The West Wing (1999–2006): Season 1, Episode 3 - A Proportional Response - full transcript

After being offered "a proportional response" to the Syrian military's downing of a U.S. military plane on a medical mission (and carrying his newly named personal physician), the president...


I accidentally slept
with a prostitute.

Call girl.

- Accidentally?
- Yes.

Did you trip?

You're gonna try and reform her.

The president
would like to keep you on.

- New media consultant?
- Absolutely.

- Not Mandy.
- Who?



An Air Force transport
carrying Morris exploded in midair.

The order came through
Syrian defense.

I'll blow them away
with the fury of God's thunder.

C.J.'s looking for you.

- "Good morning" is a good way to start.
- Good morning.

- C.J.'s looking for you.
- Tell her I'm here.

C.J. is looking for you.

- What did I do?
- How would I know?

- You know everything.
- I do.

When I want to make
a substantive contribution...

You make plenty of them.

- Like what?
- This could be one.

- I need a raise.
- So do I.

- You're my boss.
- I don't pay you.

- You can recommend it.
- She's looking for me.

- You think it's a good time to talk?
- I think it's the best time.

- You're not a nice person.
- Gotta get to know me.

The best I can gather from what
I've overheard in the restroom...

...and at the Danish cart...

Is it possible there's a situation...

...involving Sam, a woman
and C.J. being denied information?

Here's what I'll do.

- Hide in your office?
- No, I'm not hiding.

I'll go into my office and devise
a strategy. That's what I do.

- I'm a professional, not a child.
- That's the spirit.

- If she calls, I'm at the dentist.
- Got it.

Wow, are you stupid!

You can't be mad at me.

Let's see if I can find it in me.

- She was here?
- Excuse us, Donna.

- I missed that?
- Kiss that raise goodbye.

- Senior staff in five minutes.
- Thanks.

A call girl?

A call girl, Josh?

- Are you asking if I'd like one?
- Do you know how serious it is?

I don't think it is.

- Why not?
- A couple of things to remember:

He didn't know she was one.

He didn't pay her,
participate in, know of...

...or witness anything illegal,
unethical, immoral or suspect.

A couple things for you.
None of that matters on Hard Copy!

- You're overreacting.
- Am I? As women are prone to do?

- That's not what I meant.
- It always is.

I think I'm the best judge
of what I mean... paranoid Berkeley
shiksa feminista.

- That was way too far.
- No.

I've got a meeting and so do you... elitist Harvard fascist...


...Yankee jackass!

- Feel better with that off your chest?
- I'm a new woman.

- You look great.
- Don't try to make up.

- I'll talk to Sam.
- I will.

- Toby, how was last night?
- Longest dinner of my life.

The president was yelling
at Cashman and Berryhill...

...and at the secretary of state,
scaring Fitzwallace...

...snapping at the first lady,
talking about blowing up Africa...

Might be a good time
to tell him about Sam.

- She knows?
- I do. I'll be in to see you shortly.

- How did I get into trouble?
- You got out of bed.

It's been three days.
This is amateur hour.

Cashman and Berryhill have to revise
the response scenario...

They're dragging their feet
to make me look like a clown.

And state should be concerned
with what I tell them to be.

- Doesn't work like that.
- I've discovered.

The chiefs are moving
as swiftly as they can...

...even though, frankly,
time isn't a factor.

And Cashman and Berryhill have a point
with respect to the Security Council.

Mrs. Landingham, I can't
find my glasses.

Please do what you do
when I can't find them.

It's been 72 hours since they
blew him out of the sky.

I'm tired of waiting.
We'll draw up a response today.

I'll give the order today.
We'll strike back today.

I wish you wouldn't say "him. "


"They blew 'him' out of the sky"?

It's fine when it's just us,
but in there with the chiefs...

...say "it" or "the airplane. "

You think I'm taking this personally?

Why shouldn't I?

- Since Morris was on the plane...
- Americans were on that plane!

I met Morris four or five times.
He wasn't my son.

We need to talk about...

I can't find my glasses!

- We're on it.
- Thank you.

- The director's waiting.
- Let's have him.

- What did you want to say?
- Nothing. I got staff.

- See you in an hour.
- Thank you.

Good morning.

- How's his mood?
- His mood? Don't worry about it.

- Toby said...
- I said don't worry.

Sam, what do you know?

- It's true.
- You're kidding.

- I have the broadcast transcript.
- Broadcast?


