The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 2, Episode 2 - Ghosts - full transcript

All right, now,
just hold your horses.
It's coming.

I hope you like it.

Looks just fine to me.

I was talking about the bird.

So was I, Rachel. Honest.

Excuse me.

Cody, why don't you watch
what the hell you're doing?

I was! The milk's
got a mind of its own!

Yeah. It's amazing how
cow juice behaves
in the presence of a lady.

- You guys are disgusting!
- Lou?

Let's get one thing straight
before we go any further.

Supper's on the table,
gentlemen, and
I am not on the menu.

Going somewhere?


Not before you and I
have a little talk.
Woman to woman.

- Who told you that?
- Told me what?

That I'm a girl.

You mean there's someone
who doesn't know?


You're not serious?

He'd fire me if he knew.

Well, maybe he chose
not to know,
but that's his problem.

We got to talk about ours!

If it's all the same to you,
I don't feel like it
right now.

Well, I do!

Look! Nobody asked
you to come here!

Really? The "help wanted" sign
I saw said different.

Then why don't you just stick
to cooking and cleaning,

and minding your own
damn business?

You got a problem with me.

And no one is leaving here
till we air it out.

It ain't you, exactly.


I said it ain't you, exactly.

Then, what is it?

I don't know.
I guess I'm just tired
of the way

the boys been making fools
out of themselves over of you.

And looking down your...
And watching your...

- drooling over your...
- Breasts?

So, that's the problem.

You got 'em, and I don't!

God, I don't believe
I said that!

I must be losing my mind.

No. It's not your mind
you've lost.

It's just your
sense of perspective.

You see, the good lord
gave women breasts

for one purpose,
and one purpose only.

To nurse children.

Now, the fact that some
of those children grow up
to be men,

who still see women
as their wet nurses,

it's just our way of
separating the wheat
from the chaff.

Never thought about it
that way before.

I'm sorry.

I guess I've been
kind of hard on you.

For no good reason.

Well, I think they were
two very good reasons.

But, I think there's a third
that we're not talking about.



Now, from what I heard, she
loved you all like her own.
And you loved her back.

So, it's only natural
that you'd be protective of
that love. I would be, too.

Just be careful of one thing.

That in protecting that love,

you don't build a wall so high
that no other love can get in.

Thank you.

Get rid of him, fella!


Excuse me, but I believe
that was my horse
that you just drove off.

That worn out
old bucket of bones?
No great loss.

Maybe you're right.

Especially since you're gonna
give me your horse, your money
and that mangy dog of yours...

For lunch!

Well, now, that's
most interesting, mister.

Does lunch sound
good to you, fella?

Then, go get it!

Shut up!

Feel like having lunch?
Come on, then.

You ought to know better than
to sneak up on me like that.

I wasn't sneaking,
just watching.

Never realized how heavy
this little thing can be.

What's that?

Just a piece of tin, is all.
Hand it over.

Ain't you got nothing
better to do than
poke around my stuff?


Teaspoon, how come you
strapped this thing on again?

Because Sam asked me to.

Before his replacement
gets here.

I know that.
What I don't know is why?

Sam never was
a very good judge
of character.

It ain't what I mean
and you know it.

Teaspoon, men like...

Men like you,
men who live by the gun

usually don't get a chance
to walk away, but you did!

And now, you're
strapping it on again.
It just don't make sense!

It makes perfect sense.

Jimmy, there comes a time
in a man's life when
he can't look back.

Even though it seems like
the path he's about to choose

is gonna lead to someplace
he's already been to.

It don't matter,

'cause he knows
he ain't that man
going down the path.

What about these notches, then?

Didn't you once tell me

that every notch has got
a reason, and every
reason a ghost?

That's right. Ghosts.
It's all there is.

But everyone's got a relative,
and if they don't,
they've got a friend.

You strap this thing on again,

they'll be drawing
to you like fleas to a dog,

That's right.

