Treme (2010–2013): Season 2, Episode 10 - That's What Lovers Do - full transcript

The community mourns a fallen artist; Toni asks Colson for inside help; Sonny is smitten at the docks; Janette earns a new nickname at the Lucky Peach; Sofia is tempted at her job; Antoine's showboating costs him a singer.

Jim: They used to call snooks eaglin the human jukebox.

Harley must have been human jukebox 2.0.

There wasn't a folk, country, celtic,

bluegrass, acoustic blues that he didn't know.

He was a bloody encyclopedia.

I'd see him around town, say hello for years.

And then

he'd just disappear

for weeks or months.

Then suddenly he'd be back

from New York

or the U.K. or Prague

or Fiji or somewhere.

I don't know how he ever got where he went,

because he never had any money, right?

Woman: Right.

I was playing at the Apple Barrel one night

and this dude was out on the banquette yodeling, man.

( Laughter )

I had to stick my head out and say, "brah, have mercy."

I said, "You sound like the loup-garou

and you look like him too."

He said, "Well, you're one to talk."

And we were good friends ever since--

a beautiful thing.

Sister Annie, would you come forward, please?

Thank you all so much for coming.

Listening to everyone, I realize

we all loved Harley

and none of us really knew much about him--

where he came from,

who his family was, if he had a family.

He-- he would always just shrug off

any kind of personal question.

He lived in the moment.

And he lived for music

just all day, every day.

He was always broke...

( Laughter )

...But never beat.

I never saw him down, ever.

He would say,

"I'm too blessed to be stressed."

You know, I'd be blue about something

and Harley would say,

"Darlin', life is short.

Let's play a song."

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- .380? - Both of them.

Couldn't have been us then. We carry glocks, .40 cal.

You never heard of a throwdown piece?

I heard of it, but I never had cause to use one.

You witness has actually seen police shoot these guys?


There you are.

Were you at Robideaux's a week after the storm?

Hell yeah. We all were, all week, in and out.

Iberville too. We chased a few knuckleheads,

but we didn't kill them. We caught them.

One of your officers was fired on in Robideaux's parking lot.

First district? You sure?

Rifle fire, hit his car.

Where did you hear that at?

A reliable source.

I don't recall hearing anything like that,

nothing at all, nothing.

Thank you, Officer Wilson. You've been a wonderful help.

Protect and serve. You have a good day, hear?

Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

( Snorts )

( Distant train horn blowing )

You okay?

I think it was just about perfect.

Don't you?


Maybe we should do a proper memorial,

an evening somewhere-- all-star tribute.

I don't know. Harley wasn't a venue musician.

He didn't even like playing clubs.

Yeah, you're right.

Maybe we should go hear some music.

( Church bells ringing )

Busman's holiday.


- Hey. - Hey.

Jim, thank you for coming.

I wouldn't have missed it. Well, I might have.

I missed my dad's funeral by a week.

What's this?

The keys to Harley's flat.

There's no rush.

Isn't the rent paid till the end of the month?

I've got to fuck off back to London tomorrow.

Somebody's got to do something with his stuff.

- ( People chattering ) - ( Phones ringing )

- Calderon. - How are you making it, Lieutenant?

Anything on that central city double?

I got a call in to narcotics,

see what they know about the dead guys.

You think we're losing the war on drugs, Detective? Give me a candid opinion.

Well, I got a line on a witness. An older lady called it in.

I'll pass by and talk to her tomorrow night when she gets home from work.

Why not tonight?

I'm working a detail-- Liuzza's.

Prioleau, how many detours you work in a week?

15, 20.

Relax, Lieutenant. I'll talk to the lady.

Detective Silby, in my office, please.

- ( Phone rings ) - Woman: Homicide.

Mr. Batiste.

You were good this morning.

You're really progressing, you know that?


You played in a band, right, when you were our age?

Back then it was Danny Barker's Fairview Baptist Church Band.

Mr. Batiste.

Okay, what's on your mind? Spit it out.

