The West Wing (1999–2006): Season 1, Episode 18 - Six Meetings Before Lunch - full transcript

The morning after Mendoza's confirmation, various staff members are brought back to earth by difficult meetings.


- Flowers.
- I'll up your protection.

I'm starting college.

- This is Special Agent Gina Toscano.
- How do you do?

Zoey, walk on the other side.

- You like opera?
- You're asking me out.

- You got an itch for Seaborn.
- I do not.

Roberto Mendoza is the president's
Supreme Court nominee.

Sam and Toby will be in charge.

It's gonna be a battle
I don't intend to lose.

-Senator Crossfield.

Congratulations, everybody!
Only one drink per person.

- Who's driving?
- Put it down!

- Put it down! No champagne.
- We're just...

Put it down. Everyone in this room,
let me have your attention.

The law mandates that presidential
appointees be confirmed... a Senate majority
for a total of what?

Fifty-one votes is what we see
before a drop of wine is swallowed!

Because there's a thing called what?
"Tempting fate" is what it's called.

Since this man has been on
my radar screen, I have aged 48 years.

I will not have this day
screwed up by:

- By tempting fate.
- By tempting fate!

These things take patience,
skill, luck.

Since we've been in office,
what kind of luck have we had?

- Bad luck.
- What kind of luck?

- Very bad luck.
- We've had very bad luck.

- Where's Josh?
- Josh? They're at 19 "yea" votes.

I need to talk to Mandy
about a banana bar?

Panda bear.

- Panda bear? That's a "D"?
- Yeah.

- That's an "E"?
- Yeah.

Show me where one word ends
and the next one begins.

- We have to go.
- She wants to talk about a panda?

- You sure you got the message right?
- Have I ever gotten a message wrong?

A panda's what I think it is?
Australian, eats off the koala tree?

- That's a koala bear.
- Panda's the other.

How can you not know the difference?

For someone who hasn't
mastered the alphabet...

- My penmanship is distinctive.
- It's illegible.

- Where's Sam?
- Watching the vote.

- Can you believe him?
- Sam? No.

- You think you know a guy.
- Yeah.

- You don't know what I mean.
- No.

- Okay.
- Okay.

-Votes "yea. "
- Toby!

How about some champagne?
What the hell?

- Ginger?
- Tempting fate.

Go grab Leo.

It's distinctive style,
like Salvador Dali.

Please get Leo.

I can't believe
you're talking like this.

It's a book jacket, Sydney.

We're gonna make a federal
case out of a book jacket?

- It's time.
- I'll bring him here and talk to him.

We're closing what wasn't
the easiest confirmation process.

You'll understand if I'm not giddy
about the thought...

...of running into the embrace
of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

What was that?

An appointment favors
reparations to African-Americans.

- What for?
- Keeping their ancestors as slaves.

- What kind of reparation?
- Money.

- Hey, honey.
- Loser!

Senator Pearson votes "yea. "

- Toby?
- Not yet.

- Our day of jubilee.
- Not yet.

- Sam.
- It's my day of jubilee.

I despise you
and everything you stand for.

My day was a bit better
a few seconds ago.

How could you write that?
Don't play dumb.

I am dumb. Most of the time
I'm playing smart.

Are you thinking about ruining my day?

- I was considering it.
- Fifty! Here we go, baby!

Sam, Toby, you're putting a guy
on the Supreme Court.

Senator Rindell.


Toby! How about now?

Dali had distinctive penmanship?

- Yes.
- How is it distinctive?

- For one thing, he wrote in Spanish.
- He was Spanish.

Which accounts for his penmanship.

Am I interrupting
something important?

- I can't tell you how you're not.
- Do you mind if I have a...?

I'll go see if people are having fun
in the other room.

What's up?

Our assistant attorney
general nominee...

- It's gonna sail.
- It's not.

- Breckenridge?
- Stadler has a problem with him.

- What?
- He supports slavery reparations.

- Since when?
- Whenever.

Was there a thing?

Two sentences on the back of a book
called The Unpaid Debt.

- That's it?
- Stadler's unhappy.

- Because of a thing on a dust cover?
- I've been singing the same song.

- Talk to him tomorrow.
- Stadler?

- Breckenridge.
- I'm not the guy for this.

Yeah. You are.

- What's that?
- C.J.'ll do "The Jackal. "

Where she lip-synchs? I love that.

