True Blood (2008–2014): Season 4, Episode 6 - I Wish I Was the Moon - full transcript

Bill is livid when he hears that Sookie has been hiding Eric in her house. He arrests him and puts him in the same cell with Pam, who is still rotting away. He also asks the Authority to put Eric to the true death. Marnie is also in Bill's prison but connects with the spirit of the witch from the past who had a deadly spell for dealing with vampires. It's also a full moon and Jason fully expects to turn into a were-panther. Sookie sits up with him but when he runs off into the woods, it's Jessica who comforts him. With Sam away taking care of Arlene's burnt out house, Tommy shifts into something he has never experienced before. In Mexico. Lafayette and Jesus seek help.

The most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
Bill! What the hell?
Both of you, stop it!
Eric, stop!
Who is this vampire to you?
He's your king.
My liege.
Forgive me.
* When you came in, the air went out
* And every shadow filled up with doubt
* I don't know who you think you are
* But before the night is through
* I wanna do bad things with you
* I'm the kind to sit up in his room
* Heartsick, and eyes filled up with blue
* I don't know what you've done to me
* But I know this much is true
* I wanna do bad things with you
* Ow!
* I wanna do real bad things with you *
You have no right to do this.
I have every right. I am his king.
Well, you aren't mine.
Yes, you made that abundantly clear
when you lied to my face.
You got a hell of a nerve lecturing me on lyin'.
Your Majesty, whatever I'm guilty of,
Sookie had nothing to do with it.
She was only protecting me.
How touching.
Silver him.
He isn't resisting. You don't have to hurt him.
Where are you taking him?
Sookie, stop. You don't have to do this.
You've done too much for me already.
Yes, you certainly have.
That's what this is about?
You've been running around, sticking your fangs in who knows what else,
into every girl in town. But the second I move on, you arrest him?
Believe it or not, my entire existence does not revolve around
what or who is between your legs.
Don't you dare speak to me that way!
I took an oath to protect the vampires of Louisiana!
By handcuffing them in silver?
Eric is under the control of necromancers. He is a danger to everyone.
You don't know what you're talking about.
He's scared and alone. His whole life has been wiped away.
He is a liar, and a master manipulator.
And he would do or say anything to make you his!
Well, which is it, Bill? Is he a danger to everyone,
or is he just faking it to get into my pants?
If you
ever loved me,
you won't hurt him.
This is strictly business.
Vampire business.
So for once in your life, I strongly suggest you stay out of it.
Good night, Sookie.
I'm not leaving without Eric.
If Miss Stackhouse sets foot on my property again,
I want her arrested for trespassing.
Yes, sir.
Are we clear?
You can't do this. Bill!
Come on, Miss.
Move along.
This is wrong, and you know it!
It smells like death in here.
It's me.
Pam? Bill found you because of me.
I fucked up royally. I'm sorry.
Why are you hiding under that?
'Cause I don't want you to see me like this.
Take it off. No.
Sookie told me I was your maker. I command you.
The witch, Lafayette, his boyfriend,
and his skank of a cousin, they did this to me.
Who's Lafayette?
Forget it.
I can feel myself rotting.
I don't know how much time I have left.
I'm sorry. Are you afraid?
Fuck you. Pieces of me are falling off.
I'm pissed.
I am not gonna die like this.
We need to get out of here and get the bitches who did this to us.
No, no. King Bill believes we are a danger to our kind.
Let me tell you a little something about King Bill.
He's a self-loathing, power-hungry,
pompous, little dork. And you hate his guts.
That is treason.
Eric, snap the fuck out of it.
You have no loyalty to Bill Compton.
You are a Viking vampire god and you bow to no one.
If someone crosses you, you rip out their liver
with one fang. No.
I have been with you over a hundred years.
We've traveled the world together,
killin', and fuckin', and laughin'.
I don't remember that.
Oh, fuckin' hell. You will.
We'll get your life back, I swear.
I don't want it!