You play on the streets?

I played everywhere-- barbecues,

bar mitzvahs, birthday parties.

Not the clubs. Too young for the clubs.


- You enjoy that the other night? - Yeah.

- Sneaking in to hear me play? - Yeah.

I used to do that too.

You didn't tell your mama, did you?

- No. - Good.

She might not understand.

We want to do that-- me, denard and Charles and them.

We want to play on the street like the baby boys.


Can you help us?

How do you expect to solve this case if you don't work it?

I got 12 other active cases, Lieutenant,

with leads.

I mean, I'll be honest with you,

this one stalled out a little.

I mean, he was a street musician.

Your point?

They were walking in the Marigny late.

He said something after he handed over his wallet.

He should have kept his mouth shut.

He had it coming? Is that what you're saying?

That's not what I'm saying.

Silby, do you work any outside details?

I got a couple.

Ever interfere with your police work?

I don't think so, sir.

Go talk to the woman again--

this Ann Talarico.

Yes, sir.

( Playing upbeat song )

( Musicians stop )

- Fuck! God. - Man: Fucking Davis.

What?! It was just getting good to me, man.

- Yeah, to you maybe. Shit. - ( Laughter )

What? All right, let's start again from the top.

- Ready? - ( Knocks )

Men: Alex, what's up?

- Fellas. - Men: Oh, what's up?

What's going on? What's happening, Davis?

Uh, we're just rehearsing.

Heard you outside. I was passing by, had my guitar,

thought maybe I could sit in. Is that cool?

Well, yeah, sure.

- Cool with you guys? - Brassy knoll.

Yeah, take this-- take this here.

- I'll unplug it. Good. - Men: Yeah, Ellis!

You-- you need to tune up or--?

- I'm already in tune. - Men: Oh.

All right.

Lil Calliope: Already tuned.

( Chuckles ) All right.

( Strikes four times )

( Playing upbeat song )

( Alex playing solo )

$24 on the meter, dawg.

All right.


one, two, three, four,

and one for you.

What happened? Somebody die?

( Chuckles )

( Laughs )

- Hey, Ladonna. - Hey.

- Glad I caught you here. - I had a meeting.

With the suit-and-tie man just walked out of here? What did he want?


Oh, a realtor.

- Y'all moving back home? - I'm selling the bar.

- What? Why? - None of your goddamn business.

Man, I'm not prying. No need to bite my head off.

I just came by here

to make you whole on the child support.

You're welcome.

Oh, I'm supposed to thank you now for something you owe every damn month?

I wasn't expecting a ticker-tape thing, but hey.

Mm, all the times you was late with it and I let you slide.

I always paid, didn't I?

Not as much as me.

( Blows air )

What's wrong with you?



I should have known

the first time I laid eyes on you shiftless motherfucker

with a horn and a hat cocked just right.

- Oh, that again, huh? - That's right. That's right.

- Oh, you haven't buried that shit yet? - Huh-uh.

- I did what I could do, Ladonna. - Yeah yeah.

And look what I got to show for it, huh?

Shithole of a bar, debt, babies.

- You must be drunk. - Oh, I'm fixing to be.

You love this bar. I can't believe you're selling it,

but I had nothing to do with this bar. This is your family's.

It's been fucking people up since before I was born.

Forget about it, Antoine, okay? Just forget it.

And them babies that I gave you--

they are our beautiful sons.

Now you got a good man, professional.

The troubles that we had, our breakup--

that led to what you got right now, but you can't see that, huh?

That's a sold-gold silver lining, baby.

Shit. Goddamn fucking musicians.

( Muttering ) Goddamn musicians, man.

You are irrational.

( Elevator dings )

You're never gonna make a dime on this, you know.

You're the one who told me a New Orleans record would sell.


And that expectation of a razor-thin profit

was predicated upon four days in the studio,

not four weeks

or picking up and moving everything to New Orleans. Coffee, regular.

