Umbre (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Episode #2.5 - full transcript

Fearing that his affairs are endangered, The Captain demands some answers from Relu, who is not ready to reveal his findings. Gina tries to get by without her husband's help. Magda starts ...


I decide when you die.


I'll fix the liquor henceforth.

- Who's stupid?
- Mr. Toma.

You understand, Relu ...
Sins are passed on.

I have an apartment
a stone's throw from here.


I brought oranges.

I'm getting sick of it.

How are you?

If I'm not dead, I'm fine.

If I died, I would have gotten better yet.

Did not you see the match yesterday?
It was certainly important.

I did not see it.

I felt bad
and watched what I barfed.

Have you told the nurse?

Told what?

I should have stayed at home.
There I knew where everything was.

It did not feel
like I was waiting to die.

Now again?
Who would take care of you at home?

- Petrica could come by ...
- He's paralyzed.

Do you think his wife had the time
to come take care of you?

I should not be here
and throw money in the lake.

Calm, your pension does not pay
for the nursing home. I pay for myself.

- I'm throwing money into the lake.
- You can afford.

Then ... It's easy-earned money.

What do you mean?

Just that.
You should buy clothes for the money.

Do not you like these?
There are brand clothes.

- What's wrong with the clothes?
- You show too much in them.

But that's what you like.
You've always done that.

Done what?

What is this?
You try to provoke me.

I like to provoke.
Done what?

Nicoleta, you know what you are.

Do not go like the cat around the hot porridge.
Do I have to say it straight?

Do you like the feeling of young skin?

It's bothering you
that you are not a badass anymore.

No more parties and whores,
no more fun with me and mom.

You can not even pee on your own.

- You do not say so to me.
- What should you do?

Chase me with your wheelchair?

Your behavior is wrong.

But ... that's just been expected
of anyone already at age 14-

- did all sorts of things
in the alleys.

Listen to me! Regardless
what i did or did not do -

- Am I paying?
for the oxygen you breathe.

Remember that.

Congratulations dad! I'm taking some glasses
so we can toast.

Eenie Meenie Moe.

Catch a Negro with a Ploff.

If he's gonna let him go.

Eenie Meenie Moe.

Ole, dole, doff.

Catch a Negro with a Ploff.
Or something like that.

If he's gonna let him go.
Eenie Meenie Moe.

Ole, dole ...

Was that all?

No more games?

I thought
that's why you were here.

We are here for some gypsies
looking for iron last night.

Guess what they found on a dump.

- Iron?
- Almost. They found Geamanu.

The tattoos revealed
that he was.

The dogs had eaten his face.

- What do you say about that?
- What should I say?

They should start
with the flatter parts.

But dogs are not so smart.
Not like monkeys, for example.

Or dolphins.

Relu ...
Do you think we are here for joking?

He was killed,
and the dogs had eaten on him.

- Mr. Relu ...
- Yes?

- Can we get the code for this?
- Why? Don't have any more credit?

- The code?
- Madam Paganel's birthdate.

Suppose I'm asking.

Focus now, it's complicated.

Zero ... Zero ...

Here's going to be difficult. Zero.


That the dogs ate Geamanus face
is not important.

I would've done it anyway. Do you know why, Relu?

This is Geamanus mobile.

I've checked it because I
am a curious and jealous type.

Like a wife who has been cheated
and has no confidence in herself.

Want to know what I found?

Conversation to Mr. Toma.

Conversation to Mr. Toma.

Conversation from Mr. Toma.
Have you seen.

So I ask,
just like everyone would do ...

What the hell did Geamanu do with Toma?

Toma works with me
and Geamanu works for me.

I did not know they knew each other
and then they are talked for hours.

Then the pollette rolled down.
They may be gays and fucking.

Two old fossils, together!

Grab ... Try to imagine it.

Geamanu and Toma get to it.

But when that picture flashed past -

- I saw them turn around,
and their cocks pointed at me.

Then they stacked them into my ...

My arsle.

So they may not fuck each other.

Maybe it's me they're fucking.

- Sorry, that's a pure reflex.
- I'm just renting.

- Is not this Giani's apartment?
- I pay rent to his sister.

Is she still as buttery
and ugly as sin?

That's right.

But then I thought about it.
Why draw premature conclusions?

- Guess what I did.
- You did not.

I called Toma.

- Guess what he said.
- What?

Nothing. He did not answer.
I called again, I did not give up.

He still did not answer.
I got puzzled.

- So I called one of his guys.
- Who answered?

