Un village français (2009–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - La livraison - full transcript

Are you sure Marcel is with them?

I saw him. He told me
that Raoul was over there.

He was tortured.

We're sorry for you,
but what's that got to do with us?

But you can't say that.

People get tortured and executed
every day. Life is worthless.

- It's sad, but...
- We know them.

- So what?
- This isn't the theatre!

Give me a break!

I'm talking about our safety.
Getting involved is a huge risk.

So, sorry for saying it again,
but what has it got to do with us?

Normally, I would have mounted
an operation with the movement,

but after Anselme's arrest, everyone
has fled. You're all I've got.

- We're not able to attack a prison.
- Nobody is suggesting that!

We'll help you.


What's your plan?


We have one chance.

My husband's cousin,
a guard at Villeneuve prison,

said Marcel and the others will be
transferred to HQ tomorrow at 3pm.

- You want to attack HQ?
- No.

- That's worse than the prison.
- Enough!

It's not about attacking HQ.
We just want to slip them a weapon.

And how do you plan to get in?

I thought we'd find something among
the uniforms that you recovered.

What are you doing?

I decided to paint you as well.

Have you done it before?

There's a first time for everything.

Strike a pose.

Pose? What pose?

Put your hands together in prayer.

- Look inspired.
- Inspired by what?

Let's say...

By God. Do you know him?

No, but I can always try.

Like that? Will that do?


Saint Hortense.

It's 24 hours now
since I felt any pain.

I had forgotten what it was like.

- I'm happy for you.
- Don't move.

It's funny to think
it's thanks to your husband.

Forget him for a moment, would you?

Yesterday, when you went
to get the morphine...

- Yes?
- Don't move.

Did he talk to you
about his brother?

No, he didn't mention him.

No doubt, yesterday,
there were a lot of patients.

Yes, I told you.
There were a lot of people.

And yet...

You told me he had time
to talk politics with you.


He should have had time
to talk about his brother.

Heinrich, what is it you want?
Daniel gets on my nerves.

I don't want to see or talk to him,
except if I need your morphine. OK?

What's got into you?
You're hurting me!

What are you doing?

- It's living art.
- But you're crazy!

Yeah, crazy.

I've been told that often lately.


Stop it!

Your husband was arrested
by the Maquis.

Who gave you the morphine?


Get your things
and leave right away.

Heinrich, I did it for you.

You destroyed my trust, Hortense.

And without trust...

..there is nothing.


If you're still here in 20 minutes,
I'll throw you out.

It's impossible to get into HQ
that way.

You'll get caught and slaughtered.

- Even with uniforms on?
- It's worse with uniforms.

You'll be asked straight away
in German

who you are and where you're going.

It's better to be
in civilian clothes.

But you need...

A summons. Papers.

The Germans only trust papers.

It seems clear to me.

There is someone
who could get into the HQ.

- Who?
- Raymond Schwartz.

- Would you go and ask him?
- No, not me.

I never hear you come in.

I like watching you fill up
the inkwells.

It reminds me of my mother

when she prepared breakfast.

She poured the tea into cups.
Blue china cups.

I've never found this blue again.

If only knew how much
these inkwells irritate me!

- Still, you've got the knack.
- It's habit.

Not again!

- How about we don't go?
- Where?

To the shelter. Why would a bomb
land on the school just this time?

No, come on. You never know.

They're supposed to liberate us,
yet they bomb us.

They're bombing Germany.

It's not Germany today.

It must be the factories
at Montbeliard.

No, it's closer.
Maybe the marshalling yard.

Don't worry.
The planes are far away.

A plane can go fast.

I remember June 1940.

We took the children for a picnic
with Bruno, the head teacher.

It was a beautiful day.

The planes were 100 kilometres away.
That's what we had been told.

But that day, two children
were killed and so was Bruno.

You mustn't think
about things like that.

I'm thinking about it now as well.
Well done!

What are you thinking about?


Your first love? The teacher?

My first love, yes.

What? Wasn't he?

Yes, he was.

