Treme (2010–2013): Season 2, Episode 11 - Do Watcha Wanna - full transcript

In the Season 2 finale, Jazz Fest takes center stage in New Orleans, giving Treme residents a welcome respite from a challenging year.

I've been really happy with what you've been doing lately.

So I was thinking maybe give you a chance

to cook your own special dinner.

- You willing to do it? - Hell yeah.

A realtor.

- Y'all moving back home? - I'm selling the bar.

You're never gonna make a dime on this, you know.

You're the one who told me a New Orleans record would sell.


Back to the money, I'm gonna have to ask you to borrow some.

Pay my daddy and tell him it's an advance on royalties.

- ( Knocks on door ) - Alex.

Heard you outside. I was passing by, had my guitar,

- thought maybe I could sit in. - Yeah, sure.

- How do I date you? - You don't,

unless my father says you can.

I need your help, Terry. I need to see a copy of those files.

Will you at least look at them

and then look me in the eye

and tell me you think there's nothing going on?

I went to temporary central evidence.

And there it all was-- Everything.

I didn't find anything.

I'm sorry.

( Grunts )

( Phone beeps )

Batiste, this is thaddeus, man.

I'm fining Mario, 'cause he took a gig with Shannon Powell tonight

and I only found out when I ran into Shannon at Dizzy's. A'ight?

- A'ight. - ( Beeps )

Woman's voice: Message deleted.

Yo, this is Herman, man.

Some motherfucker stole my hi-hat cymbals

out of the back of the van last night. Cornell was supposed

to lock that shit up when we went back into the bar.

So tell Cornell unless he kicks out for that shit,

I'm out.

- ( Beeps ) - Woman's voice: Message deleted.

Mario: Antoine, I told you about the gig with Shannon Powell last week.

You remember? What the fuck, man?

You gonna fine me 'cause you didn't tell thad?

- Crazy! - ( Beeps )

Woman's voice: Message deleted.

Cornell: Yo, Batiste. You tell Herman Jackson

my heart pumps purple piss for him.

I locked that goddamn van.

Sucker probably left that tin in the club, man.

- ( Beeps ) - Woman's voice: Message deleted.

- This is Wanda, Antoine, and you ain't got... - ( Groans )

No business even thinking about asking me back into that band,

not the way you carry on.

Huh! I'm out.

Woman's voice: Next message.

Hey, Batiste. It's Tim.

I'm touring with Irma in may

and you're gonna need to get a tenor for at least that long.

Sorry, man. Irma's paying real money on it.

- ( Beeps ) - Woman's voice: Message deleted.

Wanda: And another thing--

If I was to come back and sing some,

then you need to shut your hole while I'm doing it.

And if Cornell and thad think they sing background harmony

with me on "do right woman,"

then they're gonna have to pick one key and stick with it.

- ( Sighs ) - Those two get a half step near each other and--

( Groans )

( Theme music playing )

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Not bad, right? ( Chuckles )

- And you like the lawyer? - I do.

Knows her stuff, I think.

Good. Great.

We're still a little early.

Courthouse is just a few blocks away.

So how's business?

It's picking up now that Jazz Fest is coming,

but still not what it was.

- How's New York? - Crazy.

Sometimes bad crazy, sometimes good.

Lately it's been good. I've been cooking for David Chang.

- Lucky peach? - Uh-huh.

- Oh man. - Just when you think you've seen it all,

that guy shows you something new. He's amazing really.

- Yes, totally. - But New York's been good for me, I think.

- ( Bell dinging ) - What the fuck?

They're back?

- When did they come back? - December.

But just from here on canal up to Lee circle.

Beyond that, the rest of the line's still closed.

- How much time do we have? - Huh.

- Come on! - ( Clattering )

( Bell dings )

- You okay? - I'm fine, yeah.

Which is why I need to see that homicide file--

See what isn't there, what they didn't do.

Public records act request will be denied--

- Open investigation. - Of course.

Besides, by asking for it, you're telegraphing them.

Whatever isn't sanitized in that file right now,

they're gonna start cleaning up right after you make the request, right?

I might've fucked that up already.

- How so? - I thought I had a friend in homicide.

You already asked for the file?

Yeah, maybe you tipped your hand.

I don't know. I don't know what to do.

If I could see that file, I'd be able to start

picking apart their investigation, or non-investigation.

But without it... ( Sighs )

Maybe I'll go see judge Prieur.

- ( Laughs ) - What?

The man mentored me, raised me from a pup, he did.

If there's a move to be made...

Toni, I, um--

I need you to take some of my casework--

The civil rights stuff, anyway.


Barry was able to wrangle a transfer to the Birmingham office.

We're-- We're leaving.

Birmingham, Alabama?

Two more houses on our block were burglarized last week.

If it was just me and Barry, maybe, but the kids--

We can't live like this, not anymore.

We've been thinking about it since Helen Hill,

but after last week...

You do what's right for you.

I am.

( Knocks ) All rise.

This court of immigration review,

judge Roland Turnwell presiding, is now in session.

Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated.

All right. Bail reviews.

Who's first up, miss boyer?

Case #07078, your honor.

All right, here it is. The defendant on hand?

I hope.

Nine lines and grooves with a left twist on a .38 slug.

You're looking for a hi-point, model cf-380

- manufactured after 2000. - That's pretty specific.

Nine L&G with a left twist-- That's kinda rare.

Forgive the dumb question, I just got to homicide--

Any way to compare that bullet with casings,

if we had casings?

No way could I compare casings to slugs

and tell you it's the same gun.

Best I could do is tell you the same model.

To say it's the same gun, I would need to compare

slug to slug or casing to casing?

Exactly. And that other bullet--

Too mutilated to say what she is, sorry to say.

( Chattering )

All right, look, make sure you call me

the day before any court date.

We don't want to mess up and have them issue a retake warrant.

If that happens, you're gonna lose that house

you put up for the surety bond

and you're gonna lose a grill man.

Until the next hearing, stay out of trouble.

- And stay in touch with my office. - ( Softly ) Yeah, I will.

- Thank you. All right. - Take care. All right.

- Bye. - Bye. Thank you.

Whoo. Welcome home, Jacques.

- Do I still have a job? - You kiding?

- You're on the grill tomorrow night. - Thank you.

- Congrats. Janette. - Bye, Susan.

Well, that you offered your house--

Why not? It's an empty wreck.

- When do you go back to New York? - Got a morning flight.