He said that Toma had disappeared.
He and one of his bodyguards.

So I said, "How can Toma disappear?
What does it mean?"

Toma is no Fata Morgana,
that bride in the desert.

I do not know her.

Go down to the car
and put on the heat, guys.

Relu ...

I told you -

- about that big job
I'm planning with Toma.

The first shipment will be tomorrow.
And today, Toma disappears.

And Geamanu gets picked up by dogs.

And of 365 possible days
is it happening today?

- So the deal went to the woods?
- No. But Constanta is upset.

They think I'm involved.
I have no idea where he is.

Therefore, you can go to Constanta.

To calm them down.

And take care of the delivery.

If you trust me
and sends me to Constanta-

- why did you go through my phone?

To get the boys' confidence.
They will not believe I favor.

Do you think I have not pushed them?
I've checked everyone.

I've been awake since four o'clock.

And who says I trust you?

You just would not
let me down for money.

You've got that there ... What are you saying?


My cousin is not here
and can't help us.

Why did you say he was here, then?
He always talks shit.

Stop it!
He said he would be here.

"But his bride needed something.
"He would like to fuck.

- What are we going to do now?
"We can go to the store on the corner.

- And buy by the guy.
- Then we just get crap.

- Where were the stuff?
- Over there.

- Move.
- What is he doing?

- Let's go.
- Check out now!

Get a soda for me. Get started!

- You are looking out.
- Okay.

Open it.

Put it down.
It gets worst sprinkled.


Stay! Hello, stay!


Come on, I'm bored.

Shut up!
I could kill you here and now.

Then you get into jail.
- It's you who do it.

- And you get kicked out of school.
- No, it will only be juvy.

You idiot!
You have ruined your future.

- You overreact.
- Overreacting ?!

The shopkeeper broke his arm
when he chased you.

- No one forced him.
- The one who stole, did.

What are you looking at?

I was at the checkout
and could have paid.

- So I didn't steal.
- Have you no shame?

Calm down.

Are you in menopause, or?

What did you say, your little crap? What did you...?

Gina Oncescu.

This is my fault, not his.

Our family has had problems
and it has been tough.

We let him go for a while.

His father and I separated
a few months ago and ...

- It may have contributed.
- I understand.

Sometimes he goes to his father ...

And then he comes home
to what was our home.

- He's probably a bit confused.
- No, you've divorced.

And recently a tragedy occurred.
My daughter...

His sister was involved in a car accident
and lost her child.

It was...
It would've been a boy.

We pay for everything he took.
Please do not report him.

No thanks.

Ma'am ...

I would love to help.

But I have nothing to do with the case.

Good luck, Chuckie!

- Magda? Is Magda here?
- She's on a doctor's check.

What did I say?

What did I say before I left?
"Call me if things happen."

Surely I said that?
"Call me if things happen."

This morning your father came to visit.

He said they had found Geamanu
on a dump.

- That's where he belongs.
- It's not for you to decide.

You should thank me
because I did not leave him there.

What did you say now? Your...

- Imagine if someone saw you.
- Calm, nobody saw me.

I'm better than everyone is together.
He told.


You know that.


So what did you think?
That you would kill him?

It wasn't needed. His guts were torn apart.
He was already done.

I know how he was doing.
He lived when I went.

Then he had some time left.
- But that did not happen.

I did not stop him
from reaching the tablets.

It was the broken legs
who did. Not me.

Please, hit me.
Hit me, because that was my fault.

It was my fault. Mine's, Magda's -

- and my six month old son
who could not live for an hour.

One hour.

Not even enough for him to realize
that this is a shitty world.

That we can go to hell
with our world.

Not even so long.

It's my fault,
not yours or daddy's

Or Geamanus and others like him.
It was my fault, then hit me!

Set everything right, as usual.

You don't realize what you're doing.
What you have done.

I put everything right.
I have learned from the best.

And? Did it make you feel better?

There is nowhere better than where I am.

Listen to me.

I do not know what you're taking,
but stop it.

It does not end well for you.

Magda will be late,
You don't need to wait for her.


- What are you doing?
- What?

I've been waiting for half an hour.
And why do you go to the ladies?

You make it sound like a brothel.

- It was busy so ...
- What did you do there?

- Want details?
- Yes, I want that.

You start to become paranoid.

Leave, I'm not
one of your wealthy friends.

Calm down.

- I am calm. What did you do?
- What do you want me to say?

- What you did in there.
- I have already said that.

What do you want to hear?
That I fell asleep like you?