A bomb fell on his school.
Is that right?


Not far from here either.

He died along with eight children
in his class.

Was he married?

No. He wasn't that type.

He was...

I think he taught me everything.

What about?

What about?

I don't know.

I think...

I think he taught me how to laugh.

Yes, that's it.
He taught me how to laugh.

Before I met him,
I didn't laugh much.

It seems you still love him.

He's dead.


No. It's in the past.

Well, I still have his photo
under my pillow.

Sometimes I tell myself
he's protecting me.

Against the forces of evil.

Risking your neck doesn't bother me,
but only if there's a good reason.

To free three Resistance fighters.

You're not doing it for them.
You're doing it for the girl.


Is that not a good reason?

Not in your situation right now.

You're putting the group in danger
for the sake of an individual.

Excuse me, but...

Why are you making these
poor wretches put on this show?

- It keeps them busy.
- No.

You're doing it for yourself.

Theatre is your life.
It doesn't bother me.

Each to their own.

But don't tell me
that it's for them.

You do things for your own benefit
like everyone else.

- Obviously.
- So...

The big question is...

does your egotism serve any purpose?

Helping three prisoners escape
has a purpose!

Who'll replace you
if you get killed?

I don't know.

Her. You.

What does it matter?

I don't want you to get killed.

How very kind, but it won't stop me
doing what I think needs to be done.

- I'm not interrupting?
- Yes, you are... No, I'm joking.

We'd finished.

I'll get back to the play.


That's all we have.

Anselme will know how to use it.
Larcher as well, I guess.

I'd like to come with you,
but I'm too well known at the HQ.

- I'd do more harm than good.
- I know.

Thanks, anyway,
for what you're doing.



Was Raymond your lover?

You ask a lot of questions.

I want to know how to approach him.
It's military strategy.

You know something happened
between us. Why do you ask?

- A long time ago?
- Yes, it was over a long time ago.

So how will you handle him?

I don't know.
By just being honest?

Not a good idea. If he knows
it's for me, he won't do it.

You were to provide us with someone
who can infiltrate the Maquis.

- We're still waiting.
- We won't find anyone

if you need someone local.
I'm afraid the locals support them.

- Unless you offer a lot of money.
- We haven't any.

We won't start paying
for information on all non-patriots.

We're beginning to wonder
what use you are, Marchetti.

And what use are you?

Listen, Madame Schwartz's death
was a serious mistake.

Now you are getting bogged down
with the Maquis.

I really think we need a change.

Captain Blanchon from the GMR

will take over
as chief of the Villeneuve police.

- What about me?
- You'll report to him.

I'm counting on you to locate
and neutralise the Maquis.

Is that clear?


You should have dismissed him.

He's a good policeman.

How could he be good?
He knocked up a Jewish woman.

Do you know that General Heydrich,

the founder of our dear SD,
had a Jewish mistress?

Are you joking?

I hope your Blanchon will get
some real results and fast, Servier.

Don't worry. He's a hard-liner.
He'll crush them.

Into a mash?

Do you know Monsieur Chassagne makes
a superb mash with Ratte potatoes?

I had the pleasure
of tasting it recently.

Yes, I know. Superb.

But be careful with the mash.

It can prove very difficult
to digest.

See yourselves out.

Can I make a call to Besancon?

The telephone is
for customers' use only.

I've got just enough to make a call
and it's urgent. Please.

- It's over there.
- Thank you.

Besancon 113, please.

Hold the line.

- You're through to Besancon.
- Thank you.

Hello. Who's calling?



Oh, it's you.

I'm interrupting, it seems.

Yes. Well, I'm expecting a delivery.
What do you want?

Daniel has been arrested.
I don't know where to go.

Why can't you stay at home?

- It's complicated.
- You want money. Is that it?


No, just to come for a few days
to give me time to find a solution.

And that way, I can see Dad.

Your dad doesn't recognise anyone.
He doesn't say a thing.

Can I come or not?

Daniel has been arrested
or have you had an argument?

It's serious. He might die.

