The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 3, Episode 10 - A Tiger's Tale - full transcript

Noah and Cody have the unusual task of escorting a tiger, two nuns and Elizabeth, a novice. Cody falls for Elizabeth, tries to disuade her from taking vows while they fight off hunters wanting a tiger hide. Jesse gets a crush on Louise.

Tails, tails, tails,
tails, tails, tails, tails.

Come on, lord,
please let it be heads.

Mmm. Yes.

You can't do that.

Sorry, buck. Some things
just ain't meant to be.

Yeah, let's go, Cody.

That wagon ought to
be here any time.

Noah, don't you think
a hundred dollars

is a lot of money for
a delivery to Saint Jo?

Especially for hauling
five hundred pounds of, ah,

"bangled triggers",
whatever that is.

Well, for five hundred dollars
I'd take the devil to Denver,

if that's where he wanted to go.

You boys decided yet?

Well, teaspoon, looks like
it's going to be me and Noah.

Well, congratulations.

Buck, Jimmy, kid,
today's your lucky day.

that there's a bengal tiger.

According to this there's one
in Tibet, ate a whole village.

I wouldn't worry
about it though.

Fellah who brought him

had a sack full of
dead rabbits and deer parts.

Said he likes them just fine.

Said everything
you'll need to know

is right here
in this little book.

Let me see that.

You know, buck,
if you still want to go...

It's all right, Cody,
some things just
aren't meant to be.

Where's he headed
to anyway, teaspoon?

I mean after Saint Jo.

He's going to be
on display in Saint Louis.

After that he's going to
mister p.T. Barnum's museum
in New York City.

He's covering a lot of ground.

Well, that ain't the half of it.

He came by boat all the way
from India to Mexico.

Been on the back of that
damned wagon ever since.

No wonder he's in a bad mood.

So, we'll take him
to a museum, huh?

What are they going
to do with him once we
get him there, stuff him?

Ah, ain't that
kinda museum, Cody.

What you might call a menagerie.

Like the strangest,

most unusual creatures
on god's earth.

Sounds like Cody
will fit right in.

Easy there, big fella.

Good luck, boys.

You're going to need it.

Ride safe.

"Dear Mr. Barnum.

"This letter is to introduce
you to my beloved pet.

"I'm ah, dama sattva".

Something like that.

What kinda name is that?

I don't know, it must be Indian.

What is that? Sioux?

Not that kind of Indian.
India Indian.

Well, in that case,
why don't we call him Pete?


Because when I was younger
we had a little
orange kitty named Pete.

Ever since then,
I always wanted another one.

My beloved pet, Pete.

There, you see, he likes it.

♪ Yankee doodle went to town

♪ riding on a pony

Mary Ellen's a pretty girl.

Huh? Her?
She's okay, I guess.

Uh, excuse me.
I gotta get some work done.

Still need help
with your schooling tonight?

Yeah sure. Thanks, Lou.

♪ Yankee doodle keep it up

♪ yankee doodle dandy

♪ mind the music,
keep in step

Cody, I can't take
no more of this.

Don't you know any other songs?

♪ Oh, susannah
don't you cry for me

I don't believe it.

♪ It rained all night,
the day I left

♪ the weather it was dry

♪ the sun's so hot,
I froze to death

all right.

Who was Robinson crusoe's
friend on the island?

You didn't read
the chapter. Did you?

Why not?

I don't know, Lou. I tried.

Just I looked down
after a half an hour

and I was still
on the same page.

Something on your mind?

Wouldn't happen to be
Mary Ellen gleason, would it?

How did you know?

I got eyes.
What's the trouble?

I don't know.
I guess I like her, kinda.

She don't even know I'm alive.

- Must be hard
talking to girls, huh?
- Yeah.

You're talking to me
and I'm a girl.

But it's different with you.

I mean, I'm not saying you're
not a girl. It... it's just.

You know what I think?

I think Mary Ellen would
be a fool not to like you.

- Really?
- Really.

You're only one of the nicest,
best looking boys in town.

Next time you see her,

walk right on up,
plant your feet on the ground,

look her straight in the eye.

And, say, "hi, my name's Jesse".

