Un village français (2009–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Travail obligatoire - full transcript

Put the first one on the left.

Push it all the way to the back.

That should do.

Lift it together,
when everyone is ready.

Lift it at the same time
at the back.

Go ahead, slowly.

There you go.

Lift it... There we go.

Is everything okay?

It should be easy now.


Some of you take the planks
and the others take the gunnies.

You shouldn't help them
if you want them to respect you.

That's your thing, isn't it?

- What is?
- Not helping out.

- Is your thing to be a pain?
- Why not?

Well done, guys.
Keep going.

I thought you'd be thirsty.

Madame Schwartz,
your brother is a pain in the arse!

It runs in the family.

Thank you.

How would you like
to be assistant director?

You're doing that for my sister.

I'm doing that
because you're good, idiot.

I'll need someone good
if I branch out.

- Am I good?
- Yes, you're good.

You're good but you're dumb,
just like me.

I'm not sure that's a compliment.

Is someone in there?

No, they're all here.

Come with me.

What's this mess?

Look over there!

Raymond, the police are coming.

Go back to the house.

Hello, officer.

Do you know my brother-in-law?

We were chasing a man
and he went into hiding here.

A man?

He deserted Work Service.

I didn't see anyone.

We're sure he's here.

He must have left then.

We would have seen him.

- Is he your brother-in-law?
- Yes.

- How old is he?
- 21 years old.

He'll soon be off to Germany then.

I'm exempt from service.

Of course.

It's always the same ones
who get out of it.

Loriot, he's in there, go get him.




Shoot in the air.

Loriot, take a look at him.

It seems like he also found a way
not to go to Germany.


Do I look okay?

You always look great!

How do you manage to love
the most hated man in Villeneuve?

People don't hate you,
they're afraid of you.

I think they simply
don't understand our fight.

They'll understand, eventually.

They won't have a choice.

That's what
I love the most about you.

It's like everything is possible.

- You're up next, Mayor.
- I'm coming.

This is why, young men,

you'll go perform your duty
in Germany.

I'm not afraid to say it:
you're the honour of France.

Our France which is hurt...

I don't like empty chairs,
couldn't you get people to come?

- It's hard...
- We didn't need so many then.

You are our country's hope.

You're our guiding light.

Our glorious tomorrow.

You're the actors
of our national revolution.

I'm not afraid to say it:
you're our ambassadors.

You're the Marshal's ambassadors.

You're the ambassadors of France.

I'll now leave the floor
to Philippe Chassagne,

Mayor of Villeneuve,

of the Chamber of Commerce

and President
of the Regional Committee.

It's not easy to see
our men leave for Germany.

If I were 20 years old,
going to Germany

would be a pain in the neck.

Why do we send you there then?

Is it just to annoy you?

No, Sir.

No, Madam.

You're giving us
your precious sons.

We send you there to win the war.

The war is still raging
over there, in Russia.

Men are fighting.

Men are injured, amputated,

disfigured, dead...

Thousands of them!

You may wonder:

what does a war 2,000 kilometres
from here have to do with us?

In the future,

do you want this school
to become a synagogue?

Do you want government auditors

to come to your homes
and take your wood-burners

and your bikes
to give them to the people?

This will happen
if Germany loses the war.

Villeneuve will be
Bolshevik and Jewish!

Tomorrow, in our homes!

Is that what you want?

In order to win this war,

what is asked of us, the French...

are workers.

Three age groups for two years.

It's a lot to ask.

But the Germans,
in order to defend Europe,

they give their blood.

Thousands of them
are giving their blood.

Can't we offer them
our workforce?

I didn't understand
your behaviour earlier.

We didn't even know the man.

And now, he got shot.

That's not his fault.

Maybe he wouldn't have been shot
if we had told on him.

Don't you have something to say?

I don't get it.

Do you agree with the STO?

I don't like politics.

You helped me stay here.

I helped you
because I need you here.

But there's a world
beyond your own personal interests.

You have a big mouth.

Am I supposed to shut my big mouth
if I take the job?

If you don't want the job
nor my help then go to Germany.

I'll find someone else,
don't worry.

- I'll go check the books.
- Do that.

- You didn't eat!
- I'm not hungry.

I don't like it when you fight.

I like it, it keeps me fit.

Don't worry, we'll make a man
out of your brother.

