This England (2022): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Boris Johnson wins the 2019 general election and prepares to form a government. As work begins to get Britain to leave the EU, scientists are beginning to monitor the spread of Covid-19.

(uplifting music)

- [Publisher] We're
extremely excited to announce

that following his bestselling books

on the Emperor Augustus
and Winston Churchill,

the long-awaited.
(crowd whoops)

Yes, the very long-awaited
biography of Shakespeare

by Boris Johnson will finally
be published in April 2020.

(crowd cheers and applauds)

- [Reporter] Are you going
to go for the leadership?

- [Boris] Well, do you know, um,

yeah, of course, we're gonna go for it.

(intense music)
(glass breaking)

- [Carrie] Get off me.
Get off my fucking laptop.

- [Neighbor] Hello? Are you okay in there?

- [Carrie] Get out of my flat.

(camera shutters snapping)

- [Newsreader] Boris
Johnson dodging reporters

as he left this south
London flat this morning.

- [Reporter] Have you ruined your chance

of becoming prime minister, Mr. Johnson?

- Dignity still matters in public life.

And Johnson will never have it.

(camera shutters snapping)

- [Newsreader] Neighbors
allege they heard a row

between the Tory leadership front runner

and his partner, Carrie Symonds.

- [Reporter] Why were police
outside your house last night?

-For many of us, his,
his elevation will signal

Britain's abandonment of any claim

to be a serious country.

- [Returning Officer]
Boris Johnson is elected

as the leader of the
Conservative and Unionist Party.

(party members applaud)

(regal music)

(crowd roaring)

(regal music continues)

(engines drone)

(helicopter rotor chatters)

«I have a hunch that
Johnson will come to regret

securing the prize for which
he's struggled so long.

- I have just been to see
Her Majesty, the Queen,

who has invited me to form a government.

And so I am standing before
you today to tell you

the doubters, the
doomsters, the gloomsters,

they are going to get it wrong again.

(staff applauding)

- [Boris] As Churchill
said about the moment

when he finally took
over as prime minister,

"I felt as though I was
walking with destiny,

all my life was a preparation
for this hour and this trial.”

As your prime minister, I command you.

- [Carrie] Aren't you tired?

- Never! Power is an aphrodisiac.

And absolute power is
absolutely aphrodisiacal.

(Carrie squeals)

(intense music)

(helicopter rotor chatters)

- [Newsreader] A nation divided,
and a Tory party divided,

over the issue of Brexit.

Today the possibility that
parliament might be prorogued,

closed down for more than a month,

the longest suspension
since the Second World War.

(protestors chanting)

- [John Bercow] Order.

- The ayes to the right, 328,

the nos to the left, 301.

(MPs cheer and jeer)

- [Labour MP] Not a good start, Boris.

- [John Bercow] Order.
(camera shutter snaps)

- When are you fucking MPs gonna realize,

we are leaving on October 31st?

- While the opposition run,
they cannot hide forever.

- Mr. Speaker, the Lords,

who are authorized to declare
prorogation of parliament.

- [MPs] No!

(opposition MPs jeering)
{camera shutters snapping)

- The decision to advise Her
Majesty to prorogue parliament

was unlawful.

- [Dom] We need a plan for the election.

- [Isaac] If they vote for one.

- Oh, there'll be one,
it can't go on like this.

- What, the people versus parliament?

- Exactly, the rebels don't realize

how much people in the
real world hate them.

- So we need a simple message.

- "Take back control" won the referendum,

we need the equivalent for the election.

- Three words.

- Oh, is that the brief?

- Well, yeah.

- The prime minister.

(Conservative MPs cheer)
{opposition MPs jeer}

- Come on, come on. Come on, then.

Everything was done with full propriety.

- [Newsreader] You have
to declare an interest,

did you declare it?

- There was no, there was
no interest to declare.

I'm very, very proud of
everything that, uh, we did.

- Do not even think

about trying to talk
to that woman, alright?

- [Photographer] Boris,
Boris, straight ahead.

(camera shutter snaps)

- Good?
- Yeah, very good.

Three words.

- You can run the campaign.

- Let's get Brexit done.

Let's get Brexit done.

Get Brexit done.

Let's get Brexit done.

(bricks clatter)

Enough, Let's get this done.

Get Brexit done.

We're going to get Brexit done.

Let's get Brexit done.

Let's get Brexit done,

and let's bring this country together.

- [Reporter] Boris!

(camera shutters snapping)

(soaring music)

- [Newsreader] The exit
poll is predicting,

is indicating it's a big Conservative win.

(staffers cheering)

(cork pops)

(staffers continue cheering)

- We pulled 359, didn't we?

(camera shutters snapping)

- [Newsreader] Tonight Boris
Johnson got a hero's welcome

at Conservative Party headquarters

after his landslide victory.
♪ Oh, Isaac Levido ;

I Oh, Isaac Levido /

♪ Oh, Isaac Levido ♪
- And here he is,

our prime minister for
the next five years,

Boris Johnson!
(activists cheering)

- Nice gesture, thank
you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you all. Thank you.

Thank you, when, when, when, when, when,

when, when, when,

When the Emperor Augustus had any sort of,

you know, military problem,

his first response, I imagine, was to say,

"Get Agrippa.”

(activists laugh)

In the Brexit referendum Dom
Cummings has been my Agrippa.

(activists cheer)

And, and I think,

I think I heard somebody
singing his name earlier,

in this election my Agrippa

has been played by Isaac Levido!

(activists cheer)

I Oh, Isaac Levido /

- Well, well, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, we did it.

We did it.
(activists cheer)

We pulled it off, didn't
we? We pulled it off.

We broke the deadlock.
- Yes!

- We ended the gridlock.
We smashed the roadblock!

(activists cheering)

And we'll use, and with this
mandate and this majority

we are last able to do what?

- [Activists] Get Brexit Done!

- Ah, so you have been
paying attention. Yeah.

Thank you. Very good.
(activists laugh)

Now, less than six months ago,
when I became your leader,

1 could only offer you, to
quote a predecessor of mine,

blood, toil, tears, and sweat,

but now, less than six months later,

we can look forward to
the broad, sunlit uplands.

Anew dawn is breaking.
- Yes.

- 2020 will be a year of
prosperity, growth, and hope.

(activists cheer)

(bats chirping)

{bats chirping continues)

(cleaver thuds)

(ominous music)
(bats chirping)

Hello, it's Boris Johnson
here, taking a moment

to wish you all a merry little Christmas.

- Maybe try it one more time,

just with a little bit more sparkle.

- (sighs) Okay.

Hello, it's Boris Johnson
here, taking a moment

to wish you all a merry little Christmas.