- Just like that?
- Just like that.

Then what?

I don't know... let nature
take care of itself, I guess.

In the meantime,
read chapter six.

- Thanks, Lou.
- Uh-huh.

- Cody?
- What?

You can stop now.
I think he's quiet.

Well, about time one of us is.

I never sang so much
in all my life.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

What the...


Anybody home?

Oh, excuse us.

Sorry about that.

Gentleman, please
allow us a moment
to conclude our prayers.

Thank you.

I apologize for
keeping you waiting.

I'm sister Katherine.
This is sister Anne
and miss Elizabeth dooley.


Sisters, miss dooley.

My name is William f. Cody,
at your service.

This here's Noah Dixon.

We're on our way to Saint
Jo and saw your wagon.

Figured we'd stop and make
sure there wasn't any trouble.

Well, thank you.
That's very thoughtful of you.

But there's no trouble,
just a minor delay.

You ladies ain't
traveling alone, are you?

Heavens, no...

We're on our way to Saint Joseph

to build a convent
and orphanage.

We hired a gentleman, mister
Patrick Darcy, to escort us.

Everything was
going splendidly until
we broke a wheel.

I see... and when was that?

About a week ago, I believe.

At any rate,
mister Darcy took the wheel

and one of the horses
and went off to get help.

He left explicit instructions
for us to await his return.

Sister, I don't want
to worry you, but, ah,

have you considered
the possibility that

this mister Darcy
ain't coming back?

Well, I must admit, the
thought has crossed my mind.

Ma'am, I don't know
how good an idea it is,
you're traveling alone.

Since we're all
going to the same place,

maybe you ought to
ride along with us.

Well, perhaps we should
resume our journey.

Elizabeth, sister Anne,

let's unload the wagon.
Shall we?


Don't worry.

That's just Pete.

I think he's full of himself.

I think he's cute.
You would.

Hi, I'm Jesse.


Excuse me.

♪ Oh, susannah,
oh, don't you cry for me

Keep it a little
to the left, sister.

Sister Anne's taken a vow
of silence, mister Dixon.

So, you're really
going to be a nun?

I take my first vows
when we get to Saint Joseph.

I know it's probably
none of my business but,

if you don't
mind me asking, why?

That's a big question.

Maybe I shouldn't have asked.

Oh, that's all right.
It's just that most people
don't understand.

My parents died
when I was seven.

I had no one.

sister Katherine took me in.

There's too many children
like I was, mister Cody.

And not enough people
like sister Katherine.

Well, that's true.

I don't know.
You seem so young.

Don't you ever
think about getting married,

settling down,
maybe raising a family.

This is my family.

♪ Oh, susannah, oh,
don't you cry for me


Is something wrong, sister?

I don't know.

I just had the
strangest feeling that
we're being watched.

- By Indians.
- Indians?


Indians around here?

No. Not for 50 miles.

Well, I guess it was
just my imagination.


Sure glad there's no
Indians around here, Cody.

Need help with that?

- Hmm... I got it.
- Okay.


- Talk to her yet?
- Who?

- You know who.
- Oh, her.

- She's kinda full of herself.
- Uh-huh.

You know, when I was your
age, there was a boy I liked,

his name was Bobby.

He was kinda shy and I was, too.

Before I ever got up the nerve
to talk to him, he left town.

Always felt kinda
bad about that.

You understand what
I'm trying to say?

Jesse if you like someone...

I mean, if you really like her

you should never be afraid
to tell them how you feel.

- Well, I ain't afraid.
- No?

That's good.

Well, I gotta ride.

Hey, Lou,

think Bobby missed out.

That's sweet, Jesse.

See you later.

I told you
the ground is too soft,
it would never hold.

How was I supposed
to know, Noah?

Looked all right to me.

You got anymore
great ideas, Cody?

Well, standing there yelling
at me ain't going to help any.

Yeah, I tell you I could
use a little help right now.

Why don't we just
leave the cage here

and go after him with
a rope or something.

And, what are we supposed to
do when we find him, Cody?

Sing, "oh, susannah"
and hope he ain't hungry?

Got any better ideas?