Congressman Bertram Coles
on the radio.

- Right.
- The fifth.

Eastchester County.

- Where we cut M-6 Beacon funding.
- And?

He was with officers from
Cromwell Air Force Base...

...when he said:

"Folks here are fiercely patriotic.
The president better not plan a visit.

If he does, he may not get out alive. "

- He said that?
- Believe it?

- Sitting with military officers?
- Don't take the bait.

- I will.
- Should be a law against it.

- There is!
- See?

Threatening a president's life.

How about treason? That was
a member of our own party!

- That was a Democrat who said that!
- It's bad, I know.

- That's it?
- What'll you do?

Bring him in for questioning,
pending charges.

Why be in power if you can't
haul your enemies in?

We're not gonna do anything?

Yeah, we need to arrest people
for being mean.

There is no law, no decency.

He's just getting that.

If an attack order's given, we'll
need a half-hour on the networks.

- When do we tell them?
- 90 minutes' notice.

Toby, start a draft.

- I need to know what we're hitting.
- Me too.

It's military.
You'll know when you know.

Sam, coordinate with the state
department guy and spokesperson.

- Let's do this right.
- No chance of that.

We need to get state department
officials, Pentagon...

- McMartin?
- Standing by.

- Adam Lee at the Pentagon.
- Got him.

How do we keep
what we know from them?

We don't know anything.

- Sam, stop by my office around lunch.
- Sure.

- Think she knows?
- Yeah.

- Why?
- She told me.

- Could we talk?
- My office. I'll be back.

Hold on, stay there.

Did you guys hear what
Coles said on the radio?

- Yeah.
- And?

Secret Service investigates all
threats against the president.

Are you saying there will be
a criminal investigation?

I can't comment on that.

I gotta get back to my office.

We'll say we don't think
we'd be disappointed...

...if no one paid attention
to the process.

- This is on agriculture?
- Science and technology.

We're done.

You wanted to see me.
I think I know why.

Do you? You sussed it out?

If you and I could figure it out...

...what makes you think no one
in my pressroom could?

Nothing to figure out.

You'll get caught.

- Doing what?
- Don't get cute.

I didn't know she was one
when we went home.

- But you called and went back.
- To see her. Not to solicit her.

- No difference.
- There is!

You work in the White House and
you're consorting...

I like her.
She poses no threat to the president.

And owing to my friendship...

...she might start living inbounds,
insuring her future.

Isn't that what we're supposed
to be doing? This is ridiculous.

- You're there to save her.
- Because I like her.

I'd be there for her if this were
alcohol. This isn't tawdry.

- I don't care what it is.
- I care what it is!

We should spend less time
looking good and more...

Being good? I've heard that one.

- One other thing.
- Are we done?

No, we're not done.
There's one other thing.

- I resent this.
- Tough to tell from your tone.

- What do you want?
- Sorry?

- What else?
- I'm your first phone call.

- When?
- Before, now, in the future.

Any time you're into something.

Don't say you thought it was nothing.
You sat with Josh and Toby.

When you're into something,
don't keep it from me.

I'm your first line of defense.

I have to protect you
and the president.

- Is that what this is about?
- A high-profile, visible, noticed...

- Three things that mean the same thing.
- Let it go.

Can I go? I think it's about you.

Letting the character cops win...

...because you don't have
the guts, strength or courage... say, "None of your business! "

- Really?
- Yes!

- Strength, guts or courage?
- Yes.

You just said three things
that all mean the same thing.

We're done talking now. You can go.

- In retaliation, will we target...?
- I don't know.

The commandant of the Second Division
doesn't include me.

- See you later.
- Count on it.

- Know what?
- What, admiral?

This is different coffee
than we usually have.

Keep your seats.

Morning, Mr. President.

- What have we got?
- Three strike scenarios.

- Operational?
- At his command.

- No prep?
- No.

All meet the obligations
of proportional response...

...and pose minimum risk
to U.S. personnel.

Scenario one, or "Pericles One,"
its code name...

What is the virtue
of a proportional response?

- I'm sorry?
- What's its virtue?

Why's it good?

They hit an airplane, we hit
a transmitter. That's proportional.

In Pericles...

They hit a barracks,
we hit two transmitters.

- That's roughly it.
- This is what we do.

It's what we do and have always done.

If it is, don't they know we'll do it?

If you'll turn attention to Pericles...

I have. It's two ammo dumps,
an abandoned railroad bridge... intelligence agency.