It's that special time of year

when we can take that opportunity

to celebrate all that
is good in the world,

and to spend time with
our friends and family.

-For God's sake.

- What?

- Do you want white or red, Mum?

- Uh, red, please.

-I hope you're all
enjoying a wonderful break

with your loved ones,

sharing gifts and tucking
into some delicious food.

(cleaver thuds)
(shoppers speaking Mandarin)

{ominous music)

- Oh.
- There you go!

- [Charlotte] Wow.

- We actually have some news to tell you,

don't we, Boris?

- Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we do, we, we have

we have good news, which
you can probably guess,

we are expecting a baby.
(guests laugh)

Well, at least, uh... but it's all,

it's all gotta be top secret
until tell all the kids.

So you know, you know,
mum's the word, you know.

They'd kill me if they heard
it first from the "Daily Mail."

Here's to it. Thank you so much.

- Cheers.
- Cheers, cheers,

cheers, cheers, cheers.
- Cheers.

- Cheers.
- To you, congratulations.

- Cheers.
- Thank you so much.

- That's okay.
-I was desperate to tell you.

- What did you get them for Christmas?

- Oh books, mainly.

You know, it's so difficult to get out

and do the Christmas
shopping, so I'm afraid

it was Waterstones Online
for everyone, I'm afraid.

- We got Stephanie a signed
copy of "Harry Potter.”

- Really?

- We didn't wanna leave her out.

- Carrie never saw her
father at Christmas,

he was always with his other children.

- Christmas was always
the hardest time for us

when Stanley and I separated.

- Well, I, I was pretty much grown up.

- It's probably the best thing

if you're going to
divorce, hoarding school.

- I don't know how

you could bear to send your
children away to school.

1 couldn't have managed without Carrie.

- Aw.
- But, but, I mean, Lara,

Lara loved her school.

- She went to boarding school?

- Yeah, to Bedales.

- We're not sending ours
away, just so you know.

- Uh, you're going away for the new year?

- Yes, we're going to Mustique.

- I'm so envious.

- You need the rest, you look tired.

- Although, you know I do...

I'm supposed to be
trying to write that book

while I'm there.
- Which book?

- You know the one on Shakespeare,

the, the one that was commissioned

for the 400th anniversary.

- No, but that was years ago.

- I know, I know, but
the advance was 500K,

and that is three years
of prime minister's money,

and we need the spondulicks,
50, you know, must do.

- You always did do
everything at the last moment.

- Well, exactly, that's
why I became a journalist,

‘cause I, I, Ineed a
deadline, I need a deadline.

I need a deadline for this cracker.

And you are the woman with the deadline.

(cracker pops)

- [Queen Elizabeth] My family
and I are also inspired

by the men and women in
our emergency services.

(plate clatters)

- [Voicemail Service] Welcome
to the 02 messaging service.

The person you are calling
is unable to take your call.

Please leave your message after the tone.

{tone beeps)
- Hello Lara, it's Dad here.

Just, just calling to, uh, wish
you a very merry Christmas,

and I hope that you are
having a lovely day.

- Of course, at the heart
of the Christmas story

lies the birth of a child.

{tone beeps)
- Hello Milo,

uh, it's Dad here,

just calling to wish
you a merry Christmas.

- And overcome long held differences

and deep-seated divisions

to bring harmony and understanding.

(tone beeps)
- Hello, Hello Cassia,

uh, it's Dad here,

just calling to wish
you a merry Christmas,

and I hope that you are
having a lovely day,

and I am sending lots
of love, uh, Dad, bye.

{tense music)

Wine dark sea.

- What?

- It's what Homer always called it,

whenever he mentions the
sea it's the wine dark sea.

It's like whenever he mentions dawn

it's rosy fingered dawn.

- Like you always saying,
"Get Brexit done."

- Exactly, repetition, very
respectable rhetorical device.

Very respectable rhetorical device.

(boat engine drones)

(water splashing)
It's not bad, is it?

- Not bad.
-ls it?

Pretty blooming good, yes.

(water splashing)

- [Announcer] Seven, six, five.

- [Crowd] Four, three, two, one.

- Happy New Year.
(partygoers cheering)

(fireworks crackling)
(glasses clinking)

- Happy New Year, everyone.

(fireworks crackle and whistle)

(upbeat music)
- Cheers.

I We'll tak a cup o' kindness yet;

I For days of auld lang syne }

(fireworks crackle and boom)

(stirring music)

(siren bleats)

{tense music)

(medical staff speaking Mandarin)

(medical staff continue speaking Mandarin)

(birds chirruping)

(birds continue chirruping)

(birds continue chirruping)

(gentle music)

- [Yogi] And come into prayer position.

And now step the right foot back,

Moving your arms into warrior two.

Look forward, arms straight.

{tense music)

- [Newsreader] China has informed

the World Health Organization

of a mysterious new SARS-like virus.

The cluster of cases are
linked to a wet market

in the city of Wuhan.

The market has now been closed down.

(engine rumbles)

(phone ringing)

- Helena, can you get in touch

with our friends in the ministry,

and the Chinese Center
for Disease Control,

see if they're writing up anything

on this new pneumonia outbreak?

- Yeah, of course.

- We don't want the "New England Journal"

getting hold of it before us.

« That would be terrible.
{Richard chuckles)

- Ugh, do you have to work?

- Yeah, on, on, on, on
the Shakespeare, you know.

- (scoffs) God!

We're here to rest and recuperate.

- "If you cannot understand my argument,

and declare 'lt's Greek to me,'
you are quoting Shakespeare.

If you claim to be more
sinned against than sinning,

you are quoting Shakespeare.

If you act more in sorrow than in anger,

if your wish is father to the thought,

if your property has
vanished into thin air,

then you are quoting Shakespeare."

- What does he have to say about sex?

- Loved it.
- Oh, right, good.

- Any time, any place, anywhere.

- Is that Shakespeare too?

- No, no that's an old Martini advert.

- Bit before your time.

- Massively.

- [Dom] There are some profound problems

at the core of how the
British state makes decisions.

Failure is so normal it is not
defined as failure anymore.

We want to hire an unusual set of people,

with different skills and backgrounds

to work in Downing Street.

-I'm new, attached to the
policy department, Ben Warner.

- We want to hire some
very clever young people,

with extreme curiosity and
capacity for hard work.

- First set of stairs,
then left and right,

and you should be good, okay?
- Thank you.

(phone ringing)

(vomit splashes)

(Dylin barks)
(Carrie retches)

(Dylin whines and barks)

- Borris, can you deal dog, please?

(Dylin barking)

- Yes, yes, yeah, I, are you okay?

(Dylin barks)
- Yeah.

- Come on Dylin, come on.