Toby's better.
Look at the confirmation.

Toby's barely alive as a result.
This one's you.

- Let's go watch.
- I'm a white guy from Connecticut.

Isn't this a delicate subject
to get into with a black lawyer?

- You're also Jewish.
- Then he'll love me.

- Where's Sam?
- In his office.

Tell him to come to the press room.

- It was a position paper.
- Vouchers are a good idea?

- How'd you get this?
- Your boss.

Your father? He's trying to drive
a wedge between us.

It worked.

- C.J.'s doing "The Jackal. "
- Be right there.

We had something. You haven't
told me you favor vouchers?

Hang on.
We haven't been on a date yet.

- What kind of dates have you had?
- I'm a public school teacher.

The other guys say, "Before we go... "

- Are you gonna be serious?
- No! You know why? I am off duty.

Toby and I put a guy on the bench.
I've earned my salary and then some.

I'm done.
Our date's supposed to be tonight.

We're gonna watch C.J. do "The Jackal,"
which is like Shakespeare.

We're gonna watch C.J.,
then get a late dinner...

...after which I may kiss you.

You're not doing a good job
on your part.

- I'm taking over.
- You're taking over?

- Let's go.
- Not much chance.

- Give me credit for trying.
- Good night, skipper.

Apparently you don't give me credit.

Yeah, come on, do "The Jackal"!

Speed bump with Breckenridge.
Leo gave it to me.

He thinks you're
burned out on Mendoza.

- You're talking to me during this?
- I was...

- Never talk to me during "The Jackal. "
- Sure.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Mallory read my position paper
on vouchers.

Really? How do you suppose
she got ahold of that?

You gave it to her.

Vouchers are a serious
subject with her.

- Thanks.
- I don't mind you dating my daughter.

But don't expect me not to have fun.

Mallory and I haven't
actually been on a date yet.

You hang in there, son.

- "The Jackal"?
- What are you doing here?

- I missed "The Jackal"?
- I was on fire.

- That's gotta feel good.
- It does.

I'm home listening
to my police scanner...

- You have a scanner?
- I do.

You were president of your
school audio-visual club.

Bobby Pfeifer was president.
I don't like to talk about it.

- Why'd you come?
- For a drink.

- You should've gotten here earlier.
- I was listening.

David Arbor was arrested at a party.
He'll be charged with possession.

- The son of Bob Arbor?
- Plus one other thing.

- There's one other thing? What?
- Zoey was at the frat party.

At least I know what I'll
be doing tomorrow.

Remember I came at 1
to tell you this...

...and also that you're
secretly in love with me.

Make sure you remind my office.

You could do "The Jackal"
for me right now.

- Go home.
- Okay.

- Say, "I'm not sure the president knows. "
- "I'm not sure he knows. "

- It's a non-story. Say it.
- "I'm not sure he knows. "

The father's a major fundraiser.

I'm sure the president
will offer him his best support.

There was a drug bust.

- Zoey left before that.
- Any reaction?

- I'm not sure he knows.
- There.

- C.J.
- It's a non-story.

Let's keep it that way.

- Hey.
- Did you get my message?

You wanted to talk about banana bars?

- Panda bears.
- Donna has stylish penmanship.

- We should get a panda bear.
- I'll end up walking him.

You've gotten 3000 letters
in 10 days wanting to know...

...when we get the new bear.

- What happened to the old bear?
- Lum-Lum? She died.

- Did I kill her?
- No.

- Why are you talking to me?
- 3000 letters.

- Did I write any? Then...
- Who should I talk to?

About getting a new panda bear
to replace Lum-Lum?

Toby. You should be talking to Toby.

- This is most of it.
- Thanks.

- Toby?
- Yeah, Toby can help you out.

What's this?

I have to tell a black lawyer
why I don't owe him any money.

- Good luck.
- Thanks.

- Out in front of the entrance.
- How many?

- About a dozen.
- Have someone bring the car around.

- What time is it?
- 12:30.

I have to go.
Are we doing French at Kelly's?

- Yeah.
- Zoey, we're going out back.

- What's out front?
- Reporter.

- They're not supposed to.
- Security's on its way.

- What is up with Marjorie's hair?
- I didn't wanna say anything.

Gina, we go to sleep
listening to French tapes.

- I remember them.
- Ready?

I'm Special Agent Gina Toscano.
Your name?

