Under the Dome (2013–2015): Season 1, Episode 10 - Let the Games Begin - full transcript

Maxine extends her reach in Chester's Mills by opening a bar where people can gamble on bare-knuckled fights. Big Jim pays a visit to a lake island home hoping to find the information Maxine has on him and Barbie. After Linda finds a safe-deposit box key in Duke's hat, she and Julia head off to the bank. Duke left some incriminating information. Julia checks her husband's box leading her to understand better what happened to her husband. Dodee finds the mini dome but is injured when she touches it. After speaking to a nurse at the hospital, Angie is certain she know the identity of the fourth hand.

Chester's mill is a place
like any other.

At least it used to be

Until we were cut off
from the rest of the world

By a mysterious dome.

(cows bellowing)

Invisible, indestructible,


We're trapped.

We don't know where it
came from or why it's here,

But now that we're all trapped
under the dome together,

None of our secrets are safe.

Hi, jimmy.

Big jim:
Rapture is your product, max.

Which I never could've gotten
off the ground

Without my
secret ingredient.

Liquid propane.
This town seems

To have a hell of a lot of it.

Duke knew about this?

He didn't want you to know.


What the hell were you up to?

The pillow talk between you

And julia is gonna be

Done when
she finds out

You murdered her husband.

You're not bulletproof, max.
I have

An insurance policy in place.

Anything bad
happens to me,

Your secrets
still come out.

(plate clatters)

The pink stars are falling
in lines.

Norrie and I have had

The exact same seizure.

Stopped working
after joe and norrie touched

The dome
the other day.

I still don't trust
those two.

Guess I was

But why did
I bring this thing here?

(birds chirping)

no sleepwalking.

Good boy.

what the...


Joe, look
what's inside the mini-dome.


Angie: Will
you guys shut up?

The egg has a visitor.

That's a caterpillar.

But it wasn't there
last night.

Maybe it was under the dirt.

Trapped inside
like the big dome trapped us.

Wherever it came from,
it was no accident.

Look at those black and
white and yellow stripes.



It's a caterpillar that will
turn into a monarch butterfly.

"the monarch will be crowned."

heard that

When she touched this thing
out in the woods.

Joe: Maybe she'll know
what this means.
No, we all agreed

Not to tell her that we have it.
Yeah, but
she might be

The fourth handprint
this mini-dome needs to do...

Whatever it's gonna do.

Like... Turn off the dome.

Okay, but julia
hasn't had seizures.



(deep whirring)

(deep whirring)

(deep whirring)

(crackling, zapping)

We still have to find whoever
the fourth handprint belongs to.

Someone with seizures.

we should find others
who've had them.

Good. Let's cover
the mini-dome.


(door opens, creaks)

Hello, barbie. You're up early.

We need to talk about max.

Sounds like someone's not
too happy to see her yesterday.

And you were?

Woman's a...
Piece of work, isn't she?

more than I knew.

Care to, uh...

Share exactly how it is you two
are in business together?


Right after you do.


Well, then,

Enemy of my enemy,
what are we gonna do?

We can't really move against her
with the dirt she says she has

On the both of us.

We get rid of whatever
this insurance policy is.

But where would that be?

Well, she says
she's staying at a house

Whose owners got trapped
outside the dome.

No. No, she's too smart
for that.

You know, she's got this, uh,
legitimate real estate company.

The... Osiris corporation.

Buys homes mostly in westlake,
but I know she's got a few here.

That's worth a look.

You know which houses are hers?

The town clerk's office
got record. I'll, uh...

You mean, so you can...
You can bury your secrets

And leave mine out there in
the open for the world to see.

You think I'd screw you over?

You're a used car salesman, jim.

Sure. We'll go together.

(door opens)

Yeah, I'm seeing at least
a dozen houses here

That were purchased
by the osiris corporation.

Most of those max remodeled
and flipped 'em within a year

But, uh... Not this one.

Bought it in 2005.
Never put back on the market.

It's on bird island?

Yeah. It's in the middle
of lake eastpointe

But still under the dome.
Only a few vacation homes

Out there. Not a bad place
to hide whatever it is

She says she's got on us.

Probably shouldn't go unarmed.

You don't think I'd let max
have all the guns, do you?

Uh-oh. What are
you two doing?

No, just some
town business.

You know, there are things
going on here that don't

Involve you.
Mm, for now anyway.

