The West Wing (1999–2006): Season 2, Episode 22 - Two Cathedrals - full transcript

As the Haitian army continues their seizure of the American embassy there, Bartlet and the staff prepare for the announcement that Bartlet has M.S. and the President must decide whether or ...

- Previously on The West Wing:
- Do you get that you have MS?

We're firming up strategy
on the future...

...and we don't know if this president
is interested in the future.

- What am I supposed to tell my director?
- We need 30 minutes Wednesday.

Order the attorney general
to appoint a prosecutor.

How many are they estimating?

Two Bradleys with 120 mm
cannons and a couple artillery tubes.

- What do we have?
- 37 Marines with M-14s.

There was an accident
at 18th and Potomac.

Mrs. Landingham was driving
her car back.

- Is she all right?
- No, she's dead.

Most of us are just hearing
the news now.

- A conference call?
- Yes.

- There hasn't been time to digest this.
- What we do know is...

...the House Democrats
are gonna take it in the throat.

We might get voters to accept MS
in some of the suburban districts.

- The whole House is up for re-election.
- Yeah.

It's not a matter of accepting it.
There was a cover-up...

- The point is, even if you squeeze out...
- Even if you could squeeze out a win...

...this is what the campaign's
gonna be about.

And Democrats
will tell the president:

" Don't come to my district,
I got troubles enough. "

Your campaign never gets out
of the rose garden.

We're running without a standard-bearer
when we got policy cases...

...against the Republicans on tax cuts,
environment, education.

And this is what the campaign's
gonna be about.

Leo, most of us
are just hearing the news...

...and I don't like being the first one
to say it, but I'm gonna.

I think the president has got to strongly
consider not running for re-election.

- You think you're the first one to say it?
- Leo...

You are, at minimum, the 35th
in the last two hours.

Well, we're the ones talking to you now.
And we're the ones that are asking:

Is the president gonna run
for re-election?

Harry, Bill...

...there's going to be
a press conference tonight. I'd watch.

He'll sit here
with the first lady on his right.

- Not in front of the fireplace?
- That's too much.

He'll sit here. They'll have to light
the room from outside the window.

- We'll let them know.
- Last time, they didn't know.

The president taped a message
that looked like it was lit by Ed Wood.

A pitcher of water,
but keep it off-screen.

They gotta light
from outside the window.

I don't care. Look, Toby, has anyone
considered whether he's up for this?

- Up for this?
- Some stuff has happened since...

C.J. gave it to the network.
We're pretty much locked in.

- When are we prepping him?
- After the service.

- There's gonna be time?
- We'll have the afternoon.

- We should consider...
- There aren't any options.

We're going on TV at 8.

- Toby?
- Yeah?

I had to put Greg Summerhays
back on your schedule.

- No, I took him off.
- Leo's office had me put him back on.

- Why?
- They want you to keep the appointment.

We've got her funeral today.
We've got these....

I said 4:00.

Yeah, all right.

- Carol?
- Yeah?

AP, Reuters, Agence France. Something
about seating on Air Force One.

- Seating arrangements?
- Seating arrangements on Air Force One.


I was thinking since it's gonna be
a light day...

...I'd maybe blow off work,
go shopping or something.

What do you need?

- Can I give you a quick brief?
- Sure.

The Justice Department's run out
of money in their suit against tobacco.

- The Justice Department's overmatched.
- By hundreds of millions of dollars.

They're asking for 30 million.
We think they should have it.

- Who disagrees with us?
- 8 of the 15 members...

...of the subcommittee that controls
the budgets for Justice and Commerce...

...including Kalmbach
who has ties to tobacco...

...and Warren and Rossitter, who do not.

- We lost two Democrats?
- They have ideological objections.

Yeah, it's just not a good time
to be losing Democrats.

You haven't been in my office
this morning.

- We'll get them back.
- Anyway, Leo felt pretty strongly...

...that we should light a fire under it,
so I wrote up a strongly worded release.

"The White House. For immediate
release. Office of the press.

Today, the president calls on Congress,
who deserve their day in court.

This administration
won't sit on the bench...

...while the Appropriations Committee...

...choke off funding for a lawsuit
aimed at perpetrators...

...of hundreds of thousands
of negligent homicides...

...while filling their campaign
war chests. "

This is like the fire we used to throw
in the early primaries.

Let Bartlet be Bartlet.

You gotta put it away for a while.

You think?

I'm going in there to tell them
a helicopter assault team... steaming off Port-au-Prince, then
I'm bringing in AP and Agence France.