He won't do it nowhere else. He's already down there waiting for us.

He went down there for St. Joseph's super Sunday and stayed.

Back to the money, I'm gonna have to ask you to borrow some.


To pay my daddy and tell him it's an advance on the royalties.

I thought I just explained there won't be any royalties.

There will never be any royalties.

This record will be in the red for fucking ever.

I understand that. That's why I'm asking you.

I'm not gonna get it from the record company.

This is a good idea.

Jon Cleary?


Good. You're enjoying it?

He's fantastic.

Good. Good.

I'm worried about you.

You're so calm.

I-- I should be

hysterical, weepy?

No, I just mean

you're sort of stoic.

I think you're in shock

or denial or something.


- I'm okay. - Okay.

I'm just-- I'm just all cried out, that's all.

- Okay. All right. - Okay? I'm all right really.

- Hey Annie. Hey Davis. - Davis: Hey man.

- Hey Jon. - Good stuff.

- Where you at? Where you at? - It's all good.

All right, listen, I'm sorry to hear about Harley.

Shall I do-- do you want me to do something for him?

Have you got a special request?

You choose.

Yeah? Alright. All right.

Thanks, man.

- ( Applause ) - Um, I'm gonna do a little--

a little tune for a special friend of ours.

This one's called "Frenchmen street blues."

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Wilson's pretty clean--

no sustained complaints for brutality or misconduct,

a number of commendations.

The week after the storm Saint Francis could've fallen off the rails.

What about the white cop-- Harvin?

Still trying to track him.

He quit the force after the storm, left town.

We need to see the homicide files on these cases,

see what their story is,

what's in there, what's not.

I don't follow you.

It's the cover-up that does them in.

Shootings like these are usually ruled justifiable--

split-second decisions, imminent threat.

They're allowed to use lethal force.

Comes with the job. All they really have to do

is say, "I thought he had a gun."

But if they try to cover it up, you can get them on perjury, obstruction.

So why did they lie if all they had to do is get their story straight?

Maybe just because they can.

Bad cops lie all the time, even when they don't have to--

a habit.

- ( Knocks ) - ( Helicopter blades whirring )

- Afternoon. - What can I do for you?

I left a card the other day.

You're the one going door to door buying up properties.

- Offering top dollar. - Yeah? The other day.

Fair market value. Now your house--

you've obviously done work to it-- a new roof.

Your house being in such good shape and all,

I'll give you a great price.

- You making many deals? - By and large.

A few don't want to sell. Can't blame them.

They're fools.

Excuse me?

Anyone can see something's up.

You not buying up all this property

just to turn around and rent it out again,

not in this neighborhood.

- Y-you look familiar. - I play.

Yeah, blues guitar, right?

I've seen you. You're good.

I'm not rich, but I get by.

My life's savings-- you're looking at it.

So? Interested?

Come on in.

Everything's so different since the storm.

I don't know.

I feel like the ground has just eroded under my feet.

I don't know where I am these days.

I think everyone in the city still feels that way--

anxious, displaced.

Now Larry wants me to sell the bar.

It makes sense after what happened.

From his point of view.

And it would be entirely understandable

if you felt that way too.

I know he wants what's best for me.

The bar represents independence,

a link to your past,

your sense of place.

It's all I got

besides my family.

You resent him for insisting on selling the bar?

Have you resumed relations with your husband?

( "I thought I heard New Orleans say" playing )

- Annie: Hey. - Hey.

How are you?

I'm okay.

How are you?

All right.


Yeah, really.

Everyone is treating me like I'm a China doll,

but I am okay.

You playing somewhere?

Harley loaned me these so I could gig.

You should just keep them.

That's what Davis said.

Exactly. Everything's goodwill bound.

We'd just take the mangy stuff down to Jimmy

at the music exchange and get like 15 bucks for it.

So you might as well hold onto it.

Maybe I'll keep the guitar for a couple of weeks.

I just bought a used vibrolux at magazine pawn, so I'm good there.

