The Young Riders (1989–1992): Season 2, Episode 13 - Kansas - full transcript

Noah is taken into slavery when he tries to free his former teacher Calvin (Roundtree).

That's my Mark!

You're mine, boy!

This Jericho, is he
something special to you?

- Who?
- The man who wrote
these words.

Oh, he was my teacher.

I boarded with him when
Sally couldn't take care
of me.

"Only the brave
know how to forgive."

A coward never forgave.
It is not in his nature.

Sounds like a special man.
I'd like to meet him some day.

Yeah, well, I ain't too
sure he'd be too tickled
meeting you.

What's wrong with me?

Nothing. If he ain't
on the receiving end
of that '44 of yours.

Jericho Taylor didn't
hold much for those that
lived by the sword.

Must be god-fearing.

Or a fool.

I got to ride.

And you got to peel.

Rider coming!

Hold on! Hold on there!

What's wrong?

I don't want you
making this run.

Why not?

I just heard things are
heating up around fort sumter.

Well, last I heard
sumter was in
south Carolina, teaspoon.

That's 2,000 miles away.

This fire cracker blows,
it's gonna be like
it was next door.

From now on I don't want you
crossing the Missouri line.


You know why.

Missouri's a slave state.

I was just there
last month, teaspoon.

Last month was years ago.

War's coming on faster
than an angry bull.

I don't want it
to plow you under.

- Jimmy, you're up.
- Okay.

Either you let me carry my
weight around here like
everybody else,

or I'm moving on.

Son, under these
conditions you ain't like
everybody else.

Thanks for reminding me.

- I guess I was wrong
about you folks.
- Wait a minute.

I'll go with Noah.
That way if anything happens,
I can cover it.

I don't need no ten cent
hero to back me up.

How about a two-by-four
upside the head?

Knock some sense
into that skull of yours?

What are you so riled up
about, anyway?
It's only a ride.

If I have to explain it,
you wouldn't understand.

Yea, though I walk
through the valley
of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil
for thou art with me.

Thy rod and thy staff,
they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table
before me in the presence
of mine enemies.

Thou anointest my head
with oil. My cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy
will follow me
all the days of my life.

And I will dwell in the house
of the lord forever.

- Amen!
- Amen!

Goodness and mercy.
The right and left hand
of god.

Yes. Those two virtues we are
especially in need of today

as we reach out to help
these brave souls behind me.

Brothers and sisters who have
thrown off their chains

and crossed over
the river Jordan.

Who will be first
to offer them shelter?

Remember, blessed
are the merciful,

for they shall obtain mercy.

Someone, please?


- Thomas?
- Not me.

I don't know those people
from Adam.

They ain't no blood of mine.

We're all god's children.
Then, let god take care
of them.

I ain't risking all
that I got on strangers.

Not again.

Would you risk your soul?

For my wife and kids, yeah.

I'd risk my soul.

All I'm asking for is a
night or two at the most.

A few hours is all it
took to do the walkers in.

You forget that?

Strung 'em up.
Strung 'em up
for hiding runaways.

Right in front of their kids.

He's right. Why should we go
on risking our lives for
anymore outsiders?

'Cause it's the right thing
to do.

Right's got nothing
to do with it!

We got our own to protect!

It's time we stop acting like
runaways and start thinking
like the free men we is!


What makes you think
you're free?

I've been free more
than 20 years.

You know it, Jericho.

Free from harm's way is not
the same thing as being free.

Can't you see that?

This ain't school, Mr. Taylor.

Why don't you just save
that teaching talk for
the children

and let us take care
of what's got to be done.

I don't believe
what I'm hearing.

Have you all forgot
what it feels like?

Thomas, don't you remember
what it felt like seeing your
mother dragged off?

Robert, what about your
sisters and brothers?

- I ain't never seen my
sisters or brothers.
- Exactly!

Don't you understand that none
of us can be free, none of us,
until we're all free!

You want to protect
your children?

Then make this a world where
they won't fear their mother's
being dragged off and sold.

You want to give
your children something
to remember you by?

Then give them
a family tree with all
of their roots intact.

Take these people in tonight.

Not to protect them just
for today, but to protect
ourselves against tomorrow!

