Time to Eat with Nadiya (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Sweet & Easy - full transcript

Nadiya shares her favourite recipes for when she wants something sweet, delicious ans simple. She makes milkshake funnel cakes, a giant cookie and a nutty baklava. She learns how golden syrup is made.

[gentle music playing]

[lively music playing]

[Nadiya] Think you're too busy
for a treat? Think again.

My easy-peasy sweets
are rustled up in a flash.

[Nadiya] This is easy,

but it feels really special.

A simple baklava

brings sunshine

to your day.

Look at that tower
of sticky deliciousness.

My effortless spin

on a feel-good classic.

We're making cookies!

We're making cookies!

And my breezy birthday cake

helps a busy new dad

treat his partner.

Nathan did fess up and say
he doesn't feel he pulls his weight

around the house very much.


-And I trusted you, Nad.

[bee buzzes]

[Nadiya] First up, 
a playful little pick-me-up

that always puts a spring in my step.

we all need an instant sugar hit,

and for that, I've got just the thing.

Crispy, sweet, easy, and so much fun.

My simple strawberry milkshake
funnel cakes

are so much quicker than doughnuts,

but bring all the fun of the fair
in one blissfully nostalgic bite.

They are nowhere near
as much work as doughnuts.

If you're making a doughnut,
you've got to...

knead the dough, prove the dough,
shape the dough, all of that.

But this? Easy-peasy.

First, the speedy batter.

So, I've got 300 grams

of self-raising flour,

and then two tablespoons

of icing sugar.

And this will just make it

a little bit sweet.

Two teaspoons of baking powder.

And this is gonna make it

really light and fluffy.

-[upbeat music playing]
-Add 275 mils of milk

and two eggs.

So, give that a good whisk

till you've got what looks like

a thick pancake batter.

That's it, look.

Smooth, shiny,

glossy, drippy,

which is important
in making our funnel cake.

The easiest batter, done.

If you're really short on time,
whip it up the night before.

So this is where
the funnel comes in.

So I'm using my piping bag as my funnel.

I've just popped it into a glass.
Just makes it easier for me to...

pour one-handed.

I'm just gonna seal the top.

See, that's pretty straightforward.
Made the batter, in a bag, ready to fry.

And that's pretty simple.
Minutes, if that.

Saving a good two hours

-on traditional doughnuts.
-[cheery music playing]

I've got a pan half full with hot oil,

and we're ready to go.

This is the fun bit.
I love doing this bit. Okay.


The trick is for every bit
to kind of touch.


And look, look, look.
It should come flying to the top.


And then go again.

These literally

only take one minute
on each side.

Just look at how quick and easy that is.

I don't know that you can

make them as fast as you can eat them.

Seeing these sizzle

is just so satisfying.

I love baking a cake,

but, somehow, you know, deep-frying batter
[laughs] is so much better.  

I can't help it, I get a little bit giddy.

Now, the easiest topping ever,

guaranteed to bring out the kid in us all.

[gasps] Strawberry milkshake. [laughs]

It's instant flavor.

Strawberry milkshake powder

has got that really distinct
strawberry milkshake flavor

that you can't get out of sugar,
and you can't make it.  

This is the best bit.

And at this point,

more is more.

If you think it's too much,
it's probably not enough.

As soon as they come out of the hot oil,

you've got to dust them straight away.
I don't even know why I'm talking to you.

I'm so mesmerized right now by the smell.
I love this smell, it's my favorite smell.

I dare you not to smile doing this.

The other side needs some love too.

That smell! Oh, my goodness.

If you suck the air... [sucks in air]

...it's strawberry milkshake flavored.

My pretty pink funnel cakes
are as fun to make as they are to eat,

and bring a joyful end
to even the most hectic day.

Look at that.

That makes me smile.

Fluffy, warm, delicious.

[muffled] And it tastes like
strawberry milkshake.

No matter how many times I make this,

every time I take that first bite,

I feel like a little
six-year-old girl again.

Now, get in the kitchen and make them.


-[lively music playing]
-[birds chirping]

Working long, unsociable hours
can make pulling your weight at home hard,

especially if you're clueless

in the kitchen.

Nathan, in Liverpool,
is a theater director,

runs youth groups and works in schools,
which means busy days and nights.

But the arrival of baby Zadie

means he's now desperate
to do more at home,

starting with a treat

for his partner, Lucy.

Today I'm helping a new dad
bake his first ever birthday cake.