I just need a few days
to get myself together.

You always have the knack of getting
yourself in these predicaments.


When will you get here?

I need time to go back home
to get some things.

If the five o'clock train is
on time, I'll be there at half past.

Nestor will pick you up
at the station.

Don't expect a feast.

I'm not expecting anything.

Very well. See you later.

Hello, darling!

Cooey! It's Daddy!

How are you, sweetheart?

- Are we entertaining this evening?
- Oh, no.

No, no,
it was just that I felt like...

You are even more beautiful
than usual.

We had another air raid warning
today. An hour in the shelter.

The British were bombing

I think we'll be having
more and more of these raids.

It's irritating,
but it's a good sign.

What about you?
How was your meeting?

Dead boring.

The new school curriculum,
getting rid of potato beetles.

The bad influence
of Masons and Jews.

Pretty routine then?

That's one way of looking at it.

And the director of education
unveiled a plaque

as a memorial to teachers
killed in air raids.

That's funny.

Marguerite was just telling me
about a colleague of hers

who died last week
along with his pupils.

In an air raid?

The director should have told you.

A teacher killed recently?
Where was that?

I don't know. Near here.

Near here?
I would have heard about that.

It was a good friend
of Marguerite's.

She couldn't be mistaken.

A female teacher was killed
in Poligny two weeks ago.

No, not a female teacher, Jules.

A male teacher. A schoolteacher.

I don't understand.

There was a canteen assistant
in Besancon last month.

A teacher, I said.
He was 45 years old.

There were two primary teachers in
Besancon, but they weren't even 30.

I must have misunderstood.

By the way, Marguerite wanted you
to approve and sign some papers.

Do you want me to speak to her?
You seem a bit annoyed.

No, I told you.
I must have misunderstood.

Let's not make a fuss about it.

As you wish.


My darlings!
What are you doing here?

Darlings, darlings!

Sarah and Uncle Daniel's friend
have been arrested.

We'd come to look for Uncle,
but he wasn't here.

- How did you get here?
- We walked.

- From Moissey?
- We're tired.

Oh, my darling. My darling...

We looked everywhere,
but there's nothing to eat.


They took everything.
Even Uncle's medicines.

- Where is he anyway?
- He's been put in prison.

By the Krauts?

No, it's complicated,
but I'm sure he'll be back.

Can you buy us something to eat?


Of course. I must.

My dear...

No! No, no!


Come on.

Breathe, breathe.

Breathe, breathe!

It's OK, it's OK.

Breathe. Breathe!

Come on, come on.

But what got into you?

I can't take any more.

I think about Madame Josephine
all the time.

I see her smile.

She had such a sweet smile.

Now she's dead.

Because of me.

You think killing yourself
will bring her back?


But at least
I would stop thinking about it.

It wasn't you who killed
Madame Josephine. It was the war.

That's right, blame the war.

I killed her. There you go.

It was me. I've killed others
and I'll no doubt carry on doing so.

But you've done nothing.
You haven't killed anyone.

You're young. You have your life
ahead of you. Don't waste it.

Who'll make me my ham soup?

You'd easily find someone else.

You had that Jewish woman before.

That Jewish woman, as you put it,
I love her.

She had my son.

She's far away.
She doesn't want to see me any more.

I'm not in love with you,
but I really like you.

What's more, you're here.

Promise me
you won't try that again.

Go on, promise.

I don't know.

What if I marry you?

- You're talking nonsense.
- No, not this time.

I'll marry you.

That will give you
a bit of stability.

If anything ever happens to me,
which is quite likely...

..you'll get a pension on my salary.

Being a cop's wife may be foolish,
but being a cop's widow isn't bad.

Are you alone?

The caretaker arrives in an hour.

I guess you know about it?


Can we go in?

Yes, if you want.

Are you thirsty?


I am.

I've discovered plum brandy
during the occupation.

I don't like the taste, but it's the
only thing the caretaker distilled.

- Are you sure you don't want any?
- Yes.

You're very serious, Antoine.

You don't drink, you don't smoke.
You don't screw.

