in a little over a week, huh?

From waitress to owner.

I want the deed, free and clear.

For the first time in my life,
I wanna be responsible for something.

The only way to do that, sink or swim,

is for it to be on me.

- Let me give it some thought.
- You do that.


What happened? Is he okay?

By pure luck,
the bullet only grazed him.

- So who fired the shot?
- His neighbor, Ted Utley.

- And I'd do it again.
- Whoa.

I'm sorry about Mr. Feldman.
I wasn't shooting at him.

But I have a right to defend my property.
That freak was banging on my door.

- What freak?
- At my house. He's still inside.

Weird-looking guy, ranting he had to hide
from the voices coming from the dome.

I said I had a gun,
but he wouldn't leave,

so I fired off a couple shots
to scare him.

- Except you hit your neighbor.
- That freak didn't even run off.

This thing started off by killing people,

and now it's just driving
the rest of us crazy.

We're all gonna die in here.

Calm down, Mr. Utley. We're gonna go
get the guy out of your house.

Preferably without
anyone else getting shot.

Stop talking to me, dome!

Get out! I need quiet!

- Get down!
- Let me see your hands!

- Let me see your hands!
- Don't hurt me!

- Hands behind your head.
- I gotta stop the voices!


You know this guy?

I've busted him a million times
for drugs.

So it's not the dome talking to you,
is it? It's the drugs.

Yeah, what is it this time, Larry?
Meth? Crack?


Never heard of it.

It's like every kind of high combined.

Coggins promised
it'd be like seeing heaven.

The preacher sold you drugs?

Yes, right there at his funeral home.

I need more!

- Hi, Ange.
- Get the hell out of here.

Please. I'm not gonna hurt you.

- I just wanted something to eat.
- No, Junior. No.

This is my place now,

and I reserve the right
to refuse service to anyone,

especially psychos
who chain up their ex-girlfriends.

I only did that because the dome was
making you sick.

I'm not sick, Junior.

The dome has nothing to do with me.


- Angie!
- The pink stars are falling.

The pink stars are falling in lines.

The pink stars are falling.

You got one second to tell me why
I shouldn't blow your damn head off.

Because you don't wanna
ruin this beautiful face?

Hi, Jimmy.

- Let me out!
- Angie. Angie.

- Help!
- Angie, relax. Calm down, okay?

- You're safe!
- Somebody help me!

You're safe.

Until what? Until you lock me
into the fallout shelter again?

You had a seizure.
You kept saying, "Pink stars are falling."

I only put you back there
to keep you safe.

I had a seizure?

And I took care of you, like I am now.

See? I brought you home.

You're really letting me go?

I think I'll see you again.

- The mini-dome's gone?
- No mini-dome, no egg.

Just a pile of leaves
and a hole in the ground.

- You guys didn't move it, did you?
- No.

Why would we?

I don't know,
but we need to find it again.

I just wish my mom was still here
to help us.

I can't believe she was alive
just two days ago.

How's Carolyn doing?

She's still grieving.

Should you stay with her?

We had a long talk this morning...

...and she said
she just needs some time alone.

And I need to do this.



You look like crap.


I just had a seizure at the diner. Heh.

What do you mean you had a seizure?

I mean, I was just standing
there and then I...

I went blank and collapsed.

Did you say,
"The pink stars are falling"?

How did you know that?

Because Norrie and I have had
the exact same seizure.

What? Why didn't you tell me?

You haven't exactly been here a lot.

- Oh, my God.
- Angie.

Junior's right. I am sick.

Honey, why don't you sit down
for a minute?

Huh? No, I need to get
a glass of water first.


Did you know
that Angie has a butterfly tattoo?

Yeah. My parents almost killed her
when she got it.

And now she's having seizures.

Maybe she's the monarch
who will be crowned.

My sister? No way.

And monarch butterflies are orange.

Angie's is blue and yellow,
so there goes that theory.

Well, the only way we're gonna get
answers is if we find the mini-dome.

What about that contraption
that Dodee made?

The yagi?

It locates energy sources, right?


If the egg's what's powering the dome,

then the yagi might help us
track it down.