Nobody's gonna write
about an Appropriations Bill.

Haiti is gonna get bumped
to the Lifestyle Section.

Yeah, I suppose.


- Have you seen him today?
- No, have you?


- All right. Listen, I gotta...
- Yeah. Thanks.

- Why are we assuming it's Hoynes?
- Please.

Why are we assuming it's Hoynes?
You don't think Wedland's gonna get in?

- Hutchinson, Seth Gillette?
- Please.

- Gillette's lucky if he carries his family.
- It's Hoynes.

Sam, you understand this conversation
isn't ruling out Bartlet as a candidate.

It's just, "what if? "
We're party strategists.

- It's what we're paid for.
- Yeah.

Hoynes is the only one
who put together the money.

He's the most successful fundraiser
the party's ever had.

Though obviously, it'd be easier
if Hoynes is running as an incumbent.

- Okay.
- Sam...

- Thanks.
- No, it was an inappropriate...

No, when I say okay, that's it.
Close your notebooks.

You don't talk like that here. I don't give
a damn whose nephew you are.

Tony, President Bartlet's not
a candidate. He's the president.

- What are the conditions in the embassy?
- They've got running water...

...but the power's been cut.
The generator's got about 24 hours.


No, but the deputy chief's a diabetic
and running out of insulin.

- The Red Cross can help us there?
- Yes, sir.

What's outside?

About 1200 troops
with A-15s positioned outside the gates.

They've got four 105 mm howitzers.

- Which are trained at...?
- Our front door.

Mr. President, we want to send
Fitzwallace down there.


There's a Haitian general
named Francis St. Jacques.

He trained with Fitz in Annapolis and....


- Jed?
- Jed. Jed, your father's calling you.


- Didn't you hear me calling you?
- No, sir, I didn't. I was... I didn't.

Mr. Spence found this cigarette butt
on the floor in the aisle of the chapel.

People shouldn't put
cigarettes out in chapel.

People shouldn't be smoking
in the chapel I think is my point, Jed.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

- Could you tell your friends, please?
- Yeah.

Jed, hang on.
I want you to meet someone.

She's gonna take over
in my office for Mrs. Tillinghouse.

Excuse me. This is Dolores Landingham.

Mrs. Landingham,
this is my eldest son, Jed.

- So, what happens?
- Basically, we think we can get...

.. St. Jacques to fracture Bazan's army.

- So if we invade...?
- It becomes peacekeeping.

Okay, send Fitzwallace down.
Anything else?

No, sir.

- Thank you, Mr. President.
- Thank you, sir.

- They've been in there 48 hours.
- Yes, sir.

The guy's been president
of his country for two days.

- He's spent them both at gunpoint.
- Yeah.

What do you know about this storm?

- It's moving to South Carolina.
- It's supposed to be bad.

- It's a tropical storm.
- Yes, sir.

No, I mean, it's been designated
a tropical storm.

That means it has a surface wind
speed of something.

Yes, sir.

Isn't it strange to have
a tropical storm in May?

I'm sure there's a season
and this isn't it.

- I can have someone find out for you.
- It's not a big deal.

It's just that I'm pretty sure it's strange.

The motorcade will leave
for the cathedral in an hour.

- You ever been to National Cathedral?
- Yes, sir.

You know you can lay the Washington
Monument on its side in that church.

- I did, actually.
- We should try it.

You have two meetings
between now and then.

- Is there anything else you need, sir?
- I need pallbearers.

Yes, sir.

Also in the combat radius
will be six JSOCs...

...a battalion landing team. They'll cover
that at the Pentagon briefing.

Does the OAS passing a resolution
allowing you... explore military options mean
you've exhausted diplomatic ones?

Of course not. But it should
underline the consequences for Bazan...

...should he decide to arrest the
democratically elected president of Haiti.

That's all I have for now.

Before you go, C.J. needs to see...

...AP, Reuters and Agence France
in the office.

She needs to discuss seating
arrangements on Air Force One.

- C.J.?
- Yeah.

- We've got a problem.
- That's hard to believe.

We can't have the press conference
in the East Room.

- What are you talking about?
- We can't have it in the East Room.

- Why?
- They've been pulling the wiring...

...and they found asbestos.

- There's asbestos in the East Room?
- Yeah. I'm gonna make a list...

Okay. Put together a list
of alternatives.

Come on in.

I don't have a problem
with my seat on the plane.

Get inside.