The things I've done, uh,
I don't wanna remember.
You don't know what you're sayin'.
I'm not the vampire you think I am.
Not anymore.
Your Majesty. I'm in the middle of something.
Just wanted to inform you that I have the necromancer
and Sheriff Northman in custody.
Alive? Of course.
We're holding her for observation until the threat can be assessed.
As directed.
And Eric?
Sheriff Northman has been infected.
You sure?
He has no recollection of his existence
prior to the last few days.
He does not understand his position,
or recognize The Authority.
I mean, he's extremely unstable, and...
He's dangerous.
Can the spell be undone?
The witch is not collaborating.
I believe she intends to use Sheriff Northman against us.
With a weapon like that, she could make a lot of noise.
Your recommendation?
I request a warrant to impose the true death.
I'm sure you're real broken up about that.
I'll run it through the appropriate channels and get back to you.
And, Bill...
Good work.
I'll see you at that tolerance thing on the 29th.
Terry, put it out.
No smokin' in the boudoir.
Get Mikey outside! Now!
Coby, Lisa, wake up! Fire!
- Mikey? - Fire!
- Mikey! - I'm scared!
What's goin' on? Where's Mama?
- Mikey! - Move! Now!
Mike! Mikey! Where are you?
The place is goin' up. Outside now.
I can't find Mikey. I'll come back for him.
No! I ain't leavin' without my baby!
I want Mikey!
Stay put!
- No! Mikey! - Mom! Mom, he's over here!
- Arlene. - We got him!
He was already out when we came out.
Oh, Mikey. Mikey.
Oh, thank God, and little baby Jesus, you're okay.
How the hell did he get out here?
Don't know. He was just sittin' in the yard.
Playing with that ugly, old doll.
It just started out of thin air?
Arlene, come on. I ain't sayin' it's your fault.
I'm just trying to make sense of this.
I know.
At least you all are okay. That's what matters, right?
Yeah. Uh-huh.
The ghost of my serial-killin' ex-fiancé
just tried to murder us in our sleep.
We're just peachy.
I'm sorry, Sam, about all this.
No, that's...
Listen up, slumlord.
If I find out you risked my cousin's life
cheapin' out on smoke alarms and wiring...
Replaced all the electrical last year, Andy.
I'm gonna go through this dump with tweezers.
If I discover even a toilet seat ain't up to code,
there's gonna be hell to pay.
I've had about all I'm gonna take of this shit.
All right, these people have lost everything.
My retirement plan just went up in smoke.
Now, I don't know what's goin' on with you,
but if you don't shut the fuck up and stop fuckin' with me,
I'm gonna turn into a Doberman
and chew off your god damn face.
Then I will call Animal Control. Have you put to sleep.
Hey, Sheriff? Can you spare a hand?
I ain't usually a damsel in distress,
but right now I could really use some saving.
This is heavier than it looks.
Uh, fightin' crime. It's a hell of a workout.
Where you want it?
Oh, uh, this truck right over here.
Can I help you?
Uh, you been through enough for one day.
Your boys okay?
Yeah, they were at their dad's last night, thank Goddess.
How 'bout you? You got a place to go?
Oh, um, I always land on my feet.
Well, thank you, Sheriff.
Thank you, Sheriff Andy.
Hey, next time you're in Merlotte's, I'll buy you a cheeseburger.
You mean, like a date?
Oh. I wasn't exactly thinkin' that,
'cause my house just almost burned down and all.
Yeah. I'm sorry.
No, I misread the signs.
You know what? Sure. What the hell?
It's a date.
Really? Mm-hmm.
Huh. Merlotte's?
Mm-hmm. Me and you?
Yeah, why the hell not? Yeah.
Hey, Tommy.
Uh, Terry and Arlene's is gone.
Holly's place is gonna take months of repairs.
Well, shit. Well, I'm on my way.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, there's nothin' you can do about it. Um...
But I'm gonna be here all day,
and I need you to open the bar for me.