Dylin, out, out, out, out, out, out, out.

This way, come on, come on.

Bloody difficult, there's it, come on,

there's it, come on.

{tense music)

- [Dom] We need some true wildcards,

artists, people who
never went to university,

weirdos from William Gibson novels.

Like that girl hired by
Bigend as a brand diviner,

who feels sick at the
sight of Tommy Hilfiger.

And if you don't fit in, I'l
get rid of you within weeks.

I'm telling you this now,
$0 you can't complain later.

(staff chattering indistinctly)

(phone ringing)

- Hello, I'm Ben Warner.


- I'm working here.

- Who says?

- I start today.

- This is my department,
and you don't work here.

- Dominic Cummings told me to start today.

- Well tell Dom he'd better
find you in office, then.

There's no space in here.

(staff chattering indistinctly)

- Okay, we're gonna keep this short.

Uh, the PM got back from
Mustique last night,

So there is no media
activity planned for today.

-And his diary's being kept
empty for the same reason.

- We don't want

the prime minister's diary
to be clogged up with stuff.

We don't wanna be distracted by events.

We wanna focus on long term strategy.

(Dylin barks)

- Sorry, would you, would you
mind trying dog-wrangle him?

Would you bind the mighty Cerberus

and take him outside for a piss?

Oh come on Dylin, for God's sake-

- [Aide] Happy New Year, Prime Minister.

- Happy New Year, good to see you.

- [Aide] Happy New Year, Prime Minister.

- Happy New... where is that bloody dog?

Hello, hello, all. Happy
New Year, by the way.

- [Staff] Happy New Year, Prime Minister.

- Yell if you see him, you
know what he looks like.

Come on you... little beggar.

- [John] Good morning, Prime Minister.

- Nice to see you, John.
- Morning.

- Yeah, good to see you.


Well done.

Well done. You have him
well and truly wrangled.

You might just need that as well, okay.

Really, it'll be fine. Thank you so much.

(intense music)

Hey, Lucia, how are you?

Well rested, I hope.
- Morning, Prime Minister.

- Good on you.

- [Aide] I'd quite like to see you.

- Okay.

Hello, kids. How are you?

Do you like the painting?

I painted that.

I did paint that, I did.
You don't believe me do you?

But I did. Hello, Cleo, how are you?

- Morning, Prime Minister.

- You're looking very fresh.

- Ben, looking forward to the new term?

- New year, new me, welcome back.

- Oh, very good, I like that. Yep.

Hello, Martin, happy New Year.
- Happy New Year,

Prime Minister.
- Happy new year, Dom.

- Happy New Year, Prime Minister.

- Good rest?

- Good thinking time.

- Ah, good thinking time.

Any, uh, any New Year's resolutions?


- Hi Shirin, hi, um.

So, as anticipated,

I will not be coming in
for any meetings in person.

Yeah, no, it's, uh, it's
pretty obvious, yes.

- We are leaving Europe
at the end of this month,

we need to keep the press focused on that.

- No, I agree.
- We need to have

a few simple strategic goals.
- Yeah, of course.

- This year free trade deal with Europe.

Free trade deal with America.
- Yep, sure.

- Plus we have 12 months to put in place

the architecture of our new,
independent institutions.

Those decisions will set
our course for a generation.

- Oh yeah, a lot to do, Dom.

- We need to radically
overhaul the way we govern,

and we need to start by
clearing out the dead wood.

- From the cabinet?

- Cabinet's easy. Civil
service is hard and crucial.

We need spads who can put a
rocket under the civil service.

- We appointed most of
the SPADs, as I recall.

- No cabinet reshuffle til
the Brexit Bill goes through.

- You wanna, do you wanna
draw up a few suggestions?

-It's along list.

(traffic roars)
(keyboard clatters)

(phone rings)

- Morning. Right, shall we?

Let's do it? What have
we, uh, what have we got?

- So far the winter's been mild,

$0 we've managed to
avoid any major crises.

- Which was lucky for
the election campaign.

- [Chris] There is the WHO report

of a new coronavirus outbreak in China.

- [Matt] Why is it always China?

- We're keeping an eye it.


(car horns blare)
{tense music)

(medical staff speaking Mandarin)

{tense music continues)

(medical staff continue speaking Mandarin)

- Sorry, coming through. Sorry, thank you.

(spads chatter indistinctly)

Watch any video online with Open-SUBTITLES
Free Browser extension:

(Dominic sighs)

- What a week.

Some of you will have seen my blog

advertising for your replacements.

In fact, all of you had
better have read my blog.

Did anyone not read it?

We've already got two new
recruits, stand up, Ben.

Ben is a data genius, he's the
reason we won the referendum,

and the reason we won the election,

you have to understand the data.

That's what all these idiots

writing about politics don't get,

they think that standing in Westminster

talking to some politician is reporting.

That's why they get everything wrong.

Stand up, Andrew.

This is Andrew Sabisky,
he's a superforecaster.

He is a thinker, the
kind of thinker we need

to shake this place up a bit.

ARPA, Advanced Research Projects Agency,

what can we learn from their experience?

Failure doesn't matter.

Joseph Licklider was a visionary.

He gave great people
resources and freedom.

That's what I'm gonna do with
people like Ben and Andrew.

Science, data, and evidence-based policy

are gonna be at the heart
of everything we do.

And remember all you spads
are now my responsibility.

1 hire you, I fire you.

1 don't want any of you to
go freelancing around town

trying to make your minister look good.

From now on everything they say

has gotta be approved by Number 10.

- [Newsreader] In Wuhan, a man has died

having caught the new virus,

which officials say comes
from the same family

as the deadly SARS virus.

(medical staff speaking Mandarin)

- [George] Richard, hey.

- [Richard] George, good to see you.

limagine you've got a lot on there.

- We're busy, yes.

1 think the genome of the new
virus will be shared tomorrow.

- Oh, that's fast.
- On Virological,

we're trying to stay
ahead of it this time.

Ithink everyone have learned
lessons from the last SARS.

- And do you maybe have
anything to publish?

- Could do, could do soon.

Also the "New England
Journal" are chasing us.

{tense music)

- Good night, Mummy.
- Good night, Mummy.

- Night night, I'll be up in a minute.

{tense music continues)

- [Newsreader] Thailand has reported

the first case of the Wuhan coronavirus

found outside of China.

The patient arrived at
Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport

from Wuhan last week with a high fever.

- What do we, uh, what do we know?

- Not a huge amount.

The WHO seem to be taking
it pretty seriously.

But the, the problem is the Chinese,

you know, how can we tell
exactly what is happening?

(email alert chimes)

{tense music)

- Tim.

- [Newsreader] In other
news in the region,

Japan has confirmed its first
case of the Wuhan virus.