I could wave at the driver,

he'd stop
and we could steal his load.

If you wave, he'll accelerate
and the other will shoot you.

Why wouldn't he stop?

Because they have strict orders.

They stop only for their men.

Men always stop for pretty girls
on the side of the road.

I'm telling you they have orders,
they'll never stop.

Never say never, comrade.

This can't be planned.

If only we were down there.

We could rob them with a gun.

They've got at least 10 rifles.

Are you sure?

If I believe my informer,

the lorry is back
from the workshop.

It always travels
the same road at the same time.

It's too dangerous.

We can't keep watching them
like two idiots.

I prefer living idiots
to dead heroes.

What self-criticism!

You'll always make me laugh.


Let's talk to Edmond and Max
about the lorry and we'll see.


- Come with me.
- Where?

I'm meeting my daughter
and my sister-in-law.

Are you still seeing them?

Come on.

That way you can protect me.

Come take off my shoes.

Your signal at the sawmill earlier
was too obvious.

You'll be of no use
if you get caught.

You're already quite useless.

What about the brother-in-law?

- Mr Antoine?
- Right, Mr Antoine.

Tell me about him.

He's nice.

What does that mean?

When he arrives in the mornings,

he smiles at me.

Is that being "nice" to you?

You never smile.

That's what Rita would always use
to reproach me.

"Why don't you ever smile, Jean?"

I don't know. I don't want to.

You don't smile often either.

Rita used to smile all the time.

- Do you mind me mentioning her?
- No.

Actually, yes.

Come here.

Do you want to sleep
with Mr Antoine?


I don't like it when you lie.

I barely know him.


Turn off the radio.

You were great.

- You're exaggerating.
- I'm not.

They're so dumb,

I sometimes wish the Bolsheviks
and the Jews would win!

Are you pro-Bolshevik, Mayor?

It won't last, don't worry.

Tell him his speech was great.

We don't always agree
but you were almost great.

Everything is in the "almost".

Did you notice
the absence of Müller?

I think he still has back problems.

Being Hortense Larcher's lover
must be hard on his back, indeed.

How does she dare
being out in the open with him?

She has no pride.

I find her rather brave.

Could you come outside
for the picture?

There's not enough light here.

That's important!
I'll follow you.


I need you to look at the camera.

- Mayor...
- Does this guy work at the school?

I don't know, probably.

What a weird way of sweeping.


He's no expert.

He's sweeping the lawn!
What's the point?

- Shall I tell the director?
- No, never mind that.

If Bériot likes idiots...
I'm ready.

- One with your wife.
- Good idea... Jeannine?

- Hold this, please.
- Of course.

- Take her in your arms.
- Yes.

Watch out!


- Don't move.
- I'm fine!

- Don't touch him!
- Hurry up!

- Marcel?
- What?

Do you think about
what we'll do after the war?


I'm sure that's not true.

Why do you ask then?

Stop for a minute.


I'm tired.

I'm sure that's not true.

- After the war...
- Suzanne, that's a long way away.

Socialism is
a long time coming too.

But you think about it every day.

Would you get a divorce?

If you asked me to.

From your daughter's father?

I haven't seen him for three years.

He's a prisoner in Germany.

We didn't get along before the war.


We met each other,
don't make things hard.

But we're right
in the middle of the war.

Your husband is far away.

What's the point?

It's nice to dream sometimes.


It's nice and then it's over.

Come on, or we'll be late.

You were a bit hard
on Raymond earlier.

Was I?

He took you in, he's training you,

he's offering you a great job.

- Couldn't you...
- Couldn't I what?

Couldn't you be grateful?

Is that why you married him?

To be grateful?

I love him.

Love isn't always blind then.

Will you take the job?

I don't know.

I would like you to take it.

Of course.

Antoine, it's good money
and you avoid going to Germany.

We would stay together.

What more do you want?

My freedom.

We have a problem.

I got a phone call,
you're no longer exempt.

- What now?
- He must go on Saturday.

They'll come tomorrow.

That's not possible...

Well he had to go
and be a hero this morning!

Marchetti wrote a report.

- He cancelled his exemption.
- I don't regret what I did.

Really? And what do we do now?

I don't know.

I'll go to Germany on Saturday.

Do you really want to go?

You know I don't.

What do you have in mind?

I could send him to Switzerland.

It should calm them down.