Here you go.

(paper crinkles)


"dark chocolate,
silk-infused conditioner"?

I like my luxuries.

Just because this damn dome
came down doesn't mean

I'm gonna do without.

Some of that stuff.
No, I'm not... I'm not
doing your shopping.

No. Just jimmy.

You and I have other business
to attend to.

Or if you want,

I can reveal
all your dirty laundry

And then we can see
how that goes.

let's go.

(footfalls departing)

(camera shutter clicking)

(zapping, deep whirr)


(high-pitched whine)

What the hell was that?
It sounded like thunder.



Are you all right?

Where am I?

We're at the clinic.
We brought you here.

Well, what happened to me?

You don't remember?

(groans) I remember...
(hisses) electricity.

Was it... Was it the generator
outside the radio station?

Yeah, that's right.

We found you by your generator
outside the radio station.

We were passing by
and we heard a noise.

And then we found you
with that burn on your hand.

Yeah. Yeah,
I-I guess

Was, was being there.
Nurse adams:

What... Happened to her?

We think she got zapped
by a generator.

Did she lose consciousness?

For, like, 20 minutes.


All right, well, thanks
for bringing her in.

I'll take good care of her.

Nurse adams.

Do you know anyone else
who's had seizures lately?

Besides joe and I.

Not since your tenth grade
dance, angie.

What does that mean?

What's wrong?



Anyone here?

(rattling, rustling)




Uh, I'm just looking
for barbie. Is he around?

I haven't seen him.

What's going on?

A while back, you spoke
with andrea grinnell

About some weird stuff
going on

At the propane
warehouse, right?


Did you ever follow up on it?

Honestly I thought
she was kind of loopy.

And then everything went to hell
and I just forgot about it.


Andrea wasn't so loopy
after all.

Look at this.

I don't know who
this woman is.

Here comes


She's handing him

All of which has something
to do with...

A drug being made
using propane called rapture.

You think duke
was involved with drugs?

Reverend coggins,

I think coggins burned down
duke's house to hide evidence.

Now they're both dead, and...

I've driven myself crazy

Searching this place
for an answer.

You knew duke better
than anyone.

Where else
would he stash something?

All he really cared
about was fly-fishing, bourbon,

And that hat.

The tackle box was
burned in the house,

He never left a
bottle unfinished

And he never took
that hat off his head.

Well, hello there.

What do you unlock?

Safe-deposit box.

Bank of
chester's mill.

I'll drive.

(boat whirring)

Yeah, you're not acting

(tires screech)

Where you going so fast?


Shut up before I add

Damaging police property
to what you obviously

Ripped off from someone.

So, I might've shoplifted it
from the convenience store.

Yeah, but why steal that?
You kidding?

Better than cash if you want
to get into the cement factory.

Word of advice, barbie.

Whatever you and big jim were
huddling about at town hall...

Be careful.

You mean kind of like
how I can trust you?

I have never lied to you, dale.

I'd like to think
the same about you.

So what's this business
we need to attend to?

I'm guessing these people aren't
here for a church service.

No, just a little
adult entertainment.

It's been, what, nine days
since the dome came down?

There's been no tv,
there's been no internet,

There's been
no fun at all.

Right, so now you smell
an opportunity

For your usual booze,
cards, brothels.


I don't deal in
prostitution ever.

You got that?

Come on.

(rock music playing)
(indistinct chatter)

(cheering in distance)

to my brave new world.

(blows landing)
(cheering continues)

(motor stops)



Who are you?

Sorry for the intrusion,
ma'am. I-I'm...

Wait. Big jim rennie?

From the car commercials?

♪ small price,
big savings. ♪

That's me.
Well, then...

It's hardly an intrusion.

I like your ads.
You don't scream from the tv

Like the rest of 'em.
That's not my style, ma'am.

Please, call me agatha.

nice to meet you.

This your house?

I'm just the caretaker.

Gardening and such.

For, um...

For maxine seagrave?

Don't know a maxine.

The owner's oliver luckland.

He's on the other side of the
island, tending to his boat.

I came here

More important
than selling cars,

I'm a councilman
for chester's mill,

And I'm making my way around
to see if our citizens

Need anything
in this time of crisis.

Yes, it is
shocking, isn't it?

I'm glad to be here
amid the peace and quiet.

Is mr. Luckland gonna be long?