I don't know about you,
but I'm ready to forget
about the whole thing.

You know what
the trouble is with you, Noah?

You ain't got any faith.

What a pleasant young man.

- He's quite handsome too.
- Hmm... yes.

I mean, he's a very kind soul.

You know,

perhaps it's a good thing
we won't be arriving
in Saint Joseph's right away.

Some time for reflection
would appears to be in order.



- Teaspoon?
- Huh? What, what, what?

What can I do for you, Jesse?

Well, you've been married
six times, right?


Yeah, last I counted. Why?

Did you ever write to them?

Like a love letter?

Well, yes, I have been known
to use the written word

in the course of my
romantic pursuits.

Why does thou ask?

- Would you help me write one?
- Well, that depends.

To whom do you intend on
writing this here letter?

- I can't tell you.
- I see.

Are you planning on signing it?

- No.
- Good.

Them's my favorite kind.

Sit down, son.

And let's hunt the most
elusive prey known to man.

The heart of the
indifferent female.

Is that him?


I don't know, tuck.
Are you sure we ought
to be heading this way?

This is where
black eagle said he saw
the striped mountain lion.

- Well, I know.
- Has he ever steered us wrong?

I still think we ought
to be hunting buffalo.

Hey, get back here,

Well, I don't
understand why you just
don't take the wagon and go

on to Saint Jo.

Sister Katherine had a vision.

She said it was important that
we complete the trip together.

She did, huh?

It's probably
safer for you that way.

But, I have to admit,
I'm a little scared.

Scared of what? Pete?


Of you.

So, ah, you have
these visions often?


You see into the future, huh?
Things like that?

Oh, heavens, no.

Only into the human heart.

it looks like we found him.

- Hello! Anybody home?
- Over here!

Well, good afternoon, mister.

What do you want?

Oh, sorry, sisters.

Well, ah,
we're looking for a big cat.

Oh, I seen him, all right.

Thing broke into
my chicken Coop.

Killed nearly
every damn one of them.

Damn, Pete.

At least I got a piece of him.

How big a piece?

Not big enough.

I'm real sorry
about that, mister

but did you happen to see
which way he went?

That way.

Well, thank you, mister.

Noah, sisters,
we'd better get after him,

before he causes
anymore trouble.

Appreciate your help.

Excuse me, sir. But
those chickens you lost.

How much were they worth?

I don't know.
About 10 dollars, I guess.

Mister Cody, mister Dixon,

I believe you owe
this gentleman some money.


Pete is your responsibility.

Compensating this man
for his loss is simply
the Christian thing to do.

It wasn't our fault
he was hungry.

If I were you, mister Dixon,

I wouldn't
waste my time arguing.


Thank you.


My satisfaction isn't in
question, mister Dixon.

Good day to you, sir.

Thank you, sister.

You look troubled, William.

Is something wrong?

before you said that...

You were scared of me.

What did you mean?

It's not you, really.
It's me.

When I'm around you

I feel things.

Things I've never felt before.

Oh, Elizabeth.

When you're around me,
how do you feel?

The same.

I don't know what to do.


Going to sleep would
probably be the best.



- Oh, my god.
- Just stand still.

Don't be scared, Elizabeth.

Just do exactly like I say.

Hold it hold it.

Now, when I say
go right around on the
other side of that cage.


Oh, be quiet and sit down.

- Go on.
- Elizabeth.

That's better,
now let's have a look at you.

Elizabeth, are you crazy?

Have faith, he's one of
god's creatures, William.

He's just a big pussycat.
Aren't you, Pete?

For a pussycat
he's sure got an
expensive appetite.

How did she do that?

Here you are, Pete.
That's a good boy.

Oh, you're thirsty, aren't you?

- Noah?
- What?

I think I'm feeling
things about Elizabeth
that I shouldn't.

You're kidding, right?

Wish I was.

Yeah? Well, stop.

It ain't that easy.

Come on, Cody.
Think about this.

She's going to be
a nun for god's sake.

Don't you think I know that?

Think those fellahs
are coming back?

Yeah, well what would you do
if you were a hunter?

We better get moving.

I'll get the nuns.

