Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 6 - Space Destroyer Yukikaze Sleeps in the Icefield! - full transcript

Episode 6

Space Destroyer Yukikaze
Rests on a Field of Ice!

( Air date: Nov 11, 1974 )

Space Battleship


In 2199, Earth was attacked by the
mysterious planet, Gamilus...

{YUUSEI}...and mankind was facing extinction due to the
poisons from the meteor bombs in one year.

{KONO}A device to purify the
poisons is on Iscandar...

{KONO}...which is 148,000 light years away
in the large Magellanic Cloud.

{CHIKYUU}The space battleship Yamato is the only
ship which can exceed the speed of light...

{OUFUKU}...and it has just departed on a
round trip of 296,000 light years.

{YAMATO}The Yamato also carried out a
test firing of its primary weapon...

{YAMATO}...the Wave Motion gun,
at Jupiter.

What ?
A Wave Motion gun ?

Yes. I've never seen such
a powerful cannon before.

We have to react quickly, or the
Yamato will become a great threat.

Vice President Hisu

A Wave Motion gun
on an Earth ship ?

Please, inform our Lord.

Pluto Frontline Base Commander, Shultz

Wait for a moment.

That Yamato. Soon, you'll see how
strong our Lord Desler's Gamilus is.

I'll tell you
Lord Desler's words.

He only wants to hear about your
victory announcement. Understood ?

Vice President Hisu...

I understand. I'll report to you
with a victory no matter the risk.

No matter what...Yamato.

Engine room,
investigate the cause.

The energy transfer
pipe has overheated.

Say what ?
Overheated ?!

It must be because of the shock
of the Wave Motion gun test.

Precisely. The Yamato doesn't have the
space alloy, Cosmonite, onboard.

Can we find it somewhere ?

I heard that Titan,
a moon of Saturn, has it.

Mori, analyze
Titan immediately.

Aye, sir.


What's Shima doing ?

Hey, are you trying
to wreck the Yamato ?

What're you talking about, Kodai ?

The problem was caused by the
shock of the Wave Motion gun test.

Really ?

Analysis of
Titan is complete.

An optical analysis shows that
there's a small amount of Cosmonite.

Shima, ahead slow.
We'll head for Titan.

The engine will overheat.

The Yamato needs the Cosmonite.


Saturn. This unique
and beautiful planet...


...is the second largest planet in
the solar system, next to Jupiter.

{chokkei}Its 115,000 km diameter is
nine times of the Earth's.

{HOTONDO}It's mostly covered with a cloud of
methane, and the interior is unknown.

{BOUSHI}Its ring looks like the brim of a
hat, made of rock and ice...

{YUKKURI}...and is slowly
rotating around Saturn.

{DOSEI}Saturn has nine moons, and Titan
is said to have air just like Earth.

{TADASHI}Temperature is very low, due
to the distance from the sun...

A moon of Saturn, Titan

{OOKUNO}...but it's assumed that
there are many metal elements.

It stopped near Titan.
Gantz, run an analysis.

Energy is extremely low.

What ? Energy is
extremely low ?

It could have malfunctioned.
We'll send a fleet immediately and...

Wait, don't
act carelessly.

I'll split you in two teams.

Mori and Analyzer will search for
the Cosmonite with Kodai as guard.

Aye, sir.

Mr. Sanada, you'll form your own team,
and collect materials from Titan.

Aye, sir.

Listen carefully.
The Yamato isn't in good shape.

We can't let the enemy know
our reasons for staying here.

So act quickly but
be cautious. That's all.

Aye, sir.

Alright, we'll
have a race, Kodai.

You're on.{Why not.}

Don't play around.
This isn't a field trip.


It's a job.
Let's be serious.

A patrol and
transports have launched.

What're they going
to do on Titan ?

Let's investigate.

To the patrol ship near Titan...
To the patrol ship near Titan...

This is Yaretana of the Gamilus patrol
ship 104, cruising near Saturn moon No. 6.

The Yamato is near Titan, and it has
sent a few small boats to the surface.

Investigate their objectives.
That's all.


So beautiful. There isn't such
beautiful scenery on Earth anymore.

Analyzer, is there any
sign of the Cosmonite?

Please, fly a little longer.
I'll run a triangulation search.

Shima, Aihara, pay close
attention to the surroundings.

We don't know when
the enemy will appear.

Aye, sir.

Hurry, we don't
have much time.

What was that ?

A shooting star ?

An unidentified object
detected behind Titan.

It's not a shooting star.
It's assumed to be a Gamilus patrol.

Warn all
deployed personnel.

To Mori and Sanada teams, an
unidentified object was detected.

Finish quickly.

Stay alert and
finish your tasks soon.

Okay. Abort your work
and return to the Yamato.

Kodai, what's wrong ?
Hurry up.

Analyzer, anything yet ?
You useless piece of junk.

Don't say that.

Not yet.

Okay, let's turn right.