You still doing that soul revue with Antoine?

Yeah, it's going okay.

It must be, if you're buying your own equipment.

I've been working a job job too

couple times a week--

oyster boat, pointe `a la hache.

Oyster boat?

That's, like, manual labor.

( Chuckles ) Yeah, it is. No doubt.

Well, good on you, brah.

- All right, good? - Mm-hmm.

I should be able to get this back to you by next month.


Tork and I played the ogden

back in December.

There was an exhibit of storm photos

and you were there.

The ogden? You're kidding.

Yeah, you were pulling people

out of an attic in the lower nine.

There was a baby.

The caption said Deslonde street.

I told you about that.

Yeah, I know you did.

It's no big deal.

It looked like a deal to me.

Anyway, I don't know if the exhibit is still up,

but I thought you'd want to know.


( Song continues playing )

( Band playing "Crumpled paper" )

The bearclaws are fresh.

The croissants are a day old, so knock a dollar off those.

I'm gonna run to the corner, get some milk.


Very nice.


- Thank you. - You're welcome.

( "They all asked for you" playing )

Ah, you're killing me with this.

Shut up. It's my favorite part.

Ah, these rice flour waffles are a nice touch.

Chicken and waffles, I'm guessing?

- Gooch, come here. Check this out. - On your back.

Got chicken and waffles, bitches.


- Whoa, that's fucked up-- - ( Chuckles )

--In a really good way. What's the sauce?

It's kind of a reverse vinaigrette.

The proportions are like inverted.

It's rice wine vinegar, a little grape seed oil.

And it's just loaded up with the bird's-eye chilis,

garlic, ginger, a little soy.

It's good, huh?

I'm telling you right now,

Dave is gonna love this.

Dave is gonna get a huge stiffy over this.

This-- this is right in Dave's happy place.

Well done, gator.

Looks like we gonna have a happy Dave today, eh?

Hey yo, food's up.

Oh, let there be joy in the streets and frolicking.

00:27:33,080 --> 00:27:36,750
00:27:36,780 --> 00:27:38,750
Jesus Christ, Toni.

I'm barely in the door.

I need to see those files, Terry.

It's an open investigation. There's no way. You know that.

And I know there's nothing going to happen with those investigations.

Witnesses have been intimidated. Evidence disappeared.

Between the fifth district and the first,

it never made it to homicide.

You sure about that?

Detective Prioleau-- Abreu was his case.

He lied to the family

about where their son died and how.

He intimidated a witness.

Who won't come forward.

Not till we see how this plays out, Terry.

.380 casings, same as Abreu,

were found in the Iberville apartment where seals was shot.

- Found when? - Recently.

So where are they?

They been turned over to the Detective

in charge of that case-- Calderon?

I didn't think that was prudent.

I don't want them to go missing too.

I need your help, Terry.

I need to see a copy of those files.

Will you at least look at them

and then look me in the eye and tell me

you think there's nothing going on?

I'm not making any promises.

Will you pass the salt, please, grandma?

I already salted everything.

You sure? Doesn't taste like it.

Yeah, I'm sure.

Then why'd you put it on the table?

I don't know. Habit.

What a minute. What'd I just say?

Don't you hand him that salt.

You want him to have hypertension like daddy?


See what you did?

( Annie playing fiddle )

That's sweet.

What comes next?

I have no idea.

That's all he wrote.

Maybe you should finish some of them.

I'm thinking about it.

( Band playing Zydeco )

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00:30:45,070 --> 00:30:48,440
00:30:51,280 --> 00:30:54,180
00:30:59,320 --> 00:31:01,850
Hidalgo: She's hot. I like this.


Bowl a little, dance a little.

The night is young.

Honey, there's a Lane open.

Well, you go ahead. We'll catch up in a minute.

I closed on a couple more houses.

Still half a dozen holdouts.

Not our problem.

I can keep going back.

Let the city and state worry about the Refuseniks.

Ah, they're the end users.

