Treme (2010–2013): Season 1, Episode 1 - Do You Know What It Means - full transcript

A New Orleans neighborhood celebrates its first second-line "parade" since Katrina, reuniting many of its musicians and residents, though many more have yet to return.

( crowd chattering )

( horn plays riff )

Man: Come on!

Hey, baby.

( horns riffing )

( instruments tuning )

( all chattering )

( rap music rumbling )

- Man #1: That ain't right.
- Man #2: Should be 10.

Price was 12, bro.

Say, bro, 1200 was
for eight pieces.

And you said you was going to
have shorty kickin' it with y'all.

- Shorty gonna make it.
- Yeah, well, hain't here now.

And I seen y'all ain't got but
the one 'bone out there, bro.

Now look, we already cut our price.
And we now have seven to step off.

Say, baby, seven don't get you 12.

- Seven get you 10, seem to me.
- Man: Yeah, you right.

Man, look around-
look at this damn place.

Hmm, look at it.

How much water y'all get up here?

Shit, you see the
line over my head.

Six... six and a half.

Look, I feel for y'all.
But less than $200 a man?

That shit ain't right.

Say, baby, if shit was right,

You think we'd have to scrape up

A couple dozen of
us to do this here?

You think we'd all be
paradin' on the same day?

Come on, bro.

Most of us wearin'
last year's suits.

Last few dollars
went to meyer, baby,

To pay for the fedoras.

Man: Yeah, meyer, you know.

- Y'all do look correct, though.
- Well, we got to, baby.

It's a tradition, man.
It's a tradition.

Come on, now take it.

My man.

- Ha ha!
- All right, brother.

- 12, right?
- Money hard to come by.

At least that's what I hear.

Rolling us again.

- Man #1: Black men, mount up, baby.
- ( jazz band playing )

Let's go get 'em.

Let's go get 'em, daddy.

Man #2: Always for pleasure, baby.

Always for pleasure.
Let's do it like we do.

( crowd hollering, cheering )

( cheering, shouting )

All: * I feel like funkin' it up *

* feel like funkin' it up *

- * I feel like... *
- man: Uncle, Jerry!

Get that thing, boy!

- ( morcycle revs )
- ( siren chirps rhythmically )

Man: * what's going on? *

Man: See, I'm short, I know.

But if you had went down city park Avenue
and then esplanade and Saint Claude

Instead of all the way on the interstate,
it would've been less.

If you want to take city park
and esplanade, then say so.

Man, I thought you knew.

You say esplanade, I'll take
you esplanade, no problem.

Look man, when I
catch up with them

And play that parade,
I'ma have it, all right?

I'm gonna find you.

- I will.
- ( laughs )

Thank you, brother, I owe you.

Right. Yeah, you're right.

( plays riff loudly )

Man: Oh sit, batiste playin'
"rebirth" now?

- ( playing )
- who that?

Running late, huh, bro?

( hollers, laughs )

What's up, bro?

Man: What's up?

Aw, shit, look who
the fuck showed up.

When the last time you saw this
motherfucker play a second line?

First thing to go is
those legs, old man.

And he stole that from tyrus.

Man, tyrus used to play
that riff to death.

Negro, if you are
referring to Mr. Chapman,

The fact is he appropriated
that particular

Musical ornamentation
from my repertoire, bro.

( snickers ) - damn!
That how they talk at them gigs uptown?

Yeah. - Shorty ain't
gonna make it, huh?

Nah, shorty sent me to show
y'all how to play music.

( riffs )

( laughs ) yeah.

That's the sixth ward
in my 'bone, baby.

You're in treme, y'all don't
know nothing about that.

Oh, let's see how it sounds six or
seven miles from now, motherfucker.

Yeah, blow your horn, fool.
You'll see.

- ( chuckles )
- play for the money, boys.

Play for that motherfuckin' money.

( playing jazz music )

* I feel like funkin' it up *

* feel like funkin' it up,
funkin' it up *

* I feel like funkin' it up,
feel like funkin' it up *

* like funkin' it up *

* I feel like funkin' it up,
feel like funkin' it up... *

* hangin' in the treme *

* watching people sashay *

* past my steps *

* by my porch *

* in front of my door *

* church bells are ringin' *

* choirs are singing *

* while the preachers groan *

* and the sisters moan *

* in a blessed tone *

- * mmm-hmm *
- * yeah *

* down in the treme *

* just me and my baby *

* we're all going crazy *

* while jamming and having fun *

* trumpet bells ringing *

* bass drum is swinging *

* as the trombone groans *

* and the big horn moans *

* and there's a saxophone *

* down in the treme *

* it's me and my baby *

* we're all going crazy *

* while jamming and having fun *

* down in the treme *

* it's me and my baby *

* we're all going crazy *

* while jamming and having fun. *

Man: Whoo!

( jazz music playing
in distance )

( groans ) - woman:
I thought you were hung-over.

- Shh.
- ( music continues )

( woman groans )

They're doin' it.

They're doin' it!

It's the first second
line since the storm.

It sounds like "rebirth."

* she made me cry *

* she done me wrong *

* get my nose open *

* that's no lie... *

( humming )

Ah! Hey! No! First shower is me!

No, I have to get
to the restaurant.

I have to get to the second line.

Whatever hot water you
have in here is for me...

Not you, me.

Fine. ( chuckles )


Oh. You know what?

I'm this close to getting
a new wer heater.

Hey, do you think you
could float me a loan?

Oh, good God.

Well, I'm a musician.
What do you want me to say?

You're a disc jockey.

I can't believe I didn't
go home last night

When I had the chance.

Yeah, no cold shower for you, huh?

You are a cold shower.

Last night... not so much.

( groans ) yeah.

Well, what girl wouldn't be

Seduced by all this?

