Treme (2010–2013): Season 1, Episode 2 - Meet De Boys on the Battlefront - full transcript

Albert takes the law into his own hands; LaDonna gets news about her missing brother.

The flood protection system
build by the army corps engineers

A.K.A. The federal
government, failed!

Davina: I never thought I'd come
back to see even this much of it.

What you even drive him
over there for, Davina?

Davina: When you
ever know anybody

To change his mind
about any goddamn thing?

- Delmond: And you think I can?
- I think it's your turn to try.

Ain't none of your gang
even around.

- Practice is Sunday.
- You out of your damn mind.

Toni: He says your brother was
locked up during the storm?

He said they was
together on the bridge

Before the buses came
and took them to st. Gabriel.

- You're busy tonight.
- Every night.

What do people
in this town crave now?

Good food,
companionship, community.

- You two were married?
- You wanna know what went wrong?

- Yeah, tell it, darlin'.
- I married a goddamn musician.

Aw, desiree.

Listen, kermit, you still got that
gig at Vaughan's tonight, right?

Come on down there to Vaughan's
and swing out with us.


♪ now I got the spirit ♪

♪ and you got it too ♪

♪ always watchin'
over me and you ♪

♪ just call your name, yeah ♪

♪ will set your soul aflame,
oh yes, it will ♪

♪ then you burn
with the fire of love ♪

♪ you're gonna burn ♪

♪ till you light above ♪

♪ and you feel brand new,
oh yeah ♪

♪ when the spirit come
to carry you ♪

♪ I can see you now ♪

♪ well, you're walking
with the spirit ♪

♪ by your side ♪

♪ talking, oh, as your guide ♪

♪ see your light
shine up above ♪

♪ you've been walking
with the spirit ♪

♪ of love now. ♪

All right!

Awesome, man.
That was just awesome.

Yeah, you're right.

The legendary Coco Robicheaux,

Live in the studio on this
beautiful December morning

Here at the reconstituted,
rededicated, relocated


In the completely soulless
faux french market,

A shameful Shell and shadow
of its former self.

What's up
with that, bro?

Are they gonna let o.Z.
Go back to Armstrong park?

I don't think so, bro.
I don't see it. Not in the cards.

You don't get the good
ancestor vibe up here--

All tourists
and t-shirts.

Hey, you're preaching
to the choir, man.

You're preaching to the choir.

So what are you doing there?

Tell the folks at home, Coco,
a little play-by-play.

Well, if o.Z. Can't go back
to Congo square,

We're gonna bring
Congo square to o.Z.

Bringing the mountain
to Mohammed sort of thing.

By lighting these
spirit candles,

We're gonna summon

Erzulie dantor to us.


Coco Robicheaux
runs the voodoo down live.

Uh, Coco, this azalea chick
who's gonna drop by--?

- Erzulie dantor.
- Uh-huh.

- The loa of New Orleans.
- The loa.

Yes indeed, a loa,
just what we need.

The black Madonna,
the beautiful mulattress

Whose earthly incarnation
was Marie laveau.

The voodoo queen
of New Orleans. Cool.

And the loa of lesbians

Very cool.

Uh, Coco,

Didn't you burn your
apartment down

Some years ago-- candles,

Cafe Brazil?

Hopefully that ain't
gonna happen here.


- ( chicken clucking )
- whoa! Oh my God. What?

It's a chicken-- a chicken.
It's a live chicken.

Ladies and gentlemen,
a live chicken in the studio.

The loa needs proof
of our devotion.

Yeah, what woman doesn't?

Ah, barbancourt.

( laughs )

Okay, that would be a knife.

It's a big one.

Are we entering some
sacrificial realm here?

Why don't you play
the next cut on that c.D.

As I summon the spirits?


( jazz music playing )

♪ hangin' in the treme ♪

♪ watching people sashay ♪

♪ past my steps ♪

♪ by my porch ♪

♪ in front of my door ♪

♪ church bells
are ringin' ♪

♪ choirs are singing ♪

♪ while the preachers groan ♪

♪ and the sisters moan ♪

♪ in a blessed tone ♪

- ♪ mmm-hmm ♪
- ♪ yeah ♪

♪ down in the treme ♪

♪ just me and my baby ♪

♪ we're all going crazy ♪

♪ while jamming
and having fun ♪

♪ trumpet bells ringing ♪

♪ bass drum is swinging ♪

♪ as the trombone groans ♪

♪ and the big horn moans ♪

♪ and there's a saxophone ♪

♪ down in the treme ♪

♪ it's me and my baby ♪

♪ we're all going crazy ♪

♪ while jamming
and having fun ♪

♪ down in the treme ♪

♪ it's me and my baby ♪

♪ we're all going crazy ♪

♪ while jamming
and having fun. ♪


Me trying to scramble
my breakfast on a hot plate--

Life on the frontier.
Excuse me.

