This England (2022): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Boris Johnson has several media appearances to discuss the Covid plans as cases continue to rise around the world and the situation worsens in Italy. The cabinet is discussing imposing a lock-down.

(momentous music)

- [Dominic] Africa?

- The problem is not that
we were once in charge.

But, but, but, but that we are not in,

not in charge anymore, that's the problem.

- [Dominic] George Bush.

- A cross-eyed Texan warmonger,
unelected, inarticulate,

who epitomises the arrogance
of American foreign policy.

- [Dominic] Donald Trump.

- Err, the only reason

I would not visit some part of New York

is the very real risk
of meeting Donald Trump.

- [Dominic] Islam.

- It's the most viciously
sectarian of all the religions

in its heartlessness
towards the unbelievers.

Islam's the problem.

- [Dominic] Vladimir Putin.

- Well, despite looking
like Dobby the House EIf,

you know, he is a ruthless
and manipulative tyrant.

- [Dominic] Women.

- Hot totty.

- [Dominic] Gay men.

- Tank-topped bumboys.

Bumboy. (mumbling)

(Boris breathes)

(bird caws)
(birds tweet)

How many you got?

- 500 or so.

- Oh, and how many did, err,

Harry and Meghan have for Archie?

(Carrie chuckles)

- [Carrie] Mmm, mmm.

- You know, that's no good for him.

It's too salty.

- [Carrie] It didn't stop you
from having three rashers.

- Well, I've gotta keep up my strength.

- Can you take Dylin out?

- It's raining.

- He needs a wee.

- [Boris] Oh god. Woods, you
wouldn't mind, would you?

- Of course, Prime Minister.

- Thank you, thank you,

you shall be mentioned in dispatches.

(Woods tuts)

(Woods sighs)

(text clicks)

- We estimate a fatality rate of 0.9%

with up to 80% of the
population getting the virus,

500,000 deaths,

if we do nothing.

- It's a worst-case scenario here.

- It is what would
happen if we do nothing.

- The data we're getting out of Italy now

tells us there are almost
1,000 people in Italy

under house quarantine,

about 1,000 in hospital,

but here's the thing,

almost 200 in intensive care.

That's almost 10% of
all the positive cases.

- How far behind Italy
do you think we are?

- Four, five weeks, more
if we put measures in place

to slow down the spread of the virus.

(keyboard clacks)
(siren wails)

- Mum.
(reception chatters)

- Make sure it's covering your nose

and your mouth, like this.

Can you hear me?

- [Andrea] No.

- Good.

It means it's working.


- [Doctor 2] It's gonna
be so (indistinct).


(nurse coughs)

- The answer for that, Andrea,
is don't use your phone.

-Ha ha

- Hey!

(staff members applaud)

(text clicks)

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- I think you should look at this.

- Never read the paper.

They're all lotta stuff and nonsense.

It's just froth and foam,

and I say that as a journalist.

(keyboard clacks)

- It's rugby league, was it?

- [Patient 1] Yeah, yeah, the light was

from down (indistinct),

mmm, yeah.

(stubble rustles)

(keys jingle)

- [Prudence] Get a move on!

- [Steve] Hey.

- (door clacks)
- Oh, look, I got a circle.

- [Prudence] Oh, hi.

- Hi, shouldn't you guys be at school?

Right, come on, let's go.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

We need to hurry up.
- What time is it?

- [Prudence] Come on, come on, go.

Come on, we need to...

We need to do our homework
the night before, please.

- Okay, Daddy hug.

Come on, boys, be good, mmm.

Okay, you gonna be good?

Have fun! Bye!

(door clunks)

(siren wails)

- [Aide] Just thought
we might let you know.

- [Lee] Morning, Gabriel.

Err, where are you?

- Err, err, 'm in beautiful Birmingham.

- Okay, (chuckles) and
what are the, err...

What are the focus groups telling us?

- People right now are not
that focused on the virus.

They're still pretty pissed
off about the floods.

- Whatever the exact
shape of the epidemic,

we do know that some people are gonna die

and there will be an
impact on the economy.

- Exactly, th-there's gonna be bad news,

but the question is how do we handle it.

- The one big takeaway is
people don't trust politicians,

they don't trust the media,
they do trust scientists.

- Thought we hated experts.

- People trust scientists.

- [Secretary] Congratulations.

- Thank you.

- Mm, thank you.

- [Aide] Congratulations, Prime Minister.

- Thank you, sweet of you to notice.

- Can we grab you?

It's just a bit of a tight schedule today.

- Yeah, all right, we've, uh...

Err, are you okay?

- Yes, dear.
- Right

- Congratulations, Prime
Minister. Wonderful news.

- Oh god, this is getting
a bit embarrassing.

- Well done, boss.

- Well, well, thank you very much,

although you're looking
a bit gloomy today.

So what is in the diary?

- Err, SPI-B and SPI-M are meeting

ahead of today's COBRA meeting,

which you're going to chair.

They'll present the
latest numbers and advice.

- Good.

- Then we're gonna record a video,

which we'll put out tonight,

show that we're still on top of things.

- Good, good.

You'll work on the speech?

- Err, it'll just be an interview.

- Right.
- Err, then, we're gonna go

to a hospital,

err, which we'll brief out later,

visit the front line,

boost the morale of the troops.

- "Once more unto the
breach, dear friends.”

- Exactly.

- Yeah, although thinking about it,

probably not a good reference:

"Once more unto the breach,
dear friends, once more,

or close the wall up
with our English dead."

Yeah, "The Mirror" would love that.

- We need to get you on, though.

We need to get ahead of the curve.

We need to give them your message.

- Right, err, so what is the message?

- Err, that we're in charge.

(feverish music)

(Steve coughs)

(Steve sighs)

(Steve coughs)

(keyboard clacks)

- The teams at Imperial and LSHTM

have been looking at the
first numbers from Italy.

- [Matt] Right.

-And it's looking like
9% of infected patients

are needing ICU care.

- Yeah.

- We start from a situation
where we only have 6.6 ICU beds

per 100,000 population.

Italy has double that number;

Germany, more than four times that number.

- We need to start thinking
about how to create more beds,

more ICU capacity, more ventilators,

or we're going to have
doctors playing god,

having to decide who goes on
a ventilator, who doesn't.

- Yeah, cannot let that happen.

Okay, what can we do to increase capacity?

- The Chinese built temporary hospitals.

1 think we should consider it.

- Maybe the military can help.

