The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 2, Episode 3 - Dead Ringer - full transcript

Hickok learns he has a doppelganger using his identity and with Teaspoon's help works to expose him. Cody thinks he's cursed so Buck tells him of a ritual that will cure him.

Everybody raise 'em.

Listen good.
No one gets hurt.

You, get around here.

Get over there.
Go on. Get over there.

Get over there.
Go on.

Fill it.

That's it, mister.

Ain't you forgetting something?

What do you mean?


That's all there is, mister,
I swear. There's not
another dollar.

Smile, folks.

You can brag
you was robbed
by Wild Bill Hickok.

Matched pair.
Take your pick.

They're Navy colts.
Finest guns made.

They're absolutely identical.
The only difference

is the men holding them.

You and me been
heading this way since
the day we got these.

I guess we have.


I swear that bay's got
the devil in him.

You don't say?

You ought to either
quit courting that girl
or marry her, Jimmy.

How's that?

I ain't never seen nobody
fuss so much over
a gun he don't even wear.

You ought to strap the thing on.

No. One gun's plenty.

Maybe for most people,
but not the way
you attract trouble.

It's a fine piece of work.
Oughta fetch a good price.

It ain't for sale.

Why not?

It just ain't.

Well, if you ain't wearing it
and you won't sell it,

I reckon there's only
one reason you're keeping it.

Now, what's that?

'Cause you know someday
you're gonna need it.

Rider coming.

See ya tomorrow, Jimmy.

Welcome back to
cottonwood, Mr. Muncie.

218's all ready for you.

Thank you.

Welcome to paradise, boys.

And we got it all to ourselves.

This was a great idea, Cody.

I hope Rachel
don't get mad we run off.

Should have invited her.

What is that, buck?

Just something I wear.

Well, I could see that.
But what's in it?


Things that, uh,
protect me, guide me,
keep me safe.

Well, then,
you mean like a rabbit's foot?

I think it's
sort of religious, Cody.

No kidding?
Well, how does it work?

I mean, how do you know
what to put in it?

Spirits told me what kind of
medicines I need.


Now, buck, you don't
believe in no spirits,
now, do you?


I'm just asking.

It's what I was taught, Cody.

Well, maybe so.
But you don't need
no pouch to protect you.

You ought to be able
to protect yourself.

buck's got a right
to his beliefs.

Yes. Well, maybe so.

But if you ask me,

it's all a bunch
of pure superstition.

He ought to know that.

Yeah. Well, you ought to soak
your head.

What's that?


Barnett, you are
a fountain of information.


I'll be back.

Some medicine.


I'm gonna put it back later.

I'm just trying to
show buck that
he don't need it.

I'm trying to help him.

Relying on this hokum
is just gonna get
him killed someday.


It will only make him mad.

Besides, it won't help anything.

Just one week, ike.
That's all I'm asking for.

Please? Come on?


Hi, teaspoon.

I need two of you ready to ride.

What's wrong?

The marshal in mill junction
says Jimmy robbed a bank.

There's a $400
reward on his head.

Jimmy's headed
there right now.
We got to warn him.

When did this happen?

I don't know.
Soon as we find out

we may be able to prove
Jimmy wasn't there.

Till then, every weasel
and bounty hunter
in the territory

will be gunning for him.

I'll go.
I've ridden that trail
more than anybody.

I'm with you.

Bring him straight back.
It won't be safe till
we can clear his name.


What will it be?


You Wild Bill Hickok?

No. It's James Butler hickok.

What's going on?

Charlie duff
had a lot of friends.

Who's Charlie duff?

What are you all staring at?

I don't know what's
wrong with you folks.

I just came in here
for a drink, that's all.

Jimmy, down here.



Are you the marshal?


There something
I can do for you?

Well, I just rode in.
Thought I'd pay my respects.

It's a nice town
you got here, marshal.

We're partial to it.


Cigar, huh?

Don't mind if I do.

I, uh, had these shipped
special from Virginia.

Well, it's a real nice one.

Boy. I'll tell you.
Been a long time.

What brings you to Sweetwater?

He. Uh. Robbed
the mill junction
bank last Tuesday.

Killed a man.

You're Jake colter, aren't you?

