Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 9 - Revolving Defense! Asteroid Belt! - full transcript

Episode 9

Revolving Defense!! Asteroid Belt!!

( Air date: Dec 01, 1974 )

Space Battleship


The space battleship Yamato,
which is hurrying to Iscandar...

...was besieged by the
Pluto frontline base of Gamilus...

{HANSYA}...and it nearly became a victim
of the Reflective Satellite Cannon.

But the Yamato's indomitable spirit for
completing its mission led to the destruction...

...of the Reflective Satellite Cannon,
and turned the situation around.

{FUKAI}Despite heavy damage,
it destroyed the base.

{SOSHITE}The Shultz Fleet,
which escaped from Pluto...

{SOSHITE}...knows that it can't return
to the planet Gamilus.

{DESLER}Lord Desler ordered
them to fight and die.

{FUKAKU}Shultz is going to risk his life in a final
battle against the damaged Yamato...

{FUKAKU}...which is in
desperate need of repair.

Unidentified flying
object detected.

Commander Shultz,
it's the Yamato.

It's unmistakably the Yamato.


All ships. All ships,
the Yamato has been detected.

We'll charge the Yamato.

Bearing EK5 111.

Break formation, and head for
the coordinates individually.

Mr. Sanada, hurry the repairs.

Aye, sir.

Shima, maintain slow cruise.

Groups 1 and 2 will take
charge of the exterior.

Groups 3 and 4 will take
charge of the interior.

The damage is heavy, and the work
will be difficult, but do your best.

Aye, sir.

Mr. Sanada, will the Yamato
be alright in this condition ?

Don't worry too much.
I have a plan.

I suppose it's time to propose
my plan to the Captain.

Captain, the repairs seem to be
taking longer than anticipated.

I've detected something.

It's a strong signal.

Captain, could that be the Gamilus
fleet that escaped from Pluto ?

Mori, recall
the repair crews.

Aye, sir.

But why is
there only one ?

It's impossible.
There must be more somewhere.

All hands,
emergency alert.

All hands, emergency alert.

What's happening ?

Bearing F25 316,
distance 52000.

Speed is 0.5 space knots,
and approaching.


...please, avoid any combat.

The damage is
greater than estimated.

I'm worried about how a
battle would affect the damage.

Captain, there are multiple signals ahead
and high to starboard. It's the asteroid belt.

It must be the remnants
of the tenth planet.

What tenth planet ?

It's been said that there were ten planets in
the Solar System. That must be what's left.

Shima, enter the
asteroid belt.

Aye, sir.

The Yamato has
changed course.

Say what ?

They must have spotted
us and are running away.

I won't let it do that.

If we let it get away, we won't be
able to return to planet Gamilus.

Tell all ships to pursue the Yamato,
and force it into X24.

There they are.
They're heading toward us.

We can't fight
in this condition.

Shima, synchronize our
motion to the asteroid belt.

Aye, sir.
Turning off the main engine.

The Yamato has disappeared.

What ? They must've noticed us and may
be generating some kind of jamming.

Gantz, activate the video panel,
and switch to standard radar.

Aye, sir.

What are they, Gantz ?

Sir, that's the debris of a planet.
There's an asteroid belt there.


No, they disappeared from radar.

That means we're in
their blind spot as well.

Hurry the repair operations.

Mr. Sanada, it's fresh tomato juice,
made in the Yamato's agro room.

What are you making ?

It's an idea I came up with.
I'm going to propose this to the Captain.

Oh, wait.

Asteroid ship operation ?

What do you think ?

Alright, proceed.

Aye, sir.
Thank you very much.


...all reports show that the
Yamato disappeared around this point.

It didn't warp did it ?

Should I consult
with the main base ?

Yamato, where did you go ?

Vice President Hisu,
I'm reporting.

What happened, Gantz ?

We lost the track of the Yamato.
Is there any sign of a warp ?

You lost it ?

There's no sign of a warp.
Snap out of it.

Hisu, what's the fuss ?

Lord Desler...

Ask Shultz if he wants me
to send the royal guard ?

Royal guard ?

Commander, could we be...

Find it ! Find the Yamato,
no matter what !

Don't overlook even the
tiniest piece of rock !

We'll begin the
asteroid ship operation.

If we succeed, we can
repair the ship safely.

Mr. Sanada, you lead the staff.

Aye, sir.

Kodai, prepare to launch
the anti-gravity inducer.


Ready to launch.

Angle is 40 degrees high
and low, and launch.


Disappeared without warping...

Asteroid belt, huh ?

I see. I got it.

The Yamato must be hiding inside there.
No wonder the radar doesn't work.

Gantz, tell all ships to investigate it
thoroughly, including every side of each rock.

That should be enough.

Repair crews, get ready.
I'm going to draw the debris closer.

As soon as the debris is attached,
resume repair operations.

Attach the debris.

Attaching the debris.