Hang on, hang on.
Let me turdown the radio.

( music playing quieter )

Oh, who knows?

Entergy says there's still
water in the lines.

God, Julie, you're a lifesaver.



( sizzling )



( song continues on radio )

( song stops )

( power saw buzzing )

( hammers banging )

Mom is sure, but sheriff
says he never had him.

Sheriff said nothing went
wrong at o.P.P. Too.

Most o.P.P. Prisoners went
to hunt up in San Gabriel.

Yeah, and after hunt d.O.C.
Dispersed them. I know that.

All over the great
state of louisian'.

But how can I find him, andi?

That's what I'm asking.
Which parish?

Well, it'sot like the state exactly
kept track of who went where.

Didn't even really know
who is who.

The prisoners had wristbands,

But they took 'em off,
stole 'em.

And all the records

So we've been going parish
to parish filing motions

Compelling the local sheriffs
to provide us with the list

Of all the names of o.P.P.
Prisoners in their custody.

So if daymo got picked up
just before the storm...

- Something minor?
- Mm-hmm.

He's doing Katrina time
in East Jesus.

Most likely he'll be released for
time served once you find him.

Family hasn't heard
from him?

Still at the same number?

His mom is.

We found inmates incarcerated for
months not given a phone call.

That's disturbing.

( exhales )

Huh-uh. Huh-uh.

I'll start on it this week,
miss ladonna, guarantee.

I've been hearing that song.

You know what else
I've been hearing?

That goddamn blue plastic
tarp flapping around my roof.

I hear it in my sleep.

When are you gonna
get started for real?

I need me money for shingles.

Mister, I already gave you
money for shingles.

I had to use that for
something else-- emergency.

Somebody else's roof.

This here is an emergency too,
Mr. Riley, feel me?

My roof is the only roof
you need to worry about

Today, tomorrow
and the next day.

Yes, ma'am.


I'm going to Baton Rouge

To see my kids and my husband.

I'm back tomorrow.
If that roof ain't right,

I'm going courtside on y'all.

Shingles will be here.
I swear.

I've seen worse.
What'd you get up in here--

A foot,
a foot and a half?

Bad enough.
No insurance.

No insurance?

No flood insurance.
The bank said I didn't need it.

I'm on piers, me.

Never thought I'd get
water up in here.

Ain't like gentilly
where you're at.

Yeah, well.

You sure you want to
sheetrock over all this?

It gets wet--
you gotta gut it again.

In these old houses they
knew what they was doing--

Cypress, plaster.

Floods-- just air it out.

This plaster's not
in bad shape.

Look at it.
It's all cracked and shit.

I can fix that for you.

- Expensive?
- You want it done right?

Let me think about it.

I mean, what's the chances
it's gonna flood again?

What's the chances it won't?

Might be easier
just to sheetrock it.

Easier-- yeah.
But you'll ruin the profile.

Ain't that what people do?

Tack sheetrock over
perfectly good plaster?


People do a lot of dumb shit
'cause it's easier.

( sighs )

- Let me think about it, all right?
- All right.

Got errands to run next couple
of days on my lunch break.

- You gonna be here?
- Yeah, not a problem.

♪ you made my father ♪

♪ stone blind ♪

♪ you ran my poor old mother ♪

♪ out of her mind ♪

♪ I'm gonna buy myself
a shotgun ♪

♪ and shoot you
four or five times ♪

♪ and I'll stand over you,
I'll watch you ♪

♪ finish dying ♪

♪ love love love ♪

♪ oh, careless love ♪

♪ yeah ♪

♪ love, oh love ♪

♪ oh, careless love ♪

♪ you made me weep ♪

♪ you made me moan ♪

♪ you made me leave ♪

- ( coins jingle )
- ♪ my happy home ♪

♪ you made me leave ♪

♪ my happy ♪

♪ home. ♪

Thank you.
Thank you.

- Thanks a lot, guys.
- That was fantastic.

Where are you from?

- Wisconsin.
- Woman: Yeah, Madison.

- Been here before?
- First time in New Orleans.

Woman #2:
For me too.

Well, it's different, huh,
from Wisconsin?

- Oh, yeah, way different.
- Yeah, definitely.

We came down
with our church group.

To, you know,
gut houses and stuff.

God bless.

Annie: We want you to know
we really appreciate

What y'all are doing
for New Orleans.

- We wanted to help save it.
- Totally, yeah.

Good luck with that.

We saw everything in the ns, what
was going on in the ninth ward.

- I mean, it's just so awful.
- So heartbreaking.

Yeah yeah, everybody talking
about the lower ninth.

- Sonny.
- Let me ask you something.

Have you even heard of the
ninth ward before the storm?

- Well... - So why are you
so fired up about it now?