You think you're up to that?
Whatever you need.
Listen, it's a full moon tonight.
I'll be back in time to run with you. All right?
All right.
We'll get through this, Tommy.
Yeah. See you tonight.
Fuck you.
Goat tongue.
For breakfast?
That smells... well done.
Hello? Anyone home?
I'm looking for Tara Thornton.
Well, you found her.
Long story.
Then you better start tellin' it.
Growing up in this town,
people look at me, and, I knew what they thought:
Poor Tara Thornton.
Gonna end up just like her mama.
Last year, after all that shit happened,
the self pity,
the fuckin' hatred,
it was building up inside me, and
I knew they were right.
So you ran.
And you thought it'd never catch up to you.
I wasn't thinkin'.
I can't tell you how good it felt.
I can do anything, be anybody.
So the woman I've been living with,
telling all my secrets to for the past six months,
who was that?
Everything I wish I was.
I thought if I could make you believe in her,
maybe I could, too.
Well, I'm glad for you, Tara Thornton.
Whoever the fuck you are.
I'm glad I could be a nice vacation from your life.
You know that's not all you were.
You didn't drive all the way from New Orleans
just to tell me to go fuck myself.
You're right.
I should kick your fuckin' ass.
Do what you need to do.
You've reached Officer Jason Stackhouse.
If this is an emergency, dial 911,
and ask for me. Peace.
Jason, I'm in trouble.
It's Bill. He's gone too far this time.
I don't know what he's gonna do.
I need help, and I got nobody else to ask,
so wherever you are, please, please call me back.
Sam. I know I am the worst waitress in the world.
And I'm so sorry, but I can't work today.
It's a life or death situation.
Another one?
I promise I'll make up the shift.
You know what? Don't bother. You're fired.
Excuse me?
I don't get why everybody treats you like you're so special.
I mean, you almost never show up. And when you do,
you're always dragging some kind of trouble with you.
Sam, I said I was sorry.
You figure you shake that cute, little, blond ponytail and cry,
Sam'll let you do anything. Well, not today.
Get your stuff, and get on outta here.
Go on!
* Born to love again i'm a brand new man *
Hey, Jimmy! Table eight's got no setups!
Come on, this ain't rocket science.
- Well, hello, ladies. - Hi.
Sam Merlotte.
How's your lunch? Good.
Anything I can do you for?
I don't know, maybe.
Uh, be right back.
You all right, Ms. Fortenberry?
That no-good brother of yours,
he packed up and left me.
I cared for him like he was my own kin.
And he left me, just like they all leave me.
Well, I'm sure Tommy cared about you.
He don't care about nobody but himself.
You know, I tried to teach him to read.
What a waste of time.
That boy's dumber than a bucket of spit, and just as useful.
Now I know why you shot him.
If you see Tommy, you tell him he's dead to me.
And I want my Bible back.
Good for nothin' brother of yours.
You here?
Fuck, Sookie. What the hell you doin' here?
Leave me alone. Get outta here.
Jason, I can hear you in there.
But, Sook, this ain't a good time.
Didn't you get any of my messages?
'Cause I'm the middle of a secret,
special, police investigation here.
So I need you to back away from the door.
And get outta the house, and don't come back. You understand?
Andy says you haven't showed up for work in days. I'm comin' in.
Don't you...
I should have known.
This is a sex thing, isn't it?
No. Don't come any closer!
Are you on V again? No!
Damn it, listen to me! Get outta here. Now.
It ain't safe, Sook, I mean it.
I'm... I'm dangerous.
Okay, look.
I've had a hell of a mornin', and my patience is runnin' pretty thin,
so you're gonna tell me what's goin' on here,
or I'm gonna fish it outta your head myself.
Your choice.
I think
I'm turnin' into a werepanther.
A were-what?
It's... It's like a werewolf, except,
a big-ass cat.
Well, I got bit and... stuff
by my psycho ex-girlfriend and a werepanther tribe.