I gotta be back for service tomorrow.

- All right. - But hey, I'm in New Orleans now.

What do you wanna do your first day back in the world?

- Huh? - Well, uh...

( Don laughs )

- Tran: Hey, don. - Don: Tran, 'sup?

( Water stops )

- The fuck did I do? - Don: You tell me.

He wants you on his shrimp boat tomorrow morning,

6:00 A.M. out of Chalmette.

- I'm here with you, brah. - No, you ain't.

I just traded you to tran-- For the week anyway.

- You traded me? - ( Laughs )

- What did you get in return? - Two new air hose,

a half-dozen crab traps and a player to be named later.

( Laughing )

( Keyboard clacking )

- I'm really busy today. - I need the casings that you have,

the ones from the Seals crime scene.

- I'm working the case, Toni. - Oh you are, huh?

Shouldn't I worry that they're gonna disappear

like every piece of evidence that's ever handed over to you people?

Receipt for evidence:

Two casings, signed and dated.

You're covered. I'm responsible, all right?

If the receipt isn't enough, she's a witness to whatever you hand me.

That's first of all. Second of all,

you're withholding evidence in an ongoing homicide investigation

and you're an officer of the court. And more than that,

you're fucking up whatever weak-ass chain of custody those casings might have.

Are you really gonna make me call for a warrant on this fucking office?

Is that where we're going, Toni?

( Drawer banging )

( Door closes )

And the taxes are quite low.

Well, the real value is the liquor license,

- if it conveys. - Man: Of course it does.

Unusual shelf work back there--

Top shelf to bottom, nothing's level.

My father built those--

'67, I think--

Just before he went off to Vietnam.

Let me show you the roof.

Brand-new. 20-year seal tab.


Wanda, Thad, Herman-- All of them.

One after the next with excuses and bitching,

and all of them either late or missing.

And thad is the fucking straw boss!

- Can't get none of them on the phone? - No, they all ducking me, brah.

Most of them making more money elsewhere, bro.

- Shut up. Shit. - Cornell: Trombone, trumpet, guitar, bass.

We can't do the gig like that, man.

Yeah, I know that. We got a good crowd too.

- So this is the gig? - Huh?

Yeah, thad called me, asked to sub for him on keyboard tonight.

He said he's feeling sick. Y'all play R&B, right?

- Where's your fucking axe? - I've got all my shit set up by the hi ho.

I've got to play there at 11:00, but I can give you one set at least.

- What? - You don't have Thad's keyboard?

See, that's it. C see?

It's gonna end right here. I'm sick of this shit, all of it.

So fuck all y'all and fuck being the fucking sad ass in charge.

Dealing with this shit is like fucking raking leaves on a windy fucking day.

But you know what? The motherfucking leaves are always talking

shit back to you, so fuck it. I'm done!

We done! I quit! Shit.

And, miss, you need to get that law degree,

'cause this here is for suckers, chumps.

And a law degree isn't?

When I can start charging for this in billable hours,

we can talk. Until then, baby,

you've got a better future elsewhere.

See y'all around.

You'll see me tomorrow, right? For your boy at the school.

Yeah yeah, cool.

( Hisses ) Shit.

( Mutters ) Fuck.

So no gig?

( Sighs )

How do you feel? Strange.

- I bet. - More like a mistake has been made.

- No mistake. - ( Music playing )

( Crowd cheering )

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- Where's he at tonight? - Delmond: Using my hotel room,

probably ordering room service for two.

He's doing work with the documentary lady tonight?

Yeah, they're gonna be up late editing.

( Women laugh )

How long...

Has he been living here like this?

Since fall. Before that, he was in the bar.

- The bar? - Long story.

Well, you all cooked a hell of a meal

with a grill and a hotplate.

Just roll me back to my hotel.

Mmm, we still got dessert coming.

You need to strap on that helmet, get back in the game.

- Cheri: That's right. - ( Mocks whine ) No.

- ( All laugh ) - Anyway, before this one keels over...

Thank you.

15 thou. Is that enough?

Yeah, fix up the roof, get some electrical in here.

Get that much done, the place might almost be livable again.

- Think he'll believe it? - We'll just dress it up some,

tell him it's selling big in Sweden, Switzerland or some shit.

Now I know where me and cheri got our part from,

but where you get $5,000 from, Delmond?

I'ma have to pack up the New York apartment,

give my notice and be out of there by the end of the month.

I'll save money living here,

helping daddy fix up the house.

Woodrow: Hmm.

I'd like to kick in some of my own.

We'll take it up to an even 20.

- Cheri: Wow. - Davina: Woodrow.

Thank you.

Just don't tell anyone. Word gets around,

I'll get laughed out of the music business.

Oh, no problem. I'll just go around telling people

you fucked me on my royalties and took off

- with my publishing like every other cat out there. - ( Women laughing )

- I appreciate it. - Anything for you, brah.

- ( Crowd cheering ) - Hey, man.

Uh, guys, what the fuck?

- The fuck are you doing here? - They didn't tell you?

- Tell me what? - I thought you told him.

Alex is in the band, man.

- He's good. - I mean, Davis, this dude will be killing it, man.

- You can't fight his funk. - Yeah, I can.

I-- I can fight it.

Rogan: Brah, our shit's stronger with Alex

and you're still fronting with Calliope, right?

- Fuck! - Come on.

You know, just fuck it, all right?

"Liza Jane," "Wolf," "Not One Word ," "Road Home," "Nagin's Lament."

Cool cool. Oh, and save "The True" for the second set.

- Okay. - Plus me and Tyrus worked up something new.

Oh really? Great, I can't wait to hear it.

- Don't be like that. - Okay, anymore surprises?

Somebody fucking my girlfriend?

- Calliope: No, brah. - Don't be like that.

- Come on. Come here. - ( Crowd cheering )

( Music playing )

( Both vocalizing )

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- 367
00:20:32,763 --> 00:20:37,799
- 368
00:20:37,833 --> 00:20:43,070
- 369
00:20:43,105 --> 00:20:46,074
- ( Cheering loudly ) - 371
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- 373
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00:21:01,355 --> 00:21:04,155
- 378
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( Engine stops ) ( Gulls squawking )

I told you not to ask that girl out.

Really I remember you telling me I was hopeless if I didn't.

Well, that too, but at least you'd be hopeless and living.

Now you getting ready to go out

with these vietnamese cats and you might not come back.

