Umbre (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Episode #2.4 - full transcript

On his path to revenge, Relu gets into a confrontation with one of the most powerful mobsters, Nea Toma. As everything has a price in the underground world, Relu will not rest until justice...

I've found him.
The man who caused the accident.


What are you and me doing here?

I'm waiting for you there.

How difficult can it be to find
a gypsy called Sabin?

I need help.

- I'm coming.
- It was Toma.

Oh my God!

Have not you packed yet?

- Stay.
- This is like in the United States.

So there.

Is there anything to drink?

I can help you pack up.

No, someone will come here later.

Our cleaning lady.

I can come after i get out.

- I thought you had unpacked.
- No, we hadn't.

You may not have noticed it,
but I've been busy.

Use a glass, don't be a douche.

Hey, redneck!

What? That's how you drink too.

Drop it, I buy a new one.

We have glasses for use.

Should I do something for you?

Should you really smoke after ...?

Didn't the doctor say
that I should enjoy life?

I'm enjoying it.

- Give me a ride with your taxi.
- No.

- Why not?
- You get to take the subway.

Then I will be late.

Not if you speak less
and stop dragging your feet after you.

I do not understand.
You allow Magda to accompany your taxi.

- What does she have that I do not have?
- a wheelchair

I can not afford to pay for a taxi
if we can go. Do you understand?

- Reply!
- Yes I understand.



But he is not the world's worst.

Typical for men,
they need their night off.

"And so they don't want to move together.
- Stop it.

For example, last night ...

Nice blouse. Where did you buy it from?

They are everywhere, in every gallery.

You see? He knows how to make me feel
like he's in charge

And that I'm just the one drinking
his water...

- Hi, girls. Have a nice meal.
- Thanks.

I am in a minority. I'm just gonna
get coffee, then i go

- No, we're just gonna go.
- Drink your coffee in peace and quiet.

What's wrong with this?
Have I broken it?

I will fix it. That's my job.

- Then I want ...
- An extra strong espresso.

You made a perfect espresso.

- The machine did it.
- Do not be so modest.

I wanted to say ... I hope
that you do not take this in the wrong way.

- You came late today.
- It will not be repeated.

Calm, it's not about it.
It does not matter.

But after I drove home yesterday
I began to think.

And I realized
that you live very far away.

How long does it take to commute here?

- It must take at least an hour.
- Yes, but I like to read on the subway.

We have ... Or I have ...

I have an apartment
a stone's throw away.

The house is new
and the apartment is fully equipped.

I sometimes used it
when I was working late.

You can move in if you want.
You and your son, of course.

- No thanks.
- You would save so much time.

You can spend more time with your son.
It will be good for him with.

Sorry, but it's a safer area.

Thank you, but you can not.
- Why not?

What would people say?

Why do they have to do that?
I can keep quiet about it.

Let me at least show it to you.
It does not matter if you do not like it.

How high is the rent?

With your espresso skills
the rent will not be a problem.

Now you will have to eat in peace. Think
On the matter, we talk about it later.


- What's up? Can you talk?
- Yes, sure.

How are you? How are you?


- Magda?
- I do not know how I feel.

They discharged me this morning.
Mom brought me home.

- Are you staying with us again?
- Who Us?

I'm in our apartment in Herastrau.
I mean, in Teddys apartment.

And Teddy is not home.
I do not know where he is.

Speak louder, I can not hear you.

- Sorry.
- Come on, what's to forgive?

Did you forbid him to take me from the hospital?

No, but I should have picked you up.

- How are you?
- You've already asked.

Remember when I got home late
and you asked where I had been?

I had been with Teddy
and you hit me really hard.

- I apologize for ...
- Forget it.

Do you think I was wrong?

- About what?
- About Everything.

About Teddy. About everything.

- hello? Are you left?
- Yes, sure.

No I do not think
that it was his fault.

- It was not Teddys fault.
- No, I mean it.

I wonder if it was my fault.

No, that was not your fault.