Edgar Drumm. I have a question.

She doesn't answer questions.
Take her to the car.

So the president's daughter
is partying with drug dealers?

- David isn't a dealer.
- Why'd you go?

I was invited.
I didn't know David was there.

- I want you in the car now.
- You're a real jackass.

Don't do that again.

If this is how the Secret Service
behaves, it's a sad state of affairs.

We'll have to learn to live
with your disappointment.

This draft is done.

"On schedule" is my middle name
from now on.

- I'm having it changed.
- What was it before?

Norman. Speaking of schedules, Cathy...

At noon you're on the Hill,
3:00 the East Asia team...

...4:00 Medicare, 4:30 the president,
6:00 the advance team.

The noon meeting,
let's see if we can cancel it.

- Why?
- I don't wanna go.

- That's not enough.
- I really don't wanna go.

You're going.
And you've got Mallory at 11.

- What?
- You've got Mallory right now.

- What do you mean?
- Your appointment with Mallory.

I decided to see you
during business hours.

- You aren't in school?
- Not today.

I didn't wanna take advantage
of us dating.

- We're not. You made an appointment.
- All nice.

Isn't that adorable? Come in.

- Is he here? Send him in.
- Mr. Breckenridge?

- Thank you.
- Jeff, Josh Lyman.

- Jeff Breckenridge.
- Have a chair.

- Can Donna get you anything?
- No, I'm fine.

You were at Debevoise & Plimpton
when my father was a partner.

Your father was a partner?
Your father's Noah Lyman?

- Yeah.
- He's a wonderful man. How is he?

- He died.
- I'm sorry. When?

- The night of the Illinois primary.
- I'm sorry.

Thanks. I got this handed to me.
I'm not as up to...

A couple of Republicans
have a problem with me.

- Stadler.
- Also probably Wachtel and Tillison.

Any specific problem?
They don't like me?

No, there's a book coming out
by Otis Hastings, The Unpaid Debt.

His position is, African-Americans
are owed reparations for slavery.

- Yes.
- You're quoted on the back jacket.

You wrote, "Otis Hastings
is a unique historian.

This book should be burned
into the minds of white America. "

- Yes.
- You weren't misquoted, right?

If asked, you'll say you're
in favor of reparations.

I'll tell them my father's fathers
were kidnapped outside Wimbabwa...

...and bought by a plantation owner... South Carolina,
where they worked for no wages.

- And you're looking for back pay.
- Yes.

Did you have a figure in mind?

Dr. Harold Washington, economist
at the Manchester Institute...

...calculated the number of slaves,
multiplied it by the hours worked...

...multiplied that by the market value
of labor and came up with a figure.

- What is it?
- $1.7 trillion.

This is probably a better discussion
to have in the abstract.

- No.
- What do you mean?

I mean someone owes me
and my friends $1.7 trillion.

- Charlie's here.
- Yes, indeed. Charlie. Chaz.

- I hear you burned down the place.
- What's up?

Zoey had a run-in
with a reporter named Drumm.

- Writes for The Charleston Citizen.
- He's a Bartlet baiter.

It's a newsletter for the radical
right. What did he ask her?

Why she parties with drug dealers.

- Did she talk to him?
- Gina put her in the car.

David Arbor's a good friend.
He's not a dealer.

- Can you nip that in the bud?
- I can talk to a few people.

He only takes drugs.
Zoey is trying to help.

Zoey was bringing his car keys
she confiscated.

- Carol!
- Guy drives a Porsche.

I'm coming. I drove my boyfriend's
Porsche. Backed it into a pond.

- Lost your privileges?
- And boyfriend.

- It's a good car, though.
- Yeah.

- Hey, Toby.
- Hey there, Margaret.

- Are you okay?
- Why wouldn't I be?

You don't usually say, "Hey there. "

- What do I say?
- You growl something inaudible.

Not today. You should turn
that frown upside down.

Let a smile be your umbrella.

Now you're scaring
the crap out of me, Toby.

Hey, Bobby. Hi, Janet.

Tax dollars shouldn't go to shipping
students to private schools.

How are you getting around separation
of church and state on that?

We have people who
are experts on that.

- I've noticed.
- Anything else?

- Oh, yes.
- We've been here for an hour.

Vouchers provide help
for only a few students.

We offer a solution.

You offer a lifeboat to the few
for whom vouchers make a difference.