I complained that one time because,
I don't know, I was in a bad mood.

This isn't about seating arrangements.
Notebooks. No tape recorders.

The story's embargoed for an hour...

...and you'll identify me
as a "senior White House official. "

- Are we talking about the opening bell?
- That depends. When is it gonna leak?

- I'm sorry.
- When are we leaking the story?

- C.J. 's doing it right now.
- Wall Street will have it in an hour.

In two hours
sellers will outnumber buyers.

Excuse me, keep going.

- In what sectors?
- In all sectors of the...

- Charlie?
- Yes, sir.

Do you have any idea why the door
to the portico keeps swinging open?

They're replacing the latch.
It's swinging open from the wind.

The door opens out.

When the right doors are open,
there's a wind tunnel into the Oval Office.

No kidding.

What about Europe and Japan?

Well, Japan is going to be up
and trading by the time we go on TV.

Charlie says there's a wind tunnel
created by something.

They're fixing the latch.

- Mr. President.
- Yeah?

- Is the motorcade ready?
- Yes, sir.


Well, we've gotta go.

I don't know what to say.

Leo's pretty rich. Maybe he can buy
some tech stocks and jack up the price.

- Keep me posted on the bellwethers.
- Yeah. Thank you, Mr. President.

- Is the first lady meeting us in the car?
- Yes. It's a nondenominational service.

What'd she say?

She said the first lady's
meeting us in the car.

- It wasn't a nondenominational service.
- Of course it was.

Wouldn't have felt that way
if you were Jewish.

It was a nondenominational
Christian service.

- Attendance at...
- It's nondenominational.

- Our Father is not nondenominational.
- Everyone says Our Father.

Catholics don't say,
" For thine is the kingdom...

...and the power and the glory forever
and ever. " You know? I'm just saying.

- Why do you work here?
- I'm sorry?

Why do you work here after classes?

I can't imagine anyone
in your family is on work study.

No, I get free tuition. So I guess
it's a good idea to give something back.

Why do you call your father "sir"?

- Is this a whole afternoon of questions?
- Actually, you've been talking.

- I'm sorry, am I boring you, Dolores?
- Mrs. Landingham, please.

My father's the headmaster.

But before he was your headmaster,
he was your father, right?

I don't want anyone
to feel uncomfortable.

- So you call him "sir"?
- Yeah.

You know, they released the girl
from the hospital this morning.

- The driver?
- Yeah.

She fractured her wrist
and had some stitches over her eye...

...and the other two
had some scrapes and bruises.

It looks like they're going to charge her
with vehicular manslaughter.

Frank Mitchell, Joanna, Bill Carney...

...told me they were in
meetings all morning.


Consensus seems to be
that if you step back...

...and put your support behind Hoynes...

...there's a decent chance the Democrats
can keep the White House.

The world will rest easier.

We're here.

"'I am the resurrection and I am life,'
says the Lord.

'Whoever believes in me shall live,
even though he die.' "

God of mercy, you are the hope
of sinners, the joy of saints.

We pray for our sister Dolores, whose
body we honor with Christian burial.

Give her happiness with your saints,
and raise up her body...

...with the saints of the last day
to be in your presence forever.

As for me, I know
that my redeemer lives...

...and that at the last
he will stand upon the earth.

- After my awaking, he will raise me up.
- Jed?

- And in my body I shall see God.
- Jed?

I myself shall see,
and my eyes behold him....



I'm trying to get through
an honest day's work.

You missed a spot.

I didn't miss it.
I just haven't gotten to it yet.

- You have a habit of doing that.
- What's that?

Telling me I'm doing something wrong
before I even do it.

Well, that must be a little annoying.

- I got a project for you.
- Really.

You can show the courage...

...intellect and the leadership skills
everyone talks about.

I'm a little busy hosing down the boats.

You know the women at this school
are paid less than the men?

- Sorry?
- The women are paid less than the men.

- No, I didn't know that.
- Do you think your father does?

The first reading will be
from Mr. Charles Young...

...from the Book of Wisdom,
Chapter Three.

I'd like an opportunity to make my case.

- What are you doing here?
- Raising an issue.

- You've been raising this issue all week.
- It's had quite an affect on you.

- Don't you have a husband?
- What relevance does that have?

Shouldn't you go home
when you're done with work?

- Shouldn't you mind your own business?
- You're minding everybody else's...

What's that supposed to mean?

My family doesn't talk about money.

- That's because you have money.
- Numbers.