They'll make us an offer-- a very fair offer.

Correct me if I'm wrong. Public hearings,

land use, neighborhood organizations,

concerned citizens, preservationists?

Yeah, that'll come.

And there'll be a fight-- a big one.

But, it's already a done deal.

Transparency has its place.

But this is for the good of the city.

00:31:52,930 --> 00:31:56,030
00:31:56,070 --> 00:31:59,100
00:32:25,590 --> 00:32:28,750
( Distant train horn blowing )

( Patrons chattering, laughing )

Delmond: I've been working in New York

with Jon Batiste, as a matter of fact, yeah.

Yeah yeah, well, we're not related though.

- Really? - People always thinking that we're related,

but we're not. That's a misconception.

He uses two ts in his name. I use three ts in my name.

Now that that's all settled, I'll go get Harold some gumbo.

- Anybody else? - No, we're fine.

- Miss leah. - Albert.

What do you think?

You think they're gonna tear down the lafitte or not?

I do not talk politics on holy Thursday, sweetheart.

- Yes, ma'am. - Another day.

The fried chicken is good, but definitely gumbo today.

- Toni. - Well, judge.

And who is this lovely young lady?

This is Alison Myers. She's interning with me

while she studies for her bar.

- Bernard Williams. Nice to meet you. - Thank you.

- You been here before? - Never.

- She's from California. - Ah.

Holy Thursday at Dooky chase, gumbo z'herbes--

one of New Orleans' sacred institutions.

Seems like you guys got a lot of those.


This one is particularly auspicious, first since the storm.

It's quite a turnout.

You know who's not here this year?

- Pampy barre. - Of course.

Businessman, ex-cop.

Bagman to the stars.

The feds have pampy. And he'd flip on his mama

if he thought it would take one day off his sentence.

Who's in the crosshairs?


Rumor is they even went in over the weekend

and seized a bunch of files from city council.

- Oliver? - No no no.

Haven't heard his name at all. I'd be surprised.

Morgue said these were sent over after d-mort closed.

- ( Siren whoops ) - ( Police radio chatter )

There was a bunch-- 25, 30 cases.

Detectives never picked up their evidence.

Oh, Jesus.

Well, you know how it was after the storm.

That's always the default excuse, isn't it?

The storm, the storm, the storm.

You're welcome to take a look.

( Distant siren wailing )

- ( "The true" playing ) - Sorry I'm late.

- Hey. - What's up, man?

So what's up with this?

Trying a remix. Got a couple ideas.

Oh, all right. So what's this all about?

You said it was urgent.

I called you to preapprove

the new amps and Mikes, okay?

It went straight to voicemail. You didn't get the message?

We're gonna talk about that amex bill later.

Oh, okay. So?

( Sighs )

We need to delay the release of the sampler.

- It's a couple of weeks. - Why?

- You're listening to it. - This?

"The true"? On the sampler?

Can't put that bitch out without it.

Okay, yeah.

No, it makes sense.

Thing is, we add "the true"--

something got to go.

Yeah, I agree.

You do?

Oh no.

Wait, no. No no no no.

Davis, you have two tracks.

And they're both brilliant. They could break out too,

just like "the true." They both have universal appeal.

They-- fuck.

One got to go.

You have to choose, darling.

( Chattering )

( Chuckling ) Good luck, brah.

Thank you.

You should come hear me play sometime.

You ever play New Orleans east, Versailles?


Uptown, seventh ward, eighth ward.

Never happen, huh?

First things first-- how do I date you?

You don't,

unless my father says you can.

Will you ask him?

( Laughs ) No.

You don't want to date me?

I don't want to ask him. You have to ask him.

So you do want to date me?

If he says it's okay.

But I have to ask him.

Does he speak English?

When he wants to.

If he doesn't?

Means he doesn't like you.

You don't want that to happen.

- Bay leaves, chef. - Thanks.

Hey, these pig dinners--

they've been selling really well

every week, a week in advance.