Anybody have any requests?

What about, I don't know,
something authentic?

Something authentic.

Real New Orleans music?

How about "when the
saints go marching in"?

- Oh, yeah, I love that song.
- Yeah, that's real, isn't it?

Yeah yeah, "saints" is real all right.
Aints" is as real as it gets.

The thing is, traditionally
"saints" is extra.

- How come?
- Well--

Because every cheesehead from
chowderland wants to hear "saints."

He's kidding.
We love to play "saints."

Ye, we do.
It's hip. It sends us.

You know, you don't even
have to play it.

We do.
You requested it.

Actually, you said "saints,"
not us.

20 bucks.
( song playing )

But only if you like it.

♪ when the saints go ♪

♪ marching in ♪

♪ I want to be ♪

♪ in their number ♪

♪ oh, when the saints ♪

♪ go marching in. ♪

( slower version of "saints"
playing )

The good doctor.

Yeah, a little voodoo dirge
to brighten up the day--

An homage to you and Coco.

That was historic, man.

Darnell thought so too,

But just not
in a positive sense.

- Right.
- I had to remind him it was radio

And that you couldn't
actually see the blood spurt.

Yeah, best left
to the imagination.

I did what I could
with soap and water,

But you might want
to paint over.

Oh, hell no, man. I say we leave it up
there for the sheer gris-gris of it.

Don't fuck with it.
That's bad juju.

Darnell doesn't get it, man.
That was some deep New Orleans shit.

You can't plan
that kind of magic.

The man has no sense
of theater.

So few do.

Take care, Davis.

All right.

Can I help you?


I'm looking for George cotrell.

He ain't been back.

Keeping an eye on his house
till he comes home.

- You heard from him?
- Nah.

- Any idea where he at?
- My cousin says Oklahoma city.

Oklahoma cy? Man.

Yeah, right.

He'll be back, though, when he
gets tired eating that food.

( laughs )

Where I'm at.
You hear from him,

Tell him his chief
is looking for him.

Big chief lambeaux, huh?
I heard George talk about you.

How can I reach your cousin?

Robbie? Man, he's still working
on getting a phone, him.

Shit. Where he
staying at?

- The Calliope.
- The Calliope?

The Calliope closed.
All the projects closed.

Squatting. Man, Robbie
been squatting down there.

All right.

Peace, baby.

"in accordance with
university policy."

I mean, look at this.
It's unbelievable.

Two departments, like that.

160 tenured professors.

- How can they do that?
- How can they do that?

Well, they can and they have
and they did.

It is a done deal.

Gone-- civil engineering,
computer engineering,

Electrical engineering,
mechanical engineering,

Computer science.
I mean, sure,

Why would the university
train people

Who know how to build
things like, oh, say,

Computer systems,
power grids, levees?

Hey, who needs them?

- Seems kind of crazy.
- Gee, you think?

I mean, look what
they're keeping--

Musical theater, digital media,

Medieval studies,
women's studies,

Jewish studies,
African studies.

It's all about identity.

Let's not learn how
to actually do anything.

Let's just sit and contemplate

The glory of me

In all my complexities.

Who am I?

I am a black Jewish woman.
Hear me roar.

Jesus, what else?

Russian-- can't get along
in the world without that.

Portuguese-- well, that
actually could come in handy

In case any brazilians come up
here looking for mardi gras work.

What about English?

We're useless.
We're safe.

I heard they might cut
the grad program.

Listen, if you have to
transfer somewhere

To finish your dissertation,
I'll keep working with you.

Fuck, I might even go with you.

The thought of teaching intro
lit to a bunch of freshmen

Who haven't read
anything more challenging

Than Harry fucking Potter
makes me want to puke.

Maybe I'll just Chuck
teaching altogether

- And finish my novel.
- The one about the flood?

The 1927 flood, right.

You know, what the hell?

I'm alrey 250 pages in.

Maybe it's time to tackle
that bad boy again.

( chuckles )

Couldn't be
more topical, right?

Davis, didn't we recently
float you a sizable sum?

Right after Thanksgiving.

Thank you, melba.

Thank you, melba.

Pop owed me $50
from the l.S.U.-Alabama game.

Would you mind bringing in
the plants from the patio?

What for?

Radio says there's a hard
freeze warning tonight.

That's for
the north shore, sugar.

They'll be all right.
I'll cover 'em.

My situation became untenable.

Darling, what does that mean?

- ( doorbell jingles )
- Davis.

- Papa.
- Roger.

Davis needs a new job.

No, a loan.
I need a loan.

What happened
to w.W.O.Z.?

I'm moving on.

Well, maybe you can
find something

That pays an actual salary.

They paid me.

Senior staff.
Fundraising expertise.

Plus, you forget--
I have my gigs.

Everyone's looking
for good help.