Debris, attached.

Alright, Mr. Sanada,
resume repair operations.

This is good. I feel wonderful.

If you're born a man, you've
got to drink in space like this.

Oh well,
it can't be helped.

Doctor, please be careful.

Shut up, Analyzer !
You don't have any sense of style !

Oh, boy...

Yamato, identified !

It's there !

Where is it, Gantz ?

Where is the Yamato ?

Sir, I'm sure
I saw it, but...

Yamato, identified.

Which one is the Yamato ?

Well, but...

Confirm its position.


Gantz, what're you doing ?
There's the Yamato.

Oh, yes.

Tell all ships !
This is the final battle !

Yamato, I finally found you.
I'll show you what I can do.

It's quiet,
isn't it, Kodai ?

How are the
repairs going ?

It seems that they're taking
longer on the third turret.

Everyone, how about some fresh
juice from the Yamato's hydroponics ?

Oh, thanks. {Thank you.}

Tastes good.

Indeed. I'm relieved, too.
We all must be tired.

Kodai, what's that ?

The Gamilus fleet !


Captain, the Gamilus
fleet is approaching.

I know.

But what're we
going to do ?

Calm down, Kodai.

Stay alert, and continue
our repair operations.

This asteroid ship operation
is also useful for defense.

So let's try it
on this occasion.

Captain, we'll be in the
enemy's laser cannon range.

Alright. All hands,
take your positions.

That Yamato...
How pathetic it looks.

Commander Shultz...

...it must still be recovering from the
damage by the Reflective Satellite Cannon.

That explains its condition.

So the god of space is on
our side. Commence attack !

W...what's the matter ?

We can't fight back.

Captain, there are
enemy ships behind us.

We have no choice.
Retrieve the repair crews.

Mr. Sanada, how much
longer can the debris hold ?

If we continue taking
a concentrated attack, it won't.

Revolve the debris.

Aye, sir.

Kodai, connect the power.

Activate the
anti-gravity inducer.


Revolve the debris.

Revolving the debris.

What the...?


Don't panic !

Our only destiny is either glory
or death. Only one of those two.

Fire !

Fire, fire, and keep firing !

The revolving defense of the
asteroid ring is a great success.

This is a success ?
It's so frustrating.

Kodai, you know our defense
has to be complete also.

Come to think of it, this is
the way the Yamato should be.

Commander, the situation won't improve
at this rate. We have to do something.

I have no choice but
to take the final measure.

Gantz, crash into it.

They must be repairing the ship
while buying time like that.

Once their repairs are complete,
they'll fire that Wave Motion gun.

Now is our only chance.

If we can't return to Gamilus, we'll
sacrifice our lives to achieve glory.

Commander Shultz.

It's the fate of
Gamilus soldiers, so don't bother.

Where you go, I go.

All ships, we can't
let the Yamato escape !

{SAIGO}We'll settle this battle.

{SHOKUN}Everyone, it seemed long, yet it
was a short time commanding you.

{KOREYORI}Now we'll crash
into the Yamato.

{SORE}That's the only
option we have.

{SHOKUN}Glory be to us all.

{MEIOUSEI}To you brave soldiers of the Pluto
frontline base, just remember...

{WARERA}...there are none braver,
before or after us.

{SAA}Let's go !
All ships, charge !

The enemy is closing in.
What're they going to do ?

Also from starboard !

From port, too !

Stop the revolution
of the debris.

Shima, we'll lighten the load,
you evade their attack.

Aye, sir.

It's no use, we can't evade !

Long live Lord Desler !

Kodai, launch the rocket anchor !

Aim at the belly
of that ship !

Aye, sir !

Launching rocket anchor !

Shortly after, the repairs to
the Yamato were completed.

The asteroid ship operation gave them another
hope in their journey of 296,000 light years.

{CHIKYUU}The only things that can
save mankind from extinction are...

{UCYUU}...love, wisdom, and the courage of
the space battleship Yamato's crew.

Hurry, Yamato, before
our last day dawns.

338 days left till the destruction of Earth

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Nagai Ichiro

Mori Yuki:
Sanada Shiro:
Aihara Yoshokazu:

Asagami Yoko
Aono Takeshi
Nomura Shinji
Ogata Kenichi


Ibu Masayuki
Yamashita Keisuke
Ohbayashi Takeshi
Akira Kimura

The Yamato launches the anti-gravity inducer from the secondary turret, but the barrels open wide horizontally. Mecha illiteracy.

The Yamato evades Shultz's kamikaze attack with the rocket anchor. The anchor was launched from starboard, but the broken chain was attached to the port. This was not only the animator's mistake, but also the director was to blame for overlooking it.

Those episodes, done by Studio Mates, don't credit the chief animator,
but Mr. Kenzo Koizumi took charge of it.

The Yamato took about 16 days to advance from Pluto to the asteroid belt, including the time for combat and repair.



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