Tigers... nuns... Indian...
Chickens... visions...
What a trip.

He sure has
taken a liking to you.

When I was little,
I used to tend to the
animals at the convent.

I used to pretend
I was Saint Francis.

The sisters said
I have a divine gift.

Elizabeth, there is something
we need to talk about.


How we're going
to get old Pete boy, here,
back in the cage.


Well, we could always ask him.

Come here, Pete. Come on.

-Here we go.
-Come here, Pete.
Come on, boy.

Come on, you've caused
enough trouble already.

Wake up your friend.


- Noah?
- What?

On your feet.
Both of you.

Come on.

- What do you want?
- Him.

And you're going to get him
for us. Now let's go.

Tuck, come on.

No, mister Dixon, don't shoot.

Let them go,
mister Dixon, please.

Thank you.

I do not abide
killing, mister Dixon.

This was the only way
I could see of stopping it.

Where did you get that, sister?

Mister Darcy left it behind
when he went to fix our wheel.

Said we might need it.

Well, I guess he was right.

Breakfast will be
ready in ten minutes.

Sister Anne, Elizabeth.

"My darling,

"many are the hours I've spent
dwelling on your beauty.

"Many are the sleepless
nights I laid awake in bed,

"haunted by the
golden music of your voice.

"And longed for the silky
touch of your fingers,
wrapped in mine."

Now that's going too far.

Probably just
a figure of speech.

Whatever it is, it sure
don't sound like the kid.

Look how he ended it.
The part about the stag.

"Seeing his destiny before him,

"the mighty stag gently
approaches the graceful Doe,

"watching, waiting to see
if she shares the passion
burning in his heart".

- Whoa!
- See what I mean?

There's only one person I
know who can write like this.


Not for himself, silly.

He was just helping the kid.

You've said yourself
how he ain't too good
at this kinda thing.

- Of course! That must be it.
- Yeah.

Oh, my god.
There he is!

You just going to sit here?

Thanks, Rachel.

- Hi, Lou.
- Hey, Jesse

I had
a long talk with
sister Katherine this morning.

I told her what I've been
feeling about you.

You did?

She said it was good
we met when we did.

Now, hold on
just a minute, Elizabeth.

Don't get me wrong.
I really like you.

But you have spent
your whole life preparing
to do the lord's work.

-I just don't think that...
-Don't worry, William.
This isn't about you.

It's not?

All my life,
there was never any question

of who I was or
what I was going to do.

If I had a problem,
I would pray and the answer
would reveal itself.

But, now, for the first time,

I have a choice to make.

And nobody can help me.

Tell me something,
do you think I'm pretty?


I'm glad.

Cheer up, William.

Sister Katherine once told me,

"an awakened heart in doubt
is better than

"a sleeping heart
that's sure of itself".

"Roses are red.
Sometimes they're hid.

"I like you a lot.

"These ain't from the kid."


Correct me
if I'm wrong, mister Dixon.

But this canyon would appear
to have only one outlet.

Looks that way.

Don't you think there's
a good chance those men
will be waiting for us?

Yeah. Real good chance.

And, what do you
intend to do about that?

We'll deal with that
when we get there, all right?

Anyway, me and Cody
will make sure

you and the ladies
are protected.

Sister Anne,
stop the wagon, please.

Now, what?

What's going on?

There will
be no further violence
on this trip, mister Dixon.

Sister, I appreciate
how you feel.

But this ain't
your call to make.

What if we went
over those hills?

Sister Katherine, even if we
could make that climb,

which I doubt, it'll set us
back an extra day, easy.

And the wagon
will never make it.

I'm afraid I must insist.

No, no you don't.
Not this time. I'm sorry.

Sister, I'm not
looking for trouble. But...

Excuse me, mister Dixon.

But if I were you, I wouldn't...

Waste my time arguing.

Tell me something.

Who are you? Hmm?

I mean, who are you really?
Underneath those robes.

Underneath these robes,
mister Dixon,

I'm the same as anybody else.

Now, let's get started,
shall we?


They should have
been here by now.

Well, maybe they doubled back.

Give me that thing.

Come on, get up.

Get. Get.

You start pushing.