When is the burial?

Is that what you came for?

The day after tomorrow
at 11 o'clock.

There'll be cops
and maybe even Krauts.

I know.

So why did you come?

I need some papers.
A contract from last year.

Go on, help yourself.

I need a car as well.

You're pushing it a bit now.

And I need you in the car.


I'm sorry. I didn't know
you believed in Santa Claus.

Not any more.

Josephine told me everything
when I was six.

Really? She told you
he didn't exist, just like that?

It was in 1927 or '28.


I couldn't sleep.

I saw her put the presents
under the tree.

I asked her
if Santa Claus had come early.

She hesitated.

I'll always remember
the moment she hesitated.

Should she tell me or not?

Then she told me.

Can I try a bit
of your prune brandy?

It's a bit rough.

It isn't so rough
if you down it in one.

Three condemned men are being taken
from the prison

to be interrogated at the HQ.

You think I care?

One of them is Marie's son.

Did she send you?

She didn't want me to tell you.

She thought if I told you,
you wouldn't do it.

And you thought I'd agree to do it?
Is that it?

She was right.

Do you ever wonder why Jo died?

Because you messed things up.

If you'd let me go to a forced
labour camp, she'd still be alive.

- Are you blaming me?
- No.

It seems that you're blaming me
for something.

Jo is dead
because France is occupied

and she wanted to do something
about it.


Jo is dead because of you,
you poor fool.

Who are the other two?

Marcel Larcher and Anselme.

- A farmer in the Resistance.
- Yes, I know him.

You're impossible!
Nestor waited an hour for you.

- Did you change your mind?
- No, no.

Not at all. Only...

I'm with Tequiero now
and my nephew Gustave.

- Marcel's son?
- Yes.

You can bring Tequiero if you like.

I can't leave Gustave on his own
here with nothing to eat.

It's up to Marcel to look after him.

- He can't.
- Obviously!

- He might be shot.
- Good riddance!

How dare you!
Why are you being so nasty?

Watch what you're saying.

What have we all done to you?
Me, Dad, the human race?

You are disgusting, Mother,
a monster, an evil creature.

I should have said it long ago,
but I'm telling you now.

I wish you all the suffering
and misery in the world.

I hope you get sick and die alone
without anyone to look after you!

I feel better now.

But that won't get us
anything to eat.

We need to go round the back there.
There's less risk of being searched.

- Where did you get these plans?
- In '41, I did up the offices.

- They had to give me the plans.
- You haven't been back recently?

A year ago,
but they'll recognise me.

- You'll be done for afterwards?
- I'm already done for.

Here and everywhere else.

They're arriving at about three.
Which way will they come?

This way. We'll be sitting
on the visitors' bench here.

There'll maybe be six Krauts, plus
those going up and down the stairs.

As soon as they arrive, we'll get up
and go towards the group.

We'll bump into them and slip a gun
into their pocket. It'll be tricky.

- We'll be armed.
- The Krauts as well.

Oh, my goodness!

- Monsieur Antoine...
- Eliane.

What are you doing here?

I came to pick up
my birth certificate.

You asked me for it for some papers.
You remember?

Yeah, maybe.
What do you need it for?

A family affair.

I'll see if I can find it.

I wanted to say I'm really sorry

about what happened
to Madame Josephine.

- She was such a good person.
- Thanks, Eliane.

I pray for her...

every night.


I can't find it.

I can't find it. Is it urgent?

No. Not really.

We've got some work to do
and don't have much time.

- Come back later and you'll get it.
- OK.


Eliane, don't tell anyone
that you saw Monsieur Antoine here.

- I won't.
- OK?

- Can I rely on you?
- Yes, you can, Monsieur Schwartz.

Right, I'll leave you to it.
See you later.

- She seemed a bit odd.
- No, that's what she's like.

But she does the housework well
and she doesn't ask questions.

Your sister really liked her
as well.



I need the iron.

Mademoiselle Martin has got it
until tomorrow.

Yes, that's right.