Helping these runaways,
it's not just the right thing
to do.

It's the wisest thing to do!

There is no greater wisdom
than kindness.

And if there's one thing I've
learned over the 30 years

of teaching you and your
children, that you are
a kind and giving parish.

Don't fail me now.

♪ Amazing grace

♪ how sweet the sound

♪ that saved a wretch

♪ like me

♪ I once was lost

♪ but now I'm found,

♪ was blind but now

♪ I see

♪ t'was grace that taught

♪ my heart to fear

♪ and grace

♪ my fears relieved

♪ how precious did

♪ that grace appear

♪ the hour

Service is over!

Hold it right there, boy!

No! Stop! Everybody! Stop!

Don't give these men
an excuse to kill us!

Just everybody keep your head.

You tell 'em, boy!

I'm no boy.

He's Jericho Taylor,
school master.

Your teacher's right.

If ya'll listen up and do as
you're told, ain't nobody
gonna get hurt.

We just here to get
our property, that's all.

This is a church,
not a general store.
You got no property here!

That there's my Mark.
It's my property.

Chain 'em up
and get 'em out of here!

You just gonna stand
there and do nothing?

He's doing his job.
He's upholding the law.

I said chain 'em up!
Get 'em out of here!

No man can put a chain
around the ankle of his
fellow man

without at last finding the
other end fastened about
his own neck.

Boy, you an uppity nigger,
ain't ya?

Take this one here, too.

Now, just a minute, Barnes.

- The law says...
- The law says I got a
right to what's mine

and to hang anybody who tries
to take it away from me.

It's just real lucky
for Mr. Taylor, here, I ain't
in a hanging mood today.

Ya'll better take this in.

That one right there,
Mr. Uppity.


You crazy sneaking up
on me like that?

I could have killed you,
for god's sake.

Not likely. Unless I'd have
keeled over from laughing.

Very funny.

What are you doing
out here, anyway?

Didn't teaspoon tell you
to stay clear of these parts?

I don't work for the
pony express no more.

Ah, sure you do.

No, I don't.

Didn't you hear me quit?

I did. 'Bout as well as
the time you heard me quit.


Sorry about that ten cent
hero business.

It's all right.

It was kind of funny, though.

I guess I'll have to
apologize to teaspoon
when I get back, huh?

Yeah. Eating some crow
wouldn't hurt, either.

Mind if I ride with you a ways?

What the hell is so important
in Missouri that you risk
your life going there?

Who said anything
about Missouri?

I'm headed to a little town
across the border,

markham parish, Kansas.

- Kansas?
- Yeah.

What's Kansas got to do
with Missouri?

Well, last I heard
it was on the way,
unless they moved it.

It's where I sold
my daddy's silver saddle
before I met you.

Storekeeper said he'd hold it
for me till I got back.

Figured I'd stop there
on my way to saddle falls.

All this fuss over a saddle?

Ah! It's my daddy's saddle.

You know, Rachel might
have had the right idea
with that two-by-four.

Here you go, mister.

Yes, sir, what can I get
for you?

- You can get a bowl of
chili and a bottle of...
- Bottle of sarsaparilla.

It's nice to be remembered.

Well, you're hard to forget.
Last time you were here,
you shot the place up.

You and that
negro friend of yours.

You gonna sign up
for the big game?

What game is that?

Poker. Week from today.

No. Sorry. I'm just stopping
long enough for lunch.

Oh, it's a shame. I figured
a young fellow like you could
use a silver saddle like that.

You know, the man running
the game said that saddle
used to belong to a negro.

Can you
believe that? A negro?

You said you would
hold it for me
till I came back.

I said I'd give you thirty days.


Time was up last week.

Look, Noah, you ain't been
around lately.

Things have got a lot worse
since Kansas went free.

You got any idea
just how much money I lost

just 'cause I'm still doing
business with the coloreds?

Who'd you sell it to?

- Didn't give a name.
- They say where
they were heading?

You should have got here
on time, Noah.

You should have known
I'd be back.

Well, if I were you i'd
be more upset about what they
done to your teacher friend.

You don't know?

Rider coming in.

Looks like Jimmy.