I was there for ten minutes,
not all day like you

- You lock in the bedroom.
- Are you lashing out at me because I sleep?

You're lashing out at me
because I'm in the bathroom.

Okay, I'll stop sleeping.

From now on,
when you get home every other night-

- or when you manage to come,
I will clean.

And cook the broccoli pie
or what you now eat for luxury food.

And I'll meet you in the door.

If you wish or if I'm worthy, you can hit me.

And I'll go down my knees
and suck you.

It's not necessary.

Why did you invite all those whores
at our wedding?

They certainly want to comfort you now,
those poor rich bimbos.

You can start
with that tired blonde.

- Sasha?
- Sasha.

Even her name sounds alright.

You fucked well at school? And then
did you invite her to our wedding?

Is that why
You have locked yourself in the bedroom?

That's right.

So you can be cheating
without feeling guilty.

I'm afraid that so much guilt could
crush you since you're so fragile.

You can use the men now,
if you still need to go.

But you do not fit the men's.


Now it's happening.

"Come here, I want to bury
my stake in your pussy. "

"Oh dear,
it's like the Niagara Falls. "

"I've ruined your mother's carpet."

"What a crooked little pecker you have."

"Shut up!
You make me lose focus. "

lick my load off the wall! "

"I want to lick your load."

"Is it inside? I can't feel anything."

"You'll know it when I cut up
a new pussy on you. "

"Wait wait...
Was that a joke? "

Madam Zizi.

Madam Zizi? Have you had a stroke?

- I did not want to disturb you.
- Too late.


Move those dental plates!
What can I do for you?

I brought some food.

We have always been in good terms
with the police.


You won't get a Michelin star,
I can promise that.

Can you repeat that?

I'm not hungry!
Come on. Get outta here!

Sorry, I ask,
but how long will you stay?

My brother does not feel so good-

- and he can not sleep
with a stranger in the house.

Should I get both of you
for the prevention of justice?

Do you know what's going on?
with such as in prison?

Nothing, grandmother.
What the hell would happen?

Have you seen the mirror?

You should have used sunscreen as young.
You have been an unclean girl.

Come on. Hello, turn right.

Bye. Do you watch Spanish soaps?
Join God, your old whore.

"Stacky little old me!"

Have you stopped taking your medicine, kid?

- You fucking idiot.
- No problem.

You should be more careful.

Can you move?

Nicoleta ...

Is that you, Nico?

- Are you, Nico?
- Have we met?

Come on, it's clear.

Are not you Nico who sucked Sabin off
ten minutes ago?

Come on, I'm sure.
It was so long ago.

Nico who left home as a 14-year-old.
And we all know why.

Who was an exclusive whore
in Dorobanti for a while.

And who now works
for his cousin, Captain.

You are truly a delight to the eye!

Teach them to talk crazy
at the police school now?

Chanel. First class.

Can I help you, officer?

- Do you think I'm fining you?
- As I said, can I help you?

- Yes.
- Let's hear.

I want Captain,
Relu Oncescu and Sabin Costache.

Then we'll see.

We can get to know each other,
get intimate ....

Maybe have some fun,
as you and Mr. Sabin had.

Before attempting to show
how tough you and your guys are-

- your colleagues and those you are sucking off
I have one thing to say.

I know you don't give a shit about the police.

But what do you do with a policeman
who also doesn't give a shit about the police?

- Can I see your police badge?
- They are boring.

I can show you a selfie
I took the shower this morning.


This is what I'm going to tell Tinel.
Oh my God!

Good reflexes, little brain.

Stop doing that ninjahyss.
I could have broken her skull.

Do not worry about her skull.
Have you seen her handsome ass?

I was afraid of the disease
would make you lose your mind.

Have you eaten anything?

- Not since the last time I ate.
- Wonderful.

It is a Japanese custom.
They are thanking for the meal so.

Stop flipping!

And read a book as a change.

Have you started smoking grass again?

It's on the internet
that it helps to combat ill health.

Have you read it on the internet?

Some guys read it to me.

What boys?

The guys I buy grass off.

That's the way they made me start.

It helps to combat ill health.

Grass helps against things like ...
glaucoma, wounds,

- and multiple sclerosis.

But not against what you have.

Not against Alzheimer's.
It makes it worse.

You forget what you still remember.
Do you understand?

- Grass is bad for you.
- The worse it gets the better.

We only live once.

If no one else destroys our lives
we do it ourselves.

- Listen up!
- I do.

Who is Captain?