I could pay them off.

He could come back two weeks later.

- It's dangerous.
- It'll be easy for him.

But a couple
just got killed on Sunday.

He'll be fine,
it's a question of money.

It's always about money with you.

Leave the metaphysics for later
and make up your mind.

Go to Germany or come with me.

- We're done.
- You can go.

Wait for me at home, Jeannine.
I won't be long.

Madame Chassagne.

I want a quick investigation
with quick results.

Do you want quick results
or the truth?

I'd rather have the truth.

It might not be so quick then.

Can you describe your attacker?

He must have been a Jew.

Could you be more precise?

Brown, curly hair, hooked nose,
round, intellectual glasses...

A typical Jew really.

How hard is it to find a Jew
with a bullet in his stomach?

Let's go.

- Mr Bériot?
- Yes?

The attacker was wearing
a school coat.

Were any coats stolen?

No, I don't think so.

But we're never here on Thursdays.

Don't you live here?

I was out with my wife.

Check the coats
and that will be all for now.

Won't you arrest him?

On what grounds? A coat?

I know him.

He sings the Marseillaise
and he's a Freemason.

He wouldn't organise something
like that in his own school.

I think the man acted alone.

I'm fine, thank you.

Well, Marchetti...

In a town,

the mayor and the chief of police
need to work together.

We're not working together.

Arrest Bériot and interrogate him.

- No.
- Are you a Freemason?

Unfortunately, no.

I hope you recover soon.

Let's go.

Everything's calm, you can go.

Isn't she beautiful?


Go ahead.

No more than 20 minutes.

How are you, Suzanne?

I'm fine.

Won't you say hi?

Hi, Mum.

Did they release you?

I escaped.

I was lucky.

I thought of you every day.

And every night.

I'm sorry, I'm in shock.
I didn't expect to...

Can you believe it?
Daddy is back!

Grandma said you wouldn't be happy.

What are you talking about?

- Can you stay with her?
- Sure.


So, you're with the Communists.

Let's not talk about this now.

- You must be in a hurry.
- Yes.

Don't tell anyone that you saw me.

Of course not.

But you know,
the girl talks at school...

I missed you.

I'm happy you escaped.

You must have been worried
I didn't write.


My parents told me about prison,
about the party and all that.

Are you okay?

- Gérard, while you were gone...
- Suzanne.

Everything you did since 1940,
all the people you met...

It's none of my business.

What I need to know now...

Will you come home?

But the police
are looking for me, Gérard.

- Not in Villeneuve of course.
- Wait!

Let's not talk about this now.

When then?

I don't know.

I'll call you.

No, I can't call.

Can't you come back here tomorrow?


You have no idea...

Think about the girl.

I need to tell her something.

It isn't so hard
for you to come back, is it?


Tomorrow, same time.

Don't tell anyone.

Wait for me 10 minutes
and leave if I'm not here.

- Alright?
- Alright.

Maria, bring us some wine.
I'm thirsty.

Very well, sir.

- You can't keep going like this.
- What do you mean?

You put yourself at risk.

You said I was great earlier.

You are great.

Should I change my mind
because I got shot?

Well, you shouldn't ignore it.

I won't ignore it.

I will intensify
the repression and the arrests,

I'll send more Jews to Germany.

You should do the opposite.

Calm things down,
put a little water in the wine.

But we have to win the war,

Do you think
this is just propaganda?

What if we lose?

What if the Germans lose?

If the Germans lose?

Then we're dead.

But I love life too much
to let that happen.

Do you think
you're allowed to touch that?

What would we tell the kids?

The police didn't say anything.

Whatever isn't forbidden
is allowed!

Jules, are you involved
in what happened?

What happened this morning?
Are you crazy?

We don't do such things.

Do you promise?

No, I will not promise anything
about what I do.

But I'm telling you.

You said Chassagne was a monster.

I did and it will be up to a court
to decide after the liberation.

Do you believe in the liberation?

Don't you believe in God?

- Hello.
- Hello.

- I'm looking for Mr Blériot.
- Bériot.

Sorry, I'm Marguerite Martin,
the new singing teacher.

But Jules,
we don't need a singing teacher.

Didn't you get a letter?

Well... no.

But you know the post,
these days...

I'm teaching the singing lessons.

Well you're teaching it because
we don't have a singing teacher.