Seriously, Davis,
this place is a shithole.

( door slams )

( playing jazz music )


Three of the furious
five on duty and on call,

I salute you!

Hey hey! - I thought you
weren'tfive gonna make it. Call,

Oh! You mock me, sir.

If you persist in doing so,
I will have satisfaction.

Be satisfied. It's all good.

You satisfied now? - Aw,
I'm playin' with you, dawg.

"I will ha satisfaction" is
like what a gentlemen says

When he wishes to duel.

You knowpistols at 10 paces.

I will have satisfaction.

Ah! You say that shit,

Then you slap the
bitch with a glove!


Men: * baby used to stay out *

* all night long *

* she made me cry *

* she done me wrong *

* she broke my little heart *

* but that's all right *

* 'cause the table's turned *

* and now it's her turn to cry *

* because I used to love her *

* but it's all over now... *


* I said I used to love her *

* but it's all over now... *

All: Come on! Come on!

Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey!


- Jacques!
- Mademoiselle desautel.

It's so quiet. How can you work?

( music playing )

- Where is everyone?
- Pedro's running late.

- Wardell?
- Irene's.

- 10 an hour.
- Dishwashing?

Damn, things are outta whack.

What's your cousin doing-

I could call him.

Yeah, if you wouldn't mind.

What about Pedro?

Oh, I'm so over Pedro.

The one I really miss is David.


- That's my boy.
- Ah! Oysters.

See? It's gettin' better.

It's oyster season.
How bad could life be?

Janette, it's half.

That's not going to get
us through the night.

I could run out to dorignac's.
They got crawfish.

And we could parade naked
down prytania street too,

But I'm not gonna do it.
No fucking frozen

Chinese crawfish in my kitchen.

she should be setting up.

( sighs )

Fuck me.

I was about to say she called.

- And?
- She's not coming in.

Fender bender on canal-
says she was distracted.

We're all distracted.

How's your house?

Don't ask me about my house.

Never thought I'd come back to
see even this much of it.

This goddamn bridge.

Gretna police standin'
there with their guns out,

Waiting to make us
walk the hell back.

And here we are,
drivin' the other way

Like it didn't even happen.

You don't have to stay.

Just drop me and turn around.
I'll be fine.

Drop you where exactly, daddy?

( distant jazz music playing )

Woman: Whoo-ooh! Yeah!

( crowd chattering )

( music continues )

- ( music stops )
- ( all cheering )

Cold beer.

Nice to see you too.

Get me a shot of
good whiskey, son.

Y'all hangin' out? Go get three.

- You know what I'm saying?
- Give me one.

( all hollering, chattering )

( R&B music playing )

Man, you gotta put those
stinky dogs away, man.

Nobody want to smell that.

Man, I'm like to die here, fool.

- ( all laugh )
- thought you could hang, huh?

Thought you was gonna teach
us young'uns something, huh?

Oh, yeah. Oh, hell yeah.

That note he was looking
for on the last chorus?

- The high note?
- What note was that, maestro?

What the fuck came
out your horn, man?

- Fuck you, man.
- Was definitely a clam I heard.

Now see here. I came up flat

'cause y'all decided to end the
damn pade at my ex-wife's joint.

A man can only take so
much shit in stride.

You two were married?

- A long time ago.
- Man, how you let that slip away?

Let me? Shit.

I busted out of that situation.

What went wrong? He wasn't treatin'
you like I would be treatin' you?

You wanna know what went wrong?

- Yeah, tell it, darlin'.
- Tell it.

I married a goddamn musician.

Ain't no way to make
that shit right.

- Ooh!
- All: Damn!

Y'all don't even know.

The explosion people heard

Was actually an unsecured barge

Ramming into the canal wall,
not dynamite.

People think there
was a conspiracy

Drown 80% of the city? Vees.
In whose interest was that?

Why displace so many working
class folks, black and white?

It makes no sense.

Are you saying this was
a natural disaster,

- Pure and simple?
- A natural disaster?

A hurricane is. - What hit
the Mississippi Gulf coast

Was a natural disaster... a hurricane,
pure and simple.

The flooding of new Orleans

Was a man-made catastrophe.

A federal fuck-up
of epic proportions.

- And decades in the making.
- Daddy!

We can edit that out, no worries.

The levees were not blown.

Not in '65 and not
three months ago.

The flood protection system

Built by the army
corps of engineers,

A.K.A. The federal
government, failed.

And we've been saying for the
last 40 years since Betsy

That it was gonna fail again
unless something was done.

And guess what? It was not.

- Seriously, daddy, you'reonna stroke out.
- No worries, sweetheart.

Cool as a cucumber up
an archbishop's ass.

The levees weren't blown.

The floodgates failed, the canal
walls failed, the pumps failed.

All of which were supposedly built

To withstand a much greater storm.

Are you suggesting
criminal liability?

Absolutely. Find the
responsible parties

And put them on trial-
corps of engineers;

The federal, state,
local government;

The contractors who used
substandard materials

And the goddamn
sleazebag politicians

That they have in their pockets.

So, given that it's
all gone pear-shaped,

Why should the American
taxpayer foot the bill

To fix new Orleans?
It's going to cost billions.

Well, since when don't nations
rebuild their great cities?

For the sake of argument,
let's say new Orleans

Was once a great city.

Are you saying that new
Orleans is not a great city...

A city that lives in the
imagination of the world?

I suppose... if you're
a fan of the music,

Which has rather seen its day,
let's be honest;

Or the food, a provincial cuisine

Which many would say
is typically American,

Too fat, too rich... then yes,
of course.

New leans has its advocates,

But what about the
rest of the country?


( clears throat )

Provincial, passé,

Hate the food, hate the music,
hate the city.

What the fuck are
you doing down here?

