Treehouse Detectives (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - The Case of the Bountiful Berries; The Case of the Colorful Caterpillars - full transcript

Check out this issue
of Bearsky and Hatch.

It's all about Morse code.

I love codes. How's it work?

Every letter
gets a set of dots and dashes.

I've got it memorized.

You can use radios
or flashlights

or even write it down.

Dee dee dee, dah dah dee.

Oh! If I learn it,

we can send messages
to each other in code!

That sounds great. Here.

We're back!

How was picking thimbleberries?

the thimbleberry expert.

We picked every last one
in Acorn Springs.

We definitely have enough for
a big thimbleberry casserole.

Show 'em, Rumy.

Oh. I just ate one

and then another and...

You ate them all?

Um, yeah. I'm so sorry.

That's okay. If I had
to carry the bucket back here,

I would've eaten them, too.

Those were
all the thimbleberries

we could find,
and if they're gone,

Millie can't make her casserole.

It's okay.
There have to be more.

We just need to find them.

It sounds
like we've got a case.

Will you excuse us?

To the treehouse!

I'm sure there are
more thimbleberries out there,

but where?

That's what we
have to figure out,

or there's gonna be
no casserole.

There's a lot at stake.

There always is, little brother.
There always is.

Let's do this.

Let's ace this case!

What makes you think

there are thimbleberries
in Granite Gorge?

Plants need water to grow,

and there's a creek
that runs through Granite Gorge,

so if there's water
and sunlight and dirt...

There might be thimbleberries?

It's like magic,
and I love magic.

And I love thimbleberries.

Let's get hiking.

So should we cross the bridge
or go up the creek?

The thimbleberries
could be anywhere.

We should check both sides.

Do we have enough time?
It's getting pretty late.

If we split up,
we can check both sides at once.

Great thinking, Toby.

Bean and Jay,
will you go with Toby?

Millie, Rumy, and I
will head up this way.

If you find something,

wave your arms like this
so we'll see you.

Ha! Can you see me?!

Yeah! That's perfect.

Nailed it.

Good luck, you guys!

If you find any thimbleberries,
be sure and wave!

Let's follow the facts.

We've got water.

What else
do thimbleberries need?

Teri said they need
dirt to grow,

That's a rock. So is that.
So is that one.

If we use the clues, we gotta go
to where the dirt is.

Up there! By those trees.

Up here?

Hey, Toby! Come see!

Fireflies. Hi, guys!

Why do they light up like that?

I think that's how
they talk to each other.

They're following me.

I guess they want to help us
look for the thimbleberries.

Let's go, guys.

It's getting really dark.

Are we going
the right direction?

Yeah, which way should we go?

Let's ask
our thimbleberry expert.

We have a thimbleberry expert?


You know
more about thimbleberries

than anyone else I know.

You're right! Let's see.

Unlike raspberries,
the thimbleberry,

or Rubus parviflorus
is not a true berry.

Oh, and the roots are good
for tummy aches. What else?

How about your secret trick
to finding them?

Well, I always spin
three times for luck,

then find a shady place
above the trail, near water.

Those are all great clues.

Let's get spinning!

Sure. Why not?

Oh, wow! Fireflies!

Thanks! With you guys around,

I don't need my flashlight.

So we're looking
for a shady place near water.

Look! There's a waterfall
right up ahead!

Come on! This way!


Look at all
those thimbleberries!

Right where you said they'd be,
in the shade near water.

Nice job, Millie!

Uh, Teri,
we don't have a ladder,

and it's too steep to climb.

We need Jay.
He could fly with our bucket

and get all
the thimbleberries we need.

Oh, but Jay's across the canyon
with Toby and Bean.

Maybe if we wave like Toby said.

-Hey! over here!
-Hey, Toby!

-Over here! Yah-ho!

They can't see us.

It's too dark.

Can the fireflies help?

I think they're too small.


Rumy, you just figured it out.

I did?


Fireflies use their light
to communicate with each other,

so we're gonna do the same.