But with so many things to juggle,
it has to be really easy.

-[doorbell rings]
-And I've got just the recipe.

-[Nathan] Hi, Nadiya!

[Nathan] Nice to meet ya.

So, Nathan, you're a busy guy.

Yeah, it's all kicked off.

-Yeah. Work's busy, babies are busy.

When you're at work,
who does the cooking?

My partner, Lucy.

Is it important for you

-to do more?

It's quite easy to slip into a routine

of getting used
to your partner doing loads.

And almost, sometimes, like,
forgetting how much it is that they do.

-Do you feel you're slipping into that?
-I think so.

It feels important
that I can offer her something special.

At least let her realize

how much all of that stuff 
that she does

is appreciated. And it's her birthday.

-Cake is a good place to start.
-It is a good place to start.

I don't do any baking. I'd like to bake,

so it'd be really nice

for her to come home, have a surprise.

[upbeat music playing]

[Nadiya] My rich and zesty
chocolate lime roll

is so easy and quick to bake,

it's a piece of cake to whip up
on even the busiest days.

When you think cake,
what are your thoughts?

Mess, stress.

People pretending it tastes nice

-when it doesn't.

Well, we are going to fix

-all of those problems today...

...'cause we're starting

really, really simple.

This fast fatless sponge

uses just four ingredients.

First, eggs.

-That's some harsh smashing of eggs.

-Is that good egg cracking?
-Oh, my goodness me.

-Hundred grams of caster sugar.
-Caster sugar.

-Whoa! There you go.

The trick is to get the beaters in,
and then turn it on.

-[Nathan] Right, okay.
-[laughs, puffs air]

-I'm starting from the beginning here.
-You really are!

There's no raising agents.

So we're not adding
any self-raising flour,

we're not adding any baking powder.

All of our lightness and airy sponge

is gonna come from all the air

that you incorporate in here.

Honestly, this is the easiest sponge ever
in the whole wide world.

[Nadiya] Simply whisk until the mixture
has tripled in size.

That's ready.

Then, add 75 grams

of both plain flour and cocoa powder.

[Nadiya] This is the point
where you gotta be a bit delicate.

Gently kind of go round

and fold over.

It's little things like this
that I'd never think about.

That's all really useful tips.

I would've just come in
and just started beating it.

This will be your thing.

-[Nathan] Yeah.
-Pour that straight in.

Can you see how airy it is?

-It's almost like mousse-like under there.
-[Nathan] Yeah.

-Let's get that in the oven.

[Nadiya] That's at 180,
and that is literally gonna take,

-at most, ten minutes. No more than that.

-Is that not the quickest cake?
-That is the quickest cake.

-[upbeat music playing]
-Next, a rich, luxurious chocolate ganache

that's a two-in-one shortcut

to topping and filling.

[Nadiya] So, we're melting

the chocolate in a bain-marie,

which is a saucepan

with some water with a bowl on top.

But you've gotta make sure your bowl

isn't touching
any of the water underneath,

-otherwise it'll scorch your chocolate.
-Okay. That's what scares me about baking,

'cause it feels like it has to be
really precise.

For the most part,

-if you muck it up, you can eat it.

-That's good to know.
-[Nadiya] I'm gonna get 100 mils

of boiling water.

What this is gonna do is create

that lovely truffly texture.

-[Nathan] Okay.
-So, straight in. Yeah, look at that.

How thick

and fudgy and just...

-scrumptious does that look?

-[cheery music playing]
-Ganache done in minutes.

-[Nathan] Yeah?
-Yeah, that's about right.

Set aside half of the topping,

and transform the rest

into indulgent filling

with just one extra ingredient.

-[Nadiya] Cream cheese. Always full fat.

'Cause you want a lovely, creamy, rich...


The fact that we've just made one ganache

and used it two different ways,

that's all a part of the kind of, like,

-saving a little bit of time.
-It's impressive.

We know that we've got a filling,
we've got a topping. Easy-peasy.

Filling done.

Now, take a large piece of baking paper
and sprinkle with sugar.

Time to get that sponge out.

You need to kind of turn it out

-and tip it out onto there.
-[pan clanks]

Oh, my... Yeah.

[laughs] I've got it.

To create the shape,
just roll up while it's warm and pliable.


-Just there?
-That's it.

-That's your cake done.
-This is fast.

-Feeling slight...
-I feel good.

-You feel confident?

Once cooled, simply unroll,

and we're onto a super-fast filling.