That makes sense. I just think
if you can save even one kid...

- You can save more than one kid.
- How?

By asking Congress to approve a lot
more money for public education.


Public education has been
a public policy disaster for 40 years.

Having spent $4 trillion
on public schools since 1965...

...the result has been a steady
decline of student performance.

But don't worry, the House is on
the case. I feel better already!

- Wow.
- What?

For a guy who's trying to date me,
that was pretty snotty.

Hang on. These are office hours.

I would've had
a whole different attitude.

- Thank God.
- That Hill meeting?

I'd love to keep talking,
but I have this meeting.

- I canceled it.
- Why?

You asked me to.

Yes, I did.

I'll get back to you.

Danny? You hear anything about
Edgar Drumm talking to Zoey?

You never tell me
you like my suspenders.

- Drumm.
- He asked her about drug dealers.

That's what I heard.

She said she didn't know
Arbor was there.

- What?
- It's Edgar Drumm.

- Danny.
- It's Edgar Drumm. No one...

- Yeah.
- What?

- Nothing.
- What?

Nothing. Those really are
nice suspenders.

- Special Field Order Number 15.
- What?

Slavery reparations aren't
anything new. January 16, 1865.

General Sherman issued
Field Order Number 15.

A half million acres
from South Carolina to Florida...

...were divided up
and given to freed slaves.

He also granted them the use
of various Army supplies...

Mules. 40 acres and a mule.

Yes, but the order was rescinded
four years later by Johnson.

During the Newark riots, you could
hear the looters shouting:

"That was my 40 acres.
I'll be back for the mule! "

- Catchy.
- If you guys had paid up on time.

A lesson well learned.
Let's talk about your confirmation.


And while we're on the subject
of the Civil War...

...let's remember the 600,000 whites
who died over the issue of slavery.

- Is that why they died?
- It's why a lot of them died.

There's no other place in history...

...where an event like that
has occurred.

So let's leave it at that
and move on, okay?

- Except to say this:
- What?

- Nothing.
- What?

Let's move on.

You got two seconds?

For you I have
all the time in the world.

- What?
- His day of jubilee.

- He never sustains a good mood.
- You are dedicated.

And you are other nice things.

- Can I see you inside?
- You bet.

I feel like I've lost 180 pounds.

I'm smiling, I'm laughing.

I am enjoying the people I work with.
I gotta snap out of this.

What's on your mind?

Help me get the Chinese to give us
a new panda bear to replace Lum-Lum.

That did the trick.

- Hey!
- Hey, what's up?

C.J. wants to see me.

I talked to her.
She said she'll talk to Danny.

- You could've kissed me.
- In the dorm.

- Chicken.
- When I kiss you...

...I wanna be three miles away
from the Oval Office.

Stacy says you're afraid
to show affection.

Tell Stacy to meet me
at Union Station.

Does C.J. have a problem? I wonder
what she wants to see me about.

I'm not afraid
of being affectionate in public.

- See?
- Hey, Zoey. I'll get her.

- C.J.? Zoey.
- Thanks.

- Hi.
- Thanks for stopping by.

- Carol, can you get the door?
- Sure.

You heard I talked to a guy.
I know I'm supposed to just walk away.

- He pushed your buttons.
- David isn't a drug dealer.

Did you tell him you didn't know
David was gonna be at the party?

I need to know why you lied to him.

- I didn't.
- And why you're lying to me right now.

If you didn't know,
why'd you have his car keys?

Mr. Clieg is being detained
by field agents in Albuquerque.

Mr. Hogabom threatened
to blow up the Smithsonian...

...unless Zoey Bartlet
agreed to meet him.

Mr. Hogabom is in custody.
The Smithsonian remains open. Kelly?

The newest sorority stunt
is to get a picture with Zoey.

Here's hoping our threat
is Kappa Kappa Gamma.

We're adding some hate groups
to the list.

The Aryan White Resistance,
the Christian Defense League...

...and Central New York White Pride.

Sir, the most recent letters have been
signed off with the slogan " 14 Words. "

What does that stands for?

"We must secure the existence of white
people and a future for white kids. "

Right. What else?

Two death threats were received
against Zoey and Charlie.

They were made with letters cut
from Resistance Magazine.

The magazine recruits younger people.

Right, and the letters
have used the phrase:

"Following the voice of blood. "

It's the title of a Graveland record,
a band popular among skinheads.

