Ultraforce (1995–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Prime Time - full transcript

(upbeat music)

- [Narrator] Ultraforce!



- (panting) No.



(guns firing)

(dramatic music)


- Forza!





- No.








- Get out of here Hardcase.


I got me a plan.

- DJ, no, you can't, I can help.


- Take Starburst
to the home front.

I'm going critical.

Okay buddy, let's
play this game.

(phone ringing)

- No. (panting)


- [Man On Phone] Tom,
Hardcase, you okay?

You're supposed
to be on the set.

You having those
nightmares again?

- We break for this
important news bulletin.

Another nuclear missile
base, the fourth in 24 hours,

is under attack in
Sailing Flats, California.


- Enemy?


But you were incinerated.

- [Man On Phone] Hardcase?

Hello, Hardcase?

Your movie, remember?

- I'm gonna be a little late.




- Ugh.


- Enemy, over here.




It's time we had this rematch.


- [Newscaster] A
new tone of events

here at the Sailing
Flats Missile Base.

The Ultra, known as
Hardcase, has just arrived

and is confronting
the creature, Enemy.

- (gasping) No.

He's totally wonko.

Even with the squad he
couldn't nail Enemy.

- Can't anyone stop these Ultras

from stealing all
these missiles?

- Ah man, he's gonna eat it.


- [Mother] Watch, they're
gonna hold the world hostage,

I know it.

- I got to get out of here.

- [Mother] Kevin.

- [Father] Let him go
Ruthy, he'll be okay.


- No, he's turned into
a different person

the last couple of months.

I never know where he is

and he's obsessed
with these Ultras.

You call that okay?

- Lighten up Ruth,
he's a teenager.

- What do you mean lighten up?

He acts like he's on drugs.

- Oh Ruth, stop it,
that's ridiculous.

- [Mother] You know
something, don't you?


- Kevin?

I can't help you
son, no one can.

You've just got to be strong.

- Nuclear warheads are
vanishing all over the globe.

This is the perfect opportunity

to show off our new power suit.

We've totally re-engineered it.

Its suit strength is 33%
stronger and energy efficient.

It's been completely

- Nice, very nice.

- Time's a wasting kid,
just step back into it.

Go ahead.



- [Prototype] Now this is
the way to start the day.

So where's that missile base?



- It's Primetime.

- Prime, I knew I'd
run into you sometime.

Hey, I owe you one.

- You, Hardcase, owe me?

Whoa, I mean, sure.

- [Hardcase] Watch it!





- Cool.

How'd you do that?

- I didn't.

- [Prototype] I just
saved your candied butts.


Stand back boys, leave
it to a professional.

- What?

- [Prototype] I just saved
your candied butts twice.

- Get something
straight, Tin Man.


Nobody needs to save Prime.

- The name's Prototype,
three syllables.

Too long for you to
remember, muscle man?

- I won't have to remember.

- Guys, guys.

Cut it out.


- Enough.

It is the missiles I want.

- [Prototype] Earthquake?

- Wish it were.






- [Prototype] Smooth
move, muscle head.

- Freeze ultras,
hands above your heads

face down on the ground, now.

Any other movements will
be perceived as resistance.

On your bellies, now.

- Wait a second, Prime
is not the enemy here.

If this jerko
general thinks he--

- Well looks like we agree.

- Cool it guys, just do
exactly what they say.

- [Man] Hey, get out of here.


- Return fire, return fire.

- Let's move it.

(helicopter blades whirring)

- A welcome change of venue, no?


Name's Ghoul,
pleased to meet you.

- And I am Contrary,
and this is my ship.

- And we just rescued you
from a grave situation,

I do speak from first
hand experience.

- Ugh.

Ghoul, keep your worms
off my mainframe.

- Sorry.

That's Pix, our
resident technowiz.

- Hey, do you mind?

And you lady, let's
get one thing straight,

Prime doesn't need rescuing
from anything or anybody.

- Chill kid.

We got bigger problems
than your ego.

- You, stop calling me kid.

- Anyone can see you're no kid.

- So back to the
important stuff.

What was going on down there?

Who's got enough power
to suck two ton missiles

right into the ground?

- And where are they
gonna strike next?

That's what I want to know.

Ghoul, it's rude to stare.

- Hard not to without eyelids.

- Look, I don't know
what's going on here,

but thanks for the
help, now I got to go.

- [Prototype] Make that two.

- Wait, I brought you here
because the Ultra situation

is getting worse.

Unless we band together
to control other Ultras--

- Then what, the normal humans
will have us eradicated?

Yeah, I've heard
all this before.

- You want to put an Ultra
team together, right?

- An Ultraforce, exactly.

- No way, I've
had it with teams.

- Oh yeah, that's right,
he's a movie star now,

making the big bucks.

- It's not the
money, meat brain.

I lost good friends,
Contrary, the best.

I'm not your man.

- I know about the
squad, Hardcase.

It wasn't your fault.

- Yeah well, you
weren't there, were you?

- Uh guys, based
on my calculations

I think I know which missile
base is gonna be hit next.


- I'm setting a course.

Anyone who wants to
leave, now's the time.

- Tuh, are you kidding?

- No way.

- No.

He's mine.

- Uh oh, forget
getting there first,

the base has already
gone ballistic.

- Alright, Primetime.

- [Contrary] We do have a hatch.

- Whoa.

Not my style, could you?

- But of course.

Get the welding gear
Pix, we have work to do.


- Wow.




- Are they down there?



You coming?

- Uh, been there, done that.

Okay Frank Russel,

what can you tell me
about all of this?

Who's behind this,
I need a face.

- The Fire People have suffered
in the dark long enough.

Atalon shall reclaim
our earth lands.

- Atalon, who is this guy?

- What is this I sense?

This one sees the past
by touching an object.

His power will be useful.


- So, you're the one
stealing all the missiles?

Whoever you are, you're
gonna be sorry now.

- I, I am Atalon, king
of the Fire People.

And you, you are a
defeated creature

can not grasp the gravity
of your situation.

You see, ravelty
is my specialty.




This is the best your
people could muster?

What a puny race.

- Puny?

Prime ain't puny.





- [Prototype] That's
not gonna happen to me.



- Such a frail, arrogant people.


Keep well, weaklings.

You have taken light
and air for granted

for the last time.

The Fire People are
finally reclaiming

what you stole from us.

(rocks crumbling)


- You go too far, Atalon.

We have no quarrel with
these surface people.

- The dark has warped
your mind, woman.

You shall feel differently
once I lead you into the light.

You look like four
tomb people alls.

Patience, we are through here.


(faint groaning)

- Proto?


Oh no.

Come on, a few more seconds.

Don't close up on me.

Take care of Prime,
I'll check on Proto.


He's just a kid.

Oh man, what a waste.

I hate this, losing
friends, man it stinks.

- Tell me about it.

I've lost a few myself.


- Do not look so fretful, guys.

We are only taking
back what is ours.

These people have defiled this
wondrous world long enough.

Let's annihilate them

using their own
weapons of destruction.

- He's a mad man.

(upbeat music)

* Ultra

* Ultra

* Ultraforce