That's true.
The city is desperate, darling.

One of my patients
mentioned something--

A hotel in the quarter.

What about the loan?

Contingent upon.

All right.

We got bills to pay.

I'm trying, baby.

What can I say, desiree?
I got a job.

Difference between a gig
and a job, Antoine.

You gotta get a job.

I got a job.
I'm with kermit.

That's a gig once a week
and it don't pay enough.

And you come home smelling
like cigarettes and pussy.

Now see, that ain't true.
That ain't pussy.

Well, what is it
if it ain't pussy?



Yeah, kermit's barbecue.

Kermit's barbecue tastes right,
but not that right.

Some people swear by it.

Where are you going?

I got a gig, all right?
A gig, not a job,

In algiers.
Don't wait up.

A gig in algiers?

Algiers, all the way
to the West bank.

For you, girl, I'm crossing
mighty rivers and shit.

Get a job job,
God damn it.

- Woman: Tyrell!
- Yes, ma'am.

Get your ass
in this house!

Toni's working
with these lawyers.

They're checking
all the parishes.

Alcide, elbows.

You tell your mama?


I don't want to get her hopes
up, not till we know for sure.

- What?
- Where your Uncle David at.

How's the roof?

The contractor'll say for sure
when I get back tomorrow.

You're leaving tomorrow?

Don't do that, alcide.

Don't sulk.
I'll be back next week.

I have to check on nanan,
take care of the bar.

You know, your mother
could move up here,

Be close to the kids.

She should move up here.
There's no doctors,

There's no hospitals there.

New Orleans is no place
to be old, not now.

You know why she can't
move up here right now.

Besides, it's her home.

She's never been anyplace else.

Not even Baton Rouge?

No, baby, not even Baton Rouge.

( radio chatter )


We should talk about putting
the bar on the market

Once the roof's fixed.

People are looking for houses
to live in right now, not bars.

People always need a drink,

Now more than ever.

Gigi's got a loyal clientele.

Who is gigi anyway?

Nobody knows, darling.

That's just the name
it came with.

Been gigi's for as long
as anybody can remember.

I grew up in that bar.

Daddy left it to me.

My practice is here now,

The kids are in school.

Our life is here.

( gurgling )

That's nasty, daddy.

It will clear.
It's just gotta run.

I'd get a filter.

When the power supposed
to come ba on?

Energy man was here
this morning.

You got plans for the holidays?

Stay here, I guess.

You should come
to Houston.

Davina gonna burn through
every one of mama's recipes.

Your sister and I parted
on fractious terms.

She's gonna be more mad
at me than you.

I talked to her today.
She's thinking I come all the way down here

To rustle you back to Houston.

You could tell her
I tried harder than I did.

Let me call you out
for stubborn.

( chuckles )

Come on, daddy.
You know she wants to see you.

Cheri's coming in
from Atlanta with the kids.

And you?

I got gigs.

But I'll definitely be there
Christmas day.

In and out like always.

Never could stand to be
around us for too long.

Oh, man, come on.
It ain't like that.

In fact, I'm gonna stay around
a couple more days.

Got a recording session--


Toussaint, huh?

You deigning to play local?

Yeah, I'm deigning.

You don't think I can play straight-up
New Orleans R&B in my sleep?

( laughs ) but can you swing?

Not all you modern jazz cats
can, you know.

You sound like wynton.

I hope so.

So what about Sunday--

Indian practice.
You find anybody?

I'm working on it.

Some up in Baton Rouge,
some over in Houston,

Some I don't know where yet.

I wish I could stay, daddy.

Got a full plate
up in New York.

Lincoln center.

A lot of love for New Orleans
right now.

Mm, I know.

Everybody loves
New Orleans music.

New Orleans people...

Round the damn clock.

Requisitioned a boat
from one of my neighbors.

I hear that.

10 days straight.
It was heavy.

I seen stuff
would curl your hair.

Shit, I was in anbar, baby.

You're not curling his hair.

I'm sure it don't compare.

How many you rescue, all told?

A couple dozen maybe,

Plucking them off rooftops,
out of the trees.

I thought they made
everyone leave after a week--

Mandatory evac.

We said, "fuck that."

Grabbed all the bottled water
and beer we could find,

- Borrowed a generator.
- You were digging it, eh?

National guard patrols would
through after curfew--

Annie would go out
and flash 'em.

- Really? - Yeah, like it
was mardi gras come early.

And they'd drive away
happy, man.

Yeah, I hear that too.

No rules.

Just making it up
as we went along.

We'd go out,
do what had to be done,

Man up, you know?

I do.

I bet you two
had a lot of sex, eh?

( chuckles )

Yeah, it was paradise, man,

The garden of fucking eden.

( belches ) excuse me.

Gotta go see a man
about a horse.