- Okay, uh, let's collect
the basic numbers,

Wuhan population, and
general Hubei population,

reported cases, number of
people leaving Wuhan by plane,

and number of cases reported overseas.

- [Newsreader] International airports,

like this one in Tokyo,

are already taking preemptive measures

to prevent the virus spreading.

- See, now, that looks
impressive, but will it work?

- Unlikely.
- Those suits look good tough,

don't they?

They're, they're very "E.T."

- [Newsreader] The first
case of the SARS coronavirus

has been reported in South Korea.

{tense music)

- Morning, Professor.
- Morning.

- The Chinese have done
the work on the genome,

1 think we should start on a vaccine.

- Don't you think we should wait,

to see how the virus is gonna spread?

- We've been wanting to try

a rapid vaccine development program,

so this would be a good trial,

even if the virus doesn't spread,

we can take the work we've
done on the MERS vaccine,

and apply it to SARS CoV2,
they are very similar viruses.

- Okay.

(siren blares)

- [Newsreader] The WHO has
reported that it is possible

there is human to human transmission

of the SARS coronavirus.

(siren blares)
(tense music)

(engine roars)

- The data coming out of
China is pretty incomplete.

- As always.

- But we've been working

with the Chinese
government and researchers,

distributing an electronic
case record form,

to get the building blocks

for detailed mapping and modeling.

- Even with the incomplete
data, we're pretty certain

that person to person
transmission is happening,

and that the reproductive
rate is above one.

- At the moment, it looks
like the incubation period

is between five to 10 days,

which means that the
safe time after contact,

14 days would be a sensible outer limit.

- [Newsreader] A whole
city has been closed down.

This is Wuhan, in the
Hubei province of China.

Public transport, the
airport, and train stations

are closed until further notice.

(resident singing in Mandarin)

- [Newsreader] The shutdown has come

just before the Chinese New Year,

when millions of people
travel back to their homes.

The authorities in Beijing

are now canceling plans
for the celebrations.

- So Helena, we're publishing
the first four papers today,

including the one on
human-to-human transmission.

That's the big one.
- Great,

- Say thank you to George.
They've been so fast.

(phone ringing)

- Jamie, it's happening, let's go.

- Where we going?

- Cabinet Office Briefing Room A.

- Oh-hoo-hoo.

- There are five basic scenarios.

China could contain it

and it never achieves community
transmission outside China.

- That's our preferred option.

- Or it spreads outside of China,

and it stays as deadly
and as transmissible.

Or it becomes less
transmissible and less deadly,

just because of the way
these viruses mutate.

Or it could become more
transmissible and less deadly.

The nightmare scenario

is that it becomes more
transmissible and more deadly.

It's unlikely, viruses live to breed.

They live to survive.

It's not actually in a virus's
interest to be overly deadly,

because they then kill their
host before they can spread.

- Right, so, so what can we do

to contain the virus in China?

- We have the PHE incident response teams.

We could send a team to China.

- I, I think that's
gonna be very difficult.

The Chinese like to sort
these things out themselves.

(children singing in Mandarin)

(drums beat)
(cymbals clash)

(camera shutters snapping)

- Wow, wow, yes. That
was excellent, excellent.

(crowd applauding)

- [Reporter] Mr. Hancock,
what's the government doing

about this view coronavirus?

- Well, uh, I chaired the
meeting of COBRA today

to discuss coronavirus,

and we agreed that the risk
to the UK public remains low.

- [Reporter] Mr. Hancock, what
measures did the government-

- [Reporter] Any more data
from Wuhan? Mr. Hancock?

- Hi, lan, how you doing?

- Very well, thank you, Prime Minister.

- Imran, good to see you.

Hey, Dom, how are you?

(mellow music)

- [Lawyer] Marina will
get most of the money

from the house in Islington.

- And, and what do I get?

- [Lawyer] The place in Thame.

(Boris sighs)

You don't like it?

-No, I do like the house in Thame,

it's just it's, you know, it's
not exactly worth that much.

- [Lawyer] Well, you get money
as well, it adds up to 50-50.

- [Newsreader] It's getting closer.

Today, France reported its first case

of the new SARS-like coronavirus.

- The latest numbers from the Chinese

now suggests an R number up to three,

which is pretty much in
line with our estimate

of somewhere between 2.6 and 3.5.

The data is pretty thin.

- That seems very high.

- What that means is,

we would need to cut these
reproduction numbers by 60%

to be able to deal with it.

- Ifthe Chinese numbers
are accurate, Neil.

-A 60% cut is drastic.

- You'd have to shut up shop, basically.

- Like the lockdown in Wuhan?

- Exactly.

- [Newsreader] Beijing has
confirmed the number of people

who have died from a new type
of respiratory virus in China

has now passed 40.
(machines beeping)

- We've now got the test
developed in Oxford up and running

in our lab in Colindale.

- Incredible, I mean, we
hadn't even heard of this virus

three weeks ago.

Now, we've set up an
incident management team,

reporting to Yvonne.

- Are you sure you want
to use the word pandemic?

Because it is going to be
big news if you say this.

- When you look at the
international air traffic

out of the city, the number of infections,

there is definitely
going to be a pandemic.

- [Tour Guide] As recently,
1987, the minster was on fire.

It was struck by a bolt of lightning,

(tourist coughing)
the south transept

consumed by flames.
{tourist coughing)

There were hundreds of firefighters here,

working tirelessly.

- [Newsreader] In Geneva today,
the world was put on alert.

This virus should be taken seriously.

- I'm declaring a public health emergency

of international concern.

(plane engine roaring)

(passengers chattering)

{tense music)

(patient coughing)

(phone ringing)

{tense music continues)

- [Caller] Hi Jamie, sorry
to call you so early.

- [Jamie] It's here, isn't it?

- [Newsreader] Coronavirus
is confirmed in the UK.

The patients, both Chinese
members of the same family,

fell ill whilst in York.

- How long is the incubation period?

- According to Wuhan figures,

between two and 11 days.
- Yeah.

- And what about fatality rate?

It's hard to say. Somewhere
between 0.5 and 3%.

- That's a big range.

- Did everyone see the "Lancet" article?

- Yes, last night.
- Yeah.

- Yes, Gabriel's paper
has been peer reviewed.

We think it's very important

to get this information out there.

- [Newsreader] Two
Chinese tourists in Rome

are the first confirmed cases
of coronavirus in Italy.

Italy has banned all flights from China.

- This tweet, from last
Saturday, piqued our interest.

- [Tweeter] Holy mother of God,

the new coronavirus is a 3.8.

How bad is that reproductive RO value?

It is thermonuclear pandemic level bad.

I'm not exaggerating.