- ( Chuckles ) What you mean, man? - Shrimp boat, baby.

They ain't oystermen.

They going way the fuck out in the Gulf,

gone for three, four days, usually.

( Grily ) Where the hell you been? Let's go! You're late!

- Just how pretty is she to you? - ( Chuckles )

( Laughs )

Yo, you don't come back, I get your guitar, right?

Hey. This one time, we'll bend the rules.

- ( Laughs ) - Tran: Understand? You got it?

- Yes. - Go to work.

Let's move! ( Speaking vietnamese )

( Signal beeping )

( Truck brakes squeal )

One, two, three... ( Inhales sharply )

( Music playing )

At's I better.

Better. Can you feel it?

Antoine: So what do you think?

I can work with him if he's willing to work.

Antoine, for you-- 40.

( Grunts ) Two lessons in advance.

- Thanks, Mr. Batiste. - Antoine: Uh-huh.

Y'all playing anywhere this week?

I'ma come see you if I can.

Pssh. ( Grumbles )

Me and my boy Denard, we wanna start our own band,

- like y'all. - Yeah? Who the band leader?

- Me. - Antoine: Pssh.

- Boy... - ( Mario laughing )

You don't know what you getting into.

Bad. Bad. Bad.

- It was bad? - No.

You were good.

Were good.

It was good, but this is bad.

It's the first rule.

Do not fuck the floor.

No, the first first rule--

Never ever fuck your sous-chef.

I work for Susan now.

Ripert said it--

Friends and lovers come and go,

but your sous-chef is for life.

For life.

But this-- Um, if I have a restaurant again--

I mean, I just fucked myself here, you know?

- ( Sighs ) - I will cook for you.

No, this messes everything-- Okay.

It's a one-off.

I go back to New York and that's it.

And if we work together again--

And I know we will--

Then you promise to act like this never happened.

- Vraiment? - Oui. Vraiment.

- ( Door buzzes ) - ( Chattering )

- Your honor. - Toni, you look great.

- Oh. - Come here.

- Great to see you. - Sit down. Sit sit.

I was sorry to hear about cray.

Oh yeah, mm-hmm. How are they treating you?

Oh, what does it matter? I'm busting out of this place night after next.

- This tinhorn joint can't hold me, see? - Both laughing )

I'd better get started for you.

They're only gonna give us about an hour or so.

That's all I've got on the one...

- All right. - ...And this is what I have on the other.

( Exhales deeply )

Son, you take care of my business so well,

I sometimes forget you exist.

So what's left on the current contract?

Not more than a day-- That's why I called.

- There's a problem. - Say what?

I called P&J in Florida about the re-up--

Eighth time, and I'm not expecting anything but more of the same.

- And? - They say we ain't on the list

of approved contractors no more.

Who you piss off, boss man?


I love everybody. Everybody loves me.

What the fuck? I'll sort it out. Don't worry.


I don't worry.

Worrying's above my motherfucking pay grade.

( Sighs )

They're not gonna hand you the file.

- Get that thought out of your mind. - Of course not.

I'm thinking you call the Federales.

D.O.J. is not gonna do shit about this.

- Oh yeah. - Republican white house.

- Yeah. - There isn't a U.S. attorney in the country

who'll bring a civil rights case to save his life.

Have you read the papers?

- ( Chuckles ) - They're firing everyone who won't toe the line.

That's true enough,

but I think if you got the right FBI agent interested,

I think somebody'd do the legwork here--

I mean, on the premise that Hillary

or somebody wins next year and changes the game.

Try Collington, squad 6.

Of course, he's probably up to his ass in Morial stuff.

It seems all the feds give a shit about these days

is running down Morial and his people.

- Still? - Yeah. Yeah.

Hey, do you hear they got Pampy Barre?

- Mm-hmm. - ( Chuckles )

- They flipped his ass. - Where did you hear that?

What do you mean? The prison grapevine, darling.

Come on. The feds were down here talking to some guys,

trying to firm up some of the stuff Pampy's given up.

- Like what? - Oh, Oliver Thomas for one.

- Oliver? No way. - What do you mean, no way?

We're talking about the same Oliver Thomas who came up

- under singleton's machine. - Oliver's not singleton.

And ever since the storm, he has been a voice for this city.

- He's a good man. - Yeah well, we're all good men.

We all love our mamas.

We all root for the saints.

Last time I checked, Toni, this is still Louisiana.

Oliver likes the ponies I hear.

What does a councilman make? What, 40 thou a year?

And Oliver, he isn't rich to begin with

like some of them on the council, right?

I can see you think well of the guy.

But, Toni, you haven't always been

a great judge of character.

( Both laugh )

Yeah yeah. Okay.

- Good luck with the case. - Thank you.

- Come see me again sometime. - You bet.

- Okay. Okay. - Thank you.

- ( Loud beep ) - P.A.: Chief commander to the north...

( Door buzzes )

- ( One ringing ) - ( People chattering )

( Casings clatter )

( Birds twittering )

But the record don't come out till next fall, right?

Advance orders on this, crazy good.

Advanced orders?

From where?

Sweden, Switzerland...

Brazil, Japan.

Japan loves jazz.

And New Orleans stuff since the storm-- Whew.


Whew. You get one of these too?

Yeah, and don, Mac and them already been paid for the session.


We gotta cut another record.

Um, yeah.

( People chattering )

You ever catch that witness at home?

Well, I'll get to it, lieutenant.


Don't worry, l.T. You're covered.

- Fine. Luis. - Hey, lieutenant.

Something interesting in a couple of cases, captain.

Possible break in the Abreu thing.


Refresh my memory.

Kid found shot inside Robideaux's,

one in the head, close range.

- What about it? - Well, I got a tip from a legal aid lawyer

that it might be connected

to another shooting in the Iberville projects

same week after the storm, maybe the same day.

Second Vic is Leon Seals.

- A legal aid lawyer? - Yeah, cold-called me a week ago.

Can I? Yeah, so I'm--

I'm working the-- Working the ballistics

and it shouldn't matter, because the Abreu case,

things recovered by the first officer went missing.

- So? - Well, it turns out

that the detectives working the cases,

they never went out to Saint Gabriel to recover evidence.

The shit's just sitting there, all bagged up

until d-mort closes

and they send it all back to temporary evidence, so I went over to see.

- You did, huh? - Yeah, and it turns out

that we got a good bullet out of the Abreu kid

but a mutilated slug from Seals,

so there's no comparison there.