Let's ask her to borrow it.

Dodee got a little weird the last time
she was around the two of you.

Better let me go talk to her.

Big Jim at a loss for words.

Never thought I'd see the day.

What are you doing here, Max?

I can't just drop in on an old friend?

- I mean, inside the dome.
- Mm.

Did you get through it?

Like I would try and break in? Please.

No. I don't like being
in this crappy town on a good day.

So you got trapped.

The one day I decide to leave Westlake
to come see you and that thing just

comes down out of nowhere.

You were coming to see me?

Yeah, I kept hearing about problems
with our little arrangement.

The one you assured me
you had under control?

Which I did.

So Duke Perkins wasn't getting antsy
about looking the other way?

And the wacko preacher
wasn't making up his own batches

of our product?

Rapture is your product, Max.

Which I never could have gotten
off the ground

without you and your supply
of my secret ingredient.

Duke and Coggins aren't
a problem anymore, so you can relax.

And if you got caught in here
like the rest of us...

...where the hell you been
the last eight days?

I found a house.

I guess the people living there
got caught outside the dome,

lucky bastards, and...

Been there.

Hoping that someone would free us
from this nightmare,

- and when that didn't happen, I...
- You decided to make the best

of a bad situation.

You know me so well, Jimmy.

What's that expression?

"Never let a good crisis go to waste."

Well, I would say Chester's Mill
is in more than a crisis.

So you and I need to get to work.

And you're the man to make it happen.

I'm not sure I've ever seen a town where
the preacher was also the mortician.

Reverend Coggins always said he ran
a one-stop body and soul shop.

Let's see what he left behind.

I really can't believe this.

What, that Coggins
was making drugs?

I've known him since I was a little kid.

Well, he was probably taking them too.

Guy seemed high as a kite
every time I met him.

This is the recipe he was using.

"Denatured alcohol,
chemical stabilizers."

"Liquid propane."

I've never heard of that being used
to make drugs.

Still, if you need propane, this town
seems to have a hell of a lot of it.

This one goes out to WYBS's
regular deejay, Phil Bushey,

who was dumb enough to try and stop
a bullet with his shoulder yesterday.

Feel better, Philly.

Holding down the fort, huh?

Trying to.

I also send out an all-bandwidth SOS
every three hours, but...

Let me guess,
no word from the outside world.

Not even a peep.

So, what are you up to?

I was wondering if I could borrow
the yagi for a couple hours.


Dome has to have
some kind of power source.

Thought I'd take another shot
at wandering around,

see if anything makes it ping.

I know, it's a long shot,
but it's still better than nothing, right?

The yagi's not gonna help you,
because it stopped working

after Joe and Norrie
touched the dome the other day.

- Really?
- Yeah.

It's another freaky thing that happened
because of them.

Wait, this wasn't their idea, was it?

No, this one's all me.

Good, because I still don't trust
those two.

Have you told anyone else that?

No. Like I promised I wouldn't.

Look, are we done here?
Because I've got a lot of work to do.

Yeah, sure. Thanks, anyway.

Heard you had a shooting.

A junkie broke in to Ted Utley's house
and he shot at him.

Luckily, no one was seriously hurt.

- Hope we can say that next time.
- Next time?

Someone opens fire.

You know it's gonna happen.

I've been thinking,
a lot of folks have guns in our town.

The only reason Ollie was able
to cut us off from his well

was because he and his crew
were armed to the teeth.

So, what are you saying,
we collect all the guns?

We might wanna think about it.

Jim, people have
a Constitutional right to bear arms.

- If we're still a part of America.
- Of course we are.

With that dome cutting us off,

I'd say we're looking more like
our own country every day.

I mean, resources
are only gonna get scarcer,

tensions aren't going down soon.

That's only gonna raise it more.

I know it's gonna be controversial,

but what's the harm
in proposing the idea?

Come on, Barbie.

You saw neighbor turn against
neighbor in Iraq, how'd that go?

- It's never pretty.
- So let's not have that happen here.

I go on the radio, I float the idea.

It's a totally voluntary program.