Uh, c-can I wait for him?


We'll have a nice cup of tea.


(rock music playing)
(cheering in distance)

What do you think
of my grand opening?

I think it's a lot smaller
than you're used to, isn't it?

Oh, in time I'll have
the whole town here.

How'd you put
all this together?

By not sitting on my hands
for the past week.

Some of these people
owed me from before.

I'm sure you'll recognize
a few familiar faces

From your collection duties.

Say somebody needs eggs
for his family

And he's got some spare
batteries. He comes in here,

Tries his luck.
If he wins, he trades up.

If he loses... I win.

Uh... (chuckles)
people are already bartering

Around town.
Yeah, that's for needs.

In here, it's about vices.

Come on.

Everybody's got 'em. Even you.

You realize survival's at stake.

Yeah, mine.

If I'm gonna be trapped
in this hellhole,

I am gonna live
as well as I can.

What's going on?

I don't want to talk about it.

Angie, come on,
you're obviously upset.

I think junior
is the fourth hand.

You're joking.
My tenth grade dance.

Junior got rushed to the clinic
for passing out.

And everyone said it was
because he had been drinking,

But nurse adams just said
someone had a seizure.

But it can't be junior.

That guy
weirds me out.

You think that I'm happy
about it?

After what he did
to me?

what does that mean?


You remember
how you couldn't find me

After the dome came down?


You were with him?

He said he hadn't
even seen you.


It wasn't... Voluntary.


He kept saying that the dome
was making me sick

And the only way
that I could

Get better is
if I stayed with him.

So he kidnapped you?
He had these reasons

That seemed really
weird then, but...
Where is he?

'cause I'm gonna kill him.
No, joe, if anyone's
gonna kill him,

It's gonna be me.
Not before I do.

Get out of my way, angie!
Joe, stop!

Stop it! Both of you,


Look, I'm all
for kicking junior's ass

If he kidnapped you,

But if he's the fourth hand...

Yeah. (sighs)
I guess

You're right.

Are you sure what junior had
way back then was a seizure?


And that's not the only reason
I think it's him.

It's not?

I should show you something.

Looks like everyone left
the bank in a hurry

After the dome came down.

We could take
all the cash in here,

It wouldn't mean a thing.

And to think it was money
that ruined

My marriage and forced
my husband to run off.
Is that

Why peter left town?

After draining
our bank accounts

And putting our home
in foreclosure

To pay off his
gambling debts.

I think deep down I knew
something was wrong.

I just didn't
want to see it.

damn it.

There must be
a key

To the safe-deposit room
around here somewhere.

Hey, maybe one of these...

(linda grunts)


Got it!

(indistinct chatter)

Oh, ho, ho, ho.

Big junior rennie.

Just junior.

What's going on inside?

Nothing for you.
Come on, duncan.

I got these.
Look, I know
you're a cop now.

Means you don't belong here.

Hey, I got

What's on the list.

Let me in.

(bystanders gasp)


(chatter continues)

Let's go, let's go.

(shouting, cheering)

(man grunting)

Oh, yes!


I won!


See? People have fun,

They collect their winnings,
I skim a little off the top,

Everybody's happy.
So what do you
need me for?

Lot of chaos in this crummy town
since it all went to hell,

But the one thing I've heard
over and over again is,

"that barbie is
a real badass."

You're the main event.

No, no, no, no, no.
I am not gonna fight.
You must've

Forgotten everything
we talked about yesterday then.

About how you killed
peter shumway.

And how julia would hate
hearing about that.

Besides, think of it
as a reunion because...

You remember your opponent
victor rawlins, right?

Yeah, he gambled
his way

Down the drain
a couple months ago. He lost

His wife, his kids,
his whole life really.

No, you're his bookie, okay?

Not me.
Yeah, but you were
the one knocking

On his door forcing him
to pay up.

Only this time you don't have
a gun and victor

Really looks ready
to even the score.

You take sugar, big jim?

Yes, ma'am.

Sure mr. Luckland

Doesn't, uh, mind us being here?

Oh, no.

Oliver's as hospitable
as they come.

I was, uh,
under the impression...

Somebody else owned this house.

No, I'm certain
he does.

But he's not
here much.

He spends a lot of time out
at his other properties.

That's why he has me
taking care of things.

Sure is lucky to have a neighbor
like you, agatha.