- Are you sure you're
not? No even a little?

- [Journalist] So, have
you got anything for us?

- Yes, I have, coronavirus.

We've got a plane load of people
flying in from Wuhan today.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Shoot it down, then that'd be a story.

(all laughing)

- [Boris] Is everybody ready?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Right. Tonight we are
leaving the European Union.

For many people this is an
astonishing moment of hope,

a moment they thought would never come.

This is the moment when the dawn breaks,

and the curtain goes up on a new act

in our great national drama.

- It's seven o'clock, this
is "Sky News Tonight."

Our top story, 83 Britons
landed back in the UK

having been flown out of
Wuhan on a special flight

chartered by the UK government.

For the next fortnight

they'll stay at an NHS
facility in Birkenhead,

where they'll remain in quarantine.

(crowd chattering)

- We've done many things,

but we can't turn the clock back, can we?


- Was it you that blabbed to
the press about quarantine?

- Yes.

- Who the do you think you are?

Today's Brexit Day.

We don't want "News at 10"
splashing a bunch of nobodies

being driven to the fucking Wirral.

- We thought it was important

for the public to know
we're taking it seriously.

- Bullshit, I don't a fuck what you think.

- [Crowd] Two, one.

(crowd cheers)
("Land of Hope and Glory")

- This royal throne of
kings, this sceptered Isle.

This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars.

This other Eden, demi-paradise.

This fortress built by nature for herself

against infection and the hand of war.

This happy breed of men and women.

This little world.

This precious stone set in the silver sea,

which serves it in the office of a wall,

or as a moat defensive to a house

against the envy of less happier lands.

This blessed plot, this earth,
this realm, this England.

(crowd cheering)

("Land of Hope and Glory" continues)

(crowd continues cheering)

- [Spads] Dom, Dom, Dom,
Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom,

Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom.

- Speech, speech.
- Go on, Dom.

- We, uh, we took back control tonight.

- Yes.
- I want you to know

that this is a fantastic
moment for our country.

There are very few moments in our lives

which can be genuinely referred to

as an historic turning
point, but this is one.

Uh, thank you.
- Well done Dom!

(crowd cheering)

(announcer speaking Mandarin)

- [Newsreader] The Chinese
whistleblower, Li Wenliang,

is still in hospital and has
been put onto a ventilator.

- [Newsreader] The UK is shipping

thousands of items of PPE to China,

to help them fight the
coronavirus outbreak.

- [Newsreader] Huoshenshan
Hospital in Wuhan has opened

after being built in just 10 days.

- We now estimate the incubation period

to be between two to 14 days,

a generation time, which is the time

between the infection of a primary case

and one of its secondary cases,

is estimated at six to seven days.

It's a reasonable hypothesis
that the epidemic in China

is still growing exponentially,

doubling every four to five days.

We should expect there to be

sustained community
transmission outside China.

- Did you do the sums on
blocking flights from China?

- SPI-M found that if we were to reduce

the number of imported infections by 50%,

we would maybe delay the
onset of an epidemic in the UK

by about five days.

- [Newsreader] Hong Kong's
first coronavirus death

was a 39-year-old man

who went to hospital the day he returned

from the Wuhan epicenter.

But in that short time, it
seems he infected his mother.

- We would recommend
that symptomatic patients

are encouraged to wear
a surgical face mask,

provided that can be tolerated.

- [Newsreader] Li Wenliang has died.

For most of his life,

Li Wenliang was a
successful, but anonymous

ophthalmologist, father, and husband

based in the central
Chinese city of Wuhan.

But over the past two months,

the 34-year-old has become
a household name in China,

known to hundreds of millions of people

as the face and conscience

of its spiraling coronavirus crisis.

News of his death has been met

with an extraordinary
nationwide outpouring

of grief and anger on social media.

(somber music)

- Right, this is what we know so far.

From the 18th to the 23rd of January,

Steve Walsh attended a
conference in Singapore.

Also attending was a man from Wuhan,

who has since been
diagnosed with coronavirus.

Now, on the 24th Steve
flew back to London,

then directly to Geneva.

He stayed for one night in

and then to a chalet

in the ski resort of Contamines-Montjoie.

(snow crunching)
(Steve coughing)

He was with a group of 10 friends
in his part of the chalet,

and then there was a
family with three children

in that same chalet.

On the night of the 24th of January

he developed moderate symptoms,

and was symptomatic during the
rest of his stay in France.

He continued to stay in France and ski.

And he flew back from Geneva
on the 28th of January.

- Chris, what do we know about
the others in the chalet?

- [Chris Wormald] Well, we
have four British tourists

in isolation in French hospitals,
along with two children.

They're all reported to
have respiratory problems.

They're all being tested for coronavirus.

More than 100 contacts
have been identified,

and the children's schools
have now been closed.

- [Matt] Britain is
leading the way in testing.

Testing around the world is being done

on equipment designed
here, in this country.

- [Peter] We have two or three labs here,

there are hundreds round the country

that could be getting ready to run tests.

-I don't know, all I can
say is that current policy

is that all testing has to be
done through our laboratories.

- This is going to be an epidemic,

having only one lab is crazy.

- What is SAGE doing?

What is our Chief Medical Officer doing?

What is our Chief Science Advisor doing?

Have they read the papers we published?

Have they listened to
what Tedros is saying?

This is a public health emergency
of international concern,

what are we doing?

What is the government doing?

- Where, where are we at on testing?

- We are up and running at Colindale.


- It's the fastest deployment
of a novel test in UK history.

- Good. What about other labs?

- One issue is that the virus

is categorized as an HG3 pathogen,

so only containment level three labs

can handle the material.

Any lab has to be able to get the samples,

transport them safely, get the results,

feed the results back to PHE and the NHS.

- Well, we could use NHS labs.

Could, could we do that?

- We are extending to 12
new labs across the country.

+ Mm-hmm,
- Which will eventually

raise our capacity to 1,000 tests a day.

- Right, that's what we need, is it?

That's great.
- It's fantastic.

- [Newsreader] In Korea, test kits

capable of results in six hours

become available at 50 health centers

throughout the country.

(spads chattering)

- Next week is Valentine's Day.

You all know what that's famous
for, don't you? A massacre.

So half of you can expect
to be looking for a job.

I hope you all know which half you are in.

For all those spads who are staying,

it is worth reflecting
on the deep principles

that actually determine why
things work and do not work.

Most ministers tend to think
of management, like science,

as a rather lowly skill,
beneath their Olympian status.

I assume you've read my
paper on the Apollo program,

and the lessons we can take from that

and apply to government.

We will only improve the
performance of government

if we reflect on what expertise really is,

and why do some very successful fields

cultivate it effectively,

while others, like government, do not.