But let me tell you something.

Just between you and me.

This dog may be old,
but he ain't forgot
how to scratch.


And what do you think
you're doing, Henry dunne?

I'm wrapping you in my love.

And dirtyin' my sheets.


And what else are they for?

You'll wake the little one.

And you won't?

Of course, not. He likes me.
Don't you, little fella, huh?


Oh, don't worry, you'll get it.


I promised him
a shiny new rifle.

He'll be the straightest
shot in the territory.

Next to his father, of course.

Of course.

And what if he's a she?

Well, then, it will
be a shotgun.

I'll be needing it
to drive all the suitors away.

It's the brownings.
You better go inside. Come on.

No. It's my problem.

Go on. Go inside.
Shut the door
and don't come out.

Go on!

What do you want?


She's got nothing to say to you.

I want the money
she stole from me,
and I want it right now.

That was a business deal,
and you know it.

The only business deal
Rachel's any good at is
taking men for a ride.

Get off of my land, Browning.

Thad, pa said he didn't
want you to start any trouble.

Relax, Dennis. Relax.

Henry and me,
we're just having a friendly
little chat. Aren't we, Henry?

Let's see now. How long
have you been married?
Five months?

Thad, please.

Ethan, take him away.

Come here, Dennis.

Rachel and I were
doing business just
about the time you two met.

From what I hear about
that stomach of hers,

seems like our little
venture really paid off.

Thad, his rifle!

I saw that.
He was reaching for his gun!

He's dead!

Let's get out of here!

- Ah!
- Murderers!

Yah! Yah!


Oh, my baby!

Oh, my god!


What's wrong?

Who is it?

Rachel, it's me, Lou.

Just a minute.

Come on in.

Uh, I saw your light on.
I couldn't sleep, so I...

- Have a seat.
- Thanks.

I'm glad you came.

I wanted to apologize
for the way I acted
at the clothesline earlier.

It must have seemed strange.

That's okay.
I was just wondering
if you were all right.

That's night nice of you, Lou.

Every now and then,
you hear voices, you know.

Memories get stirred up.
Sometimes just
carry you right away.

But I'm fine now, really.

You sure?


So, why couldn't you sleep?

Oh, I...

I was hearing voices, too.

I couldn't just imagine
what they were saying.


Give them time.

Before you know it,
their glands will stop
acting up and...

I'll just be one of the boys.

In your case, I don't think
I got the years to wait.

What's wrong?

I was just...

I was just wondering.

I'd be honored
to be your friend.

I'd like that, Lou.

It's Louise.

I'd like that a lot, Louise.

Shoot! I'm out!

I didn't believe it, either.
Till I seen for myself.

You're crazy!

Sam Cain's been wearing
that badge up there
for two, three years now.

He ain't wearing it no more.

Teaspoon hunter
is wearing it now.

What'd you say his name was?

Teaspoon hunter.

If you wasn't there,
how'd you know it was him?

Because I'm his replacement.

Now, if you don't mind,
let's quit jawing
and get back to the game.

Where can I find him?



Woo! Sure hot out here, kid.
Maybe we should join Lou.

No, we won't.

We're gonna wait till she's out.


Hey, Lou, how's the water?


Teaspoon, don't come in here!

Teaspoon, don't come in here!

Oh, come on, Lou!

You can't hog
the swimming hole
on a hot day like this.

It ain't Democratic.

I mean it, teaspoon.

You really don't want to
come in here.

I don't see no alligators.

It's 'cuz it's freezing!


That's just the way I like it.

When it's not hot
like it is right now?

And in fact, I'm burning up!

The hotter the better!

Okay, Lou, here I come!

- What the hell?
- Lou?

Come on, Lou, fight back.

No, teaspoon! I don't want to!
Now, stay away!

Okay, Lou, this is war!

All right, Lou.

Lou, what's...

I guess what you need
is a good old-fashioned


I don't understand.

I just don't understand.