Would you hold this
where I can see it?

Thank you.

How is reading a comic book

gonna get Toby's attention?

We're gonna use Morse code.

Okay, Toby,

let's hope you know
what I'm doing.

Let's see.

Found... thimbleberries

Need Jay.

Toby, look!

Is that a firefly?

No! It's Teri!

She's using Morse code,
just like Bearsky and Hatch!

They found thimbleberries,

and they need Jay
to collect them.

Wow! You know Morse code?

It's what detectives do
if they read comic books.

Okay, Jay, are you ready?

I've never been more ready.

Oh, and you better take
our bucket for the berries.

I'm on it. Here I go!

O-Or not.

I-It's really dark out there.

I don't know
if I can get across.

Hey, thanks, guys.

That's much better!

Okay. Here I go!

We'll meet you guys
at the bridge!

Teri, look! It's Jay!

-Good job, Jay.


Toby knew you were sending code.

It said send Jay.
He sent Jay. I mean me.

The extra bucket
was Bean's idea.

We're going to need it and you.

There's a bunch
of thimbleberries!

But they're way up
where only you can get them.

Wow. Thanks, fireflies.

Okay, Jay.

Okay, here I go!



Oh, no. What happened?

Our lantern
ran out of batteries.

That's okay.
We've got lots of light.



You guys are the best.

Say, "Fireflies"!



Morse code is a great way
to send messages.

Yup. Bearsky and Hatch
helped us ace this case.

And so did those fireflies.

Everyone earned their
thimbleberries on this one.

Time to close this case.

The Case
of the Bountiful Berries

is officially closed.

There's Butterfly Grove! Look!

It's going to be filled
with butterflies, right, Millie?

Every year on this day,

millions of beautiful
butterflies come to the grove.

It's my absolutely
favorite day,

I can't wait to see them.

They're so colorful.

I love how they flit
and flutter.

I love how their little wings
tickle my toes.

And I love how many
great pictures I always get.

And now for
the very best part...

that first time
you step into the grove

and find yourself
surrounded by...



This is Butterfly Grove, right?

It is.

But today's the day.

This was the day last year
and the year before.

Butterfly Grove
should be full of butterflies,

-but it's not!
-Did they take a wrong turn?

I do that sometimes. You forget
if you go right or left.

Before you know it,
you're lost.

Oh, or maybe they found
someplace they like better.

How could butterflies
like some place

better than Butterfly Grove?

There's no way
they went anywhere else.

They love the grove,
and so do we.

Toby and Teri, you have to find

our missing butterflies.

Sounds like we've got a case.

Will you excuse us?

To the treehouse!

The butterflies come
to Butterfly Grove every year.

And everyone
loves it when they do.

We just gotta find out
what happened to them.

There's a lot at stake.

There always is, little brother.
There always is.

Let's do this.

Let's ace this case!

Jay, dust those treetops.

Bean, leave no leaf unraked.

What are you guys doing?

I figured out

why the butterflies
are staying away.

Look at this meadow.
It's filthy.

We're giving the meadow
a makeover.

When we're done,
every butterfly in the world

is going to wish
they lived here.

Everybody, come quick!

There's some squirmy,
wormy thing over here!


And there are, like, a million!

They're gonna scare away
the butterflies.

This is terrible.

Don't worry, Millie.
We'll put 'em in these boxes.

If we put in
some leaves and stuff,

they'll be fine for now.

Okay, let's do it!

Let's get these caterpillars
a new home away from here

so we can make room
for our butterflies!

We've got
a million caterpillars,

but where are all
the butterflies?

I don't know, Millie,
but we'll find them.

We'll check everywhere.

If they come to the grove
every year...

Someone will know
where they come from.

Great idea, Toby. We'll trace
the butterflies' steps.

Time to ask some questions.

Hi, guys.

I just love doing that.

So what brings you

to the north side
of Butterfly Grove?

We're looking
for the butterflies.