We need to select much
higher quality people.

It's insane that people as
ignorant and limited as me

can have the influence we
do in the way that we do.

Why are you not writing this down?

- Fucking Apollo program,
what are load of crap.

- It's like some medieval
court, and he's Thomas Cromwell.

- That'd make Boris Henry VIII.

He'd actually make
quite a good Henry VIII.

- Mm-hmm.
- Who's a Anne Boleyn, then?

Is that Carrie?

- Not that Boris has the same problem

in the, uh, procreation
department as old Henry.


- So, you for the chop?

- Uh, yeah, I imagine so.

1 think Cummings wants
to get rid of anyone

who's close to Carrie.

- [Newsreader] South China
Agricultural University

in Guangzhou says that
two of its researchers

have identified the pangolin

as the potential source
of the novel coronavirus.

(rain splatters)

- [Newsreader] For the
people of Mytholmroyd,

Storm Ciara has brought an
unwanted dose of deja vu.

Here, and in neighboring towns

along the banks of the River Calder,

the torrential rain

has left dozens of homes
and businesses flooded.

(water splashes)

{tense music)

- Welcome to our first meeting

to plan for the expected
coronavirus epidemic.

As you all know, NHS declared the virus

a level four critical incident
at the end of January,

for the first time ever.

So we need to start thinking about

how we organize ourselves.

Obviously this is Joe's specialty, so.

- Yeah, uh, thanks Sally.

As most of you already know,

I worked in Africa during Ebola.

Now, the absolutely key thing
is to organize the hospital

to prevent infection spreading.

So that means early testing,

and isolation wards for
those testing positive.

You also need a heck of a lot of PPE.

- PHE have issued guidelines on this.

We don't need the full Ebola-style PPE,

just fluid repellent gowns, FFP3 masks,

and goggles or visors.

- Did they say why?

- Well, makes my job easier.

We'll never be able to source
the other stuff anyway.

(siren wails)

- Right, today we're gonna be focusing

on some of the big changes

I want to be seeing
happening in this place.

Sometimes it's like
swimming through treacle,

I need to cut through stagnation.

- What about the floods?

- What about them?

- Well, there's gonna be calls

for the PM to visit the
worst affected areas.

-No, no, no, it'll look like
we're responding to events,

rather than shaping them.

-Is the Secretary of
State for the Environment

gonna announce any flood measures?

- No, she's not gonna announce anything.

This is a big week. We need to
focus on the important stuff.

Cabinet reshuffle Thursday.

{tense music)

- Hello, hello, hello.

Good, good morning, good
morning, good morning.

(phone rings)
- Hello.

- [Carrie] Hello, it's Carrie,

You couldn't do me a favor, could you?

- Sure.

- Can you go and get me a
tuna baguette from Pret?

You can use my card.

Thank you so much. Thank you.

Could you get us some milk as well?

Just ‘cause we've run out,

and Occado doesn't come till tomorrow.

- Sure. How are you?

- Yeah, good, good.

Um, could you take Dylin for me as well?

« Ah-
-Is that alright?

- Okay.
- He's just desperate

to go for a wee.

Oh, and also, just in case.

Right. Thank you, Colin.

- We're all agreed

the outbreak is close to peaking in Wuhan.

Data in the rest of China is more patchy.

It's vital we get as much data
as we can from UK patients.

- Eight confirmed cases
here at the moment,

all caught the virus abroad.

- We're recommending a tenfold increase

in Public Health England's
test and trace capacity,

in order to extend the number
of cases we can monitor.

- Yes, but we believe that contact tracing

may become potentially unsustainable

when the number of infections

resulted in more than 8,000 contacts

needing to be traced each day.

That would be for a total
of 50 positive cases.

- World Health Organization
says the disease

will now be officially called COVID 19,

and warned it could be 18 months

before the first vaccine
becomes available.

- You know, we should get away.

We should have a break.

- Oh yeah, it's very claustrophobic,

being cooped up here all the time.

- Well we can go down to Chequers-

- No, no, it's so stuffy there.

- Okay, well, Chevening?

- Blast from the past.
- Yes. Rev up the old engine.

Look, I could, I could talk to the kids,

1 could tell them the news,

and we could get it out to the press.

- [Reporter] How tight is
Number 10's grip on power?

- The reshuffle billed
as just another day,

officials huddling to make
sure it's all in order.

- There is a possibility
Sajid might resign,

and we wanted you to know
that we were considering

asking you to become chancellor.

- On the condition that all
the Treasury special advisors

are integrated into Number 10.

- Under your control?

- Yeah, and that you are happy for us

to honor the spending pledges
made in the manifesto.

- Working with our Chinese colleagues,

we now believe the virus is infectious

during the incubation period.

- That has huge implications
for transmission.

- Yes.

{tense music)

- [Dom] Get my message?

- Yeah.
- Good.

I want you to get all
your stuff out of here

in the next hour, I need your desk.

- I'm out.

- Shit.
-And you.

- Uh, no, not yet.

(gravel crunches)

{birds calling)
(keyboard clattering)

- [Newsreader] Resignation
of the chancellor

- Oh, thank you, a rose.

- By any other name would smell as sweet,

ef cetera, et cetera.

I've gotta be honest, I
was given that by a cook.

- Oh, don't spoil it.

- [Newsreader] Other
high profile casualties-

- Happy Valentine's Day.

- Oh thank you.

Oh gosh, this is so embarrassing.

Oh, what's this?

A gift from Hermes, perhaps.

- Oh, it's exciting.

- Yes, the Greek god, not the fancy shop.

- [Newsreader] Labour have
called for a full investigation-

-Oh, it is Hermes. Oh, I love it.

- Oh. Cleo thought you'd like it.

- Boris-
- Listen, I can't go round

to Debenhams' perfume counter

sniffing the tester bottles, can 1?

- [Newsreader] Downing Street
has also had to deal with

questions about who paid for
Boris Johnson's accommodation

while he was on holiday on the
Caribbean island of Mustique

over the New Year.

- Have they nothing better to do?

- It was David Ross, wasn't it?

- Yes, what do they expect me to do,

take a charter fight to Tenerife?

- [Newsreader] The villa, describing-

(mellow music)

(birds chirruping)

- [Reporter] If this
was happening in London,

in some of these big cities,

closer to the politicians in
Westminster more would be done.

I mean, where is the
prime minister this week?

- [Carrie] If the children
won't come down and visit,

you're just going to have to
tell them by text or something.

- Well, they're, they're busy, I think.

- You have to tell them now, we agreed.

I'm not going back to hide
away upstairs at that flat.

The mad woman in the attic.

- Mrs. Rochester.