And they said I would turn into one of them on the full moon.
So you handcuffed yourself to the bed?
But if you turn into a panther,
won't the handcuffs just fall off?
Oh shit. Shit, I never thought of that.
Sookie, listen to me. You gotta get outta here. Now.
'Cause I ain't never gonna forgive myself if I bite your head off.
You aren't making this up, are you?
Oh, my God. Jason.
Shh. It's okay. It's okay.
Baby! You're home early.
Brought you lunch.
What the fuck is he doin' here?
We got off to a bad start. That ain't Debbie's fault.
She's got a right to a place in our pack.
You joined his pack without talking to me?
I knew what you'd say.
Well, so much for rigorous honesty, huh?
Get out of my house.
Um... I understand if you don't trust me.
I mean, after what happened with your packmaster in Mississippi,
hell, I don't blame you.
Lettin' a vampire overrun his wolves,
gettin' him hooked on the blood, that ain't no leader.
And Debbie here tells me you was the only one with the stones
to stand up and fight back.
Debbie needs to keep her mouth shut.
All right.
Look, I don't wanna get in the middle of nothin' here.
And I'm sorry if I alpha'd you a little hard the other night.
But these are perilous times for our kind.
And this pack needs a wolf like you, Alcide.
And I really do hope you'll reconsider joinin'.
Debbie, I'll see you tonight?
I was waitin' for the right time to tell you.
Same old Debbie.
Just when our lives were gettin' back on track, you gotta go and fuck it up!
I need community. Isolation is bad for my sobriety.
I don't know nobody here other than Sookie, and she hates me.
You got me. We're together.
I thought that's what you wanted.
It is.
But that can't be all I want.
That's what happened before. You were my whole world.
And when I lost you, I lost everything.
And it drove me fucking crazy.
I need this, Alcide.
The pack is shifting together tonight for the full moon.
Come with me, please.
Help me, spirit, I beg you.
I can't fight them on my own.
I don't know how.
Help me.
I'm so afraid.
I have seen your suffering.
But we cannot let them win.
Oh, save me.
Use me.
Avenge yourself!
Hellspawn demon.
Creature of death.
Hellspawn demon.
Creature of death.
Fire shall take
your very breath!
Fire shall take
your very breath!
Fire shall take
your very breath!
The sun!
Creature of death.
...your very breath!
Creature of death!
Fire shall take
your very breath!
We've seen birds, bunnies, lizards,
a kinda rat, and a fucking coyote.
Can we please just kill somethin' and get this over with?
I told you.
The sacrifice has to come to us.
So let me get this straight. We...
We're waitin' for a wild animal to walk up to us,
and volunteer to die?
Pretty much.
Baby. Baby.
Your granddaddy, he in the house,
chill and warm, laughin' at our dumb ass.
This ain't nothin' but a sick-ass joke he playin' to punish you.
You don't think I know that? Huh?
That he's an evil, sadistic motherfucker.
That I've spent my whole life fighting not to turn into him.
But if that's the price that I gotta pay to keep you safe,
that's what I'm gonna...
...fuckin' do.
- Don't walk away from me. I'm sorry, I... - Shh. Shut up.
Shut up? Fuck you. Shh.
Here it comes. Here what comes?
I don't... Cascabel.
What the fuck is that?
Oh, shit!
Hello, little rattlesnake. Hello.
And the second I start sproutin' fur,
I want you to shoot me. Right in the head.
I'm not gonna shoot you.
But you promised.
I promised I'd take care of you.
What do you think that meant?
Change my kitty litter?
Sook, I'm gonna have claws and...
And big fuckin' teeth. I could rip you to pieces.
You won't.
Well, you don't know that.
I ain't never been good at controlling my impulses. Come on.
You're still my brother, even if you are a "were"...
Every time I get my head wrapped around one kind of supe,
a new one comes along.
Till what happened with Eric,
I thought witches were just in fairy tales.
Or at that goth store at the mall
buying pentagram stretch-pants.