I mean, hell,
mine's the first on the stack.

All right. As long as it's voluntary
and temporary.

But the moment
this dome comes down...

People get their guns back. Of course.

You're gonna need help
making that happen.

So that should be me.

Only if I can count on you.

You made the sale, Jim, so let's go.

You really on board with this?

Hell, no, but I'm gonna stay close
to him. I wanna see what he's up to.

Attention, people of Chester's Mill.

This is Councilman Jim Rennie
with a very important public message.

Folks, I need your help
to make our streets safer

and our citizens more secure.

I'm starting a firearm turn-in program.

This program is completely voluntary.

No one's coming to your home.

This is just a way for all of us
to show each other

that no one means anybody else
any harm.

And, of course,

as soon as this crisis is over,

you all get your guns back.

And as a reward,
anyone who participates

will get extra food, extra propane.

So come on down
to the Sweetbriar Diner,

and bring your rifles, your handguns,
your ammo, whatever you got.

And remember, as always,

we'll get through this,

just as long as we all pull together.

And this is me on my first birthday.

Aw, cute.

Dressed up for my cousin's wedding.

So sweet.

I didn't mean to put that one in there.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Go back to that one. You're shirtless.

- Let's see those abs of yours.
- Moving on.

Hey, guys.

- Where's the yagi?
- Broken.

If Dodee is to be believed.

Either way, we need another way
to find the mini-dome.

We could go door-to-door.

Ask anyone if they went out for a walk

and happened to bring back a
mysterious orb the size of a beach ball.

Or we could use his nose.

He sensed the mini-dome before we
could see it, and started growling.

Maybe he'll do it again.

Come on, we're taking a drive.

- Where to, boss?
- Propane warehouse.

Reverend Coggins was using that stuff
to make drugs.

- Junior.
- Uh...

Sorry, but do you mind
if I don't go with you on this one?

You can't just bug out on the job
whenever you feel like it.

I know, but this is important.


...needs my help.

- Keep your radio on.
- Thanks, Linda.

I knew you'd come find me.

Why have you always said
that the dome is making me sick?

Because it's true.

- So you've locked me up?
- In the bomb shelter, to keep you safe.

But now you're out
and you're even sicker.

- But there's more, isn't there?
- Yeah.

But I didn't realize
until you had a seizure

and started talking about pink stars.

What about them?

Come on.
I wanna show you something.

Okay, I'm coming.

Much appreciated, Mr. Danbury.

Come down for some extra propane.

Thank you, sir.

I can't believe how many
of our gun owners showed up already,

and on such short notice.

- Big Jim talks and people listen.
- They do when it's the right idea.

- Here you go, Jim.
- Thanks.

Hey, listen, if you see Ted Utley,

tell him I was hoping to see him
down here.

Well, I saw him earlier.

He said you'll have to kill him
before he gives up his guns.

Damn it.

Hey, a guy like Utley,
you knew he was never gonna comply.

Ted has always been a gun collector.

But he's not always been
wound so tight.

Until the dome came down.

His wife was driving their kid to camp.

Smashed right into it.
Both of them died.

Been worried about him ever since.

The man is troubled, Barbie.

Whatever happened to,
"We're not coming into your homes,

this is a voluntary program"?

Yeah. Ted's gone cuckoo.

It might be necessary.

Hey, Jim.

If he's so cuckoo,
you're gonna need some backup.

Come on, Truman, where is it?

Where's the mini-dome?

He's too busy showing us
the best places to pee.

What if it didn't move
and it just disappeared?

Maybe we hallucinated it.

No. I saw it and you saw it.
Things don't just disappear into thin air.

Really? Just like things
don't just appear out of thin air

and swallow towns whole?

There is a rational explanation for this.

Okay? For all of this.
There has to be. We just have to find it.

Good boy, Truman. That's it. That's it.


- Birds.
- Come on. Let's keep going.

About time the cops decided to see
what's going on with this place.

I saw you drive up
from my porch over there.

I seen a lot of suspicious things
from that porch.

- Like?
- Boomer's truck blow up the other day.

Oh, but that was an accident.
He was smoking.