They build field hospitals.

(siren wails)

- [Carrie] Hello!

- Oh, hello, how are you?
- (laughs) Hello. I do.

- It's been a while.

- I know. I've been hiding away.

But I'm allowed out now, so here I am.

- [Rob] And here you are,

or something like this.
(Carrie laughs)

How is it?

-I'm loving it.

- Good!
-I'mrea-, I'm loving it.

- Good. Well, you're looking very well.

- [Carrie] Oh, that's very kind. (laughs)

- The government should
advise against greetings,

such as shaking hands and hugging,

given existing evidence of the
importance of hand hygiene.

- Morning, boys. Okay,
let's get (indistinct).

- So, the reproduction rate, RO,

is the number of people each
person infects on average.

We estimate that number to be
between two and three in Wuhan

before they locked the city down.

If the same thing happens
here, it would correspond

to 80% of people in the
UK getting the virus.

If you look at the next chart,

you see a curve based on the time it takes

for the number of infections to double.

We believe that time in Wuhan
is between four and six days.

Those numbers may be different in the UK.

We believe that there is
sustained transmission of COVID-19

in the UK at present.

We believe that the peak of
case numbers should be expected

3-5 months after the start
of widespread transmission

if there's no intervention
to reduce contact.

We believe the lockdown in
Wuhan has been effective

in reducing the epidemic.

Our best estimate of the
infection fatality rate

is in the range of 0.5% to 1%,

ranging from 0.01% of the under
20s to 8% in the over-80s.

- Yeah, I think I got that.

What, what, what is that
in terms of sheer numbers?

- 1% of 80% of the UK
population is 500,000.

- Half a million dead?

- Yes.

- (chuckles) That is a
worst-case scenario, right?

- Yes. Err, we're not
expecting that to happen.

- Those numbers are if we do nothing

to mitigate the spread of the virus.

- China's only had a
couple of thousand deaths.

Or well, so they say. I mean...

But th-th-there's a billion of them.

- And they imposed a very
draconian lockdown very quickly.

- Yeah, one advantage
of not having democracy.

- A lockdown like the Chinese one

stores up problems for later.

You can't stop a virus.

Err, once you release the lockdown,

the virus will spread again

until, of course, you
either have a vaccine

or enough people have had it
that you get herd immunity.

- So what are we gonna do?

- We need to slow down the infection rate

to flatten the curve to
give us time to prepare

and to spread out the demand for ICU.

SPI-B has recommended
areally clear policy

of no shaking hands

and really good hand-washing hygiene.

- The sort of thing my, my,
err, my nanny used to tell me.

- Err, we need to isolate
people who have symptoms,

and looking ahead,

we do need to think about school closures.

- Oh, really, I

- We believe the incubation period is

between one and 11 days,

twice as long as with flu,

so we don't believe

screening people entering the country

would be effective.


- I think, I think it's vital

that we, err, communicate this

as clearly and accurately as possible.

- Exactly.

-I would suggest we have
formal press conference tomorrow

with you and Chris alongside the P.M.

Think it's very important that we show

that any measures that are taken

are in response to independent
expert scientific advice.

(keyboard clacks)

(keyboard clacks)

- That's a really good idea, so guys,

if the patient is symptomatic,
we use this entrance

and go directly through there

to radiology and the COVID ward.

Now, if you just follow
me around the corner.

And if they have no symptoms,

they use this entrance

and go through here,
through the green wards;

however, if we're not sure,

then we put them here in the purple room.

- There's one thing about the numbers.

- What?

- The doubling time: 4-6 days.

There was an earlier estimate of 3-4.

That's a big difference.

- Look, look at that
data. Check it all again.

- Sure.

- All right. Yeah.
(Lee speaks indistinctly)

Yeah, hi, Dom. Hi, Cleo.

Okay, shall we, shall we...

Great, thank you, good.

Okay, let's do this, shall we?

Prime Minister, could you
give us an update, please?

Err, well, I've, err, I've just chaired

a COBRA, (sighs) err, err,
err, meeting on coronavirus,

and think itis a, err, a,
a, problem that is, err, likely

to become, err, more
significant for this country

in the next...

Sh-, what, err, what are we gonna say?

- Psst.
- Months or what?

- If you make it days,

then they understand it's not forever.

1 think it makes them feel-
- Okay, alright. Okay, listen.

I'l do it again. (claps) Yes, yes, yes!

Team Boris, we can do this, come on!

Okay, here we go.

But the, the single best
thing we can all do,

er, to protect ourselves

is to wash our hands,

err, two times Happy Birthday.

Other than that, though, I wish to stress

that people, ah, as far as possible

should go about, err, business as usual.

- [Aide] This, the car's ready,

Prime Minister.
- What? Right.

(siren wails)

(horn honks)

- [Consultant 1] As you can
see, we have been extremely busy

with a lot of cases.

- Yep.
- But we are coping admirably.

- [Consultant 2] We have some new-

- Ah, hello, good to see...

Listen, how are you feeling?

- Not good.

- You are in the best place.

We have got the best,
err, doctors in the world.

« The advice is not to shake
hands, just so you know.

- That would be terrible.

It'd be like Churchill hiding in a bunker.

Tops, well, very good to
see you. Good to see you.

Well done, young man. Nice to see you.

(text clicks)

(siren wails)

(weighty music)
{text clicks)

(door clunks)

- [Prudence] It's on the right.

- [Paramedic 1] Thank you.

(Steve coughing)

- [Paramedic 2] Doing ever so well.

- [Paramedic 1] Sorry
about what we're wearing.

We've just got to do
it at the moment, okay?

(ventilator hisses)

(Steve sighs)

- [Paramedic 2] Just
gonna go up your nose.

- [Steve] Ugh.

- [Paramedic 2] Just
put it round your ears.

- [Steve] Ugh. (coughs)

- [Paramedic 2] Alright?

Take your time.

- [Steve] Ah.

- [Paramedic 2] Whoops.

(Steve breathes)

Take your time.

- [Steve] Ah.

- [Paramedic 1] Alright?

- [Steve] Mm.

- [Paramedic 2] Yeah?

- [Steve] Don't worry, okay?

It's gonna be okay.

- [Patient 1] Don't worry,
we'll take good care

of Dad, alright?

(Steve breathes)

(door clunks)

- Take care, hmm?

We'll come and visit as soon as we can.

(door clunks)

(tires screech)
(siren wails)

- [Aide] Oh yes, guests.