You fucking limey
vulture motherfucker!


( chuckles ) really,
you can't just...

This is goin' in too.

- Come on, God damn it!
- You go, daddy.

Into the River! - Let's just
finish this in a civilized manner.

I'm just going to take
it for a little swim.

Come on!

( sighs )

You can't stay here, daddy.

- I hate this. Why did we even-
- - just wait.

When the insurance settles...

( helicopter whirring )

( sloshing )



Take me to miro street.

You mean poke's?

What's up?

- The code is...
- there he is.


( plays blues riff )

( clicks )

( hip-hop music playing )

* say what? * - * you keep bumpin'
me against the wall *

* yeah, I know I let you
slide before *

- * but until you seen me *
- * say what? *

* trust * - * you ain't
seen bouncin' back *

* you keep bumpin' me
against the wall *

* yeah, I know I let you
slide before *

* but until you seen me *

* trust * - * you ain't
seen bouncin' back *

* I really be throwin' my words,
stand 'em up, jammin' on the one *

* there ain't nobody but neptunes
jammin' on the drum *

* swift flip kicks landing
from the tongue *

* more dramatic than Batman and Robin,
na na-na na-na na-na *

* the one that be handling they business
be sharper than a thumb-tack *

* the one that be dropping these albums
showing 'em how to come back *

* and you gonna respect me and
appreciate where I run at. *

* hope this indecent proposal make
you do somethin' with me *

* fuck the dollar, girl, pick up 50...
* - ( classical music blaring )

* and fuck a coward, girl,
you need a real nigga *

* off the top, nigga 'bout
to turn the sh *

* bend over, ho, show me
what ya workin' with *

* shake ya ass,
but watch yourself *

* shake ya ass, show me what
you're working with *

* attention all y'all
players and pimps *

- * right now in the place to be *
- * shake ya ass *

* I thought I told y'all niggas before...
* - ( volume increases )

- * y'all niggas can't fuck with me *
- * watch yourself *

* now this ain't fun for
small booties *

* no sir, 'cause that
won't pass *

* show me what you're
working with *

* but if you feel you've got
the biggest one *

* then, woman,
come shake ya ass *

* shake ya ass,
but watch yourself *

* shake ya ass, show me what
you're working with *

* shake ya ass,
but watcyourself *

* shake ya ass, show me what
you're working with *

* I like 'em on fire
like higher. *

( ragtime piano music playing )

- Hey, mama.
- Hey, baby.

Don't stop. It sounds good.
Where's daddy?

In the study getting ready
for a phone interview.

Another one?

How'd it go on the levee today?

- Daddy rocked.
- Oh, no.

Creighton: I didn't hit anyone.

I would have,
but I couldn't catch 'em.

- Was it live?
- No.

Daddy threw the guy's
microphone into the canal.

He tried for the camera,
but they fought him

Pretty hard on that one.

They're brits;
They'll never use it.

- Well, why wouldn't they?
- They might.

It was pretty, wasn't it, sof?

- ( phone ringing )
- oh.

- Who's this one with?
- N.P.R.

It'll be fine. It'll be fine.

It's n.P.R. They get it.

N.P.R., the "n"
stands for "nuance."


- How many f-bombs?
- Yeah, I'm here.

Five or six... and that
thing he likes to say

About the archbishop
and the cucumber.

( laughs, groans )

How's school, Hmm?

I hate Baton Rouge.

I hate it more than words can say.

Oh, it's only for
another few weeks.

- The girls must be nice, huh?
- The girls are not nice.

They're so like...

The exact opposite of nice.

You'll be back in
time for carnival.

- Christ, I hope so.
- Sofia bernette!

Catholic school... it's ruining me.

Creighton: No, it's not!
The old city was built

On a natural levee on
the high ground.

No, that's not true.

That's a misconception,
a myth, a canard.

( whispers ) fucking n.P.R.

The old city is not below sea level,
it never has been.

Well, that's because the media...

And all due respect
to your program,

But you e one of the worst offenders-
likes a simple narrative

That they and their listeners

Can get their tiny brains around.

Who are you or anybody else

To say which neighborhoods
should come back?!

Sofia: He's about to blow.

- I know.
- Hell yes, it's worth saving!

The whole damn thing!

Whoa whoa whoa whoa!

You mean the federally-
induced disaster?

This is not a natural disaster.

This is a man-made
fucking catastrophe

Of epic proportions!

And, yeah, go ahead,
bleep the whole goddamn thing!

What do I care?
We're dying down here!

- ( beeps )
- this ain't Lake wobegon,

God damn it.

Oh! Red beans and rice.

And it ain't even Monday.
( chuckles )

Thank you, baby.

- How your mama and them?
- Makin' do.

Mmm. - She still tore
up about daymo, you know?

Nothing? No word still?


( helicopters whirring )

- The good dentist?
- Good.

He comin' down here
or you goin' up there?

Most weekends, I go up there.

How his practice goin' up there?

Mmm. He got a lot
of his old patients.

He comin' back?

Not to new Orleans
East again, he does.

That building's a
teardown for sure.

Spoke to alcide the other night.

You could come see him.

Said he got a "b" on his algebra.

Yeah, he doin' good. Randall too.

I ain't got no wheels, ladonna.

Now what's wrong
with the bus they got

Running up to Baton Rouge, huh?

Free ride, you got no excuse.

Now you know I got
gigs on the weekends,

- What gigs there are.
- Go see 'em during the week.

They miss you, especially with me

Comin' down here all the time,

Both of us gone,
you know what I'm sayin'?

I miss them too.

I miss our routine.

- ( groans )
- ( chuckles )

- I'm just sayin'.
- ( laughs )

Yeah, I know you just sayin'.

You know we could...

( both laugh )

Well, he up there,

You down here. Who would know?