Lot of other trucks coming and going
too, the past couple of months.

People here, day and night.

And why's our town stockpiling
all this propane in the first place?

Seems awfully convenient
once that dome came down.

Why didn't you come and tell me?

I told our former sheriff,
God rest his soul.

Duke knew about this?

Maybe it just slipped his mind.

Or he didn't want you to know.

When I called him,
he just about hung up on me.

Never heard the man
sound so nervous.

Go talk to Julia Shumway.

She'll tell you
I said something here was fishy.

You didn't have to come.

I'm going in to talk to Ted Utley.

Make your way around the side,

see if you can find a window
and get a bead on him.

But do not fire
unless things go sideways.

That sideways enough for you?

Don't worry, Angie,
I promised you and my dad

I'd never hold you
against your will again.

But where are you taking me?

Right over here.

Your mom's studio?

Seems like yesterday she was in here.

Not nine years ago.

She loved making art.

I remember.

I took her pottery class in junior high.

But what does any of this
have to do with my seizure?

A couple months before she died,
she had this dream about me,

and she woke up, she came out here,

and she just started painting this
as fast as she could.

Now, in her dream...

...I was on this hill...

...looking up at these.

Pink stars.


It is Jim Rennie.

I'm coming in,

so you're gonna put that gun down.

Got that?


I'm guessing that shot at my car

was a misfire.

Because I know you, Ted.

You're no killer.

So I'm expecting that gun to be down.


Now, I'm gonna put my gun away,

and you and I are gonna talk.

What's going on, Ted?

I can't do it, Jim.

Turn in your firearms, you mean?

That dome's already taken enough
from me.

I know.

Janice and Scott.

I'm not giving up one more thing.

Ted, listen to me.

I know how you're feeling.

Okay? I lost Pauline out of the blue,
nine years ago.

There's not a day that goes by
where she isn't on my mind.

It'll get better, I promise you.

I'm sorry, Jim.

But there's nothing here for me


Take my friend here to the clinic,
see if they can sedate him for the night.

Let's go pack up those firearms,
get them ready to go.

Will do.

Listen, Barbie, I could practically feel
that red dot on the back of my head,

so glad you kept your cool
and didn't accidentally ice me.


What the hell were you up to?

I don't understand why
your mom would paint these.

I don't know either.

Maybe way back then,
she knew the dome was coming.

Or the stars are something that will
happen now that the dome is here.

You think she could see the future?

If she did, then you can too, because
you started talking about the pink stars.

- I was just babbling.
- Unless you weren't.

- Junior.
- Do you really think her painting it

and you saying it was a coincidence?

- I don't know what to think.
- Yes, you do.

You know I've been right about this
all along.

I'm not crazy.

And my mom wasn't either.
She knew something was coming.

And I must be part of it,
because I'm in this painting.

And now, obviously,
you're part of it too.

Don't you see how great that is?


How is any of this great?

It's great
because we're in this together.

I always loved you, Angie.

And now we're connected
through something even bigger

and better than that.

So now what?

You'll go back to your pal Linda

and tell her everything was
on the up-and-up after all.

Good job with the guns.

Now, that is what I call a success.

You didn't have to come by here.

And miss the chance
to congratulate you in person?

Since when do you turn down
a pat on the back?

This is Dale Barbara. He...

Oh, Barbie and I know each other.

That was a whole day wasted.

Maybe we'll come up with a way
to find the mini-dome tomorrow.

Hey, Truman. Where's your bowl?
Let's get you fed.

- I'm gonna check on Carolyn.
- All right.

What is it this time? A squirrel?

Probably a barn rat.

You're not gonna say anything,

"Long time no see"?
"Hey, you look great"?

- Hello, Max.
- Anything to say to me?

After claiming all this time
to be just a guy passing through,

never been to Chester's Mill
or anywhere around here?

Oh, kind of how you claimed
that collecting all these was your idea?

Because she put you up to it.

- No, I did what's best for this town.
- Oh, yeah.

Lying through your teeth
every step of the way.

Girls, girls, girls, you're both pretty.