That's the man I'm working on.

- Why do you ask questions about him?
- I am just curious.

He got a guy Tanase,
to shoot me

He shot me.

But that fool did a bad job.

Was it Tanase?

Are you sure it was Tanase?

Are you sure it was Tanase?

A white man.

As always looks
like he's been crazy.

But you do not touch him.

He is mine.

My to play with.

The same applies to Captain.
Do not touch, he's mine.


When I took you to my mate
who could sew you together

Did you stand with a foot in the grave?

He said you should be shown up
at the museum with the other abominations.

So he seen my balls?

He could not believe you survived.

With a broken clavicle and
a broken neck. You breathed blood.

Yes, but I breathed.

And you and I had a conversation.

Right? And we shook hands-

- that you should keep a low profile

- Believe me, you do not want to mess with ...
- Where does this captain live?

Shall we sit here?
Until I forget I asked?

Okay then.

I have time.

Good evening, my damn lady.

I would like to invite you to coffee.

It is late. Another time.

That's my car.


You'd better follow me
on the contrary.

Well. Am I here?
to look at pictures?

Pictures of the Captain.

He owns the restaurant I'm working on.

Relu Oncescu?

The chauffeur.

He is our driver.
- A driver?

Then it says in his contract.

Brum, tut-tut. A driver.

- Sabin Costache?
"He's a daymaker.

His employment document shows it.
Call the tax office.

But you two know each other, right?

Because I sucked his cock this morning?


- Is it illegal?
- No. If you are not bad at it.

So that's why you're a free man ...

Nico ...

- Do you know what I'm looking for in a woman?
- A dick?

- Almost. Balls. And you have them, Nico.

I admire that.

Sorry, but you repeat.
You said the same thing this morning.

Because I see, or feel,
that you are not afraid

I can say "Rat at Captain
or jail in prison "many times.

But I feel you're not gonna break
and you'll piss on me

You can always hope you pervo!

Totally true. I would not say no
to a "golden shower".

- Was there any more?
- Was there any more?

Yes. Do you have more to say?

Why do you think I brought you here?
to say something?

- Let me go!
- There you are wrong.

You think you decide it.

- Think through this!
- I think I want to fuck you.

Do you like that?
Tell it! Do you like it?

Say it, slut! Or do you just like
to fuck the gypsies?

I like it!

- Do you like it?
- I like it.

- Do you like it?
- Yes!

More! Say that again!

So let's hear.

Give me one of those.

- Are you Relu?
- That's right.

Leave you irritate me.

I'll get you on your feet.

With deep respect, how are you?

I do not forget what you did,
Mr. Relu.

Was not it
"eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth"?

- That's right.
- Nothing about the nose.

- What do you mean?
- That the nose does not count.

Otherwise it would be
"eye to eye, nose nose".

But no one cares about his nose.
And I do not either.

- So the books do not mention a nose.
- But I never forget.

- April 18th.
- What is April 18th?

It is my birthday.

Because you never forget
can you make a little effort.

We have time left
so I have a beer.

And the boys have missed you.

You may know where Mr Toma is.
Come on!

Look who's with me.


Because you did not meet the guys
last time...

Carmin, my brother. Doru.

- This is Mr. Relu from Bucharest.
- We know each other.

What's wrong with this mutt?
It's been barking all day.

- A sausage solves everything.
"It's not a vegetarian?

- Mr. Toma gives dry food.
- I'd forgotten that.

She digs like a real mole.

What are you doing there, girl?

Come here, girl. Come here!

What are you digging up?

I wached a pet show on TV
And they said that

- little mutts like this one-

- live longer,
but go crazy earlier.


Did you hear what he said?

So you come home to Mr. Toma.
And what do you suggest?

That this dog is crazy?

The whole neighborhood knows
that this dog is crazy!

I take her on a walk.

Come here! Come here, girl!

Come here. There you go. Come here.

Do not get caught on any bar.
We have jobs to do.

Black russian.

How's it going? Are you feeling better?


You asked if I felt better
and I answered yes.


Why what?

Why do you ask?

To be nice.

You ... May I ask a thing?

Many ask,
but few get the answer they want.

I doubt they are so few.

If anything happens to me,
can you take care of teddy?

Can you bring him
in your nice, fancy Barbie gang?

It's not necessary,
nothing will happen to you.

Weed doesn't die that easy.

- You and Teddy have been together?
- We just fucked.

He never came in me.

You know this is your last smile
with all your teeth in place, right?




Call for ambulance!

No! Teddy!