(visitors speak indistinctly)


- [Patrick] I'm actually a little nervous.

- Heh, glad you said it, Patrick.

- Hello, boys! Good to see you.

Err, these thing can be
a little bit awkward,

s0 let's hope the old press pack aren't

in a feeding frenzy today.

If anyone gets the third
degree, it'll be me.

I shall be your, err,
human shield, as it were.

- [Patrick] Thank god.

- Today we've, we have published

the Coronavirus Action Plan.

Err, the plan has four strands:

contain, delay, research, and mitigate.

Finally, crucially, err,
w-we must not forget

what we can all do to fight this virus,

which is to wash our hands;

you knew I was gonna say this;

with soap and, and water.

Yes, thanks.
- Will you be shaking hands,

Prime Minister?

-No, I, I mean, I was shaking hands

at a, a hospital the other night

where, I believe, there were
a few coronavirus patients.

Err, and I shook hands with everybody,

uh, y-, uh, you'll,
you'll be pleased to know.

- You alright, John?

- [John] Yeah.

- Good.

So, we start off.

We wet our hands, so
everybody, wet your hands.

Give our hands a good rub together

so we get lots of soap,
lots of lather, on there.

There we go. That's it Laura, very good.

We have to do it as if we were
singing Happy Birthday twice.

You've got a good voice,
haven't you, Brian?

I've heard.
- Yeah.

- Yeah, I've heard you singing before.

And then, a nice clean cloth.

- Okay, sure, yeah, I'l
put ya through. Right.

(button clicks)

Julie? It's the hospital on the phone.

- Hi, Julie, just checking in.

We've got to clear some
space ahead of coronavirus,

and we're trying to move out any patients

without any clinical needs,

so we were working if The
Grange had any space for us.

- Err, yeah, we have one.

We've just lost a resident.

(text clicks)

{door clacks)

- If you come and say
hello to Phillip and Holly.

- Prime Minister.

- Yep, good to see you, good to see you.

- Yeah,
- Nice to see you, Holly.

- Have a seat.
- Thank you. Thanks.

(bright jingle)

- [Aide] Boris is on.

- Look.
- Welcome back.

Now, overnight the government
has faced fresh accusations

of withholding information.

Are you withholding information?

- Err, n-n-no, no, err,
no, not all, not at all.

Let me, lemme, lemme
clear that up immediately,

I mean, ‘cause it is very important,

err, you know, err,
that we're transparent.

Very important the people understand

that we are, we're transparent, aye.

- You did walk straight in here,

and I kept my hands by my side

just to see what would happen, umm,

and err, and you came over
and you shook my hand.

«Well, I d-, I did, I
di-, I did, I di-, I

- Ah, fuck's sake!

- People make their own, err,
(sighs) you know, decisions,

but I, you know, I think
washing them, I think-

- Is the key.
-Is the single

most effective thing.

- Fuck's sake!

- [Aide] Boring.

- Someone, please, tell Phillip Schofield

that Boris is never gonna
grace his studio again!

- [Aide] She'll have them for you.

(door clunks)
(severe music)

- [Reporter] More than 3,000 cases

have been confirmed here,

with the number of death

(monitor beeps)
jumping by 28

in the past day alone.

Now, all primary schools,
colleges, and universities

will shut their doors.

Italy's sports minister
signalled matches could be held

without fans coming to watch.

{man coughs)

- [Health Worker 1] Err,
check your observations, okay?

- [Patient 2] Okay.

- [Health Worker 2] Michael?

- [Michael] Err, yes.

- [Health Worker 2] Did he level out,

that young patient, Luke?

- [Michael] Yes, yes.

- 1 don't think treating
COVID patients in side wards

is going to work.

- It's too busy already.

It's only going to get worse.

- We need red zones,
and we need green zones.

(text clicks)

(bike buzzes)

- To sum up, we are still
in the contain phase.

Modelling supports implementation

within 1-2 weeks of
individual-home isolation,

whole-family isolation

in order to delay the spread of COVID-19

and reduce mortality rates.

- [Reporter] The first UK death

of a patient with coronavirus,

at a hospital in Reading,

the victim was elderly

and already suffering from
pre-existing conditions.

- Umm, can you have a
look at this, please?

- [Boris] What is it?

- It's the guest list for the baby shower.

- Really? (sighs)

- Yes, really. We're having a baby!

It's the most important thing
you can do in your life.

- Yeah, yeah, I, yeah, err,
yeah, it's just, you know,

there's quite a lot of
other things going on.

-I know, but unfortunately,

I cannot postpone having
the baby, so just-

- I understand.

- What do you think of the list?

- Er, it's fine. It's
fine, fine, fine, yeah.

- Should I invite your children?

Oh god, I don't, I don't know. I dunno.

You decide. You decide. (sighs)

(siren wails)
{text clicks)

(siren wails)
{text clicks)

- [Reporter] How many more deaths?

Today, a patient in Milton Keynes

became the second fatality.

- We're struggling.

Our main suppliers have been disrupted

by the Chinese lockdown,

and there's been a surge
in demand worldwide.

- What we can't have is hospitals
running out of protection.

- Agreed, we need to
change the guidelines now

to try and avoid shortages later.

(siren wails)

- This morning, we had the new advice

from Public Health England

vis-a-vis PPE,

so if you're on a COVID ward

and you're not going within
a metre of the patient,

you don't need the full
gown and filter-style mask,

just basic apron, mask, and goggles.

- Well, do they know it's
safe outside a metre?

- That's the recommendation.

- (scoffs) That does seem a
bit strange on the surface.

Why, why not just wear full gown?

- Maybe they don't have enough.

(keyboard clacks)

(imam sings in Arabic)

- [Imam] Allahu Akbar.

(imam sings in Arabic)

- [Reporter] Fear of
infection has depleted

even the most devoted crowds,

even here in the Grand Mosque.

Fear of this virus has made us, its hosts,

put up borders and barriers

while the unwelcome guest
is busy crossing them

with blind disregard for
ideology, creed, or flag.

- [Richard] So far, evidence suggests

that the colossal public health efforts

of the Chinese government

have saved thousands of lives.

(text clicks)

As the window for global
containment closes,

health ministers are scrambling

to implement appropriate measures

to delay spread of the virus,

but their actions have been

slow and insufficient.

- And oh, here they all are,
very good, excellent, good.

- So, may I introduce you to,
err, the captain of the team?