I would, baby.

I would know.

I better be goin', me.

Tell the boys I'll
give 'em a call.

You better.

I will.

( dogs barking )

( sighs )

( train whistle blaring )

We gotta get that
pork chop cleared.

- All right.
- Oh, that's pretty.

Take a picture of that, man.

- Two minutes on this, Jacques.
- Workin' it.

I need two pecan tarts.

- We ran out.
- Well, what's left?

Lemon ice. - And if
they don't want lemon ice?

It's new Orleans, darlin'.
Everybody wants lemon ice.

You think I don'tdeal
with d of thing every day?

No doubt.

A little more anger might
be good for you too.

Yeah, but is it going to
do your argument any good?

That's what I'm asking.

Vinegar, no flies...

It's honey gets the job done.

A big ass fly swatter,

That's what fucks up
the flies, darlin'.

What's all this about flies?

- Not in my place, I hope.
- Oh, course not.

Our dinner was flyless... flawless,
as well. - Thanks.

- You're busy tonight.
- Oh, every night.

I could stay open till midnight
every night if I had the staff.

What do people in
this town crave now?

Good food, companionship,

Mm, I crave dessert, myself.

I'm out of everything
but lemon ice.


- Can't eat lemon ice.
- What? It's homemade.

It would be disloyal.

He's waiting for
brocato's to reopen.

Oh, I understand that.

How about a hubig's?

Hubig's? What flavor?

Uh, apple, for sure,
maybe sweet potato.

Ooh, sweet potato if got it,
apple if you ain't.

- Okay.
- Hey, how's your house?

Oh, don't ask me
about fuckin' house.


Hello. Everything okay?

- Man: So, can I comp the salad?
- Whatever.

( chopping )

- Hubig's?
- Dress it up, baby.

Drizzle something on it.

( panting )

( helicopters whirring )

He in the bar, del.

He livin' in the goddamn bar.

He all up in there right now

Tossing shit around,
acting a fool.

He got no business even being
in new Orleans right now.

You don't think I've been
tellin' him that

Since before we left Houston?

Maybe he just needed to
see for himself, you know?

I've got to be at work
in the morning.

I ain't got time to hang around
here waitin' for him.

You need to come dn here and
talk some sense into him.

I know I can't.

All right, I'll be down there.

- ( man whistles )
- tell don I'm one for bird.

Look, I got gigs, davina.

I'm in New York couple more days,

Then I'll be in Boston
on Wednesday.

We all got gigs, delmond.

Life is a goddamn gig.

Me? I'm not going
to get home tonight

Till damn near 2:
00 in the morning.

Well, what ya even drive
him over there for, davina?

Damn, boy, this is our dad
we're talkin' about.

When you ever know anybody
to change his mind

About any goddamn thing?

And you think I can?

- I think it's your turn to try.
- All right.

- I'll be down.
- When?

As soon as I can.
I've got to move

A couple of things around.

All right. Bye.

Radio: * to miss new Orleans... *

I hate that fucking song.

( music stops )

( jazz music playing )

( music continues )

Try the main line, jojo.

See, I think your
wrench is broke...

Miss la-dee! Hey!

Boy! Where you been?

Oh! You home?

No, ma'am. Not yet.

Still in Memphis with
my Uncle and them.

They coming back, right?

Don't know.

He found work out there.

I tried to come for the
parade today, you know?

Car broke down
near manchac. - Ooh!

So I ain't get back in time.

Well, you here now.
What you drinking?

A bud. How daymo doing?
He second line?

He ain't still locked up, is he?

Locked up? What you mean?

Daymo locked up in the storm.

At o.P.P.? You seen him?

We was up on broad street
bridge together

All the damn day
after the jail flood.

I thought we was going to die.

So daymo ain't home yet?

Demetrius, I ain't seen my
brother since the storm.

None of us have.

Radio: That's the king on wwoz.

And the emperor... Ernie k-doe.

Ernie: I don't know what's
wrong with him,

But the nurses and the doctors

And the people that went in there

With the yelling,
with the screaming,

With the hollering...

Jeffy Jeff, what up, my negro?

Davis mcalary.

K-doe rides again, huh?

Mmm, yeah, a little Ernie rant

To finish out a show.

Yeah, master of the universe.
Hey, so, dig...

I'm not hung-over, I'm all psyched

Because of a post-sex,

Post-marijuana dream
had me talking

To the ghost of
Earl king last night

Who gave methe exact
theme for my show.

Earl's doing good by the way.

- That's good to know.
- Yeah, in heaven,

The horn players don't
make him tune down

To e-flat to play "big chief,"

So he's got that workin' for him.

But, um, anyway,

So Earl comes at me with
this political relevance,

Which is weird because Earl

Wasn't that way in life.
But hey, it's my dream, right?

- And Earl brings it.
- Brings what?

The mafia.

The mafia? That's your theme?


The mafia is way better
equipped to run new Orleans

Than the United States government,

- The state of louisiana...
- they used to run it.

The marcellos used to run it all.

Yeah, and fuck if it isn't
time to bring 'em back!

I mean, hey, do you think the mob

Would have dragged
ass the way fema did

And left little old
ladies to rot on rooftops?

I mean, look how good
Carlos ran things

When the mayor and the
governor and everybody else

Was in his pockets?
Look at the lafitte.

Beautiful sicilian roof slate.

Did they fall over?
Did they flood?

- But music... - Louis armstrong-
- managed by Joe glazer

Who had to pair up
with the mob. Feel me?

From there I segue
into Louis prima

Who was managed by
the segreto family.

After which, I'm close
enough to some old-school R&B

To get up into cosimo's shop,

Start spinning some Ray Charles,

Some spiders, Lee Allen,


Oh, you have got to
be fucking kidding me!