Did he really do all that
hero shit during the storm?

He says he did.

You believe him?

I wasn't in the boat.

Man: Welcome to the spotted cat.
This is a new one,

Dedicated to everybody
who hasn't come home yet.

Yeah, baby.

♪ I hope you're coming back
to New Orleans ♪

♪ you know it really is
that land of dreams ♪

♪ there's no other city ♪

♪ like New Orleans ♪

♪ I knew that I just
couldn't stay away ♪

♪ so I came back and now
I'm home to stay ♪

♪ rebuild my life
in New Orleans. ♪

Lucky to have you.

My pleasure.
What about next week?

No, Bobby's back next week.

I heard about something
on bourbon street.

Bourbon street?

There's pride
on bourbon street--

Pete, al, Gary brown.

Back in the day.

There's cats there now
that can hold their heads up.

Let me get that number.

All right.


Antoine batiste.

Maestro, I didn't see you.

Slipped in at the end
of the last set.

What you doing over here?

Living with my daughter--
lost her roof.

We all in a fema trailer
parked in her driveway.

What about your house?

Like I tell folks,

I had a foot and a half
of water-- on my second floor.

Man, I'm sorry to hear that.

Man, I used to dread going over
to your house after school.

I was that hard on you?

No, it was those two buses
going to bayou Saint John--

Fighting them white kids
on esplanade going,

Seventh ward kids coming home.
You were easy.

My best student.

No I wasn't.
Freddie lonzo was.

Yeah, you're right.

All right.
You playing?

Don't even have a horn, me.

You lost all your instruments?

Even the 'bone
that kid ory gave you?

Should have put all that stuff
on the second floor,

But I didn't.

Oh, man.

That's tragic, really.

- One of the good gigs, huh?
- That's what I hear.

Bourbon street.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

Pride on bourbon street.

Yeah, that's what they say.

His cousin says

He's been squatting here
in the Calliope.

We had squatters.
Run them off.

Ain't cheap, all this security.

Spend all this money
just to seal these up?

I know.

People want to come home,
no place to liv

You know they've been wanting

To tear the project down
for years.

Yeah, but now when
there's a crying need...

Calliope didn't take
much water.

Most of 'em didn't take none.

Stood up to the wind just fine.

You know when these houses
were built? 40s.

They've been through
some hurricanes.

It makes no sense.


Yeah, what does these days?

- ( baby cooing )
- ( swing music playing )

( pounding on door )


Oh, it's a...

Alcide made it in art class.


It's good.

It's an elephant.


And you ought to come see
your kids.

Oh, desiree,
this is ladonna--

You know, my ex.
Y'all met, right?

And who is this?

Honore antoinette batiste.

Didn't tell me
you had a new baby.

Never came up.

( chuckles )

I'll tell your sons
they have a new half-sister,

Another one.

Never came up?

Come on now, baby.

Don't you "baby" me.

And what does she mean
by "another one"?

You know...

So pretty straightforward.
Any questions about the system,

Check in, check out,
credit cards, parking?

No, like you say,

And if guests need dinner
reservations or anything,

Just refer them
to the concierge.


Got it.

( sighs )

Oh, huh-uh.

I'ma kill that man twice.

( door slams )

You seen that
son of a bitch Riley?


I'ma book his ass.
He been here at all?


Toni, what are you doing here?

We found him, ladonna.


David. Daymo.
We know where he is.

Where you been?

I had to step out.
What's the problem?

Where are my tools?

I wasn't gone but 10 minutes.

We still don't know why he was
picked up in the first place?

Sheriff won't put me
on a phone list

Till there's paperwork
saying I'm David's attorney.

How long will that take?

It could take a few days.

Then what?

Well, we gotta get daymo
in front of a judge.

We drive up there,
post bond, pay a fine

And assuming they're not holding
him on anything serious...

- They'll let him go?
- Yeah.

It might take a few days.


The parishes get fema money

For every o.P.P. Prisoner
they house.

And some of them tend
to drag their feet,

Especially the poor ones.

I swear.

I could front you.

I could ask my son,
come to that.

Ain't the point, eh?

I can get new tools.

I let somebody punk me.

I'll ask around.

And the elevators are
just across the lobby.

I need to step out
for a few minutes.

If anybody needs to find anything
on bourbon street, tell them.

If they need reservations
or directions anywhere else,

Even the quarter,
I'll be right back.


( men chattering )

Hey, which way to bourbon
street, little buddy?


Okay, exit the front door...

That's why they call it
the inn on bourbon.

( laughing )

Watch ere you step.

We always do.

( quietly ) what the fuck?

- Oh, trombone shorty, my man.
- Antoine batiste.

Hey, do you think the hall
ever coming back?

Man, I don't know.

Thanks for
that second line, bro.

Not a problem, man.