That's my
daughter maxine.

Now do me a favor
and drop that gun

That's tucked
in the back of your belt.



Maxine didn't learn

To be the way she is
from her father.

Who's ready for the main event?

(crowd cheers)

All right, all right,
well, your wait is over,

Because here it is:
Victor rawlins versus

Your special forces veteran
dale "barbie" barbara!

(crowd cheers)

The rules are simple:
There aren't any.

There's no rounds,
no time limits.

You fight till you lose.

May the best man win.

(crowd cheers)

Disappoint me at your own risk.

(crowd cheers)

(crowd exclaims)

(crowd booing)

(crowd cheers)


Make yourself

Maxine should be here
after sundown.

Or maybe tomorrow.

Well, that's a long time
to hold a rifle on someone.

I hope I don't get drowsy,
somehow pull the trigger.

You don't remember me, do you?

Well, give me a hint.

We were in the same
high school class.

Well, until I dropped out.

There's only one student
I remember dropping out.

Her name was claire.

I changed my name.

I'm sure you can imagine why.

It was quite
the scandal.

You got pregnant.

With maxine.

I was only 16,

And people treated me
like my life was
already over.

That's not true.
I was a pariah.

I had no way
to support my daughter...

...Except by starting
to let men in my bed.

Men who would turn around
and publicly shame me

For being
the immoral one.

Still you're here.

Far enough away
to keep the stink
out of our hair.

Maxine moved
to westlake,

And I came here
to be close to her.

But neither of us will ever
forget the real chester's mill.

The sharp teeth behind
the friendly smile.

Well, there are teeth
behind the smile.

It's the only way
to get things done.

Like the propane, you mean?

My daughter tells me

Gave me every bit of evidence
I need on you and duke,

That nutty
reverend coggins.


She must have told you
about barbie, too, huh?

Oh, yeah. (chuckles)

About him breaking legs.

Killing that dr. Shumway.

It's no surprise
he got stuck here.

This town...

It always has been a magnet
for the worst of humanity...

Like your son.

Junior's turning out

To be just as crazy as his mama,
isn't he?

Shut your mouth!
Sit down!

Or I'll put a bullet
through your chest!

Have you ever killed someone,

I mean, I know you got
your sob story and all,
but have you ever

Really rolled up your sleeves
and murdered someone?


And even with all that
hate in your eyes,

I'm not seeing what
it takes to kill.

But go ahead...

Prove me wrong.

Now we're gonna do something
about your family.

So this place belonged
to junior's mother?

Yeah. He brought me
here yesterday...

To show me this.

Pink stars.

This and the fact
that he's had seizures?

I'm still gonna kill him.

No, joe, it doesn't matter
what we want.

It matters what the dome wants.

Now we just need
to find junior.

I'm right here.

What the hell
are you doing with that?

You son of a bitch!

joe! No!

Joe, no!

You're attacking me?

You're the one
who's trespassing.

You kidnapped
my sister!

You promised my dad

You wouldn't tell
anyone about that.

I had to!
Just like you have

To help us now!

Look, first let him go!
Let him go! Let him go!

Junior, no!
Let him...!


Why should I help you
with anything?

I brought you here

Because I trusted you.

These are the only things
I have left of my mother.

Junior, you said

That something bigger
is going on, right?

Something that connects
all of us to what's happening?

Yeah. So?

So I need you to come with us
to our barn.



All of us...

...The four of us--
are connected

To something...



Get out there!

(crowd cheering)

(crowd exclaims)


Come on, barbie! Whoo!

Finish it!

Man 2:

Finish it!

Stay down, you bum!
Stay down!

Stay down!
You're out! Stay down!

Get up.

Hey, big man. Hey!

No wonder your wife and kids
left you.


Hit me as hard
as you can.

(crowd exclaiming)

Get up!

Come on, barbie! Seriously?!

Let's go!
Get back up!

(crowd cheers, boos)


I guess the best man won.


You threw the fight
just like I knew you would.

Oh, like hell I did.

Everyone here bet
on the hero

And lost their asses.

I bet on victor...

Because I know you.

And I know that you would do
anything except let me win.

Here it is, duke's
safe-deposit box.

Oh, my god.

What is that?

When duke woke up
from his heart surgery

When he had his
pacemaker put in,

I gave him this.


I told him the doctors found it

Where his heart
should have been.