But casings--

We got casings from both the shootings.

You just said the casings from Abreu went missing.

Right, the ones from the scene did,

but when the morgue guys went through the kid's bloody clothes,

they found this right here...

In one of the pants cuffs.

It's a clean .38 shell.

And guess what-- That legal aid guy,

he goes to the Seals scene, with a witness,

and he recovers this.

It's amazing how anyone working that crime scene would miss it, right?

A legal aid lawyer recovered those?

- Yeah. - Fuck it.

No clean chain of custody.

Well, the lawyers can argue about it, sure,

but for right now

we've got good casings from both scenes.

So I'm gonna send 'em over for comparison.

I mean, if the casings are the same,

then we should be proceeding as if the cases are linked, right?

Gives us something to go on, anyway.

( Clears throat ) That's good work, lieutenant.

No, it's shit that should've been done months ago,

but neither of those cases got worked at all.

Yeah well, the stuff right after the storm

kinda got dumped. Now-- Too many new cases.

Oh yeah, that-- That legal aid guy,

he says that he has witnesses putting police at both the scenes.

cops as the shooters, not that anyone's coming forward on it or anything.

But it's probably bullshit, I know.

- ( Sighs ) - ( Chattering continues )

( Phone ringing )

- ( Music playing ) - Hey.

- Oh hi, buddy. - Hi.

- Mmm, how was it? - It was okay. ( Chuckles )

A rough flight coming back though.

God, it felt like we fell onto Laguardia more than landed.

- What's up, gator? - Hey, chef. Hey, thanks for the day.

Hey, no worries. Your friend, he's okay?

My sous-chef? Yup, he's out of jail.

- Huh. - They lock up sous-chefs down there?

Yeah, it's a tough town. Saucier gets in trouble,

- they shoot him on the spot. - As they should,

what with their saucy, fake personalities

and their buttery, unctuous way of talking.

- They're an untrustworthy bunch. - Hey, dickface, shut it.

Donald link called me after he came in for your last Southern night.

- Yeah? - He seems to think you can cook.

I can cook.

( Chuckles ) Did you hear that, Nicky?

- ( Splashes ) - I can-- Oh shit.

- ( Engine puttering ) - ( Men chattering in vietnamese )

All right, young boy, come help me.

Come help me, come help me.

Man: Go, go, go.

You need to pull, pull harder!

Pull harder. Go!

( Man speaking vietnamese )

Two hands, Voh-Yung.

Two hands, like me.

If you work like that, you're Voh-Yung, man.

- Voh-Yung? - Yeah.

Yeah, that's me, right?

- ( Man speaks ) - Sonny: Yeah, voh-Yung.


Mr. tran, what does voh-Yung mean?


( Laughing )

( Man speaks ) Vo-Yung, vo-Yung, vo-Yung...

- ( Music playing ) - 641
00:36:13,757 --> 00:36:15,924
00:36:24,999 --> 00:36:27,400
00:36:28,535 --> 00:36:31,070
Wow. You got something there.

- Hell yes. - Don: That will stand.

That will stand up most definitely.

- Congratulations, man. - No, I couldn't have done it without you, man.

I'm thinking I'd like to run

some of these charts past my guys

- and play 'em for Jazz Fest. - Yeah?

Yeah, and bring you and your father up

and we could share the set together.

- We're doing it first Friday. - Yeah.

But I gotta run back to New York, handle some things.

- What time's the set? - 3:15 at the jazz tent.

That'll work. I'll be back before then.

One love.

- Yes! - ( Laughs )

( Music playing )

( Gasps )

( Exhales deeply )

- I'm dreaming... again. - I know.

I know.

I'm scared of my fucking dreams.

I know.

( People chattering )

- Woman: Crime lab. - Ballistics, please.

I'll transfer you.

Hey, this is lieutenant Colson over at n.O.P.D.

I'm wondering if you got to that priority comparison yet today.

I sent it yesterday.

( Faint ) Comparison? You only sent one over.

No, there were definitely two submissions--

Both bagged, one casing in each.

I assumed you made some sort of mistake.

All right. I'll look into it on my end.

Sure you didn't...?

No. Okay.

( Distant traffic )

Called my guy in Baton Rouge. He gives me the bad news,

tell me I'm cut off, tells me I should see my friend.

I would've called you,

but I don't want to use your phone.

My phone?

A fella named Pampy Barre

got indicted federally last year--

He's flipped. Word is he's flipped on Thomas.

- Oh Jesus. - Something to do with a contract

on a downtown parking lot. Sounds like penny-ante shit, but who knows?

In any event, I know you and Oliver had done some business.

- We just-- - I don't want to know,

but what I'm telling you now

is that we're gonna have to take you and your chips off the table for awhile.

Demo contracts, mid-city real estate,

I'm gonna shift that to other people for awhile

until we see where all this is going.

- Even if-- - Nelson, your value to me on the real estate side

was your anonymity in this town.

And if your name comes up in a federal investigation,

that's no longer the case.

So be patient on this, please.

I need you to back away from the table for awhile.

And if Thomas walks up to you wanting to talk,

remember, he could be a walking microphone, you understand?

We need to talk about anything, I'll reach out.

Otherwise, this could be a good time for you to go home,

see family and friends back in Dallas.

( Music playing )

I got out of prison, bro.

Now today, back to the money. I gotta do what I gotta do.

- I had to come up, bro. - Right right.

( Men chattering )

- Man: Know what I'm saying? - ( Alarm chirps )

- Hey. - Hey, you.

Ernest here?

Should be by later.

Can I help you?

( Men laugh )

Okay, I'm gonna leave this list with you.

Refrigerator, beer cooler, jukebox, register--

Good prices on all of 'em.

I'm asking best-price offer, okay?

I'll let him know.

( Men laugh, chattering )

I'm gonna try to come up with something, you know what I'm saying?

- It's crazy, brah. - Man #2: Loving that. I'm loving that.

( Men laughing )

My-- My go?

I'm hurting, lil bro. I'm telling you.

I'm telling you.

( Alarm chirps )

( Beeps )

Woman: Operator 205, what is your report?

- ( Angrily ) Yes, emergency. - Which department?

Police. I need the goddamn police, right away.

- So how'd you find me? - Donald link.

- Oh. So he really is singing my praises, huh? - ( People chattering )

Can't stop talking about what you're doing

with Chang's Southern cooking night.

- Wow. - He is not the only one.