Listen, if you ever need
me to fill in for you...

My first call.
You got a gig?

Oh, nah nah.

No shame. There's pride
on bourbon street.

No, I'm just cutting
through the quarter,

Gonna go han with kermit.

I thought kermit had
a gig tonight.

Oh, yeah, you're right.

But, you know, I'm gonna
catch him before he goes.


- See you, shorty.
- Be good, Antoine.

- See you, bro.
- Nice to see you.

( muffled music playing )

( full-volume music
playing )

- ( music stops )
- button, please.

Joe foxx, that piece,

That moment that you and Sam
just played--

Don't play that.

( laughter )

At that spot we need
amadee and breeze

To really shine on the reeds,

So you have to be
out of the way.

So let's do it again.

( music starts )

He thought he could
slip it by you, eh?

How about that?

♪ tears, tears
and more tears ♪

♪ I can't help
but keep on crying ♪

♪ oh, tears, tears
and more tears... ♪

( muffled music playing )

( reeds playing )

Nola's great.

Napoleon house around
the corner great also.

- Can we walk there?
- Mm-hmm, yeah.

Saint Louis and charters.

Thank you.

Totally, but shouldn't we
stay close to the hotel?

- Yeah, I don't know.
- Maybe we should ask someone.

Can I help you?

Maybe you can recommend someplace
where we can hear music?

We heard snug harbor.

Snug's good. There's
nothing wrong with snug.


But if you want to get off
the beaten path...

Yeah, sure.

- Don't we?
- Absolutely.

I could tell.
I said to myself,

"here are some intrepid
young folk

In search of the real
New Orleans."

Right there.

- Bullet's?
- Yeah, long story.

Is the neighborhood--
is it safe?

Never safer.
All the crime's gone to houst.

Give that to the cab driver.
If he says anything,

You tell him that you're sure.

- Okay, thanks.
- Man: All right, thank you.

- Woman #2: Thanks.
- Woman #1: Oh, I'm so excited.

Galactic is at d.B.A.
Elvis, can you hang?

That's a funk group like the
meters, right, but white guys?

You say that
like it's a bad thing.

It'seen a long day, Sam.
I don't know.

Hey, Delmond, you tell
this guy that New Orleans

Don't even get started till after midnight.
You're down, right?

Yeah. Galactic?
For real?

A funky, good group.

What else you need
to hear, son?

Well, I guess I could go
and get gussied up

And put on a shirt
that doesn't stink

And maybe I can
shoot down there later.

- All right.
- You go back to the hotel room--

You're in for the night.
Don't lie to big Sam.

You know, you don't understand the
burdens of an englishman abroad.

I've got tea to steep
and toast to burn.

And then I've got
my reputation to think about.

I've got three, four, five songs
to write before midnight and--

D.B.A., Elvis.
Do not disappoint me.

I would not dream of it.

( mouths )

( whistling )

( cheering )

Man: Thank you.
Thank you guys.

How are y'all doing?

I see a lot
of friends in here.

We got a special guest
in the house tonight--

New Orleans' own
Delmond lambreaux.

Sit in, man,
come on.

Put your hands together.
Get him up here.

Yeah, I got you.
What's happening?

Young man, get up here.
What's up?

- Blackbird special?
- Right behind you.

- Safety meeting after the set?
- Desitively.

I had no idea.

Sorry, chief.

Like you didn't know.

More than $1000
invested in there.

Some of them tools
you can't buy for money.

They don't make 'em anymore.

I just want my $250 back.

I don't owe it to you.
The man you bought it from does.

I see him-- I'll be sure
to mention it.

( distant dog barking )

A little sneak thief
named skinny.

Where he stay at?

Gert town.

He around the town
most nights though.


Mid-city, lower garden,

Copper mining.

( jazz music playing,
people chattering )

Mm, this is
the seventh ward, see.

Saint aug's
right up the street.

- Saint aug?
- Saint augustine high sool.

Greatest damn marching band
in the land.

I'm sixth ward, me,
across esplanade.

Why is it called bullet's?

See the proprietor over there?

The guy with
the leather jacket

And that thingy
around his neck?

The chicken foot?
No, the dude next to him

- With the baseball cap.
- Oh, yeah.

- He got shot in the head.
- Really?

Yeah, he walked into a store
to buy some cigarettes

Just when it was
being robbed, straight up.

And that's why they
call it bullet's?

Huh-uh, no,
it's called bullet's

'cause after he got shot

The doctors left
the bullet in there.

They didn't want
to take it out.

But he could feel it.

Turned his head to the right,
the bullet slid left.

Turned his head to the left,
bullet slid right.

It was driving him crazy,
so he tried to take it out

On his own self
with a straight razor.

- No way.
- No.

Yeah, so once he's done that,

His mother said,
"you're crazy,"

Made him go back to the doctor
and get it taken out,

You know, properly.