- She's gone out.
- I know.

Thanks, Maxime.


Marguerite, I need the iron.

You're not at the office?


Did you get your papers?

No. I have to go back later.

You were away a long time.

I chatted to Monsieur Schwartz
while he looked for the papers.

Come and sit down.

What did you talk about?

The rain, the lovely weather?
Life and death?

About Madame Josephine.

Madame Josephine.

She looked beautiful
when she jumped out of the window.

It felt like she was making a sign
to me as if...

as if to say: "See you soon."

You mustn't say things like that.

No, I mustn't.

Nothing else happened?


Monsieur Antoine was there.

He was looking at plans
of the HQ in Villeneuve.

I'm glad you told me.

If you hadn't, I don't know
what I would have done.

What are you going to do now?

I beg you. Let me be reborn.

Reborn, reborn.

I think I abandoned him
just before he was arrested.

I wrote to him
and said I wanted to leave him.

I hope he didn't read the letter.

I'm sure he knows you love him.

What use will that be
when he faces the firing squad?

Don't think like that.
You must believe, have hope.

- Are you a believer?
- No.

You talk like a believer.

I believe in commitment.

Sometimes in luck.

I can't stand not doing anything.

Being here like this, watching
these idiots pretend to be actors.


Why must I be in love
at the worst possible moment?

Who sows the seeds of love
at such a time?

- Right, are you ready?
- Yes.

Let me do the talking, OK?

Who are you giving the gun to?

Anselme. He's the one I know best.
He'll know why I'm here.

He's smart.


As soon as he arrives,
look for his pocket.

That's the target. Don't take your
eyes off his pocket. You get up.

You bump into the group, slip the
gun into his pocket, then go home.

- And don't take any stupid risks.
- Right.

- They'll be here in ten minutes.
- Wait...

OK, let's go.

Monsieur Schwartz.

Monsieur Schwartz.
I have an appointment.

Do you have a summons?

No. Major Seidlitz summoned me
by telephone.

Seidlitz? From the trade department?


- He's not in today.
- He told me to come here urgently.

He wouldn't be pleased
if you sent me away again.

Werner at reception.
Is Major Seidlitz there?

How am I to know?
He's marked here as absent.

I have someone here
who has an appointment with him.

Very well. I'll tell him.

He is here, but he's in a meeting.

You can have a seat on the bench
over there and wait.

He might be quite some time.


What do we do now?

We pray that Seidlitz
will be a while

and that the others arrive soon.

- So, Delage, anything new?
- Yes.

I had it off with the waitress
from yesterday.

I was thinking more of issues
that affect us all.

She has a sister if that helps.

Marchetti, do you know
about the re-organisation?

Yes, I know about it.
Servier warned me. Congratulations.

I don't think it will work.

I'd prefer it
if you asked for a transfer.

No, I like it here.
The climate and everything.

Do you have any information?
A tip-off, something new?

Yes, I have something new.

I'm listening.

Inspector Delage had it off with the
waitress from the cafe downstairs.

He's been on the case for a month.

It's not good to be late
for your escape.

Why did you come with me in the end?

What does it matter?

Talking keeps my mind occupied.

I'm scared, if you must know.

You're not as stupid
as you look then.

Just focus on Anselme's pocket.
Have you got the cartridges?

Yes, the weapon's loaded.

The safety catch is off.

How many bullets?


That's not a lot.

If the Krauts start firing...


Do you still love her?

That's ancient history.

Are you saying that
because Jo just died?

You choose the best moment
for a man-to-man talk!

I loved your sister.

She was a lovely person.

If things had turned out well,

I would have been happy
to spend my life with her.

That's why I'm glad to be here.

But there's another reason as well.

- I grassed on Anselme.
- What?

It was the only way of saving
your sister, but it was no use.

- I owe him this.
- You grassed on him to the Krauts?

Life is complicated, you see.

You'll understand
when you've grown up.

Perhaps it's true you loved Jo
in the end.

Here they are.


They don't have pockets.

Christ, they don't have pockets!

What do we do?