Point is, there is a bright side.
At least you won't be alone.
I barely know any regular humans anymore.
Well, I like bein' a regular old, All-American human.
I don't wanna be some freak of nature.
Like me.
Uh, that ain't what I meant, Sook.
I know.
Most of my life,
when I'd say my prayers at night,
I'd wish to God to be normal.
Then I realized there ain't no such thing as normal.
Everybody's got somethin' in 'em they're ashamed of, or
can just do without even tryin'.
You mean, like how I'm extra good at sex? And shootin'?
But those ain't the things that make us who we are.
It's what we do with 'em that really matters.
Know what I mean?
Uh, not exactly.
You can't run from what's inside you.
But it might be a blessing, if you let it.
And I'll be here
to help you
any way I can.
Other than shootin' you in the head.
I guess everybody has their limits.
You wanna grab me a fresh one?
Comin' right up.
You hungry? I could fix us some steaks.
Damn it!
Last stop in the guided tour
of Tara Thornton's glamorous life.
The dump I used to work at.
Merlotte's Bar and Grill.
Servin' up craziness, seven days a week.
Oh, look who we got in here, brother.
It suits you.
You know that ain't a compliment, right?
Why not? Hey, it looks comfortable.
And friendly.
Don't be fooled.
Tara. Um...
Hey, what can I get you guys tonight?
Isn't this Arlene's station?
Well, Arlene and Holly both called in.
Sam promoted me to server.
You guys are my first customers.
Yippee! Um...
Yeah, well, we'll take two Coronas.
And, uh, who made the chili today?
Is it Terry or Big John's? If it's Big John,
we're gonna wanna skip... that.
What the... Told you.
We ain't even been here five minutes.
Fuckin' vampires.
Uh... Hey.
Uh... Uh...
Whoa! Hey!
Whoa, whoa, wait. Wait a sec. This...
I am done waiting.
I've made some stupid mistakes,
but I know this is not one of them.
I know you, Sam. No, you don't.
I... I know you're not perfect. Yeah.
But you are a good guy.
And you're honorable, and sexy as hell.
And I have wanted to do this
since the day we met.
How am I supposed to say no to that?
You're not.
I'm a police officer!
And a werepanther! Back off!
Jason. Jason.
What the hell are you doin' here?
I sensed your fear.
Oh, um, it's 'cause I gave you my blood.
It's like there's this little bit of me that's still inside of you, and I...
I'll always be able to find ya and save ya.
It's pretty cool, huh?
Uh, uh, no.
I got enough goin' on inside me. I don't need
you in there, too.
Well, you're obviously freaking out.
You must need savin' from somethin'.
Huh? No, I, uh...
I just thought I heard somethin' in the woods.
Probably just possums, racoons.
Are you kiddin'? It is a full moon.
Uh, yeah.
This place is crawlin' with supernatural stuff.
Really, it ain't safe for you to be out here alone.
Yeah, it ain't safe for me to be anywhere.
Um, 'cause of the werepanther thing?
What? How do you know?
Well, Jason, you screamed it
loud enough for the whole parish to hear.
Um, those... Those bites I healed...
Is that what happened to you?
You were turned?
Does that even happen?
I... I don't know!
I don't know. I think so.
Aw, fuck. My heart is just racin'.
Whoa, whoa. I can't breathe.
Everything's out of focus.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, sit down. Come on.
Go on. I'm turnin'.
Sit down. Go on. Right there.
Good, um, just concentrate on your breathin', all right?
Right there. Yeah. Okay.
And just um, uh, picture someplace beautiful.
Or somethin' that makes you feel happy and safe.
All right?
Yeah. How'd you know how to do that?
Well, it used to happen to my mama all the time.
Your mama was a werepanther?
No. Um...
She just had panic attacks.
Pretending not to notice my dad beatin' the
crap out of us was pretty stressful for her, I guess.
Well, uh...
You... You should get back to Hoyt.