One in every three songs from
a pledge-drive compilation?

It's that time of year, bro.


Here we are,

Supposedly the greatest
alternative radio station

In the greatest musical city

In this sad, failed
history of the planet

And we're playing the same,
admittedly great,

20 tunes that everyone
hears on every fucking

"big easy," "crescent city,
" "care forgot" compilation

Ever released!

The fucking new Orleans
fucking canon?!

- Fuck me!
- Yeah.

And you gotta plug the
cd at every break.

- Darnell said so.
- "iko," "tipitina"...

"they all asked for you,
" yeah yeah fucking yeah!

Fuck Darnell nichols

And his fucking pledge drive!

For true? For real?

For the love of God,
already. Fuck!

- You know...
- ( Ernie's voice stops )


And I'm here.


Yeah, d.J. Davis.

Uh, check this out.

( soft music playing )

* buona sera, signorina *

* buona sera *

* it is time to say good
night to napoli *

* though it's hard for us to whisper,
buona sera *

* with that old moon above the
mediterranean sea *

* in the morning, signorina *

* we'll go walking *

* where the mountains
help the sun *

* come into sight *

* and by the little
jewelry shop *

* we'll stop and linger *

* while I buy a wedding ring
for your finger *

* in the meantime *

* let me tell you that
I love you *

* buona sera, signorina,
kiss me good night *

* buona sera, signorina,
kiss me good night... *

( scatting )

* buona sera, signorina *

* buona sera *

* it is time to say good
night to napoli *

* though it's hard for us to whisper,
buona sera *

* with that old moon above the
mediterranean sea *

* Mmm, in the morning,
signorina *

* we'll go walking *

* where the mountains
help the sun *

* come into sight *

* and by the little
jewelry shop *

* we'll stop and linger *

* while I buy a wedding ring
for your finger *

* and in the meantime *

* let me tell you that
I love you *

* hey, buona sera, signorina,
kiss me good... *

( music continues )

* by the little jewelry shop
we'll stop and linger *

* while I buy a wedding ring
for your finger *

* in the meantime let
me tell you *

* that I love you *

* buona sera, signorina,
kiss me good night *

* buona sera, signorina,
kiss me good night *

* Mmm, sera signorina,
kiss me good night. *


( moans )

Radio: * call me *

* I will answer *

* I'll be somewhere *

* listening for my name *

* I'll be *

- * somewhere... *
- * somewhere... *

( chuckling )

Boy, I knew you'd come back.

Yeah. I knew you'd never leave.

You know it'd take
more than a hurricane

To pry me outta new Orleans.

So what? Beer?

Gin? Juice? What you need?

- Water, son.
- Water?

I could use a bath.

Boy, done had water in this
neighborhood two weeks now.

- Where you stayin' at?
- Around the corner.

What? Poke's bar?

Seems poke need to
pay his water bill.

( laughing )

Come on, man. Come on in here.

Hey, baby, look who here!

( dull thud )

( yawns )


Aw, desiree!

God damn it.

( sighs )

( hums ) - Davis: So finally,
I pick up the phone, right?

It's been ringing off and on for
the fst two hours of the show.

And the bitch-ass
motherfucker is all,

"Davis, didn't you get the memo
for the pledge-drive playlist?"

And I'm all, "yes, I did receive
your correspondence, sir,

But I felt compelled to regard it as
musically and creatively invalid."

You don't say.
So what did he say to that?

- ( rock music playing )
- cocksuckers!

- Guard: Hey hey! Where you going?
- Who's in charge here?

- Hey, you can't be here.
- What's up, Davis?

What's up? - They're
liquidating this location.

Everything's going in the truck
out back and they're outta here.

- Are they paying you?
- Two more days and that's it.

- Guard: Hey, we're closed.
- Hey.

- What's the problem?
- Uh, you have my music.

My old band... uncut funk.

Six copies each of the two
cds here on consignment...

Uh, "armstrong park" and "
new Orleans nasty."

Either that or you
have money for me.

Fella, this store,
it's out of business.

Oh, well I just want my music.

Look, there's nothing we can do.

The inventory gets
sent to New York.

Let us... dude. Let us pse, sir,

And define the word "consignment."

Consignment means shit be mine

And if y'all sell it,

Y'all break me off a piece.

And if you don't,
give it the fuck back.

We're out of business.

Okay, are you gonna Jack my shit

Because you can't
handle yours, man?

- Toss him.
- Fuck you, man.

Fuck you, you pussy fucks!

You come down here with
your chain-store shit, huh?!

Fuck you for running away at
the first fucking hurricane!

Louisiana music factory is
gonna make every fucking dollar

That you'll never see,
you pussy fucks!

- Guard: Come on!
- Fuck you.


I'm out!

- ( grunts )
- man: What the fuck?

- ( men snickering )
- ( door slams )

I will have satisfaction.

Man: Get your stupid ass up.

No, you pick up where
we left off yesterday.

You want 4800 America,
and go all the way to pressburg.

- Driver: Yes, sir.
- Go on.


Not so many back over here, huh?

Water was up to your waist
in most of these shotguns.

People waitin' on insurance-
those that got.

- Well, you got yours squared away.
- Me? I'm making money.

$200 every truckload I clear

Off them new Orleans East streets.

- That's fema contract.
- Fema, huh?

Mm-hmm. It ain't good for most,

But if you got a haulin' business,
's good enough.

Speaking of which, I got a ton

Of muddy shit I hauled out of
the bar-room needs to be dumped.

Shit. - I'm askin'
as a chief here.

Albert, all due respect...

You ain't my chief.

My chief monk boudreaux.

I been golden eagle all my life.
You know that.

Well, I need the
bar-room for practice.

Ain't none of your
gang even around.

- Practice is Sunday.
- You out your damn mind.