So what do you think?

What do I think?

I think it's a lot to think about.

Huh. I'm talking about giving you a fat salary--

Week in, week out-- And 25% share of the place.

Now I know you've had your own restaurant, I know you're used to being the boss,

but for all intents and purposes, this will be yours

with your name on the menu under "executive chef." Your crew.

Equipment is a half-million-dollar build-out on my part.

And guess what-- Link, Spicer, Besh,

they're willing to back an additional quarter-mil loan.

If we start turning a profit,

they'll let you buy them out over time.

You have friends who want you home.

- What about you? - Hmm?

- I get a chance to buy you out if we turn the corner? - ( Laughs )

I'm here for the money,

so no, we turn the corner, I turn the corner with you.

Oh, it's just...

I'm just hitting my stride here, you know?

- Hitting your stride. - I'm happy at the peach.

Chef, you hit your stride.

You're there.

- Let me think about it. - Well, think fast.

There's a couple of properties in the c.B.D.

That are up for auction.

I'm going down tomorrow.

- You should too. - I just took time off.

- I just got back from New Orleans. - It's your call.

God damn it, the man gonna roll out

if they don't fucking show up!

Woman: I understand, ma'am. The officers are on--

( Dings )

The man who beat and raped me

is inside that bar.

He just sitting in there, pulling on a beer.

- Hold on, hold on. Raped you when? - Five months ago.

He been locked up for it. He been locked up

all this time, God damn it.

- So he's been charged? - He been in jail!

Both of them, they've been in jail.

- Maybe he made bail. - Nuh-uh. Ain't no bail.

I just talked to the district attorney yesterday.

Now that boy supposed to be locked up,

so go in there and lock him the fuck up!

He got a yellow and white t-shirt, yellow cap.

He's sitting at that table by the window.

- Officer: Hey, stop. Stop. - Man: What the fuck is this, man?

- This is bullshit! - Get down.

- Stay down. - Yeah.

It's me.

- Hey! - ( Grunts )

- Me! - Whoa! You're both going to o.P.P.

- If you keep this shit up! - Me! Me, motherfucker!

Me! It's me!

( Crying ) Me!

It's me! It's me!

It's me.

( Boat engine whirring )

- Oil from the rig. - Was there a spill?

No, no spill.

But they leak slow.

Slow leaks? All of them?


How many of these are out here?

Pump stations? Some.

Dead rigs?

1,000? 10,000?


People d what they want,

take what they want

and then they move on.

So I guess you wanna dump those off at home before we go to dinner.

We could go back to your place, grab a bite to eat in Brooklyn.

You wanna lug those all the way out to Brooklyn then back again?

Uh, actually, I was kinda thinking

you could hold onto these for me for awhile.

Oh, you wanna bring your turntables over too

and school me on ancient African-American music of the 20th century?

( Chuckles ) Yeah, my turntables

and all the rest of my shit.

Say what?

I decided I gotta give up my apartment.

- Seriously? - Yeah, I got to.

I can see I gotta go down to New Orleans for about as long

as it's gonna take my father to get the house back together.

I can't let him go on living how he been living any longer.

So you're moving back?

No, just for a few months, probably.

I'll be in and out on gigs.

So you want me to make a nice home for your record collection

and your winter clothes, is that the plan?

No no no, it's not forever. It's just-- I--

I can't keep the apartment

and give my father enough money to rebuild the house.

I gotta give it up, at least for awhile.

Okay, I get that-- Your father needs your help.

So why don't you just rent storage space like everybody else in New York?

I was just trying to lower my overhead. Forget I asked.

( Chuckles ) Delmond, is this your passive-aggressive way

of asking to move in with me... in stages?

Like first your shit and then you every time you're in town?

Cheaper and friendlier than a hotel,

get laid, look at your records and then "see you next month"?

- No, it-- It ain't like that. - Because moving in together,

that's a full-time,

one-man-one-woman type of moment,

and you're not exactly having that moment, are you?

- Huh. - Jill.

I'm out.

- ( Man laughs ) - Oliver: You need a ride?

No, my mom's picking me up.

( People chattering )

Are you all right?

It's bad, isn't it?


What have you heard?

My mom heard something.

- It gets around, huh? - Huh.

Why? Why did you--

I can't really say.

I don't think I've figured it out.

But what I do know is everything we do counts.


It all plays out.

( Car honks )

Hey look, your mom's here.

Tell her hi for me.

( Car door opens, closes )

For me to walk into a goddamn bar

five blocks from my own and see this motherfucker sitting there

drinking a Heineken like any other person--

There was a clerical mistake, Mrs. Williams.

When we dropped the charges on the other case,

the jail failed to note the detainer for your charges as well.

The fuck is wrong with you people?

You lose my brother in the damn jail for months

and then you let this vicious little motherfucker go

the first chance you get.

We trying to live in this city.

We trying to come back here,

put what little shit we got back together and live.

And all y'all manage to bring to that is nothing.

Rebuild a house? Hell no.

"Fill out these forms and wait."

Get your child back in school? Which one?

You got three different school systems.

Two of 'em ain't teaching shit and the third one can only hold but so many.

Open the hospital back up? Hell no.

Let's tear down some more neighborhoods instead.

Solve a crime or two?

Oh hell the fuck no!

I don't blame you for being upset.


Bitch, I'm past upset.

I'm all the way to lost-my-fucking-mind.

- ( Elevator dinging ) - Larry: I'll tell you one thing--

We ain't selling that damn bar.

Look at you. This is who I married.

You went away. Now you back.

The hell are you talking about, Larry?

You hate the bar. You always did.

Hate it to death,

but we ain't selling it.

And we ain't staying in Baton Rouge neither.

We coming home-- All of us.

You ain't gonna be who you are otherwise.

- I see it now. - ( Elevator dings )

Come on, baby.

( Music playing )

Davis, you yourself said

- he was a better guitarist. - He is, definitely.

Mmm, but you're still singing,

rapping or whatever it is you do.

Well, I can see there is nothing I can say

to crash your pity party, but...

( Chuckles )

- ...This is for you. - What's this?

Oh, it's just half the proceeds

from selling lil Calliope's contract

to this other local label-- Uh, cash something.

Cash mon--

You sold Calliope's contract to cash money for $8,45--

Of course not, I sold it for $30,000,

which means I am already in the black

from this wonderful little adventure of yours

and we hadn't even released the sampler yet.