Or work. Or whatever. I'm... I'm fine.
You know, the night I was made, that...
It was like the scariest night of my life.
Ain't no way I'm lettin' you go through that alone.
Jason! Jason!
Please, just come home. We'll deal with this!
Hey, Sookie.
Did I scare you?
What are you doin' here, Debbie?
She's with me.
We're on our way to meetin' with our new pack.
Alcide. Oh, we can trust her.
You know, you really shouldn't be runnin' around like this.
Full moon and all.
You never know what could be out here tonight.
No kiddin'.
You lose Eric again?
No. I mean...
Yes. It's complicated.
They're basically like werewolves, right, except cats?
Please tell me she did not just compare us to cats.
Sorry, it's hard keeping track of which of y'all hate each other.
We tend to stick with our own species.
But most weres have got more in common with each other than they like to admit.
Why you askin'?
How does somebody become a were-whatever?
They don't.
Unless one of their parents, or both of 'em, are full-blooded.
So if I got bit... Uh, not me, per se,
but if somebody I knew got bit...
There's no way to turn a human into a were, if that's what you're asking.
It's hereditary, not a virus.
You sure about that?
You wanna tell me what's goin' on?
You've already helped me more than you know.
Go shift. Kill stuff.
Do whatever werewolves do. I got this.
I think Sookie's saying she can take care of her own business.
Pack's waitin'. Come on, babe.
That was
than I expected.
What's that mean?
Oh. Oh, no, not in a bad way.
No, it was like we just met.
Like we were strangers.
It's exciting.
Must be the full moon.
Yeah. Must be.
We need to get out there and shift.
Crows. What do you think, huh?
Or eagles.
We'll fly right up under that moon.
I think it's
time for you to go.
Are you okay?
Was it something I said?
You got what you came for, right?
So go.
What the hell is wrong with you?
What the hell's wrong with you?
I said to get out, so get the fuck out!
Fuck you, Sam Merlotte.
You crazy asshole.
It ain't gonna happen.
I ain't turnin'.
Those Hotshot fuckers are so dumb,
they can't even make a werepanther right.
Uh, you actually sound disappointed.
After all this, it kinda feels like a letdown.
If you could go back
to bein' the way you were before,
would you?
Don't get me wrong.
It ain't easy.
I never see the sun, and
I'm always hungry.
I have all these feelings, and these urges, and I...
I don't even understand 'em half the time, but
it is exciting.
I'm fast. And I am strong.
And there ain't nobody can hurt me.
And I smell and I... I taste things
in a way that I never thought was possible.
It's kinda hard to explain, but
my old world was about that big.
And now...
Now it's endless.
You know, growing up with Sook,
I was sick of gettin' my ass beat
stickin' up for her at school, you know?
But a part of me always wondered:
Why'd she get all the special?
Why not me?
you were, like, a football star, right?
Hoyt told me you slept with every pretty girl within a hundred miles.
Look at ya.
How can you not think you are special?
Yeah, you're right.
Sometimes words just
come out of my face, and I got no idea what they mean.
Jason, wait. I... Jess, thanks for
babysittin' me and all, but, uh,
I ain't turnin' into a werepanther.
I'm just good old Jason Stackhouse.
Yes. Your boyfriend's best buddy.
Yeah, well.
Nice talkin' to ya.
You, too.
Hey, could we maybe
not tell Hoyt about this?
Yeah, I was just gonna say the same thing.
Good. Yeah, 'cause... We don't want him worryin'.
I don't want him to freak out for no reason.
There ain't nothin' to worry about.
'Night, Jess.
'Night, Jason.
Your Majesty.
You understand why you're here?
I've been told I'm under the spell of a necromancer.
And that I consorted with your human.
Sookie is not mine.
But you love her.
You are here, Sheriff Northman,
because I have been given orders
to sentence you to the true death.
You have anything to say?
According to my progeny, I was a...
I am
a barbarian thug who's never respected your authority.
