Thundercats (2011–2012): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Sword of Omens - full transcript

An epic, all-new reimagining of the classic and beloved 1980s animated series, ThunderCats tells the story of a hero's journey to fulfill his ultimate destiny.

By the time you get
the Book of Omens rigged up,

Mumm-Ra will have conquered
the planet.


There. Fire it up.

We're going
to be here a while.

I just hope your brother's
having more luck finding supplies.

I've heard stories
about towns like this,

just never seen one before.

Don't worry, Snarf. We'll get what
we need for the tank and leave.

Think you could lend a hand,

Up here.

I seem to have snagged myself...

What are y--
uh, who are you?

Just a drifter, I suppose.

Thanks for the assist.

Maybe you can return
the favor.

I'm looking for supplies.

Well, find them
somewhere else.

This is a swordsman's town,

And they duel for keeps.

Leave, before it's too late.

Or don't.
I don't care.

I can handle myself
all right.

This town loves guys like you,

Swaggering around
with your fancy sword,

Thinking you can't lose.

But you will.
They all do.

This is more than a fancy sword.

It's the Sword of Omens,
and with it, I never lose.

Just like I said, take my
advice and blow on out of here.

Or don't.
I don't care.

He was...Strange.

A Thunderian shilling, eh?

I'm afraid
we don't deal with antiques.

Thunderian coins were once
the most prized in the land.

And now, they're relics
of a fallen empire.

So what am I going
to do for money?

What everyone else here does--

Sword competition.

Want to bet they've never seen
a sword like this?

The great Olicat-

Its blade forged in the lava
pits of Mount Tiramaboo...

Witness its awesome power.


Nice, but nothing compares
to my sword.

The gods themselves fear
its edge! Behold!

The wind, the trees,

The morning dew
on a delicate orchid--

They all tremble before my
beauty of The Blade of Kurokai.


Is there no one else
who will accept the challenge?

I accept.

Never seen him before.

Do you have anything to say?

Only to the other competitors--

You're all vying
for second place.



Where do I get my money?

Now, that should cover it.

An impressive victory.

Allow me to introduce myself.
I am the duelist.

You, my friend,
have something I desire.

Sorry. Snarf's not for sale.

Your sword
against my best blade,

Winner takes all.

Not interested.

I already proved
I've got the best sword in town.


The Sword of Omens is legendary,
even in these parts.

But it's not your blade
that needs to prove itself.

It's you.

I said no.

A wise decision.

Perhaps if the last owner of
that sword shared your cowardice,

he'd still be alive.

You're on.

Might as well hand over
your best sword right now.

The town square, high noon.

You sure got guts.

The duelist is a legend
in these parts.

Those swords on his back?

Trophies from all those
who have fought him and lost.

He is without conscience
or morals,

and he will not stop
until his thirst is slaked.

Now, he wants your sword.

And it will be his.


Ha! Oh! Unh!

Run? I'm no coward, Snarf.

Besides, someone needs to
teach that guy a lesson.

He may be tough,

but nothing the duelist has
in his scabbard can beat

The Sword of Omens.

There's that ego
kicking in again.

Mind helping me down?


I know what
you're going to tell me--

I shouldn't have accepted
his challenge.

Why would I care what you do?

You're the one who's going
to lose his sword, not me.

I can swing steel
a lot better than you think.

You could have fooled me.
With those moves,

You couldn't even split
this reed.

You're crazy. Did you see what
this sword did to that boulder?

If I only had your spirit.

But the fight left me long ago.

How about I give you 3 swings?

I'll do it in one.


That's one.

Could have warned me first, but
you're impatient. I can tell.

Aah! Ha!

Two. There is such a thing
as trying too hard.

That's why I prefer
not trying at all.

That was more than 3,
but I don't care.

I made my point.

There was a point?

Willows are weak,
yet they bind other wood.

Just some advice.
Take it or leave it.

A weakness can be turned
into a strength--

A lesson you won't understand
until it's too late.

You're just like he was.

The duelist?


The original owner of the sword
the duelist now uses.

The Sword of Hattanzo,

Forged by a man who some called

The greatest swordmaker
of all time.

The swordmaker lived
a lonely life

Devoted only to one thing--
his craft.

But this particular blade was
more than a sword.

It was a work of art,

his most prized possession
and proudest achievement--

The Sword of Hattanzo.

Like you, he felt a sense
of oneness with the weapon.

With it, he was unstoppable...

He thought.

Word spread
of the legendary blade.

One day, the duelist appeared

And challenged the swordmaker to a fight.

The swordmaker accepted
the challenge.

In his hubris,
the swordmaker believed

The strength of his sword
would overcome

His weakness as a warrior.

He was mistaken,

and it cost him
the one thing he valued most.

To know that his work of art,
his masterpiece,

would be in the hands
of a villain like the duelist

Crushed him.

He never made another sword,

while the duelist went on to
become the greatest swordsman

to ever walk the land.

Whatever became
of the swordmaker?

Who knows.
Some say he just drifts around,

Blowing wherever
the wind takes him,

a shell of the man he once was.


I'm fighting against
a sword you forged.

I need your help. How can I
beat The Sword of Hattanzo?

How can I beat it?

You can't. Understand?

Nobody can.

I like that.

Whenever you're ready.

Whenever you are.




What have I done?

Without the Sword of Omens,
our mission is doomed.

I've got to win it back.

Can you believe it?
Stuck again.

Could you help me down?

Or maybe you should just
leave me up here.

Either way, I don't care.

I need you
to make me a sword.

So, my warnings were just a
breeze blowing through your ears?

I didn't think you'd listen,
but if you expect me to help,

You haven't been
paying attention.

We both lost
something precious,

But we can get it back.

Sounds like too much work.

Then I'll do it myself.

What do you think you're doing?

You may be content to flop around
feeling sorry for yourself, but I'm not.

I'll make 100 more swords,
if I have to.

I'm going to defeat him.

Not that I care,
but you're doing it all wrong.

- You need to--
- Thanks, but I can handle it.

You don't give up easily,
do you?

Here. Let me show you.

Done yet?


- How about now?
- No!

How much longer?
Is it ready?


It is done.
That is, if you still want it.

It's perfect.


He doesn't stand a chance.

Lion-O, a strong sword
doesn't make you strong.

Remember, willows are weak,
and yet...

They bind other wood.
Yeah. I know. I know.

You might recognize
the craftsmanship.

It's a fake.

He hasn't made a sword
in years.

I came out of retirement.

I didn't have much else
to do today, anyway.

I challenge you
to a rematch--

But this time,
for all your swords.

That's quite a request
from someone who has

Only a single sword
to offer in return.

In addition to your blade,

You must also put up your life.






You can't beat me.

Then why do you look
so scared?

Ha ha ha ha ha!


The sword is lost,
and victory is still mine.

Willows are weak, Lion-O.

I understand now.

Power alone is rigid.

But if you can bend with the wind,

You'll never break!


You knew
that sword would break.

It took years to make
The Sword of Hattanzo.

I made that piece of junk
in an afternoon.

You already had what you
needed to win in here.

You've had your last duel.


Thank you for everything.

No, thank you.

I haven't felt this alive
in years.

I finally have
a purpose again--

returning these swords
to their rightful owners.

What in the name of Thundera
took you so blasted long?

I was, um...

Off enjoying the breeze
while we do all the hard work.

Something like that.