Ultraforce (1995–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Stuff of Heroes - full transcript

(upbeat music)

- [Voiceover] Ultra Force!

(upbeat music)

Ultra Force.

(upbeat music)

Ultra Force.

(upbeat music)

Ultra Force.

(upbeat music)

Ultra Force.

Ultra Force!

(upbeat music)

Ultra Force!

- [Narrator] Previously,
on Ultra Force.

- Who's got enough power
to suck two ton missiles

right into the ground?

- And, where are they
gonna strike next?

(firing lasers)

- Enough, it is the
missiles I want.


You have taken light and air
for granted for the last time!

- You wanna put an ultra
team together, right?

- An Ultra Force.

- I shall annihilate them

using their own
weapons of destruction!

(dramatic music)

(rumbling missiles)

- This is not what we
agreed upon, Atalon,

this avalanche of death.

- Do not rile me, Gazma.

I only do unto the surface
people what they did to us.


(dramatic music)

- [Prototype] He's gonna
ruin the whole planet!

- [Prime] Then why
ya standin' there?

- Prime you're, you're okay.

- Sure I'm okay, let's do this.

- Hold it, those are
armed nuclear warheads,

you can't just
punch'em outta the sky.

- Maybe you can't, Prime can.


- Contrary, we need your
help, Primes on the loose.

We've gotta stop him.

- Gladly.



(suspenseful music)


- Ah, what right have you two?


- [Contrary] Status, Pixx?


- I need a backdoor
around the access code.

Getting the launch code
from the onboard computer.


Alright, I got the recall code.



(upbeat music)

One down, 14 to go.

- [Prototype] She
doing this one by one,

there's no time for this.

- The warheads are programmed
to detonate at 10,000 feet,

at the rate you're going--

- Alright, aced it!

I should be able to
recall all but three.

- We've gotta intercept
those last three

before they drop
below 10,000 feet.

- What are the targets of
the last three missiles?

- Singapore, Berlin,
Anchorage, Alaska.

- Prime takes Anchorage.

- Wait, use the


How does he expect to disarm
it, he doesn't have a com link?

- Someone will have
to catch up with him.

- That better be you, Hardcase.

You're the only one who
can reason with him.

Proto, you take Berlin.

Pixx will guide you to
the intercept point.

- What about Singapore?

- Pixx and I will
take care of it.

- You girls? (laughing)

- Worry about Berlin, Prototype,
I'll worry about Singapore.


Hardcase, wait.

This'll help you
catch up with Prime.

Good luck.

- Thanks, I'll need it.

(spooling jet engine)



- [Prototype] So, Kid,
where is this thing?

- [Pixx] North, Northeast
and don't call me kid.

- [Prototype] (laughing)
I'll call you kid

'til you prove otherwise.


So how do I diffuse this thing?

- Be careful, Pixx!

- Just don't lose me, okay?




Proto, look for a hatch just
to the rear of the nosecone.

Awesome, fireworks.

- Can I just trash this
without blowing it up?

- No, there's an
explosive detonator

and three fail-safe
devices to worry about.

I need a few seconds!

- [Prototype] We don't
have a few seconds.

- Move the yellow connector
out of the black box, on top,

and reverse the leads on the
red vodcle on the fifth board.

- [Prototype] No offense, geek,

but you can't even
fix your hair right.

You sure about this?

- Aced it.


(dramatic music)


I'll expect some major
groveling at my feet

for that crack about the hair.

- [Prototype] You got it, Kid.

Uh, will ya settle for Whiz Kid?

- [Pixx] It'll do, for now.


Okay, one missile left.


Hardcase, you've got
less than a minute!

- [Hardcase] Talk to me, I
don't see Prime or the missile.

- [Pixx] It's dead
ahead, Hardcase!

It's dropping fast!

11,000 feet!


- [Hardcase] Bingo.

- [Prime] Piece of cake.