I should have
known by that Cannon
you was carrying.

You've heard of me?

Enough to know
you ain't wanted here.

Then I'm glad I came by.

I always like
to introduce myself to
the local peace officers.

Gives everybody
a chance to put
his cards on the table.

Now, we both got
our jobs to do, marshal.

No reason we can't get along.

Well, I can give you a few.

Starting with you ain't
nothing but a bushwhacker.

You call yourself
a bounty hunter but you've
never taken a man alive.

Most of them
been shot in the back.

I wouldn't kill a dog that way.

Nor would I, marshal.

'Cause dogs don't shoot at you.

Now, this ain't a sport.

It's business.

And I'll drop a man
any way I can.

Good day, marshal.

I'm warning you,
stay away from hickok.

He ain't guilty of nothing
till he's had a fair trial.

Then you better
find him before I do.

Because as long
as he's wearing a gun
and running free,

law says he's fair game.


You collecting
that reward
is one thing.

Of course,
living to spend it,
that's another.

Colter will bushwhack him
first chance he gets.

Only safe place
for Jimmy is in a cell.

I'll ride out and warn him.

You boys, lay low till dark.
Then bring him
straight to the jail.

The schedule for last Tuesday
shows that Jimmy was
out by blue creek.

That's more than
a hundred miles
from mill junction.

Good. All we have to do
is find somebody that will
testify Jimmy was there.

I'm headed that way
as soon as Cody gets back.

I'll talk to
one of the station managers
see if he remembers anything.

Well, you get
whoever it is back here

even if you have to hogtie him.

That looks like Cody now.

You're up, Lou.


Will you look at that.

Son, you look worse than
a nearsighted chicken
in a coyote's den.

I've been thrown,
trampled, halfdrown.

And that was before
lightening hit.

I tell you,
I'm lucky to be alive.

Here, I'll take care
of the horse.

You get something to eat.
You got him?

I got your favorite
stew cooking.

Oh. Thank you, Rachel.

But right now
all I want is my bunk.

Ike. Oh. Ike.
You wouldn't believe it.

Worst run of luck I ever had.

Even my cinch broke.


This ain't got
nothing to do
with buck's pouch.

Oh, ike.
That's the craziest
thing I ever heard.

I didn't make
the spirits mad at me.


There ain't no such thing
as spirits.

It's all a bunch of
superstitious hogwash.


It's a waste of time you ask me.

Every three months
you audit our books,

every three months
they balance to the penny.

I don't know
why my partners
keep hiring you.

Cautious man
is never sorry, sir.

Don't be impertinent.

This is where you'll work.
I'll get the ledgers
you need.

You're not to
bother anyone else.

Mr. Fuller,

I don't mean to
trouble you, sir,

but is there a desk
where the light is better?

No, there isn't.
If you don't mind,

you've wasted enough of my time.

Please, Rose, just walk with me.

Sorry, honey, I can't.

You can't? I'll pay you.

Maybe another time.

Hey, muncie, that hurts.

Look, I like you.
Why don't you like me?

I don't like you either.

Where's your glasses, bugeyes?

You looking for trouble?

You looking for
trouble, friend,
you found it.

You got more trouble
than you can handle.

Mr. Muncie?


Is everything all right?


What hand you favor?

You right-handed?

I asked you
a question, cowboy.
You righthanded?

You are? Good.

Now you're left-handed.

Nobody laughs at
Wild Bill Hickok.



Now, then, what can I do for you, Mr.
, uh...

Ambrose merryweather.

Russell, majors and waddell
is very concerned about the
robbery that happened here

we think whoever did it
might attack our shipments.

Well, I know who did it.
That hickok fella.

There's no mystery about it.

We're not so sure.
Did you get a good
look at him?

No, of course not.
He was wearing a mask.

Then, how do you know
it was hickok?

He said so. Plain as day.

Why would he wear a mask
and then tell you his name?

Well, from what I hear,
he's none too smart.

Uh, though, there was one thing.


Whenever we have
a lot of money on hand

I always hide
some over in the...

In a certain place.

As a precaution, you understand?

Well, he knew right
where that money was.

Maybe it was
one of your employees.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

I trust these folks
with my life.

No, the only outsider
who might have known
was muncie.

