Thundercats (2011–2012): Season 1, Episode 15 - Trials of Lion-O: Part-1 - full transcript

During an ambush, Lion-O falls to his death, but he is given a second chance at life - if he can pass a series of trials that pit him against each of his teammates.

How about we fire up
the book of omens, panthro,

find out where that next stone is?


How can it be up?

I don't know.

But if the book says the stone is
up, then that's where we're going.

Why does up always have
to be so high?

The book can be cryptic at times.

Maybe you're misinterpreting
the message.

Wouldn't be the first time.

But I've learned my lesson.

Have you?
Because heading up there

feels like another wild goose chase.

When you're king,
you can do things your way.

Now, let's go.

Do you even know where
you're leading us, Lion-O?

Right into mumm-ra's hands,
if you ask me.

We're totally exposed
to attack on this route.

How much higher can we go?

I'm more worried about the way down.


Maybe we should consider
turning around.

What do you think?

I think...

Oh, we should
stop here for a quick rest.


Candy ferns! So hungry!

First good idea you've had all day.

Lunch will be easy compared
to finding the stone.


Too slow, your highness.

You really need to keep
your eyes open. Heh.

I'll try to remember that.

You always do things
the hard way, Lion-O.


A king should never eat
before his people.

Or lose his temper.

Oh, is that it?

You're all against me?

It's not us, kid.

You're your own worst enemy.

He's right, Lion-O.

You may be the king,
but that doesn't mean

you can't learn something from us.


Not going to hide this time.


- Ohh!
- You run like a girl.

Ha ha ha ha.


We have the sword and gauntlet.

Now, give us the book.

I'd rather die.

You're willing to risk
your life for it.

But what about hers?

Better not hurt her, slithe.

I would never harm
such an adorable creature.

Addicus, on the other hand...

Grab him!



Think he'll land on his feet?


He had the gauntlet!

You killed him.


He has the gauntlet
with the spirit stone.

Get down there and find it!



No, Lion-O.

I'm afraid you are quite dead.



Then I failed.

Not yet, Lion-O.

The spirit stone
has deemed you worthy

of another chance
to walk amongst the living.

I'll take it!

It's not that simple, Lion-O.

While your first life
was given to you,

your second life must be earned.

What do you mean?

You must complete a series of trials.

Slithe has the sword, and he's
going to kill the other cats.

I don't have time for this right now!

Your only other choice is death.

Pass through this door,

and you'll begin a series of trials

designed to test whether you can
overcome your greatest weaknesses,

to see if yours is
a life worth saving.

Good luck.

You! Get back here, now!

Lion-O can't be gone.

I-I won't believe it.

It's OK, sis.
We're going to get through this.

There will be time for mourning,

as soon as we take care of them.

But how?

You always wanted to be king.

Well, now, you are.

Just hope you've got a plan.

Slums of thundera?

Surprised a big, fancy king
even knows what slums are.

What are you two doing here?

You're not...



We've just taken a form
you'd be familiar with.

We're your first test.

But don't worry.
This one's easy.

All you have to do is steal this key.

And it will open the door
to your next trial.

Be careful!

not everything is as it seems.

You really need to keep
your eyes open.

'Cause only one pair of us is real.

Ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

You never look before you leap.

You don't look
before you run, either.

That's how you led us into that trap.

I was only following the book.

- Come on, Lion-O.
- You can't just follow it blindly.

You have to trust your instincts.


I have to learn to look.

But that doesn't mean
I have to use my eyes.

Isn't this what you're looking for?

Yeah, but you don't have it.

This is taking longer
than I thought it would.

Do you think he'll ever get the key?

I already did.



Got to keep your eyes open, kat.

And if those deceive you,
you can always trust your nose.

- You did it!
- Good job, Lion-O.


No trace, general slithe.

Probably washed out to the great sea.

Mumm-Ra, will not be pleased.

But surely, these cute
kittens will cheer him up.

Ha ha ha ha.

If there's anything left of them.

I can assure you, Addicus,

there won't be.



You sure took the hard way down, Lion-O.

Well, I didn't see an easier one.

There's always an easier way.
You just never look for it.

That's how you got us caught
in the first place.

I took that mountain pass
because we had to.

I don't choose where
the book points, cheetara.

But you're the king, and it's up
to you to choose how to get there.

And if you want to win this trial,

you better choose carefully.

There's only one way out,

and you've got to find it
and get to the key before I do.

A race?
That's impossible.

This place is a labyrinth,
and I couldn't outrun you

if I had the thundertank.

If you believe that,
then you've already lost.

But don't worry.
Just to make it fair,

i'll give you a head-start.

What are you waiting for?

Time's up, Lion-O.
Here I come.

So much for that head start.

Now you're toying with me,
just like you always have.

And you're still acting like,

the same stubborn prince
you were the day I met you...

Can't see a dead end even when
you're running straight into it.

Believe me, I've run into plenty.

Then maybe it's time
to take a different path.

See you at the finish line.


Some shortcut that was.

Easy for you to say.
You've got wings.

Which is just what I need.

She said I had to win.

She didn't say I had to do it alone.

Come on. Faster!


You win.

Or to put it another way,

you lose.

Well, my goal was
to teach you a lesson,

so actually,

I still win.

Yours will be the shortest,

and last reign

of any cat king.

I'd rather die a king than
live forever as a mindless lackey.

What's that,


I said, i'd rather die a king

than live forever as
a mindless lackey!

Well, you got one thing
going for you-

You hit harder than the monkey.

You want to see how hard I hit?

Can I play, too?

Seem he likes getting hit
as much as we like hitting him!


Just had to buy some time

for kit and kat to pick the locks.

- Hi!
- Hey, there!

Lizards, attack!

That's for me, and that's for Lion-O!

I didn't hurt you, did i?

Not as much as I plan to hurt you.

Forget the cats.
The sword is all that matters.

You have your lives.

But they're of little good
as long as I have this.

Your brother would be proud
if he could see you now.

This isn't over yet.

We're getting that sword back.

So, is this the end of the trials?

Not quite.
You are only halfway through.

Good luck, Lion-O.

* End Theme *