Do you do drawing too?

Well, drawing...

I can do religious education.

I come from Saint-Genevieve.

- We don't need that.
- Why not?

It'd be good
to have religious education.

The law made it compulsory.

Alright then, a bit of religious
education but not too much.

The Bible told to children,
the Three Wise Men...

I was told
you would have a room for me.


The little room
on the first floor maybe?

Sure, why not.

Be careful when
you close the windows at night.

They're fussy about defense
since the bombings in Montbéliard.

Sorry about the lessons,
I didn't mean to be in the way.

I'm sorry.

I wasn't very welcoming.


Did you enjoy teaching singing?

I didn't really teach it.

But yes.

I like to see children sing.

Do you like music?

I play the violin.

Really? You'll have to play for me.

I'm not very good.

I don't have time
since I became a mother.

Do you have kids?


I haven't found my soul mate.

Oh well.

It's strange to be transferred
in the middle of the year.

We had problems at school.

With the management?

No, it's a bit complicated.

There, will it be okay?

It's perfect, thank you.

Promise me you'll play the violin.

We'll see.

I'll see you later.

I need 24 hours to contact
the smuggler and plan it all.

I'll pick you up in the morning.

What is this place?

It belongs to a Jewish client
who was arrested last year.

Pick a room and stay out of sight.

Eat your sister's food,
sleep and wait for me.


- What if someone comes?
- No-one comes here.

I have to get home before curfew.

- Raymond.
- Yes?


Thank you for everything.

That really means a lot.

It's a hard thing to say
in your family.

"Dad, the weather here is great.

I've been on my best behaviour.

I received good marks
and teacher said I was exemplary.

What does "exemplary" mean?

Mum wouldn't tell me."

What are you doing here?

The same as you.

And what is that?

I'm hiding.

I'm not hiding.


You're just visiting.

Do you have a cigarette?

English ones? You must have money.

You don't look poor either.

No, but finding
English cigarettes these days...

I haven't seen any
since I left Paris.

I'm Claude.

I'm Antoine.

- Can I have the packet back?
- Sorry.

What brings you here?

I'm hiding.

- And you? Are you from Paris?
- No, I'm from Moissey.

I went to Paris
to study the dramatic arts.

What is that?

Theatre, I'm at acting school.

- Really?
- Yes.

That's weird.

What do you do?

I work in a sawmill.

Do you cut wood all day long?


Pretty much.

Isn't that weird?

I couldn't have planned this.

Everything is fine,
I'm not mad at you.

Why are you sulking then?

I'm not sulking,
I was just surprised.

We'll find a solution.

I know the right solution:
I'll step aside.

Why are you talking about
stepping aside?

Your husband is back,
do you want me to challenge him?

Why not...


I love you,
you know I want to live with you.

Your husband is here.

What will you say to him?

- I haven't decided yet.
- Will you lie to him?

And ask me
to lie to the comrades again?


Maybe you enjoy lying, but I don't.

It's unfair to say that to me.

I won't have to lie to him anyway.

He said that what I did
was none of his business.

He's a great guy.

Marcel, stop!

Would you give up your daughter?

What will happen if you leave him
since you can't take your daughter?

I'm meeting him tomorrow.

I don't want
to hear anything about it.

I don't want
to know anything anymore.

From now on, stay away from me
outside of our duties.

What about the lorry?

Suzanne will tell you,
it's her idea.

They carry guns
from the workshop to the barracks.

There are only two guys
at the front.

We need to make them stop.

There's no-one in the back?

- I don't think so.
- What do you think?

I don't think we can make it.

It's too dangerous.

The girl from the workshop says
there's always about six rifles.

Sometimes even 10.

It's worth taking the risk,
isn't it?

Do you have an idea?

They must have orders not to stop.

They'd stop for the police.


And the police would stop
for a beautiful girl.

It's worth knowing you.

Did your mum cook this?

My sister did.

It's been my best dinner since...

I don't even remember when.

Do you have brothers and sisters?

I'm an only child.

It's always good to be unique.

That's what my teacher says.

Why did you come back to Moissey?

To escape the STO.

The police came
to my acting school.

They had names.

We only had time to run.

I thought I'd be fine
at my parents.

But the police showed up
as soon as I arrived.

I jumped out the window.

What will you do now?

My brother-in-law will help me
get to Switzerland.