I'm gonna go balls-out on all that,

regular service, basically everything.

But look, I've been really happy

with what you've been doing lately.

And I was really impressed with that staff meal you cooked the other day.

It was insanely delicious.

Chinese fried chicken and waffles--

crazy. It was awesome.

- Thank you. - Wait, I got another crazy idea.

So I was thinking maybe to give you a chance

to cook your own special dinner--

late-night affair after service, like this pig dinner--

once a week. What do you think?

- For real? - Yeah, but like Southern food, New Orleans food.

Do your own take on it-- our own take on it.

Just make it delicious like that fucking fried chicken.

You willing to do it?

- Hell yeah. - All right, gator.

( Cab door closes )

- Say, brah. - What's up, chief?

Man, you ever give lessons-- kids?

Been known to. Why?

I got this student, you know,

may have some promise.

He could use a little extra help

from a trumpet player.

- Got to meet him. - Right.

- And his folks. - Of course.

And I don't give lessons. I get paid for teaching.

Oh, I hear that.

All right.

I'll get back to you.

All right.

The f.B.I.? Not Oliver's office.

It would've happened over the weekend.

Mom, I was in and out of the fucking files all day Monday.

Watch your language.

How are things at the coffee shop?


I'm almost a fully certified barista.

Next stop, Starbucks.

Your attitude--

I hope you're taking this seriously.

I am.

You know, just because you've got a good attorney

d an expensive therapist and your mother is a lawyer--

I know, I know. You're spending tons of money.

And just because you're an overprivileged

middle-class kid who goes to a good school--

overprivileged white kid. Don't forget that one.

White kid, yes.

It doesn't mean you can't fuck this up.

I'm taking it seriously, okay?

I actually kind of like the job.

You do?

The cafe's cool.

Musicians hang out, play music.

I'm even learning how to do those little leaf designs

on every handcrafted latte.

Now you're being sarcastic again.

I'm not.

Seriously, it's kind of cool.

( Knocks on door )

Just a minute.

I didn't find anything.

I'm sorry.


( Playing "Me and Mrs. Jones" )

00:41:28,550 --> 00:41:30,980
( Crowd cheering )

Yeah, yes.

All right now, ladies and gentlemen,

we are going to feature

the vocal stylings of the legendary

Wanda Rouzan, ladies and gentlemen.

Where y'all at?

00:41:54,340 --> 00:41:56,870
Ooh, is right. What's that?

00:42:01,480 --> 00:42:04,910
Entirely too long, baby.

00:42:11,260 --> 00:42:13,190
- No, you can't. - 765
00:42:13,220 --> 00:42:16,660
No, you can't.

00:42:19,860 --> 00:42:21,730
Make your knees weak, huh?

00:42:25,470 --> 00:42:27,140
I know it do. I know it do.

00:42:32,180 --> 00:42:36,750
Antoine Batiste,
00:42:41,790 --> 00:42:43,520
Burn, baby, burn.

00:42:46,220 --> 00:42:47,720
I'm listening. What you got to say?

00:42:49,790 --> 00:42:52,290
All night long, x-rated.

00:42:57,670 --> 00:42:58,830
Come on, baby.

- 784
00:43:02,410 --> 00:43:04,810
Wear it out! Tear it up!

00:43:06,640 --> 00:43:09,680
You ain't gonna never forget this.

00:43:11,950 --> 00:43:13,980
You ain't tried hard enough.

- 790
00:43:17,020 --> 00:43:19,350
- 791
00:43:19,390 --> 00:43:23,460
Yeah, lay it on me, mama.

I meant it.

You ain't nothing but a scene-stealing,

conniving, no playing, no singing,

pussy faced, pious motherfucker.

- ( Crowd shouting ) - Now, bitch.

Where you think you're going?

I quit!

In the middle of a gig? I'm a fine your ass.

Yeah, you do that.

( Patrons laughing, jeering )

- Now what, man? - Play that intro again.

You know, fuck that. She thinks she irreplaceable?