I'm convinced we're looking
for two 15-year-old boys.

Everybody, hit the pictures.

See who looks familiar from
the rope lines. It could be anyone.

Gina, C.J. Cregg's outside.
She wanted to step in.

- Sure.
- Hi.

They told me you were
having a briefing.

- I just need a minute.
- Coffee?

I'm fine. I need to talk
to you about last night.

- Okay.
- Could you describe what, if any... Zoey might've
had with David Arbor last night?

- No, I'm sorry.
- I don't understand.

I can't discuss the behavior
of my protectee.

Zoey's not in trouble. I'm trying
to straighten out a discrepancy.

I understand.

There's a story
that Zoey's involved with.

I need you to tell me what you know.

I can't protect her if she feels
she's gotta do things behind my back.

- I can't discuss her behavior.
- Okay. Thanks.

The thing with the reporter this
morning was fast, it was physical.

She's 19, and she thought
her father was in trouble.

Okay, thanks. I appreciate it.
Sorry about...

- No problem.
- I'll see you later.

You sure about coffee? I'm looking
through a photo album of Nazis.

- Why?
- I'm on a break.

See you later.

It occurs to me that you attended
a private high school and college.

Your point?

Liberals have no problem with
rich kids going to private schools.

No problem with middle-class kids
going to parochial schools.

But letting poor public school
students choose alternatives...

...would destroy
public education?

Boston Latin is still
the best secondary school here.

But they're not all Boston Latin.

Since when are liberals the other guys
in your conversations?

- Excuse me. Hi, Mal. You got a second?
- Absolutely. Excuse me.

Edgar Drumm ambushed Zoey after lunch.

She said she didn't know Arbor
was there. She did.

- Why lie?
- Spend enough days around reporters.

We make sure the president
doesn't get involved.

- When he hears...
- You have to sit on him.

- I'm not gonna be able to.
- You can't back down. Get in his face.

Get in the president's face?
That's your advice? Okay.

Does anyone else
have any advice that could...?

It's your job.
It's what he needs you to do.

- Can I ask you something?
- Sure.

I'd like to see Mallory socially,
but I can't get her past this fight.

Tell her you wanna
continue over lunch.

That's very good advice.

Certainly better than
"get in his face. "

- I'm going back.
- I'll check the want ads.

Good luck!

- A panda bear to replace dim sum.
- Lum-Lum.

- Do you mean Hsing-Hsing?
- That was his name.

He was given to us as a gift from
the Chinese when Nixon...

- I know.
- Then Hsing-Hsing got lonely.

The Chinese sent a mate.
I think its name was Ping.

- Ling.
- Ling.

- Maybe Ping.
- Whatever.

Ping or Ling dies,
Hsing-Hsing mourns...

...and for Hsing-Hsing
it seemed unendurable.

I know exactly how he felt.

Hsing-Hsing succumbed to liver disease
and passed away earlier this year.

As a symbol to signal
how serious we are...

...about our relationship with China,
we might ask them for another bear.

I think as a symbol
of China's seriousness...

...they could stop running over
their citizens with tanks.

Have them send a bear!
What's the problem?

Pandas are very rare. There are maybe
a thousand, and only in China.

- We only need one.
- Two!

- It'll get lonely.
- Have them send two.

China's not inclined to give us gifts.

Get us two regular bears,
black paint, white paint.

The wildlife lobby
was nervous about you?

I know, I'm Mr. Wildlife. Mandy!

- What made you think I'm interested?
- Josh said you were my man.

- Josh said I was your man?
- Yes.

- I'm impressed how much you've grown.
- What do you mean?

There was a time if you got played
by Josh, you'd wanna get back at him.

- "Played"?
- He used you to have fun with me.

- He's gotta deal with Breckenridge.
- He played me?

But it's good to see you
get past that. Played like a $2 banjo.

- Help me.
- Do what?

Cause Josh pain.


- Hey, Dad.
- Yeah. Hold on, please.

Sam asked me to lunch.
I need your permission.

- What do you need my permission for?
- Sam?

She always asks permission
before she has lunch with fascists.

- He's in favor of school vouchers.
- He's not.

- Yes, he is.
- No.

- I read the paper.
- It's opposition prep.

Opposition prep?

Before a debate, the smart guys
take the other side.

You argued with me. Why?

- You made an appointment.
- Take it outside.