When it did this happen?

When did what happen, teaspoon?

What do you mean what? Him!

I mean, uh...


Been like this since birth.

That ain't
what I'm talking about.


What I'm talking about is why?

Why what?

Why in god's name
I never noticed?

Uh, I ain't gonna touch that.

I don't know, teaspoon.

Maybe you chose not to.

'Cuz if you did,
you'd have to fire me.

Why'd I do a fool thing
like that?

Because I'm a girl, remember?

Yes, you certainly are.

But that don't mean
you don't sit a saddle as good

or ride as hard,
or shoot as straight.

I know, but...

But the company's got rules,
and you work for the company.

I know that,
but company's company
and family's family.

And I always thought of you
boys, uh...

And girls as family.

And a family sticks together.

You mean I can stay?

Well, I don't see why not.

Unless you got
any other secrets
you're keeping from me.

As a matter of fact,
I'm kind of relieved.

I was beginning to
worry about them two.

Easy, boy. Easy.

He don't know
the meaning of the word.

What do you want?
You already got all my gold!

I want your tin.

That little silver star
just above your heart.

What, are you crazy?

Hand it over.

Thank you.

Come on!

So, sheriff, you're saying
this murderer escaped
before the trial?

- That's right.
- If you don't mind my asking,
how'd he do that?

One of my deputies got careless.

Listen, marshal.
I think there's something
you ought to know.

We're dealing with
a coldblooded killer here.

I see. Well, who is he?

It ain't a he.

Well, marshal?

Well, it says here Rachel dunne.

5' 4", blonde hair, green eyes.

That's right.

Gives a man paws, don't it?

To think a pretty little thing
like this could be
accused of murder.

You, uh...

Suppose she really done it?

There were three witnesses.

Hard to figure, ain't it?

Time's a wasting, marshal.
You seen her or not?

Well, I may have.

On the other hand, uh...

Maybe not.

There's lots of pretty girls
around here, and, uh,
to tell the truth,

my memory ain't
so good as it used to be.

But I'll tell you what.

I'll keep an eye out for her.

- Appreciate your cooperation.
- It's the least I can do.

Oh, and marshal,

would it be all right
with you if my men
and I ask around?

Just in case
someone else has seen her?

Be my guest.


- Rachel here?
- In the house.



She in some kind of trouble?

You could say that.


So, if that's murder,
I'm guilty.

But to be honest with you,
the only thing I regret
is that my aim wasn't better.

What about this
other brother, Dennis?

Wouldn't he testify
that you fired after
thad killed your husband?

No. Dennis would never
have the nerve to cross thad.

Unless, maybe
I could get him alone.

Well, the sheriff will be
here shortly. I better get
my things together.

Thanks for covering for me.
You didn't have to do that.

Well, I thought
there was something
strange about that sheriff.

I wanted to hear
your side of the story.

I don't have a side, teaspoon.

Well, it seems to me
if you want to stand
a fighting chance

at that trial, young lady,
you better get one.

My trial? That's a good one.
You don't understand!

I shot Tom Browning.


So, the brownings own
the law in blue creek.

They may as well just
hang me now and spare
the trouble of a trial.

Rachel, you can't just give up.

You know, it's funny.

When I first saw
your "help wanted" sign,

this seemed like
the perfect place to hide.

I never knew
I'd like it so much.

I'm tired of running.

Rachel, why did thad Browning
shoot your husband?

Because of me.

See, I never had a daddy.

Had a thousand daddies.

At least that's what they
called themselves when
they came to call on my mama.

Pay their respects.

She wasn't a bad woman.
She really wasn't.

She was just fearful

she wouldn't be able
to take care of us
after my daddy ran out.

But by the time
I was 13-years-old,
she was all used up.

That's when I swore

that if anybody was
ever gonna be on the
using end of men,

it was gonna be me.

Thad Browning knew
he wasn't the first.

He just couldn't stomach
being the last.