[Nadiya] We're gonna add
that lovely lime zesty flavor.

Chocolate and citrusy fruit
work really well together.

And lime marmalade
packs an instant flavor punch.

Just go all over.

I can smell it. It smells good.

-[Nadiya] Come on.
-All right.

Somebody's gonna say, "Where's the lime?"

-It'll be that piece there.

Finish with the zest of a lime.

[Nathan] I never spend time
doing things like this.

It's nice to take that moment of pause

and just relax. And, like, take time

-on all the little details.

And this is special for you,
'cause this is for Lucy.

This is for Lucy.  

It is hard to find time,

so this is a nice way
to force myself to find time.

-You know you're desperate if you call me.

"Nadiya, please." [laughs] "Please!"

"I need some help."

[both laugh]

Cover the sponge
with that creamy filling...

[Nadiya] There you go.

-...and roll.
-[Nathan] Ooh...

Cooking on gas.

-You did it. You did that, look.

And it looks delicious.

Then simply smother

with that shiny ganache.

[Nadiya] So now for the finishing touch.
We've got these.

-Have fun.

Have fun. Just sprinkle all over.

Imagine, in a couple of years' time,
with Zadie,

just... decorating

and having lots of fun with sprinkles.

-[Nathan] Yes. Oh, beautiful mess.
-Now, come on.

-That's not bad for your...

[Nathan] I'm very happy.

-...for your first cake.

I think she'll be very shocked.

I don't think she'll believe
that I've actually done it.

[upbeat music playing]

I really hope this simple bake

goes some way to showing Lucy

just how much Nathan appreciates her.

-[Nadiya] Hello!

Happy birthday!

-This is Zadie?
-[Nathan] Do you want to say hello?

[Nadiya] Hello!

Hi! Aww,

-she smiled for me!

Happy birthday.

-[Nadiya] Guess what we've been doing.
-You've been baking.

-We have.
-With this guy?

He's been baking. He has done that.

-[Lucy] Well done.
-[Nathan] Thank you very much.

Make a wish.

[all cheering and applauding]

-Happy birthday, Mommy!
-[Nathan] Yay!

[both] Cheers.

-[Nadiya] Yeah.
-[Lucy] Mm.

[Lucy] Very impressed.

It's delicious.
I can't believe you made it.

-It's so nice.

Nathan did fess up and say

he doesn't feel he pulls his weight
round the house very much.


-Yeah, sorry. Sorry.
-[Lucy] Yes.

-He finally admits it.
-Sorry, we're always gonna be on one side.

-I trusted you, Nad.

Armed with the right recipe,
finding the time to make someone special

a sweet treat is easy.

Yeah, Daddy's gonna bake
your first birthday cake!

-[Nathan laughs]

And a month on,

Nathan's still putting a smile
on Lucy's face.

[Nathan] Hey, Nadiya!

Just a message to say a big thank you

for coming and baking with us.

It's had a real lasting impact on us
and I'm doing loads more in the kitchen.

Just feeling way more confident,
so it's been really brilliant.

So just a big massive thank you.

When life's full-on,

I find creating something spectacular

good for the soul, especially if I know
it doesn't have to take all day.

I love baklava.

Super sweet and sticky,

these Turkish treats
are one of my favorites to eat.

[lively music playing]

Inspired by a family holiday in Turkey,

my simple golden syrup-soaked baklava

will bring the scrumptious taste of summer
to any day of the week.

The first time I ever made baklava,
I thought, "Oh, that looks tricky."

But you'll be surprised
how easy they are to make.

First, the fastest filling ever.

Start with mixed nuts.

And they're crushed, like, quite fine.

I think it's really nice to have

a good mixed bag.

And then you get a really nice texture.

Buying ready-crushed

saves you time.

Traditionally, baklava's made with honey.

I'm making it extra sticky, extra sweet,

'cause I'm using golden syrup.

Look at that.

I love this stuff,
because it's the stickiest

of all things sticky

in the whole wide world,

and nothing is gonna give you that flavor.

It's so sweet,

and it's also, like, caramelly.

It's like toffee.

Mm. Yum.

Ooh, that's so nice.

And the easy, instant ingredients
don't stop there.

Two tablespoons of cocoa powder,

salt, and the zest of an orange.

Maximum flavor in under a minute.

Give that a good mix.

That is it, that's the filling done.

It is as simple as that.

And we're already onto the filo pastry.

And guess what?