- Those are highly rated targets.
- But they know we'll do that.

They've been abandoned for three days.
We know that from the satellite.

They did that, so we did this.
It's the cost. It's factored in.

Am I right or am I missing something?

You're right.

Then I ask again, what's the virtue
of a proportional response?

It isn't virtuous. It's all there is.

It isn't.

- Admiral Fitzwallace...
- Excuse me.

- Just what else is there?
- The disproportional response.

Let it ring forth
from this time and place... kill any American,
we don't come back with proportion...

...but with total disaster!

Are you suggesting
we carpet-bomb Damascus?

I am suggesting you
and Fitzwallace and Hutchinson...

...and the national security team...

...take the next hour
and find a response...

...that doesn't make me think we're
just docking somebody's allowance!

- I haven't eaten lunch yet.
- What do you want?

I would like salad, soup
and if you run across a sandwich...

...hang the expense.
And a bottle of water.

This is Charles Young.

- I'm supposed to vet you.
- Beg your pardon?

Investigate to discover
if there are problems.

Josh Lyman, deputy chief of staff.
Is it Charles?

- Have a seat if you like.
- I don't mind standing.

- Donna?
- What?

Never mind the salad.

- But I would like a bottle of water.
- Fine.

So have a seat.

You understand why we do this.

It's a very sensitive job.
And a hard job.

Twenty-hour days,
long trips at the last minute.

Sometimes you have to be
invisible in plain sight...

...or a force against those
who want more time than we give.

Sometimes they'll be kings
and prime ministers. Understand?

I think there's been
some kind of mistake.


- I came here, filled an application...
- I have your paperwork.

Right. I was looking for a job
as a messenger.

I interviewed with Miss Dilaguardia.

She said to come here.

We ask her to keep an eye out.
She's recommended you for another job.

If I may ask...?

- Personal aide to the president.
- I don't understand.

Personal aide. Traditionally
a young guy, 25 years old...

...strong academics, responsible,
discreet, presentable appearance.

Many candidates have those.
The rest is just gut instinct.

Or you could bribe me.

Sir, I...

We call the president "sir. "

Everyone else is,
"When do I get that thing?"

- It's a mistake.
- I'll say.

- Donna!
- I should go.

- "Insuccessful"?
- Yes?

- We can't make up our own words.
- Not a typo?

Change it. Serious people
are gonna read that.

- You're standing again.
- I came for a messenger job.

Why aren't you in college?

Your grades are better than mine.
Not really, but they're close.

It was an easy school.

Recommendations, ACT scores...
You didn't want to go to college?

I have a little sister.

- You take care of her?
- Yes.

Your parents are gone?

My mom, she's a police officer.

She was shot and killed on duty
a few months ago.

Five months ago.

Keep your seats.

A delegation of cardiologists
is having pictures taken upstairs.

You wouldn't think there's a group
more arrogant than us...

...but they're upstairs
in the Blue Room.

- You called me?
- Yes, sir.

We put together a scenario
by which we attack Hassan airport.

Three main terminals and two runways.

In addition to thousands
of civilian casualties...

...we'd cripple the region's ability
to receive medical supplies and water.

Mr. Cashman and
Secretary Hutchinson...

...would each tell you
what you already know...

...that this would be seen
both at home and abroad... an overreaction
by a first-time Commander in Chief.

That without the support
of our allies...

...without Great Britain,
Japan and Congress...'ll have doled out
$5000 worth of punishment...

...for a 50-buck crime.

A proportional response doesn't empty
the options box for the future...

...the way an all-out assault would...

Thank you.

Does anyone have a cigarette?

This other plan...

- Pericles One, sir?
- Pericles One.

- No civilian casualties?
- We can't promise that.

- But you're as certain as you can be?
- Yes, sir.

The military implications?

We'll cripple intelligence and
surface-to-air strike capabilities.

Very well.

How does this work?

You give me the go order, sir.

Mr. President?

This is Fitzwallace.
I have a go order.

Start the clock on Pericles One.

Stand by for confirmation code.

We're underway.

Well done, Mr. President.

"Fifty-buck crime"?

I honestly don't know
what the hell we're doing here.

I've got questions
from the council's office...

...from the Treasury
and from internal security.

They're routine. Ready?

- Ever try to overthrow the government?
- Is the messenger job unavailable?

If I came back later...

This job's better. It pays more,
you don't ride on a bicycle...