You gonna sing it? Please don't.

No no no, let him sing it.

Gonna fine him for every sour note he sings.

Ladies and gentlemen, plan b.

- Plan b? - Play the damn song.

( Playing "misty blue" )

Here we go.

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00:44:28,480 --> 00:44:31,320
00:44:39,520 --> 00:44:41,290
00:44:41,330 --> 00:44:43,860
Colson: The files were sanitized.

- You know what I mean? - Mm-hmm.

Like they'd barely worked the cases--

no forensics, no ballistics,

not even evidence submission slips from the morgue.

- In a homicide? - I know, right?

So I--

I went to temporary central evidence.

And there it all was--

all of seals's stuff, all of Abreu's,

everything in heaps and piles.

It was a mess,

the clothes they were wearing,

the bullets that killed them

just rotting away.

Devil's advocate, Terry: If this is a cover-up--

I'm not saying that it was.

--Why didn't the detectives go to the morgue,

pick up their evidence, make it go missing

like the Abreu casings?

Because autopsies were

at Saint Gabriel after the storm.

So maybe--

maybe they just didn't bother to drive all the way out there.

With everything that was going on,

all the confusion, who's to know?

Exactly. They blew them off,

wrote some half-assed reports

and closed the cases.

Yeah, you're right.

That's probably how it went down.

You know anybody who might want to fill in,

for one night even?

My new girlfriend sings a little.

Would she be interested?

Maybe a couple of gigs.

She's kind of a serious student-- lawyer.

What's she doing with you?

( Laughs ) You really wanna know?


She know any songs?

I could teach her a few between now and then.

Maybe we can manage a rehearsal, the day of.

No, man, she ain't got time for that, brah.

Oh, really?

Say, brah, she'll be fine.

You'll see.

Ain't even in the band. Ain't even a professional musician,

already giving me grief.

I swan.

( Band playing "Hu-ta-nay" )

- 870
00:47:16,440 --> 00:47:18,510
- 871
00:47:18,540 --> 00:47:20,610
- 872
00:47:20,640 --> 00:47:22,910
- 873
00:47:22,940 --> 00:47:24,910
- 874
00:47:24,940 --> 00:47:26,910
- 875
00:47:26,950 --> 00:47:29,110
- 876
00:47:29,150 --> 00:47:31,380
- ( Song finishes ) - ( Laughing )

- Wow. - Now that's what I'm talking about.

- Sounded good, daddy. - Yeah, you right.

- That was fantastic, Albert. - Man: Pretty damn good take. You ready to move on?

Give me a minute. Be right back.

Want to turn that camera off, baby?

( Door opens and closes )

He's happy?

Didn't that sound the same as what we cut in New York?

Dr. John: I hate to disagree with your ass,

but I'm with your pa on that shit.

Where the hell else are you gonna get

the legendary Uganda Roberts to play on your session?

Thank you, Mac.

Hold on now. I wanted to bring Uganda up to New York.

You know, New Orleans infect music.

It reconstutionalates it.

I'm not tryin' to be no "job Nazi-ity" sucker,

but I tell you what: It matters the difference.

Can you dig it?

Amen to that.

I'm outnumbered. Shit.

Albert: All right, come on now. Let's do it.

( Albert laughing )

( "The Passenger by Iggy Pop playing )

I cook the grits in ramen broth,

black pepper, a little soy,

stir in some butter.

Got your soft-boiled egg...

00:49:06,300 --> 00:49:08,430
00:49:08,470 --> 00:49:11,440
...And your shrimp, which you sear and press.

00:49:13,470 --> 00:49:17,010
00:49:17,040 --> 00:49:19,710
00:49:19,750 --> 00:49:21,950
Then you got your bacon crumble...

00:49:26,620 --> 00:49:28,090
...And your charred scallion.

00:49:30,890 --> 00:49:33,130
And there it is-- shrimp and grits.

Hope you like it.

Try that, gooch. It's delicious.