( laughs ) every day I'm
over at new Orleans East

On that government contract.

I'm making $600-800.

( laughs ) no, I'm sorry, homes.

Thanks for the beer.

You welcome.

Uh-huh. Yeah.

No no no, I understand.

I... no, you're smart to call,

But I think your court
date's been postponed.

( laughs )

I'll check and call you back.

Woman: Isn't that Toni bernette?

Hey, rich. How's it going?

- We're expecting someone.
- Oh.

Sorry, I didn't realize.

Meetin' someone anyway.

Guess I'll just wait for a table.

You're workin' out of your car?

Office took about five
feet of water. - Ours too.

How's your house?

We're up on octavia.

- The isle of denial.
- ( chuckles )

We did lose our roof,

- But can't complain.
- No, you can't.

What about you? - Still
livin' on the fucking boat.

Aw, I'm sorry.

There's my date.
I'll talk to you soon, rich.

- Who's joining us?
- Fuck that cunt.

- It's not personal, Lonnie.
- Fuck it ain't.

- She sues everybody.
- Whatever.

What you got?

So this boy come into the
bar after the parade...

Demetrius bray, sylvie's brother,

- From over on pi...
- excuse me.

Okay, but anyway,

He say he was with daymo at o.P.P.

When the jail was flooded.

He says your brother was
locked up during the storm?

He said they was
together on the bridge

Before the buses came

And took them to Saint Gabriel.

And after that?

He ain't see him again.

Ladonna, I checked with n.O.P.D.,

The sheriff, .P.P.

They have no record of David,

No arrest, no report, nothing.

Don't mean he wasn't there.

You know that.

The way they do up at the parish

Even when there ain't
a hurricane, Toni.

I'll check again.

It's a good thing, ladonna.

A place to start.

Ain't gonna tell my
mama about it this time.

Don't want to get her
worked up about it again.

I think he dead.

All this time and
that boy ain't call?

Ladonna... mm-mmm.

No. He would have called

- If he could...
- we

No no no no.
We don't know ything yet,

All right?

Give me a day or two
to work it, okay?

Had no idea we'd have
to wait like this.

Yeah, well I gotta
get back to the bar.

I'll call you, okay?

I'll get up if your friend shows.

What's wrong with him?

You sued him, remember?

Oh - brutality
complaint last summer?

Woman: All right. Tell your mama
and them I said all right.

- Hey, rich.
- Hmm?

You remember a couple months back
I was asking about a missing kid,

Young man from valence street?

A lot of people still missing...

A lot of people
want to be missing.

- You ran his name.
- And got nothing.

But do you think it's possible
he might have been locked up

- Just before the storm...
- sure, it's possible.

Anything's possible, you kidding?

All I know is we don't have him.

Let me ask you something, darlin'.

This kid a fuck-up?

I saw those priors.

Theft, drugs, f.T.A.S.

He was doing better
before the storm.


Humor me.

David Maurice Brooks.

Bread puddin'?

Never mind brutality,

He ought to be sued
over this right here.

( both laughing )

Look, it's $24 right now,
God damn it.

I got you, bro. I got you covered.

I'm leaving my damn 'bone, man.

You know if I'm leavin'
my 'bone in your damn cab,

I ain't runnin' out on you. Shit.

24! - Whoa.
Listen, that's another thing.

I don't know all about that
$24 from the parish line?

If you had listened to
me and taken earhart,

You wouldn't have run into
all that mess on claiborne.


It's 24 or I'ma call a cop.

Come on now.

Just calm down.
I'll be right back, bro.

Hold on.

Be right back.


Hey now, batiste baby.

How you doin, darlin'?

I was worried y'all wasn't home.

Kermit's out back.
Where you been livin' at?

Livin' out beyond
the parish line...

- Jefferson highway.
- Huh-uh-uh.

That ain't right.

Yeah, I know.
It's wrong and it's wrong.

- Yeah.
- It's wrong.

( jazz music playing )

Oh, man!

You live to barbecue.

- ( chuckles )
- batiste in the house.

- How you doing, man?
- How you doing?

- What's up, d?
- Where you at?

Yeah. You chained
to that thing, huh?

Oh. I'm a master chef.

I just play music on the side.

( laughs )

Y'all got a lot of water?

Oh, not much. Less than a foot.

- The treme?
- Yeah.

- Not much.
- That's good.

Good. Listen, kermit.

Uh, you still got that gig
at Vaughan's tonight, right?

- You got that goin' again?
- Vaughan's still havin' it, yeah.

Yeah, the crowd comin' back, huh?

Comin' back slowly, but surely.

It's comin' back.

- Listen, bro, uh...
- need a gig, huh?

Oh, brother, I'm hand to mouth.

Oh, man, I gotcha.

Come on down to Vaughan's
and swing out with us, huh?

- All right.
- Come on down tonight.

All right. See, but the thing is,

Can I get an advance on that shit?

Taxi outside got my 'bone in it.

( all laughing )

He can't help it.

- I got ya.
- Oh good, man.

- Yes, sir. I got ya.
- ( all laugh )

- Motherfucker, it ain't that funny.
- Man: It ain't?

Broke-ass horn player.

Kermit: Yo, juicy!
Where my wallet at?

( jazz music playing )

- Hey, you back?
- Not yet.

- Man, you gotta come home, man.
- You know it.

Thing is, he's not playing
anywhere nearby, I checked.

I heard he's working on
a record with toussaint.

All right, I'm gonna
talk to the guy.

Davis, don't fuck with the guy.

He's just here to hear some music,
not to talk to you.

Dude, he's at
Vaughan's for kermit.

This needs to be acknowledged.

What's happenin',
man? You holdin' it down?

Hey, kermit.

Oh, Davis.