Whoo! I love the music business.

Um, okay.

If you sold that for $30,000,

then why is mine $4,267.95?

Davis, you are aware

that you have been charging a variety of expenses

to my credit card for the last several months?

Honey, it goes without saying--

Never mind, I-- Never mind, I got it.

- So Calliope, my band-- - Hm-mmm, not the band.

They just wanted the contract on Calliope.

Honey, don't look so glum.

You just make yourself a new band.

That's easy for you.

Listen here-- You do what you do again, I'll do what I do

and everything will be peaches and cream, won't it?

Again, please.

So what's so secret you won't even come to the field office?

They still make you sign in at the front desk, right?

Or is the FBI doing away with the formalities?

That bad?

That's everything we have on the Danziger shoot.

You might as well start saving string

for when Eddie screws up the state case.

Also this kid Abreu from first district

and another one-- Seals.

Couple more as well.

- And? - All of it's been dumped.

Every case.

Witnesses blocked, evidence missing,

no follow-up, no real investigative response

and all of them, I'm beginning to believe,

are police-involved.

- In your opinion. - Let me tell you what I just did.

I fucking lied to my captain.

I told him that I had spent casings

that could link two of those cases-- Abreu and Seals.

I told him that I had a witness

saying that the shooters were police.

And you know what happened?

They lost one of the casings.

The lost it on the way over to Jeff Parish ballistics lab.

- What do you mean? - I mean it didn't get there.

They disappeared the motherfucker.

And the funny thing is it wasn't from Abreu.

I lied to him.

Both casings were from Seals,

but they thought I was going somewhere with it

and so they disappeared the shit

like they've been doing all along, the motherfuckers.

Jimmy, you guys gotta come in

and clean house.

I'll do what I can.

( Music playing )

What the fuck?

I come to town,

make friends,

I've got a kind word for everybody,

doing what I do, making what I can,

getting it done. ( Sighs )

And now, coz, I could go to fucking jail.

What? Why?

Don't you get it?

The feds rolled somebody up on Oliver Thomas,

the council guy I was working with.

Now Thomas, he could roll me up.

- For what? - For bullshit.

I threw the guy a little cash

for the cable thing, remember?

I did right by him.

That how you do it in Dallas?

Everywhere, coz. Everywhere.

Nelson man, let me ask you something--

What do you do?

What do I do? What do you mean?

What is it that you do?

I do deals. I make money.

But what do you make? What is it that you do?

- ( Humphs ) - I mean, when I'm a bouncer,

I'm making sure the club gets paid its cover

and keeping the drunks from grabbing the girls or fighting each other.

And when I'm up on a house, I'm putting on a roof.

I do a deal, something gets done.

Like what?

This real estate thing--

I'll let you in on a secret.

They're gonna build a new hospital there.

That's why we're buying up the houses.

Coz, everyone I talk to says there's a hospital already that they won't reopen.

( Snorts ) Okay. Well, this'll be a new hospital.

- A better hospital maybe. - But you ain't gonna build it.

You bought some land to sell some land to make some money

before they built it, just like you didn't do no hauling.

- So? - So I put a roof up,

it won't rain in some poor motherfucker's house.

( Exhales deeply ) I've gotta go.

( Sighs )

( Music playing )

- Hey, chef? - Yes?

I can't believe I gotta ask,

but I need to go back to new Orleans for a couple of days.

- Back to New Orleans? - I know. I'm an asshole.

Well, if you're doing this to help out your sous-chef,

you're doing what you need to do.

On the other hand, if you're going back home

because there's some dudes that are trying to poach you from my kitchen

to help you set up your own shop, then yes, you're an asshole.

- Yeah, you've heard. - It's a small world, chef.

I don't know that I'm gonna jump. I really don't.

I'm happy here. I mean in your kitchen, I am. I'm happy.

- But homesick. - ( Sighs ) That too.

Look, this guy wants to show me a couple of locations.

He says they're not gonna stay on the market long,

but I don't know what I wanna do. I really don't.

Well, if you go home, go with God.

I'm sure you'll knock 'em dead.

But if you're gonna stay here,

be happy with your work.

Either way, I'm holding onto that chicken dish.

- Cheers. - It's yours.

( Music playing )

- 1050
00:59:29,849 --> 00:59:32,217
- 1051
00:59:32,251 --> 00:59:35,486
00:59:38,991 --> 00:59:42,260
00:59:42,295 --> 00:59:44,829
- 1055
00:59:44,863 --> 00:59:47,332
- 1056
00:59:47,366 --> 00:59:50,801
00:59:50,835 --> 00:59:54,602
00:59:54,636 --> 00:59:58,035

- ( Distant music playing ) - Who is that in the blues tent?

Um, I'm gonna say Deacon John and his band.

( Feminine voice ) Ding! Correct answer.

Well, let's catch that first

and then subdudes. I wanna watch their set.

Okay, subdudes till half-past 2:00

then I wanna go over to the jazz tent

and catch the guardians doing whatever they're doing

with Donald Harrison.

Supposedly they're working on a cd together.

- All right, cool. - Oh fuck!

- What? - I, uh-- Can we--

- I forgot something. Can we go back? - No, no way.

- Oh fuck. - Davis, no, no, no, no, no.

You didn't remember your weed

because you already smoked some of it today.

It's almost poetic. Come on.

I'm going to Jazz Fest weedless?

- You're gonna be okay. - It's gonna be weird.

- ( Annie laughs ) - I don't know if I can do this.

( Music playing )

- Shorty! Brah! - Batiste my man.

- What's going on? - What's up, man?

- How you doing, darling? - Hey, Troy.

- ( Clacking ) - Looks like we got a little drummer here, huh?

- Desiree: You think? - Look at her go.

Everything on the one like a little Willie green.

( Chuckles ) I was hoping for piano, actually,

- have her learn that theory first. - Piano's always on time,

especially if she wanna do a little composing.

So, what, you playing today?

No no, tomorrow at jazz tent.

- I'm just out enjoying the day. - Cool.

- What else you up to? - Nothing much.

- Catch a little taste of home before I roll out. - Roll out where?

Japan. Henry Butler needed a bone player, plus I ain't never been to Japan,

- so you know. - Henry Butler, huh?

You playing anywhere this week, Antoine?

Man, this week-- No.

Well, y'all enjoy Jazz Fest.

- Have a good time. - All right.

- Henry Butler, huh? - Japan Japan?