I'm not gonna make it. [laughs]

Because nobody makes filo pastry.

[soulful music plays]

Simple trim the pastry to fit your tin.

When we went to Turkey, there were,

honestly, hundreds of variations

on baklava.

But this is the simplest

of its kind.

One layer of pastry, that's one packet,

and then a thick layer
of that nut, and orange, and cocoa.

And then, another layer of pastry,
which is another packet, so easy-peasy.

And we don't ever think for a second

that is gonna go in the bin,
because it isn't. It's perfectly good.

You could do, like,
crispy topped pies with these,

so don't throw it away,
put it right back in the freezer.  

So, that's my two piles of pastry done.

Take half the sheets
to start your bottom layer.

First piece.

Brush it with butter.

Filo pastry loves butter.

Without it, it's just dry.

It'll cook in the butter,
and it'll puff up just slightly

and get those lovely crisp layers.

Repeat with each sheet.

I mean, this is easy,
but it feels really special.

Somebody turns up,

cup of tea, baklava. Happy days.

Just pack down your filling,
and we're onto the last layer.

I enjoy doing this,
it is quite therapeutic.

It's just easy.

The same thing,

one after the other. Wonderful.

And in no time at all,
that baklava's built.

You've got to cut it right now. 

Like, if you try and cut it

after it's baked,

you're gonna get filo pastry
flying everywhere.

A little goes a long way,

so you can enjoy
that feel-good feeling for days.

So, I've got my oven preheated to 160,

and that goes straight in.

Now, this is where the magic happens.

Onto the sticky,


fragrant syrup.

Without this, it's not baklava.

Add 250 grams of caster sugar

into a pan

with the juice of that orange.

So now our lovely golden syrup.

In we go.

And this is gonna give it
that instant flavor

that you can only get from golden syrup.

Then bash up four cardamom pods.

See those lovely black seeds?  

That's what we want.

I'm gonna get rid
of all these horrible leathery husks.

Really smash it around...

till you've got a fine powder.

Orange and cardamom
just work really well together.

That is gonna pack a punch.

Finally, a great fast track
to zesty, floral flavor:

orange blossom water.

Turn that heat on.

Melt the sugar

and bring to the boil.

It is quite mesmerizing, though,

just to watch those bubbles.

-Simmer for just ten minutes.
-[cheery music plays]

[pastry sizzling]

Oh, that smells so good!

Oh, butter and pastry. [exhales]

So, let's get this syrup.

Go all over.

Give each square a little bit of love.

And then it's going to just kinda,
like, run through all the layers

and go all the way down to the bottom.

Can you see how that's gone from

pastry and nuts to actual baklava?

How simple and easy is that?

My crisp, flaky baklava,

smothered in sweet fragrant syrup

is utterly irresistible...

and will whisk you away
to a happy place with no trouble at all.

Look at that tower
of sticky deliciousness.

Oh, I can't wait to get in.

When I was in Turkey,

everybody was eating it with spoonfuls...

of delicious clotted cream.

-And it's like a Turkish afternoon tea.
-[birds chirping]

And there's only one way to eat baklava:

it's to commit.

-[baklava crunching]

You can taste every brushstroke of butter.

Crisp, filo, buttery pastry,

and then the mixed nuts.

Best of all...

is that sticky sweet syrup.

[soulful music playing]

Whether I'm baking or marinading,

golden syrup is one
of my all-time favorite shortcuts,

so I'm off to see how it's made

at the world's oldest syrup factory
in East London.

Tate and Lyle have been producing
their iconic golden syrup

in the same place here on the docks
of the River Thames since 1883,

and I can't wait to find out
how they do it.

This historic site produces 22,000 tonnes
of golden syrup every year.

That's 80% of global demand.

And dock manager Bob Woods
has agreed to let me on board for the day.

-Hi, Nadiya.
-How are you?

I'm good, thank you.

I'd love to learn
about how you make golden syrup.

So, it all starts here.
This is where the raw sugar comes in.

-Can we go have a look?
-Yeah, we can.

We'll go up the crane,
so long as you're not scared of heights.

-I might be after today. [laughs]

Oh, I can't wait. I'm really excited.

Thames refinery
can process 1.1 million tonnes

of raw cane sugar a year,

with shipments arriving
from all over the world.

This one's from Belize, and to see it,

I need a bird's eye view.

[Nadiya] Okay, we're suddenly
very high up.  

And we're going higher still!

-Do you like stairs, Bob?

-No lift.
-[Nadiya] No lift.