1 know, I know, I know.
1just, I, you know,

I'd rather do it face-to-face is all.

- There's something else I want to say,

don't take this wrong way.

You know in your book on Churchill

you quote that letter from his wife,

where she starts, "I
hope you will forgive me

if I tell you something that
1think you ought to know"?

- Yes.

- And you call it a superb letter,

shows how much she loves him.

And you say that she's totally bound up

in his life and career.

She writes, "There is a
danger of your being disliked

because of your rough, sarcastic manner.

Your private secretaries have
to take what's coming to them

if an idea is suggested.

You're so contentious that, presently,

no idea, good or bad, will be forthcoming.

You will not get the hest results

by irascibility and rudeness.

They will breed either
dislike or a slave mentality.


- Well, don't you recognize it?

It's the perfect description of Dom.

She says that people

have always liked working
for Churchill up until then.

And that is just like you.

People love working for you.

They hate him.
- God.

- You'll be guilty by association.

- The prime minister will be at Chevening

for the next 12 days,

so all papers should be kept
down to two sides at most,

one wherever possible.

He needs to recharge his batteries.

Our priority is to prepare the budget.

- The papers are running
with Labour's efforts

on the Mustique holiday.

"Boris Johnson urged to fess up

over mystery £15,000 Caribbean holiday

after Tory donor denies paying for it."

- Westminster bubble stuff.
They'll forget it by tomorrow.

- Yeah, because they'll have
Storm Dennis everywhere.

We, we need to look like we're
doing more than last week.

- We need long term policies,
not short term fixes.

We need to think about the
climate, not the weather.

-I'm so sorry if you've
got the sack because of me.

- [Colin] Don't be silly.

1just, it looks like everyone who I know

has been pushed out.

- [Boris] Oh, Christ.
(paintbrush rattles)

- You alright?

- Oh, I, uh, I've got a bit
of the old black dog today,

as Winston used to call it.

- Well channel it into your art.

- Huh, right, my, uh, my
blue period, yeah. Yeah.

(somber music)

I have of late, but wherefore I know not,

lost all my mirth.

(tone beeps)
Lara, it's Dad.

It would be so lovely to see you.

We're at Chevening all week,
so if anytime you are free,

if you wanted to pop down.

Something I, I, I'd like
to talk to you about.

{tone beeps)
Milo, Milo, Milo, it's Dad.

Look we're at Chevening all week,

it would be great to see you.

, uh, be lovely to have a chat with you.

{tone beeps)
Hi Cass, it's Dad.

Um, I would love to see
you. I'm down at Chevening.

- [Newsreader] "The Guardian" says

Labour's calling on Boris Johnson

to sack a new Downing Street aid

who's past pronouncements
have caused outrage.

It's reported that six years ago,

27-year-old researcher Andrew Sabisky

proposed mandatory birth control

at the onset of puberty,

to avoid unplanned pregnancies
creating an underclass.

He's also said to have claimed on Twitter

that Black Americans
have a lower average IQ

than white people.

"The Telegraph" says
it's spoken to an aide

to a senior cabinet minister-
- Another one of

Dom's bright ideas.

This sort of stuff plays
right into his hands.

Do you see that?

He's, he's this Maverick,
this evil genius,

but this damages you.
- Yes.

- You have to rein him
in, let's clip his wings.

- Yes. I shall be the sun, and he Icarus.

- [Newsreader] Samples
of British-grown rocket

contained a high level of nitrates,

which has been associated
with types of cancer.

{toothbrush scratching)

- I mean, what, what the hell is going on?

We look like a bunch of amateurs.

- [Dom] No it's just
wanker on Radio 4, moaning,

we should ignore it.

- Right, Sabitsky's got to go.

- [Dom] It's Sabisky.

-I don't, don't care
what his bloody name is.

He's gotta go.

We can't have some nutter banging
on about eugenics, can we?

- If we give into a bit
of noise in the media,

we're always gonna be on the back foot.

We need people with radical
ideas to shake up Whitehall.

- Right. Not those sort of radical ideas.

- I think It would be absolutely
the wrong move to sack him.

Never apologize, never give in.

- No, Sabitsky apologizes,
and he gives in.

- We currently have the capacity

to track and trace five
new cases per week.

- That's not very many.

- We're estimating that would
mean 800 contact traces.

Now we think we can ramp that up

to 8,000 contact traces per
day, given the resources.

- So, 50 new cases per week.

- [Sharon] That's right.

- Obviously, if you look
at the shape of the curve,

or the number of cases in China,

we're going to outstrip
that extremely quickly.

-I agree.

Ithink we need to decide at
what point contact tracing

should be stopped.

- Hi, Johnathon, we've
got some wonderful news.

- We now have the genome
for a potential vaccine.

- Brilliant.

- We've added the spike
protein gene from SARS CoV2

to an adenovirus,

which triggers a T-cell
and antibody response.

It's pretty simple.

- [Peter] The best things always are.

- So, we need to start manufacturing

ready for human testing.

- Ideally, we need to run

all the stages of the trial in parallel,

rather than sequentially.
- I agree.

- So we need to find a manufacturer

willing to take the risk.

- [Patrick] John, school closures?

- SPI-M modeled school closures,

assuming children have a
transmission role for COVID 19

similar to that of influenza,

the model found that school closures

could have a modest impact

on delaying the peak of an epidemic.

-If COVID is similar to influenza.

- Yes.

(tense music)
(siren blaring)

- [Newsreader] Italy today reported

the first case of a European
dying from coronavirus.

- So, are we agreed that we will recommend

that threat level remains at moderate.

- [Committee] Yes.

- Peter. (sighs)

{tense music)

- [Newsreader] Two months since COVID 19

spread out of Wuhan, Italy is silent.

Yesterday two Italians
were the first Europeans

to die from the virus,

today another death has been confirmed.

In Milan, the world-famous Fashion Week

has been in the balance,

and in Venice, museums are shut

and the carnival was cut short.

There is a fear factor
too, as a country tries to-

- What we need to determine is this,

for every person who gets sick,

how many other people are
they likely to infect?

So, for seasonal flu,
that's usually about one.

- Oh, it's a bit like homework, isn't it?

- I'm enjoying it.

- It's over three.
-I'm more of a

Carry On man, myself.
- Between four and six.

- "Carry on doctor,"
"Carry on up the Khyber,"

"Carry on Prime Minister."

- Boom, boom. (laughs)

{tense music)

- We believe that our
current surveillance work

will enable us to detect any
outbreak at its early stages.

This should provide
evidence of an epidemic

about nine to 11 weeks before it peaks.

- Good, and you're gonna
continue contact tracing

and find commercial solutions
for testing in hospitals?