Needless to say, given the open-investigation exclusion

in the public records law, I can't go much further,

but you all can.

( Inhales sharply ) Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We will certainly review your allegations.

Jimmy: And the witness you interviewed, is he willing to be identified,

go to grand jury on it?

If it's clear you guys are bringing a real investigation

and you can ensure his safety, I think he will come forward, yes.

Well, at this point, anything we say further would be... premature.

As you know, this office has a lot on its plate.

And this is the first we're hearing

of any civil rights issues involving the n.O.P.D.

Well then.

Maybe after the next election.

( Music playing )

Play it, boy!

- 1120
01:03:32,959 --> 01:03:36,228
01:03:39,698 --> 01:03:41,265
- 1123
01:03:41,300 --> 01:03:43,034
- 1124
01:03:43,069 --> 01:03:46,537
- 1125
01:04:11,108 --> 01:04:13,576
- Gumbo ya-ya. - What?

- Gumbo ya-ya. ( Laughs ) - Yes!

- 1128
01:04:19,683 --> 01:04:21,450
- Hu-ta-nay 1129
01:04:21,485 --> 01:04:23,420
- 1130
01:04:23,454 --> 01:04:25,222
- 1131
01:04:25,256 --> 01:04:27,324
- 1132
01:04:27,359 --> 01:04:29,259
- 1133
01:04:29,294 --> 01:04:31,294
- 1134
01:04:31,328 --> 01:04:33,062
- 1135
01:04:33,097 --> 01:04:35,064
Man: Whoo!

( Caws )

( People chattering )

Toni: Hey.

- Hey, mama. - Oh!

- It's first day of Jazz Fest, eh? - ( Birds squawking )

A shame you're grounded, huh?

I did what I did.

What happened to the blue?

Hmm? I was kinda getting used to it.

( Chuckles ) You got homework?


I'm really sad about Oliver.

He would've been a good mayor.


Then again, he did take the money, right?

Seems so.

You know, folks just are, Sof.

Sometimes we're better than ourselves

and sometimes we're worse.

Sometimes we please and...

Sometimes we disappoint.

I don't know.

I guess we're not really talking about Oliver Thomas anymore, right?

I still love him.

I always will.

But I can't forgive him.

I know.

Not yet, anyway, huh?

I'm all dressed up in the Grand Marshasuit, oh! 1165
01:06:53,704 --> 01:06:57,708
01:07:00,946 --> 01:07:03,548
01:07:03,582 --> 01:07:07,653
01:07:10,590 --> 01:07:12,591
01:07:15,027 --> 01:07:17,528
( Music stops )

- ( Cheering ) - Ah! Yeah!


Come on, y'all.

( Engine puttering )

( Man yells in vietnamese )

- ( Engine stops ) - ( Gulls squawking )

- ( Tran speaks vietnamese ) - ( Men chattering )

Hey, you.

- Hey, voh-Yung man. - Yeah, I got it.

That's Mr. voh-Yung to you.

Okay. ( Laughs )

See you.

( Instruments playing )

- What the fuck are you wearing, son? - Okay, change of set.

- Kirk: What? - I'm calling for "sex machine" in g...

- Man: Oh boy. - ...The people's key. Can you gentlemen hang?

- Yeah. - Yeah, we got that.

Yeah, okay. Kurt, bring your bootsy.

- Always. - Come here. If I'm James,

- then you must be Bobby byrd, you feel? - I feel.

- All right. ( Snaps ) - Let's do it.

- Ready? - Yeah.

( Cheering )

Excuse me. It has come to my attention

that there are some among you who feel

that someone of my disposition

cannot in fact bring the funk.

- Man: You mean your complexion. - ( Audience awwing )

Yes, I know.

There are those who say, "Davis,

are you not aware that you are from...

- Uptown?" - ( Crowd cheers )

Well then...

In my final performance with the Brassy Knoll,

which will no doubt go on to great things in my absence,

please allow m to offer the following in my defense.

- Woman: Oh whoo! Yeah! Bring it, baby! - ( Scattered cheers )

Fellas, I feel like I'm ready to get into it.

- Get into it. - I wanna-- I wanna get up and do my thing.

- Do your thing. - Like a-- Like a--

- Calliope: What? What? - Like a-- Like a s-sex machine.

( Cheering )

- Doing it-- Doing it and grooving it, man. - Do it. Do it.

- Do your thing. Do your thing. - Okay, would it be okay with y'all if I--

- If I counted it off? - Count it off.

- It would be okay? - Count it off.

I think I'll do my thing now and count it off.

- One, two, three, four! - ( Music playing )

- 1222
01:10:14,140 --> 01:10:15,907
- 1223
01:10:15,941 --> 01:10:17,807
- 1224
01:10:17,842 --> 01:10:19,809
- 1225
01:10:19,843 --> 01:10:22,010
- 1226
01:10:22,045 --> 01:10:24,212
- 1227
01:10:24,246 --> 01:10:26,213
- 1228
01:10:26,247 --> 01:10:28,414
- 1229
01:10:28,449 --> 01:10:31,149
01:10:33,118 --> 01:10:34,685
01:10:37,121 --> 01:10:38,787
01:10:40,923 --> 01:10:42,991
- Huh! - 1236
01:10:43,026 --> 01:10:45,127
- 1237
01:10:45,161 --> 01:10:47,296
- 1238
01:10:47,330 --> 01:10:49,598
- 1239
01:10:50,500 --> 01:10:52,366
( Woman shouts )


- ( Music playing ) - ( Singing in vietnamese )

( People chattering )

( Silent )

( Silent )

- Hit it! - ( Music playing )

( Cheering )


( Cheering )

- 1250
01:12:55,596 --> 01:12:57,496
- 1251
01:12:57,531 --> 01:12:59,665
- 1252
01:12:59,699 --> 01:13:01,533
- 1253
01:13:01,567 --> 01:13:04,068
01:13:06,205 --> 01:13:08,239
01:13:10,141 --> 01:13:12,643
- 1258
01:13:12,677 --> 01:13:14,644
01:13:14,679 --> 01:13:16,512
01:13:18,716 --> 01:13:20,749
01:13:22,986 --> 01:13:25,354
Good luck to Calliope

and the Brassy Knoll--

Or whatever they choose to call themselves

in the next incarnation.

I'm D.J. Davis,

and I am out!

( Cheering )

( Music stops )

Crowd: Who's got the funk?

D.J. Davis got the funk!