Who's that?

Uh, Henry muncie.

He comes in
every few months
to audit our books.

But he's not involved,
I can tell you that.

Is he here?

No, he left just
before it happened.

Uh, he was going
to cottonwood, I believe.

Oh, what does that
gentleman look like?

You're barking up
the wrong tree,
Mr. Merryweather.

Well, that's hickok's horse,
all right.

Where was he headed?

Couldn't say. Must have came
through while I was off.

You ever wonder
how many toes
you really needed?

Mmm. Smells as good
as Sally used to make.

Well, help yourself.
There's plenty more.

Pass the stew, please.

You all right, Cody?


Well, whatever it is
ain't hurt his appetite
too much.

Well, Lou will be back soon.

Yeah. I just hope
she found someone
that can help Jimmy.

What is that Cody?


That a rabbit's foot?


Then, what is it?

None of your business.

Well, you wouldn't be getting
superstitious on us,
now, would you?

Who Cody?
Cody don't believe in
that stuff. Do you, Cody?

No! I don't.

There ain't no such thing
as spirits and such.

It's all bunk.

What's wrong?

My tooth.

Get! Get! Get!

Hey, you.

Don't I know you
from the other night?

What hand do you favor?


You right-handed?

Who the hell are you?

I asked you a question.

Hey, put that away, friend.
I don't want any trouble.

Are you right-handed?

Yeah. Yeah.


Now, you're left-handed.

Nobody laughs at
Wild Bill Hickok.

Uh, well, that does sound
like him, all right.

But it wasn't hickok, sir.
He was a businessman.

Really? Well, uh, I just
talked to the gent that
sold him those clothes.



What did he call himself?

Uh, Madison.
Uh, Meredith.

Uh. Merryweather. That's it.
Ambrose merryweather.

Said he was heading
for cottonwood.

Well, much obliged.

Oh, well, that's...

Excuse me, sir, may I help you?

Uh, yes. Do you have
a room available?


Name's merryweather.

Welcome to cottonwood,
Mr. Merryweather
this your first visit?

Yes, it is.

Well, I hope you enjoy yourself.

Oh, I'm sure I will.
A good friend of mine
recommends it real highly.

Oh, who's that?

Henry muncie.

Well, he's staying
with us right now.

You don't say.

No. Room 218
upstairs to the left.

Oh. He sure is gonna
be surprised to see me.

You got to help me, please!

Come on, ike.
You got to help me

put this back
in buck's pouch before
something else happens.

What do you mean tell him?

Now, come on, ike,
I can't tell him.

I can't!

Well, I'll just have to
find another way.

That's all there is to it.


Are you all right?

Buck! Buck!

What's eating him?

How could you do this, Cody?

You know what
this pouch means to me.

It represents my sacred beliefs.

Now, you may not understand it,

I know you can't
understand much,

but that don't give you
the right to mock it.

Buck, I'm sorry.
Really, I am.

You can't talk yourself
out of this one.

I don't care
if he meant well.
He was wrong.

It was a stupid idea. Buck.
I know that now.

But I'll do anything
to set it straight.

Just, please,
tell them to stop
being mad at me.


The spirits.

Now, I know it sounds crazy,

but they're trying
to kill me, buck.

And only you can stop them.

I didn't think you believed
in spirits, Cody?

Well, I do now.

And you got to
help me. Please.

There is, uh,
one ceremony of repentance
that's very sacred.

But it must be performed
when the first rays of
sunlight warm the earth.

I think it's too dangerous.

I'll do it! I'll do it!
I'll do anything. Please!

Hickok? I'll tell you
about hickok.

He's yellow.
Bushwhacked Cyrus
in cold blood.

The gun was still
in his holster.

Oughta string him up.

Hanging's too good for him,

what'd he do?

Murdered a wrangler today.

Shot him in the back.

Did you see it?

Nope. Cyrus told me
before he died.

Choked on the name hickok.

Gunned down John longley
the same way.
Bushwhacked him.

I heard longley
had a second gun.

You heard wrong, mister.

Hickok once
killed a rancher
over near Sweetwater

just to get his wife.

No, that ain't so.

Shot him in his sleep.

You don't know what
you're talking about?