- Excuse me?
- If you want to convince me...

...of something, show me numbers.

" But the souls of the virtuous
are in the hands of God.

No torment shall ever touch them.

In the eyes of the unwise, they did
appear to die, but they are at peace.

But though in the sight of others
they were punished...

...their hope is full of immortality. "

- Your car won't start.
- Yes.

- What's wrong with it?
- The starter motor or the fan belt.

- Do you know anything about cars?
- No.

- Then how do you know...?
- Those are the two things I've heard of.

You fix your car
and pretend you're not listening.

I'm gonna stand here and talk,
because I know you are.

- What could you possibly want?
- I've got numbers.

There's something abnormal about you.

Florence Chadwick's been in the
English Department 13 years.

She makes $5900 a year.

Mr. Hopkins has been here
four years fewer and makes $7100.

- Is this the best time for this?
- You don't seem to be going anywhere.

A female cook makes $3200...

...compared to a male electrician
who makes $3900.

Where there is hatred, let us sow love.

Where there is injury, harmony.

And where there is doubt,
let there be faith in you. Amen.

The chaplain makes $4100.
The nurse makes $3100.

Miss Mueller gets paid an additional $200
a year to conduct the choir and band.

While Mr. Ryan gets paid an additional
$400 a year to coach the rowing team.

- Crew.
- What?

It's not rowing, it's crew.

Florence is married with no dependents...

...and Mr. Hopkins
has a family of four to support.

If we paid people according
to how many children they had...

...Malcolm the groundskeeper would
get triple what the headmaster gets.

You know I'm right.
You've known it since I brought it up.

- What do you want me to do?
- Bring it up with your father.

- I'm not a woman, and I don't work here.
- The women who do are afraid.

If they bring it up, they're afraid
for their jobs. What are you afraid of?

Why do you talk to me like this?

Because you never had a big sister
and you need one.

Look at you. You're a boy king.

You're a foot smarter
than the smartest kids in the class.

You're blessed with inspiration.
You must know this by now.

You must have sensed it.


...if you think we're wrong,
if you think Mr. Hopkins...

...should honestly get paid more
than Mrs. Chadwick, then I respect that.

But if you think we're right...

...and you won't speak up
because you can't be bothered...

...then God, Jed,
I don't even want to know you.

Come inside. I'll call AAA.

Miss Mueller gets half as much to teach
music as Ryan gets to coach crew?

You're gonna do it.

- I didn't say that.
- Yes, you did.

You stuck your hands in your
pockets, you looked away and smiled.

- You made up your mind.
- That doesn't mean...

- Yes, it does.
- I stuck my hands in my pockets.

And looked away and smiled.

We're in.

It was a beautiful service, I thought.

- I thought it was a beautiful service.
- Yeah.

She was a real dame, old friend.
A real broad.


- We've gotta go to the office now, sir.
- Yeah.

We've got some decisions to make now.

- Leo, would you do me a favor?
- Yeah.

Would you ask the agents
to seal the cathedral for a minute?


You're a son of a bitch, you know that?

She bought her first new car and you
hit her with a drunk driver. What?

Was that supposed to be funny?

"You can't conceive, nor can I,
the appalling strangeness...

...of the mercy of God, "
says Graham Greene.

I don't know whose ass
he was kissing there...

...because I think you're just vindictive.

What was Josh Lyman, a warning shot?

That was my son.

What did I ever do to yours,
but praise his glory and praise his name?

There's a tropical storm
that's gaining speed and power.

We haven't had a storm this
bad since you took out...

...that tender ship of mine in the
North Atlantic last year, 68 crew.

You know what a tender ship does?
It fixes the other ships.

It doesn't even carry guns. It just goes
around and fixes the other ships...

...and delivers the mail.
That's all it can do.

Yes, I lied. It was a sin.
I've committed many sins.

Have I displeased you,
you feckless thug?

3.8 million new jobs,
that wasn't good?

Bailed out Mexico.
Increased foreign trade.

Thirty million new acres of land
for conservation.

Put Mendoza on the bench.

We're not fighting a war.
I've raised three children.

That's not enough to buy me out
of the doghouse?

You get Hoynes.

- We'll call them answer A and answer B.
- Yeah.

" Mr. President, does this mean
you won't be seeking a second term? "

Answer A is, "You bet, I will absolutely
be seeking a second term.

I'm looking forward to the campaign.
There is great work yet to be done. "

- Yes.
- Answer B....

"Are you out of your mind?
I can't win re-election.