- Ah, the captain.
-And she'll

introduce you to the others.
- There's the boss.

Nice to see you.
- This is Vicky,

our, err, openside flanker.
- Vicky.

- Oh, the fl-flanker, okay.

(players laughs)

- Nice to meet you. I'm number two.

Number two, in the front
TOW, COUrSe you are.

- Err, Grace.
- Oh, yeah, me too.

- [Boris] Grace, where
do you (indistinct)?

- [Grace] Oh, nice ring.

- Oh, thank you. It's my engagement ring.

-I guessed.

(player chuckles)
(Carrie laughs)

So, which comes first,
the wedding or the baby?

- Err, err, baby, (laughs) I suppose.

(crowd cheering)

- [Commentator 1] Inside ball to Watson.

- Yeah!
- Watson!

(whistle rings)

- [Nurse 1] It's alright,
Myrtle. You try to relax.

- [Health Worker 3] Okay, Vicky.

+ Yeah?
- We're gonna give you

some medication to help you sleep, okay?

And then, we're gonna pop
a tube down your throat

to help you breathe, alright?

- [Reporter] Around the
world, there are now more

than 100,000 cases of coronavirus.

- First, we've got Lucy Allan,
who's the MP for Telford.

- And we've got Philip Dunne,

who is the MP for Ludlow.

- Okay.
- And this should be

a really good area for us.

(crowd speaks indistinctly)

- All right.
- Right, ooh, well, this looks

like, hmm, last dregs of it.

You probably had it pretty bad, did you?

- Well, it's flooded through the back door

through to the front.

- I've mainly pushed your water out.

I'm gonna love you and leave you,

my friends.
- Come here, please.

- [Butcher] Thank you very much.

(shutter snaps)

- [Reporter] (indistinct) Boris.

- Traitor! Don't laugh.

You're a traitor, Boris!

- [Reporter] People in Bugley

weren't letting the Prime Minister forget

that he didn't come when
their town looked like this.

- [Reporter] North
Manchester General Hospital

announcing in the last hour

that a man who'd recently
travelled from Italy

had died on its specialist
infectious-disease unit.

- [Reporter] President Macron
today banned gatherings

of more than 1,000 in France.

(horns honk)
(siren wails)

(bell tolls)

- Morning.
- Morning.

- Morning.

- Gabriel, we need to
know what the public think

about the lockdown over in Italy.

We also need to know what
they think about the idea

of it happening here in Britain.

- Yeah, sure, err, we've got groups

in, err, Crawley, Bradford,
Nuneaton, and Telford.

- Well, you're living the life.

- [Gabriel] I'm not
doing all of them myself.

- What is the risk to
a foetus? Do you know?

- Not, not really in my
wheelhouse, that one.

- Are you seeing Chris Whitty?

- Yeah.
- Well, can you ask him?

- Yeah.

- ‘Cause I'm just, I'm thinking

there are an awful lot of people

coming in and out of this building

and maybe I would be safer
in the Camberwell house.

- Or Chequers?

- 0h god no. No, I don't wanna go there.

- Oh god, sorry, look. I gotta...

It's a, er, dirty job,
but someone's gotta do it,

so I shall, err, see you later.

- Alright.

(Dylin barks)
- Err, come on, Dylin.

- [Reporter] They're
calling it Black Monday.

Traders braced for the worse
and within seconds it came.

- Em, eh, would you, err,

would you mind doing the honours?

- No problem, Prime Minister.

- Thank you.
(Dylin barks)

Err, morning all. Hello, hello, hello.

Sorry if I'm late, everyone.

So, that's the downside
of working from home:

you can't be late,

‘cause there's no, err,
catching the Victoria Line,

no "my bike got a puncture.”

Oh, hello, hello, Mark.
You're here, excellent.

Umm, although I'm, I'm, I'm guessing

that possibly you, you do
not, err, have good news.

- [Lee] FTSE's down 8% in the last hour.

- Shit,

- That's as bad as 2008.

- It's about £400 billion lost.

- [Boris] Yikes.

- Well, given this current crisis

and with a budget coming so soon,

it feels like we should
be coordinating action

between the key departments

of Treasury, Health, Home
Office, possibly Foreign Office,

all coordinated through
the Cabinet Office.

- Through you?

- Yes, with the oversight
of Michael Gove of course.

- We need to get onto the front foot.

The Italian lockdown is all over the news,

and it feels like we're
getting left behind.

- Okay, what do you think Dom?

- Italy's in chaos, but then, it's Italy.

I don't think people here want a lockdown,

and if we lockdown, then
the economy's gonna crash.

- What, and what else do we...

We, we can't have that, so...

- The average age of the people
dying in Italy is over 80.

- Over 80.

We've had 10 years of austerity

where pensioners have been
protected with a triple lock

whilst wages have been
frozen, benefits frozen,

tuition fees trebled.

We have to think about
intergenerational justice.

We have to, to, to reset the balance

between the young and the old.

- Right, okay, okay, so umm,
are you talking to Rishi?

- Yeah, we're going through the numbers,

but it's gonna have to be
something huge to make any impact.

- Phwoo!

- [Woman] Can't stay long here.

Why should he have to take so long?

- [Hospital Worker 1]
Right, well, we just need

to put this bed down now, okay?

- [Hospital Worker 2] Gonna
be a bit uncomfortable.

Let's take this pillow out.

There we go. Well done.

Put the face mask over.

- [Hospital Worker 3] Well done, Johnny.

- [Hospital Worker 2] Saturating at 84%.

- Good.

(hospital worker 2 speaks indistinctly)

- [Hospital Worker 1] ‘Kay,
we're saturating okay.

- [Hospital Worker 2] Yeah, 85%.

- [Hospital Worker 3] Of aspiration.

- [Hospital Worker 1]
"Kay, ready with crico.

- [Hospital Worker 2] Crico's on.

Sats okay.

- [Hospital Worker 3] ‘Kay.

Pass the tube.

- [Hospital Worker 2] Ready for tube.

Oxygen level's okay.

- [Hospital Worker 3] Okay, good.

- [Hospital Worker 2] Yeah.

- [Hospital Worker 3] Grade I intubation.

- [Hospital Worker 2] Coughie inflated.

- [Hospital Worker 3] Everybody happy?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.

- [Hospital Worker 3]
It's hot in this PPE.

- We need to do whatever we
can to slow this epidemic down,

or we are going to be overwhelmed.

Top of the list: mass gatherings.