Who's got the funk?

D.J. Davis got the funk!

- Annie: Awesome. - Who's got the funk?

- Mimi: Oh. - D.J. Davis got the funk!

- Who's got the funk? - Next year, the Comus Ball.

D.J. Davis got the funk!

Who's got the funk?

D.J. Davis got the funk.

- 1282
01:14:14,705 --> 01:14:17,541
- 1283
01:14:20,913 --> 01:14:22,580
All right. What's up?

- Ma'am. - Robert.

- You need to be home by 11:00. - That's no problem.

All right. You ready?

- Yeah. - Come on.

We're gonna rehearse all day first.

( Music playing )

01:14:49,811 --> 01:14:54,315
01:14:57,987 --> 01:15:01,725
01:15:04,132 --> 01:15:06,604
01:15:09,943 --> 01:15:12,011
01:15:14,780 --> 01:15:17,314
01:15:17,349 --> 01:15:19,283
01:15:19,318 --> 01:15:21,586
01:15:21,621 --> 01:15:25,789
- ( Music playing ) - 1304
01:15:29,160 --> 01:15:33,698
01:15:37,135 --> 01:15:41,305
01:15:46,077 --> 01:15:50,714
01:15:52,984 --> 01:15:57,955
01:16:03,562 --> 01:16:07,733
01:16:11,671 --> 01:16:15,873
01:16:15,907 --> 01:16:18,075
( Music playing )

( Sings in Spanish )

01:16:30,054 --> 01:16:33,023
01:16:42,399 --> 01:16:46,501
01:16:50,641 --> 01:16:53,409
01:16:59,016 --> 01:17:00,350
01:17:00,384 --> 01:17:02,752
It's amazing she wrote this before the storm.

- 1327
01:17:06,390 --> 01:17:09,658
- 1328
01:17:09,692 --> 01:17:14,630
01:17:19,736 --> 01:17:23,472
01:17:23,506 --> 01:17:26,575
01:17:27,677 --> 01:17:31,546
01:17:31,614 --> 01:17:33,681
Say what you want about high-end cuisine,

but it is not Jazz Fest

without a bowl of crawfish Monica.

C'est formidable, non?

- Janette! What's up? - ( Laughs )

Hi, I'm Annie Talarico.

Hey, Annie. I'm janette and this is, um, my friend, Jacques Jhoni.

- How do you do? - You're out, brah.

- That's great. - Yeah.

Right on, man. You're home.

- What for? - I wish I knew.

( Chuckles ) I came in last night

to look at a couple of restaurant properties with somebody.

- Oh great. - So we'll see.

You're punching way out of your weight class, aren't you, Davis?

I always did.

You, uh-- You should stop by.

I'm still holding some more of your mail.

Oh, okay.

- Sure sure. - All right, we're off.

- See you. - Nice to meet you.

All right, rhythm section in the back, ladies in the front.

- Come on. - ( People chattering )

All right.

Here we go!

Hold it. Whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Whatcha gotta do first here, huh?

Hey, come on. This is a paying gig, ain't it?

Y'all professional musicians, right?

Boy: Oh yeah.

Ah. ( Chuckles )

There you go. You see...

You gotta seed that shit some.

You know, right?

( Chuckles )

You feeling me? All right.

Play for that money.

All right, one, two,

one, two, you know what to do, unh!

( Music playing )

Come on!


Oh! Oh.

Play it, girl.

Next time I'm gonna fine you, son.

Jeff over radio: With himself on tenor sax...

- ( Moaning ) - ...And an alto solo by Warren bell.

- ( Continues speaking ) - Hey.

- Hmm. - Just dreaming.

From a collection of Jerome kern classics.

And before that, bud Powell's "now is the time"

off his "blues in the closet" release.

You're listening to Jeffy Jeff on WWOZ,

90.7 fm New Orleans, Louisiana.

Let's keep it down here

with another of our favorite songs.

- ( Music playing ) - ( Chattering )

- Here you go, for two. - Hey.

Oh, I'm her mother. She's not gonna be drinkin'.

Sofia: Thank you.

Woman: Oh yeah!

- Whoo! Oh yeah! - ( Crowd whooping )


I'm gonna go up front to dance.

- Women: Whoo! - Thanks for tonight, mama.

( Crowd cheering )

Temporary reprieve-- You missed all of Jazz Fest.

- ( Cheering loudly ) - ( Music stops )

Man: James Andrews in this here.

Rebirth at the maple leaf, y'all, every Tuesday

for the last, what, 81 years?

92. 92, baby. 92.

- Oh, my bad, my bad. - ( Music playing )

- ( Music playing ) - ( Door closes )

- Can't sleep. - Huh. Not me, I'm dying for a nap.

How's the band?

You think Darnell takes me back on?

- When has he not? - Huh. Yeah.

( Yawning )

Hey, if you wanna lay down

on the couch in the lobby,

I'll spin a set for you. No problem.

All right.

- ( Thuds ) - Thanks.

That was...

I'm not sure.

Uh, kid Jordan, I think.

But this is D.J. Davis working relief

for Jeffy Jeff.

Anyway, New Orleans,

we're all still here, ain't we?

A few more home every day.

And even if it isn't as it should be,

even if they make it hard...

Where else would we go?

Who else would have us?

Yeah, you right.

- Let pops tell it. - ( Button clicks )

( Music playing )

( Antoine speaking )

( People chattering )

01:25:44,891 --> 01:25:48,660
01:25:48,695 --> 01:25:52,732
01:25:52,766 --> 01:25:56,802
01:25:56,837 --> 01:26:00,072
01:26:00,107 --> 01:26:03,642
01:26:03,677 --> 01:26:07,147
01:26:07,181 --> 01:26:11,953
- ( Laughing ) - 1442
01:26:11,987 --> 01:26:15,490
01:26:15,525 --> 01:26:18,961
01:26:18,996 --> 01:26:21,064
01:26:21,098 --> 01:26:23,066
01:26:23,101 --> 01:26:27,204
01:26:27,239 --> 01:26:30,608
01:26:31,610 --> 01:26:35,113
01:26:35,148 --> 01:26:38,484
01:26:38,518 --> 01:26:41,789
01:27:57,631 --> 01:27:59,799
( Music stops )

Sorry for the dead air...

But that one got me. ( Clears throat )

Hell with it.

- ( Music playing ) - ( People cheering, chattering )

??????? ????? ?????? ?? ???????????: