Time to Eat with Nadiya (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Summer Feast - full transcript

[cheery music playing]

[Nadiya] We all live such busy lives

that finding the time and energy to cook
can be tricky,

but there's one time of year in particular

when I allow myself

to indulge in the kitchen.

Summertime is party time,

and it's my excuse
to pull out all the stops.

-[pan sizzling]
-Look at that.

Crispy, sweet and delicious.

When the sun is out,

there's nothing better than enjoying time
with family and friends,

and treating them

to some of my favorite summer food.


Whatever you're doing this summer,
I've got a delicious menu

that will make your celebration

go off with a bang.

From the perfect barbecue...

-[daughter gasps]
-It's like I just landed a plane.

[all laughing]

...to fast and fresh simple salads...

It really is so good.

...and spectacular desserts.

The sun is shining,

it's time to eat.

[birds chirping]

[upbeat music playing]

Summer is my family's
favorite time of year.

They love a party and they know

that when the sun is in the sky,

I am ready to bake.

Nothing is better for a celebration

than a bread that's bursting with flavor
and that's shaped like a crown.

To kick off,

here's a spectacular bread packed
with tasty olives and tangy blue cheese.

It oozes Mediterranean sunshine.

It is the bread of all breads.

It's so beautiful, it's so delicious.

And I'm gonna start off
by making a very simple bread dough.

Grab 250 grams of strong bread flour

and 50 grams of unsalted butter.

And just rub that in
till you've got no big chunks.

Dried yeast, salt,

and herby happiness:

dried rosemary.

I love this stuff

because as soon as I add
the wet mixture in,

then that's gonna start rehydrating,

and we're gonna get
that lovely, fragrant rosemary.

Bring it together
with 135 mils of milk, an egg,

and reach for the dough hook.

Okay, get that on,

get that straight in.

[mixer whirring]

And then turn it up.

[whirring intensifies]

I absolutely love summer.

I find any excuse to get together
with my family, with my friends.

-[mixer clicks off]
-Okay, so that looks like it's ready.

Can you see that? That is...

elastic, and smooth, and stretchy,
and it's perfect.

The start of a really good bread dough.

[gentle music playing]

Shape and leave to prove in a warm place

for about an hour and a half

until doubled in size.

[birds chirping]

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Right, roll up my sleeves.

And now just gonna knock the air
out of this.

And then it's just gonna deflate.

You can see it's already deflated.

Let's turn this dough

into something worthy
of a summer celebration.

Roll into a rectangle,

half a centimeter deep.

Can you see all that rosemary
peeking through?

That's a nice rectangle.

I'm quite happy with that. 

Now, it's time to pack it

with loads of flavor,

and I'm gonna use tapenade,

olive tapenade.

Five loaded teaspoons

will give
an irresistible Mediterranean hit,

perfect with punchy blue cheese.

Squish it down. Give it a little squeeze.

Just think about how much flavor
we've packed into this.

Now, for the fun bit.

Time to make our crown.

So, now, I'm just going to, like, take...

the end,

give it a little pinch, overlap,

and then go for a roll.

Nice and tight. Just pull and go over.

We want really tight swirls.

Roll it into a long sausage
and prepare

to turn this loaf
into a crown fit for a queen.

So, grab your knife,

and leaving an inch,

cut right down the center,

lengthways, all the way down.

Look at that. Can you see
all of those swirls coming out?

So, this bit is really simple.

What's the worst that can happen?
It'll taste good whatever happens.

So, take one end...

and then you go over,

making sure,

you know,
all the tapenade and all that olive...

Keep all of that exposed.

Go again.

Then take the next bit.

Just go again.

Always keeping it exposed.

Go again.

And can you see what we've got?
We've got that gorgeous beautiful swirl.  

Ready, set...

go. Done. See? Easy!

I'm not sweating at all.

Kinda just squash those ends together.

So, there you go, look.

You've got your crown.

How beautiful is that? It looks gorgeous.

Leave it to prove for half an hour
until it's doubled in size

and pop it in the oven at 220 degrees

for just 30 minutes.

[lively music playing]

Ooh... Look at that.

The smell of blue cheese

in the air is...


Oh, that's good.

But I still need to finish it off.

So I've got some apricot jam.

And I've just warmed it up,
just to loosen it so I can...

brush it on easily.

And get in there, be generous.

This really gets me in the party mood.

You don't want a loaf of bread at a party.

No, you want a crown.

And a shining one at that.

It just looks glorious.

Top it off with some fragrant,
fresh rosemary.

My crowning Mediterranean glory.

Tell me you don't want to eat that.

Glistening, and shining,
and perfect in every single way.

If you're having a party,
it's your excuse to show off.

And I think I'm going to show off.


[birds chirping]

The centerpiece for dinner

will be a mouth-watering meat feast.

But before I strike up the barbecue,

here's two amazing side dishes
guaranteed to impress.

I love to be inventive.

And I've come up with a zingy recipe

that's fast, fresh, and really easy.

-[lighthearted music playing]
-First up,

this fruity game-changer of a salad

is guaranteed
to get your taste buds dancing.

And when I say kiwi salad,
you're thinking fruit salad, aren't you?

It's not a fruit salad.

This is a savory kiwi salad.

It's just so fresh and so...

Just, ah... brings everything to life.

This salad starts back to front

with the mouth-watering dressing.

Plenty of olive oil,

and sunny citrus.

Lemon to me...

is summer, and freshness, 
and it just... It's zingy,

so I always have lemons.

And then I'm gonna add garlic.

And I wanna go as fine as possible,

so we get that garlic going everywhere.

For a luxurious nutty flavor,
a generous spoon of tahini.

It's lovely, and it's creamy,
and it's rich. And look at that.

Add that straight in there.

Give that a little mix.

And then, I'm gonna add...


It's this Middle Eastern spice.

There's so many varieties,
so many different blends,

but they usually have oregano,

thyme, and lots of sesame seeds.

That's where you can pack loads of flavor.

Five minutes, and the dressing's done.

Salad time.

Start with punchy red onions.

Gonna pop those on top.

And crunchy cucumbers.

And I'm gonna take out
that bit in the middle.

It's nice but it's gonna add water

to my salad,
and I don't want a soggy salad.

Just get rid of that bit in the inside.

[upbeat music playing]

Let's unleash the hero ingredient, kiwi,

like you've never seen it before.

I'm gonna top and tail these.

And notice how there's not one peeler
in sight.  

We're not peeling.

I recently discovered

that you can eat a kiwi with the skin on.

Now, don't get me wrong,
my mind was slightly blown.

So, I'm not just saying it,

I promise you. Look, skin on.


And it didn't kill me.

Ooh, that's nice.

So get all our kiwi on there.

Fruit and cheese
are a match made in heaven.

Creamy feta is my favorite.

Can you imagine when you mix that up
and you're gonna get little bits of feta?


And then, freshly chopped dill all over.

More is more.

And then, I've got some sesame seeds.

They just add... just color
and a little bit of crunch,

so let's add loads of that.

Remember, all that lovely dressing
that we made

is at the bottom,
so if you were making this in advance,

wrap it up, stick it in the fridge.

No soggy salad.

Never again.

Dressing always at the bottom.

And then, just give it
a lovely good mix up

when you're ready to serve it.

[relaxing music playing]

And let's just bring
all of that lovely dressing...

to the top.

Mix it up.

Oh, the smells.

Salads don't have to be boring.
They just don't!

Top it off with a sprinkle of feta.

Go on, just a little bit.

And a smidge more dill.

Nobody's gonna know.
Just have a quick taste.

That is everything a salad should be.

It's got tangy lemon, creamy tahini,

lovely feta,
but that crunch of that cucumber.

But best of all
is that sweet tang from the kiwi.

[lively music playing]

Next up, a super speedy side dish

that's a great alternative
to potato salad, and utterly moreish.

It's just fresh and delicious,
and it's got loads of colors.

Perfect for a summer barbecue.

This gorgeous dish starts life

with frozen edamame beans.

And these literally only take
about seven or eight minutes.

This is so fast.

By the time that's boiled,

I'll have that ready.
It's really quick, really easy.

Rice time.

When I'm prepping a party,

I'm allowed to cheat.

I'm not gonna cook the rice.

Are you mad?

I'm gonna get it straight out of a packet

and stick it straight in my bowl.
It saves so much time.

For creaminess, add some cottage cheese.

And plenty of lemon zest.

Rice is a big deal in our family. 

When I used to live at home,
we used to have rice twice a day,

seven days a week.

It's what we grew up on. 
My granddad was a rice farmer,

so I've got no choice but to have rice

at every single occasion.
It's like, "Where's the rice?"

Add the juice of a lemon,

a good glug of quality olive oil,

and runny honey.

This is where you get a little bit
of, like, that sticky sweetness.

Not too much, just enough.

Remember, balance.
A little bit of everything.

Spice it up

with some fresh ginger.

And give it a crunch
with vibrant pickled red cabbage.

I cannot stress
how much I love this stuff, because,

firstly, look at that color.

How beautiful is that?

Thank you very much, nature.

And it's tangy and it's...

[clicks cheek] delicious.

You know, and we're gonna add all of that.

Forget boring lettuce,

let's herb this up.

Use your parsley leaves as your leaves.

I'm just gonna pinch them off,

then stick 'em in.

[cheery music playing]

And then the vital ingredient:

edamame beans.

I'm not even gonna bother with a colander,

because who can be bothered
with the washing up?

Not me, not today.

Oh, if you could smell it right now.

As soon as those hot edamame beans
hit that ginger,

the first thing you get

is that massive waft of ginger

straight up your nose.

How can you not be pleased with that?
Look at how beautiful that looks.

Look at all those colors.

A meal in itself

in a matter of minutes.

That tastes delicious.

It's creamy, it's crunchy, it's tangy,
a little bit sweet.

If you're thinking,
"Midweek, what can we eat?"

Well, this is perfect.
You don't have to have a whole barbecue.

I reckon that beats any potato salad,
any day.

Parties are not just about special food.

The drink needs to be gorgeous too.

And nothing could be
more summery or British

than an elderflower cooler.

It's so easy to get caught up

in what we're putting on the barbecue,
what we're gonna eat

that we forget about the drink,
and I think it's just as important

as everything else.

My fragrant elderflower cooler,

sublimely refreshing.

This is so easy.

Just start
with your favorite summer fruits.

[birds chirping]

With these, I'm gonna split them in half,

because then you've got
all that lovely juice in there.

Once that bleeds,

that's gonna create a gorgeous,
kind of vibrant purple color.

I don't drink alcohol, but what I wanna do
is have something a little bit special.

And yeah, of course,
I can have some water

or some juice, 
but why, when I could have,

like, a mocktail? Like a...

You know,
just something a little bit special.

-[lighthearted music playing]
-Show it some summery citrus.

This is just gonna give it,

like, a little kiss of lemon and orange.

Can you see already we're getting
our lovely layers of color?

And now, I'm gonna add my ice.

And, in there, I've got some lemon thyme.

As that kind of melts in my drink,

that's gonna add a lovely kind of scent.

Let's get that straight in there.

Now, the elderflower cordial.

It's, like, so sweet and fragrant.

[exhales] It's just so good.

So, we're gonna get that
straight in there.

And right now, more is more,

'cause I want this
to be really, really sweet.

And then,

just top the whole thing up...

with some sparkling water.

Give that a little stir.

Doesn't that look so lovely?

-Hello, Mommy.

-Would you like a drink?
-Yes, please.

-It looks really nice.
-[Nadiya] Looks good, doesn't it? Mm...

-I love elderflower.
-You do.

Should we do cheers?

It's fizzy.

-It's good, isn't it?
-It's really nice.

I can't wait for the party.

Yeah, are you excited?

Yeah. Do you think they'll like our drink?

-Yeah, I think so, too.

[lively music playing]

A liquid rainbow in a glass

bursting with summer fruits,
the perfect aperitif

to get the party started.

When everyone comes,
shall I pour them a drink?

-Yeah, I think drinks first.

-How you guys doing?

[son] Setting up all the blankets.

[Nadiya] Hi, guys!

-[husband] Hi, guys.

[all murmuring]

Hey! [kisses]

-[Nadiya] Elderflower cordial.
-[woman] Nice.

-Ooh, that is nice.
-It's good, isn't it?

[husband] Hey, guys.

[Nadiya] Hello! Hi, Ali!

[indistinct chatter]

[Nadiya] Nothing says summer
more than a barbecue.

But it can be such hard work,

so here's my take
on a spectacular meat feast

fit to feed a crowd, and so simple.

Rather than fiddling around
with lots of little things,

I'm concentrating my efforts
on one big beautiful centerpiece.

Lamb is a firm favorite in our house,
and this dish is really special.

[cheery music playing]

My quick-fire butterflied leg of lamb

with an irresistible
sweet and sticky rhubarb glaze.

For me, this is kind of the foolproof,

safe way of doing it,

because having it butterflied
is really easy,

because you've got one kind of...
One layer of lamb,

and it kind of cooks really evenly.
And I just get the butcher

to do this for me,
or just buy a butterflied leg of lamb.


Season the boneless joint with sea salt.

So now, I'm gonna pop this
straight onto the barbecue,

skin side down.

My charcoals are on one side,

so what I wanna do is brown it.

So you can hear that sizzle
straight away.

-[charcoal hissing]
-[lamb sizzling]

Brown the fat side first.

And, now, we wanna brown the meat side,

but look at that.

Already this beats

burgers and sausages.

Look at this. Oh, yes.

So now,

what I'm gonna do
is move it over where there's no charcoal.

And this is essentially
like doing it in the oven.

Once seared,

leave the lamb to roast
for around 30 minutes,

while you get on
with more delicious barbecued delights.

All right,

I'm gonna take a whole bulb of garlic

and stick that straight onto the charcoal.

So I'm gonna leave that there
and let it do its thing,

and then I am gonna get on
with my rhubarb glaze.

Loads of fresh garlic

and rosemary.

You could just add it whole,

but I want an intense rosemary flavor,

so I'm gonna chop this up.

So, we've got our chopped-up garlic,
chopped-up rosemary,

and they're kind of classic with lamb.

They're like...
That's a classic combination.

Rhubarb, not so much, but it does work.

The first time I had rhubarb,

it wasn't in a fool,
or a crumble, or a pie.

No, my mom

has always cooked rhubarb with fish.

So for me,
it's always been a savory thing,

till I had it in a crumble,
and I was like, "Oh."

Melt butter and add the garlic

and rosemary.

Right, already bags of flavor in there.

-[oil sizzles]
-That little mix smells amazing!

I'm gonna season it.

And then, I'm gonna add

my rhubarb straight in,
so it's gone from being very classic

to, "What on earth are you doing?"

Go in with some runny honey.

Remember, rhubarb's quite tart,
so this is gonna kind of balance it out.

It's gonna make it lovely and sweet,
but also really sticky.

And then, just for a little bit of heat,

I'm gonna add a teaspoon of chili powder.

And that's it.

That's the glaze done,
but we're just gonna cook this out

till all that rhubarb's broken down,

and it's soft and sticky.

Perfect kind of gloopy, yummy consistency

to brush all over

our leg of lamb.

Now, let's use that lovely smoky heat

to create an irresistible grilled salad.

You wanna use fresh,
delicious, ripe tomatoes.

Tomatoes, to me, are summer.

-Oh, yes, I love that sizzle.

Now, I'm gonna turn

the tomatoes over,

and we should have charred...

tomatoes, and that's gonna add
bags of flavor.

Just turn all of those over.


But our glaze, look at that, it's ready.

I'm just gonna have a little...

Oh, my goodness.

That is tart, and sweet,
and that rosemary...

So we grab our brush...

and then just smother it
with that lovely glaze.

And that's it. Like, this is nearly done,

but all it needs is this, like,
kind of added layer

of delicious flavor.

My mouth is watering.

Just look at that.

Crispy and delicious.

[lighthearted music playing]

-Mom, it smells so nice.

Can you smell it
all the way from there?

-Yes, all the way from over there.

-[Nadiya chuckles]
-[son exhales]

-Is your mouth watering?
-Yeah, it is.

It honestly is.

[Nadiya] I'm gonna leave that.

I know you've been waiting a long time
to eat this, but we gotta let it rest

a little bit longer, okay?

While our lamb relaxes and becomes
even more juicy and tender,

make those grilled tomatoes
utterly divine.

And if you could use your fork
and, like, squish those tomatoes down...

-...a little bit, okay?

Add the roasted garlic.

Can you see where I've charred it,
and you've got all that...

delicious, caramelized,

sweet garlic yumminess?

-That looks so good.
-Good. And we're not even...

We're gonna just squish it.

And you know all those dark, burnt bits?

They're really yummy. We're gonna add
all of that in there as well.

And that garlic is lovely and sweet, so...

if you're worried

about it not tasting very good 
and looking a bit weird,

-don't be.

-No, you know, right?

No, it tastes good.
We know it tastes good.

Top it off with some fresh basil,

a little balsamic vinegar...

Like a drizzle.

That's it. A bit more.

Bit more. That's enough.

...and olive oil.

-[son] Yeah?
-Yeah, that's it.

That's a good drizzle.

Give it a little mix.

[birds chirping]

-[exhales] This looks so good.
-Oh, yeah.

The only thing left to do...

is to have a little taste.

What do you think?

-That tastes really, really nice.
-Enough salt?

Enough of everything.

-Yeah, it's perfect.


Okay. So now,

we've done our tomato salad,
our lamb's resting.

Easy-peasy. Done.

All we've gotta do is just get ready,

and then we're ready to carve and eat.



-Off you go.
-Thank you. Bye!

Juicy, mouth-watering lamb.

What a feast.

[upbeat music playing]

[daughter gasps]

[partygoers] Ooh...

-That wasn't...
-[all cheering]

-It's like I just landed a plane.
-[all laugh]

Pop that down there.

[all murmuring excitedly]

-I get first dibs!

Barbecued lamb and rhubarb,
a match made in heaven.

Full feast.

-[all laugh]
-I think we should dig in.

It's the ultimate crowd-pleaser

and the perfect centerpiece
to go with my colorful side dishes...

and shiny Mediterranean crown.

That is a very different take on bread.

-The lamb is so good, Mom!
-Is it? [laughs]

[son] Oh, this lamb is so nice.

-[woman 1] I have to say, I love the kiwi.
-[woman 2] Mm.

And the kiwi and the feta

-work really well together.

It is just so full of flavor.

-[woman] Whoo!
-[partygoers laugh]

When the main course has been devoured,

everyone expects something
deliciously sweet.

For my party,
I've been thinking about

my family's favorite desserts,

and how I can put a twist on them
to create

one extravaganza of a treat.

Do you like raspberry ripple? Yes.

Do you like éclairs? Yeah.

Do you like ice pops?


Well, that's what we're making.

We're making ripple éclair pops.

All in one. Ha!

This is the ultimate ice cream lolly

enveloped in an irresistible,

crispy chocolate shell.

First of all, the éclairs.

To make the choux pastry,

add 125 milliliters of milk
to the same of water,

and 125 grams of butter.

I just wanna heat the milk
and the water up,

until the butter's melted. That's it.

Add a pinch of salt
and two teaspoons of caster sugar

to 150 grams of plain flour.

As soon as you got that flour in there,

spatula straight in,
and give it a really good mix.

And what that's doing is that's cooking
that flour out a little bit.

And you can see, as I mix it,

it's just coming together into one...


Let that cool before,

very slowly,

adding four beaten eggs.

And then give it a really good stir.
A little at a time.