Italy and France have banned them.

- You know, given the
choppy economic waters

that we find ourselves in,

the, you know, rhetoric is
steady as we can, you know?

We don't want to shoot
ourselves in the foot,

by, by, by killing off
people's livelihoods.

- So SAGE is still of the belief

that banning mass
gatherings, like Cheltenham,

would have little long-term benefit.

-Uh, I, and I think that,
frankly, it smells of panic

if we are to, you know,
err, ban Cheltenham

the day before we start.

Er, it's not a good look,

is it?
-I agree.

(horn honks)

- [Collette] Steve, we've
got your results back.

We think we need to put
you on a ventilator.

Is that okay?

- [Steve] Mmm.

- [Collette] Alright, what we'll do,

we'll give you some drugs and
pop a tube down your throat

and take this mask off, alright?

- Mmm.
- You'll be asleep.

(phone rings)

- [Older Son] Mmm.


- [Collette] Hi, it's
Collette, Steve's nurse.

He just wants to have
a word with you, okay?

I'l pop him on.

- Thank you.
- Here. Here, Steve.

- [Prudence] Hi.

- [Prudence] How you feeling?

- [Prudence] Yeah.

- [Younger Son] (indistinct) try yours.

- You sound terrible.

I know. They explained everything to me.

Take care. The, the kids are here!

- It's spicy.
- Say hello to your dad!

- Hello, Dad.

- Hello, Dad.

- [Steve] Hey, (breathes)
h-how are you? Okay?

- Yeah.

- [Steve] How's, how's school?

- Boring.

- [Steve] Ah. (coughs)

(Steve breathes)

1 love you.

- Love you, Dad.

- [Steve] Bye. (wheezes) Ugh.

- [Hospital Worker 4] Deep breath.

We're almost there. We're almost there.

- [Reporter] A fourth
person in the UK has died

after testing positive for coronavirus.

The patient, who was being treated

at the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital,

was in their 70s and had
underlying health conditions.

- [Reporter] Italy has now
imposed a national lockdown

to contain the spread of COVID-19.

- Wow, 60 million in lockdown in Italy.

- [Reporter] But the
number of cases and deaths.

- Yeah, better stock up on pasta

before all the other
idiots start panic buying.

- [Reporter] Are now
necessary. (indistinct)

- [Carrie] Do you think they're
actually gonna stay home?

- Well, I doubt it.

Perhaps while they've
got them locked down,

they'll make them pay their taxes.

(text clicks)

(horse neighs)

(spectators murmur)

- Umm, just a little, umm,
to get rid of the shine.

- Don't worry. Gonna make you look lovely.

- There's only a certain number
of people you can infect,

$0 one person in a 70,000-seater
stadium's not gonna infect

the whole stadium.

They will infect potentially

a few people they have
very close contact with.

That's true in any setting:

in the home, in a church, in a restaurant.

- Saw you on the telly, Patrick.

- Hey?
- Very good.

- Thank you. Well, comms is important.

- Oh, err, Sir Patrick.

- Mark Warner. Err, I run faculty.

Err, we're working on data for NHS.

Umm, Dom just asked me to sit in.

- Brother?

- Yes.

- Okay, everybody, shall we get started?

Data is firming up that we're
about 4-5 weeks behind Italy,

and that will increase to 6-8 weeks

once we apply the mitigation procedures.

{horn honks)
(traffic murmurs)

- Alright?

- Morning.
- Morning, Jamie.

- Morning, Chris.
- Morning.

- [Staff Member] We've
just heard from Nadine.

She's not going to make it. She's sick.

- ‘Kay. With what?

- She tested for COVID.

- Oh shit, well, that probably means

we're all gonna get it, doesn't it?

Okay, well let's start with testing.

Where are we at?

- We currently have capacity
for 1,500 tests per day.

We've been talking with NHS labs.

Our plan is to ramp up
to 10,000 tests per day.

- 'Kay, and how many tests,
err, have been done so far?

- As of today we've
carried out 26,261 tests,

with 373 being positive.

- ‘Kay, and who, exactly, is getting

the tests, besides Nadine?

I mean, can doctors get them?

- Itis vital we protect
our health workers.

All our experiences of
epidemics, like Ebola,

show that if doctors start dying,

the public lose trust in the system.

- Press would go crazy.

- Ah, yes.
- Yeah.

- [Reporter] Today, Italians are adjusting

to restrictions on movement
and bans on public gatherings.

(ventilator hisses)

- [Reporter] Hospital staff
are struggling to cope

with the sheer number of people infected,

and now people across the entire nation

have been told they can only go out

for work, family, and health emergencies.

(text clicks)

- [Reporter] The Bank
of England has announced

an emergency interest rate cut

to shore up the economy during
the coronavirus outbreak.

- So umm, let's start with
the situation in Italy.

If those hospitals were in this country,

how would that make you feel?

- I'd be really scared.

-And I'd be really worried
of all families or friends.

- And if that was happening
in your local hospital,

if those pictures were
your local hospital,

how would you feel about the government?

- Very angry.

- We've not been in this situation,

certainly not in my lifetime.

- Disappointed. You know,
we should know better.

- Alright, if the government said

there were 10,000 people are gonna die,

would that justify a lockdown?

- One life is too many.

- [Focus Group Member]
It's very hard to say.

- Would it destroy the economy?

- Well, it just seems like
you're limiting my freedom.

- You'd get rioting on the street.

- Yeah.
- The kids'd go berserk,

the teenagers.

You couldn't do that to them.

- [Reporter] A drive-through
coronavirus test site

has been opened in Wolverhampton.

- I know we haven't been
asked to model a lockdown,

but given the experience
of China and Italy,

it just seemed crazy not to.

- We're doing the same.

- I'll send the papers over,

err, but basically, if we
implement the current plan,

we're talking about deaths
in the hundreds of thousands.

If we implement a lockdown,
something like Italy,

we could reduce the number of deaths

to somewhere around 30,000.

- [Michelle] Blood pressures
dropping over here.

Can I have some help over here, please?

- [Hospital Worker 4]
You alright, Michelle?

- [Michelle] Err, blood
pressure's dropping a little bit.

- [Hospital Worker 4] Okay,
d'you wanna give a bit of bolus

and then increase that to eight?

- [Michelle] T, would you be able

to bleep the doctor for me?

-[T] Yes, honey.

- [Hospital Worker 4] Err,
give him a bit of suction

for us, Michelle.