I can't believe he kept it.

There's a letter here.

I can't.

You read it.

"to whom it may concern,

"my name is duke perkins,
sheriff of chester's mill,

"the only place I've ever been
able to call home.

That's the reason I did
what I did."

His confession.

"19 years ago
I lost my son to drugs.

I watched helplessly
as he was swept away
by his addiction."

Did you know this?

He never talked about it.

"the only thing
that kept me

"from turning my gun
on myself was a promise I made:

"to do everything I could

"to keep drugs out
of chester's mill.

"so I made a deal
with a devil

By the name of
maxine seagrave."

That's got to be the woman
in the video.

"the deal was simple:
The town bought

"the liquid propane
she needed

"under the guise
of 'emergency reserves'

"so the dea
wouldn't look into it,

"and she'd pay us enough
to shore up the town's coffers

"and keep her drugs--
all drugs--

Out of chester's mill."

He did it to save us.

"I sold my soul
for the people of this town.

"people like my son.

"people like linda esquivel.

"there were two other people
in this deal:

"lester coggins...
Who laundered our proceeds,

"and the man who was the front,

"saying he was buying
the propane for our town:

Big jim rennie."

Of course he was involved.

why didn't duke tell me?

Because he loved you.

Maybe the same reason
peter didn't tell me.

You think you could hold
a flashlight for me?


I need to talk to barbie.


What are you planning
on doing with me?

My experience has been
that with a little patience,

The world reveals
the right course of action.

You think the world is just
looking out for you, don't you?

As if whoever and whatever
is behind that curtain

Is pulling strings
just for you.

There's nothing
behind that curtain

But darkness.
Sit down.




Help me!



Help me!

My hands are tied.


Please, help me!

(engine revs)

Help! Help!

Cheer up, barbie.

You know the house
always wins.



Tonight was rather successful,
wasn't it?

I won.

You... Helped me win.

I've always known--

And I think
you have, too--

That we make
a damn good team.

And as long as this dome
is around,

I could see us making this town
our playground.

These people aren't
gonna let you win.

Yeah, you got a few
that owe you something now,

But at the end of the day,

That ain't a whole
hell of a lot.

Yeah, until more people owe me

And then more people
on top of them.

I'll live
the way I want, barbie.

We will live the way we want.

What if you don't get more?


You don't get your whiskey?

You don't get me?

Then I'll burn the place down.


What are you doing?

What I should've done

Oh, you do not want
to piss me off, dale.

Not when under your feet

Lies a body belonging
to peter shumway.

You do everything I say

Or the truth about
him will come out.

That's... See, that's
the old barbie.

We're finished, max.

(door closes)

(panting quietly)

Didn't expect
to see you here.

I didn't expect to be here.

You and I need to talk.


Come on in.

I'll even cook us up
some dinner.

How's something
medium-rare sound?

Actually, let's do this
at the station.

I've had a hell of a day, linda.

Whatever it is you think
we need to talk about,

It can wait till
the morning.

Think I've, uh,

Earned that much respect
in this town, right?

Come by first thing,

Or I come back

And these cuffs
don't stay on my belt.

I need to say something.

Like why your face
is all cut up?


I told you when I first came
to this town

That I went out to the cabin
to meet peter,

But that...

That he wasn't there.

But he was, wasn't he?


He-he told me
that he didn't have

The money he owed, so...

So I said I'd be back
the next day...

And he pulled a gun on you.

How do you know this?

Because I brought this down
from our bedroom closet

And found his gun missing.

No gun, all the bullets.



You know.

I didn't want to believe it.


He needed you to kill him.

I found this life
insurance policy today.

You know, in some weird way,

I think he did all this
to try to protect me.

'cause this would be void
if he committed suicide.


I'm-I'm so sorry...

...For everything.

Me, too.

Barbie, I've seen you sacrifice
yourself for total strangers.

But in the future,
there can be no more lies.

In the future?

You sure?


Is that...

An egg?

With a mini-dome
around it.

Hey, look.

The caterpillar's
in a cocoon now.

It's actually a chrysalis.

He's a nerd.

(mechanical buzzing)

And you think I'm supposed
to be part of this, too?


We do.

(mechanical screeching)



(loud buzzing)


(loud whooshing)

Oh, my god.

It's the pink stars.

And they're making

It's... Beautiful.

But... What does it mean?