Either somebody's on his tail,
or he's just happy to see us.

I'll get your horse, Jimmy?

Where's Noah?

I ain't seen him since he
lit out of here all riled up.

I still don't
understand what's so
important about that saddle.

Life's full of changes. Lou.

Sometimes you need something
to hold onto to help you
remember where you came from.

Like my mama's wedding ring.

I've been down a lot
in my life, but never so
low that I'd part with it.

Jimmy, you say you saw
it in saddle falls?

Yeah. Why?

Just curious.

I'm going back, ike.

To Kansas?

Can't just sit here
waiting for him.

Might be in trouble.

Big state, son.

Not when you know where to look.

Well, I'm going, too.

Now, how did I know
you was gonna say that?

Louise, you got a moment?


Have you ever been
to saddle falls?

- What?
- Shh.

Keep your voice down.

I was just wondering
if you wanted to come
with me, is all.

To saddle falls?

Yeah. I never could pass
up a good card game.


Looking for something?


Come on! Come on! Get!

Something wrong, Jimmy?


I thought you grew up here?

I did.

Now, you said the
tournament's over.

- Oh, yes, ma'am.
- Well, can you tell me
who won?

That man right over there.

Thanks. Wait here.

Mr. Higgins?


It's been a long time, j.D.

Gentlemen, allow me
to introduce Rachel Flynn.

It's dunne. It's Rachel dunne.

Rachel dunne.

Quite possibly the best
lady card player
west of the Mississippi.

Certainly, the best looking.


The last I saw of you,
you just about cleaned out
the house in fort sutter.

Must have been
the spring of '56.

San Francisco. Winter of '57.

I hear congratulations
are in order.

You won a silver saddle?

Yeah, well, it wasn't much
of a challenge, really.

As a matter of fact, we got a
better game going now.

Excuse me, Mr. Higgins,
the game?

Yes. Yes, of course.
Thank you, Andrew.

My man Andrew, he's a bit of a
mother hen at times, but
he does bring me luck.

So, I see.

Well, I'll let you get
back to your game.

Perhaps you'd care to join us?

Maybe later.

I think I'll freshen up
a bit first.

Gentlemen, will you excuse me?

- You know that fella?
- Mmm-hmm.

There's something wrong here.


There are two kinds of
men who make their living
with a deck of cards,

the talkers and the players.


So, I know j.D. Higgins.

And if there's one thing
he's not, it's a player.

Maybe he learned?

Maybe someday I'll stand
at the trough with the
rest of the boys.

Come on, let's get a room here.

We may be staying a while.

Only one thing in that
courthouse draw a crowd
like this.

Runaway slave trial.

Well, at least they're
getting a trial.

My father belonged to the
vigilance committee.

Got his self killed
for the trouble.

You can see all
the good that it did.

He must have believed in
what he was doing?

Seems like people ought to
take care of their own

before they try to go about
saving the world.

We better make some time.

I got a feeling
Noah's gonna be needing
all the help he can get.

Noah? What are you doing here?

I come to get you out.
Can you travel?



Come on. Let's go.

What about the others?

Mr. Taylor, we all try to get
out of here and there ain't
nobody gonna make it.


Hey, what's going on in there?

Come on, let's go.

Runaways! Runaways!

Shoot 'em, Mr. Taylor.
Shoot 'em, dammit!
Shoot 'em!

Behold, a vision approaches.

J.d., gentlemen,
mind if I sit in?

Rachel, for you to grace our
humble game with your beauty
would truly be an honor.

If my colleagues are agreeable.

- Andrew, pull up a chair
for the lady.
- Yes, sir.


How you feeling?

Like a side of beef
in the slaughter house.

Noah, about what happened
last night.

I couldn't help myself.

I know.
One murder makes a villain.

And millions, a hero.

Always the teacher.

Yeah. Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Big day for reunions, huh?

I can't think of a thing

that tingles my spine more
than seeing a free
negro back in chains.

Except swinging from a rope.

Lordy, no.
Ain't no profit in that.

It's a load off my mind, Barnes.

Massah Barnes, boy.

You ain't in Sweetwater no more.

Don't look like Kansas, neither.

That's right.
Life's different down here.