- [Pixx] You've only
got a hundred feet
before it detonates!




five, get out of there!

- Move it, Prime, it's too late!

- Nobody tells Prime
it's too late. (grunting)


- [Hardcase] Prime, no!

- What's going on?

- Nothin' good.

- The air too thin. (grunting)

(dramatic music)


(dramatic music)



- You're one, dumb as dirt,
showboating hotshot, aren't ya?

Not for one second did
you think of the danger

you put everybody in, did ya?

- Hold on, Prime just
saved 5 billion people!

- Not too sharp
on numbers either.

Listen good, Prime, there
was a safe, less exciting way

to take care of that bomb
and then there was your way.

Your kind, I don't want
anything to do with!


- But, what about Atalon?

I thought we were a team.

- Team, with you?

Right, on a cold
day in the Sahara.

- Fine, you don't want Prime,

then Prime don't want you.

And, believe me, you need me!

- Good work, Hardcase.

Where's Prime?

- I don't believe this!

The world's fallin' apart
and what's this guy thinkin'?

He's a,


- A total nimbus with the
IQ of room temperature.

- I, Atalon, King
of the Fire People,

declare the surface
world as my own.

You have thwarted
my first attack,

the second will not
be so fortuitous.

- We need every
Ultra we can muster.

Prime is the strongest.

- (sighing) Alright,
I'll talk to him.

- No offense, Ghoul, but it's
getting kinda ripe in here.

Ya mind?

- It is not death, but
dying which is terrible.

Henry Fielding, 1751.


- What is this, Hamlet?

- I get these premonitions.


You need to get
out of here, now!

- (laughing) You are
monumentally weird.

Now, get goin',
I got work to do.

- [Prototype] Come on, Ghoul.

Hardcase talkin' to Prime,
should be a good show.

- Somethin' comin' in, fast!

Some type of projectile.

- Atalon?

- [Pixx] I don't
know, it's from space.

Velocity, unbelievable.

Estimated impact.

- It's, it's no missile.



- Where am I?

What strange army is this?



They're, men!

- [Cheerleaders] Go, team, go!

Go, team, go!
- Dream, my sister!

Vanquish our eternal enemies!

Why do you stand there
chanting nonsense rhymes?

- [Referee] Uh, you,
lady, off the field, now!

- [Pixx] Are you thinking
what I'm thinking?

- Um-hm.


(upbeat music)

- Look, the big beefcake
knows how to write his name.




- How 'bout a facelift
courtesy of Prime?

- Put him down,
Prime, he's a kid.

Ya look foolish.

Yeah, well, at least Prime
doesn't look like a sandwich

somebody left in their
locker for six months.

- Look, I still don't
like your hotshot attitude

but, the fact is,

we need all the help we
can get against Atalon.

- You bet you need Prime.

I'm the strongest,
toughest Ultra of them all.

- [Prototype] Got the
biggest mouth, too.

- Rahhh!

- (laughing) Foolish humans.

They do not deserve
the surface world.

- The people are
talking, Atalon,

they fear you will bring
ruin and destruction upon us.

You will anger
the ancient kings.

- And, if the ancient
kings were to side with me

would my people, then, be happy?

I knew the decayed
one would be of use.


I, again, need your services

of destruction.


- Prime, no!


- Whoa, whoa!



- Stop it, both of you.

Atalon is the problem here.




- Enemy, you're back
for the last time.

- Prime, he needs
your help, now.

(upbeat music)


- Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, guys, I
just got outta the ground.

I'm not quite ready to go
back again. (screaming)

- Go after Ghoul, Proto.

- [Prototype] I'm on it.

- Put him down, your
fight is with me.

- Prime don't need your help.

Prime fights his own
battles. (screaming)

- No, you can't do this!

Not like the squad, not again.



Everyone get back, get back!

- Hardcase, no!

Don't try to save me.

You were right, Prime's
got a lot more to learn

about being a hero.


- Come on, come on, you want me?

Come and get me.


