Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 10 - Farewell, Solar System! From the Galaxy with Love! - full transcript

Episode 10

Goodbye Solar System!!
From the Galactic System with Love!!

( Air date: Dec 8, 1974 )

Farewell, Earth.{Saraba chikyuu yo}

A ship is taking off...{Tabidatsu fune wa}

...it's the space battleship Yamato.

Space Battleship


It's set for Iscandar...

...carrying the fate of mankind.

We'll return for sure.{Kanarazu koko he kaette kuru to}

Smile at all the people waving their hands.{te wo furu hito ni egao de kotae}

Leaving the Galactic System
on a long voyage to Iscandar.{Ginga wo hanare Iscandar he harubaru nozomu}

Space battleship Yamato!{Ucyuu senkan yamato}

In the year 2199...

...Earth was about to be destroyed, due to attacks from the mysterious planet, Gamilus.

Radioactive poison was going to end
all life on Earth in just one year.

Planet Iscandar

Meanwhile, Queen Starsha of planet
Iscandar, a twin of planet Gamilus...

...who wished for peace and
happiness in space...

...sent a message to Earth offering a
radioactive purifier, the Cosmo Cleaner.

{ZEN}The last spaceship of Earth,
the space battleship Yamato...

{ZEN}...took off for Iscandar,
carrying the hopes of mankind.

Eluding the pursuit of this evil enemy,
and destroying the Gamilus base on Pluto...

{IMAYA}...the Yamato is now leaving our Solar System,
and heading for the great sea of stars.

Yamato, Yamato, this is the
Earth Defense Command Center.

We have an
emergency message.

Captain Okita, please respond.

This is Yamato. We copy you.
Adjusting to cycle 003.

Captain Okita, Captain Okita, an emergency
message from Earth. Please come down.

Maintain that cycle, please.

We're too far, and it's
hard to match the frequency.

Maximum time is five minutes
each, and probably no more.

Put it on
the main screen.

Okita, you've gone a long way.
How is the Yamato ?

Earth Defense Force Command Center

The Yamato is intact...

...but Commander, this will
be our last transmission...

...after which we won't
be able to communicate.

That's why I wanted to
tell you about Earth.

Earth is in despair,
and you are our last hope.

Take a look at this.

There's no life
left on the surface...

...and the contamination is reaching the
underground cities, and some are panicking.

{TAEZU}People are scared, and they
continuously visit us for help.

{SHIKASHI}As the Yamato went further and further,
people started feeling more nervous.

{HITOBITO}All they talk about is the possibility
of the Yamato's return...

{HITOBITO}...and they start losing hope,
because of its impossible mission.

Okita, we want to know more about the
Yamato...everything about the Yamato...

Please give me five minutes
to adjust the power.

The Yamato will return.

That's right. Tell your families
about it in your own words.

Tell them yourself.

We've already left
our Solar System...

...and we're in a part of the Galaxy
we've never been in before.

{SOREWA}Without question,
it's due to your service.

{SHIKASHI}Please keep in mind that
our 148,000 light year mission...

{SHIKASHI}...is to obtain the Cosmo
Cleaner from planet Iscandar.

{SONO}Come to think of it, our
journey hasn't even started yet.

Galactic System

{WAREWARE}We must hurry. Fortunately,
there's no sign of the enemy lately.

Large Magellanic Cloud

{KONO}We'll recover the lost time, in this
peaceful moment. We'll warp, a long warp.

Hey, long warp, he said...

If we do, we'll be where we won't even be able
to identify Earth, or even the Solar System.

{YOTTE}Today, I'll allow each crew member to have
five minutes of communication with Earth.

Alright, let's show them
we're doing well.

I can encourage my family.

Thank you.

Let's say goodbye to Earth and its sister
planets one by one. Have fun at the party.

Should I shave ?

No, you don't need to.

What should I say ?

Look, this is my baby,
born just before the launch.

Let's see.
Oh, cute.

He must be a lot
bigger by now.

It's ready.
First person, please go in.

Okay, I'm going.

Mr. Kodai, you look depressed.
May I analyze you ?

It's nothing.