- You drove a wedge between us.
- Now you're boring me.

Education is the silver bullet.
Education is everything.

We need gigantic, monumental changes.
Schools should be palaces.

The competition for the best teachers
should be fierce.

Schools should be free
to its citizens... national defense.
That's my position.

I just haven't figured out
how to do it yet.

You stood there
and argued with me.

We can continue.
We're gonna have lunch?

- You're taking over?
- I'm taking over.

- You may go have lunch with a fascist.
- Come along, Sam.

- You're doing fine.
- Okay.

Mr. President. Your lunch
with Mr. Girardi got canceled.

It's the first time anyone's
canceled since I took office.

Mr. Girardi was taken
to the hospital with pneumonia.

- He did have a good excuse.
- What are you reading?

Rules of Civility and Decent
Behaviour by George Washington.

The Washington?

The rules were drawn
from an English translation.

Washington copied them down
when he was 14.

"Sitting down, keep your feet firm and
even without putting one on the other.

Put not off your clothes
in the presence of others. "

What a tight-ass little priss
he must've been.

Yes, sir.

Do you think I could
take Washington?

- Take him at what, sir?
- I don't know. A war.

Could you have taken
Washington in a war?

You'd have the Air Force,
and he'd have the minutemen?

- Minutemen were good.
- I think you'd probably take him.

- C.J.'s here.
- You can send her in.

- C.J.!
- Mr. President.

"Put not your hands to any part
of the body not usually covered. "

I do what it takes to keep
the press corps happy.

Yeah, you're right. What's going on?

Don't blow your stack, all right?

- What is going on?
- Zoey lied to a reporter.


She was asked,
"Should you party with dealers?"

She said she didn't know
David Arbor was there. She did.

Why did she lie?

- She didn't have to.
- Then why?

- Sometimes girls lie.
- She never has to.

- She knows.
- Apparently she doesn't.

Give her a break.
This thing's happened to her friend.

Edgar Drumm's shouting at her.
She choked.

A reporter talked to her on campus?

Put the press in the briefing room.
Tell them I'm coming over.

- No, sir.
- We have been over this!

They are not to talk to her.

- It was Edgar Drumm.
- I don't give a damn.

- I'll talk to the press.
- You can't.

This is about the first daughter.
You're not going down there.

Only you, me, Charlie and Zoey
know she was lying.

It stays that way.
It's a non-story!

You go down there,
and it's a big story!

I just sit in my office and fume?

Yes. If anybody asks, you haven't
heard anything about it.

- Fine.
- Mr. President.

Did you know he jumped out at Zoey?

I haven't heard anything.

Very good.

- I could take George Washington.
- Yes, sir.

- Anything else?
- No, sir.

- Thank you, C.J.
- Thank you, Mr. President.

We gave 1.2 billion
to Japanese-Americans...

...who were in camps.

Bring me a living slave,
you got a case.

I've got a case without that.
But I'm just a civil rights expert.

The committee is gonna be looking
for a certain degree of practicality.

In order to raise $1.7 trillion
we'd have to sell Texas and the Navy.

I'm willing to give you a break.

We'll take our money
in tax deductions.

How about taking it in affirmative
action and the Civil Rights Act?

Three things we wouldn't have needed...

I'd love to give you money,
but I'm short on cash.

The Birkenau SS officer forgot to give
my grandfather his wallet back.

- Your beef's with the Germans.
- You're damn right.

What the hell are we talking about?

We have laws in this country.

You break them, you pay your fine.

You break God's laws,
that's a different story.

You can't sell a civilization into
slavery. No money makes up for it.

All you have to do is look 200 years
later at race relations.

- Yes.
- No amount will make up for it.

You got a dollar?

- Yeah.
- Take it out. Look at the back.

The seal, the pyramid,
it's unfinished.

With the eye of God looking
over it and the words:

"He, God, favors our undertaking. "

The seal is meant to be unfinished
because this country is.

We're meant to keep doing better,
to keep debating.

We're meant to read books
by great scholars...

...and talk about them, which is
why I lent my name to a dust cover.

I wanna be your assistant attorney
general for civil rights.

I'll do an outstanding job. You got
any problem with me saying that?

- No.
- Good.

- You hungry? Let me buy you lunch.
- Yeah, okay.

Jeff, there'll be a lot of meetings
before your confirmation.

- Why don't you let me get lunch?
- Yeah, okay.