I lied about a degenerative illness. I'm
the target of a grand jury investigation...

...and Congress is about
to take me out to lunch.

I'd sooner have my family take their
clothes off and dance...

...on the Truman Balcony than
campaign with this around my neck. "

- You think that's too on the nose?
- I do.

- I want to bring it up again.
- Why?

Because I got shouted down
three times...

...and I work here just like you do.
Can I help you?


I think we have to explore ways
of calling this off.

- Sam...
- It might be a mistake to send him on... a moment when
we're trying to demonstrate...

We don't know what
they're talking about!

We don't know whether
he's running or not!

There are no ways. The story's leaked.
It's out there, we're doing this.

Don't worry, it's gonna be fine.

They're lighting him
from outside the window.


I have a meeting, believe it or not...

...with Greg Summerhays
for reasons passing understanding.

- Hello
- Toby.

- It's good to see you.
- How are you, Greg?

I was sorry about
the president's secretary.

- Thank you.
- Did you know her well?


- Let me get to why I'm here. I want to...
- You want to buy Atlantic Intermedia.

- Yeah.
- Greg, there's a reason the FCC...

- I'm not here about the FCC.
- Why are you here?

I'm launching a 24-hour
cable news channel.

And I'm building it to compete.

And I'd like you to be the news director.


Thanks for coming in. Excuse me.

- It was a nice service, don't you think?
- Yeah. Yeah, it was.

I'm gonna run across the street
to the OEOB for a minute.

The president's still after
information on the storm.

- I'm not sure why he's got it in his teeth.
- Yeah.

Josh, can this really be how it works?
We have no idea if he's gonna run.

He's in a room with Leo
making a decision.

Two people in a matter of minutes?

- This is how it works?
- This is how it works today.

Josh Lyman.

It's Leo.

- Hey, Toby.
- Don't anybody talk to me right now.

Josh, Greg Summerhays
was here to offer me a job.

Leo got me a lifeboat. I'm gonna rip
his arms off, and beat him...

Toby, that was Leo.
He wants us over there.

It's answer B.

With the president and first lady
having just concluded the interview...

...President Bartlet is expected
to be arriving... the State Department
for a press conference.

Typically, a press conference,
particularly of this size...

...would be held in the East Room
of the White House...

...but we're told there are some repairs
going on and so the change of venue.

Chris Watson, can you tell us what we
might expect to hear...

...from the president in a few minutes?

Wait, all right. Our apologies,
we'll have Chris in a moment.

Why don't you sit in here
for a few minutes.

I'm gonna get C.J.
You two do a last-minute review.

- I'm fine.
- I'm gonna get C.J.

- Yeah.
- Sit here.

Close your eyes a few minutes.

- Charlie will get you when we're ready.
- Yeah.

A couple of years ago
I began experiencing...

...blurred vision
and numbness in my legs.

Two years and many tests later...

...I was diagnosed with a course
of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.

That startling admission
made just moments ago from...

- Toby.
- Yeah.

- Where's C.J.?
- She ran back to her office.

They're gonna run this clip forever.

No, we're about to give them
clips to beat it.

Leo, you got me a lifeboat?

- Greg Summerhays.
- Yeah.

Yeah, I got you a lifeboat.

Did you imagine that there
were any circumstances...

...under which I would use it?

- No.
- Then why?

To show him that.

C.J. 's in her office?

You think he's gonna
change his mind, don't you?

You think he's gonna run.

C.J. 's in her office?



- You wanted to see Donna Moss?
- Yeah.

- Good evening, sir.
- How are you?

Fine, sir.
We all thought you did very well.

- That was the easy part.
- It didn't look that easy.

Talk about the weather.

A tropical storm is a cyclone in which
the maximum sustained surface speed...

...of the wind is 34
nautical miles per hour.

- There's a tropical storm season, right?
- Yes, it's June 1 to November 30.

Okay. And how many times,
say, in the last 100 years...

...has a tropical storm
come up the Atlantic seaboard... Washington in the middle of May?

According to the National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration...

- ... it hasn't happened in a century.
- At all?

No, sir.


- Excuse me, sir.
- Yeah. Thanks, Donna.

Thank you, Mr. President.

According to the NOAA, the storm
is a nonrecurring phenomenon...

...which is science's term for,
"We don't know what's going on...

...but we're stocking up
on canned goods. "

I just wanted to review a few things.

Stuff you don't think
I'd remember from an hour ago?