You a friend of his?


Seems like it to me.

No, it's just a...

His friends ain't welcome
around here.


They'll be sorry
they said those things
about Wild Bill Hickok.

He's an honorable man.

You know him?

He's a friend of mine.

Henry muncie.

Ambrose merryweather.

Pleased to meet you,
Mr. Merryweather.

They'll be sorry.




I've been back and forth
across the water three times
like you said.

Now what?

Kneel in the place where
you opened the pouch

and pour the pork fat
over your head.

Oh, come on, do I have to?

All right! All right!
All right! I'm going!

I'm going over here.
All right!

Here I go.
This is where
I opened the pouch.

Oh, god.

All right, now,
I'm pouring the pork fat.

All right.
Now what. Buck?

Uh, cover yourself in dirt.

Buck, I got
one question for you.

Are you sure
the spirits are gonna
understand all this?

No. But it will sure
give 'em a good laugh.

Ah! Why you lying, cheating...

I'm gonna get you for this!

Make sure the
marshal in Sweetwater
gets this right away.

Name's teaspoon hunter.

There's no excuse
for taking this long.

How can we do business when
you've got all our records?

I have to be thorough, sir.

Well, you better be
done by tomorrow.

We have a shipment
of banknotes arriving
and I need those ledgers.

I'll do my best, sir.


Thank you, sir.

See ya on my next trip.

Afternoon, Mr. Muncie.


Did your friend find you?


Mr. Merryweather.
He mentioned he knew
you had checked in.

No. I haven't seen
Mr. Merryweather.

What room is he in?

215. Uh,
right across the hall.

Thank you.
I'll have to look him up.


I'm glad to see
you're awake, Mr. Hickok.
You had me worried there.

Sorry I had to hit you.

It was the only way
I could think of.

I never expected to meet you.

Why are you doing this?

Because I respect you.

Respect me?

How could you go around
pretending you're me,
killing people

and call it respect?

I'm helping you,
don't you see that?

You're helping me get hung.

No. No. I'm helping
your reputation.

You're going to be famous.
Not just here,
but all over the west.

So, all over the country
wherever you go, you'll
be treated with respect.

Because folks will fear you.

I don't want folks fearing me!

But they have to.

you're nobody and they
treat you like nobody.

They hurt you.
Just like my father used to.

He was always beating me.

And no matter what I did,
he wouldn't stop.

But he's afraid
of Wild Bill Hickok.

I can see the look in his eye
how he changes when
he hears that name.

I mean, how they change.

They respect me
just like I respect you.

If you respected me
so damn much,

you'd turn yourself in
and clear my name.

No. No.

If he makes a move for
his gun, put him down.

You were right. Teaspoon,
he led us straight to Jimmy.

When do you want to take him?

At the bank.

I don't want there
to be no question
about Jimmy.

No. No.
I can't do that.

This is too important.

Where are you going?

There's a shipment
coming into the bank.

I'll lead the posse back here.

That's when I'm gonna
have to shoot you.

Can't do it now
'cause they could tell.

This way
they'll think you're me.

If you do that,
you can't be hickok.

Oh, there'll still be
a Wild Bill Hickok.
I'll see to that.

After a while
they'll think you
were the imposter.

Hey, come back here!

Okay, that's it. Let's go.

Nobody move!

If this is
some kind of a trick,
it ain't gonna work.

Give it up, son.
It's all over.

No! You ain't taking
Wild Bill Hickok alive.

You ain't hickok.

I'm hickok.

You're not!

Easy, Jimmy.

Hickok wouldn't hide
behind a woman.

Let her go.

You get away!

Get away from me!

You ain't hickok,
you're just a coward.

Shut up!
I'm Wild Bill Hickok.

Nobody calls...

Nobody touch him.

That's my kill.

Wild Bill Hickok, huh?

Well, don't look
so wild now, do he?


Well, you got your man.

Pretty good shot, too.

It ain't hickok.

What are you saying. Marshal?

That there's hickok.

He used his name
to Rob his banks with.

We got witnesses.

You mean my bounty
ain't no good?

That's what I mean.

Well, I think I'm gonna
keep this anyway.

I just got a feeling
I'm gonna be needing it
before long.