Or his.

- Sometimes it just happens ...
- Hello, I do not hear you.

Wait a minute, Magda. Magda!

Relu ...

Let me go, Relu.

Forgive me.

Let me die at home.

Drink some water. Take it easy.

Easy, easy.

Forgive me! Forgive me.

- I'll let him know.
- Forgive me, my boy!

Forgive me.

I brought your tablets.

Forgive me, my boy!

Calm down, I'll tell Relu.

- Forgive me.
- Calm down.

Teddy! Forgive me, my boy.

- Shall I forgive you?
- Twenty years ... with your daddy.

And now he throws me away
like a rotten apple.

I just did ... what I have to do.

It was not meant to ...

What did you do?

What did you do?

Forgive me, my boy.

And also tell your girl
that i'm sorry.

Let me die at home.


Was that you?

So you want to die then?

You die when I say you get it.

I have your heart medicine.

Come and take it.

Have a little compassion.

I have.

You get a better chance than my son got.



Are you sleeping, Magda?




I'm looking for Mr. Emilian.

- Are you the pizza boy?
- No, I'm Anghel.

From the custom-house in Constanta.
I'm the boss there.


My name is Emilian.
You are Emilian.

You are disappointed. I'm used to
that from women, afterwards.

- But we just met.
- I just thought you were older.

I'm a prodigy
I knew how to read when I was four.

- Do you want coffee?
"I've driven from Constanta.

There is a machine out there.
Do you have any coins?

Forget it.

I'm curious about one thing.

Between two government employees ...
Where are we really?

- In an office.
- But at what institution?

I got a call
from the minister's office yesterday.

They told me to go to Bucharest
and ask for Mr. Emilian.

Bingo! You have found me.

But I have not seen
a single sign or nameplate.

I do not even know where you work.
Ministry of Justice, Tax Office?

- Just so I became curious.

We have to hold together, sir ...

- Anghel.
- Mr. Anghel.

I save your self-esteem
and questions about how the universe works.

On the evolutionary scale,
from monkeys to homo erectus-

You are a worm
that creeps down in the mud.

You are, as they say,
waste of space.

If I clap my fingers
you are gone

This is no border control
where anyone can smuggle cigarettes-

- and add a few hundred euros to the passport
to have you look in the other direction.

You got a call from someone like that
who talked to someone who spoke to me.

And I said I wanted you here
at noon today.

It is lunchtime,
and you're at my office.

It may also be so
that you never came here.

Do you choose alternatives A or B?

A: You are showing up.
B: You do not show up.

A, I'll show up.

Who's the old-timer?

Stop it.

Who's the old-timer?

Mr. Toma.

And what does he do?

In addition to taking care of her prostate,
which is normal in his age.

Import and export.

Import and export ... Add off, Anghel!
Do not try to fool me!

I know that it is import and export,
That's why I asked you come here.

But do not try to tickle me
that it's all about this.

Wheat, grain, flax seed.

I want to know more
about what is not in the documents.

Rumors, agreements, intrigues.

Do you want to visit a prosecutor?
Who investigates organized crime?


So what imports and exports
does this guy do?


People say that all of it.

Define "all".


Vanilla extract?


Drugs. Class A drugs.

That's the spirit!

But we have never found anything.

You know what they are saying.
You can, if you want.

I doubt it's about you.

No offense.

Now the pizza comes.

- Yes? Who is it?
- Relu from Bucharest.

I want to talk to Toma.

They have been bombing again.

Two of them took death on themselves
with such a west.

And they killed 30 innocent people.

Especially women and children.
And why?

In order for them to get their 77 virgins
in heaven.

That's what they are promised.

77 virgins.

I would change 77 virgins
against a sinner.

The sinner knows how to do
what needs to be done

Therefore she was kicked out of heaven.

They just keep those
who do not know a thing.

But why should they be kept?
if they don't know how to do it?

77 or 7000 does not matter.

It is
like adding zero to zero.