- Suction.
- Just listening to chest now.

Looks like PE. Let's
start chest compressions.

Will you get the crash trolley
as soon as possible, please?

- [Michelle] Would you
like to ring his family

for me, please?

- [T] Would you ring the
family for me, please?

(phone rings)

- [Prudence] Hello?

- [Hospital Worker 5] Hello, Faith.

I'm so sorry, but your husband, Steve,

his organs have stopped working.

- I should take that from you!

- [Hospital Worker 5] There's
nothing more we can do.

I'm so sorry I have to
say this over the phone.

(Prudence sighs)

Err, err, err, tha-thank you.

- [Younger Son] Is that the hospital?

- Yeah. Daddy's struggling.

He really wants to come back.

- Alright.

- And we're deeply concerned

by the alarming levels of inaction.

COVID-19 can be
characterised as a pandemic.

(horns honk)

- I know how worried people are,

worried about their health,

the health of their loved ones,

their jobs, their
income, their businesses,

their financial security.

1 will do whatever it takes

to support the economy.
(siren wails)

(crowd chants indistinctly)

- [Commentator] There's Oxlade-Chamberlain

on the right-hand side.

Oxlade-Chamberlain cross.

It's headed down by
Wijnaldum! Liverpool Score!

And with half-time approaching,

it's one-nil on the night;

one-one on aggregate.

Firmino's header hits
the post, comes back.

It's in! Firmino scores at Anfield.

And now the chance...

Oh, it's in!

What a finish from Llorente
from just outside the box.

And with this scoreline,

the holders are going out here in Anfield.

Barreta to finish it,

left foot into the net,

and Diego Simeone's team are knocking out

last season's Champion's League winners.

- [Reporter] A health
worker has died in hospital,

having been diagnosed with coronavirus.

- Then he lay down close by
and whispered with a smile:

1 love you right up to the moon and back.

- Where's Daddy?

- He loves you, darling.

He loves you, and he'll
always be watching you

and be with you just
like when he was here.

And when you look up at the
stars and see one shining,

that's where Daddy is,

and he'll always be loving
you and watching you,

just like when he was here.

(text clicks)

- [Reporter] The world's financial
markets have taken fright

at the possible economic
impact of coronavirus

with sharp falls as the market opens.

- Morning. Lee.

- {inhales) "If it be
now, 'tis not to come.

If it be not to come it will be now,

if it be not now,

yet it will come.

The readiness is all."

- [Dominic] Markets are crashing again.

- [Boris] I thought
everybody loved the budget.

- They did.
- For about an hour.

- Oh god, that was the shortest honeymoon

in history, wasn't it?

- They're all spooked.

We're gonna need Rishi to go again,

try and do something to calm things down.

- Well, you, err, you're
gonna do the numbers

with him, yeah?

- Yeah, they're gonna need to be big.

- Oh, I thought they
were big in the budget.

- [Dominic] They were.

- Yeah, I, good, I'm glad
to hear you say that.

They seemed bloody big to me.

(phone rings)

- Testing.

- We believe we should stop
testing in the community

and focus on only testing people
in hospitals with symptoms.

- We've literally just announced
a big expansion in testing.

- If we keep testing in the community,

we won't have enough testing
capacity for hospitals.

- Can't we just private labs
to expand our capacity further?

- We need to maintain

the quality and accuracy of the testing

by keeping within PHE and NHS.

- We've had a lot of labs-

- [Yvonne] Mmm?

- Offering to work with us.

- We are pressing the ACDP

to allow containment level 2 labs

to be able to handle the samples.

That would help.

- But the data will still
all need to feed back

into our system.

- It's gonna look ugly,

announcing it the day after
shouting about more tests.

- Where are we at with PPE?

- We're struggling.

(engine growls)
(siren wails)

- [Doctor 3] So, this is Comfort.

She's on 15 litres of oxygen.

- [Katie] Okay.

- [Doctor 3] I'l leave her with you.

Thank you very much.
- Thank you.

Hi, Comfort, my name's Katie.

I'm the nurse that's gonna
be looking after ya today.

We'll get ya transferred over

on to a more comfortable bed, okay?

- [Hospital Worker 6]
Beth, can you, please,

cue the doctors?

- [Beth] Yeah, sure.

Could we, please, have someone
come and look at our patient

in bed space 9, bay 2, please?

His oxygen requirement is on its way up,

and he's starting to struggle slightly.

- [Boris] Right, morning, what
have all you Cassandra's got

to tell me today?

- Cassandra's prophecies
were true remember.

It was just no one believed her.

- Yes, I know.

1 do just about remember some

of the stuff they taught
me at school, thank you.

- So, SAGE met today.

We think there may be more cases
of COVID than we estimated.

- Why?

- There's a 5-7-day lag in the data.

- Jesus Christ.

- John Edmunds did some
modelling for SPI-M

on the impact of a full lockdown.

It estimates that it could
bring the fatalities down

from the hundreds of thousands
to the tens of thousands.

- Who asked them to model a lockdown?

- It was their own initiative.

- [Chris] Imperial are running
their own numbers, too.

- We decide the questions
that need to be answered.

It's not some fucking
free for all chat group,

and what's going on with testing?

It's a shambles.

- I have been pushing PHE to
increase testing for weeks,

but they are a law unto themselves.

We have hundreds of labs in
this country wanting to help,

but I cannot get PHE to get involved.

- For fuck's sake.

- Don't blame me, Dom.

Blame Andrew effing Lansley.

(Matt speaks indistinctly)
- Err, okay, okay, okay, okay,

calm down boys.

So, er, Rishi,

what're we gonna do to try
to get the markets on side?

- Well, that depends

on whether we impose
more social distancing.

- Oh right, neat, err,
sidestep. Er. (sighs)

- SAGE believes household
isolation should be imposed

as soon as possible.

- We cannot allow ourselves

to get into the same
state that Italy is in.

- Well, that's your job, isn't it?

-I'm in favour of a lockdown.

- That is on the agenda of this meeting.

- [Reporter] The death toll
in Italy has passed 1,000,

an increase of 23% in the past 24 hours.

Hospitals in Lombardy
are struggling to cope.

- So, you've seen those pictures
from Italy, the lockdown.

How would you feel if
the government proposed

something similar here,

they said, "Stay at home all day.

Err, work if you can.

If you can't, just, you
know, stay at home anyway."

- Well, would they be paying us?