Do you know, uh... do you know

Who this geeky
lookin' white guy is

Sitting over here
with the glasses?

That's that cat that writes
for "the times-picayune," eh?

What? No, man.

That's Elvis costello!

- Elvis?
- Costello!

He's a star, kermit.
He's a fuckin' rock 'n' roll legend.

- Got me that time.
- Dude...

- ( riffs )
- all: Yeah!

All aboard!

( crowd cheering )

And we got the sixth ward
stylings of the legendary

Antoine batiste workin' out
here with us tonight, y'all.

( riffs )

( playing jazz music )

- ( all cheering )
- oh yeah!

* whoa... *

* far away in Africa *

* happy happy Africa *

* take trip to Africa *

* they sing
a-bing-a-bang-a-bing *

* come on along and
learn the lingo *

* inside a jungle bungalow *

* skokiaan skokiaan skokiaan *

* sko sko skokiaan *

* skokiaan... *

( tambourine jangling )

* indians... *

( dog barking )

* indians *

* I the big chief *

* with the fire *

* can I get to make
a coun-tah fay-ow *

* can I get to make a
coun-tah fay-ow *

* I the big chief with the fire *

* can I get to make
the coun-tah fay-ow *

* can I get to make the
coun-tah fay-ow... *

I the big chief!
Guardians of the flame!

Mardi gras day I shoot
the fiyo in the name!

I make lew lew dewey
dewey bottie bomb-bow!

I make 'em jump over
Saint Louis cemetery,

Roll at lightnin',
kick down the tombstones,

Wake up the dead and
make a hoom-bow!

( dog continues barking )

I'm lookin' for a trail chief.

Got fire... can't put it out!

Oh, chief, that's pretty.

That's real pretty.

Wonderin' if I was ever gonna
see something like that again.

I'm lookin for the trail
chief got a heart a steel.

Albert, you gonna clean
out that bar for practice

And not one of your people can
even make it back? - ( chanting )

There might not be no
carnival this year!

No Saint Joseph's neither.

Coochie-ma! Hoom-bow!

Don't know how.

Albert, ain't nobody home.

Ain't nobody even thinkin'
about no needle and thread.

Some of them houses still
got bodies up in them.

Hoom-bow! Don't know how!

All right.

Put your suit away, chief.

I'll be around by the
bar tomorrow afternoon.

( door closes )

( grunting rhythmically )

( jazz music playing )

National treasure.

If the nation but knew.

Yeah. We, uh-
we used to play together.

Hey! Makers, three cubes!

Yeah, early on, kermit and me

Played in the same band.

I play guitar...

And a little piano.

I taught him everything he knows.


Keynesian economics.

Enjoy your evening.

Where's the after-party?

( cheering, applauding )

Woman: I told you to
stay your ignorant ass

Away from that no-good
son of a bitch.

- Ma you hurtin' me!
- Oh, you thk this is hurt?

I will show you what hurt is.

Get in the goddamn car.

Can't keep my hours as it is

And I gotta come bail your
stupid ass out of jail.

Most up-to-date list we have...

Everyone who was at o.P.
P. Before the storm hit,

- Where they were sent...
- ( car starts )

...What parish, whether
they're still incarcerated

Or been released.

- This is everyone?
- Every last one.

We don't have him, tone,

Never did.

- Thanks for this.
- Any time.

Kermit: All y'all
holdin' it down, huh?

Have a good night.

So, Davis, man,

That boy's named Elvis?

Kermit, you don't
know Elvis costello?

"alison," "pump it up,"

"everyday I write the book"...

Come on, you're
kidding right, kermit?

Jeez, brother, go talk to him.

- About what?
- Music. Make a friend.

Make a contact.

"kermit ruffins opens for Elvis
costello on his American tour."

Who knows? Go.

- You know this boy Elvis?
- Mm-hmm.

God damn, kermit. Go talk...

You deserve... don't you
want to get famous?

You deserve to be famous.

America needs it some kermit.

You're... you're
just standing there

Telling me that all you wanna do

Is get high,
play... play some trumpet

And barbecue in new Orleans
your whole damn life?

( laughs ) that'll work.

( all laughing )

God, man. I mean,
that's just so sad.

This is against policy.

But you said the kid
is still missing?

- Yeah.
- An exception then.

Understood. And appreciated.

( keys tapping )

We actually didn't get any
photos of the prisoners

- On the overpass.
- But you can see it from here.

Couldn'tet into our building.

But the wires had some
shots we picked up

And ran on the website
before we were back in print.

This screen and the next.
Just click to make each shot bigger.

( phone ringing )

Let me know if you need
anything else.

- ( phone rings )
- man: "times-picayune."


He's left for the night.


( tv playing )

Your son called.

Which one?

From Baton rouge... older one.


- What did he want?
- Told him you had a gig.

( sighs )

I was backin' up kermit ruffins

At Vaughan's tonight.

- You played with kermit?
- He asked me.

Yeah. And I'm leavin'
this right here, girl...

Knowin' that that last 50 is mine.

Can't be takin' no bus into town

From Jefferson damn parish.

This'll cover the
gas and electric.

Another 30 could get our
cable turned on in here.

( moans )

How are you talking me into this,
just for the record?

You're striking a
blow for liberty.

Yeah, I don't really
give a fuck, actually.

( sighs ) all right,
th you're doing it

Because we played j.
V. Soccer together,

Because I dated your
sister for three months.

My sister says you're an asshole.

Oh, yeah. I can see why she might.

You know, if the cops come,
we're totally fucked.

This is new Orleans, dawg.
The police never come.

And if they do,
th'll shove us out of the way

And start looting they own selves.

It's a town of ornate
and inviolate tradition.

Three minutes, mcalary. That's it.

No fucking around!

Come on!

Dude, come on! Let's go!