Keep going.

Come on, teaspoon.
Why can't you tell me?

Because I promised.
That's why.

Louise, if I knew
that letter was for you

I never would have gotten
involved in the first place.

-Don't worry.
I'll talk to him.

I'll make sure
he doesn't bother you again.


All right. Thank you.


All right, Jesse.
You can come in now.

Looks like you got yourself
in a messy situation.

I know.

Son, believe me,

I know how hard it is,
not following where
the heart wants you to go.

But this is one time
when you have got to
stop listening to it.

Aside from the fact that
Louise is too old for you,

she's spoken for.



Sure was a pretty letter.

Keep pushing, sisters.

Almost there.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Ah, I hope your satisfied?

Well, nothing like
a little exercise
to make you feel alive.

Where's Elizabeth?

Pete smelled the water. Took
her down to the next canyon.

I'm going to go down with her,
make sure she's all right.

- You got it from here, Noah.
- Yeah.

You okay?

I'm just fine,
thank you, mister Dixon.


- That way.
- Let's go.

You going to make it?

I think so.

Be careful, mister Cody.

Be careful.

You're real smart
not to rile up that cat.

That's far enough.

Move away.


What's she doing?

Go on. Get out of the way.
We don't want to hurt you now.

Then go away
and leave him alone.

I'd like to oblige you, lady.

But we can't walk away
from an animal like that.

Neither can I.

Go around to the other side.

One of us will
have a clean shot.

Please, I'm begging you.
Don't do this.

Lady, if he was a buffalo
or a bear or something,

I'd be willing to discuss it.

That hide of his is worth a
fortune, it's business.

Run, Pete.


Come on.

Go left.

I don't have a shot.


They're going to kill Pete.

All right, come on now.
Let's go.

Whoa, whoa.

There, right there.

Don't miss.

Hold it right there!

What are you going to do?

- William, no.
- Huh?

You going to kill us
over his hide?

You want to find out?

You want to keep them toes,

I'd drop that rifle.

Damn foot.

Pete! Oh, Pete.
It's all right.

Come on down.
No one's going to hurt you.

Come on, Pete.
It's all right. I'm here.

Oh, good boy.

I've never seen
anything like that.

You're okay. There.

- Can I join you?
- Sure.

Jesse, I want to thank you.

- You do?
- Mmm-hmm.

That was one of the nicest
letters I ever got in my life,

and those flowers too.

- So you know.
- I know.

You aren't mad at me?

I was.

Then I remembered
how good they made me feel.

You know, one day real soon

you're going to make
another woman feel like that

and she won't mind at all.

You really think so?

I think Mary Ellen gleason
don't know what she's missing.

What's wrong?

The flowers and
letters and stuff

- does the kid know?
- Hmm-mmm.

Good. I was thinking
I might have to
fight him or something.

- You hungry?
- Starved.

Let's eat.

- Howdy.
- Howdy.

The sleeping
quarters will go there

and I think
we'll build the chapel there.

Ah, it's like a dream come true.

It is? Huh!

Yes, we'll be able to look
after so many more children

than we ever have before.

Well, if anybody
can do it sister, you can.

Thank you, mister Dixon.

This will be a perfect place
for the barn. Don't you think?


Thank you.

For what?

For helping me make the most
important decision in my life.

I'm going to miss you.


Goodbye, Pete.

Hey, Cody.

How are we going to
get him back in the cage?

Well, did you ever think
to just ask him?

Come on, now. Come on,
Pete. Get up in the cage.

Watch his tail.

He's a good fellow, ain't he?

Yeah, he's something.

Do you think he's
going to like it,
living in that museum?

I don't know.

Let's go.

I don't know
how this poor fellow's
going to stand

being cooped up with people
staring at him all day.

Doesn't sound like
much of a life.

Well, this is it.

We're sure going to have
some explaining to do.

What's there to explain?
He got away.

He did. Didn't he?

Go on home, Pete.

Have a good life, buddy.

♪ It rained all night
the day I left

♪ the weather it was dry

♪ the sun so hot
I froze to death

♪ susannah, don't you cry

♪ oh, susannah,
don't you cry for me.