00:49:49,110 --> 00:49:51,380
00:49:51,410 --> 00:49:52,780
She's good.

00:49:55,880 --> 00:49:59,550
00:49:59,590 --> 00:50:01,750
00:50:03,260 --> 00:50:06,420
00:50:08,130 --> 00:50:10,900
00:50:13,570 --> 00:50:15,400
- 932
00:50:18,470 --> 00:50:21,210
Come on Alison, baby, go ahead, take it.

00:50:23,740 --> 00:50:25,610
( Crowd cheering )

00:50:29,450 --> 00:50:33,450
00:50:38,820 --> 00:50:41,620
- ( Wolf-whistle ) - Shh.

00:50:48,560 --> 00:50:50,330
00:50:50,360 --> 00:50:53,870
- Y'all feel that? - Man: Yeah, baby.

00:50:58,300 --> 00:51:01,170
( Reggae song playing )

Hey chef. Hey, it's Donald link.

Oh my God. I know who you are.

Donald link, you're one of my heroes.

Hey, good to see you. Great work.

Thank you so much. Thank you.

We miss you in New Orleans.

Oh, thank you.

Well, I know you're busy. I just wanted to say hi.

- It was nice meeting you. - You too. Have a great night.

Yo, boss.

You just happened to forget to tell me Wanda quit

and you replaced her with some hottie with a big Booty?

Her Booty had nothing to do with it. Girl works with Toni Bernette.

She's a law student, Cornell's girlfriend.

You didn't offer her a gig with the band?

It was an emergency, one night only.

I didn't offer that girl no regular gig.

She was begging me.

And I told her I need a woman, not some girl, to sing these songs.

I've been meaning to ask, how come all you sing is cheating songs?

You know, 'cause I gotta give the public what they want--

you know, what you call, you know, a stage persona.

You dawginaround on me again?

Only onstage.

- If I find out you are-- - Oh, come on.

00:52:22,790 --> 00:52:24,750
00:52:28,490 --> 00:52:33,930
00:52:36,630 --> 00:52:38,500
00:52:46,610 --> 00:52:48,620
You guys sound great.

- Woman: Thank you. - Men: Thanks.

Hey, is it okay if we leave our stuff in here for just a minute?

- Sure. - All right.

We were gonna go out back and smoke some weed

if you want to join us.

Oh, um, what about your stuff?

Can't you just stick a sign on the door or something--

"back in five"?

I'd better not.


"This machine floats."

That is so Harley.

Pete and Woody were his heroes.

I liked Kingston trio and Peter, Paul & Mary.

I used to play "Leaving on a jet plane" just to annoy him.

( Strums guitar )

I hope you'll take that.

You don't mind?

Of course not.

We gave most of his things to goodwill.

You know, if I had known that you were coming, I would've--

if you'd known I existed, you mean.

Harley never talked about his family.

Yeah, well, that would be me at this point.

And I apologize again for dropping in like this.

The Detective-- he only gave me your address.

He was never much for biography

or possessions.

I'm surprised he had a roof over his head.

( Locks click )

I should go.

I've got a busy day tomorrow--

cremation in the morning,

flying him on the red eye.

I hope I don't have trouble

getting his ashes through security.

Sounds like one of his songs.

You know, there were a few other things.

You keep them.


Anyway, I'll see you next year,

Mardi Gras, if you're ill here.

He wanted his ashes scattered on the Mississippi--

some parade.

Saint Anne's.

Saint Anne's.

He was a tremendous songwriter.

I learned so much from him.

( Chuckles ) Honestly though,

I couldn't stand his singing.

That phony Texas twang-- whew.

- What do you mean? - Oh, what'd he tell you--

he was from Austin or lubbock or San antone?


Complete affectation.

We grew up in Bellingham, Washington.

( Williams panting )

Why'd you stop?

Thought you wanted to.

I thought you did.

You didn't seem like you was really into it.

We just out of practice, that's all.

( "That's what lovers do" playing )

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