{focus group member scoffs)

- Well, let's say they did.

- Err, yeah, I'd definitely
be up for that, then.

- Like, if there's a way to
protect the vulnerable people,

then of course.

And then, the younger people
who maybe aren't at risk

can go ahead and keep the economy running.

(ventilator hisses)

- [Hospital Worker 7]
Do we let them do it?

- [Hospital Worker 8] Oh yes, please.

Can you do the blood, nurse?

- [Hospital Worker 7]
Gonna take a blood sample.

(patient heavy coughing)

(pedal clacks)

-Itis now a global, err, pandemic,

and the number of cases, err, will rise.

You know, we've all gotta be clear

that this is the worst
public health crisis

for a generation.

Many more families are going
to lose, err, loved ones

before their time.

- It's like they're on
the bridge of the Titanic.

They're finally seeing the
iceberg coming towards them.

Ahead is another ship, HMS Italy.

They're watching the iceberg hit that ship

and the ship slowly sinking,

and yet they still won't change course.

They'll just blithely sail
on towards the iceberg.

- [Patrick] There are 590
identified cases in the UK

and 20 patients in ICU.

We estimate that that means there are

between 5,000 and 10,000
cases in the UK right now.

- But if it's 10,000 cases now

and it's doubling every three days,

then in three weeks, it's
gonna double seven times.

Two, four, eight, 16, 32, 64, 128.

128 times 10,000.

That's, that's 1 1/4 million cases.

- And three days after
that, it's 2 1/2 million,

and in another three
days, it'll be 5 million.

- Why aren't they locking down now?

- Well, you know why they're
not locking down now:

‘cause they don't think that
it's a big number right now.

- We will no longer be
doing contact tracing.

Indeed many people will
no longer be tested at all

if they're showing mild symptoms.

- Testing and contact tracing

are the two most important tools

in an epidemic.

Why on earth are they stopping them?

- ‘Cause they're idiots.

- [Tarig] Mmm.

(cutlery clacks)

- Did you know that Churchill
bashed out more than 40 books

as well as all his journalism?

- Even more than you.

- Yeah, and he, and he won the
Nobel Prize for Literature.

- Really? Well, I wouldn't
hold your breath on that one.

- No, my sister won the Bad Sex prize,

err, err, for her books, obviously.

- [Carrie] Ha, did you know
that Blair's memoirs were

the biggest-selling
political memoirs ever?

- Whoa, you trying to set
me some kind of challenge?

You know I can't resist that kinda thing.

(weighty music)

- [Nurse 2] Er, stable.

- [Tom] Hi. So, what's the latest?

- [Hospital Worker 9] Ah,
50, Tom, I've done two rounds

of suction there, and his sats are 79.

He's not improving at all
after that second round.

1just can't seem to improve it.

- [Tom] Thank you. It's Steven.

Alright, let's have a look-see, Steven.

- [Hospital Worker 10]
It's not the sats probe.

We're getting a good trace.

- Tom, we're not getting

enough tidal volume!
- Let's try and bring suction.

- [Hospital Worker 9] Blood
pressure of 87 over 43.

- [Tom] Now, Steven...

Right, no, we need to do a bronch.

- [Hospital Worker 9] ‘Kay.

(text clicks)

- [Reporter] Two more deaths in the UK,

bringing the total to 10.

- [Sam] Monique, what's the problem?

Why's he not been scanned yet?

- [Monique] There's (indistinct).

- [Mark] Some of my team are worried.

- [Sam] (scoffs) We're all worried.

It's the same for my team as well.

- [Mark] No, they're worried
about scanning patients

when they don't know if
they have COVID or not.

(keyboard clacks)

- [Paul] We have 300 volunteers,

many who are skilled in PCR,

as well as lab-space/containment

We are very keen to help

by using these resources

for diagnostic testing,

should that be useful.

- Our aim is to reduce the peak,

broaden the peak, not
suppress it completely,

also, because the vast majority of people

get a mild illness,

to build up some kind of herd immunity

so more people are immune to the disease

and we reduce transmission.

At the same time, you protect those

who are most vulnerable


- [Patrick] These are the
key things we need to do.

- [Carrie] Oh.

- We seem to be picking up
on a wartime fighting spirit,

so we need to push that,
the Churchillian stuff.

- Err, Patrick's doing
a tour of the studios,

taking one for the team.

- I like Patrick.

He's not afraid to stick
his head above the parapet.

- [Interviewer] In terms of
building up a herd immunity

within the UK,

(woman coughs)

what sort of percentage of the population

needs to have contracted the virus?

- About 60% is what you
need for herd immunity.

- 60%? That's an awful lot of
people dying in this country.

- Of course, we do face the prospect

of a number of people dying.

This is a nasty disease.

- What we're still missing is
clear guidance on the criteria

of who gets a ventilator

and who doesn't get a ventilator.

We cannot have individual
doctors walking round

making subjective judgements

on who to save and who to switch off

without any clear advice from us.

-I agree.

I think we need to set
up an ethics committee

to draw up criteria.

- [Staff Member] Yeah.

- Ooh.

(phone rings)

Hi. {clears throat)

Hil Hi.

- Hello, hi. How're you doing?

- Err, welcome to my world.

This is the Downing Street
equivalent of a gulag in Siberia.

- Listen, umm. {inhales)
Could you do me a favour?

I want to go to the hospital,

and I was just wondering
if you could come with me.

(keyboard clacks)
(siren wails)

(keyboard clacks)
(siren wails)

- Our vaccine ChAdOx1 nCov-19 is going

into the second phase
of animal trials today.

- Great. Matthew?

- Err, we've been looking
at the virus in children,

looking at the data from abroad,

and doing our own tests here.

Children don't seem to
get serious infections.

The issue is whether, like with
influenza, they're carriers.

It's very early,

but it doesn't look like
transmission is high.

- So closing schools
won't have much impact?

- Not from what we're
seeing at the moment.

- About 60% is what we
need for herd immunity.

- What do you make of that video?

What are your initial reactions?

Err, let's go to Annie.

- Angry, just at how
cold he's being, like.

- Herd immunity, that's
gonna kill thousands,

hundreds of thousands of people.

- It's disgusting.

It's, it's as if he's actually treating us

like herd of cattle.

-Uh, I, I, I can't emphasise enough

how much people hate the herd word.

- Yeah, you, you would not
wanna let Patrick Vallance in

with that group.

He wouldn't get out alive.