That's enormous!

From here, it looks like sand.

Hopefully not. Hopefully, it's raw sugar.

I can't even fathom
how much sugar that is.

This vessel came
with 20,000 tonnes of raw sugar.

-Twenty thousand tonnes?
-Twenty thousand tonnes.

Of sugar.

How many bags of sugar?

Around about 20 million...

one kilo bags of sugar.

Who needs 20 million bags
of sugar? [laughs]

-Obviously, we do.
-Clearly, we do.

Yeah, you certainly do.

All you bakers.

This raw sugar will go on

to make over 600 different products,

from little sachets of white sugar
to our golden syrup.

In my kitchen, there's this tiny tin

of golden syrup,
and I don't think for a second

how it got there.

-But it all starts...
-[Bob] All starts from here.

First job, shifting it off the boat.

It takes 60 hours of intense training
to operate this 25-tonne crane.

-[Bob] You're the main man now.
-Oh, no!

The closest I've been to doing this
is playing with my boys' dumper trucks.

[Bob laughs] Lower that down that way.

-I am sweating profusely.

-We're in! We're in!
-[Bob] If you pull that handle towards me,

that's it.

This work is so full-on

there's a shift change every two hours.

I mean, this sugar traveled a long way
to get here.

I'm slightly under pressure.

I don't wanna drop it all back
into the Thames.

-[Bob] You can feel how intense it is.

-I'm sweating meself. [laughs]
-Yeah, I bet you are.

[Bob] Keep going all the way up,
until it goes...boof!

-That's it. That's it.
-All the way? [yelps]

-Is that enough?
-[Bob] That'll do you there.

That's fine, stop there.

-So, open it is towards the river.
-That way.

Okay, so wait till it swings back.

Oh, it's happening! It's happening!

-There's your first grab of sugar.

That was so cool!

You've done really well.

-We'll have you up here as a crane driver.
-[laughs] You go and have a cup of tea,

-I'll be fine.

-I'll go. That's it. [laughs]
-I'll just do the rest of this.

With 110 steps down,
the team take their tea breaks up here.

I've brought Bob some of my baklava,

which will keep nicely
in a lunch box all day.

You can't be craning all that sugar
and not wanna eat something sweet, right?

I know that it's a nut-free environment,
so I've taken the nuts out

and I've put things like figs
and dates, and some oatmeal.

So, yeah, have a go.

[pastry crunching]

-Mm. Oh, they're nice.

-Really syrupy, really lovely.
-Mm. Yum.

They're really good. Can I have the tin?

-That's yours.
-Thank you.

Once unloaded,
the raw sugar hits a conveyor belt

and makes its way into the refinery
for processing...

There's definitely a sugary smell
in the air.

-And my feet are really sticky. 

-[both laugh]
-[Bob] Welcome to the sugar world.

...overseen by John Kerr.

-That's our raw sugar shed.
-Oh, my goodness!

Wow! I was, um,

expecting... a lot of sugar,

but that is a lot of sugar.

[Bob] At the moment,
we've got about 60,000 tonnes in here.

[Nadiya] This extraordinary amount

is a mere 3% of the UK's annual demand.

[Bob] Like, you can grab a handful.

[Nadiya] Now, how do we go
from raw cane sugar...

-...to golden syrup?

In a nutshell,
we take this lovely raw sugar...

-...we wash it,

we end up with a by-product
of the crystallization process.

Hold on. So the syrup is like the bit

-that you could've chucked away?
-Yeah, it's made into golden syrup.

-That is so cool!

This by-product is packed
with the rich taste of cane sugar,

the base of that tangy syrup.

From the refinery, it's sent next door

to the golden syrup factory
where the final process

is carefully monitored by a team

known as The Goldies.

Paul McGilligan is one.

Oh, wow!

-[Paul] Yeah.
-It's like a motherboard!

We control the whole process in here

from start to finish.

You're aware of the by-product

-from the sugar.

From that, we change it,

so the syrup will never go back

to being a sugar again.

You won't get no sugar crystals,
and it'll always stay as syrup,

unless you introduce, like, a dirty knife
into your can with butter on it,

and then it'll start
to grow sugar crystals

-around it again.

-But otherwise...
-Might have done that before.

With the help of a chemist,

Abram Lyle discovered that,

by using heat and light,
the sugar by-product

could be turned into a lovely silky syrup.

But the process that gives golden syrup

its distinctive flavor

is a closely guarded secret.