That's a true story.

You could ask him
if you don't believe me.

Kermit: I wanted to bring
to the bandstand,

Straight from his
bourbon street engagement,

That notorious Antoine batiste,

But he all up in that
pork over there.

Damn right.

Wash up, man.
Get your 'bone, batiste.

Baby j, put that tray down.

It's your time to shine, baby.


- You're gonna play?
- That's so cool.

Yeah, you know, I gotta give
the people what they want.

Listen, excuse me.

I'll be right back.
Don't you go nowhere.

Oh my God.

♪ now I've been thinking
what it means ♪

♪ to love New Orleans ♪

♪ when you got a heavy jazz
and my red beans♪

♪ mardi gras down claiborne
in New Orleans ♪

♪ and if you're from here,
then you know what that means ♪

♪ I'ma say what it was 'cause
it ain't all as it seems ♪

♪ I went to Joseph a. Craig
across the street from treme ♪

♪ rolling out of there
when I was just about 15... ♪

Buy you ladies a drink?


( chattering, laughing )

Oh, shit, five-oh.

Whoa whoa whoa,
five-oh, five-oh.

( siren whoops )

- Oh, shit.
- Man: Man, now what?

Man: Good evening, officers.
How y'all doing?

Step back.

Pick it up.


Don't make me ask you again.

Turn around, put your hands
behind your back.


This ain't right, man.

You want to go too?
I'll run all y'all.

Hey, grab my horn, man.

Yeah, man.

Anybody you want me to call?


Fuck the police!

As a matter of policy,

We do not send guests
outside of french quarter--

- Liability issues.
- They wanted something more real.

So you sent them
to the seventh ward?

They never came back
to their room last night.

Is that your idea
of real?

They were due at the house
they were working on

At 8:00 this morning.
It's now noon.

The church group
is freaking out.

Parents are flying in
from Madison.

And now the police are
actively involved.

Actively, n.O.P.D.--
Isn't that an oxymoron?

Mr. Mcalary,

At this point
your position here is...


That would be the word.

This is so good, darling,

Just yummy.

I don't usually care
for duck-- too rich.

But this is first rate.

Thank you.

You don't think
it's too rich--

Molasses and bourbon?

That's what I like about it.
It is so damn rich.

You know what they say here--
if it's worth doing...

It's worth overdoing.

- ( door opens )
- speaking of overdoing...

Whoa, check it out.

( both laugh )

For madame, a creole
cream cheese cannoli

With pistachios
and satsuma sorbet.

Oh, my.

For monsieur,

A sweet potato pecan tart

With steen's cane syrup.

Oh, Toto, we're not
in huntsville anymore.

And to share,
cafe au lait pot de creme

With mudslide cookies.

Just kill me.
Kill me now.

I'm trying, daddy.
Thank you, Jacques.

De rien.

I wanted you to taste
the new menu

So you'd know you're not
throwing good money after bad.

Oh, we know
you can cook, sweetheart.

I had to fix the exhaust system

And the roof just to reopen--
that was 50 grand--

Plus the new walk-in--
that was another 20.

You told me you had
insurance for all that.

Insurance hasn't
come through yet.

I'm still waiting
on my s.B.A. Loan.

I had to use
the contingency fund.

That's what it's for, right?

Thank God.
But now I'm behind.

If I can just--
if I can just hang on

Until I can get staffed up,
be open full-time,

I can catch up a little,
pay my bills.

I meanwe're jammed evernight.

The restaurant
is gangbusters really.

What do you need?



Once the insurance
comes through,

I can pay you back.

I know money's tight.

We can do five.

Or six.

Okay, that's good.

That'll help.
I'll find the rest somewhere.

A roach.

I mean, give me a ticket.
But throw me in jail?

Yeah, well, he had no choice.

You were up in his face.

What is he supposed to do,
ignore it?

Thanks for dropping the car.

It's okay.
I'll take a taxi home.

I'm gonna pay you back,
you know.

For going the bond.

I'm sorry I can't
stay for practice.

You ain't never really
cared for it.

That ain't true.

I love growing up
with the tradition,

But the indians--
that's your thing,

Always was.

This city...

It's like they breed.

Buckhead beef,
Louisiana seafood,

Captain dino-- have to
pay the shrimper, right?


Oui. Triage--
c'est français.

Cusimano produce,
brown's dairy,

T.L.C. Linens.

Ask them, can we go another 30?

If they say no?

Take whatever they can give us.

If they still say no?

Pay cusimano, buy dairy
at the farmer's market,

And we'll start washing
our own tablecloths.

- You don't want to do that.
- The fuck?

How long you been
standing there?

People just put that in.

Oh, is this your house, man?

I'm sorry.
I didn't know, man.