I met Henry dunne
at a card table.

He gave me something
a lot more important.

Love and respect.

Things I never had before.

Excuse me.


You know how to ride?

A little. Why?

We got some
good horses in the barn.

You want to avoid that posse,
you better get going.

Why would you do that for me?

Grab your stuff and get ready.
We don't have much time.

I don't know how
I could ever thank you.

Well, we ought to thank you.

We'd be starving by now
if you hadn't come along.

I won't forget you, Louise.

Me, neither.

See them hills northeast?
Head straight through
that pass there.

You ought to make it
before dark.

Then stick to the rockiest
ground you can find

so as you'd be hard to track.


Now, ride like hell.
Don't turn back.

All right. Yah! Come on!

Think she's
gonna make it, teaspoon?

I don't know.
Good lord willing.


Well, it's just gonna take
a little getting used to.

Hang on, boy.
You're gonna have
a great lunch.


Whoa! Whoa!

We were just in town.

The sheriff of
blue creek's there.
He's looking for Rachel.

Says she's wanted for murder.

You didn't say
nothing, did you? Good.

What's going on, anyway?

I think you're
about to find out.

- Where is she?
- Who?

Oh! Oh! I know!

You mean that, that, uh,
pretty little thing
you was looking for?

What the hell's her name?
Don't tell me.
Uh, uh...


Rachel... what's-her-name?

Is that who you mean?

You lied to me, hunter.

I ain't got time now,
but you're gonna pay for that.

Now, you gonna turn her over
or are my men gonna
tear this place apart?

Well, let's see, uh...

That's a tough one.

Get her!

- You hold on...
- Just a minute, Jimmy.

These boys are
trying to apprehend
a dangerous criminal.

Now, if they want to
take their time
and do the job right,

then I think they should.

I don't think we should be
in their way.

Check in there!

Freshest tracks go that way.

I'm gonna have
your badge for this!

Well, worse things
have happened.

I don't think
you understand me, hunter.

Harboring a fugitive
and obstructing justice
are serious offenses.

Oh, I understand you
well enough.

We'll find her. You know that.

Well, then, you'll excuse me
if I don't wish you good luck.

Let's get out of here!


Yah! Yah!

Rachel really
kill a man, teaspoon?

Yeah. But the wrong one.

At least we bought her
some time.

I only hope it's enough.

Yah! Yah!

It's a beautiful night,
Henry dunne.

We could have gotten
into some fine trouble
on a night like this.

Get up!
We got a long ride ahead.

Why don't you just kill me now?

Now, that'd be a terrible waste.

Besides, there's someone
who wants to see you.

Teaspoon was wondering.

You mentioned something
about being able to get
Dennis Browning to confess

if you could get him alone.

- If you could get him
to sign this.
- What is this?

It's a statement
telling the real story

about how thad Browning
killed your husband.

There's some horses waiting
behind those rocks.
You get going.

- And make sure
no one follows you.
- Thank you.

Where's Dennis, Ethan?


All this time,
I thought it was thad
you had your eye on.

I asked you a question.

Thad always said
you was a tease.

Oh, that's funny.
I'da thought he'd a said
I always come through.

Oh! Crazy woman! You shot me!

- I know!
- Rachel?

It's all right, Lou!
I know what I'm doing.

I'm gonna bleed to death!

Oh, stop whining, Ethan!
I've seen mosquitoes
draw more blood.


Now, you listen to me.

Unless you want to join
the ladies social,

I suggest you tell me
where Dennis is.

All right! All right!

You Dennis Browning?

I'm sorry. We're not open yet.

I got a package here for you.
Looks kind of important.

Back up!


Rachel, what are you doing here?

I want you to sign this, Dennis.

It's a statement
saying that I shot Tom
after thad killed Henry.

I can't do that!
I can't betray my family!

It's true, ain't it?

- Well, of course, it is.
But I...

If you don't sign,
we'll go after your family.

