Uchû senkan Yamato (1974–1975): Season 1, Episode 7 - Yamato Sinks! Fateful Battle to Destroy the Enemy Stronghold! - full transcript

Episode 7

Sunken Yamato!!
Destined Fortress Seizure Battle!!

( Air date: Nov 17, 1974 )

Farewell, Earth.{Saraba chikyuu yo}

A ship is taking off...{Tabidatsu fune wa}

...it's the space battleship Yamato.

Space Battleship


It's set for Iscandar...

...carrying the fate of mankind.

We'll return for sure.{Kanarazu koko he kaette kuru to}

Smile at all the people waving their hands.{te wo furu hito ni egao de kotae}

Leaving the Galactic System
on a long voyage to Iscandar.{Ginga wo hanare Iscandar he harubaru nozomu}

Space battleship Yamato!{Ucyuu senkan yamato}


Pluto is the farthest
planet in the Solar System.

It has an elliptical orbit of 4.4 billion km
and 7.4 billion km in diameter...

...and it orbits the
Sun every 248 years.

Its size is about 1/2 of Earth's,
so its gravity is weaker.

It is a frozen world, with
temperatures of minus 200 degrees C.

Pluto Frontline Base

Yamato, identified.

It's changing course
from PX703 to OP6.

They don't even know
that we're on Pluto.

Commander Shultz, let's attack.

Wait, Gantz.
Don't take it lightly.

You saw its capabilities
at Jupiter, didn't you ?

It has that
Wave Motion gun.

It shattered the floating
island with that gun.

We can't defend against it.

But, Commander Shultz...?

Don't worry, Gantz, but just think. We have
to use our brains to defeat the Yamato.

Gamilusians are
very intelligent.

Aren't you forgetting about
our latest weapon, Gantz ?

The Reflective Satellite Cannon.

Reflective Satellite Cannon

It has more power, compared to the
Wave Motion gun, but a shorter range.

That's as far as the Reflective Satellite
Cannon can reach, but the Yamato is there.

{SOKODE}So we launch the Gamilus fleet, pretend
to intercept, and draw it within range.

{HANSYA}A single shot from the Reflective Satellite
Cannon will bring us the Desler Medal.

All nominal.
Engine pressure, normal.

Kodai, your brother died in the
Battle of Pluto, didn't he ?

Yes. I wonder if they know
his brother has come this time.

The Gamilus fleet has launched.

But what if it's not
deceived and doesn't approach ?

Don't worry. We'll launch our large
missiles like rain, and force it here.

Look at our missiles.

The Yamato will be destroyed.

Gantz, what about
the attack on Earth ?

Sir, we launched
20 meteor bombs today.

Radar contact.

Vector OP3 102 to PZ1.

They're meteor bombs.

Captain, isn't there
an enemy base on Pluto ?

There is.

Let me destroy their base.

I can't watch those meteor
bombs striking Earth any longer.

Captain ?!

I know.

I intend to avoid combat as much as
possible on our journey to Iscandar...

...but the Pluto base
can't be overlooked.

Shima, head for
Pluto at full speed.

Kodai, advance in a
full combat formation.

Aye, sir.

The Yamato is approaching.
Distance, 200,000.

Direction is
2Z 102 to OP 69.

The Yamato is heading
here on its own.

To the fleet. Assume combat alert
and open a path for the Yamato.

All hands, battle stations.

Central Planning Room

This is the map of Pluto.

The base on Pluto controls the meteor
bomb attacks which have ruined Earth.

{imamade}Based on past attacks, we assume
that their base is near this bay.

We'll destroy this base.

Kodai, good luck
avenging your brother.

Shima, let's do our best. We'll put an
end to their meteor bomb attacks today.

Captain, are we going to
use the Wave Motion gun ?

We can't use
the Wave Motion gun.

There are indigenous
creatures on Pluto.

If we use the Wave Motion gun,
we'll destroy them along with Pluto.

We can't destroy the common property of
life in the Solar System, such as a planet.

But then...?

We'll approach the
enemy base first.

Kodai, prepare for their surprise
attack. We're in their range.

Aye, sir.

Gamilus fleet, identified.

45 degrees starboard high,
and 45 degrees port high.

Both groups are flying in the
same direction as the Yamato.

Aim the shock cannons.
No. 1 to port, No. 2 to starboard.

Aye, sir. Angle, 30 degrees port high,
30 degrees starboard high.

The shock cannons
are ready to fire.

Black Tigers, clear the area between
the Yamato and the enemy fleet.

Fire !

We did it !

Captain, we'll pursue.

Gantz, don't let up,
or they'll figure out our plan.

I'm going to the command room of
the Reflective Satellite Cannon.

Large group of missiles ahead.

Port full, bearing 2020.

Prepare the anti-air missiles
and pulse lasers. Open tubes.

Opening tubes.