It's dangerous.
Return to the ship immediately.

I'm concerned about
that UFO a while ago.


A reaction, left 35 degrees,
distance 3 miles.

I see.
Alright, let's go.

But Kodai, what about
the return order ?

This is Kodai.
We've found Cosmonite.

We'll begin mining
immediately. Over.

Kodai, please
return immediately.

Kodai. Kodai. Kodai !

Captain, Kodai turned
off his communicator.

That's it.

That's Cosmonite...

In any case,
let's mine this quickly.

Analyzer, hurry up.

If it's for you...

This looks like a mining site.
It has cutter marks.

They're mining Cosmonite.

What ?
They're mining Cosmonite ?

I see. Cosmonite is a space alloy
that's used for energy transfer conduits.

The Yamato must
have been damaged.

Interfere with their
mining activities.

Aye, sir.

By the way,
how many are they ?

One male, one female
and one robot.

Good. They'll be ideal samples to
study our enemy. Capture them.

Aye, sir.

Unknown vehicles
are approaching.

Say what ?

Space tanks ?

Radar signal is gone.
Something must have happened.

Bearing ?

Run behind that
rock over there !

Don't miss. But make sure
you only injure them.


That's why I warned you.
We should have returned quickly.

Shut up.
You protect Mori.

Fool. Do you think you can destroy
a space tank with a cosmo gun ?

We're doomed at this rate.

You aim at the man
behind the rocks.

I'll capture the
woman and the robot.

Don't blame me.

Run !
It's dangerous !


Watch out !

W...what the
hell is that ?


You're awesome.

If it's for Miss Mori.

Tsuba kukansa ruma

Translated, "Everyone,
get in the tank over there."

Ruma kukansa tsuba.


Captain, an SOS !
It's from Analyzer !

Tsuba ruma da kansatsu

It's gone.

We've got its origin.

X35 degrees, Y30 degrees,
Z65 degrees on Titan.

Tsuba ruma

Cosmo gun...

It's risky.

No, I'll try.
Analyzer, guard Mori.

How come it was here ?
Whose cosmo gun is this ?


Mamoru... My brother's name...
My brother's cosmo gun !






My brother's ship !
My brother's...

My brother's...
My brother's Yukikaze !

Brother !

Brother !

Brother !

Aren't you here, Brother ?!

Captain, Kodai's
ship isn't following.

Not following ?!

Okita, I can't run away.
Please, let me go.

Good luck, and please
take care of Earth.

Don't die, Kodai.


Kodai, let's go.

Brother, I'll avenge you.

All systems on line.{All ship releived}

The repairs on the energy transfer pipe are finished, thanks to the Cosmonite.

Shima, standard
ship settings.{normalize the ship.}

Aye, sir.

Engine, nominal.

Setting cruise speed.

Excellent, Shima.

I owe it to Mr. Sanada.

No, it was Mori's work.

No, it was my work.

Bring the Yamato back
on course. Ahead full.

Aye, sir.

When Kodai returns,
send him to my quarters.

He's upset at
Kodai's disobedience.

But we were able to find
the Cosmonite, thanks to him.

That's true.

Oh, aren't you hurt ?

Thanks for the Cosmonite.

We were able to get it,
because Kodai protected us.

But Kodai, the Captain
wants to see you.

Kodai, it might be
about your disobedience.

Okay, I'll go.

Kodai Susumu, reporting.

Report about the Yukikaze.

Y...yes, sir.

The destroyer Yukikaze of the Earth fleet
seems to have crash-landed on Titan...

...and there were
no survivors.

No survivors, huh...?


Sir ?

We don't want the Earth to
be like the Yukikaze, do we ?

No, sir.

The Yamato was repaired with the
Cosmonite, and it departed Saturn.

{CHIKYUU}It has been five days
since it left Earth.

{CHIKYUU}The people of Earth are suffering
from the radioactive poison of Gamilus.

{ISOGE}Yamato, begin your journey
of 296,000 light years soon.

{JINRUI}There's only 359 days left
till the extinction of mankind.

359 days left till the Destruction of Earth

{JINRUI}There's only 359 days left
till the extinction of mankind.

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Nagai Ichiro

Sanada Shiro:
Aihara Yoshokazu:

Aono Takeshi
Nomura Shinji
Ogata Kenichi
Yamashita Keisuke
Yasuhara Yoshito
Ibu Masayuki

An ex-Mushi Production, Yoshikazu Yasuhiko joined as a storyboard drawer. He worked on 13 episodes in the first TV series.

The Destroyer Yukikaze was sunk at Pluto, but found on Saturn, which is 5.4 million km away. The Yukikaze must have been seized by Gamilus, and the ship must have been left on Titan.

Gamilus scout commander Yaretara speaks Gamilus, "ruma kukan satsuba," in front of Kodai. It reads circle, triangle, x in reverse. It was made up at the recording studio.

The voice of Shultz in this episode was done by Kazuo Kato.



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