Rachel, you got to
get out of here.

Thad and pa
will be back any minute.

Good. They can sign, too.

Rachel, please.
You know I tried to stop 'em.

I never had anything
against you and Henry.

I know, Dennis. But you
didn't stop him, did you?

How could I?

Someone's coming. Rachel?

Say a word and you're dead!

Hi, son. How you doing?

Morning, pa. Thad.

What's wrong, Dennis?


Don't do it!


Move your hand
away from that gun.

I don't know how you
got here, but you'll never
get away with this.

Maybe not. But I ain't got
nothing to lose now, do I?

And as soon as Dennis
signs that statement...

What statement?
What are you talking about?

The one that says she shot
your brother in self defense

after you murdered Henry dunne.

I didn't say
anything, thad. I swear!

It's all right, Dennis.
It's all right. I believe you.
I really do.

Now, just rip it up.

- No.
- Hey!

Blood is thicker
than water, lady.
You ought to know that.

And that statement will not
stand up in court.

Dennis, listen to me.

Dennis, tear it up, boy.
Come on. They won't shoot.

Rip it up. Come on.
Come on, Dennis. Tear it.

Rachel, look out! It's Ethan!



- No!
- Drop it!

- Do like he says, thad.
- Go on, son! It's over!

I am therefore
pleased to inform you

that all charges against you
have been dropped.

Furthermore, based on
the sworn deposition of
Dennis Edward Browning,

thad and Angus Browning
and Jack mclellan, former
sheriff of blue creek,

have been indicted on charges
of land fraud, extortion,

etcetera, etcetera.
Corliss t. Phelan,
territorial governor.

Uh, Rachel, there's one thing
that letter don't touch on.

Now that you're
a free woman, we was, uh...

Well, we was all
wondering, uh...

What are you gonna do?

What are you all looking at?

I'm going back to the house.
I've got a stew on.

You do like my cooking,
don't you?

Good. It's settled, then.


There's something
I've been meaning to tell you.

And I wanted you to
know that I'm sorry
for the way that I, uh...

Well, you know.

Really, I don't have
the slightest idea
what you're talking about.

I'm sorry for the way
that I was thinking
about you before.


Don't worry about that.

As long as I'm treated
with dignity and respect,

you can think anything you want.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

Now, that is one hell
of a woman.

She ain't the only one.

Now, what you boys smiling at?

The station's a mess!
Go on, get out of here.
You, too.

Shut up, dog!
We're almost there.

Looks like I got you now.

- Well, you think so?
- Yeah.

Well, go ahead.
Take your best shot.

Hey! Hold on a minute.
How'd you do that?

Want to play another?

No. I think you've learned
enough for today.

Ah, there's nothing
like a nice, peaceful

Saturday afternoon.


Teaspoon hunter?

It's braddock!

Buzzard braddock. Remember me?

Waco, Texas? Summer of '42?

You left a piece of lead in me

that kind of put a little
crimp in my social life.

Thought I'd come back
and return the favor.

Come on, hunter!

I know you're in there.

Want you to meet my dog, fella.

I told him all about you.

Now I'm gonna
tear your heart out
and feed it to him for lunch.

Smoke your liver,
give it to him for dinner.

Maybe save
the bones for a treat. Huh?

What do you say, spoono?
Feel like lunch?

What you waiting for?

Hope it ain't your replacement.

I ran into him a ways back.

Seems like
he's given up marshalin',

takin' up fertilizin'.

What you doing in there?

Hiding under the mattress
like a cockyroach?

Come on out!

Real sorry about
your social life, buzzard.

Oh, that's okay, hunter.

I found something else
just as satisfying.

Target practice.

And you're next.

Lunch is canceled.
Get out of here.

Do me a favor, will you?
Get the undertaker.

Another notch.

Another ghost.

Will there be others, teaspoon?

Yeah, I suppose.

Till we're notches
on somebody else's gun.