We respect the natural order
of things.

Which means, I'm a master.

You're slave. Get it?

That mean I got a choice?

Yeah. You always
got a choice, boy.

Lord knows I'd hate to
suffer the financial
loss, but if need be,

I'll kill you.

So, do us both a favor,
learn your place before
my buyers get here.

If I didn't know you better,

I'd swear you were drawing
for an inside straight.

It's gonna cost you to find out.

I'll take that chance.

Let's see what you've got.

Not so fast.

Hey, I got one over here
might suit your fancy.

All right, now, shut up you two.

Yessa, massah Barnes.

Now, this one here,
he's older,
but he's well bred.

He's a teacher back in Kansas.

I don't know. Been my
experience that when them
kind get book learning,

all sorts of hell breaks out.

Oh, he's got good manners, too.

He knows how to set a table.

I suppose we could use
another house boy.

There you are.

Take off your shirt,
and let's have a look.

- Don't do it.
- I thought I told you to
mind your manners.

Now, you do
as the gentlemen says.

Don't do it!

This one here's still
a little bit uppity,
but he'll learn.

You take off the shirt.

This ain't my day.

If you're running short,
I'd be happy to extend
you a loan.

And in return?

A night of your pleasures.

Uh! You can't afford it.


Smoking's a nasty habit,
j.D. You really ought to
give it up.

No. I just need some
water. Andrew, would you
get some for me, please.

Excuse me, Mr. Higgins?

Water, Andrew. Now.

My good luck charm.

Sometimes he sticks a
little too close.

May I please have
a glass of water.

Can't you see I got my
hands full, boy?

Educating niggers is
to the importance
of discipline as...

Oh! It's, uh...

Well, it's tiresome work.

Now, since your problem
seems to be an excess
of pride,

I will spare you the indignity
of punishment.

I'm gonna let your friend
here have it instead.

You leave him alone.

You want to hurt somebody,
you hurt me.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

But it don't work that way.

Way I figure it, I'll whoop you.

It will make you stronger.

I whoop him...

I'll make you think.

Get on him.

That's enough.

From here on in every time you
step out of line some other
darkie's gonna take a beating.

And you'll do the choosing.

Looks like it's just you and me.

Oh, my heart may be heavy,
lamb's got no wool,

my pot may be empty,
but the old house is full.

Duces and fives.

Mr. Higgins, that gentleman
you were waiting on,
he has arrived.

He's waiting in your room, sir.

Rachel, gentlemen,
if you would excuse me.

This shouldn't take long.

Don't you ever pull a
stunt like that on me again!

But I was on a roll.

The only roll you've ever
been on is in the gutter
where I found you!

Look, I'm sorry! I know I...

I know what you were thinking,
and I know what you
were thinking with.

Save it for the whores.

Clean yourself up.
We got a job to do.

We're gonna need some help, kid.

Let's go.


Hello, celinda.

It's been a long time.

What are you doing here?

I got to talk to the
vigilance committee.
It's very important.


Please. I know I got no
right showing up. But I
got a friend who's in trouble.

And you're the
only one who can help.

Who is it, celinda?


If it isn't Wild Bill Hickok.

Hello, Nathan.

Haven't you caused this
family enough pain?

Six years, not a word.

You didn't even show at
your pa's funeral.

I couldn't, Nathan.

Why not?

Please, just let me come in.

My friend, Noah, he's a negro.

The slave traders just got him
across state lines.

They'll kill him if I
don't get him out.


In fact, the only reason
that you're here right now
is because your friend,

one man, fell into
the clutches of slavery.


What brother atkins is saying

is while the committee feels
for what happened
to your friend,

Barnes runs a legal slave
operation in a slave state.

Not to mention the fact
that his compound is
heavily guarded.

Does that mean you're not
gonna help me?

Our work here is too important.

We can't afford the risk
of such visible action.
I'm sorry.

I don't understand you people.

You know, you stand up and you
wave signs at the slave owner
who crosses state lines

to bring back a fugitive,
but you won't cross the
line to bring out a free man?

Maybe I don't measure
up to my father, but, you
know what, you don't either.


You're on the wrong side, boy.

How many times I got
to tell you?