Which is why I'm cutting you in
on our plan for Chester's Mill.

Step one, disarm the opposition.

Hard times mean desperate people.

Especially in this pressure cooker.

And everything that Big Jim said,
that was true.

We only want people
to be safe and happy.

Let me guess, next, you're gonna
give them a little black market

to occupy their time, am I right?

Some booze? Drugs?
A little gambling?

See? You have nothing to worry about.
He gets it.

Who the hell said
that I'm gonna help you?

Who says you have a choice?

You have quite a few secrets
buried in your past, Barbie.

I would hate for those secrets
to get dug up for everyone to see.

Oh, please, please, dig them up.

Careful what you wish for, Jimmy,
because while I'm digging,

I might accidentally reveal the pies

you've got your fingers stuck in
around town.

You've both been working for me,
even if you didn't know,

and now is not the time
to grow a conscience

unless you wanna face a jail cell.

Or a lynch mob,

or whatever it is that passes for justice
around here these days.

You're not bulletproof, Max.

Which is why I have
an insurance policy in place.

Anything bad happens to me,
your secrets still come out.

All right. Like I said, great job today.

Jimmy, make sure these get loaded up
and delivered to the cement factory.

Truck's waiting out back.

Give her a kiss goodbye for me,
will you?

Look at us.

Back in business.

And to think, it all started

with you buying me that drink,
oh, so many months ago.

No, you bought me the drink.

And then two days later,
we came up for air.

Look, whatever you and Jim
are up to here,

you are making a huge mistake.

- And you're right there with us.
- No, I don't think so.

So you don't care if Julia Shumway
hears you murdered her husband?

- Excuse me?
- Oh, please.

You called me
from your car afterwards.

You were frantic
because he fought back.

And then I start hearing rumors
that Dr. Shumway has vanished.

The pillow talk between you and Julia
is gonna be done

when she finds out
you're the reason why.


Oh. You're surprised that I know
you're screwing the widow too?

For the past eight days,
I've been watching you, and Big Jim,

and everyone in this hellhole.

So keep that in mind

before you even think
about opening your big mouth.

I can't believe it's here.

Yeah, and still doing
whatever the hell it does.

That's what you found in the woods,
isn't it?

- What you started to mention earlier?
- Yeah.

Two days ago.

- And you're not freaking out about it?
- Believe me, I want to.

But I can't deny
that I'm a part of this now.

And besides,

it's kind of cool.

It was in the woods.
How did it get here?

- Joe brought it.
- What are you talking about?

- Did you lie to me?
- No, I did not bring that thing here.

Joe, you don't remember last night?

What's there to remember?

I was in the kitchen at, like, 3,
getting something to drink, and then you

came down the stairs
and half scared me to death.

I asked you what you were doing,
and you said

that you were going out on a walk
all zombie-like.

And then you just walked out.

And you didn't stop me?

I mean, didn't you think
that that was weird?

Of course!

But what isn't these days?

Can't argue that.


So I guess I was sleepwalking.

But why did I bring this thing here?

But we couldn't find
the mini-dome anywhere.

I told them there has to be a logical
explanation for why it disappeared.

This whole time I have been holding on
to the belief

that there is some explanation

for why this is happening.

After today, I don't know.

Maybe we'll never understand.

Maybe it's better to just say screw it

and stop looking for answers
we're never gonna get.

Be grateful for what we do have.

Yeah, right.

You wanna tell me about your day?

No, it can wait till morning.

- Is that right?
- Mm-hm.

Well, do you wanna take me to bed?

Actually, I'm gonna stay up for a while.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, it's fine.


Well, maybe you brought it here
because no one else is allowed to see it.

- You think?
- I don't know.

But that time you shushed the camera,

we thought the dome was telling us
not to talk about our seizures.

Okay, so maybe only people
who've had them

are supposed to interact with it.

Which means we probably shouldn't
tell Julia that we found this again.

Okay, but, even if it's only for us
to know about, what do we do with it?

Did it do this before?


It's almost like these are locks

and our hands are the keys.

I think we need a fourth hand.

Well, I guess we need to find them.