...and instead, you'll be
personal aide to the president.

I see. So if I come...

Sam Seaborn,
deputy communications director.

- Charlie's here for Ted's job.
- Don't get up.

- I'm here for the messenger job.
- Debbie's got an eye out.

- I've got my own bike...
- I gotta ask more questions...

- Ever try to overthrow the government?
- No.

- What's been stopping you?
- Seriously...

...I gotta ask
about your personal life.

- No, you don't.
- Yes, I do.

- Why?
- Because I do.

Will you come early, stay late
and do your job efficiently?

- As I was saying to...
- Thank you.

What more do you need to know?

What about your social life,
friends, what you do?

I cannot believe you.

Well, there's my sister, Deanna...

I'm not sure what you're asking.

He's asking if you're gay.
I wouldn't answer.

Let's take a walk.

- Feel free to sue. I'll represent you.
- Let's go.

What was that?

- This is ridiculous.
- It's not.

I know right and wrong.

You knew you'd be held
to a higher standard here.

I mind being held to a lower one.

- Digging your heels...
- You're talking?

Digging my heels?
Another word for "principle. "

- I'm just saying...!
- Leo's office. It's happening.

He's right here.

- It's happening?
- That's right.

The order was given at 1627,
code name Pericles One.

Four military targets.

Two munitions dumps in North Rashan,
Saffian bridge and I.H.Q.

- Estimated time?
- 6:30 Eastern.

Briefing in the Sit Room
in 20 minutes.

In the meantime, Toby, Sam...

...the president will go on network
at 9. Start zeroing in.

No phone calls in or out.

C.J., nothing to the press
until I say.

- They'll wonder about the fuss.
- Let's not have any.

- I need time with the president.
- Me too.

- This is the first...
- He'll be there.

- He'll talk to me?
- Yes.

How you doing?


- Toby says he's snapping at...
- Not now, Josh.

You're right, but not now.


- Can I ask you a question?
- What?

I'm interviewing a kid for Ted's job
and he's special.

Good in school and articulate
if he wasn't terrified.

He's postponing college
till his sister's out of high school.

- Parents?
- Father's gone. Mother was a cop.

- Was?
- Shot and killed five months ago.

I like him. I want to hire him.

- What's the problem?
- He's black.

So is the attorney general.

He doesn't hold the door
for the president. It's the visual.

A young black man holding his bag?

I hold the door for him.
It's an honor. This isn't casting.

We get the guy for the job,
and we take it from there.

- And I'm fairly sure I'm right.
- Yeah, good.

- Two hours.
- A little less.

- Leo, Chairman Fitzwallace.
- Send him in.

- We'll be fine.
- Yeah.

Things have moved
since I was here last.

- How are you? Josh Lyman.
- You don't have to introduce yourself.

Tough day.

- It'll be tougher on them than on us.
- Good.

- You're gonna have to sit him down.
- I know.

He has to talk to the country.

This isn't the last one we'll have
to do. But sit him down.

- Any advice?
- It's not my place.

Yeah, it is.

Tell him it's always like this
the first time and he's doing fine.

- He's not.
- Yeah, he is.

Presidents don't make new friends.

You'll know what to say.

Yeah. Hey, Fitz!

The president's personal aide.

Any problem with a young black man
waiting on him?

- I'm an old black man and I do that.
- He's got to carry his bags...

You gonna pay him a decent wage?

You gonna treat him with respect?

- Then why should I care?
- Right.

I've got real battles.
I don't have time for cosmetic ones.

- Thanks, admiral. Good luck.
- See you later.

- Evening, Toby.
- I can't stop...


- Estimated BDA?
- I don't know!

- You need help?
- No.

Sheila, if you need me...

...I'm standing here
with absolutely nothing to do.

White House communications.

Toby's not available
to speak on the phone.

No, Sam's not available either.

- Why aren't they?
- They're planning my surprise party.

- Unprovoked and cold-blooded.
- A third?

- Quickly.
- The AGM-84E SLAM.

- Sam cut the paragraph 10 minutes ago!
- Coming out!

- 84E SLAM?
- Standoff land attack missile.

Distinguish it from the Harpoon,
an anti-ship missile.

- The third?
- Unwarranted, unprovoked.

- Unwarranted, cold-blooded...
- Unprovoked.

- Where are you...?
- Two seconds.

- I'm sorry about before.
- Yeah.

I'm just very fond of her is all.

Go back to work.