Take the first question
from Lawrence Altman...

...The Times
chief medical correspondent.

- Why?
- If you call on anyone else...

...the first question
will be about re-election.

Calling Altman, it will be a medical
question and he'll have follow-ups.

It'll allow you to feel comfortable
before you start with the political mess.

Altman will be in the front row,
first seat on your right.

- Mr. President?
- Yeah?

- Where's Altman gonna be?
- C.J....

I'm going there right now.
This is the last time I'm gonna see you.

- Please...
- Front row, first seat on the right.

Whose right?

My right.

Thank you, sir.

Come in.

" If you hide your ignorance, no one
will hit you and you'll never learn. "

Is this your quote?

Dad, I wanted to mention something
to you regarding salary equity.

Is this your quote?

" If you hide your ignorance, no one
will hit you and you'll never learn. "

It's actually Ray Bradbury.

- And you quoted Ray Bradbury?
- Yes.

In an article you and your friends
wrote condemning Professor Loomis.

For banning certain books
from the library.

- He's a professor of literature.
- He banned Henry Miller...

...D. H. Lawrence and
Giovanni's Room. It's too homosexual.

Stop it.
You're a guest at this school.

I'm a student. He banned Fahrenheit 451,
which is about banning books.

Was that supposed to be funny?

That wordplay that you just did,
was that meant to be funny?

No, that was supposed...

Was there anything else?

- It's not a nondenominational service.
- Don't start with this.

Catholics don't believe man is saved
through faith alone.

Catholics believe faith
has to be joined with good works.

You're the only one
who minds the service.

- I'm the only one who's Catholic.
- You're Catholic because...

...your mother is and you're at this
school because I'm the headmaster.

How's that for clever with words?

Now, what was it
you came in here to talk to me about?


Please close the door behind you.

Damn it! Mrs. Landingham!

I really wish you wouldn't shout,
Mr. President.

The door keeps blowing open.

Yes, but there's an intercom, and
you could use it to call me at my desk.

- I was...
- You don't know how to use it.

It's not that I don't know how to use it.
It's just that I haven't learned yet.

I have MS, and I didn't tell anybody.


- So you're having a little bit of a day.
- You gonna make jokes?

God doesn't make cars crash
and you know it.

Stop using me as an excuse.

The party's not gonna want me to run.

The party will come back.
You'll get them back.

I got a secret for you, Mrs. Landingham.

I've never been the most popular guy
in the Democratic Party.

I've got a secret for you, Mr. President.

Your father was a prick who never
got over the fact...

...that he wasn't as smart
as his brothers.

Are you in a tough spot? Yes.
Do I feel sorry for you? I do not.

Why? Because there are people
way worse off than you.

Give me numbers.

I don't know numbers.
You give them to me.

How about a child born in this minute...

...has a one-in-five chance
in being born into poverty.

How many Americans
lack health insurance?

Forty-four million.

What's the number one cause of death
for black men under 35?


- How many Americans are behind bars?
- Three million.

- How many Americans are addicts?
- Five million.

- And one in five kids in poverty?
- That's 13 million American children.

Three and a half million kids go to
schools that are literally falling apart.

We need 127 billion
in school construction...

...and we need it today.

To say nothing of 53 people
trapped in an embassy.


You know, if you don't want
to run again, I respect that.

But if you don't run because you think
it's gonna be too hard...

...or you think you're gonna lose...

...well, God, Jed,
I don't even wanna know you.

Mr. President?

Mr. President, it's time.

And he'll be speaking to that
just as soon as he gets here.

Frank, then Leslie.

Has there been any discussion
of a special prosecutor?

Tomorrow morning the president
will direct the attorney general... appoint a special prosecutor, yes.

I can't see. Joan.

A list of three prosecutors
is given to a three-judge panel.

The prosecutors, as well as the judges...

...were all appointed
by Republican presidents.

Please, I can only answer 14 or 15
questions at once. Hal.

I can't comment on a witness list
that doesn't exist...

...but I imagine subpoenas
will be issued... most senior White House staff,
including myself.

Again, I can't comment on what kind
of hearings Congress has in mind.

I'm sure there'll be one,
but you'd have to talk to Congress.

Okay. Here now,
the president of the United States.

Front row on your right.

Yes, Sandy.

Mr. President, can you tell us right now
if you'll be seeking a second term?

I'm sorry, Sandy.

There was a bit of noise there.
Could you repeat the question?

Can you tell us right now
if you will be seeking a second term?

Watch this.

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