Don't be tempted
to put all of it in at once.

Patience is a virtue
when you're making choux.

This is the kind of thing I like
to teach my kids all the time. I'm like,

"Guys, who wants to learn
how to make choux pastry? Come and mix."

Keep mixing

until you've added all your egg.

Drop that...

off the spatula.

And what you should be left with...

is a "V" shape.

That's perfect.

[soulful music playing]

For the perfect éclairs,

I always take the time

to pipe.

Push forward,

pull back...  

and then...


Keep going.

Back, flick forward.

Perfect every time.

Top tip.

Put your finger in some water

and then just dab the top.

And then, you're gonna get a lovely,


rounded éclair.

The oven's at 180 right now,
so really nice and hot.

And now,
I'm gonna reduce the oven to 160,

and we'll whack these straight in

for 25 minutes.

So that's the tricky bit done.

Now for the really, really easy,
really simple bit:

our raspberry ripple ice cream.

-[cheery music playing]
-To whipped double cream,

add golden syrup,

two tablespoons of icing sugar

and a splash of vanilla essence.

There's no way you can have
a get-together in the summer

and not have some sort of ice cream.
You've got to.

And raspberry ripple
is my absolute favorite.

To make it explode with summer flavor,

pureed raspberries,

fresh or frozen.

Look at the color on that.

It's gorgeous.

We're gonna drop that

straight in there,

drizzle it all over...

and then ripple it.

Can you see those gorgeous ripples?

So easy and utterly delicious.

Just give it a little squeeze.

[gasps] Look at that!

And that's gonna go
straight into our éclairs.

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

Check those out!

You should be able to hear it.

-[dull tapping]
-They're lovely and crisp.

And they're hollow.

Pierce the éclairs to let the steam escape

and pop them back in the oven
to crisp up for five minutes.

Once they're fully cooled,

you're ready for an ice pop spectacular.

Can you see when I'm squeezing?

You can see that it's filling up.

And then,
I'm gonna kind of twist it around

and fill up the other side.

You know it's full when it's heavy.

So that's those filled.

And now, this is the pop bit,

this is what makes them an ice lolly.

Lolly sticks.

So grab one of these

and then just kind of...

poke it straight in,

till you've got enough...

just to hold.

Yeah, we can all buy ice lollies,

but this is just so much more fun.

It's like a little bit of everything.

And now,

I'm gonna stick these
in the freezer for at least an hour.

[pleasant music playing]

Presentation at a party is everything.

Here's an impressive frozen centerpiece 
that couldn't be simpler.

Got some filled with...

flower petals,

and then we've got mint,

and then I've got this lovely slab.

Smash that up.

We're gonna go all-out.

[tropical music playing]

Let's get these pops

in their summer party dresses.

A treat is not a treat without chocolate.

You can just grab one of these pops.
And these are frozen, remember?

So I'm gonna dip them straight in.


Look at that!

Roasted hazelnuts on top.

Then I'll pop that straight onto the ice,

and it'll set straight away.

I'm gonna dip this one in some white.

And I think we're gonna put

some dehydrated strawberries on that.

How pretty does that look?

How good does that look? 

What's not to love?

Just look at that pile
of beautiful éclair goodness.

[upbeat music playing]

I can't imagine a more glorious end

to my summer feast. 

And I know a few other people who agree.

[friends and family chatter excitedly]


-[man] Oh! Wow, look at those!
-[all gushing]

[indistinct chatter]

[Nadiya] Aww. Thank you!

-[man] Anyone else not got one?
-[Nadiya] Who's got one?

-Wow! [laughs]

[son] Delicious.

Oh, yeah.


friends, fantastic food,

and sunshine.

What more do you need?

Pull out all the stops

and celebrate the summer.

[daughter] Ma?

-[Nadiya] Yeah.

I don't like it... I love it!

[all laughing]

[Nadiya] Perfect ending to a perfect day.

The food was good,
but you guys were much better.

[family and friends laugh]

[all cheering and laughing]

[upbeat music playing]