Mr. Shima, go ahead.

Hey, Jiro.

Jiro, over here.


Father, Mother, it's Big
Brother Daisuke. Big Brother.

What's wrong, Jiro ?
Are you crying ? How are you ?


It's been a while.
Father, you lost weight ?

Do I look
like I have ?

Jiro, what're you making ?

The Yamato.
It's a mini Yamato, though...

Jiro is cheering his friends up with the mini
Yamato, because he's too little to be a pilot.

Brother, three of my friends are ill
because of the poison from the surface.

So I showed them this Yamato, and told
them that it will bring the Cosmo Cleaner.

Don't worry. I'm sure...

Well, then, Father,
Mother, take care.


Jiro, be a good boy.


My turn is soon.

How was it, Mr. Shima ?

My younger brother's grown up,
and he encouraged me.

Your little brother did ?

Now it's your turn to be
encouraged by your grandchildren.

Yes, thanks.

Mr. Kodai, what're you doing ?

You'd better go to the
communication room. Mr. Kodai ?

Don't bother me.

You're going to cry when
you see your Mother.

What about you ?
I wonder.

Hey, why did you
leave your posts ?

Well, to communicate with Earth.

What about the
personnel for a scramble ?

There's no one.

Go back to your posts.

Emergency personnel shouldn't leave
their posts. Go back, immediately.

How could they
be so lackadaisical ?


Captain, is there anything
I can help you with ?

If so,
I'll visit you myself.

No, it's nothing.

Hey, it was the Captain.
What happened ?

He didn't have to come down here.
I was surprised.

Kodai isn't here.
Where did he go ?

Oh, the Chief has
gone to the hangar.

That's a problem.
It's his turn.

I'll go and tell him.


Kato, what're you looking for ?


Chief, this is causing Mori problems.
Please, hurry and come with me.

The mechanics will
take care of maintenance.

Kato, did you finish
your transmission ?


Then, hurry and get it done.

I'm getting nervous.

Miss Mori...

The Chief seems to be declining
to make a communication.

Declining ?

Captain, you're causing me problems.
You can't be in the kitchen with that uniform.

Cleanliness is the
first priority here.

Oh, sorry.
Pardon me.

Kodai, what're you doing ?

Checking around the ship.

This place is done.

Oh, the vase is in the wrong place.
The scroll is tilted, and the window is dirty.

Shokichi, is Aiko doing well ?

Yes, Father.

Kikuko, is she behaving well ?

Yes, ah...

You can't spoil her, you know ?

Grandpa, you're loud.

Aiko !

Aiko, you're getting bigger.

I suppose I have no
place to go today.

But Kodai is also...

Shokichi, don't lose hope.

Even if you think it's over,
if you lose hope for the future...

...your life will be
even more miserable.

Raise Aiko well.
Aiko, grow up.

Wait, I want to talk more !
I have many more things to say !

I wonder what happened to Mr. Tokugawa.
His time has already expired.

I'm sorry.
I was confused.

Mr. Tokugawa.

Can you stay with me,
if you don't mind ?

It's my turn,
but I'm nervous.

Mother, what's going on ?

I heard that we don't
have much time, so...

It's a picture of one
of the grooms to be.

Groom ?

Why not ?

When you return, it wouldn't
be too early to get married.

I have eight
candidates already.

Your Mother is desperate to
find your perfect match.

I like this person most. He's an
engineer of the undersea city...

Mother, please don't. I don't want to
say goodbye with a talk like this.

Goodbye ? But you'll come
home in one year?

That's true, but...

Did you find someone you
like on the Yamato ?

No, that's...

Should I leave ?

Oh, Mr. Tokugawa,
you're so mean.

Don't say it's
that elderly person.

He should be young, so that
you can have many children together.

Sorry, Mr. Tokugawa.

Mother, please change the subject.
Earth is in trouble?

That's why...that's why
we need many children.

Only your generation and
your children can save Earth.

Your father
and I believe so.

We want to.

No. You must come home alive, otherwise I wouldn't have let you go so far away in space.

I'll return for sure.

You're lying.