- What's all the activity?
- What?

Fitzwallace was in Leo's office.

Fitzwallace is chairman, Leo's chief
of staff, I'm your host. Let's play.

Is it happening? Would you know?

- Why the activity?
- Menudo's here. Gotta go.

I'd think you of all people...

- We need to talk.
- I haven't called a full lid.

There'll be a briefing
if we've engaged the military.

I've only been a White House reporter
for seven years, so I know.


Not for nothing...

...but Sam's been going
with a $3000 call girl.

I thought you should know that I know.

- Ask me inside.
- Inside.

Where's Charlie?

Filling out employment stuff.

- How's he doing?
- He looked freaked.

- He's a gamer. I can pick them.
- If you say so.

I have nothing to do.

I can see.

Excuse me.

Everyone running like the world
depends on it. Which it does.

Everyone's running around, working.
Me, I've got nothing to do.

Like a writer on a movie set.

Have you ever been on a movie set?

No, but I hear stories.

Want to do mail?

At least we know that whatever
happens today has already happened.

Josh, your office sucks.

Why can't you tell me
there's a person in my office?

The first time I didn't know.
The second, I didn't care that much.

I mean it, it's a hole.

Why are you here?

I start next week.
I came to get psyched.

You picked a bad time.

Because of the attack
and you going on air?

No, it's because...

Everyone's looking casual.

Toby and Sam are with the writers
and you have nothing to do.

Is it a couple of armories?

Louder. Syrian Air Defense
didn't hear you.

- I got you a present.
- Why are you being nice?

I'm excited about work.

- It's been bad since it happened.
- I had a hunch.

The combination of
American lives and Morris.

- The idea of using force...
- We knew he'd be in his head.

- He wasn't ready for it.
- How do you get ready?

- What did you bring me?
- What?

- I want my present.
- Oh, yeah.

It's a picture I found.

It's you and me, and someone's
drawn on my face with a marker.

That was me. During my period
of hating you.

That could have been any time.

This was taken the night we met.
At the seafood place.

Look at that.

- You stared at me.
- You were wearing quite the ensemble.

I don't think it was the wardrobe
you were looking at.

You guys are doing okay, Josh.



- They found a job for me.
- See you next week.

- Will you be nice when we're working?
- Not a chance.

That's what I thought.

What's up?

I don't have enough for a story...

...but I wanted you to know
I'll be asking around.

- It's nothing.
- Doesn't look that way.

I just got through telling you
it's that way.

Sam knows right and wrong.

It would be easier
if they weren't friends.

But I don't choose his friends and
your readers don't get to judge them.

And there's something commendable
about Sam's behavior.

And I'm sticking by him.

And I'll look unfavorably on those
who make us look like fools.

- I'll drop it.
- Thank you.

But not everyone's a good guy.
You'll start to get traction...

...on something
someone's not a fan of...

...and they'll put a tail on him.
I found out.

- I don't suppose you'd tell...
- No way.

But they'll keep it
until something big.

Bill signing, State of the Union,
maybe the convention.

Yeah. I'll wait for him.

I'm giving you a head start.

- What for?
- Being a good guy.

What's the tip?

Yeah, thank you.

We're out of Syrian airspace.

This was the council's office till
the communications staff conquered.

Map Room, Roosevelt Room.

Oval Office, chief of staff.

Only thing left is to
say hello to the president.

We're going on the air soon
so I don't know...

Where the hell did he go?


- Where's paragraph nine?
- In the red line.

- Sorry, paragraph eight.
- We cut that.

- I want it.
- If you look...

I can't look at anything.

- I need my glasses!
- She's talking to the porters.

When's the BDA?

- There's a problem.
- Why?

Ordinarily, we get info
from inside Syrian intelligence.

- So?
- We just blew up Syrian intelligence.

Somebody call CNN and find out
if we hit anything!

It's the BDA.

Thank you! Now if I had my glasses!

They've searched your room...

We could've brought in an optometrist!

They can't fold their equipment
into a briefcase.

I don't need one now.
I need the glasses he prescribed!

If you'll familiarize yourself
with the Phoenix...

- I have.
- I'm not talking about the Sidewinder.

I got the briefing on it last night.

Hutchinson was in my study.

The Phoenix, the Sparrow,
and the Sidewinder. Are we covered?

Ten minutes to air.

- For want of glasses!
- Try mine.

- Tell him.
- We're looking.

- Meantime, look at the new para...
- I can't see anything!