- Yes, and PHE National Infection Service

yesterday issued guidance clarifying

that elderly people should not
be discharged from hospitals

into care homes

if there is risk of
coronavirus transmission.

- Good.

(horns blare)

- 1 see this is the case
of Wheeler and Johnson.

- [Newsreader] Lawyers today
agreed a financial settlement

between the prime minister, Boris Johnson,

and his wife, Marina Wheeler,

paving the way for their divorce.

(soaring music)

- [Reporter] Back in Hereford,

the flood levels are now slowly receding,

but in neighboring Worcestershire

the threat of rising water remains

as we enter yet another night

of people being told to leave their homes.

- No one has ever used the weather

more dramatically or
effectively than Shakespeare.

Think of the storms

that trigger the action in
"The Tempest" and "Othello."

Think of King Lear wandering the heath,

abandoned by his daughter,

"Blow winds and crack
your cheeks, rage, blow!

I tax not you, you
elements, with unkindness.

I never gave you kingdoms,
called you daughters,

then let fall your horrible pleasure.

Here I stand, your slave.

A poor, infirm, weak,

and despised old man.

(rain splashes)
{gentle music)

(thunder rolls)

(engine drones)

- [Newsreader] The "Daily
Mail" leads with the headline,

"Shotgun horror killing
at Boris family estate.”

- Oh, for God's sake, if it's
not one thing it's another.

(engine roars)

- [Newsreader] More deaths in Italy

as the world is told to get
ready for a COVID 19 pandemic.

The markets take fright,

as the virus begins to
dent the global economy.

- Well, the number of cases
here is still very low.

However, what is happening
in Italy is a warning.

- Okay.
- And we believe

that we are a few weeks behind Italy.

- Yes, that's right.

- Okay. Okay, right.

- Morning.
- Morning.

We've gotta get you out there.

- Yeah, but what do you want me to do?

I mean, do you want to
get out my mop and bucket?

- Yes, 100%.

All of the papers are
running with the idea

that you are living the
life in a country mansion,

whilst everyone else is suffering.

- It's just weather,
there's always weather.

- It's not just weather, look.

- Well, actually, that's not bad.

-These are once ina
century fucking floods,

we can't look like we're ignoring them.

- Hospitals are starting to worry

about their levels of PPE.
- Yeah.

- NHS supply chain is struggling.

- There's an EU procurement
scheme starting tomorrow.

- Well, we've left the EU.

- We're still entitled to participate.

- We can do better than Europe.

We need to source it ourselves.

- In the reasonable worst case scenario,

80% of the UK population
may become infected,

with an overall 1% fatality
rate in those infected.

- Were you all agreed on these figures?

- Our projections haven't
really changed that much

since the beginning.

- 1% Of 80% is in the
order of 500,000 deaths.

We'd be overwhelmed.

- Dom, can I have a word with you?

- What word?
- About COVID.

{tense music)

- Hey, guys, can I have a word
with Ben in here privately?

- Yeah, sure.

- Thanks.

Shut the door.

- So their estimates

are around 500,000 deaths
if nothing is done.

- Have you checked the numbers?

- I've had a quick look.
There's nothing obviously wrong.

- Okay.

Get access to all data
and check everything.

- [Newsreader] In Italy
more people have died,

bringing the total number
of deaths there to 21,

with 888 confirmed cases.

- [Newsreader] The virus infects
the financial markets too,

as London's FTSE suffers its worst week

since the financial crisis.

- Might be your take on it,

but that is not what we discussed.

I've, I've gotta go.

Okay. Yeah.

- [Lee] Stock market's
fallen again this morning,

uh, it's down 200 billion this week.

-I think you should chair COBRA.

- Yeah, agreed, but Carrie and I

are going to Chequers this weekend.

- Monday then?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.

- [Dom] Ben is looking at the numbers.

- Good.
- For now we need to focus

on the economic impact.

I'm gonna go through
the options with Rishi.

- Excellent. Good.

- I think we should start
focus grouping as well.

- [Boris] You're right, yep.

- Get Public First onto it,

and maybe we should think about

drafting in Ben Guerin and
Isaac Levido on messaging.

- Ah, the old team.

- If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

- Patrick, good to see you.

- Oh, hello, Prime Minister.
- Hey Chris, nice to see you.

Oh, hello, Matt, hey, listen,

I'm gonna chair the meeting on Monday.

- Great.

- Okay, this COVID virus we
need to keep an eye on, yes.

- We are, we are.
- Okay, thank you.

That's good. Oh just those, check that.

- Okay, okay.
- Okay?

- Right, thank you.

- Could you tell us

about the latest
developments, Prime Minister?

- Uh, well, yeah, as you can imagine,

the issue of coronavirus

is now the government's top priority.

And I've just come from a meeting

with the Chief Medical Officer

and the Secretary of State
for Health, and others.

But as I say, I, you know,

1 think the best thing all of us can do

to prevent the spread of a
coronavirus is to wash our hands.

- Good, it was good.

- Actually, I quite like
that bit of a tiny smile

at the end there, just
to sort of sell it a bit.

- Yeah, yeah, it was great.

- Have a good weekend.
- Okay, thanks, Gazza.


- Hello.

- I'll take Dylin, ma'am.
- Thank you.

(engines droning)
(gentle music)

- More wine, Prime Minister?

- Yes, please, I shall certainly
have some more, thank you.

Very nice itis, too.

- Thank you, sir.
- Excellent, good.

- You've still not said anything to them?

- Yeah. Hasn't been, hasn't
been quite the right timing.

- Okay, well this is your last chance.

- I know.

- ‘Cause I'm going to tell
everyone this weekend,

whether you've told them or not.

- Yeah, I know, I know, I know.

(gentle music)

- Many of you already know,

but for my friends that still don't,

we got engaged at the end of last year,

and we've got a baby
hatching early summer.

This is what I'm going to post.

What do you think?

- You know, I bow to
your superior knowledge

of social media.

- [Carrie] All right.

(siren blares)

- [Newsreader] Eight
more people die in Italy

as the coronavirus continues to spread.

Today churches were closed,

as 240 new cases were reported

in the northern regions
of Lombardy and Veneto.

- He- hello, Lara, it's Dad here.

I, I wanted to let you
know a piece of news

before you read it in the papers,

which is that, uh, we,
uh are having a baby.

Uh, Carrie is having a baby,

another Johnson is on his or her way.

Um, so, uh, I hope to see you soon.

Okay, lots of, lots of love.

Yeah, um, it's Dad, of course. Bye, bye.

(somber music)

(keyboard clattering)

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music continues)

(dramatic music continues)

(dramatic music continues)

(dramatic music continues)

(dramatic music continues)

(dramatic music continues)

(dramatic music continues)

(no audio)