I'm looking forward to seeing the
stack of pictures you pile up, Mother.

Well, bye, Yuki...


Bye, Father, Mother.

Take care.

Father, Mother...

I'm sorry.

I thought I'd be able
to cheer you up, but...

Mother is always
like that. But, sorry...

Parents are just about
the same everywhere.

My son was born.
My son.

Really ?

Listen, my wife volunteered
to be a soldier.

We've got to get the
Cosmo Cleaner and go home.

Space is big...

...and it's endless.

There's no sake.

I didn't find any souvenirs
for you on Jupiter or Pluto.

Mee, farewell.

That's right.
I have someplace to go to.

That's the only place of
relief for the Captain and I.

Kodai, you're here. Everyone has
finished their communications.

Sorry, but I have
a place to go.

You shouldn't.

Communications with Earth are
getting worse as time passes.

I want you to finish
as soon as possible.

I see.

Oh, no. I didn't tell
him how to use it.


Has it malfunctioned ?

Why isn't he talking
to his family...?

I'm sorry.

Kodai, what're you doing ?
Come see me.

Noone understands.
No one can.

You've finally come, Kodai.

I wanted to see you.

Both of us are a
nuisance wherever we go.

How about this ?
Have a drink ?

Don't just stand there,
have a seat.



Thank you.

Thank you.

Captain, one more.

That's more like it.


Yes ?

I'm going to say goodbye
to my homeland.

Goodbye !


Kodai, you say goodbye, too.

Yes, sir.

Goodbye !
We will return, so stay alive !

Goodbye !

Goodbye !


We'll surely return,
we told the red scarf.

So greet us on that day.

We're in distant space now.

We dream among the stars.

In the eyes of the travelers...

...we wish to envision romance in them.

La, la, la, la, la, la.

La, la, la, la, la, la.

La, la, la, red scarf...

We're finally out of
visual contact range.

We can no longer
receive video transmissions.

The party is over.

Yamato... You dare to
step out into the galaxy.

Come to me.

Lord Desler

I can imagine you being frightened
by the vastness of space...

...and the great power
of Gamilus which rules it.

The Yamato continues its journey after
leaving our home, the Solar System.

Only the evil hands
of Gamilus awaits them.

The Yamato has unexpectedly
used 50 days already.

Mankind will be
extinct in 315 days.

315 days till the destruction of Earth

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Nagai Ichiro

A girl was waving her red scarf.{Anoko ga futteita makka na scarf}

Mori Yuki:
Aihara (Yoshikazu) Giichi:
Kato Saburo:
Shima's Brother:

Asagami Yoko
Nomura Shinji
Yamada Shunji
Ogata Kenichi
Sakata Junko

Shima's Mother:
Mori's Father:
Yabu Sukeharu:

Chijimatsu Sachiko
Aono Takeshi
Ikemizu Michihiro
Ibu Masayuki
Yamashita Keisuke
Kimura Akira

Who was that for ?{Dareno tame da to omotte iruka}

The opening credit shows Keisuke Fujikawa as the writer, but the document says it's Maru Tamura. He is a pupil of Fujikawa, and they could have saved a few cells by using Fujikawa's name as a supervisor.

It doesn't matter who it was for...{Dare no tame demo ii ja nai ka}

After this episode, there will be no female crew, except Yuki.
They're supposedly sleeping.

...everyone should take it as theirs.{Minna sono ki de ireba ii}

Noboru Ishiguro's face was used for a male crew with eye glasses in the party room and one of the groom photos for Yuki.

Central Command expected the Yamato
to spend 20 days leaving the Solar System,
but it took 48 days.

Translator's note: Aihara introduced himself as Giichi in Yamato III, but his parents called him Yoshikazu. The kanji can be read in both ways, but...

In the hearts of men, who
are leaving on a long journey...{Tabidattsu otoko no mune ni wa}



Todd Perkins

...a piece of romance is needed.{Roman no kakera ga hoshii no sa}

Todd Perkins

Song Translations


La la la...


Central Anime(Kansas)
Version 1.0

La la la...

La la la, red scarf.{makka na scarf}