Have you ever seen them
pass through here

on the way to Butterfly Grove?

No, never.

North side of the forest,

never seen butterflies.

Okay, what now?

Now we go west.

Thank you for your help.

Anytime. Bye!

No, I've never seen butterflies

on the west side
of Butterfly Grove ever.

I got gnats, but that's it.

Wow, so they don't come
from the west either.

Okay. Thanks!

No, Bob! That log goes on top!

Sorry. I don't know
how the butterflies

get into Butterfly Grove,

but they don't come
this way ever.

That's it, Barry!
Looking great!

No butterflies
to the South ever.

If you're going east,
talk to the killdeer.

She's got her beak
in everything that happens

on that side
of Butterfly Grove.

We'll do that. Thanks!

I thought you were here
about the mockingbirds.

Oh, noisiest birds
you've ever heard,

squawking all night!

That sounds noisy.

We really need to know
about the butterflies.

Have you seen them flying
through this side of the grove?

No, and if they'd ever come
this way, I'd know all about it.

I know everything
that happens around here.

Okay. Thanks.

We walked a whole circle
around Butterfly Grove.

No one's ever seen butterflies
fly into the grove,

so how do they get there?

Maybe they dig tunnels
or they sneak in.

Let's go back to the grove,

make sure there
isn't something we missed.

I don't see any tunnels.

Have you found any footprints?

No, but look at this.

I followed
a caterpillar's trail,

and this is where it ended.

Have you guys seen this before?


Toby found another one
of those pod thingies!

You've seen more of these?

Yes! Come on. We'll show you.

Remember the boxes
we put the caterpillars in?

When we went back to check them,
the caterpillars were gone.

And the boxes
were full of those things!

This case just got
more interesting.

Yes. Now the caterpillars
are missing, too.

-So do you know what they are?

Lets go back to the treehouse

and see if we
can't crack this case.

So Millie and everyone put
all the caterpillars into boxes.

And when they checked on them,
the caterpillars were gone,

and the boxes
were filled with these pods.

So if we use the clues,

it seems like these pods might
be our missing caterpillars.

Or maybe the caterpillars
are inside them.

I bet you're right.

It's called a chrysalis.

It's a hard shell
caterpillars make

so they have a safe place--

To change into butterflies!

That's why no one's ever seen

butterflies going
into Butterfly Grove.

'Cause they were there
all the time,

disguised as caterpillars.

Just as I thought.

Oh, no! All the chrysalises
are in boxes!

We better hurry and get them out
before the butterflies hatch!

Come on!

It's called a chrysalis.

It's like a cocoon.

That's so amazing.

That was a caterpillar?

When it went in,
but when it comes out,

there's gonna be a butterfly.

So we need to open those boxes.

Where'd they go?!

Rumy and Bean
just took them away.

Oh, no.

We just took all the butterflies
out of Butterfly Grove!

We've gotta get
those boxes back, and fast!

-Come on.
-This way!

We sure did a great job
cleaning the grove.

When word gets out,

I bet butterflies
come from everywhere.

Rumy, Bean, stop!

We're too late.

Too late for what?

Those boxes
are full of butterflies!

Toby, can you and Jay

get those butterflies
back safely?

Sure! Let's play
follow the leader!

Come on, guys!

Yeah! Follow us!

We need to get these boxes
back to the Grove, and quick,

and keep them closed.

-You got it.

-Come on!
-Hurry, guys!

Do we have them all?

We do now.

Okay. Then, everybody...

open your boxes!

Welcome to the newly improved
Butterfly Grove!

Oh, don't you love
how clean it is?

Come on! I'll show you around!

I'm so happy.

Our butterflies are back!
Look at them all!

Thanks, Toby and Teri.



Look at 'em.

Say, "Butterflies"!


I never would have guessed
that crawly little caterpillars

could turn into
beautiful butterflies.

When you follow the facts,

they can lead you
to amazing discoveries.

Time to close this case.

The Case
of the Colorful Caterpillars

is officially closed.