(dramatic music)


You destroyed the
rest of the squad.

Come on, finish the job.






Let's see you blast Ultras now.

- Oh man, he's
gonna get scragged.

I gotta do something. (groaning)

Prime's almost completely gone!

Wait, my cape.

Gotta keep control,

use my primal force,

keep my cape from dissolving.




- [Prime] Can't
hold it any more.


Wow, I didn't know
the goo could do that.



(blaring sirens)

(gentle music)


- Hey, Prime, thanks.

Whatever I said about you, man.


You're a kid.

You've changed into a kid.

- Don't laugh, okay.

Just don't laugh.

No one is supposed to know.

- Laugh?

No, now it all,
finally, makes sense.

You're just a kid tryin' to
live up to being a mans body.

But, not just any man or
any Ultra, for that matter,

but the strongest
Ultra in the world.

(laughing) Unbelievable.

- I said don't laugh!

No one's supposed to know.

- Look, you saved my life.

In my book you're a hero.

(uplifting music)

- Wow,


that means a lot
coming from you.

You won't tell
anybody, will you?

- Your secret is
safe with me, Kid.

I promise.

But, listen, if
we're gonna be a team

you gotta cut that
hotshot stuff.

Think before you act.

'Cause we need you.

- You mean it?

For real?

- For real.

We're gonna need
Prime back right away.

- Oh, well, I don't know.

I can't just change on command.

But, I'll try.

Could you, uh?

- Gotcha.

- If I concentrate hard enough


Alright, it's Prime time.

(upbeat music)

- Pixx, don't open
fire, it's Hardcase,

I've got Prime with me.

A kinder, gentler Prime.

- This I gotta see.

We gotta surprise for you too.

- On your guard, sisters!

Men have invaded the ship!

- Her name's Topaz.

We recruited her
from a football game.


- [Hardcase] Look out!

- Ugh, not again!

This ship's turning into
a piece of Swiss cheese.

- Yah!

- Prime, go right, I'll go left.

- Nobody tells Prime
what to, I mean,

sorry, good plan.
- Yah-yah-yah-yah!



- Whoa!

- [Contrary] Topaz, stop,
they're on our side.

- But, they're men!

Do you mean to say you,
actually, fight alongside these?

- Who is this, person?

- Topaz is the Queen of Gwendor.

- Thank you, the Queen of
Gwendor can speak for herself.

I have, somehow,
fallen into your world.

I have made a bond with
Sister Contrary to help her,

in return, she will
help me find a way home.

That is all you need to know.

- Wrong, I need to know
anything that will--

- Lighten up, Hardcase,
she gave her word.

Just like I gave to you.

I know I've been difficult.

Let's face it, I've been an
obnoxious, loudmouthed jerk.

- I like him already.

- Proto, what happened?

Where's Ghoul?

- He was sinkin' fast but I
caught up with him, finally,

and I had a real
good grip on him.

- [Hardcase] And then?

- Well, how was I
supposed to know

the guy'd fall apart like that?

- Whoever this Atalon
is, he's got Ghoul.

But, what could he
possibly want with him?

(dramatic music)

- You took me as a
hostage? (laughing)

Come here, come here,
hate to break it to ya

but I wasn't worth
much in trading value

even with both my arms and legs.


- [Atalon] I have a much
better use for you, rancid one.

- What possible use could
you have for a dead guy?

- It seems my people
need convincing

that I, Atalon, am
doing the right thing

reclaiming the surface world.

They have grown cowardly
so long in the dark.

- Scared of the
light, that's a twist.

- You read the
minds of the dead.

- Actually, I
prefer compliments.

- You will speak to
our ancient kings,

they will pronounce
me the Fire People's

one and only savior.

Then, no one shall
dare stand against me.

- And, if I say no?

- You will discover that
there are worse things

than being dead.

(upbeat music)

* Ultra Force

* Ultra Force

* Ultra Force

(digital tune)