- Tell him.
- Mr. President?

- You said you read the report...
- What?

You said you read the report
in your study last night.

What of it? Who is this?

Have a steward go to the study,
and look on the coffee table.

- Mr. President, this is Charles...
- I don't have time for new people!

All right, that's it.

Excuse me, Mr. President.
A minute, please?

What do you need?

You've gone through all your workers
and your wife.

I was afraid you'd get mad
at the American people next.

By the way, when we're done here,
you're sending Abbey some flowers.

Did you know, 2000 years ago...

...a Roman citizen could walk
across the known world... of the fear of molestation?

He could walk across unharmed...

...protected by the words
"Civis Romanus. "

"I am a Roman citizen. "

So great was the retribution of Rome
universally understood...

...should any harm befall
even one of its citizens.

Where was Morris' protection,
or anybody else on that plane?

Where's the retribution for the
families? The warning to the world...

...that Americans
shall walk unharmed...

...lest the fist of the most mighty
military force in history...

...comes crashing down on you.

In other words, what are we doing?

- Behaving as a superpower ought to.
- It's produced crappy results!

- I'm not sure it hasn't induced it!
- What are you talking about?

I'm talking about 286 Marines
in Beirut!

About Somalia! About Nairobi!

You think adding
to the body count is a deterrent?

That's as stupid as
thinking capital punishment... a deterrent for drug kingpins!

As if they didn't live daily
under the possibility of execution.

And their executions are less dainty.

And take place without the bother
and expense of due process.

So if you want to start using
American military strength... the arm of the Lord... can do that.

We're the only superpower left.

You can conquer the world
like Charlemagne.

But you better be prepared
to kill everyone.

And start with me because
I will raise up an army against you...

...and I will beat you!

- He had a 10-day-old baby.
- I know.

We're doing nothing.

We are not!
Four high-rated military targets.

- And this is good?
- There is no good!

It's what there is.

It's how the most powerful nation

It's proportional, reasonable,
responsible, merciful.

It's not nothing.
Four military targets.

- Which they'll rebuild!
- We'll blow them up again!

We're getting really good at it.

It's what our fathers taught us.

Why didn't you say so?

Oh, man.

When I think of all the work
you put in to get me to run...

...of all the work you did
to get me elected...

...I could pummel your ass
with a baseball bat.

Here's one you'll like.

- Bertram Coles...
- I like anything starting with that.

Coles goes on the radio and says...

...people in his district
love America...

...and you better not come down
because you might not get out alive.

- Bert's calling me out?
- Apparently.

The people in his district
are so patriotic...

...that if the president of the
United States were to show up...

...they'd kill him.

- Ziegler must be ballistic!
- Toby is on it.

Who was that kid who figured out
where my glasses were?

If you want him,
that's your new body man.

What's his story?

What's going on in there?

I don't know.

Do you know about the Secret Service
investigating Coles...

...for threatening the president?


Greenwald is quoting you as saying...

...they investigate all threats
made against the president.


- Did you say that?
- Yeah.

You don't suppose that's
how the story got started?

You tell Coles, Toby Ziegler said
there's a new sheriff in town.

This was just, I think, a bad day.

He's ordinarily an extremely kind man,
placing a high premium on civility.

It's just been a difficult
few days for him.

I should probably go.

Excuse me, Charlie.
Can I see you inside, please?

Come on, it's okay.

- I'm Jed Bartlet.
- Charles Young.

You prefer Charlie.
Leo filled me in about your mother.

I hope you don't mind but I called
Tom Connolly, the FBI director...

We got some quick information.

Your mother was killed
by a.38 revolver firing KTws...

...or "cop-killer" bullets.

We have not had success yet... banning those bullets
off the streets.

We plan a whack at it
when Congress comes back from recess.

What do you say?
You want to come help us out?

- Yes, sir, I do.
- Thanks, Charlie.

Thirty seconds!

- All set?
- You tell me.

- That's an ugly tie.
- My granddaughter gave me this.

My nephew gave me an ashtray.

Somebody throw him
out of the building!

Stand by.

Thank you.

- I've never felt like this.
- It doesn't go away.

Here, now, the president.

My fellow Americans.

A short while ago,
I ordered our forces... destroy military targets
in Syria... response to the
unwarranted, unprovoked...

...and cold-blooded downing...

...of an unarmed Air Force jet...

...carrying 58 passengers
and the flag of the United States.