Who else knows how to make this syrup?

At the moment,

there's only seven of us.

-Just seven of you?

-At the moment.
-You can make it eight.

I'd love to be able to tell you about it.

I'm not allowed to.

We remove the color,

evaporate it, and...

here's the one that you're used to.

-There you go.
-See it?

-Oh, the bubble. [laughs]
-Yes, exactly.

It's like having your own toy.

It is. It's like having
a little lava lamp.

It is indeed.

It takes just eight hours

to turn raw sugar from the dock

into canned syrup in the factory,

where 40,000 tins
fly out the door every day.

Take a couple off.

-Ooh, it's still warm! [gasps]
-Yeah, it's still warm.

Some of this machinery
has remained the same for 70 years,

and the iconic branding
hasn't changed in over 130.

[Nadiya] There it is.

-Yeah, it's got a wonderful aroma to it.

-Like toffee.

Is there anything else in here

-apart from sugar?
-No, there's not.

Just sugar.

So, whatever it is that...

And how we change it is the magic bit,
which I can't...

[both laugh]

You're so smug.

-Well, keeps me employed.
-[both laugh]

After a long day,

cooking up a cheeky sweet treat
can really brighten my day,

but it has to be snappy,

so I've come up
with a super simple twist

on a classic.

We're making cookies!

We're making cookies!

But we're not even turning the oven on.

I can't tell you how excited
this recipe makes me.

My giant one-pan cookie

is deliciously gooey,

the easiest you'll ever make,

and so much fun.

We are going to fry,

like, really slowly fry our cookie

in a frying pan.

I'm not even gonna turn the oven on.

The secret to making this

is being prepared.

For this foolproof dough,

grab one bowl for dry ingredients,

another for wet.

Got my egg.
Gonna crack that straight in there.

Almond extract.

And then, vanilla extract.

Give it a whisk,

and we're already onto the dry,

starting with 225 grams of plain flour.

Half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.

And half a teaspoon of salt.

And then, we're kind of ready.

This is the bit that I love
about making these cookies,

because you get that instant warm cookie.

So, let's put that cooker on.

One hundred and fifty grams
of unsalted butter straight in.

And you wanna melt that butter down.

Have your smallest ring on a low heat.

Adding soft brown sugar just makes
for a chewier cookie dough.

It seems absolutely bonkers
to do it in a frying pan,

but it saves time.

Firstly, it's one big giant cookie,

and, you know, I'm not having to make up
a big cookie dough batter,

and then dividing it,

and then using a baking tray,
getting it in the oven.

All in one frying pan.

If I'm doing less washing-up,
I'm a happy girl.

Just add your dry ingredients

and simply bring together.

Look at that, that's already starting
to look like cookie dough.

All we've gotta do is add our egg,

but just be a little bit speedy
when you're doing this.

But can you see?
Can you see it happening?

Cookie dough in your frying pan.

The quickest cookie dough
you'll ever make, done.  

And now, my instant chocolate chips.

Every single time,

it's these lovely, colorful,

chocolate sugar-coated pieces.

And I'm just gonna dot them around.

Look at that.

That is what every single cookie

in the whole wide world should look like.

This makes me so happy.

There's that point where you're like,
"Nadiya, stop.

Just stop.

There's no more space left

on the cookie."

But you keep going.

And there genuinely
is no more space left.


Okay, put them down.

Right. So, stick that on a low heat,

and I'm gonna go about my business,

and there will be a fully cooked,
warm cookie

in 20 minutes.

You're welcome.

My speedy, scrummy,

colorful cookie.

Great fun whether you're big

or small.

Come and have a look
at what I've made you.

-[son 1] Ooh!

-[son 1] Cookie!
-[Nadiya] Cookie!

Can I smell it?

It smells a bit chocolate and vanilla.

It's gonna be chewy.

-[Nadiya] Shall I cut it?
-[son 2] Like a pizza.

[Nadiya] Look at that, guys.

-It's a little bit magical, right?
-It's like a rainbow.

The word "cook"
has been put into "cookie."

That's what we did,
we put the cook into cookie.

It's just so gooey and nice in the middle.

Mommy, look at the chocolate.
It's melting.

You make, like, a giant cookie.
Can you get a massive pan...?

[son 2] Are you gonna get a wok
and make...

-Yeah, could you get a wok?
-We've got a pan that's, like, that big.

-We could fry it in that.
-And then make a massive one that big?

[upbeat music playing]