Why did they kill?
30 innocent people?

For nothing.

Just like the boy in my daughter's stomach.

My daughter's son,
what was he guilty of?

He was innocent.

Maybe he was.

Maybe he was innocent.

Or maybe not.

You understand...

They say -

that the Germans feel guilty
what they did in World War II.

Even those born today.

When they grow up, they feel guilty.

You understand...

Sins are passed on.

They will stay.

Like our eye color.

That's what the experts say.

I want a deal.

Relu ...

You and I had a deal.

Then you broke your promise.

It was another situation.

So you think you can change
Your promise based on the situation?

But that's the matter.

A promise is the same
regardless of the situation. Otherwise -

- it's a word liky any other
that changes with the situation.

So because of a promise
you take revenge on ...


No one is taking revenge here.

Do you know what's going on?
when you live in a country like this?

Where you have more churches than hospitals.

Where crazy old ladies could kill people
with their Christian mercy-

- just to get to kiss
some sacred relics.

People believe
that life is divided into two parts.

Between wrong and punishment.

Even I think
that life is divided in the middle.

Between cause and effect.


You know very well why that happened.

Why do the effects surprise you?

That's all it is.

Cause and effect.

Cause and effect.

So what's up now?

Do you ask me that?

I'm just a screw
in the machinery you have started.

What happens now?


At my age you get tired quickly.

And my stomach aches, so ...

What happens now, Mr. Toma?

Cause and effect thus?

Okay, Nico. And what should I do?
Looking through the entire park?

They do not have a chip in the ass
so I can use GPS.

Okay sure.

Sure, I'll take it. I get it!

Suck my dick, your devilish whore!
Head Old Lady!

Your cursed, devious pussy!
Hello i am

Good evening, mate. Am I Disturbing?

It would not be fun to give you
a caesarean section on a public toa.

You might get some bacilli.

Puiu ...

So we know each other.

I thought so.

But from where?

From the backgammon tables?

- Do you want to answer?
- No.

You shake like a soprano double chin.

What's with you?

- Stop torturing me!
- I'm not.

So tell us how do we know each other?

Speak up!

- How do we know each other?
- You're fucking with me.

How ... do we ... know each other?

Puiu, I'm Tanase.

The captain asked me to...

I killed you.


So strange!
I do not feel dead.


Come on, jump in.

But do you want to hear the best part?
So in broad daylight we unleash upon them

The heavy criminals, they don't care
if they had a few extra years.

So now and then they lit up on something-

- or take a guard
with a home-made knife.

Mobsters is the worst. When they
get restless, be careful.

They begin to cut each other. Ten against ten,
twenty against twenty. Good times.

We arrived in the day, in full equipment,
to pin them up.

What does "full equipment" mean?
Tear gas and rulers?

This is "full equipment".

That means AK-47: or, rifle-

- rifle, war rally ...

It was not like in Afghanistan,
but that was awesome.

What did they use in Afghanistan?

At the TV they said we just sent
office clerks and dickheads.

Does he look like an office clerk?

I'm not a match for you, boss.
But I can actually use -

- That Excel.

- Continue now!
- What really triggers me ...

In addition to your sister when she is at the top ...

So we hit them in the day.
We knocked them down and kicked them.

We could paint the walls
with the bloody mess.

But when they'd come out
many called me and wanted to have a beer.

Just like the Talibans!

- Why would they have a beer with you?
- Just like that.

Sorry. Just like that, boss.


Why should we hold a grudge?

You have your job and we have ours.
We do our jobs.

But when we are civilians
we can grill some steaks and party.

Wait. So you went there?

Not only then. I'm still going..

If you buy, I'm open to everything.

Maffia, gays, dwarves!

Even the pope!

I'm leaving

Hello, boy! See you.

Do not forget what I asked about.

What's the plan?
Should we go get some booze?

What the hell are you doing?
You should see yourself when you go.

Answer then!

Oh my God!

Go back to the hospital!

What the hell? Do not you understand a joke?