You always serve from the
right! The right! The right!

The man here says he's
looking for a job.

You look familiar. I ever
seen you before?

Not that I recall.

Well, what makes you
think you got the talent
for this kind of work?

- Talent?
- Mmm-hmm.

Well, it's been my
experience in dealing
with his kind

that all you need is a strong
arm and a good whip.

Well, here's the whip.
Let's see that arm of yours.

What the hell are you
doing here?

Trying to figure a way of
getting you outta here.

Get on with it.
I ain't got all day.

Go on, do it!

I can't.

If you don't,
you'll die for nothing.

Why you dirty...
I'll teach you
to talk back to me!

Spit in my face. Go on!

No! No! No! No! No! No!

How much you think
we get for dead
niggers around here, huh?

Get him out of here.

Sorry. I guess I got
carried away.

Do I still have the job?

After breakfast we'll be
working on the river.

Pays two dollars a day.

Well, I'll just see
your 50 and raise you 100.

Well, Mr. Higgins, I do
believe that's
more than I've got on hand.

Would you take a note?

I've already told you
what I'd take.

Oh, yes. Uh, a night of
passionate abandon.
How can I forget?

And what in exchange?

Hundred dollars.

Excuse me, Mr. Higgins.

Andrew, please.

J.d., you insult me.
You really do.

Surely, I'm worth more
than a hundred dollars.


Later, Andrew.

What'd you have in mind?

Oh, I don't know.

I have always wanted
a silver saddle.

That's worth far more
than a hundred dollars.

All right, two nights, then.

And this to remember them by.

One hand, winner takes all.

You in?

I'll take two cards.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Miss Rachel, are you hungry?
Ah! Oh! Oh, lord!

- I ruined your suit!
- It's all right.

Oh! I'm so sorry. I feel...
I feel terrible about this.

- Here, let me help you.
- It's all right.

No, really, I insist.

Sir? Why don't you let the boy
help you, Andrew.
I'll be fine.

I'll be right back.

- Hello, Jimmy.
- Nathan.

Do you mind if we ride along?

Not at all. I'd appreciate
the company.

Mind if I ask
what changed your mind?

Between you and me?


Your sister.

- Celinda?
- Yeah.

After you left the meeting,

she busted in on us and, uh,

said if your pa was still
alive that Barnes
wouldn't even be in business.

She said we should all be
ashamed of ourselves.


What's the matter, boy?
You clumsy?

Maybe he needs another beating.

I'll take care of this.

Go on. Get up!

How you holding up?

Give me the gun.

No. Jimmy will be back soon.

I ain't waiting any longer,
kid. Give me the gun!


No. Let's get the other
guard over here.

You know, Noah, you don't look
like you're feeling too well.

- I'm gonna hit you.
- Ah!

Hey, come here and look at this!

Come on.

Hey, you!

Keys. Give me the key!

- Who are you?
- I'm a friend.

Barnes' men
will be here any minute.
We got to get going.

Go on, run! That way! Go on!

Everybody run!

Keep running!

Stop where you are and
you won't get hurt!


Yah! Yah!

You cost me plenty, boy.

I should have killed you
that first day.

Shoot him!

Finish him!

I never did a say a
proper good-bye.

I never understood what
was so important that you
had to die for.

But I guess I do now.

I just wanted you to know i'm
sorry I held it against you.

I'd know that sky anywhere.



Sorry I let you down.


I read somewhere once
that there are only three
men worthy of respect.

The teacher, the soldier,
and the poet.

To know, to kill and to create.

I got a feeling that
in times like these

we're gonna need as many
teachers as we can get.



Ah. It's gonna feel good
to get off this horse, if
I can still walk.

Feel better to have a
nice hot bath, some of
Rachel's stew.

Stew? Remember, you got to
eat some crow first?

Where is everybody?

Anybody here?

Probably went to town.

Hello, Jimmy. Noah.


Hello, kid.

Not now.
Everyone's watching.

What's going on, Lou?


Just that.

Welcome back, Noah.

You know, Rachel, I've been
meaning to ask you,

if them fellas was such good
cheats how'd you, uh...

What? Oh...

Dumb luck, I guess.