Oh! Pinstripe brass band "
live at Donna's."

This goes with me 'cause,
swear to God, uh,

I played guitar on
track seven, uncredited

And never got a copy.
Check it out.

- Whatever, dude. Let's go.
- "closer walk with thee."

Oh, fuck me! No.

Okay, "the genius of
Dave bartholomew,"

All his imperial
recordings in a single set,

Totally out of print.

Dude, justice aside,
this shit's karmatically mine

'cause mine got
stolen from my car.

Let's go.

( women chatting )

( helicopters whirring )

- Where he at?
- I don't know.

And why ain't he fuckin' call?

( jazz music playing on radio )

( clears throat )

What now?

What are you doing here?

Hey, darlin'.
Um, celebrating victory

Over the forces of, uh, unfettered

Corporate arrogance.

You opened a conterno?

For a small establishment,
you have an excellent list.

A '98? A fucking '98
conterno monfortino.

It's a remarkable year.
It's a remarkable wine.

Huge aromas of tar,
truffle, roses,

Cocoa and licorice;

Notes of, uh, mineral and leather;

Sweet dark fruit;

Super-fine elegant tannins;

Finish that goes on forever.

It's one of the finest
red wines in the world.

It should be at 350 a bottle.

Retail... and a little overpriced,
if you don't mind my saying.

- But I know you need the markup...
- What the fuck, Davis?

Davis, what the fuck are you
thinking here? - I'm celebr...

Oh, I can pay for it.

Dave bartholomew?

We are not amused here.

Darlin', you don't understand.

This is out of print.

But I offer it to
you freely as barter

For this drink and fine repast
that must surely accompany it.

And as you kno I am deeply
partial to your etouffee.

Jacques, throw him the fuck out.

Davis: What?!

You can't throw me out,
I'm your boyfriend! - What? No...

Kind of, tugh not specifically
or on a consistent basis.

But still, you have to admit,
I am a very close friend...

With benefits.
You find me charming.

Not so much. Fuck off, Davis.

You're putting me out of business.

You have him.
You had him the whole time.

Take some responsibility.

I'm not leaving this office
until I see the sheriff.

Ma'am... - I am not leaving
until he sees these photos

- And answers for them.
- Ma'am, the sheriff is in meetings.

- I' wait.
- Could be all day.

I'll wait.

Let's go.

Shove that all the
way to the back.

Who that?

- ( chuckles )
- all this here too?

- All of it.
- Welcome...

To the city that care forgot.

Hey, daddy.


I had to cancel a
gig up in Boston...

Come down here instead.


'cause my daddy
done lost his mind.

True dat.

So you think you stayin'?


I know I am.

In the bar, daddy?

Don't nobody around
here seem to mind

Except you and your sister.

- Daddy...
- "daddy," shit.

If you're not gonna help us
fill up the goddamn truck,

Make yourself useful and go
down and pay the water bill.

Get the pipes turned
back on up in here.

( laughs )

Wait, let me understa something.

So, you thinkin' I changed plans,

Canceled gigs,
came all the way down here

From New York City
to pay the water bill

On a bar we don't even own?
That's what you're thinkin'?

All right. I'just checking.

( cab radio chatter )

( clattering )

News anchor:...Relocated to help
with Saint Bernard parish.

At this time there are about 7,
000 permanent residents

Living in that parish.
Before the storm,

Almost 70,000 people called
Saint Bernard home.

Very few homes in the parish have
electricity and utilities.

Coming up in just a few minutes

We'll be telling Saint Bernard
parish residents

How to tell if your
utilities are on

Even if you're not
living at home.

Well, tonight,
customers in parts of...

( screaming ) sons of bitches!

( shrieks )

( growls )

Fuck every last one of 'em!

- Fuck 'em!
- ( silverware crashing )

Damn it!

Now you see,
I told you I had but 20.

- 26 on the meter, dawg.
- Oh, man.

Hey, mama! Where ya a baby?

I know that geraldine.

Mm-mm. I believe I do too.

( chuckles ) you should've
let me out at 20, bro.

I told you. - Listen,
you ain't tell me shit.

Man, yes I did.
This last six on you.

Gimme the 20, brother.

Now get out the cab.

( groaning )

You ain't got to
be like that, bro.

Hey, give me a card or something,
and I'll mail you the six.

- I will.
- Aw, go on, man.

- Like I'm a damn fool.
- ( chuckles )

- Hey, bunchy!
- Little dude!

- How you been makin' it?
- I'm good, man.

Tryin' to get from this
world to the next, brother.

I hear ya. - Thanks for
makin' it on short notice, man.

Uh-huh. - Aaron took
sick this morning, bro.

Bro, look, I'm glad for the gig.

- Got it.
- Who goin' home?

- Bojack goin' home.
- Beau Jacques?

- From over algiers?
- No, man.

Bojack from gert town.

Oh, the one who played
sax with huey Smith?

Naw, bro.

The one who stole cars
for the motherfuckers

- Down in Saint Bernard parish.
- ( laughing )

Tyou know, man.
Le cars fmiss hattie' nephew.

- Huh? - The big head motherfucker

With the lazy eye.

( laughing ) that dude.

Oh, yeah yeah.
I thought he been dead.

No, bro, he went to
Houston after the storm.

Uh-huh. - And he fucked
around and got himself

Shot to death in one of them
telephone road bars, man.

So, now he home to stay.

Yeah, I heard that.
It's 40 to the graveyard, right?

And 40 cakewalk back, right?

- That's it, coz.
- All right.

- Antoine batiste.
- Bennjones.

"closer walk..." to start.

All right. - Key you
feel comfortable with now?

- I'll flat that "b," bunchy.
- ( chuckles )

Play for that money, boys.

Play for it.

( playing slowazz hymn )