- Yeah, well, let's make sure

Boris never uses that word then.

- The, err, word itself? Or the policy?

- Err, both actually.

- [Isaac] People don't exactly wanna hear

the government's letting hundreds
of thousands of them die.

- Exactly.

- Gabriel, why don't you, err, come back

and base yourself out of here from Monday,

let some of your guys
take the strain out there.

- Err, sure. I'd love to be
able to go home at night.

- [Lee] Yeah, don't rely
on that, ha ha ha ha.

- [Rob] You alright?

- Everything's completely fine.

- [Rob] Okay, good.

- Heh, I'm so sorry.

I've wasted your time.
- No! Don't be silly.

It's fine.


- What are friends for?

(Carrie laughs)

Anyway, it's good role play
for, you know, when I'm a dad.

- D'you fancy a drink?

- Sure.

(engine rumbles)


- Cheers.

Oh gosh, itis so nice to
be out somewhere normal.

- [Rob] Mmm.

- Still,

I'm looking forward to Chequers.

- Yeah, I mean, it's a really weird place,

but it's fun, not like number 10.

My god, it's just being
ahove the shop all the time.

It's so claustrophobic there, you know?

It's impossible to relax.

- So.


-Is it a boy or a girl?

- [Bartender] Right, well, see ya.

- See ya later, thank you.
-Um, it's a boy.

- Yay! A boy.

- [Carrie] Derr, shhh!

- Oh.
(severe music)

(door knocks)

- [Ben] Hey, can I just
run some numbers with you?

- Sure. Come this way.

« Mark and I have been
looking at the numbers

for Imperial and LSHTM.

They're calculating the doubling time

from the RO and the generation time,

the amount of time it takes
one person to infect another.

Imperial is using 2.4,
which I think is too low,

and a generation time of 6 1/2 days.

That gives you a doubling
time of over five days,

but the data, I-ltalian
data, doesn't fit this.

Look at ltaly.

They've gone from five deaths
by the 27th of February

to more than a thousand
deaths by yesterday.

That's doubling every two days.

So with a doubling of two days,

we are not 4-5 weeks behind Italy,

more like two weeks.

- [Tariq] It will feel a
little strange at first,

a bit like sticking your
head out of the car window.

- [Hospital Worker 8]
There, it's important

really have a snug fit.

- [Tariq] And focus on your breathing.

- [Reporter] Italy has recorded 250 deaths

in the past 24 hours,

its highest one-day total.

The WHO says Europe is now
the epicentre of the pandemic.

(text clicks)

- [Matt] Morning Prime Minister

- Morning.

- Morning, how are you?

- Morning, Prime Minister.
- Jamie.

So, what have we got?

- We thought we were
four weeks behind Italy.

We now think we may be closer.

- [Mark] Right, ho-how much closer?

- Ben Warner has been worried
about your doubling time.

(sighs) I asked Faculty to
take a look at the data.

- His brother's company?

- Yeah. Ben and Mark think
it's more like 2-3 days.

- The mitigation will reduce the numbers.

It depends how people behave.

- If we lock down now,

with the sort of numbers
of cases that we have,

we could contain this.

Look at the experience in China.

They have peaked already,

and new infections drastically down.

- China, not comparable. Rishi?

- Well. (scoffs)

- We're modelling various types

of social distancing and social isolation.

We could model lockdown as well.

Obviously, the impact on
the economy would be huge.

- [Boris] Ah.

- And the range is pretty huge, too.

We are modelling minimum
and maximum interventions.

It'd be really helpful
to have a clear idea

of what the plan is.

- We can all see the shape of the curve.

The longer we delay lockdown,
the more cases we have,

the more likely the NHS
is to be overwhelmed.

- I agree with Matt.

We need to prevent the NHS
being overwhelmed at all costs.

The impact of the current
mitigation proposals

will still leave us with
hundreds of thousands of deaths.

- According to the modelling-

- If we have anywhere near those numbers,

we'll be out of here.

- Yep, but (indistinct),
but it's not gonna be

as bad as that, is it?

I mean, I can't see that
happening, and up to this point,

everybody round this table
has led me to believe

that that would not be the case.

Has that now changed?

- [Matt] Dom's changed his tune.

- [Jamie] Yeah, it's weird.

- It's amazing.
-I don't understand it.

(keyboard clacks)
(door clacks)

- [Hospital Worker 10]
I'm just gonna tighten.

- [Hospital Worker 10] That's it.

- Hello. Thank you.

- [Boris] Right.

So, who...

1 can't remember. Who's coming, sorry?

- Lizzie-

- Right, okay. Right.
- And Vicky and Sam.


- Sam? She works at CCHQ.

- Oh god, lots of people work in CCHQ.

- She's got long legs and short skirts.

- Oh yeah, Sam. I like her.

- Isabel and Jenny, my friends from uni,

and Rob and Mark.
- Right. Rob?

- Yep.
-I thought it was just girls.

- Rob's my friend.

- Yeah, I know but umm, you
know, it's a, it's bit weird.

I mean, he works in the policy unit.

I mean, ho-how, how would you like it

if I invited Caino or Dom?

- They're not your friends,
are they? Rob is my friend.

- Okay.

(jittery music)

(ventilator hisses)
{monitor beeps)

- [Tom] We need to intubate.

(hospital worker 8 coughs)

- To Carrie!

-[Rob] Ah.

- And the baby!

- [Rob] Oh yeah,

to Carrie and the baby!
- To Carrie and the baby!

- [Rob] Congratulations.

- Thank you, thank you.

- My dad's being put into
a coma for intubation,

but I want to come in and see him.

- I'm afraid in the current
situation, with the virus,

the hospital has a strict
policy of no visitors.

- I don't care about policy.

He's my dad.

I have a right to see him.

- [Tom] Listen, I am incredibly sorry.

This is not the way we
want to do things either.

(Tom sighs)

Look, your father is about to go into ICU,

and I am near him now,

so we can set up a FaceTime or a Skype.

- I don't wanna Skype him!

I want to see him!

I'm not letting you do this.

- [Tom] Phew.

- [Hospital Worker 9] Sats are 78.

- [Tom] Mouth. Suction, thank you.

Yeah, that's a good view.

Pass me the tube, please.

Yeah, I'm in.

- [Reporter] The number of
COVID-19-related deaths in the UK

has more than doubled in one day,

taking the total to 21.

Spain has gone into lockdown,

and France has shut down all
non-essential public locations.

(weighty music)