Pulse lasers are
ready to fire.

Firing anti-air missiles.

Commence firing
the pulse lasers.

Damage report.

The first armor plating of
the aft engine room was torn.

One hit on the Yamato.

The Yamato is
showing its side to us.

Good. Prepare to fire the
Reflective Satellite Cannon.

Reflective Satellite Cannon,
auto control circuit is nominal.

Energy charge 150%.

How pathetic. They don't know
that they're approaching hell.

{GAMILUS}You'll face the terror of the
Gamilus Reflective Satellite Cannon.

Prepare to fire.


A high energy beam is
approaching the Yamato !

We've been hit !

Port side, damaged.

The ship's braking system is
malfunctioning. I can't control the thrust.

It's no good, we're going to
crash at full speed.

A moon of Pluto is at
15 degrees to starboard.

Fire the rocket anchor.

Aye, sir.

Port thrusters, fire.

I thought
we were finished.

Those Gamilus. What kind of weapon
was it ? It scared the hell out of me.

Captain, I'll take command
of the repair work.

Kodai, if we stay here, we'll be
targeted by Gamilus, won't we ?

It'll be alright.

We're on the far side from their base,
so we're in their blind spot. Don't worry.

The Yamato is on
the far side of Pluto.

The far side ?

You think you're hiding,
but you're not.

The Reflective Satellite Cannon can
hit you, no matter where you are.

Open the panels on the Reflective
Satellites, and target the Yamato.

Target is Yamato. Reflector
panel computer is set.

Prepare Reflective Satellites,
number 2, 10, 11 and 6.

Number 2, setup complete.

Number 6, setup complete.

Reflective Satellite
programming is complete.

Prepare to fire.


Energy beam
approaching the Yamato.

I don't have time to slow down.
We're going to crash.

Captain, there's an
ocean near the equator.

Head for the equator.

Land on the ocean, Shima.

The Yamato is
heading for the ocean.

One more blow, and I'll
terminate it once and for all.

Prepare to fire the
Reflective Satellite Cannon.

Closing the
watertight partitions.

Landing complete.

Chief Engineer Sanada, repair
the outer plating immediately.

Aye, sir.


Captain, let me go
for reconnaissance.

If the Yamato is struck by that
laser again, I doubt it could survive.

Kodai, this is enemy territory.
Don't risk your life recklessly.

It has the devil's luck.

However, that place will
be your graveyard.

Prepare to fire the
Reflective Satellite Cannon.


Energy beam from
directly above us !

The ship is listing !

Do something, quickly !

No, I can't !
Captain !

Pull yourself together, and stay
calm until you finish your job.

The Yamato is sinking.

That's the fate of those who
underestimate the power of Gamilus.

Gantz, inform Lord Desler.

Planet Gamilus

My Lord.

Pleasing news.

The Pluto Frontline Base has engaged
the Yamato in combat and sunk it.

The Yamato has sunk.

And what of it ?

Oh, that's right.
It's only to be expected.


Yamato, what's wrong ?

Despite the hopes of mankind,
waiting for the radioactive purifier...

{MATAMO}...is it going to repeat history and become
scrap metal under the sea again ?

Yamato, rise up.

Mankind will be extinct in 356 days.
You only have 356 days.

356 days left till the destruction of Earth

Okita Juzo:
Kodai Susumu:
Shima Daisuke:
Sado Sakezo:
Sanada Shiro:

Naya Goro
Tomiyama Kei
Nakamura Hideo
Nagai Ichiro
Aono Takeshi

A girl was waving her red scarf.{Anoko ga futteita makka na scarf}

Mori Yuki:

Asagami Yoko
Ogata Kenichi
Ibu Masayuki
Ohbayashi Takeshi
Nomura Shinji
Kimura Akira

The Yamato flew from Jupiter to Saturn, changed its direction 140 degrees, and headed for Pluto, which was 5.4 million km away.

Who was that for ?{Dareno tame da to omotte iruka}

It doesn't matter who it was for...{Dare no tame demo ii ja nai ka}

Shultz said, the Reflective Satellite Cannon is more powerful, but has a shorter range.

However, the Yamato only suffered medium
damage by a direct hit from the Reflective Satellite Cannon. Maybe he underestimated the power of the Wave Motion gun, as well as the armor of the Yamato.

...everyone should take it as theirs.{Minna sono ki de ireba ii}

Earth science could only destroy Gamilus ships with missiles in Ep.1.
But only fighter guns were needed to destroy
their ships in this episode.
Starsha's capsule may have contained the
weakness of the Gamilus alloy.

In the hearts of men, who are
leaving on a long journey...{Tabidattsu otoko no mune ni wa}



Todd Perkins

Todd Perkins

Song Translations


...a piece of romance is needed.{Roman no kakera ga hoshii no sa}


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La la la...

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La la la, red scarf.{makka na scarf}