You're lucky.

I'd ask you to come along
but I'm not sure it's possible.

That's very kind of you,
but I'll manage.

Maybe your parents could help you?

My father is an injured veteran.

- Really?
- Yes.

Shrapnel wound in Verdun.

My father died when I was 10.

He was gassed in Argonne.

He was always in bed.

He was in bed your whole childhood?


Except for Remembrance Day.

There was the parade.

At dawn, my mother would dress him
in his uniform with his medals.

Croix de guerre, Military Medal,
Médaille de la Marne...

We would put him
in his wheelchair...

and we'd go to the parade.

His comrades would push his chair.

As he'd pass in front of us,

he would wave like this.

My dad never talks about the war.

He never talks about anything.

Did everything go well?

Did you organise his crossing?

Yes, don't worry.
Everything went well.

What's wrong, my good lady?

I hurt myself,
I don't even know how I fell.

It's really painful.

- Can you stand up?
- I don't know.

I can't! It's too painful.

I need to lay down for a while.

Could you help me
to the side of the road?

- Can you walk?
- I don't think so.

Could you carry me?
I'm not heavy.


Excuse me.

You're very light indeed.

You're very nice.

There you go.

- Slowly.
- Yes.

- There you go.
- Thank you.

- Are you okay?
- I'm better.

- Are you comfortable?
- Yes.

Excuse me...

Could you massage my knee, please?

I'm afraid
I won't be able to pedal.

Well, I'm not a doctor you know.

Everyone knows how to massage.

You're very nice.

Like this?



A bit higher.

You know what you're doing.

Don't move.

Wait, wait...

I have a wife and three kids.

Do you want to see them again?

Then take off your clothes.

"Marshal, here we are!

You gave us hope again

Our motherland will rise again

Marshal, Marshal, here we are!"

Well done.

Some of you are still out of tune,
but it's okay.

We'll work on it.

You need to repeat this twice...

"Marshal, Marshal,
here we are, here we are!"

- Do you understand?
- Yes!

It has to be lively,
it has to sound military.

Hush, miss.

What we'll do is that
those who sing in tune...

Isn't she good?

I didn't know you liked this song.

I'm not talking about the song.

She has already memorised
all the names.

She rules with an iron fist!

The first note goes like this:

Let's do it.

Just tell him to stop listening
to Radio London then.

Is he Jewish?
Well we can't do anything about it.

But madam...

She hung up.

She'll complain and people will say
the police are anti-nationalists.

We don't care
about what people say.

I'm sorry to interrupt your work.

Mr Sub-Prefect.

What's going on with Chassagne?

- Excuse me?
- He wants to transfer you.

He says you're protecting Bériot.

Bériot has nothing to do with this.

He's an anti-nationalist.

It happened in his school.

It does look like
you're protecting him.

Feel free to transfer me.

You'll know
when I want to transfer you.

Listen to me.

A mayor just got shot,
it's serious.

Even if it's Chassagne.

What did you find on the attacker?

He's injured,
so we're checking with doctors.

We looked into the coat
and it's not from the school.

Find this guy, Marchetti.

Otherwise Chassagne
will transfer me.

There's something else.

A request for the Boches.

They found the body
of a border official.

He went missing last year,
shot at point-blank range.

They won't let go of the case.

Do your best.


What shall we do?

I'll go see Bériot
to calm Servier down.

What about the murder of the Boche?

It's been a year, what can we do?

Just put it away.

This must be my brother-in-law.

Well, it was nice meeting you.

That's weird.

He never whistles like that...

Let me take a look.

It's the police!

- Are they here for us?
- I think so.

My parents must have told on me,
we have to go.

- I'm supposed to wait here.
- Do you want to go to Germany?

Let's go out the back.

Hurry up!

Did everything go well?

We had to beat the second one up.

This is too small for me.

Too bad,
you'd look good in the uniform.

How many of us should go?

Two policemen, two armed robbers
and two people for back-up.

Okay, we'll take...



Are we doing it today?


Why should we wait?

I want to check the place again.

- We'll end up getting caught.
- It's my idea and it's dangerous.

Let us go check one last time.


Let's meet tonight
with the equipment.

We'll leave tomorrow at 10 am.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Didn't you see a boy here?
He's about 20.

I didn't see anyone, sir.

- How long have you been here?
- An hour.