I don't expect you to show me any mercy.
Surely, you don't wish to die.
No. But I don't wish to live this way, either.
The vampire I used to be is a stranger to me.
I have nothing to say in his defense.
I will accept my sentence.
But I have a request.
Release Pam.
At the rate she's decomposing, she can't be much of a threat.
At least not for long.
What else?
Tell her I was born the night she found me.
And because of her,
I went to my true death knowing what it means to love.
Tell her, "Thank you."
She still cares for you.
I saw it last night.
After I'm gone,
I hope you'll find your way back to each other.
Why would you hope for that?
'Cause she deserves happiness.
With whoever can give it to her.
The Mayans
worshipped the snake, you know.
No, I didn't know that.
It is a gateway
to the spirit realm.
This. This is the same magic she's using,
your witch.
What? Bloodletting?
No. I've never seen Marnie do that.
She's a medium.
She wants possession.
And she'll get it. Maybe already has.
They're always looking for a way in. They?
He's talkin' about spirits.
And it's not Marnie or spirits we need protection from.
It's vampires.
You don't even know what you need.
Fucking idiots.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Answer me! What's that supposed to mean?
What the fuck?
Why did you do that?
To protect him.
You sick fuck. How?
Protect him.
Maria, Maria. Call a doctor. Call a doctor, Maria. Please! Maria!
I'm gonna die! Maria!
Tell me what to do, Jesus. Tell me what to do.
Tell me what the fuck to do! I don't know what to do!
What the fuck?
Tio Luca?
Who the fuck is Tio Luca?
Hey, Tommy.
I'm back.
You ready to run?
Hey, Tommy? Oh, shit.
Hey, Tommy. Hey, wake up.
Hey, Tommy, wake up!
Tommy? Wake up!
Before you start lecturin',
smoking was more of a Toni thing.
This'll be my last one.
Kinda like saying goodbye to her.
I think I might like Tara better.
Why is that?
Well, we just met,
but it seems like she's been through a hell of a lot,
and she's doin' the best she can.
She's also really beautiful.
And smart.
And good in bed.
Oh, yeah?
I'm looking forward to getting to know her better.
You are coming home, right?
I mean, back to New Orleans?
I want to.
But? You hate this place.
You said there was nothing left for you here.
Now, that's a rotten thing to say.
Get it?
I had no idea what Marnie was doin'.
Spare me the dyke-in-the-woods routine, Tara.
Get out now. But...
Get in the car. Drive as fast as you can.
This isn't your fight. It isn't yours either.
Girls, no need to squabble.
There's plenty of me to go around.
Go! Now!
Father Luis.
What a surprise.
Coincidence, you think?
Or fate?
I know I look different.
But you made such a mess of my last body,
this one will have to do.
You mad whore.
You burnt my maker
This time you will scream
be my slave
Yield to me.
Ya little fuck.
Jason? Come on!
I love you, but my feet hurt,
mosquitos are eatin' me alive
..and you ain't event gonna turn into a werepanther
Can you hear me ?
You ain't gonna be a werepanther !
The king set me free.
* Chimney falls and lovers blaze
* Thought that I was young
* Now I've freezing hands
* And bloodless veins
* As numb as I've become
* I'm so tired
* I wish I was the moon tonight
* God blessed me, I'm a free man
* With no place free to go
* Paralyzed and collar-tight
* No pills for what I fear
* This is crazy
* I wish I was the moon tonight
* Chimney falls as lovers blaze
* I thought that I was young
* Now I've freezing hands
* And bloodless veins
* As numb as I've become
* I'm so tired
* I wish I was the moon tonight
* How will you know
* If you've found me at last?
* 'Cause I'll be the one, be the one, be the one
* With my heart in my lap
* I'm so tired, I'm so tired
* And I wish I was the moon
* Tonight
* I'm so tired, I'm so tired
* And I wish I was the moon
* I'm so tired, I'm so tired
* And I wish I was the moon
* Tonight *