I can build a house
from scratch,

Roof to foundation.
What can you do,

Tear it down?

That's easy.

Okay, pops, I'm gone, man.

- You took my tools.
- I didn't take no tools.

You did.

You just didn't know
who you were taking 'em from.

Okay, you somebody.
Good for you.

But I didn't take no tools.

You need to understand
what I'm telling you.

Fuck you, old man.

Fuck that.


( wrench clangs )

( tower bells ringing )

Hey, it's the hotel guy.

How are you?


- ( all laugh )
- you guys okay?

- The time of our lives.
- Oh, yeah.

We met the most
interesting man.

Oh my God, a tall guy.
He had this, like,

Gold tooth with, like,
a Ruby thing on it.

- Elmore?
- Yeah, elmore.

Oh my God.

He showed us the best time.

The real New Orleans.

Okay, great.

Did you guys check in
with anyone?

You might want to call
the hotel.

They're a little concerned.

We need to get
some breakfast first.

- We're a little hung-over.
- Okay.

Clover grill,
bourbon and dumaine.

Thanks again, man.




Oh my gosh,
I'm so hungry.

I'm like starving.

Now where the fuck
am I gonna eat breakfast?

( quiet jazz playing
on radio )

I'm going.

Sofia ready?

Can't you hear her pouting?

( laughs )
now that you mention it.

You're working on the novel?

Thinking about it.


Which worries me.

I don't want to be accused
of cashing in on the storm

Like some other schmucks
I could mention.

You were there first.

Did you get your haircut?

Last week.

Looks good.

- Drive carefully.
- You too.

- I'll see you tonight.
- Mm-hmm.

( door opens and closes )


Come on, let's go.

I need to get back home
at a reasonable hour.

I hate boarding school.

( sighs )

Another week or so--
you're home for the holidays

And you're back to stay.
It's a sea cruise, honey.

Where am I gonna go to school?

Tulane's working on something
for faculty kids-- lusher.

Lusher's not a High School,

They're adding a High School.

Plus, it's public.

Not anymore.
It's charter.

Where are they gonna
put the High School?

They're taking over fortier.

What about the fortier kids?

- Where are they gonna go?
- Somewhere else, I guess.

That's not fair.

Probably not.

It's where we're at now.

Do you want to go to school
in New Orleans?

So this is how it works.
It's a zero sum world.

Somebody wins, somebody loses.

Come on, honey.

This is not my son.

- Ma'am?
- There's been a mistake.

- David Brooks.
- No, it's not.

Tell them your name.

Like he say, Dave Brooks.

Not my David.
Not my boy.

Where's your brother?

I don't know.

( plucking strings )

I heard you was looking for me.

George cotrell.

Hey hey hey.

You back?

Where you staying?

With you, I guess.

- You called practice, right?
- Mm-hmm.

This it?
Just us?

For now.
Most of 'em still gone.

I spoke to everybody
except Jesse.

You go by his place?

Lower ninth still closed.
Open in a couple of weeks maybe.

Well, gotta start somewhere.

♪ Indian ♪

♪ oh ♪

( singing in creole )

♪ shallow water, oh mama ♪

♪ mardi gras morning,
I'm on my way ♪

♪ shallow water, oh mama ♪

♪ I told my mama,
I told my wife ♪

♪ shallow water, oh mama ♪

♪ I'm a mess that morning,
it could cost my life ♪

♪ shallow water, oh mama ♪

♪ Katrina came through,
took my house ♪

♪ shallow water, oh mama ♪

♪ upon that morning
I shake and shout ♪

♪ shallow water, oh mama ♪

♪ o lord, have mercy
upon my soul ♪

♪ shallow water, oh mama ♪

♪ some come to rock,
and I love to roll ♪

♪ shallow water, oh mama ♪

♪ shallow water, oh mama ♪

♪ shallow water, oh mama ♪

♪ oh, shallow water, oh mama ♪

♪ shallow water,
oh mama... ♪

( rock 'n' roll song
playing )

♪ hey-ey-ey, yeah ♪

♪ I said,
hey-ey-ey, yeah ♪

♪ come on, everybody,
take a trip with me ♪

♪ down the Mississippi,
down to New Orleans ♪

♪ where the honeysuckle's
blooming ♪

♪ on the honeysuckle vine ♪

♪ and love is blooming there
all the time ♪

♪ where every Southern belle
is a Mississippi queen ♪

♪ down the Mississippi,
down in New Orleans ♪

♪ I said,
hey-ey-ey, yeah ♪

♪ I said, hey-ey-ey,
yeah ♪

♪ I said, look out, John,
hey hey, yeah ♪

♪ I said, look out,
John, hey hey, yeah ♪

♪ come on, everybody,
down the basin street ♪

♪ down the Mississippi,
down in New Orleans... ♪